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Episode 125



An informative afternoon in Springfield....


Rocky's walking around thinking.
He finds a place where no one is around.
He sits on the bench and thinks.
Rocky sighs, "I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. If someone could just give me a sign...."
Suddenly he hears footsteps behind him.
He turns around.
Kevin is standing behind him, "Hey Rocky. Long time no see."
Rocky looks around, "Uh... hey. How have you been?"
He sighs, "Uh fine. What's going on with you?"
Rocky looks down, "Well um, I'm still with Shayne if that's what you mean?"
Kevin sits, "You know I just... I want you to be happy. If Shayne is what you want then go for it. But if he's not..."
Rocky shakes his head, "You don't understand. Shayne is so important to me. And we have a bright future together."
Kevin sighs, "Do you really know that?"
Rocky nods, "We are planning a commitment ceremony. And then there is no going back."
Kevin laughs, "Nothing is set in stone."
Rocky sighs, "There's more to it. In a few months things will be different. Shayne and I will be parents."
Kevin stares in shock.

Marina's House:

Shayne sits on the couch.
Marina walks in, "I'm home boys. What's for dinner?"
Shayne sighs, "Uh... Rocky had to go and didn't make anything. I can order a pizza."
She looks at him, "Is everything okay?"
He shakes his head, "We had a stupid fight. I just... I worry about him all the time and he just doesn't accept that I am always going to worry about him not matter what."
She sits with him, "Oh yeah. I remember that. You are a very protective boyfriend. But then again there was a lot to protect me from back then. You were always a good boyfriend Shayne."
He smiles, "Well thanks. I needed to hear that. I miss how uncomplicated things were with me and Rocky before we came back to Springfield. I mean I didn't think it was going to be so hard."
She nods, "Well sometimes relationships can be difficult. But then again I don't think ours was. Actually I think my relationship with you was possibly my easiest relationship."
He smiles, "Yeah me too."
She turns to him, "Shayne do you ever wonder about us?"
He sits up, "What do you mean?"
She sighs, "If I had gone with you to Peace Corps. And I was with you still.... where would we be now?"
The two stare into each other's eyes.

Reva Bend:

Roxie walks inside.
Rusty follows, "We aren't done talking about this."
She shouts, "Leave me alone."
He shakes his head, "No."
She shouts, "Get out! Go away!"
He sighs, "Just let me try and understand."
She shakes her head, "No! No. You could never understand me. You never have and never will."
Rusty sighs, "Little Sister. You are in a lot of trouble. It it my job to help get you out of it."
She shakes her head, "I don't need you. I don't need anyone. I have been fine on my own for a long time now. I learned to take care of myself and that it what I plan to do."
He sighs, "I just want to help you. You are sick. You need help whether you want to admit it or not."
She turns to him, "I am not sick. I am fine. I am actually at the top of the world. Because I am realistic. I know how the world works now. You don't get what you want by sitting around being good and nice. If you want something you have to go up and take it!"
Rusty shakes his head, "I can't let you continue with this."
Roxie walks over to him, "Yes you can. Because you know that in the end this will benefit both of us."
Rusty is confused by her.


Jeffrey sits out in the waiting room.
Michelle walks over to him, "Hello Jeffrey."
He stands, "How is she?"
She looks at him, "Cassie is resting right now."
He nods, "Do we know what caused this?"
Michelle sighs, "Well we warned Cassie about this. But she doesn't want to listen. She never sees her Oncologist. She just keeps getting worse and worse and doesn't want to do a thing about it."
He stops her, "Wait... oncologist? That's a cancer doctor. Why would Cassie need a cancer doctor?"
Michelle is surprised, "Oh... I thought she'd told you all. Jeffrey she has a brain tumor. She's known about it for a while now."
He shakes his head, "Well I mean she hasn't been close with any of us in a while."
Michelle sighs, "Jeffrey this isn't new. She started to find out about it... back when she was dating you."
Jeffrey shakes his head, "No that was years and years ago."
Michelle sighs, "I don't know much about the case. But she's getting worse. She needs surgery but refuses it. The surgery is life threatening. But without it.... her doctors predict that she'll be gone by the end of the Spring."
Jeffrey stares in shock, "You can't be serious. Are you telling me that all this time that she was taking over Springfield.... Cassie has been dying?"

Lillian's House:

Beth walks inside.
Lillian is at work.
Phillip took the kids out.
She has the house all to herself.
Beth walks in and paces.
Beth looks in the mirror.
She talks to herself, "By looking at you I would never guess.... but soon they'll all be able to tell that there is something very wrong with you. You didn't recognize that woman at the hospital."
Beth walks to her bedroom.
She goes into her drawer and digs around.
She pulls out a key.
She sighs, "I found this key a few weeks ago. And... I still have no idea what it goes too.... Why? Why don't I remember this... I can't let this happen. I won't let this happen to me. Not now."
Beth holds the key.
It looks familiar but she has no idea what it goes to.
All she knows is that it's important.
She hears the door open to the house.
She throws the key back in her drawer.

Lewis Fashion:

Marah is at her desk working on designs.
Liz walks in a knocks on the door.
Marah sees her, "I'm sorry Lizzie. We don't allow your type around here."
Liz scoffs, "What is my type."
She grins, "Well let's see your a Spaulding. Oh and a bitch. But I guess that is a redundant statement."
Liz walks in, "I need to talk with you. It's about your brother. I'm really worried about him."
Marah nods, "So am I. I know he's letting you back into Sarah's life. I don't think he should trust you."
Liz sighs, "It's not me! It's Aubrey. Aubrey is trying to brainwash Sarah into hating me."
Marah looks at her, "Wow Lizzie. Your lies just get more ridiculous each and everytime."
Liz shakes her head, "I'm not lying. Aubrey isn't the sweet girl you all think she is."
Marah laughs, "Oh I bet she's so horrible and evil right? And you are just the inncent little Lizzie right?"
Liz stares, "Why don't you believe me?"
Marah stands, "The last time someone in my family believed you Tammy ended up dead. You may be trying to convince everyone you've changed. But you are just a Spaulding in sheeps clothing."
Liz feels hopeless.


Reva Bend:
Rusty stares at Roxie, "What are you talking about sister?"
Roxie grins, "Listen. I want Rick. If I get Rick then Rick leaves Mindy. Then that leave Mindy available. And you'd have to be a complete idiot not to see that you want Mindy."
Rusty just keeps staring.
Roxie grins, "Ooh. I peeked your interest now huh?"
He shakes his head, "You don't know what your talking about Roxie."
She laughs, "Don't I? Admit it you have feelings for Mindy."
Rusty nods, "Of course I do! Mindy is an amazing woman!"
Roxie smiles, "See it works! I get Rick! You get Mindy! Everyone wins! In the end they'll thank us for it."
He shakes his head, "If it's so right then why do we have to go behind their backs?"
She sighs, "Just please look at it as helping them realize what we already know. That they are each meant for us. Not each other."
Rusty sighs, "I'm sorry sister. But I am not getting myself involved in your twisted games."
She gets angry, "I knew you didn't have the guts to do it. Well if you aren't with me your against me!"
He shakes his head, "I'm never against you."
She scoffs, "If you aren't going to help me then leave."
He sighs, "Roxie."
She shouts, "Go!"
Roxie runs into her room.
Rusty leaves.

Kevin stares at Rocky, "Are you joking? I mean last time I checked it was impossible for two men to have a child."
Rocky sighs, "We're adopting."
Kevin shakes his head, "That could take a while."
Rocky shakes his head, "We already have a baby. Marina's baby. We're going to raise it."
Kevin is in shock, "Oh my God. That's... I mean you think your ready to be a parent?"
Rocky nods, "Well... I mean we're ready. Like... I mean what's wrong with us?"
Kevin sighs, "Well you are barely old enough to drink! I mean how could you want to adopt a child at your age."
Rocky looks down, "Well Shayne really feels that..."
Kevin nods, "Oh Shayne. Shayne is at the point where it's time to have children. So you have to do what Shayne says."
Rocky shakes his head, "It's not like that. I get to make my own decisions."
Kevin laughs, "Like what? What shirt your going to wear?"
Rocky scoffs, "Well I'm going to be a cop. Shayne hates the idea but he's going to deal. Because it's my passion."
Kevin is surprised, "The police eh?"
Rocky nods, "Yeah You got a problem with it?"
Kevin shake his head, "No... it makes sense. You have that spirit that cops need. I think you'll do great at it."
Rocky is surprised by Kevin's reaction, "Oh... thanks."
Kevin gets up, "I got to get going."
Rocky looks at him, "Kevin. I... I hope you find a guy for you."
Kevin shakes his head, "There's only one guy I want. If I can't have him then I don't want any."
Kevin walks away.
Rocky is left speechless.

Marina's House:
Shayne looks at Marina, "Us? I guess I do think about it sometimes. But I didn't want to take you away from your family."
She nods, "Well yeah... I just wonder. I mean you seemed to have grown a lot with the experience."
Shayne nods, "Yep that's how I met Rocky."
She turns to him, "Was there anyone else?"
Shayne sighs, "There was this one girl I was with for a while. She was sweet and kind. But she had a guy she wasn't over yet. And I wasn't..."
Marina looks at him, "You weren't what?"
Shayne smiles, "I wasn't over you yet. It took me a while."
Marina nods, "Yeah me too. I mean once I met Danny that changed things. But a part of me always wondered about you. And if we were ever going to get back together or something."
He nods, "Well yeah. But that's just what people do you know? I mean we were each other's first loves."
She has a nervous laugh, "Yeah. And now your in a relationship with my Uncle."
He sighs, "I know how difficult this has been for you. Rocky and I never wanted it to hurt you."
She shakes her head, "Don't worry about me. I just want you to be happy with the person that you are in love with."
Shayne smiles at her.
Marina impulsivly pulls him into a kiss.

Lillain's House:

Beth walks into the livingroom.
Phillip walks over, "I just put Penelope down for her nap. James is in his room. How was your day."
She kisses him, "It was okay. I just had to run a few errands. So did you guys have fun?"
He nods, "Yeah we did. But we would have had more fun with you there. We missed you."
She nods, "I missed you too. But we can go together next time. We can get Mom. And Lizzie and Sarah. It can be a whole family thing."
He hugs her, "Are you sure your okay?"
Beth nods, "Yeah. Why do you ask?"
He sighs, "Well you just seem to be nervous and quiet latley. And you are always busy with something. I'm just worried about you. I want to make sure your alright."
She nods, "I am Phillip. I'm okay as long as I'm with you."
Phillip grins, "Beth... I know we've been beating around the bush with this relationship. But I love you. You are the love of my life."
She nods, "Your the love of my life too. You always have been and alway will be."
He smiles, "Well why don't we say it more often? I love you. I love you with all my heart. I want to marry you Beth?"
Beth shakes her head, "Wait what? What did you say?"
He smiles, "Beth I want us to get remarried. Please say yes."
Beth is in shock.

Lewis Fashion:
Liz looks at Marah, "Will you please at least try to listen to me. I am telling you the truth."
Marah sighs, "You know Lizzie. I always felt bad for you. You never had a lot of friends. And boys never seemed to like you. But then a part of me knew it was because you were evil and manipulating. That's just who you are. Your a Spaulding."
Liz sighs, "Are you going to listen to me at all or just throw insults around because it's not fair."
Marah looks at her, "Your going to tell me what's fair? Jonathan and Aubrey are married. He is finally happy after Tammy died. And all you want to do is take that away from him. What the hell is wrong with you?"
Liz shakes her head, "That's not what I'm doing!"
Marah nods, "Yes it is! That's all you ever do. Because you are a selfish bitch. Jonathan deserves to be happy."
Liz shakes her head, "Aubrey is going to hurt him. He won't be happy with her ever."
Marah sighs, "You are pathetic. You really think I'm going to believe you? You are the reason that my cousin is dead. Because of you and your sick family. Get out of here before I have you thrown out."
Liz leaves.
Marah sits back at her desk.
Marah takes out her phone.
Aubrey sent her a text message thanking her for the lunch they had earlier that day.


Jeffrey walks into Cassandra's room.
She is in her bed.
She starts to open her eyes.
He looks at her, "We need to talk Cassie."
She looks around, "I need to leave. I need to get out of here."
He shakes his head, "Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell anyone about this?"
She scoffs, "About what?"
He sighs, "You have a brain tumor."
She shakes her head, "I have no idea what you are talking about Jeffrey. You are nuts."
Jeffrey keeps looking at her, "The doctors told me. You have known for a while and never told anyone? Not me, Josh, anyone?"
She gets angry, "They shouldn't have done that. I'll have everyone on staff fired for that!"
He sighs, "You need to have the surgery. You need to save your life."
She shakes her head, "No. No I'm not getting rid of the tumor."
He gets angry, "What? Why the hell not? Do you have some attactment to it?"
She cries, "I don't want to lose her all over again?"
Jeffrey is confused, "Who?"
She cries, "Tammy... I don't want to lose my visions of Tammy."
Jeffrey stares in shock.

Jeffrey tries to reason with Cassandra
Vanessa and Mallet tell Dinah about her child!
Rusty warns Mindy
Reva and Chandler question the imposter
Gus shocks Olivia
Buzz worries about Coop and Ashlee


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BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! I cried... Cassie makes me cry; Oh MY GOD!!!!

Kevin and Rocky.... I want more!!!!

Roxie is a real bitch!!!!

Shayne and Marina/Kevin and Rocky... ( Quad) LOL!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Marah lets Lizzy have it!!!

Priceless moment.... I think I've seem the light!!!!!

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  • Members

Thank you!

Yes Cassandra's story is going to be emotional. It's got a few twists coming up.

We'll definatly see more of Kevin and Rocky down the road. The Quad is going to be big and I'm planning an ending that's difficult to predict.

Oh yes Roxie is making her way up the bitch staircase.

We'll see more scenes like Marah and Liz's. Lewis vs. Spaulding the next generation.

Thanks for the comments.

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This was a great episode. So well written and good from start to end and so much is going on and I have to a lot to say so lets get right to it.

I love Kevin/Rocky/Shayne/Marina quad. I am rooting for Rocky and Shanyne but after this ep I don’t think they can last much longer. When did Kevin become so head over heels for Rocky? I kinda of feel them as a couple but its like damn Rocky and Shanyne have been through so much to be together and how dare Marian give Shanyne that kiss. That’s deep and shocking. This is not looking good.

I LOVE LIZ!!!! I love her convo with Marah.s SO cattty I loved it.

I love Roxie and Rusty and it’s a shame they are leaving, They will be missed.

Is cassie going to die of her brain tumor?

A GREAT READ FOR SURE and I think my fav storyline is the gay quad. Great job Jay

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  • Members

Thank you ML!

I have a lot coming up with Marina/Shayne/Rocky/Kevin. Rocky and Shayne have each changed a lot. Kevin has had feelings for Rocky for a while. But he has trouble showing them. But he has grown a lot since he confessed his feelings to Rocky last year. We'll see more Kevin and Rocky later. But first we'll see more Marina and Shayne.

Oh yes! Marah Lewis vs. Liz Spaulding! We're going to see a lot of this family rivalry.

Roxie isn't leaving. Rusty and Mindy are leaving.

Roxie isn't going anywhere!

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