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  1. Yeah, I think I'm tuned out of DAYS for good now.

    1. Bright Eyes

      Bright Eyes

      Are you still writing the DAYS fic?

    2. beebs


      Yeah, I just...I've been kind of overwhelmed with work and other projects and stuff, so I haven't been working on it much lately. I think trying to make stories I first wrote out seven years ago work now is hard, especially since I'm a VERY different person now, so the motivation hasn't been easy to come by, and I feel like I veered off in a lot of directions and I need to reign it in a bit (let's face it, my canvas is SUPER-expansive). 

      But I haven't totally given up on it, either. I'm SO CLOSE to finishing Sheryl/Jordan's story I can TASTE it, so...gotta finish what we started, right?

    3. Khan


      Same here.  :( 

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