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Sheila has what Cane needs? #160



download_zpsfs4mwayx.jpgOn a back country road, county township road 31

James sitting in his daughter’s Mary’s Honda Civic fires his gun in Mary’s direction. It misses Mary and instead the target of the bullet is the driver side window and it shatters.

Mary screams.

thCAVCMY3I.jpgMary: You really are cray cray! In fact you maybe be crazier than Sheila herself. She would never try to hurt her kids.

imagesCA0SVIGC_zps9d8cf744.jpgJames: What the hell is a cray?

Mary: Crazy!!

James: No it’s your very much alive mother that is cray cray cray. And you are helping this madness by going in circles out here on these roads.

Mary: Well now we‘ll have to be breezy in here because you shot out the window.

James: I told you I was not playing. Take me to Sheila now or the next bullet is for you.

Mary: Pfft. I doubt it.

James backhands Mary n her mouth.

James: Don’t talk to me like that young lady. I am your father and you will do as I ask. You had no problem having tawdry sex with your sister’s baby’s father in the alley did you? If you can do that surely you can drive us to your mother.

Mary with tears in her eyes puts the car in drive and begins to drive slowly as to not kick up to much cold air in the car.

Mary: I can’t believe you hit me. I’m too old for that.

James: Never too old to be a hero. And today that’s what you will be, a hero to Genoa City. We are going to stop Sheila dead in her tracks.

Mary continues to drive as her mouth stings from the slap by her dad. James continues to point the gun at her.


Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 160: Sheila has what Cane Needs?!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington

At Cane’s

Cane is sitting on the floor with his legs crossed into Indian style. He takes a needle and injects it into his vein. He gets an instant high from his cocaine. He then looks up and looks at his hostage Philip Chancellor whom is going in and out of consciousness. Cane smiles

thCALOWQO6.jpgCane: Wake up girlfriend. I got something for you.

He stands up slowly and walks over to Philip who is still tied up to a chair.

Cane: Girlfriend wake up.

Cane tugs at Philip. Philip slowly comes too, disorientated at first. He tries to move but realizes he is restrained by ropes to the chair he’s sitting in. He then feels sharp pain in his right hands and remembers Cane shot him. He looks up at Cane who is towering over him.

imagesCA916D51_zps4d36317d.jpgPhilip: You’re high. I can see it in your eyes.

Cane: Who gives a damn? Only you my friend. You were such a good friend to me. Did you secretly think you would get me? Make a move on me?

Philip: You’re sick Cane. You need help and I can get you the help you need.

Cane: Pass. We are at a point of no return. I have no one. Lily left me. My kids are gone. Look around this place I have nothing. Avery barely speaks to me these days and she won’t help me.

Philip: Why would Avery be helping you?

Cane: Because I make good love to her. We get high and then I poke her. She likes that.

Philip: Avery Clark? The attorney? Phyllis’ sister?

Cane: That would be correct.

Cane begins to unbutton his pants.

Philip: What the hell are you doing?

Cane: What’s the matter? Don’t you want to see why Avery couldn't get enough? You got one chocie. but two D's Drugs or Di-

Philip: Cutting him off) Hell NO!!!

Cane: Then let’s get high.

Cane grabs the needle and injects cocaine into Philips vein. Philip tries to fight by freeing himself from the chair that he’s tied too but unable to.

Cane: There we go. Now we can say we both are on drugs. Drugs for breakfast, drugs for lunch, drugs for dinner and oh yea drugs for a snack and right before bed.

download%201_zpsv5bzgblx.jpgMidtown Genoa City, next to GC Nights is Devon’s Recording Studio which he calls “The Beat”

Devon has head phones on listening to a slower R&B piece he just put together. With the way he’s feeling these days, losing his biological father, and his grandmother, Tucker and Kay respectively, and then he finds out his cousin Nate is messing around with his girlfriend Roxanne. He jumps up when he feels a touch from behind on his shoulder. He turns around and smiles when he sees Abby. The hug.

imagesCA420S11_zpseed40a6d.jpgDevon: I’m glad to see you.

thCAVF6RVJ.jpgAbby: Are you?

Devon: I am. That beatiuful face and smile. I needed that.

Abby: I didn’t mean to scare you just now. I thought I’d come by and check to see how you were. Things were very tense with you and Nate at the hospital last night. Oh and by the way as I walked in, I found this…

She holds up a gold envelope. Devon frowns as he grabs it to open it up.

Devon: What’s this?

Abby: I want to know too. It’s so fancy.

Verdon Lou.

sheila.jpgSheila walks up from the basement unable to get the heater working from the gas leak. She gets nervous and starts to pace. Dru sees this.

thumbnailCAJVCBE3-1.jpgDru: I see you. You up to no damn good.

Sheila looks at Dru and rolls her eyes.

Dru: You better be trying to get some damn heat in here. I’m starting to shiver.

Sharon starts to wake and instantly she feels chilly.

What is going on? Why is it so cold in here?”

Dru: Well welcome back to reality. You left me hanging Sharon Newman. I’d like to sleep to.

0soapoprahsharon.jpgSharon: Dru I’m so sorry I’m so worn out fighting with Sheila.

Dru: And I’m not Bitch?

Sharon: Don’t talk to me like that Drucilla it’s not very nice. Where is the heat?

Dru: Well I’m not feeling nice. Anyway, Sheila busted the damn gas pipe down stairs so now we have no heat.

Sharon: Sheila please its getting cold in here.

Sheila meanwhile is in the back half of the room Sheila pulls out a thermometer from the mystery patient’s mouth. 98.4. She realizes the patients’ temperature is dropping and she must do something. She pulls her laptop out to see if she has any responses from her ad she placed on GC Help List


The Beat

Abby looks at Devon with great interest as he reads his letter from the golden envelope.

Abby: Don’t keep me waiting what is it?

Devon: It a celebration being held at the new Colonnade Room.

Abby: What? No way let me see that.

Abby grabs the letter and reads the info for herself.

Abby: It doesn't have a sender. It’s a surprise celebration at the new Colonnade Room. Who would do something like this?

Devon: I don’t know.

Abby: Are you going to go?

Devon: Only if you go with me. I feel like I need someone cool by my side for this big celebration.

Abby: Devon, of course I’ll go with you.

In her excitement she hugs him just as Roxanne walks in. She slams the door behind her so her presence is known. Abby and Devon both look up and are not too pleased to see Roxanne who has bruises on her face. Devon frowns in bewilderment as Abby shakes her head back and forth in disappointment that Roxanne has showed up and ruined her moment with Devon.

Back at Cane’simages_zpswaan1uys.jpg

Philip has passed out from a dose of cocaine although his pain in his hand has dissipated. Cane sits on the ground staring off into space high as a kite.

Cane: Well buddy I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. Sergio was right. This is some potent stuff. The bad thing is it goes so fast. We need to re-up Philip buddy. I used all your money so this time around I got to work a little harder. Let’s see what dummies I can find on the GC Help list.

Cane pulls out his phone and browses the web to get to the GC Help Page. He tries hard to focus on the small print on the cell phone screen but has a hard time. He slaps himself.

Cane: Come on matie.

He opens and closes his eyes numerous time dramatically. He tries once again to read.

Cane: Much better.

He reads.

Cane: Got it! Right here. A poor lady in the suburbs needs help with a broken pipe and is unable to leave her home. There is not a job in the world a little grey masking tape can’t help. I’ll just tape up the gas pipe and all should be good. Then we can re up Philly.

Cane laughs.

Cane: I like that…Philly. I’ll start to call you Philly from now on.

Cane pulls out his phone and dials the contact number.

6820041d6e0247fda0ad316afbe7c836_zps1ac9752a.jpgVerdon Lou, Sheila’s Cabin.

Sheila’s cell phone rings. Sheila grabs it to answer it. It’s Cane calling about the ad. Sheila explains to Cane the problem.

Sheila: I’m caring for an elderly patient who I can’t leave alone and so it’s late in the evening and not a lot of money so I was hoping you could help us out by taking a look at my gas pipe. Mother sure is getting cold. Not too many people are willing to drive out here in all the snow. I mean I have some money I’m just not rich. I’ll even make you a cup of hot cocoa.

Cane: Make it a hot toddy and I can be there in 45 minutes.

Sheila: You got yourself a deal.

Sheila walks out to the front room to talk to Dru and Sharon.']

Dru: Well psycho did you get us some heat?

Just before Sheila can answer her question they all hear a knock on the door. They all look at each other.

Sheila thinks to herself that couldn’t be the repair man already. Sheila pulls out her gun.

Sheila: You shut your mouths or you will die. I have control here I have all the power.

Sheila creeps over to the door. She opens it with her gun behind her back. She nearly faints when she sees James Warwick with their daughter Mary.

James: Well Well Well.

James pushes right passed Sheila and into the room where Dru and Sharon are being held hostage. Mary looks at Sheila in disbelief.

Sheila: Mary what is going on?

James: No No dear. I’ll be asking the questions here.

Dru: We are saved. Jesus YES!!

Sheila gathers her composure. She walks over towards James gun pointed at him.

Sheila: Dru don’t get to happy, this will be very quick.

James: Oh I agree.

Mary: Mom.

Sheila slaps Mary across the face.

Sheila: You shut your mouth. You betrayed me by bringing your father here. This is not part of the plan.

Mary: Why is everyone hitting me!!??

Sheila looks at James with anger in her eyes and she shoves the gun into his chest.

James is still smiling

Sheila: What is so funny?

James flips open his jacket to reveal and showcase he is laced with bombs. Sheila backs away a few feet.

James: Shoot me and we all die. This vest will explode and rest assured Sheila Cater. Your reign of terror is over. For good! No more back from the dead’s, no more plastic surgeries no more hostages and no more evil plots. You should have retired decades ago It all ends now.

Dru: I knows that’s right James Warrick. Preach on playa. You give it to Crazy ass Carter. Have your way with her.

Sheila: Well we’ll shall about that won’t we?

James: Indeed we will.

Dru: Ah hell naw… we gone die! Lord Jesus we gone die. Don’t let it end like this Dru aint going out like that..........


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Well here we go...

Cane/Philip - Cane has lost his ever lovin mind. Now he's got Philip getting high involuntarily. I wonder what this will mean for Philip down the road.

Devon/Abby/Roxanne - I'm glad you got this part of the quad going again. Roxanne appears with the bruises from her fight with Hilary. Roxanne needs to just let Devon go. He's too passive for her.

Sheila/James/Dru/Mary/Mystery Patient - Wow they treat Mary like a punching bag, slapping her around lol...and you always deliver with Sheila and Dru's dialogue. And I'm also glad you have reminded us that Sheila is caring for a mystery patient, and this person's elderly. Hmmm...

Looking forward to more

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  • Members

Oops! Well, this is gonna be a big finish. I can feel it! Lots happening and I see it's all connecting. Great work with it, ML.

This was a really tight episode. Everything clicked in together with Cane/Phillip to Mary/James and then Sheila/Sharon/Dru. Loved how it all worked. Dru's killing me as usual. Haha.

I did like the lopping back to Devon/Roxanne/Abby. Very good, and I know it's gonna build. You've got something for us for when Verdon Lou story ends (which I have a feeling is soon, looks like we're headed for a big finish), so good work there.

Looking forward to the next one, and I expect some big fireworks coming down the line. EXCITING!

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So Cane is awesome right now. I mean, hes a hugeeee !@#$%^&*] but least I find him interesting and actually enjoy him :o

But poor Phillip. I do feel for him in this.

Oh man the Colonnade Room brings back memories. It never ends good there for someone.

This Sheila and company story is sure gonna end with a bang one way or another. I still love it. Everyone involved has been amazing. And Dru has been hilarious and on fire dialogue wise.

Im sad the story is climaxing tho I dont want it to end lol but at the same time excited to see what explodes!

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Cane/Phillip: Cane went all Orange Is The New Black on Phillip's ass, LOL!!! He is just doing some pretty crazy stuff!

Abby/Devon: The Colonade Room... (sighs) all I good think about was the cat fights and Victor/Nikki's 2002 wedding LOL. But, hey that is Y&R!

Sheila/Mary/James/Dru/Sharon: This is just one HUGE POWERHOUSE Y&R STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dru cracks me up so much. And, even Sharon is whiny on your version LOL. James is just sooo crazy. I wonder if he will do anything to Mary. And, Sheila... is she really gonna go down FOREVER???

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