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Stand-Off in Verdon Lou! #163



4070584402_5a25d4e9be_z_zpsq0mc4712.jpgThe Colonnade room, off by the indoor water fountain.

Abby and Hillary are talking. Hillary is still eyeballing Devon.

Abby notices this and tugs at her.

thCA107RLV-1.jpgAbby: You’re really looking at my Devon.

untitled_zpsdd988ebe.pngHillary: Oh I’m sorry. He’s very handsome just like my Nate.

Abby: So no more Roxanne?

Hillary: My goodness no. She got kicked to the curb. Out with the old and in with the new.

Abby: I tried so hard for so long to get Devon to see Roxanne was no good for him. But she had this hold over him.

Hillary: Well now you have him.

Abby: I sure do and now that he caught Roxi in that embrace with Nate he no longer wants her.

Hillary has a flashback of being in Roxanne’s apartment when “the embrace” took place. She also remembers recording their conversation where they admit their feelings for one another and in that same conversation Nate revealed he switched his cousin's Moses paternity test.

Hillary: I got my Nate back and you got your Devon. Roxanne is a non-factor at this point.

Abby: Let’s toast to that.

A waiter comes over and hands the ladies two glasses of champagne. They clank their glasses.

Abby: Allies against Roxanne.

Hillary: I’ll drink to that.

Meanwhile, at GC Nightsbar2.jpg

Daisy and Roxanne continue to drink their long Island ice teas having a good time chuckling and conversing, clearly intoxicated.

thCAYAWDSY.jpgRoxanne: So tell me, why do you think your sister Mary slept with Daniel?

thCAGSHTOS-1.jpgDaisy: A woman just knows these things. As I think back on how we found Daniel with his pants off as he walked into this very bar. Something is just not right but it’s what happened after that where it gets even weirder.

Roxanne: Weird how?

Daisy: I got home that night and Mary comes in after me acting all weird. She implied she got revenge on me.

Roxanne: Revenge? For what?

Daisy thinks about how Mary blamed her for their stalker whom they both initially thought was Lauren.

Daisy: I really can’t say but long story short Mary was mad at me for something and she implied she took her revenge. Then her father shows up black mailing her with this camera. James stated he had something to show me if Mary didn’t do what he asked.

Roxanne: You got a weird family.

Daisy: You don’t know the half of it.

Roxanne: I don’t know this Mary very much so I can’t speak my opinion on it but you know what it’s a shame we are just sitting here.

Daisy: What do you mean?

Roxanne: We are two go-getters. Let’s go get our men! I understand there is this huge party at the Colonnade room.

Daisy: So what of it?

Roxanne: I’m feeling good girl! I say we go over there and crash the party! I think Devon and Nate will both be there and that means Hillary will be too and maybe and even Abby and I got something for all them hoes.

Daisy: Sounds fun. Let’s go crash the party!

They both get and leave the bar as Tyler, the bar tender shakes his head.imagesCA2MPWT0_zps4a3866da.jpg


Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 163: Standoff in Verdon Lou!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington

Back at the Colonnade Room. Sister Patterson is still standing in front of the crowd that is arriving. She is passing out programs and pocket sized bibles.

imagesCA6JT2AF_zps31844077.jpgNeil: This is crazy! Nate what is wrong with this lady?

nate.jpgNate: She is just very spirited about the Lord Uncle Neil. She’s the wife of the new pastor at my church.

Neil: I remember her at Katherine’s when the estate was on fire. She was crazy then and she’s crazy now.

imagesCA0HGTST_zps6ecc9170.jpgLeslie: I’ve never seen anything like it. She’s like a comedy show.

Sister Patterson speaks to the crowd.

“Good evenins…!!!!’ Thank you all for coming out to this fancy shin dig this evenin’. I first would like to say God is good! Can I get an Amend?

Nate: Sister Patterson it’s not Sunday.

Sister Patterson: Never mind all that brother Nate! Every day is a good day for the Lord! Hear me and hear me now! I got a few things to say and I’m going to say them, right here and right now and no one, can stop me!

Leslie: This ought to be good.

Sister Patterson: There is no talking when I’m talking. I am Sister Patterson, an agent of God. You got that sinner?

The sister says pointing at Leslie.

Leslie is very embarrassed.

Sister Paterson: I’ve heard the rumors and my third eye confirmed them. Now some of you may have been thinking “Oh no, not the Colonnade Room” on your drive over here. Well I’m here to tell you, right here and now, I’m here, to bless the premises and to shield this fancy place of any evil or wrong doing. The Colonnade Room has a reputation for good things gone wrong and I want all of ya’s to know, right here and right now, I am going to keep all evil at bay because I’ma solider of God! I am after all Sister Patterson.

Sister Patterson reaches into her purse and pulls out some holy water and walks around the ball room intermittently sprinkling some of her holy water here and there saying prayers as she does. The party goers slowly fold into the ballroom unsure of what to make of the religious show that just took place starring Sister Patterson.

Sister Patterson: Now wait a minute! I almost forgot!”

She says as she clanks her shoes back over closer to the crowd.

Sister Patterson: In order to achieve harmony, unity and peace in the Colonnade Room this evening, I think it is wise we all join in with me in a little song. As we sing our song, the choir from my church was graceful enough to come in and help our heavenly tune. Please welcome them as they enter the ball room.

The choir from Sister Patterson's church begin to filter into the ball room and begin to sing the song that Sister Patterson leads them in.

Leslie rolls her eyes as Neil shakes his head.

Sister Patterson: When you know the words, I want everyone to sing along.


"Lift every voice and sing

Till earth and heaven ring

Ring with the harmonies of Liberty;

Let our rejoicing rise,

high as the list'ning skies, let it resound loud as the rolling sea “

She ad Libs “ Ooh yes Lawd!!”

“Sang it yall!!” She demands of the crowd.ilny_4_36.jpg

“Sing a song full of faith that the dark past has taught us,

Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us;

facing the rising sun of our new day begun,

Let us march on till victory is won."

Neil and Leslie look at each other and join in softly at first until Sister Patterson kicks it up a notch and gets louder and she encourages everyone to take part.

Abby to Devon: I’ve never heard this song before.

Devon: It's the Black National Anthem

Abby: I don't understand.

Devon: Trust me neither do I

As Roxanne and Daisy approach the entrance way of the Colonnade Room they can hear Sister Patterson and the crowd singing their song.

Roxanne: Who is that awful voice? Sounds like a moose dying.

Daisy chuckles

Daisy: What is that song?

Roxanne: I don’t want any parts of this stupid party. I came to check bitches, not sing songs.

Daisy: The night is young what shall we do?

Roxanne: Hmm, do you have any idea where Mary or Daniel are, we can ask them straight up if they had sex.

Daisy: I like that idea. Let’s go!

They leave from the sing along.

GC MemorialimagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg

Nina and Chance arrive at the Nurse’s station as Jill walks over to them.

Nina: We are here about Philip Chancellor the III. Can you tell me anything about him please?

Nina Says to a nurse.

Jill_zps2ba9c426.pngJill: What do you mean my son is here what in the hell is going on Nina?

Nina: Well you were already here Jill you should already know. Now be quiet so we can hear what is going on.

imagesCAOQR7ZL_zpsd2881e6d.jpgChance: Mom, Jill please, this is not the time for that.

Olivia walks over to the crowdOlivia2_zpscfa26be8.png.

Jill: Olivia thank God it’s you. Where is my Philip?

Nina: Can you tell us anything about Philip?

Olivia: He was brought in foaming at the mouth and a gunshot wound to the hand. He’s lost a lot of blood but I’ve stabilized him for now. I’m waiting on a battery of test to find out the root cause of the foaming.

Nina has a heartbroken look on her face as Chance holds her.imagesCAMZJC1S_zps9980e2c8.jpg

Chance: It’s ok mom. Dad is a fighter. He will pull through this.

Nina turns around and hugs her son.

Jill is also in shock at hearing about the foaming of the mouth details.

Jill: Can we see him Olivia? I must see my son.

Paul walks over to them.images3_zpse74a4883.jpg

Paul: Just a second, I want to have a word with you all about Philip.

Jill, Nina, and Chance all look at each other and then at Paul wondering what would Paul have to say about Philip.

download_zpsfs4mwayx.jpgSince it’s still March in this story, the snow begins to pick up as Avery is driving on old country roads trying to find Cane. She pulls out her cell phone and dials his number. It goes straight to voicemail. Avery wonders where is Cane and his twins and what the hell happened to Philip.

imagesCAUMMZ5F_zpsa19b75b6.jpgAvery continues on her way to the directions she found on Cane’s computer. All roads lead to Verdon Lou and Sheila’s Cabin.

6820041d6e0247fda0ad316afbe7c836_zps1ac9752a.jpgInside the Cabin itself, a standoff ensues.

Sharon looks at Dru who is starting to panic.

“We can’t die like this. Please Lord hear my prayers.”

Dru says over and over again.

Sharon: Dru stop that we are not going to die!

thumbnailCAJVCBE3-1.jpgDru: Then Bitch tell me how we gone get out of here?

Sharon: Gosh you don’t have to be so nasty with me.0soapoprahsharon.jpg

In the front room

Sheila continues to hold James at gun point as James holds his vest laced with bombs and terror open for Sheila to see.

Mary is extremely nervous as she begins to make a plea.

thCAE12Z40-1.jpgMary: Please stop this madness! You are both my parents! We are a family what are we doing here? My mom has a gun pointed at my dad while my dad is threatening to blow us all up with his bombs. What kind of family is this? I beg of you before anything happens let me go!

Then there is a knock on the front door. Between Mary’s sobering pleas and the knock on the door James takes his eyes off SheilaimagesCA0SVIGC_zps9d8cf744.jpg

and looks at Mary and then the door as Sheila seizes this opportunity since James is off his guard, rushes over to him and knocks him out with her gun over the head. James instantly collapses to the ground. Mary gasp and then covers her mouth in shock not expecting this turn of events.

Mary: Mom what did you do?

Sheila: It’s call survival my traitor daughter. Sheila Carter always survives.

Sheila begins to drag James’ body towards the basement door. Sheila instructs Mary to help her move James as the person outside knocks again.

In the hostage room.

Sharon: Dru did you see that? Sheila just knocked out James!

Dru: No I can’t see that dummy! I’m tied down to this table and the only thing I see is the ceiling. You’re the one in the chair or did your blonde ass forget that?

Sharon: Well at least we won’t be blown up!

Dru: A gas leak in the basement, James and his bombs and Sheila with the gun, I don’t think we are done yet. And you know what I don’t get, is how Sheila is this jack of all trades. I mean first a nurse then also a waiter and an executive assistant now this bitch a navy seal taking out terrorist.

Sharon: Dru you say some of the craziest things.

Dru: Not crazy enough cuz’ we still not free.

Sheila drags James’ body toward the basement stairs. She struggles as she drags him by the legs down each step bumping his head on each one in slow motion as to not set off any bombs but enough to ensure James does not wake back up.

Mary: Mom did you really have to? Be careful, he has bombs.

After Sheila has James at the bottom of the basement steps she rushes back up to Mary.

Sheila then slaps Mary.

Sheila: I don’t have time for emotion Mary! Your on my damn nerves, now act like a damned Carter! You are the one that back stabbed me, your own mother by bringing your father here! That was not a part of the plan. And when this is all over I'm going to find out how all this happened."

Mary then has a remembrance of having sex with Daniel with James catching it all on camera which is in Mary's car outside.

Sheila:I got all the power here you will do what I say! Now focus... Here is what I am going to do and this is what you are going to do.

Sheila hands Mary the gun. Mary takes it but she is shaking with nervousness and shock.

Sheila: I’m going to hide James in the basement. I want you to answer the door. It should be the guy going to fix our gas leak. Any funny business and you better shoot to kill. Got it?

Mary: Y-y-yes.

Sheila: And don't mess this up and you will end up like your own father!

Mary's eyes get wide as she is flabbergasted her mother has just threaten her own life. She wonders to her self : What happened to the days of being put on punishment or going to the corner? Mom really is crazy."

Sheila walks down the basement stairs to hide James.

Mary walks over to the door after the person knocks a third time. Mary puts the gun behind her back and then opens the door.

thCAZ0S40L.jpg“I’m Cane. I’m here to fix you pipes.”

Mary smiles at Cane as she motions him to come in.

Back in the Hostage Room

Sharon: Did you hear that?

Dru: It’s Cane! My daughter’s husband! Yes thank you Jesus our prayers have been answered!

Just then Sheila walks in the room. Dru and Sharon frown.

Sheila: The devil is here and you two make one move or noise and we will all die. It won’t be that easy escaping from me.

Dru: Damn! A waitress, a nurse, an executive assistant, a navy seal and now bitch the devil. This is getting really old.”

Dru rolls her eyes at Sheila as Sheila smiles back at Dru.inl.jpg


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Very happy to be back inside the cabin!

Judging by last episode I don't think Abby and Hillarys new found friendship is going to work out and I hope it doesn't. I like all the tension in the Abby/devon/rox/nate/Hillary story. Awesome dynamic.

I do like Roxanne and Daisys friendship. That is TROUBLE and I love it.

and then theres Sisters Patterson. LOL. What a hoot. Shes so larger than life and I love everyones dialogue as they talk about her while basically caught off so much guard from her ways.

I feel bad for Jill and Nina with Phillip. I do hope he pulls through.

As for the cabin! Sheila still in charge! Look at her go. I really like Mary nd hope she gets out of this even if her mother doesn't. As always Drus dialogue is hilarious and Sharons reaction pic you have of her even more so. It always fits what she is saying lmao.

Dru thinks cokin' up Cane is coming to the rescue. Good luck with that! I love this story and how you have built it up. Exciting what may happen next!

Great stuff

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  • Members

This episode was lengthy! LOL!

Abby and Hillary are quite interesting. I think they will be good as friends, however friends aren't really in Genoa City LOL.

Sister Patterson..., there is not enough words to describe that woman. I like how Days22 said that she is larger than life. I guess you can describe her that way LOL. That is very true.

I am glad you showed Jill. I have missed her.

I am very worried with Phillip. I hope you don't kill him off!!! I love him!!!

Verdon Lou, is finally reaching the end. But, that kind of makes me sad. Because, this means that Sheila Carter is coming to an end... AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things are really starting to heat up!

Can't wait to see your show move into the future.

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Members

This is building SO well! Sister Patterson is KILLING me. LOVE LOVE LOVE her. Getting everyone singing Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing is genius! Haha!

Phillip in the hospital. Very good stuff, everyone's pulling for him. I wonder how that goes down. Hope he pulls through, and Cane is implicated. Things are reaching their climax! Didn't expect James to end up knocked out. Hope he wakes up and stops the madness. Cane is definitely not here for Dru and Sharon. I hope Dru tears him a new one when she gets freed.

You really got that tension building. I can't wait to see how it all ends.

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  • Members

Well what to say...here we go.

Hilary got her eyes on Devon. Abby will have another rival, albeit unexpected.

I think Sister Patterson balances the episode very well. And her over-the-top-ness fits well. It is almost heartwarming to see her do her thing, and Roxanne's comment was funny. It was very lighthearted and very necessary for this episode because...

....It's starting to unravel a little bit for Sheila. James was gonna do a suicide bombing, and then her treatment of her daughter Mary. Now add Cane to the mix, who's there for some pipes, and they have nothing to do with plumbing.

Good to see Philip's family there for him. You know I am pulling for him, and wonder what the next phase is in his life. Terrible ordeal that he went through, and I'm sure it will affect him in some way.

Good one!! Balance of light and dark...

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