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All Roads Lead to Verdon Lou #162



GC Nightsbar2.jpg

Roxanne walks in and sees Daisy having a drink and chatting with Ty, the bar tender.imagesCA7P22AB_zps23c30c52.jpg

She walks over to the duo. Daisy notices Roxanne approaching her and smiles. She gets up and gives her a hug.

imagesCA7UNK71_zps7132f78c.jpgDaisy: Hey there! I’m glad you could make it. You sounded very upset on the phone is everything ok?

imagesCA7K9T0D_zps3987aa39.jpgRoxanne: Let me get a long island.

She says looking at Tyler. She then returns her attention to Daisy.

Roxanne: I just found out, that that bitch Hillary is my half-sister and Devon has left me for Princess Shabby.

Daisy: I don’t know Princess Shabby, is she new in town?

Roxanne: Naw girl. Abby Newman.

Daisy: I’m sorry to hear all of that. What about Nate?

Roxanne: I don’t know. I haven’t seen him much after Devon caught us in an embrace.

Daisy: Give it time.

They both take a sip of their drinks.

Roxanne: Ooh girl I needed this drink! So what’s up with you? You asked us here.

Daisy: I did. Something is on my mind and I need help dealing with it before I go crazy.

Roxanne: Girl you sound like how I felt just a few hours ago. But talk to me.

Daisy: I think my sister slept with my baby’s father.

Roxanne: Daniel?

Daisy: Well I only have one. I swear to God if Mary slept with Daniel I will kill her.

Roxanne and Tyler both look at Daisy.


Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 162: All roads lead to Verdon Lou!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington

GC MemorialimagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg

Hillary walks into Nate’s office and closes the door behind her. She walks over to Nate and straddles over him as he sits in his chair. She kisses him and he returns the kiss.

imagesCAUNXA3A_zps52f3f6ae.jpgHillary: I’ve missed you daddy.

Nate smiles.

nate_zps4f0ffd8c.pngNate: I’ve missed you too but I don’t think this is the place we should be doing this.

Hillary gets up off of Nate and fixes her skirt. She hands him the golden envelope. He looks at it with bewilderment and he begins to open it.

Nate: A surprise celebration. It’s an invite, and the Colonnade Room at that!

Hillary: What is that some sort of historic spot in Genoa City?

Nate: No, it’s the most elegant grand ball room slash restaurant and grille west of the Mississippi.

Hillary: A surprise celebration. Uhm ok…

Nate looks at Hillary.

Nate: You look a little rough.

Hillary: Gee thanks! What a gentleman you are.

Nate: I didn’t mean it like that. Something is very different about you.

Hillary: Your friend Roxanne. We had a little scuffle. And on top of that. I learned she is my half-sister.

Nate: Woah, that’s deep.

Hillary: Yes but I’m trying to forget it. And I wanted you to help me.

Nate: How so?

Hillary walks over to him and grabs him, she kisses him passionately.

Hillary: I was hoping you could tell me Dr. Feel Good. You got a little time before your high profile gig at the Colonnade room? Why don’t you make me feel good then we can go to this party.”

Nate: Oh we? You’re my date?

Hillary whispers in Nate’s ear...

.....“I’m not wearing panties daddy.” She says seductively.

Hillary drops her skirt and pushes Nate onto the desk. She straddles him once more and the two have sex which is more intense for both of them since they are doing it right in his office of the hospital.

Esther walks into Karynn’s room.

Esther is shocked at seeing Karynn smoking s cigarette out the window with tears in her eyes.

1965db45e817490c_Screen_shot_2012-11-26_at_9_03_06_AM_xxxlarge_1_zps8ojea3vl.pngEsther: Miss Shepard you can’t smoke in here put that out now! This is a hospital!!

She rushes over to Karynn and grabs the cigarette and then ashes it out on the window seal.

imagesCAYORKVJ_zps9d688a0e.jpgEsther: I can’t believe no one else smelled this horrible smell.

Karynn: Oh Essie! It no longer matters. Life does not matter without my brother.

Esther: Karl? Did he not make it?

Karynn looks at Esther, eyes reddened from stress and tears.

Karynn: They took my brother’s social security money from me.

Esther: What?

Karynn: The state put my brother in a home and now they have control of his money. Essie I don’t know how I’m going to get my cigarettes and beer.

Esther: So you used Karl’s money to buy your cigarettes and beer?

Karynn: You’re getting a little too nosey Essie.

Esther: But you just told me-“

Karynn cuts her off.

Karynn: Essie I need your help! I failed my brother! You have to help me get control back of his finances! I need my beer and smokes!!

Esther looks at Karynn in shock as she can’t believe the only thing Karynn is truly worried about is Karl’s money.

Gina’s PlaceGinas_zps86933394.jpg

Victoria and Nikki walk in. Gina walks over to them with a big smile and a pair of menus.

imagesCA0PEV6X_zpsf25c1d78.jpgGina: Lovely to see both of you. Thank you for stopping by.

thCAPO8O6U.jpgVictoria: Mom was in the mood for Chicken Parm. So here we are.

Gina: Right this way.

They follow Gina to a table and they take their seats.

Victoria orders a glass of white wine and Nikki a water. Gina walks away to get their drinks.

Victoria: You haven’t said much on the way over here mom. Is everything ok?

Nikki: Yes. I was just thinking of Katherine. I stopped by her mansion yesterday. Or what was left of it. It’s so hard to imagine that great house is gone along with the great lady who owned it.

Victoria: Yea I read the article about it in the paper this morning. A drunken bum making hot dogs. I mean who does that?

Nikki: Enough about that darling how are things with you and JT?

Victoria: Well we are going to court for sure. He’s going to fight me for custody of Reed.

Nikki: Oh dear God not again.

Victoria: Mom I want my son. Reed belongs here with me

Nikki: Well do you have a good lawyer lined up?

Victoria: Rafe Rivera.

Nikki: I don’t know much about him.

Victoria: He’s good. I like him. He’s on my side. Though he did tell me it would be a 50/50 chance I’d win. The ugly things from my past are bound to come up. My affair with Billy, his affair with Chloe which led to her losing their child. The broken marriages. Mom things don’t look good for me.

Nikki: Darling you are a good person and mother and any judge will be able to see that.

Victoria: If I don’t win custody of Reed mom, it’s going to destroy me. He’s all I have left.

Nikki: Don’t worry darling. It’s all going to work out.

Gina arrives with their drinks.

Victoria: Mom excuse me I’m going to use the restroom.

Nikki: Go right ahead darling. I’ll be looking at the menu for appetizers.

Victoria gets up and walks off.

Nikki is left to her thoughts. She thinks of Katherine. She can’t get it out of her mind how rude and mean she was the last time Kay approached her to make amends. Nikki looks at Vicki’s glass of white wine.

Nikki: Tempting….imagesCA1JVQPQ_zps0c35c9dd.jpg

As Victoria heads back over to her table with Nikki, Nikki’s driver stops her.

th%201_zpsr6kh3w9m.jpgDriver: I’m sorry to bother you Mrs. Newman.

Victoria: Is something the matter Chase?

Chase: I am not sure. But I thought you should know that earlier today I took your mother to the old Chancellor Estate, and I must say she was acting-..” He pauses.

Victoria: What is it tell me?

Chase: Well forgive me ma’am,.. but strange. Just odd in my opinion. Not herself.

Victoria: Like in what way?

Chase: The only thing she wanted to do was dance. We did the waltz right there amongst the charred debris.

Victoria: That doesn’t sound like my mother at all.

They both look at Nikki. Nikki is still starring at the glass of white wine.

Chase: I hope I didn’t cause any harm. I just thought that-

Victoria: Yea no, it’s ok. I’m glad you spoke up. I too think something is off. Thank you for letting me know and keep and eye on her as I will too. Katherine’s death is hitting her very hard.

The driver watches as Victoria walks back over to their table.

Chase: Maybe Mrs. Newman was drunk. I couldn’t tell her daughter that.

GC Memorial

philip_zps36956557.pngPhilip Chancellor is rushed into the hospital, still foaming at the mouth. Olivia Hastings is the on call doctor and immediately rushes over to him.

Olivia_zpsa90fa78a.pngOlivia: Oh my gosh what happened?

Olivia looks at the foaming of Philips mouth. She is horrified.

Paramedic: We found him unconscious, very rapid heartbeat, eyes dilated and gunshot wound in the hand.

Olivia gets an I.V. started and rushes him into surgery to take care of his hand then to order a battery of test to see why Philip is foaming at the mouth.

Meanwhile at Cane’s.images_zpswaan1uys.jpg

Paul arrives on the scene and looks at Avery who is pacing the floor. He looks around and is shocked to see the emptiness of Cane’s apt.

DougDavidson-PaulWilliams-1.jpgPaul: Avery are you ok?

thCAF4RD4D.jpgAvery: Paul, hey yea I’m just a bit shook up. I don’t know what is going on.

Paul: That’s what I’m here to find out. Did Cane skip town or what?

Avery: The only thing that is left is Cane’s lap top. I have no ideal where he might be.

Avery has a flashback of searching through Cane’s laptop in hopes of getting a location on Cane. She looks in her phone at the picture she took of the address leading to the Verdon Lou Cabin.

Avery thinks of an excuse to get a head start on Paul finding it too and makes up an excuse to leave.

Avery: Paul I really must go.

Paul: Wait a minute Avery. I want to know why you came over to Cane’s in the first place.

Avery pauses caught off guard by the question.

Avery: I uh,… needed to speak to Cane about the custody case regarding his twins.

Paul: Yea those twins. Where are they and Cane?

Avery leaves and as she does she puts the address she found into her GPS.

Avery: I have to find Cane and the twins. Something is not right.

Avery’s GPS and car takes her towards Verdon Lou, and Sheila’s Cabin.

The Moment we’ve all been waiting for, the mystery of the Golden Envelope.

The Colonnade Room.4070584402_5a25d4e9be_z_zpsq0mc4712.jpg

Neil, Leslie, Devon, Abby, Nate and Hillary all walk inside the grand ball room having all arrived in a limo together. They are stunned by the beauty of the remodeled place.

Neil: So we all got this so called invite to this place.

Nate: Yes sir. In a golden envelope.

Hillary: Fancy I’ll say.

Nate: Forgive me, everyone this is Hillary, an old flame from my college years.

Neil extends his hand out to greet her.

imagesCAUGZZ2C_zpsface33ce.jpgAbby: Yes Hillary, the one who beat up Roxanne. I like you already.

Abby and Hillary walk off together for some chit chat.

Hillary: I take it you’re not a fan of Roxi either. I just love calling her that. It makes her so mad.

Abby: Not at all. She’s been trouble for me for a while. Until she got caught in an embrace with Nate. Now he’s mine.

Hillary: Oh you have eyes for Devon?

They both turn around to look at Devon talking to Neil.imagesCAADCEEB_zpsbfede657.jpg

Abby: I sure do. He is so handsome and everything I could want in a man. After all he is a Chancellor. The prestige of that.

Hillary: I see.

Hillary really checks out Devon.

Suddenly they hear a pair of shoes clanking towards them. It’s Sister Patterson who’s carrying big purse.nymom_gesture2.gif

Nate: Sister Patterson what is this? Did you invite us here?

Sister Patterson: Ooh chile, God is good yes he is. Can I get an Amend?

Nate: Sister, please not here. I don’t think this is the place.

Sister Patterson: Shut yo mouth boy! The word of God is a good time all the time. I am your mistress of ceremonies tonight. Ooh chile I don’t like that word. Forgive me Lord.

Neil: Nate who is this?

Nate: It’s ok Uncle Neil. This is Sister Patterson from the church I attend.

Neil: So you know who set this all up?

Sister Patterson: I do brother Winters. This person was in my international prayer group honey. They reached out to an agent of God in putting together this little shin dig for yens and as an agent of God, I could never say no to another God fearing person. So here we are.

Sister Patterson reaches into her big oversized purse and pulls out some packets and hands them out.

imagesCA75AZKJ_zpse6f1fbd5.jpgLeslie: And what are these?

Sister Patterson: It’s the program for this evening.

Neil: Is their going to be a play or something?

Sister Patterson then reaches back into her bag of goods and pulls out pocket sized bibles.

Leslie: And we need these for what?

Sister Patterson: How dare ya!? How dare ya question the word of God? Being that you were an ex stripper I can see why you slutty sinner. I saw your stripping pictures. God don’t like ugly and let me say it here and now honey you sho’ was ugly. Don’t you know no good?,

Leslie is outraged and feels compelled to make a comeback being put on the spot.

Leslie: Ugly? You’re just jealous. I had a body. Men threw ben franklins at me.

Sister Patterson: Well you needed to have me there where ever there was because I would have thrown the word of God at you and some holy water. Don’t you talk back to Sister Patterson. You don’t want none of this. I’m armed and prepared for battle.

Sister Patterson pulls out a bigger bible and a bottle of oil.

Leslie: You about to make us some chicken or what?

Nate: Sister Patterson please not here. Not like this.

Sister Patterson: I don’t want to hear that ring a maroe Nate! That stripper questioned God and it is my heavenly duty to take this ratchet ass child to bible study. She will know the Lord and repent for her sins! I speak the truth and that’s all I know how to do. Brother Nate you better let her know about me. God don’t like ugly and that’s an ugly woman. She’s a stripper and she’s proud of that. I’m about to have a stroke. All this evil in that jezebel. Leslie where is your mother I need to have a chat with her?

Leslie: A self-proclaimed agent of God but a mouth of a sailor. This is turning into a comedy show. This has to be a joke.

Neil: Alright enough of this! Who is it? Who brought us all here?

Meanwhile, upstairs in a private room. Lauren is applying make up to a mysterious woman.

imagesCA6GSYIY_zps7392afbd.jpgLauren: You look so beautiful.

Screen5.jpgWoman: I hope so. I want my grand entrance into Genoa City to be perfect. It’s been so long.

Lauren: It certainly will be. You certainly pulled out all the stops tonight. Genoa City will be shocked as hell to see you back in town….


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Man this episode was hilarious first and foremost. Literally Laughed my ass off at Karynns dead serious "They took my brother’s social security money from me."

I like Daisy and Roxannes friendliness. A deadly duo that could be

Hillary was not playin. She was gonna pull out all the stops to jump on Nate. Love those envelope pushing scenes and dialogue on ur Y&R.

Face lift Chase ratting out Nikki. I wonder if she really was drunk. Would explain her turn in her Katherine mourning. I like that we are getting to see Nikkis grief hit her hard as it should.

Avery on her way to Verdon Lou now too. Somethings gotta give there.

ahhhh sister Patterson. Always a hoot. Some hilarious exhanges with her and Leslie. I also like Abby and Hillarys exchange and what seems like more trouble with Hillary. And then the mystery woman cliffhanger. This big party looks like its gonna be great and plus Verdon Lou has to be coming to a head. Gonna be explosive.

Hilariously entertaining good episode.

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  • Members

What a WONDERFUL episode!!! I LOVED every scene.

I think my favorite scene was the whole Nikki/Victoria scenes. It was soooo true to who Nikki is, in a very short time. We saw her staring at the glass of wine. Is she really that down? Maybe she is. Keep that up!

I loved Esther/Karynn. I hope that maybe they can become freniemies like Kathrine/Jill 2.0! LOL that would be awesome!

And of course the colonnade room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it. Patterson always is a great laugh. And her and Leslie were awesome and hilarious.

AND..., who is the mystery woman? Why was Lauren with her???

Can't wait!

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Members

WONDERFUL episode, ML.

So much humour, and great work all around. Esther and Karynn were WONDERFUL, and I love how very conflicted Karynn seems about Karl. She loves him, but only talks about him in terms of his money. I'm sure that that will be revealed more in time.

I can FEEL Verdon Lou coming to a head. This is gonna be a GREAT end to that story, I can feel it! Avery is gonna get caught in all this, surely. It doesn't look good for her.

I kinda like how you seem to be humanizing Daisy a bit. She's a bit of crazy but long-term that may be the best way to go with her. Give her friends etc.

Ohhhhh Sister Patterson. Leslie has no time for all that. Hilarious exchange there. I am so curious who the mystery woman is. Having a hard time guessing, actually! I'm REALLY excited for the next episode. This is gonna be HUGE!!!

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You have really embedded your writing style in this episode. Comedy and drama...a good mix, and it fits...

I think Avery is trying to do some self preservation, that's why she wants to get head start on Paul, because she, too was snorting coke and enabling Cane, and now Cane is out of control..and headed to Verdon Lou.

I see new friendships forming...Daisy and Rox, now Abby and Hilary, all based on their disdain for Roxanne.

Sister Patterson's campiness is becoming very welcome, mostly because I know she fits your style. I like to see it.

And...Karynn...all she can think about is her smokes and beer. I'm a bit disappointed in her, but I think deep down she loves her brother.

And who is Lauren applying makeup to?

Good episode

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