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DAYS #62: The Board Meeting (Part 3) - John makes his decision





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


Victor and Tyler stand at the head of the board room table at Titan HQ, as the board meeting comes to a head. John Black stands with them at the table, with Kate & Lucas Roberts, Billie Reed, and Justin Kiriakis sat around the table, with Nelson, another Titan board member, waiting impatiently for the vote to conclude.

Victor looks back John's way, as Tyler clears his throat, looking back toward John.

TYLER: So! Yes. Back to the vote. John Black, as proxy voter for Brady Black, a vote of 'yay' would mean you are in favour of retaining the Titan TV division, a vote of 'nay' would mean you are in favour of Titan divesting of all Titan TV properties. What say you?

John looks calmly around the room, smiling as the rest of the room impatiently waits for his answer.

JOHN: I vote...'nay'.

Victor immediately slams his fist on the table in anger.

VICTOR: Damn it, John!

Tyler carries on through Victor's protestations. Everyone around the table mutters to each other, soaking in the shocking turn of events John's arrival has brought.

TYLER: Therefore, by a margin of 5-4, I declare this vote closed. Titan shall be divesting itself of its Titan TV division, placing it up for sale immediately.

Victor stares John down, looking directly into John's eyes with malice.

VICTOR: You will regret this, John.

JOHN: Are you kidding, Vic? I just did you one big favour. You oughta thank me.

John grabs his briefcase, nods Victor and Kate's way and strolls out of the board room. Victor is left looking defeated as the board members filter from the room.

As Kate makes her attempt to leave, Victor quickly grabs her arm to stop her from slinking away.


VICTOR: Not so fast, Kate. I know what you're up to, and I'm not gonna let you get away with it.



Nick opens the door to his apartment, and he and Hope step inside. They're chatting and laughing as they do, with Hope scurrying Nick inside.

HOPE: Hurry, hurry, hurry, I need to go to the bathroom.

NICK: (laughing) Okay, okay! Go! It's right there.

HOPE: Thank yooou!

Hope runs into the bathroom quickly and shuts the door. Once inside the bathroom, Hope's need to pee immediately vanishes. Hope puts on her detective face and, to avoid suspicion, noisily lifts the toilet seat.

She then quickly steps over to the medicine cabinet. Hope very quietly opens it and looks inside. As the door of the medicine cabinet opens, it squeaks, making Hope jump. She stops the door immediately then waits, hoping Nick doesn't respond to the noise. After a moment of nothing, Hope carries on, but Nick immediately thereafter calls out to her through the door.

NICK: Hey Hope! I'm just going to step out for a second to speak to the concierge, alright?

Hope is startled by Nick's announcement and nearly doubles back when she hears him. She manages to pull it together and smiles through gritted teeth before calling back out to him.

HOPE: Alright! I'll be out in just a sec.

Hope waits another second for the door to shut before she opens the door to the bathroom. Sighing heavily, she steps out of the bathroom, not having seen anything in the medicine cabinet and not knowing where else to look for the pills Gabi hopes she'll find.

Suddenly, Hope looks up to see Nick's briefcase. Her eyes light up.

HOPE: Of course.

Hope makes a beeline for Nick's laptop bag, which he uses for a briefcase. She opens it up and commencing looking through the various compartments, but just before reaching the compartment where the pills are, she hears a loud knock on the door.

Hope is startled, but after a moment's pause, goes back to looking through the bag. A moment later, the knocking continues, and a voice is heard through the door.


NICOLE: (while knocking) Nick! Open the door, you little shmuck, I wanna have a word with--

The door opens and Nicole nearly whacks Hope in the face when she opens the door.

NICOLE: ...you.





Eric Brady walks through the Horton Town Square, setting up the final touches for Brady's memorial service with the help of his grandmother, Caroline. As Eric finishes, he walks over towards Caroline as Marlena scurries in, getting everyone's attention as she seems rather flustered.

MARLENA: Oh, Eric. Caroline! I'm so sorry I'm late. I had one hell of a morning.

ERIC: It's alright, Mom. It's good to see you.

Eric reaches over to give his mother a hug, before Caroline reaches out to Marlena as well.

CAROLINE: Marlena, don't worry about it. We handled things just fine on this end.

MARLENA: Well, that's good to hear. Listen, Caroline, I know this isn't really the time or place, but I need to have a talk with you later on about Roman.

Caroline and Eric look at Marlena with a bit of surprise and concern.

CAROLINE: Roman? Is something wrong?

ERIC: Is dad okay? What's...?

Marlena waves her hand to stop them.

MARLENA: No, no. It's not...urgent. He's fine. Whenever you have the time, I just have...something to discuss with you.

CAROLINE: Sure. Stop by the pub later?

Marlena gives Caroline a reassuring smile.


CAROLINE: If you don't mind though, I'm going to try to get ahold of Nicole. She was going to try to track a few more people down that we hadn't reached yet.

Marlena turns back to Eric, who still looks a bit concerned. She holds out her hand to touch her son's face to reassure him.

MARLENA: Oh, Eric, stop worrying. Your father's just fine.

ERIC: Why don't I believe you?

MARLENA: (sighs) Eric, your father and I just had a rather...intense discussion last night. It's nothing to be worried about.

Eric looks at Marlena, unconvinced, but nods.

ERIC: Okay. I'll let it go. But if something's going on with Dad--

MARLENA: ...I will let you know immediately.

Eric finally smiles, though the worry is still plain on his face.

ERIC: Thanks, Mom.

MARLENA: Now, let's get this together. How can I help?

ERIC: Well, you can start by grabbing that folding table over in the corner with me...


Marlena and Eric head off to grab the table, as Roman saunters into the square, he looks over at Brady's portrait, posted up on an easel by Tom & Alice's tree. He stares at it, confusion in his eyes.


Nicole looks at Hope, standing in the doorway of Nick's apartment, with bewilderment.


HOPE: Nicole?

Nicole saunters into Nick's apartment, as Hope lingers back, eyebrow raised in curiosity. Nicole yammers on as she looks around for Nick.

NICOLE: I...I mean I knew it was hard keeping that massive house up on a single income but I didn't think you'd have to take such a steep....downgrade.

Nicole looks around the corner to see if there's more room.

NICOLE: I mean, where does Ciara sleep? In the bathtub?

HOPE: NICOLE! Enough. What do you want?

NICOLE: To talk to Nick, obviously.

HOPE: Nick stepped out for a minute, I was just here to go to the bathroom for a moment before we head out to lunch. Nick had something to drop off, you see, so...we're kind of in a hurry.

NICOLE: Right, well...what I need to ask him won't take long so...

HOPE: So, you can ask him later. Goodbye, Nicole.

Hope holds the door open, motioning for Nicole to leave. As Nicole steps out, a sour look on her face, Nick reappears and nearly bumps into Nicole as he does.

NICK: OH! Nicole! Just the person I wanted to see.

Hope looks at Nick incredulously.

HOPE: Really?

NICK: Yeah! Uh...Hope, did you wanna just...meet me at the pub, I won't be a minute.

Hope pauses a moment, not sure what's happening.

HOPE: I....sure?

NICK: Thanks. I promise, this won't take a moment.

Hope walks out the door, not sure what's going down, but knowing it can't be anything good. She calls out to Nick as she heads out the door.

HOPE: Alright...I'll grab us a seat!

NICK: Sounds good!

Nick closes the door behind Hope, a big smile on his face.

NICK: SO! Good news!

Nicole folds her arms, the sour look still on her face.

NICOLE: It better be. I'm still thisclose to being fired for that stunt you pulled at the last press conference.

NICK: Clear that from your mind forever, Nicole. I, Nick Fallon, have delivered for you.

Nick pulls out his iPad from his bag, and, a few taps later, presents the page to Nicole.

NICK: Observe.

Nicole grabs the iPad, and reads the headline.


Her eyes bulge out as she processes the news.

NICOLE: What?? How did you..?

NICK: Only through the magic of research, my dear. We'll talk about this later, drinks?

Nicole stands, mouth agape, suddenly realizing the power Nick might be wielding.


Nick escorts Nicole to the door, Nicole still in shock, she eventually nods, as Nick hastily takes his tablet back.

NICOLE: I...yeah.

NICK: Give me about an hour?

NICOLE: ...Sure.


Nick abruptly slams the door in Nicole's face. He walks back into his apartment and grabs his phone, rolling his eyes at having had to deal with Nicole.

NICK: Now...time to call Kate...and congratulate her on her good news.


Kate rips her arm from Victor's grasp, holding it before adjusting herself, a scowling look on her face directed at Victor.

KATE: I don't know how I was ever married to such a savage.

VICTOR: Neither do I.

KATE: The nerve. I just had this cleaned too, and now your greasy little hands are all over it. Vile.

VICTOR: Maybe if you focused less on fashions and more on business we wouldn't have this problem.

Kate pretends to be non-plussed by Victor's volatile reaction, as she turns her attentions to packing her things away into her bag.

KATE: I don't know what you're talking about.

VICTOR: Oh, the Hell you don't. I know what you were up to today. Someone tipped you off about John's proxy vote, and you couldn't wait to get him here. Now who put you up to it?

Kate scowls at Victor, arms folded, not giving anything away, as her smartphone rings. Standing slightly away from it, she tries to casually grab it, but Victor spies the name appaearing on the screen as she turns to answer, and calls her out as she's about to press "talk".

VICTOR: I swear, Kate, if Nick Fallon is behind this, you can both hand in your key cards now.

Kate quickly holds the phone close to her chest and swipes to ignore the call, fearing she's been caught.



Recommended Comments

  • Members

This episode had such a great flow and all the interactions were really good.

Love that Nicole and Hope little run in. Also like Hope going into detective mode.

I'm glad John voted the way he did. Victor now having to go into defense mode. I Like how Nick is trying to really hold all the power here with everyone but there are so many sides involved gonna be very interesting to really see who comes out on top in the end.

And then theres poor Roman. This storyline feels so true to life and just gets a person feeling for all involved.

The dialogue throughout the whole episode was really good too which helped the flow even more!

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  • Members

John voted 'No' to keep Titan TV, so now whoever buys it has the power to sink EnerNext....Interesting twist...

I liked that little near miss with Nicole showing up just as she was going to find Nick's pills that Gabi gave him.

Kate oh Kate, what are you up to? I suspect that she's right in the middle of the way the vote went, but not in the way Victor thinks. She always seems to be one step ahead of him.

Marlena alarmed Eric then tried to take it back. Too late Dr. Evans. You've already let the genie out of the bottle, as Roman becomes more confused. I'm looking forward to seeing this story move along...

Good one as usual..

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  • Members

A very good opening and what great attention you pay to detail I too use a lap top bag as a brief case. I call it my soft case. Hope almost got to the pill.s THis story is exciting.

John no lip having ass voted no! BUt why? Victor is angry and I love that. BTW what a great way to open this ep .

Really enjoying Nick these days Hes on cloud nine. I kinda like that he has power.

ANd I always love how Marlena is always able to put on a happy face despite her knowing something is off about Roman. Se just always gives off that warm feeling. A calming effect

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  • Members

Episodes just keep getting better, as I am back to reading!

So, let's begin:

Marlena/Caroline/Eric: Wow, what a shocker to know that Salem is going ahead with the whole memorial for Brady thing. I feel so bad for Roman. However, this does give him something to do. I love the character, and can't wait to see where you take him. I wonder how Caroline will do with the news.

Hope/Nicole/Nick: I was really scared for Hope LOL. But, you showed us that Fancy Face still got it! I loved the whole Nicole/Nick exchange. They do awesome in the scenes. I love the storyline you have for them. And, I loved Nicole's comment to Hope LOL. It is Nicole at her best.

The Board Meeting: WOW! What a shocker for John's vote. But, I had the feeling he would say no for the continuation. And Kate..., she is quite the woman after all these decades LOL. I loved her and Victor's encounter in the conference room.

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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