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  1. For me, Empire was starting to feel raggedy even before the first season was over. Another show that just eats story like a wood chipper. I guess one could have expected that from Lee Daniels and Ilene Chaiken.
  2. I hope you don’t leave the board. Your insights are highly valued, speaking for myself.
  3. Gina Tognoni is going on 45, Courtney Hope is 28 (although, to me, she reads older). I could get behind that. She’d certainly be a ballsier Summer than Hunter King, for sure, and she looks like GT. Would love to see them go toe-to-toe. Brad Bell is dumb as hell for letting Courtney Hope go.
  4. I think guys get it now, though. People don’t skip leg day as much as they did 10-20 years ago when you’d see big bulky torsos on chopsticks.
  5. Thighs are very underrated body parts on men.
  6. If we’re talking lost potential (what a show is vs. what it could be), B&B owns the discussion. The Bells have always had a limited vision of B&B in spite of its diverse, flashy Los Angeles locale and fashion industry backdrop. It’s basically just an incestuous but oddly conservative family drama focused on a handful of core characters, and that has really never changed (as long as I’ve been watching, at least). Now that budgets are shrinking, that feeling is more pronounced.
  7. I have a feeling, between this and Tennys Sandgren, racism in American tennis will finally become a major conversation.
  8. Well, Angie certainly shouldn’t have been a diva as she wasn’t much of an actress on L&O. Only marginally better on R&I.
  9. Yeah, she was promoting it on NBC New York recently.
  10. Whose idea was it to put JT/Victoria in front of vertical blinds during an emotional scene so that their faces were almost completely covered in shadow?
  11. Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander (Rizzoli and Isles) seem to be friendly. LOL. That’s all I got... Wait, I suppose if we include foreign series, the AbFab set always appeared to be largely drama-free.
  12. I absolutely adored Sisters, and Ed Marinaro and Mark Frankel (RIP) were probably my earliest crushes. (Damn, Teddy got some hot tail alongside George Clooney’s character Falconer.) But I did not stick around after Julianne Phillips left. The show just didn’t feel right in spite of the strength of Kurtz, Ward, and Kalember.
  13. Yeah. That interview was fire, as was his previous GQ interview. He just gives no fùcks. https://www.gq.com/story/quincy-jones-has-a-story
  14. Very cool. I’m a Kpop neophyte, but I like what I’ve been hearing so far. Lots of experimentation and a maximinalist approach to pop (sort of like PC Music). It’s a good change of pace from the monotonous bass drops and trap beats of most top 40 pop these days. I’m used to listening to songs in languages I don’t understand, so that’s not a problem.
  15. Funny. I just stumbled upon “Love Scenario” from that new iKON album you mentioned @Cat, and wow, it’s a banger. Love it. Reminds me of early 2000s R&B boy bands in the best way. And the next song might be even better.
  16. Yeah, I don’t know about Murphy Brown coming back. It’s not like it had this long tail in the public’s consciousness due to syndication or its undeniable influence on society or at least the TV shows that came after.
  17. We’ll see if he can sustain it. I doubt it given the negative post-SB narrative and the lack of momentum the songs have on streaming.
  18. TV Guide dropped Michael Logan’s soap column, so that’s one cheerleader gone (although he still tweets soap stuff, which in 2018 matters more). I do wonder how much international matters. I’m sure it could find another platform in the U.S. to pick the show up, but they’d net nowhere near the license fees a big broadcast network would provide. I think it would be crippling honestly if CBS ever cancelled it. B&B has a cushy timeslot, and it’s much harder to replace a half-hour slot unless they decide to hand it back to the affiliates who want hourlong news at noon. I wish B&B would take more advantage of its LA locale too, but doing that on the regular costs $$$$$ that the show probably doesn’t have.
  19. HoC is one of the shows where I said to myself, “Why did I bother?” The British original was just better in every way and shorter so that the darker elements weren’t quite as relentless. It’s crazy that fans want Claire to be president given some of the heinous things SHE has done (unless there was some redemption arc I missed after I stopped watching).
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