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  1. So, I was rewatching some episodes from January 1993 a few weeks ago, and saw a scene from just before Kate was introduced where Alice saw Austin at the hospital and commented, I think to Maggie, that Austin reminded her so distinctly of someone from the past. Not a week later, Kate arrives. Now, this was the tail end of Sheri Anderson being co-HW with JER, so I have a strong suspicion that the plan was to have Kate be Dr. Kate, but by that point, JER was solo HW and couldn't be bothered to check the history, and mangled the back story almost instantly. I could see Bi
  2. Laemmle will be bonkers, from what I remember reading before. I do feel like the show might have needed to shift gears, admittedly, but that was way too much change way too fast. It's a wonder DAYS survived it. Ann Marcus was liked on LOL, but I do wonder if she kept the pacing she had at DAYS. I'm sure more conservative audience at CBS would not have taken as kindly to Marcus' LOL if the pacing were anything like it was at DAYS. But, then again, would it even matter, considering there were only about 5 people left watching by the end. LOL (the other way) @Titus Androni
  3. I, quite honestly, spent a lot of time on Google, @JAS0N47's site, and SoapCentral trying to piece together who a lot of these people were, and image searching the actors' names (when I could find them) to put faces to names so I could have sense into a lot of this. It's hard when there are only a handful of episodes that have been made available over the last few years, and even moreso when DAYS has made it a habit to forget the show was even on before 1983. The only way they reference the 70s at ALL now is to talk about how Addie died, and that Maggie drinks. Pretty astounding considering it
  4. March 1979 incoming.... So, watching the 3-19-79 episode helps fill in some gaps here as well. But let's get started. The government is prepared to award Anderson with a big contract. Everyone is thrilled, except Stephanie, because the government contract means BACKGROUND CHECKS. and FINGERPRINTING. If you've seen the 3-19-79 episode, you know where this is going. Bob tries to contact Linda in Hartford about the background checks, but Linda has already left for NYC. Bob is, at first, troubled by how it will look for the head of the company to not be a
  5. @AbcNbc247 my guess is the cache of nabbing a big prime time writer who worked with Norman Lear was too big a temptation for her. You know how daytime has this self-esteem issue and always sees themselves as inferior quality to primetime. It's just too bad she didn't look at where the characters were and spin out from there, instead of looking to external forces for drama. And it's surprising that she didn't really utilize Marie, especially considering they needed younger Hortons and she is the youngest second-gen Horton with some major backstory but a long gap since she left Salem
  6. Yeah, I think that would drive me absolutely bonkers as well. She is not her mother's keeper, and, although EH comes from Y&R, and thus was potentially more in keeping with the spirit of the Bell-era DAYS, I think coming in to headwrite the show that your daughter has been starring in for ten years is not a particularly appropriate decision by the brass. We've even seen with Bell how he, perhaps subconsciously, wrote to the favour of Lauralee. No one is impervious to this type of nepotism, and it really can create a toxic environment. In ANY event, off we go to February 1979 (t
  7. I've gotta say, the revue was delightful to watch again (I remember watching it when it popped up on YouTube years ago), so thank you for sharing it again @jam6242, it's a REAL treat! Maggie's macabre "Come On, Get Happy" performance always made me chuckle. C'mon everyone! We're all gonna DIE! Woohoo! Never knew Marty Davich was actually a DAYS cast member! Thanks for sharing the photos @JAS0N47! So, basically, nepotism was in full display during her run. Great. I find it interesting how greatly Laura's role on the show diminished onc
  8. Thank you for that. Yes, this was the one I'd read earlier. I still stand by my thought that Jeri would've been better off being Larry Atwood's killer, and have that be her exit to the show. Especially considering how little she's used after that story ends. Alright, shall we start on January 1979? Only one more month of Ann Marcus after this. Let's see. The Cathode Machine Variety Show finally happens! Maggie sings! Mickey plays a piano! Julie and Alice do some Marx Brothers impersonations! Margo and Donna dress up like flappers and do a Charleston routine! The
  9. As someone who DID have the virus in March (we didn't get tested because the hospitals didn't have tests and we wouldn't qualify for whatever reason the hospital gave us), I can tell you, it won't manifest itself the same in everyone, but if you are able to take something to control your fever, if you get one, do it. You will likely lose your appetite and everything will taste like paste. I developed a love of orange juice through this time. There will likely be only one or two positions that you can sleep in without coughing uncontrollably, and good luck showering. The steam was good for clea
  10. SSH has always had a way with shade so subtle, you could blink and miss it. Didn't someone post the newspaper clipping about the backstage fight a few years ago? I'm pretty sure it was between SSH and Kaye Stevens (Jeri). It really does seem like a perfect storm. And I have to say, it seems like (and I'm sure you all noticed it), a very distinct reboot that happened near the end of 1977. A whole bunch of stories just abruptly stopped and either languished in the backburner for ages (Bill/Kate/Laura), were ended/sent packing abruptly (the entire Grant family, particular
  11. Ohhhh lord. I was going to see if I could stomach waiting, but maaaaan. I got about mid-way through reading the Tune In Tomorrow updates before I realized what was going on. I'll just...I'll launch into it. This is how DAYS closed out 1978. So Donna came back to town and tells Don that they slept together. Don spends an inordinate amount of time wondering how it was possible that he'd done this before realizing that Donna's lying. Marlena wants Don to drop his attempt to adopt Donna and be done with her, while Don is more sympathetic to Donna, and decides he
  12. You know @Titus Andronicus it could very well have been Chris, considering his intentions of marrying Mary by 79, but I think you're right, it seems odd to have two long lost children stories back to back on the same show, regardless of which characters you're dealing with. So it likely was Don and it reworked to be Donna. Thanks for sharing that article @victoria foxton this was during Frons' time at NBC, wasn't it? It seems an awfully familiar refrain to what we saw at ABC in the 2000s, no?
  13. Oh, I absolutely am! Thanks again for everything you do! Gonna try to finish 1978 now. Let's see. We're on November now... A note or four about the previous post: Bob forced Linda's hand as far as rehiring Chris, and Mary resented Stephanie being able to convince Chris to return to Anderson instead of herself (keeping in mind Mary and Chris are, at this point, still not back together). Despite what is said in October's SOD write-up, Chris and Stephanie DO NOT sleep together. Tune In Tomorrow's summary also makes it clear that Stephanie definitively reveals herself to be Brooke at Ade
  14. I started off just filling in some folks on the transition between PFS and Ann Marcus via the Daytime Serial Newsletters you had posted, actually. Now I'm into 1978 and reading the writeups from SOD and Tune In Tomorrow, again thanks to your lovely self. I think I thanked you upthread for posting these gems, but I didn't tag you. And, for the record, I am, of course, definitely editorializing as I type it all out. Haha. I honestly wasn't planning to report back on what I was reading, but a few posters got a real kick out of the writeups I was doing, so I thought I'd keep at it!
  15. Alright, since I'm waiting for the laundry to finish, it's a good enough time to do the rest of 1978. Turns out Steve has a French lover named Mimi who is deep in debt. Apparently so deep that he has decided to fleece his sister to get this woman out. Soon they will apparently be married. Regardless, once Steve returns to Salem for Julie's antiques store opening, he asks Mary out, and ends up giving her a job at the antiques shop. Back in Salem, Doug is mopey because Julie deigns to have a life outside of him and his full-time business for her OWN business. This irks him so much he t
  16. EPISODE 187 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco At the Kiriakis mansion, Noelle stands in front of her bedroom vanity, dressed in her silk robe, which covers her lacey lingerie she's put on to entice her husband, Alex. We see her spritzing some perfume across her chest, as, in the reflection of the mirror, Alex emerges from the bathroom, freshly showered, and wearing only a towel. Noelle's expression softens immediately upon seeing him, and she smiles at him, looking at him in the mirror. He glistens w
  17. Someone on Twitter noted how odd it was that Ron hasn't paired Bonnie & Clyde yet, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

  18. It is, I have most of this episode. Donna was apparently Jennifer's babysitter at the time, and Laura came to the house and demanded Donna let her leave with Jennifer. Laura did worry in the past about inheriting her mother's mental illness, so it was smart of Elizabeth Harrower to play on that history. I do wonder, not having made it to the March 1979 headwriter change, whether she was a good shift from Ann Marcus' melodrama. It seems far more intense, contemplative than what I've been reading. I've heard reviews that call 1979 DAYS boring and slow. I suspect that was Harrower yan
  19. They seriously pronounce it "Jabotte"?? I don't know why that tickles me so, but it does!
  20. Yeah the other pictures are a little better, I admit. God, DAYS was certainly a very...blonde show back then, wasn't it? Other than Julie and Maggie, every leading lady on the show was blonde at this point. How weird. Interesting to me that they were so lauded at the Emmys in '79. I suppose the acting and production made up for a lot of the storylines, because I cannot see these competing with what Y&R, GL, GH, AMC, or OLTL were serving up at the time, for example. They have a core of heavy hitters, and they're misusing them terribly! I REALLY hope they do a lot more with
  21. That might be the funniest wedding photo I've ever seen. WTF I feel it says something about Patty Weaver's charisma that she was able to be so popular in two roles despite the writing for her being so unforgiving (especially at DAYS, though I disliked what a perpetual victim she was at Y&R too). August time! So, the direction they're going with Maggie/Mickey/Janice/Joanne is starting to become clear. Basically, Mickey, Maggie, and Joanne all agree to not let Janice know that Joanne is her natural mother. Except Hope overheard someone talk abou
  22. Okay, July 1978 is even more bonkers than June, somehow. I'm realizing that I'm going to have to take advantage of both the weekly Tune In Tomorrow updates and SOD because SOD is REALLY bad at fleshing out their stories. Entire beats of stories are missing from their recaps, and it's shockingly hard to follow the stories if you aren't able to watch. The nice part about DSN was that, if you weren't watching, you still got a real sense of exactly what was going on on the show, regardless. SOD, not so much. Struggling a bit to figure out where to begin with this. Suf
  23. Yeah, Laura...I don't even think was MENTIONED in SOD for the month. It's really weird.I think they had relegated her back to being the catch-all psychiatrist and nothing more for the moment while they figured out what to do with her and Bill.I think the only mention she got at all might have been in giving Donna psychotherapy after she tried to kill herself.
  24. So it looks like May 1978 was the last Daytime Serial Newsletter, and that's a shame, because I'm not entirely enamoured with (I'm guessing) SOD's writeups. They're more detailed, technically, but somehow a touch more shallow, and because they jump between storylines, it's harder to follow what happens. I'm finding myself with a number of questions as to character motivations that I didn't get with DSN. Anyway, a lot happened in June 1978, so I'll just go into that one. So Donna so screws up her young life that she threatens to jump off a ledge. Marlena and Don talk her down, but while he
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