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  1. Count me as a fan of the porn opening as well.
  2. LMAO @ the music when they panned down to the bomb underneath John and Marlena! Great cliffhanger.
  3. So I've been watching DAYS almost every day since the quarantine started. And I don't understand who the little boy they're all fighting over is. They've done just a horrible job with this storyline. Who is this little boy exactly and why are they all fighting over him? Don't answer that, as it's a rhetorical question. I neither care nor understand why I'm supposed to care.
  4. LOL. This could get out of hand quickly. So I’ll keep my thoughts on that to myself.
  5. I liked the goatee on him. I remember thinking he was totally hot when he was on Y&R as Tom.
  6. Sarah is showing sparks of being interesting for the first time to me. I love how they had her say she has a personality flaw where she jumps into bed with the first person in front of her. I LOL’d at that one. If I were writing it, I’d lean in to her being an alcoholic ho bag. Could be fun.
  7. B&B works different than most shows. With B&B you had the big four Brooke/Ridge/Eric/Stephanie. You couldn’t touch those four. If Ronn Moss didn’t want to do it anymore, they should have killed him off.
  8. Brooke in her skivvies ending up between Stephanie and Ridge in bed? Little on the nose, don’t you think?
  9. Good thing Brooke wore her riding boots!
  10. Agreed. Love VR, but early Dru is kind of cringeworthy. I can’t blame VR because the writing for the character is pretty lame.
  11. Eli's pecs were looking good under his shirt today. I think the shirt needs to come off more often.
  12. WOW. What on earth were they thinking? That had to have been some smart ass intern sneaking something in...
  13. Lmao, Ben and Jake making necktie/strangulation jokes!!!! Trollolol, they are so doing this on purpose and winking at viewers.
  14. Who the hell eats Chinese food on a park bench while making out? Making out with someone with a mouthful of Chinese food does not seem sexy to me (then again, neither did making out with somebody covered in shaving cream.) I guess it makes the Ben/Ciara scenes bearable for me though, because I can laugh at how over the top and ridiculous they are. I swear they’re doing it on purpose.
  15. I switched off to B&B at 1:30 but I have to agree about how ridiculous Sarah looked talking to herself in the train station, especially since there were extras within earshot. At this point, it almost seems like the actress is enjoying the crazy and leaning into it. The character has been super bland. Maybe let her go psycho?
  16. lolol. I knew I missed stephenie. I didn’t realize until now how much I miss sally! I want more!
  17. I kept thinking how much more likable B&B Lauren was compared to Y&R Lauren. And she looked great!
  18. Sally’s over the top eye rolls and lip purses were EVERYTHING in today’s 1998 episode.
  19. Y&R could fire more than half the cast and I wouldn't notice.
  20. I've been watching 1988 clips on YouTube. The Sonni/Solita storyline is often called one of the best GL storylines ever. And it totally holds up. The character is just so fascinating and Michelle Forbes' performance is a tour de force. You cannot tell where the con artist and her plethora of lies end and where the honest, real person begins. It's really just such a unique character and performance. And I love how fleshed out her backstory and motivations are and that's she's not just some cartoon villain. This is like a daytime psychological thriller. We've never seen anything quite like it on daytime since.
  21. The Stefan/Jake storyline is really good. The Sarah/Rex in Paris stuff was so bad it’s good IMO. Everything else is kinda zzzzzzzz.
  22. This. I’m not gonna go all Chris Crocker on y’all, but it’s become a bit much.
  23. Rex is tied up and yelling muffled through a cloth, and the hotel lady says, “Oh, sorry, I don’t understand American accents.” I’m howling, y’all 🤣
  24. how would you feel if you were personally responsible for every single patient admitted to Salem University Hospital regardless of what kind of doctor they need to see and you are related to most of them all on top of being Chief of Staff? The stress has to be getting to her.
  25. I’m glad they brought back Brandon Barash. His return as Stefan/Jake is very entertaining so far. Gabi talking to Stefano’s portrait is classic DAYS camp and had me lmao.
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