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Updated Casting Information!




John Driscoll returns as Henry Coop Bradshaw. He's got some interesting stuff ahead.


Bree Williamson joins the cast of FTL in the recasted role of Susan Lemay.
Look for her to shake things up in town. Also to share a lot of scenes with the older characters. You'll be surprised to see who she interacts with.


Cynthia Watros makes her much anticpated return as Annie Dutton! She returns in a surprising way. But she totally reminds us why we loved her very quickly!


Nicole Forester exits as Cassandra Spaulding! Her story did change but it's still going to have the same effect. It's going to kick start a new one.
Her final scenes will be emotional.


Krista Tesreau and Terrell Anthony leave Springfield as Mindy and Rusty. The decision was storyline dictated. Expect them to laave by the end of February. We promise good exits with each.

Colin Egglesfield and Melissa Claire Egan from All My Children are rumored to be joining the cast.


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I love the that Annie is coming back And I love the Bree Williamon is coming. A little sad over Roxie and Rusty Dusty leaving

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Bree Williamson is going to be a big part of FTL!! I can't wait for her to debut and get involved in the story that she's a part of.

Sorry if there is confusion. Roxie is staying for a long time! Mindy is on her way out. :)

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