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Episode 135



A day of decisions in Springfield....

Private Hearing:

Cyrus shouts, "You can't use me as an excuse not to give Harley the child. Because I'm the biological father. Belinda is my daughter with Dinah!"
Everyone is in shock.
Harley stares, "Cyrus what are you talking about?"
Mallet shakes his head, "These stunts aren't going to work Foley. We can DNA test."
Cyrus nods, "Do it. That will prove that I am not lying. I'm not am I Didi?"
The judge is confused, "Who's Didi?"
Cyrus looks at Dinah, "That's the name I knew her as. Dinah and I were thieves and con artist. Then she got pregnant. But she told me the baby died. And then before I knew it her Mom came and helped her put me behind bars. She turned on me. Right Dinah?"
Mallet nods, "And now your getting revenge by making up this lie. This horrible lie right?"
Dinah sighs, "It's true. Cyrus is the man who got me pregnant."
Harley stares, "Belinda told me she felt a bond with Cyrus."
Cyrus nods, "I felt it too. But I had no idea that she was..."
Mallet turns to Dinah, "You knew that Foley was the father and you didn't tell me that?"
Dinah gets up and leaves.
Harley walks over to Cyrus.
She slaps him across the face.


Olivia opens Gus's door.
He sits up, "What happened to knocking?"
She sighs, "I own this place I can do what I want. Your high aren't you?"
Gus scoffs, "Go away Olivia."
Olivia looks at him, "Where did you get the pills this time?"
He sighs, "Some guy on the first floor. He has a back injury. He gave me some good stuff."
Olivia sees the bottle, "Well at least whatever was left is gone. Don't you think this is sad? That you bought pills from some guy in the hallway just to get high?"
Gus laughs, "It was actually in the lobby!"
Olivia kicks him, "You are pathetic."
He nods, "Your right. I am pathetic. Look at me. I'm on the ground in some crappy hotel. While my ex wife and her criminal boyfriend fight for custody of our daughter. I'm just a mess."
Olivia sighs, "That's not completely true."
He looks at her, "That I'm a mess?"
She shakes her head, "No. This isn't a crappy hotel."
Gus laughs, "That's a good one."
She sits on the floor next to him, "Gus I am trying to help you. But I can't help you unless you help yourself."
Gus grabs her, "Thank Olivia."
He kisses her.

Cross Creek:

Josh is with Annie, "So what your telling me is that Reva's known for months about all of this and didn't tell me."
She sighs, "I guess not. I mean I assumed you knew. Reva told me that she had put it all together."
Josh nods, "Her and her new boyfriend Dr. Tyler."
Annie nods, "I did hear that you guys broke up again."
Josh turns to her, "That must make you really happy Annie."
She shakes her head, "I can't say I'm devastated that you guys broke up but I am not here to hurt you two. I am trying to apologize for the things I've done Josh."
He looks at her, "I'm confused. Are you supposed to be in jail or something like that?"
She sighs, "Well technically the records show that I've paid for my crimes because of the impostor so I will be a free woman unless someone files a police report."
Josh nods, "And you are asking me to keep you free."
She shakes her head, "No Josh. I can't ask you to do that. If that will make you feel better than do it. All I ask is that you consider possibly giving me a second chance."
Josh sighs, "A second chance at what Annie? As the mother of my children? Or as my wife?"
Annie sighs, "As a person? Josh I just want to get some sort of a life. Something where I'm not hiding and alone."
Josh looks at her, "How can I know that you are for real right now?"
Annie takes the phone and hands it to him, "You know the police station. Call them. Turn me in."
Josh takes the phone and holds it.


Cassandra is in surgery.
She is put to sleep.
A part of her can tell what's going on.
They are opening her head.
She hears a voice.
"Mom.... Mom."
An out of body experience.
Cassandra sighs, "Tammy?"
Tammy's Angel appears, "Mom. How are you?"
Cassandra cries, "Oh Baby. I'm sorry. This was a mistake wasn't it? I wasn't supposed to do this."
Tammy sighs, "Mom. Your saving your life. What's wrong with that? Your going to be able to be there for RJ and Will. You can help Jonathan and Sarah. You can be the old you."
Cassandra is confused, "I don't understand. Why? Why are you changing your mind? Last time we talked you said that you didn't want me to have the surgery. That you wanted me to focus on revenge."
Tammy shakes her head, "Does that sound like something I'd say? Mom you need to realize that it's not me. The girl you were talking to was not the real me. I wouldn't do that."
Cassandra cries, "I know! I just wanted to be close to you. I guess I created her as a way to be with you and..."
Tammy nods, "Punish yourself."
Cassandra nods, "I will never forgive myself for letting you go. And never will I ever forgive the Spauldings and Guillespie for taking you away from me."
Tammy sighs, "Can't you try for me? Mom I always believed in forgiveness. That's why I forgave Jonathan and fell in love with him."
Cassandra cries, "And now your gone!"
Tammy nods, "I died the way that every mother would be proud to go. Protecting my husband and my daughter."
Cassandra understands.

Marina's House:

Rocky is filling out stuff for the police training.
He starts to think about Kevin.
Rocky knows that deep down he is falling in love with Kevin.
Kevin has such passion and love.
He can't stop himself from falling in love.
A picture of Shayne catches his eye.
Shayne has brought him so much.
They went through everything together.
Shayne was his first love.
And now he has made so many plans with him.
Their ceremony is coming up.
And the baby they want to adopt is on it's way.
How can he hurt Shayne?
Shayne has sacrificed so much.
They came out together.
The two of them share a bond that can never be broken.
Rocky knows what he has to do.
He has to put aside all of his feelings that he has for Kevin in order to prevent hurting Shayne.
Rocky for once needs to put Shayne's needs before his own.
Rocky continues his work in hopes that he is making the right decisions.

Springfield High:

Rick Mindy Phillip and Beth are all in the gym.
Rick looks at Phillip, "I can't believe you were able to get us in here."
Phillip nods, "I just had to slip a little money to the janitors. School is closed and we aren't going to take anything.
Beth grins, "Can you believe how long it's been since we were students here? It seems like ages ago and at the same time it feels like it was just yesterday."
Mindy nods, "We've all been through so much since then. We've grown up a whole lot."
Rick smiles, "We've started our careers."
Phillip nods, "Had children."
Beth grins, "Got married. Numerous times."
Mindy adds, "And sometimes to each other!"
Phillip looks around, "How many other groups of friends actually stay friends after decades of moving and growing. Most people just end up moving on and never speak again."
Beth nods, "I think we need to realize how amazing it is that we are all still friends.'
Mindy smiles, "After all these years you guys are the best friends I've ever had."
Phillip nods, "It's been great. A whole year that all of us have been in Springfield together again. But now it's coming to an end again while Melinda Sue continues her dreams to New York."
Mindy hugs him, "I'm going to miss you the most."
Phillip raises his drink, "After all these years."
Beth raises, "Nothing has changed."
Rick raises, "We're still best friends."
Mindy raises her drink, "The Four Musketeers!"


Olivia pulls away from the kiss, "Gus...."
Gus grins, "Come on! You know you wanted this for a while now. Ever since I saved your life."
She nods, "I did. I really really did."
He sighs, "But?"
She stares at him, "Not like this. Not after you've been popping pills and your angry at your ex wife."
Gus nods, "I am angry. Harley has abandoned me for that criminal."
Olivia gets up, "Well honestly that's Harley. She's selfish. It's always about her."
Gus sits up, "No. Harley is amazing. She makes me feel like I have a life worth living."
Olivia looks at him, "You do. Gus every life is worth living."
Gus laughs, "What about Alan and Phillip."
Olivia sighs, "Maybe not them."
He sighs, "You deserve better than a Spaulding guy."
She nods, "I know that."
He sighs, "But I'm a Spaulding guy."
She walks towards him, "But your different then Alan or Phillip. You have a big heart Gus. If you didn't then I wouldn't give a damn if you over dosed or not."
Gus looks at her, "Do you really care about me?"
She sits next to him, "Yes Gus. I don't know why exactly but I really do care deeply about you."
He tries to kiss her, "Thank you..."
She stops him, "Another time."
Olivia helps Gus to bed.

Marina's House:

Marina is in her bedroom.
She goes through her old high school yearbooks.
She reads all of her signatures.
She looks at Lizzie's.
"Dear Marina. You are such a lucky girl. So lucky to have such a good boyfriend."
Lizzie used to be so jealous of Marina and Shayne.
She stops when she sees Tammy's.
"Marina. You are such a good friend. I had an amazing year and I'm gonna miss you next year. I'm so glad your dating my cousin. You and Shayne are perfect for each other. I know you belong together and will get married some day. I love you."
Marina has tears in her eyes.
Marina goes to Shayne's.
It's a page long.
She remembers how much they loved each other.
Life was so great with Shayne.
All of her other men were different.
Ben, Alan Michael, Cyrus. They all hurt her.
Then Danny.... Danny died.
But her relationship with Shayne was simple.
But now he's with her uncle Rocky.
She can't ruin that.
She isn't going to make a move unless Shayne wants make it clear he is done with Rocky.
Marina gets up and puts her book away.
She starts to look at her dress for the masquerade ball.

Cross Creek:
Josh puts the phone down, "I'm not calling the police."
Annie sighs, "I'm not stopping you."
He sighs, "You don't have to. Annie I don't really understand what's going on. But I have been given second chances myself. And I understand what your saying. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt."
She has tears in her eyes, "Thank you. Thank you Josh! I know that you must be a little hesitant. But I will not let you down. I am going to redeem myself. I promise you that."
Josh nods, "I hope your right. Because you have a lot to make for. A lot of people to make up to."
She nods, "I know. I'll apologize to all of them. I'm going to be making a lot of trips. I just wish I could do it all at once or something you know what I mean?"
He nods, "Maybe you can."
She is confused, "What?"
He sighs, "A few years ago they started doing the annual masquerade ball again. It's coming up. Everyone in Springfield is going to be there. Alan Spaulding is actually getting married."
Annie nods, "Of course he is. I must say it'll be difficult watching him marry someone. But I think this is a good idea. I'll be alone but I'll be able to do it."
He takes her hand, "Maybe you won't be alone."
Annie looks into his eyes, "Do you mean it?"
He nods, "As long as you know we're going as friends."
Annie smiles, "Friends. Thank you Josh."
The two hug.

Springfield High:
Mindy decides to go around and say something about each of her friends.
She starts with Phillip, "Phillip. You were one of my first boyfriends. We had the whole Spaulding/Lewis thing. Caused a lot of problems with our families. But in the end we had a strong friendship. And I am sorry for all the ways I've hurt you. I love you Phillip."
He hugs her, "I love you too Mindy."
She goes on, "Beth. When we were kids you were my best friend. But for some reason I was always jealous of you. It seemed like everyone wanted you and I was never enough. But I finally realized that it was your heart. You are such a giver. You are my hero Beth. And I know that all the things that I've done this past year were out of jealousy. I love you Beth. And I hope you still love me."
Beth hugs her, "I do sweetheart. I do."
Mindy continues, "And Rick. Rick Bauer. You know how special you are to me. I mean you are one of my biggest loves. I know we always had a strong bond that always led us to get together. And I am happy that we got to spend time together this year. And I will never forgive myself for the things I've done to you. But no matter where I go you will always have a special place in my heart Rick Bauer."
Rick has tears in his eyes, "You too Mindy."
Beth looks at Mindy, "Are you going to be here for the Masquerade Ball."
Mindy nods, "Rusty and I are stopping by before we leave. How can we miss the masquerade ball?"
Rick smiles, "We can say our official goodbyes there."
The four stand up and hug.
The Four Musketeers.

Private Hearing:
Dinah goes running outside.
Mallet follows her, "Dinah! Dinah how could you keep this from me?"
She cries, "I was hoping that he would go away! He never wanted anything to do with our daughter. The only reason he is doing this now is to help out his slutty girlfriend."
Mallet holds her, "You kept this from me! Even after we found out about Belinda. You never told me that Cyrus Foley was the father."
Dinah backs up, "Why does it matter? I told you it was some criminal bastard. Isn't that enough?"
He shakes his head, "No! You didn't tell me that I knew him and that he was living in Springfield. That he was dating my ex wife, Belinda's biological mother!"
Inside Harley looks at Cyrus, "What is wrong with you?! You have been keeping this secret from me?"
Cyrus sighs, "I am so sorry Harley."
Harley shakes her head, "I can't believe this. All along you were Belinda's biological father? You had a daughter with Dinah. Dinah Marler. You never told me any of this?"
Cyrus sighs, "I thought she was dead! Until you told me everything last week. I didn't know what to think I was confused and in denial. Now it's a fact. But that doesn't change things."
Harley is confused, "What does that mean?"
Cyrus looks at her, "I'm just not ready to be a father."
Harley is speechless.
The judge stands up, "You four will have to settle this. And I suggest you get Mr. Aitoro to show up. Ms. Cooper things are getting pretty complicated. We're postponing everything."
Harley walks away.
Cyrus follows.

Cassandra looks at Tammy's Angel, "Sarah wasn't your biological daughter but she was your daughter none the less."
Tammy nods, "I loved her so much. All I wanted was for Jonathan to save her from the Spauldings and he did."
Cassandra nods, "And I am helping I have control of the Spauldings."
Tammy sighs, "You've become a Spaulding. You are better than this Mom. You have to know that."
Cassandra cries, "But it's not fair. I mean Alan is getting married. Lizzie has Sarah back. But you are still dead. You never got to have more children and become a teacher or get that house I bought for you. Why did this happen to you baby? Why did God let you die a slow painful death the night of your wedding? Why didn't your dreams get to come true?"
Tammy sighs, "That's a lot to answer. I can't answer that all Mom. But there is a reason for everything. I promise you. My death has had negative effects but you'll see. There are so many other things in Springfield's future. Sometimes death is the sacrifice you have to make."
Cassandra nods, "I understand."
Tammy backs away, "You know what you have to do. I love you Mom."
Cassandra nods, "I know. I know."
Tammy fades away.
Cassandra is back in her body.
The machines go off.
The doctors circle her, "We're losing her!"
She whispers to herself, "Goodbye Cassandra Spaulding...."
The machine flat-lines.

The Masquerade Ball!!!
Natalia and Alan Say I Do!
Shayne finally discovers Rocky's secret!
Bill and Michelle spend time together!
Jeffrey informs everyone on the news on Cassandra!
Blake returns to town!


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