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Episode #141 - Monday, June 26:



Episode #141 - Monday, June 26:

- Billie wonders who could have mugged her, but she comes to the conclusion it was a random act.

- Bo and Hope sign the divorce papers.

- Eric enjoys another amazing date with Annie. He is shocked at himself for having such a good time with such an unconvetional girl.

- Max is keeping something big from Abby!

- The Reaper spies the Brady Nanny watching Theo, J.T., and Zach, and he smiles wickedly.

- Frankie Brady and Melissa Horton finish their fun date at the Cheatin' Heart.

- Kate is shocked to learn from the P.I. that one of her daughters was Megan Hathaway who died in Salem during the 1980's. She reads up on Megan's file and puts the pieces together based on things she's heard about her in Salem. Unbeknownst to Kate, her daughter is alive and in Salem - it's Megan Spears!

- Hope runs into Georgia and bonds with her. Meanwhile, Bo runs into Hope and Liam's son, Mason, and hits it off with him.

- Lucas and Sami both get a mutual feeling that Will's life is going to be in danger at some point in the near future.

- Annie wonders what is happening to her as she feels like Eric is bringing out the best in her, a side that she's never allowed to come to the surface.

- While Belle sleeps, Megan breaks into the loft and plants a speaker in her bedroom that she plans to gaslight Belle with.

- Kate grieves her daughter, Megan, unaware that she is still alive. Kate tells the P.I. to find her other twin daughter!

- The Reaper sees Georgia and Mason and stares at them. They see him and leave, discussing how creepy he is.

- Megan and Kate meet up to talk about their gaslighting plans for Belle. They take turns using the microphone - talking into it giving Belle hypnotic suggestions that she can't get past her post-partum depression and she feels like she is going crazy.

- The Reaper bumps into Will on the pier. The Reaper smiles. Celeste sees the Reaper smiling at Will and screams.

- Annie and Eric get into a fight with their ice cream cones at Salem Place. She runs from him, and he runs after her. Eric runs into a woman and knocks her over. He picks her up. It's Greta!


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