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Episode 127



An emotional day in Springfield....


A woman walks into the room.
Reva and Chandler turn to her.
Chandler turns to Reva, "Who is she?"
Reva smiles, "Thanks for coming."
The woman takes off her coat, "Well I really want to help you Ms. Shayne. I know how important this must be."
Reva looks at Chandler, "Oh Chandler this is Diane. She has done a few segmants on Blake's show. She is going to be able to possibly help us with this situation."
Chandler is confused, "How? I don't understand Reva. Who is this woman?"
Reva sighs, "She is a hypontist."
Chandler turns away, "Oh! Reva. This is ridiculous."
Diane looks at him, "I know this sounds crazy to people sometimes but tests have shown..."
He turns to her, "I know what tests have shown. But anyone can pretend to hyponitize people. How do we know your qualifications?"
Reva takes him aside, "Listen. WSPR has checked all of that. She is an expert. She has been used in a lot of cases."
He sighs, "Reva it's not that simple. These kinds of things are difficult. If you aren't prepared you can cause serious damage."
Diane walks up, "I know what I'm doing."
Reva looks at Chandler, "Please she may be our only hope."
Chandler takes a deep breathe.

Cross Creek:

Michelle walks in.
Bill is holding baby HB, "Hey what brings you buy?"
She is holding papers, "Oh just some stuff we need to go over for the club. Your the expert so I thought you should take a look."
He nods, "Okay. Do you think you can hold my little guy while I read the papers?"
She takes him, "Of course. Look at this little handsome man. He looks just like his Daddy."
Bill laughs, "Is he as cute as I was when I was a kid?"
She giggles, "Well I don't think he has your ego but that is probably a good thing."
Bill goes through the papers, "Well everything looks pretty good."
Michelle looks around, "Where's the rest of the Lewises?"
Bill looks up, "Oh uh my Dad and Uncle Josh are at the office. Mom is with Dinah, she said it was importnat but not why. And Emma is at school. So it's just me and little Harlan."
Michelle smiles, "Yeah both of my kids are at school too. They grow up so fast. I can't believe how big this boy is getting."
Michelle is playing with Baby HB.
Bill turns to her, "Your really good with him."
Michelle smiles, "Well I guess it's a mother thing. I mean whether it's your child or not you still can love them and grown bonds with them."

Harley's House:

Harley walks upstairs.
She knocks on the girls bedroom door, "Hey. Can you turn down the music please?"
The music continues.
Harley knocks again, "Belinda. Belinda answer me!"
The music gets louder.
Harley opens the door, "Belinda."
She turns of the music.
Belinda sits up, "I was listening to that!"
Harley walks over to her, "You are supposedly sick today. You should be sleeping and resting."
Belinda scoffs, "This helps me sleep and rest."
Harley sighs, "I knew you weren't sick today."
Belinda turns over, "Well you know what? Gus would have let me listen to the music."
Harley sighs, "Since when do you call him Gus?"
Belinda scoffs, "I'll call him whatever I want to."
Harley walks over to her, "I'm getting sick of this attitude. I went through it with your sister Susan and I won't go through it with you."
Belinda laughs, "Don't compare me to your psycho daughter."
Harley shakes her head, "She's still your sister."
Belinda yells, "No she's not! She's not my sister. Gus isn't my father. And you aren't my real mother!"

Malah House:

Dinah cries in Mallet's arms.
Mallet sighs, "I'm so sorry Baby. But the child that you had in Europe is gone."
Dinah cries, "No!!!! No. No, no, no, no...."
Vanessa sits with them, "Oh Dinah. Sweetheart I am so sorry."
Dinah pushes them away, "No! No you are lying. Your liars. Why are lying to me about this?"
Mallet holds her, "We would never lie about something like this."
She stands up, "No. I would know! I would have felt it. She is my daughter. I may not have raised her but if she had... I would have felt it in my heart. I would have!"
Vanessa walks over, "Oh Dinah..."
She turns to her, "Mom! You know! You had to give me up. I understand that now! But the whole time you had to know. You knew in your heart that I was atleast alive right? Right?"
Vanessa hugs her, "I'm so sorry baby."
Dinah pushes her.
Vanessa falls.
Dinah shouts, "I don't want you to be sorry!"
Mallet helps Vanessa up, "Are you okay?"
Vanessa nods, "I'm okay."
Mallet looks up, "Dinah..."
Dinah runs out the door, "I need to leave"!
Dinah runs.


Jonathan is sitting at Tammy's grave.
Cassandra walks up behind him, "Somehow I knew you'd be here now."
Jonathan turns, "I was expecting you too."
She puts her flowers down, "Wow even thought it's been years now... it still feels like yesterday I was standing at your wedding."
He nods, "She looked so beautiful that day."
She smiles, "She looked like a Princess."
He sighs, "Like an Angel."
She wipes a tear, "Yeah. She always was the most beautiful girl. You know when she first... I was afraid that I was going to start forgetting things. But she's just someone who's hard to forget."
He nods, "I remember her laughs. Her big smile."
She sits next to him, "I rememeber all of it too. She was so giving. So amazing. There's no one else like her."
Jonathan smiles, "What was she like when she was a baby?"
Cassandra grins, "Oh she was just... so mature for a kid. She was easy to stop crying. She never complained about sharing. Even when she didn't have much to share with people. And she had that big smile that was just contagious. She was my rock."
Jonathan nods, "I thought so. She sounds just like Sarah is now."
The two smile at each other.

Lewis Fashion:

Rusty and Mindy are making out.
He puts her up on her desk.
She starts unbottoning his shirt.
He pulls off hers.
The two are in a heat of passion.
Rusty climbs on the desk with her.
The papers start falling to the floor.
Suddenly she pulls away.
He looks at her, "What?"
She shakes her head, "No. No. We need to stop before this goes to far. We need to stop now."
He stares at her, "Why? Mindy what's wrong?"
She gets up, "I can't do this. I need to stop. You need to leave now. I don't want this."
He sits up, "We can't keep up this charade. You need to be honest with me and mostly yourself. You are kissing me because you want to be with me. I'm the guy you want."
Mindy shakes her head, "No. Rick. Rick and I are together."
Rusty gets up, "Rick? Does Rick appreciate you for who you really are? Or does he want you to fit into his life?"
Mindy sighs, "Rick and I are...."
Rusty scoofs, 'Are what? Trying to build a relationship. Mindy you two have grown a part. Just ask yourself which one of us you want?"
Mindy is speechless.


Cross Creek:
Michelle stands up, "I'm sorry that was weird."
Bill is confused, "What are you talking about?"
She sighs, "I just said that I love your Son. That came out wrong."
He laughs, "Well I don't have a problem with it. I can't speak for him though. What's wrong?"
She shakes her head, "I mean it's not creepy. It's just... I delivered him. I was so afraid that he was going to... Just seing him so big and healthy just fills my heart."
Bill smiles, "I know. I am so grateful that you helped deliver my Son. Michelle you saved his life. Of course you would have an attachment to him. I understand."
She sighs, "It doesn't seem odd?"
He stands up, "No. I mean maybe he can use his Aunt Michelle. I still don't know how long it will be for Ava to wake up. If she wakes up."
Michelle sighs, "Bill I'm sorry that I wasn't able to help Ava the way I helped HB."
Bill smiles, "I know. But you are a great doctor. And a great mother. And to me a really good friend. My best friend."
She grins, "Your my best friend too. You always have been."
The two sit back down.


The imposter is under hypnosis.
Diane turns to Chandler, "Okay now calmly ask her your questions."
Chandler turns to her, "Hello. It's Dr. Tyler. Now I need you to tell me a few things. First of all what is your real name?"
She is staring, "Sabrina."
He nods, "Okay Sabrina. How did you meet or find out about Annie Dutton."
She goes on, "She fell from the sky. Like an angel. She had a parachute... she told me she was getting rid of something. She needed a place to stay so we became roommates. She was my first friend. She was so cool and so smart. I admired her so much."
Chandler nods, "Okay. So how did you meet Teri Demarco?"
Sabrina continues, "We met her in the Islands. She was a cop. She had an accident and was in a coma. Annie convincded me to steal her identity. We found a surgeon to do the plastic surgery."
Chandler goes on, "What happened with you and Annie?"
Sabrina's voice fills with anger, "We grew a part. Our plan didn't work out. I got the surgery for nothing. So she ditched me. My only friend... but she left her diary. So I went to Springfield. I wanted to find her. I had to impersonate Teri."
Chandler nods, "And when you got to Springfield? What happened?"
She goes on, "She wasn't there. So I decided to try and be more like her. I already knew how she walked and talked. The Dinah thought I was her and.... I became Annie. I had information from her diary. I read it cover to cover."
Reva is staring in shock this whole time.
Chandler asks the big question, "Do you know where Annie is now?"
Sabrina nods, "While I was gone... I found her. I told her everything. She wasn't happy. She said she had to get home...."
Reva jumps up, "Where was she? Where did you see her?"
Sabrina snaps out of it.
Diane stands, "Reva you can't do that."
Reva panics, "Please. Tell me where Annie is?"
She is staring back into space. She's not responding again.

Cassandra and Jonathan look down at Tammy's grave.
Jonathan reads it, "Tammy Layne Winslow Randall. Beloved By All."
Cassandra nods, "She really was."
He sighs, "It still just... I don't think I'm ever going to get used to it. I really don't."
She sighs, "I know that I never will. But a part of me doesn't want to."
He sits back, "This whole thing with Liz and Aubrey...."
She turns to him, "What's going on there?"
He sighs, "I'm not sure myself. Because, at the end of the day.... I don't know if I am ever going to be over Tammy. I don't think I could possibly love someone the way that I loved her. She was the true love of my life. We didn't even get a chance..."
He starts crying.
She holds him, "I know. It's not fair. There are so many times I wish I had been the one who died that night. Not her. Any mother would lay down her life in a second for her child. But I think that's what Tammy did. Sarah wasn't her biological child. But she loved her. She died making sure that Sarah's Daddy wasn't taken from her."
Jonathan nods, "I don't know if I told you but her last word was 'Sarah'."
She sobs, "That's my Tammy."
The two cry by Tammy's grave.

Lewis Fashion:
Mindy is fixing her clothes, "I'm sorry Rusty. But I'm with Rick now. I am going to stay with Rick?"
Rusty sighs, "Why? Because you feel obligated? Because you ruined his marriage to Beth?"
She sighs, "I didn't ruin his marriage to Beth. I opened up his eyes to the fact that she loved Phillip. And that hurt him. But it had to be done sooner or later."
Rusty shakes his head, "So he needs to move from one messed up, loveless relationship to another? Does that sound right to you?"
Mindy rubs her head, "I can't hurt Rick. I won't."
Suddenly she looks out the window of her office and sees Rick walk in the building.
She gasps, "Oh God! Not now."
Rusty sees him, "Maybe it's time to tell him."
She throws Rusty's shirt at him, "You get dressed. I am going to walk him away. Go."
Mindy walks out, "Rick."
Rick smiles, "I wanted to surprise you. Let's go in your office."
She shakes her head, "No. Let's go have lunch. My treat."
Rick laughs, "Are you okay? Your hair is all messed up."
Mindy sighs, "Oh I fell asleep at my desk."
The two walk out the front doors.
Rusty sneaks out the back.
He is walking to his car.
Roxie is standin by it, "Hey brother. Having fun?"
Rusty is surprised to see her.

Mallet is driving around looking for Dinah.
He sees a trail of footprints leading towards the woods.
He gets out of his car and follows them.
As he walks he sees Dinah sitting on the ground.
He runs over, "Dinah what are you doing? It's freezing out here."
He takes off his coat and puts it around her.
Dinah cries, "My Little Girl!"
Mallet holds her, "I'm so sorry Babe. I'm so sorry. I wish there was some way I could fix this."
She sobs, "It's all my fault. I gave her away. I should have protected her! I should have held onto her!"
He shakes his head, "No. Don't you say that. This isn't your fault. This is not your fault."
She nods, "Yes it is. It's always my fault. My Baby with Hart! She died! The baby that I was carrying for Cassie and Edmund. She died! Now the one baby. The one daughter I thought I finally had..... she's gone."
Mallet hugs her, "I'm sorry Dinah. But you are not responsible for her death."
Dinah sobs, "Why? Why don't I feel it? I don't feel like my daughter is dead. I just... I mean this past year I thought about her all the time. Because it felt like she was close to me. Like she was here."
Dinah keeps picturing her her daughter face as a baby.

Harley's House:
Belinda rolls her eyes.
Harley looks at her, "Now I'm not your mother?"
Belinda scoffs, "You've never been my mother. You adopted me. That was after my first adoptive mother died! She wasn't my real Mom either!"
Harley sits on her bed, "I'm sorry about your mother. But I love you so much Belinda."
She shakes her head, "No Angela is the one you love. Because she was your baby when you called her Sydney! Then when you were finally able to adopt her you accidentally adopted me!"
Harley sighs, "I know that we didn't expect you. But you were our surprise! The gift we didn't expect."
She shakes her head, "No. You just wanted to make her happy. Now she's fine and loves it here. But I still don't! I don't love you. I don't love Gus. I don't love Zach or Jude or Susan! I just want my real Mom! But I don't know who or where she is!"
Harley cries, "I'm sorry but I don't know where your biological mother it. Gus and I tried to find her but Jeffrey couldn't get anything."
Belinda cries, "I just don't like it here."
Harley wipes her tears, "Come on. Isn't there something?"
She sighs, "Cyrus is fun. And he's honest and treats me like a grown up. But he's just your boyfriend. He's not my Dad. I don't have a Dad or a Mom."
Harley puts her hand on Belinda's shoulder.
Belinda cries, "Leave me alone!"
Harley gets up and walks out of the room.
Harley slowly shuts the door.
Harley sits on the floor and cries.

Dinah finds the truth!
Edmund pleads with his kidnapper
Roxie has news for Rick
Rufus Taylor comes to Springfield
Coop returns to Springfield


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Sorry I havent been reading. I am going through so much right now.

It's good to see Michelle and Bill again

LOL, Why do all of harley's kids disrespect her like that. How old is Belinda?

Rusty and Melinda are hot. I love these kinds of STEAMy affairs.

Love that Annie twist. I can't wait till she comes back. SHe isn't even on yet but I can't wait till she is. It;'s going to be huge a I know it

Wow Poor Rick, First Beth and Now Mindy. Funny how Rixie was standing there when Rusty walked out. What is the difference between Roxie and Annie?

I like the end scene with Belinda though I never knew Harley adopted Belinda. Eithe r I am not paying attetion, I missed it or it'c clear out the blue. Kant wait to see where this story goes

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Yeah Michelle and Bill are on the backburner for the moment but I will give them their moments to shine.

Belinda is a middle school student.

Rusty and Mindy have more hott stuff coming up.

Annie is returning very soon!!!!!

Roxie and Annie are both bad girls but they have different personalities and interest. We'll see alot more of that this year.

The adoption happened shortly before you started reading. She adopted her and Angela (Sydney).

There actually is a big twist that was revealed in the Belinda story a few months ago. I guess you must have missed it. Maybe read the episode again. But the next episode should explain.

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