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  1. Stan folded like a rickety old tent, even when he had the edge and momentum. I just think Federer is getting No. 18 unless Nadal beats Dimitrov and plays absolutely lights out in the final. At least we get all-Williams final. I'd love for Serena to nab 23, but I'd be almost as happy with Venus getting her eighth and pushing ahead of Serena nemesis Justine Henin. I just realized the Bryan brothers made the men's doubles final. With Serena vs. Venus and a possible Fedal men's final, this AO is a total '00s throwback.
  2. MTM still the greatest sitcom and great acting ensemble (comedy or drama) in TV history. Holds up beautifully today.
  3. VENUS! Loved her reaction. The Williams sisters putting upstarts in their place.
  4. The NYTimes is also pimping Roddick. I figured he would get in. Certainly, if Michael Chang can, Roddick deserves it. I agree there should be a higher threshold of excellence. Clijsters deserves it for competing so well in one of the most competitive eras in the WTA. It's funny: Roddick, like Andy Murray, seems like a genuinely good, progressive guy by all accounts. But he was such a jackass on court that I can't help but despise him.
  5. I'm doubtful about Stan. He's beaten Fed three times but only on clay. Serena had better up her game. She just barely eked out that first set against Strycova. She sometimes can look lazy starting out in matches. Let's see her try that against Konta if she makes it to the next round.
  6. I'm not a Fed fan by any means, but I just don't see who stops him from achieving No. 18 in this field. Perhaps an in-form Nadal, who has always troubled Fed, but Rafa will be gassed from his grueling matches. Hope I'm wrong, though. I hate the slavish cult of Federer.
  7. Wow. I'm stunned. Istomin (No. 117 in the world) takes out Djokovic. One of the most shocking upsets I've seen in tennis. Denis played like a Grand Slam champion.
  8. Knew that today was a Patrick Mulcahey script.
  9. I dunno. I think KSJ and TC work well together and have great friend chemistry, but I wouldn't want to see Nina and Neil hook up. Of all the pairings Neil had since Dru, I liked Karen the most. But she left the show just when they were reaching their potential. And Nia Peeples was a fine actress.
  10. SSM did say in the Logan interview that wouldn't it be nice to bring on Jonelle Allen (who worked with SSM on Generations) as Hilary's mother. It was a joking, fanciful comment, but perhaps it indicates that she's interested in fleshing out Hilary's background more and explaining her insatiable drive. We'll see if she goes there.
  11. Bryton had fantastic chemistry with both Elizabeth Hendrickson and Marcy Rylan. They brought out the humor in Devon. It was absolutely gutless that they didn't allow those relationships to be explored. But not surprising.
  12. It was 2007, so it was before the ATWT/GL and the AMC/OLTL cancellations.
  13. I remember that daytime writers' panel I attended years ago with Claire Labine, David Kriezman, and Shelly Altman, among others. The writers, Altman in particular, were openly hostile to the idea of writer development programs or even giving advice to budding soap writers because they were fearful of losing their lucrative jobs in a shrinking, dying industry.
  14. What heroic performances from Del Potro and Delbonis to win Argentina their first Davis Cup!
  15. Two of the most handsome men in tennis.
  16. Well I hope Novak pulls it together. We saw flashes of the old Novak in WTF semifinal (granted, Kei also played like [!@#$%^&*] most of the time). Perhaps the time off will be rejuvenating. He is inarguably one of the greatest to ever pick up a racquet, and if he retired tomorrow, his legacy would be set.
  17. Well, that was embarrassing for Kei. For a top player who can be so dangerous, he sure can tank big matches. I'm one of those rare Nole fans, so I'm happy with the result. Murray looked vulnerable against Raonic (who really should have won today), so it'll be interesting to see what level he brings against Djokovic tomorrow.
  18. Very interesting piece. I haven't liked American male players since Agassi. They do have a smug, insular, entitled quality. I once had a soft spot for Stevie Johnson since he seemed like an unassuming guy on court, but once he started whining about DelPotro's much-deserved wild card at the USO, it was over. And I can't even rally around the Bryan brothers either in doubles. Hopefully, Tiafoe and Mmoh will live up to their potential and give tennis fans people to root for.
  19. Not to mention Maria's absence. Sport needs villains. I oddly missed her and I wasn't expecting to, if only to see her humiliated by Serena on a regular basis.
  20. Agreed. I watched that match and was screaming at the television each time Kei hit a misguided dropshot. It was insane. I hope Michael Chang rips him a new one for that.
  21. Faulkner

    The View

    I loved it too. The old chemistry was still there. Even Debbie, while still slightly ditzy, was a welcome sight. If I were a current View co-host watching that, I'd be quaking in my boots.
  22. RIP. When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a soap opera writer, and I wrote to her not expecting a response. She mailed me back the loveliest note filled with practical advice on life and career. I'll always be appreciative of her for that.
  23. Echoing everyone's praise. She not only said the right things, but she backed up her assertions with solid reasoning about why things aren't working. As we know from politics, campaigning and governing are two separate things. We'll see if she can actually push through her ideas, but her dual EP/HW credit gives me hope. I was done with soaps before this, but this interview alone has excited me enough to give Y&R another chance starting in December.
  24. Grant Aleksander was so great as Alec. That was the last truly good era of the show.
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