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  1. Deteriorating started after 1993... but it was still good for at least 10 years, just... cheaper and cheaper. Then after 2005, after the death of Bill Bell it all went... bad. Like a glass of milk in the sun. I would say... It''s something like this... 2007>2006>2008>2010>2009... Then... Liam and Hope happened. So from 2011 till 2021, the show completely died. I would say the death of B&B is Bradley Bell and his creation of the Hope, Steffy and Liam triangle. And 2021, it is so cheap, so underproduced, so badly written, it doesn't deserve to be on screen. I am praying for cance
  2. I am speechless that we almost have the first 1000 episodes in such pristine quality.
  3. When is Brooke going to f.ck Liam finally and get pregnant by a baby boy called Sin. I need this story to save the show.
  4. It is disturbing how the show deteriorated. It can be called The Boring and The Ugly. I don't want to sound harsh or hateful, but once upon a time Bold was a show where you knew at least you're going to get campy drama and beautiful stunning people. This has not been the case lately. I am not saying anything about the actors... well I am actually... Liam IS NOT a leading man. His facial expressions are so limited, it's like watching a cow trying to act. It's disturbing. The new Hope is recycled Bridget. All of the dialogue is stale and unnatural, predictable and BORING. What is going on? Do th
  5. A huge thanks to the Uploader of 1990 in the Vault - The ANGEL. God bless you!
  6. Thank you Angel! The first and original Angel. You are all angels, but this one is THE ANGEL. You just made my month again... so HAPPY.
  7. Omg, did you guys see what is writen in the vault? Please, angel, come forward and let's resolve this issue. You've been everyhthing for us. Don't leave us, because of this. Please... We WILL give you CREDIT and THANK YOU MILLION TIMES. Let's resolve this.
  8. What the hell is going on with the makeup and hair... I know it's because of the situation... but... I fast-forwarded the last 20 episodes... and everyone is looking disgusting. All the men have covid19 hair, all the women look unkempt, except Brooke and Shauna. And Steffy is looking particularly bad... her horrible acne scars are visible. This show is now written, directed, acted, shot and now looks like [!@#$%^&*]. Cancel it please, God. This horse is dead.
  9. If Videoland continues for a few more years we'll get to have the complete ORIGINAL Bold. We already have 50 percent of it. 1987-1993 is all we need. From the on it's repeat, repeat, repeat.
  10. Lots of love and support for all of you beautiful and bold souls. Let's drink to 800 more classic episodes!
  11. I know it may sound pathetic, but... I've been in a clinical depression, since february this year, with periods of getting better... and today I realised that these first classic episodes may have saved my life. In the darkest moments, when I'm really really sad, I just play an episode and get sucked into my favorite show. I'm up to episode 309 right now and I'm so happy I have 500+ left... and probably more, since they are still being aired. Thank you everyone who are uploading them. YOU SAVED MY LIFE. Thanks B&B!
  12. Thank you so so much. You are a GOD SENT. God bless you. You made my MONTH!
  13. How can we pay for the Videoland site.. It says it's not for my country. Do we give up on getting new episodes...
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