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  1. That NPR report on DAYS actually upset me. Doom is in the air in Salem.

    1. DRW50


      The week long stories part is what really baffles me. Don't they realize the short term stories they have been telling are awful and pointless? At least make them count.

    2. beebs


      And the thing is, when was the last time ratings really went up for them? When they told a multi-month-long story arc that was slower paced and had a knock-em-dead payoff. It's like he conveniently missed the obvious conclusion in all this.

    3. JackPeyton


      it just sounded like some plot point stories will be reduced to a week to me, not that every story will start and end in a weeks time. i think its good if they can balance fast, short stories with a long term arc. i do wish they would have learned from the baby swap tho, that was the best they did in a long time

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