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Karynn Kracks (C)! #161



GC Memorial HospitalimagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg

Dr. Nate Hastings is running a set of vitals on Karynn who’s sleeping. As the blood pressure cup tightens its grip around Karynn’s arm she wakes up, in a confused state.

Karynn: I need a smoke where are my smokes?

Nate: There will be none of that here. It’s what landed you here in the first place.

Karynn: I don’t understand.

thCAHNQXA5-1.jpgNate picks up the morning paper and hands it to Karynn.

Karynn: Let me put my glasses on. I’m not good with math without my glasses.

Nate: Math doesn’t have anything to do with this. I’m confused.

Karynn eye balls Nate.imagesCA94IQ2C_zps4f0c4ce3.jpg

Karynn: I can’t read if you’re going to be running that yak of yours. Now go find me some smokes and a cold one.

She reaches over to her bedside table and puts on her reading glasses and is shocked to see a picture of herself holding a hotdog in one hand and beer in the other with the Chancellor Mansion on fire in the background.

The Headlines reads “Drunken Bum burns down historic Chancellor Estate while Making Hotdogs!!

Karynn: Now this is outrageous!!

Nate: That’s an understatement.

Karynn: I mean simply outrageous!! They could have gotten a better picture of me. I don’t even remember posing for this outrageousness. This is slander. Now I really need a smoke and a cold one.

Nate: Wow. Is that all that matters to you?

Karynn slams her paper down and looks at Nate.

Karynn: And who the hell are you? I‘m not trying to hear that rubbish before I’ve had my morning smoke. Now If I don’t get one doctor we are going to have some problems.

Nate: Yes there is a problem for you and it’s about your brother Karl.

Karynn’s eyes get wide and she sits up.

Karynn: What about my brother? Is he dead? Please say no he doesn’t have life insurance and all’s I have left is his social security check.

Nate: You don’t even have that anymore.

Karynn: I will slap the hell outta you boy. What in the hell are you talking about?


Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 161: Karynn Kracks ©!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, C. Nate Richardson and Alex Washington

Nate looks at Karynn.

Nate: Did you say boy?

Karynn: I did. Now get on with the news about my brother. Is Karl ok?

Nate: The social worker here at GC Memorial made some calls upon seeing Karl in his weakened health state. She first called adult protective services and then a few calls to social security and then Medicare.

Karynn: Yea yea yea and what in the hell does that all mean for me?

Nate: Karl has been placed in a long term care facility.

Karynn: Come again?

Nate: Karl has been placed at Finer Meadows long term care facility. His finances and health care has been turned over to the state and there is a restraining order placed against you. You are not allowed to communicate or see Karl for any reason.

Karynn has tears rolling down her face. This seemingly tough as nails old broad has finally cracked with some emotion.

Karynn: There is no way in hell I’m going to let some state loon keep my away from my brother. I need his money damn it! The state can’t take control of it. How am I going to get my cigarettes and drink my beer?

Nate: It’s this attitude right here that got your brother placed in a nursing home. He’s frail and on the verge of death with no help from you. Shame on you Ms. Sheppard. If you really are Katherine’s sister she would be rolling in her grave right now.

Karynn: Bring me a cigarette and then burn in hell.

Nate leaves Karynn’s room as she grabs her breakfast tray and throws it at the door. Food and juice fly everywhere making a huge mess.

Karynn wipes tears from her eyes.

“I’m so sorry Karl. I promised you I would never let you go to a home. It’s the one thing you did not want and I promised you I wouldn’t let you go. .. And I failed you. The one person who mattered to me and I let you down.”

She wipes tears from her eyes. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. She vows she is going to rescue Karl from the nursing home. She looks around her belongings and sees her jacket. She reaches in her pocket and sees a pack of Camels. She smiles and pulls out one cancer stick and lights one up in the comfort of her hospital room. She thinks of Karl as she exhales.

Nate walks into his office and takes a seat in his leather swivel chair. He thinks about Karl and Karynn and cannot understand how Karynn is only about Karl’s money. He also wonders why Karynn doesn’t have her own social security check. His thoughts are interrupted when he hears a knock at the door. He looks up and sees Hillary, holding a golden envelope.untitled_zpsdd988ebe.png

30020limo.jpg pulls up to the ruble of what was once The Chancellor Estate. The driver gets out of the limo and scurries to the rear passenger door on the right and opens it. A foot extends down from the limo.

th%201_zpsr6kh3w9m.jpgDriver: Mrs. Newman are you sure you should be here?

Nikki: Never mind that driver. I need to be here.

Nikki walks off from the limo with memories of her late great friend Katherine Chancellor running through her mind as she examines the extent of the damage from the fire. The driver walks a little ways behind her.

Nikki: We’ve had some good memories here driver.

Driver: Is that so Mrs. Newman?

He says trying to hurrying up and catch up to her since she is making conversation.

Nikki: Oh my yes. The barbeques, the parties. There’d be so much dancing.

Nikki takes a trip down memory with her memories of Katherine in her mind.

Nikki: It’s hard to believe she is gone and now this great house is too. You know, I’ll never forgive myself for how Kay and I fell out. All thanks to Victor. I was so mean to her. Kay tried to make amends but I wouldn’t let her. I still shut her out. And now I can never make that up to her.

Nikki wipes tears rolling down her face. She begins to hmm. Nothing in particular or anything that makes any sense. Just a tune she is making up as she goes along. She slowly begins to move her body as she hmms.


The driver gives her a weird look.

Nikki: I want to dance driver. Will you dance with me?

Driver: Dance?

Nikki: I feel like dancing, in honor of my good late friend Katherine.

Driver: Are you sure there isn’t a better way to pay our respects?

Nikki: Pull that cell phone of yours out and make some music play. I know you young kids know how to do that.

Driver: Uh yea no sure. The driver pulls out his cell phone.

Driver: What did you have in mind?

Nikki: Something classical.

Driver: Yea sure.

The driver begins to play a Beethoven piece. The music brings Nikki alive and she grabs her driver and they begin to waltz amongst the charred debris. The driver is thinking Nikki is drunken or is losing her mind.nikki_zps015e5988.png

The Beat (Devon’s Recording Studio)imagesCAC0X7O3_zpsd70625d9.jpg

thumbnailCAERFBK3-1.jpgRoxanne is starring down Abby and Devon whom were engaging in a hug.

Roxanne: Nice to see Princess Shabby make you smile so nicely.

imagesCAB9NZL3_zpse6b2c41e.jpgDevon: Don’t come here with no drama. You have no right too. Besides what happened to you, looks like you got into a fight with a bear.

Roxanne: She’s no bear I assure you. I just had to beat my new found sister’s ass. Hillary.

imagesCAUGZZ2C_zpsface33ce.jpgAbby: And you’re proud of that?

Roxanne: Bitch you can be next!

Abby: I don’t think Devon will let that happen.

Devon: Roxanne she’s right. It’s over between us. I don’t want anything to do with you. You chose my cousin Nate so just be gone and do what you do with him.

Roxanne: Devon I love you. You were going to propose to me at one point in time until this shabby bitch here ruined that for us.

Devon: Love should have kept you out of Nate’s arms Roxanne. I’m glad Abby ruined my marriage proposal I was gonna give you. She kept me from being a complete fool. Now please let me be. I don’t want anything to do with you.

Abby gives Roxanne a broad smile. Roxanne squints her eyes at Abby.

Roxanne: This isn’t over Princess Shabby. You can hide behind Devon for the moment. But he won’t be around you all the time and when I catch you alone, bitch just don’t let me catch you slipping.

Abby: I think Nate may be waiting for you. Better yet how about stopping by the hospital to get those cuts and bruises on you. Hillary did one hell of a number on you and I commend her for that.

Roxanne begins to walks toward Abby but Devon stops her and then grabs her, turning her around to face the exit. Roxanne’s phone rings. She answers it.

“Rox it’s me Daisy. I need a drink and some girl talk.”

Roxanne: Daisy girl you right on time because I was about to go ham on Princess Shabby… No girl I’ll explain when I see you. GC Nights thirty minutes. Ok.”

Roxanne hangs up her phone and turns to look at Devon once more.

Roxanne: Devon I’m sorry I hurt you. Nate and I never slept together. I love you and I will never stop.

Devon: That sounds nice. Thank you for that Roxanne but you are wasting your time. We are done! Now please go.

Roxanne shakes her head in disbelief.

Abby walks out from behind Devon and waves at Roxanne.

Roxanne rolls her eyes as a tear forms and then she turns around to leave the studio. She slams the door behind her knocking the exit sign down from the ceiling.

Abby: Devon, Roxanne is crazy. You can do so much better.

Devon: I agree.

He turns around to look at Abby.

Devon: I definitely agree.

He smiles at her and then hugs her.

thCAF4RD4D.jpgAvery is about to knock on Cane’s door when she is caught off guard that it is already half open. She slowly walks in and is alarmed by what she sees. An empty apartment. She then sees Philip, who is tied to a chair with a gunshot wound to the hand. Philip is foaming at the mouth as he is unconscious.thumbnailCALEP1O4.jpg

Avery: Oh my God Philip!

She runs over to him. She pulls out her cell phone and dials 911. She looks at him not knowing what to do. She wants to give CPR but the foaming at the mouth is putting her off as she doesn’t know what it is.

Avery: Don’t worry Philip, just hang on! Help is on the way!

Avery looks around and wonder what has happened and where are Cane and the twins…….


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Karynn/Nate: I kind of feel bad for Karynn. She is a good woman. I know she is. She will get through this whole thing.

Abby/Devon/Roxanne: These were some good scenes. I LOVED Abby's nickname! That was hilarious.

Avery/Phillip: I hope he is okay!!!! I am soooo worried. Avery will save him LOL.

Nikki: Poor Nikki. That limo driver looked like the one from Dynasty that Fallon had the affair with LOL! Anyways, I do feel bad for Nikki. Heaven help her!!!

Keep up the GREAT work on:


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White Trash Lucinda Walsh aka Karynn is one hot old mess! But I could so see Elizabeth Hubbard playing the hell out of those scenes. I think there is some softness in there somewhere but her addictions to the cigs and the booze and the money sure get in the way.

The Rox/Abby/Devon scenes were great! Tense stuff. I am so glad Devon held his ground and called Rox out on her [!@#$%^&*] and that. Rox name for Abby is pretty funny.

Nikki is dealing with her own way of mourning Katherine and now having to mourn more memories. I see Wayne Northrop got a face lift and doesnt look 80 anymore. Good for him! lol

And then poor drugged out Phillip. Hopefully he can get saved but it isnt looking good and Avery isnt the best person to find him.

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My thoughts..

Karynn - Yes I have wanted to see more of her. I do enjoy her quirky character, but underneath there's someone who cares and loves. Yes she enjoyed Karl's checks, but deep down I see that she loved him and that is why she took care of him. Now that he's in a LTC Facility, what will she do? Who will she love? Who will love her?

Nate/Hilary- The Golden Envelope...hmmm what's in that? Probably the paternity test lol

Devon/Abby/Roxanne - He finally stood up to Roxanne and told her to get lost, as he should have. And Roxanne can't cry about Devon proposing to her, because as I recall, she turned him down. So she needs to go GC Nights and have several seats...

Avery/Phillip - Glad Phillip has been found, and I wonder what this will lead to for him...and Avery.

Nikki/Driver - Nikki's dancing is just a way to remember her best friend, and I wonder if "Driver" is gonna stick around for Nikki, and become a thorn in Victor's side.

I admire how you have kept Katherine alive through Karynn, and Nikki in this episode...Good job!!

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Still loving Karynn. WOW. I enjoy the fact she really does love her brother, but puts up this front of being only about the money. I can't wait to see you peel away those layers further. Love the Chancellors just wondering WTF this woman about.

Nikki continues to descend into madness. I love that Roman Brady driving a limo again. Full circle. I hope you keep playing him, give Wayne some work. Great little scene.

Abby vs. Roxanne was great. So snide without being very big. It was very good, and very good with the characters. I wanna see that build up as the story plays out.

OOO Avery found Phillip! This is definitely leading into the big showdown in Verdon Lou. :o

I CAN'T wait!! VERY good stuff, ML!!!

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