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  1. Anyone else think that Gwen is actually pregnant with Charlie's child, and she shot him?
  2. I think the entire Gwen storyline is insipid and an example of poor writing (Emily O'Brien is a good actress who could be enjoyable to watch if not given drivel). We are to believe that Gwen plotted revenge and just happened to find Jake, the unknown twin of Stefan, to hook up with. Then she found Doctor Rolf and brought him into the plan of revenge. Then she faked mental illness (or did she) and went to Bayview where she was Claire's roommate. Then got back with Jake and went to the Dimera mansion. Not to mention that she lucked into Chad becoming the dumbest husband on earth who she could manipulate. Ron, you are needing the viewers to be incredibly stupid for this storyline to work.
  3. So now we know Gwen was conceived before Jack came to Salem (so before he raped Kayla, etc). Thank god Laura isn't her mom in this trainwreck of a storyline
  4. I don't blame Melissa Reeves for deciding not to commute. While I think she is an insipid that, I've always loved her portrayal of Jennifer.
  5. When I watched Wed episode, I was struck with how cold Marlena was around Mickey's cancer diagnosis. That is her granddaughter and she hardly batted an eye. She is more worked up over Gina staying at her apartment. Bad writing and bad acting.
  6. After today I'd be really fine with Victor being killed off. His meanness and self righteousness is beyond disgusting. Having him die alone would still be too good for him.
  7. Hope deserves to be removed from her job as commissioner. Her decisions are ridiculously bad.
  8. I believe his comment about the underwear being small was a comment about the size of Sonny's package. Also he mentioned that once he got in bed with Sonny he was all in (and so was Sonny). Another hint that what makes Sonny attractive is what is below the belt.
  9. I've really enjoyed most of the guests this fall. Sara is a drip but I attribute some of it to the terrible hairdo she has. It looks like a wet mop. I wish Mimi was staying. And i wish Lucas was staying.
  10. So we have Jack, Jordan, Belle, Shawn, Sami, Kristen, Mimi, Bonnie and Sheila returning. And i wouldn't be surprised to see Vivian and Andre return. And whoever Kyle Powder is playing.
  11. I anticipate we are going to have a "return of the dead" storyline soon. Vivian, Jack, EJ (with new face), Kristen and maybe another character or 2 will come back thanks to Rolf's serum.
  12. I'm loving Jen Lilly back as Teresa. She is definitely a breath of fresh air. Brady and Eve are nauseating and I can't get through their scenes.
  13. I' I'm working at getting caught up on my Days. I just watched Fri May 25 and could not believe how Maggie was being written. They made her behave like a complete CLINT to Teresa. It seemed out of character. Otherwise I'm enjoying most of the storylines.
  14. Did I miss Roman and Anna announcing their engagement? I read it in some spoilers but haven't seen it on screen.
  15. I am so sick of Kate whining that Chad and Gabby belong together. Watching the other day I thought that she has turned into the Aunt Liz of Days. I'm actually enjoying and intrigued by Wyatt and Ciara. I'd like more Eric, Jenn, Adrienne, Justin, Anne and Lucas.
  16. I loved seeing Jenn and Eric yesterday and really loved Lucas, Anne, Justin and Adrienne.
  17. I'm loving Jenn and Eric. The chemistry is great and I would like to see them have their romance as well as be tied to multiple storylines. Valerie is terrific also. More of her would be welcome.
  18. Today's episode was great. It was the type of episode that the show has been missing. But the lead up to the wedding should have been about a week and more characters should have been involved. Anyway. Good episode.
  19. I love having Belle and Shawn both back, as well as Carrie and Austin. The show seems so much more complete with the 4 of them. Dario can't leave soon enough.
  20. Well the writing was atrocious for most of 2015 and 2016.
  21. The Abigail story is really painful. The only way someone would stay faking their death, separated from their son, is if there are mental health issues.
  22. I just saw last Fridays episode and I lived the scene between Valerie and Julie. Susan Hayes did a great portrayal of longing when talking about David.
  23. Dear God. Clara's scenes today were amongst her worst. Get rid of this insipid actress.
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