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S01 - Episode Seven: "That's What Family's For"

Mr. Vixen



Heaven's Meadow

Season 1 - Episode 7

"That's What Family's For"

This episode features:

Susan Lucci as Erica Kane

Ric Herbst as Lucas Erickson

Jerry ver Dorn as Clint Buchanan


David Canary as Adam Chandler

Kelly Ripa as Hayley Vaughan


Robin Christopher as Skye Chandler




240px-David_Canary_Adam_Chandler_All_My_Children_ABC_2010.jpg Hayley: kelly_ripa_2.jpg

(Inside the Chandler mansion. Adam is sitting in the living room, reading a book. He doesn't hear as Hayley stumbles through the front door. She is crying rather hysterically as makeup streaks down her face. She stumbles across the foyer and into the living room. Stunned, Adam looks up.)

Adam: Hayley? Hayley, what are you doing here? I thought you were in New--

(He doesn't finish is sentence, as he notices his daughter is weeping. He stands and rushes towards her, embracing her in a hug. She collapses into his arms.)

Adam: Hayley, what's wrong? What is it dear?

(Hayley breaks free from his embrace and moves towards the couch. After she is seated, she opens her clutch and pulls out a tissue to dab her eyes.)

Hayley: I just needed to see you, Daddy. I just needed to get away from it all, and I didn't know where else to go.

Adam: You know you are always welcome here. This is your home. Now tell me, darling, what's wrong?

Hayley: It's just, everything is falling apart. Every ounce of stability in my life is gone, and I don't know what to do.

Adam: There's still been no word on Mateo, I'm assuming?

(Hayley stands and moves to the other side of the room, picking up a picture of her and Mateo and holding it for a moment before speaking.)

Hayley: No, Daddy. No matter what I do. No matter what the police do, no matter what you do. It's like he just vanished.

(Adam moves towards his daughter. He stands behind her and places his hands on her shoulders.)

Adam: We will find him eventually, Hayley. And he'll be home with you, where he belongs.

(Hayley swivels around.)

Hayley: But what if he doesn't want to come home, Daddy?

Adam: Don't talk like that, Hayley.

Hayley: For all we know, it's true Daddy! There is no evidence that Mateo was kidnapped. The police have said it all along. He may very well have left of his own accord

Adam: Mateo would never leave you, Hayley.

(Hayley begins crying once more. She pushes past her father and begins yelling.)

Hayley: But what if he DID, Daddy? How am I supposed to get up every morning and smile in front of a camera when I know damn well the man I love more than anything may have walked out on me. And even if he didn't, what's the other possibility? That he's dead?! I just can't do it, Daddy. I can't!

(Angered, she throws the picture of her and Mateo across the room. It hits the wall and shatters. Adam rushes to his daughter and embraces her once more. Hayley clutches to her father, sobbing, and begins speaking.)

Hayley: I have failed everyone and everything that I love. Mateo is gone, and Wave is tanking. How is it supposed to make me feel that they had to bring in my ex-stepmother to save the show. MY SHOW!

(Adam pulls away from Hayley, confused.)

Adam: Who?

Hayley: Erica, Daddy. And it's not that I'm not happy to see her. I am. But Wave has always been succesful because of me and now it crumbles right alongside of my personal life. And as much respect as I have for Erica, every time I look at her, I am reminded that once again, I wasn't enough.

Adam: You are always enough, honey. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Ever.

(Hayley wipes the tears from her eyes.)

Hayley: Thank you, Daddy. I knew you could make me feel better.

(The two hug, before Hayley pulls away.)

Hayley: I just can't believe that the only positive thing to come from this move has been Skye, of all people.

Adam: Skye? What's your sister got to do with this?

Hayley: I ran into her the other day. Apparently she's living in Heaven's Meadow, too. I have to admit, I wasn't happy to see her at first, but she was very kind. She saw that I was in pain, and she actually tried to help. I know we don't have a great past, and I know she's conned a lot of people. So, I'm going into it slowly. But I think I may finally be forming a relationship with her.

(Tears well up in Adam's eyes.)

Adam: That's wonderful.

Hayley: Well, I'd better get going. I had the helicopter fly me in, but I have to get back for a meeting. Thank you so much for your help, Daddy.

Adam: Any time, Hayley. Any time at all.

(The two hug, and say goodbye. Hayley begins to exit the room, but Adam begins speaking again. Hayley turns and looks at her father.)

Adam: Hayley?

Hayley: Yeah, Dad?

Adam: Tell Skye I love her.

(Hayley smiles at her father, before turning and exiting the mansion.)




Erica%2BKane.jpg Lucas: pic-of-rick-hearst.jpg

(At the WAVE studios.)

Erica: I'm glad we were able to work something out, Lucas. I'm very excited to join the show.

Lucas: And we're very excited to have you, Ms. Kane.

Erica: Tell me, Lucas. Why me? Of all the women in the world, why Erica Kane?

Lucas: Because you're the best. You're Erica Kane for God's sake.

Erica: I've only been telling everyone that for 40 years, now. But why does "Erica Kane" mean anything to you?

Lucas: How many talk shows can boast that one co-host used to be married to the other's father?

(Erica points her finger at Lucas.)

Erica: This show will not be trash television. I will not argue with Hayley for ratings, and I certainly will not embarrass Adam Chandler on national television. If that's what you're looking for, hire one of his other ex-wives. I hear Brooke English is looking for work.

Lucas: Trust me, Erica That isn't we want. We just think that you and Hayley will have a wonderful dynamic, that no one else can create.

Erica: I hope what you're saying is true, Mr. Erickson. Because at the first sign of anything inappropriate, I walk. Just like that. Contracts be damned. Like you said, I'm Erica Kane. And don't you forget it.

(Erica exits the room.)



skye.jpg Clint: jverdorn_240x320.jpg

(In Skye's hotel room.)

Skye: I'm sorry, what did you say?

Clint: I'm here to offer you a job, Skye.

(Skye moves towards the other side of the room and has a seat on the couch. She points towards a chair directly across from her, and Clint sits down.)

Skye: I don't need a job, Clint. I'm opening a club.

Clint: And you can still do that, Skye. But I want you to come work for me.

Skye: Doing what, exactly?

Clint: I recently acquired the production company that produces the talk show "Wave".

Skye: You want me to host Wave? You are aware that Hayley Vaughan is my sister, right?

Clint: I know that, and I don't want you to host. I want you to produce it.

Skye: And you are aware that I have no experience in that field, correct?

Clint: You can learn. You are the best business woman in this town, Skye.

Skye: Yes, but your new co-host is not my biggest fan.

Clint: All the more incentive for you to join, Skye. You'll be her boss.

(Skye ponders this for a moment, before Clint starts speaking again.)

Clint: Not to mention, the current producer, Lucas Erickson, just rubs me the wrong way. That's why I want you to be Co-Executive producer. I can't get rid of him right away, he knows too much about how the show works. But you can keep an eye on him and prevent him from having too much power.

(Skye freezes at the mention of Lucas' name, making the connection that Lucas Erickson is really Peter, whom she had run into the other day.)

Skye: I'll do it.

(Clint seems surprised, but smiles.)

Clint: Wonderful. I'll call you soon so we can set up a meeting to sort everything out.

(They stand, and Skye shows him to the door. She closes it behind him and leans against it. Her mind begins racing. No matter how much she wants to stay away from Peter, she knows that she has to take this job, to protect Hayley.)


Thanks for tuning in!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow

For an ALL NEW episode of

Heaven's Meadow!


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Hey guys! Please note, the name of this episode is "That's What Family's For". I just realized I forgot to make the change within the episode itself. I will edit it later. I am traveling now and only have access through my phone.

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  • Members

Skye producing Wave? BRILLIANT. That's a very nice chess move.

An Adam / Skye scene. I really want an Adam / Skye scene. And Mateo dead wouldn't hurt, LoL.

I wonder what Viki will have to say about Clint's plans.

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"I certainly will not embarrass Adam Chandler on national television. If that's what you're looking for, hire one of his other ex-wives. I hear Brooke English is looking for work." LMAO

Another great episode, loved the Hayley/Adam moments. Looking forward to Skye producing WAVE. You've really got something good going here with Skye/Erica/Hayley

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  • Members

Thank you both!

Don't worry Bright Eyes, you'll get your wish. :)

Sorry it took so long to answer. Like I said, I've been traveling!

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It's nice to have Adam getting along with his kids instead of them verbally abusing him. Is it wrong of me to hope that Adam has Mateo locked away somewhere?

The back and forth with Lucas and Erica is great.

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The Adam / Hayley scenes were fabulous!

I also love that Erica cares about not being one of those trashy TV personalities.

The only thing that was off was that Hayley flew in to have a 5 minute conversation with Adam and then left.

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