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  1. The Pam thing I get sort of because there is always a battle in the black community raging between the haves and have nots but are you serious people thought a black doctor and a black lawyer was unrealistic? One of the best dynamics explored in ADW was the financial divide epitomized by Whitley and Dwayne's relationship and amplified by the fued between their mothers. I loved Season 6 because we got to see Adele and Marion come together. Plus, I loved how Whitley told Dwayne she was pregnant but scared about how they would raise a child without the lifestyle she was accustomed to.
  2. Is this similar to the problem The Wire had?
  3. I think you are right. Season 1 was my least favorite. I can understand why it didn't sell well.
  4. Their first kiss was Season 2. Had the episodes wrong. I don't know why I get them mixedd up so much. They really should put this series up for sale. I'd buy it. I wish they would do another show like this.
  5. I remember. That was Season 2. Dwayne kissed Whitley in the back seat of her car. He was pissed that they were stuck. Whitley through out her spare tire because it was too ugly. While they waited in the back to keep warm Dwayn kissed her. The rest of season 2 he made it clear he liked her but she was afraid to ruin their friendship and ended up with Julian instead. I liked Julian but I thought he should have been with Jaleesa or Kim.
  6. Thanks! I respected that ADW handled complex issues like that. I don't think I've seen another show mirror it as an equivalent and it has dawned on me that ADW like The Wire were both so far ahead of their times.
  7. I think the last season can be explained because the show stopped airing for a good period. I remember thinking it was already off the air and didn't realize the finale was coming until I happened upon it by accident.
  8. ADW is my favorite show ever. I was very young when TCS and ADW were airing but I remember that my mother made sure that I watched those shows. I always related more to ADW of the two though. I loved Freddie the most out of all of the characters. Freddie is like me. I'm biracial and quixotic. I don't really fit neatly into either world. I have a sister who is very dark-skinned who looks like Layla on OLTL and a few years ago she mentioned how the Mammy episode made her cry because she was teased when she was younger by white kids and called Mammy. She always wished she was me. I always wished I was her. I think Season 1 was the worst season. I didn't like Denise and Dwayne. I never saw their chemistry between them. I liked Whitley the most but it was mostly love to hate and somewhere along Denise and Dwayne getting stuck in her car on the way back from his visit to see Denise and her dejection at her father's wedding to Monica, I found myself intrigued by their chemistry. The three-year courtship between them was so very well done. I loved that a dark-skinned, geeky, math nerd was the heartthrob of the show. I loved how the women were so smart. My chief complaint was that they wrote Whitley as a virgin and then had her first experience off-screen. I don't know if I understood that. I think Season 6 was trying to reestablish itself with a new generation and I actually found that interesting. Dwayne and Whitley as supporting characters struggling to make ends meet worked for me. I loved Dwayne and Whitley and I found them as interesting as newlyweds as I did when they were dating. I didn't like Lena very much but I loved Charmaine and Gina. I also liked Terel. It was Dorian that was too bland. Terel reminded me of Ron and I floved Ron and his relationship with Dwayne. Ron and Freddie made a very good match. I think they helped to make Season 6 as she was torn between her attraction to Ron and Shazza.
  9. I'm liking Ana and Jeremy more than I liked him with Vicky. I actually liked Vicky and Damon.
  10. I love this show. Anyone else watching?
  11. Showfax script.

    I was going to send you the script but I think there's been a mistake. The Zoey script is now listed under General Hospital instead of One Life to Live. Mark Teschner is listed as the Casting Director and isn't he GH?

  12. I never noticed this status update. Cool

  13. Renee Elise Goldsberry was wonderful on last night's episode.
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