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Episode 124



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Surprises all over the place in Springfield.....

Marina's House:

Rocky walks into the livingroom.
Shayne is on the couch.
Rocky sits with him, "Can I talk with you for a minute."
Shayne smiles, "Yeah. What's up?"
Rocky sighs, "I didn't want to tell you until I was sure but now I am. I know this is right."
Shayne is confused, "What is?"
Rocky looks at him, "Well... okay you have your new job at Lewis Enterprises. You like it right. I mean it's a job you can see yourself doing for a long time right?"
Shayne nods, "Well yeah. It's a good job I feel like I'm good at it. Plus there's nothing better than working with your family like that."
Rocky grins, "I'm so glad you said that.
Shayne turns, "Why?"
Rocky smiles, "I was thinking of... working with my family."
Shayne sits back, "Really? Well that's cool. I mean Company's a fun place. You could get some money. That's a nice idea."
Rocky shakes his head, "I meant my other relatives. Shayne I want to join the force. I want to be a cop."
Shayne laughs.
Rocky isn't happy.


Aubrey walks downstairs.
Jonathan is sitting at the table.
Aubrey smiles, "Good morning."
He turns, "Hey how'd you sleep?"
She smiles, "Oh me and baby slept great last night."
He loooks at her, "So what are your plans for today?"
She yawns, "Well I was going to take Sarah on a walk this morning. I was thinking we could go just the three of us."
Jonathan sighs, "Uh..."
Aubrey turns, "What?"
He stands, "Sarah isn't here."
Aubrey worries, "What do you mean where is she?"
He sighs, "Well she is out on a walk with Liz."
Aubrey shakes her head, "You made her go on a walk with Liz?"
He walks towards her, "She wanted to go with her."
She scoffs, "Sarah hates Liz. I bet she pressured her into it. Sarah doesn't even like being around her."
Jonathan sits her down, "Just relax. Sarah was a little shy but she seems to be coming around about Liz. And Liz is her mother."
Aubrey stands, "What? I can't believe you just said that. I am Sarah's mother. I have been there for her. I have helped raise her. And all of the sudden you just want to cut me out."
He is shocked, "Whoa! Chill out. I didn't say that. But can't she be close with you and Liz."
Aubrey storms away.

Bauer Home:

Roxie opens the door.
No one is home.
She reaches into her purse.
She pulls out a red rose.
She places it on the table right in Mindy's usual seat.
Roxie smiles, "Oh Mindy. It's only a matter of time before I finally get you out of the picture once and for all.
Roxie turns and is suddenly grabbed from behind.
A hand is over her mouth.
She dragged out of the house and taken behind the house.
She falls on the ground, "Ow!"
She looks up and sees her brother.
Rusty stares, "Hello Roxie!"
Roxie scoffs, "What the hell are you doing?"
He shakes his head, "It was you! It's been you this whole time. You were stealing from Cassie. Stalking Mindy. You were the person leaving the mysterious roses around!"
Roxie shakes her head, "No. You got it all wrong. You have no idea what you are talking about."
He helps her up, "Roxie! Little sister! Have you lost your mind?"
Roxie stares at her brother.


Cassandra is in her study.
Jeffrey walks in, "We need to talk."
She stands, "Jeffrey. How did you get in here?"
He walks towards her, "I have my ways. Cassie I need to talk with you. It's about your niece."
She sighs, "Oh Jeffrey. I'm not in the mood to hear about you problems with Marah."
He shakes his head, "No. It's about her business."
She nods, "Oh I heard about the whole Lewis Enterprises thing. It sounds cute. So Marah's business is a part of it?"
He nods, "Yes. And there have been rumors going around that Spaulding is going to try and take down M&M Lewis Fashion."
She sits, "Hmm... Well it is quite understandable. But I just have no idea what your talking about."
He scoffs, "Wow you sound just like Alan."
She gets angry, "Okay you know what? It's time for you to go! Now!"
He looks at her, "What happened to you? Why are you doing this? Marah is your neice."
She turns to him, "I'm trying to do what Tammy wants me to do!"
He is confused, "Wants?"
She gets nervous, "I mean would want me to do. This is what Tammy would want me to do for her."
He looks her in the eye, "Oh my God. Do you still think you are talking to Tammy?"
Cassandra backs away from him.


Beth is sitting in the waiting room.
Lillian walks over, "Beth. What are you doing here? Are you feeling okay sweetheart?"
Beth turns, "Oh Mom... I didn't know you were working today. I was just going to see Rick."
Lillian smiles, "Well he's down the hall. I have to check on a patient. I'll see you in a little bit."
After Lillian leaves Beth sighs.
She always hate lying to her mother.
Felicia opens her door, "Hello Beth are you ready for today."
Beth walks in, "Actually I need to talk with you. Felicia I'm sorry but I can't keep doing this anymore?"
Felicia is confused, "I don't understand? Beth we've been making such progress. Why?"
Beth sighs, "Okay. Phillip and I are trying to take back Spaulding Enterprises but Alan Michael is ready to fight for it. So Mel is helping him. I just don't feel comfortable with this."
Felicia sighs, "Mel is my daughter. But if your worried about me telling her something you know I would never do that. Mel would never ask me too."
Beth sighs, "I know that I trust you. But I haven't told anyone about this not my mother, Phillip. The only reason I came to you was because I was starting to lose control of it."
Felicia sighs, "Beth... what is happening to you is treatable. But you need to take it seriously. I mean I know it's been a couple of years but..."
Beth sighs, "Believe me. It's over. I don't need this anymore."
Felicia worries about her.

Cross Creek:

There is a knock at the door.
Vanessa answers.
It's Mallet, "Hi Vanessa. Can I come in?"
Vanessa hugs him, "Of course. Where's Dinah?"
He walks in, "Dinah is out for the day. But I wanted to come here. Is anyone here right now?"
She shakes her head, "No. Bill took the kids to see Olivia. And Josh and Billy went to the office. I'm going over later today."
He sighs, "Vanessa I need to talk to you about something. It's about Dinah."
Vanessa worries, "Mallet you scaring me. What's going on?"
Mallet sits her down, "Do you remember when I came to you and told you about the baby stuff I found of Dinah's?"
Vanessa nods, "Yeah from before you met her?"
He nods, "I did some digging. And I know I shouldn't have gone behind her back. But I found out... Dinah got pregnant while she was in Europe."
Vanessa nods, "Well I know that Mallet. That's why she called me for help but when I found her she told me she...."
Mallet sighs, "She didn't lose the baby Vanessa. She had a daughter. She gave it away."
Vanessa gasps, "Oh my God! This... This makes so much sense. She just... she was so different when we found her she... Oh God!"
Mallet sighs, "Vanessa there's more. There is more I found out and it's not good news."
Vanessa takes a deep breathe.


Marina's House:
Rocky looks at Shayne, "What is so funny."
Shayne stops laughing, "Rocky you can't possibly be serious. Rocky you are talking about becoming a police officer. Really? You?"
Rocky scoffs, "Really me? What the hell is that supposed to mean?"
Shayne sighs, "I didn't mean it like that. I mean your a sweet guy. And your a little sensitive. I just don't think it's the right career for you."
Rocky shakes his head, "I used to be like that. But I've grown up. I've changed a lot."
Shayne sighs, "Rocky it is just too dangerous for you. I'm sorry but you can't do that."
Rocky looks at him, "Shayne this is becoming my dream."
Shayne puts hugs him, "Look I'm sorry. I'm sorry but no."
Rocky stands up, "No? No? Are you serious? Did you really just say that?"
Shayne sighs, "I'm sorry if that upsets you but no."
Rocky scoffs, "Oh my God! You are my boyfriend Shayne! You are not at all my boss!"
Shayne stands, "What is wrong with you? You don't really want this you just want to have your fun and then you'll quit once things get tough. Come on I know you."
Rocky shakes his head, "If that's what you think then clearly you don't know me at all!"
Rocky grabs his coat and leaves.

Felicia stands, "Beth you started taking these sessions because you were worried that your problem was coming back. And you have confided so much in me. This could get very complicated again."
Beth sighs, "I know that! But.... listen I kept it a secret before."
Felicia sighs, "That was two years ago! And Phillip wasn't in town then. Beth you need to accept that you need help."
Beth shakes her head, "No. Listen. I'm sorry. I really am but I just can't do this anymore. I am taking care of myself now Felicia. I appreciate everything you've done for me. But now it's time for me to move on and get past all of it. On my own."
Felicia hugs her, "Beth. If you ever change your mind please please call me. I'm worried."
Beth shakes her head, "No need. I am fine. Thank you."
Beth walks out of the office.
On her way out she bumps into someone.
Beth looks at her, "I'm sorry Ma'am."
The woman laughs, "Ma'am. Is that anyway to talk to me?"
Beth laughs, "Do I know you miss?"
The woman scoffs, "Are you joking? Beth it's me. Winnie. Your friend. I haven't talked to you in a couple of years but we used to be pretty good friends."
Beth sighs, "I'm sorry I didn't recognize you."
Win shakes her head, "Well I look the same as always. Remember when you were married to Alan we used to go out to lunch while our husbands had business meetings."
Beth nods, "I remember now. I'm sorry."
Win looks at her, "You know Beth you are just... I don't know there is something not quite the same about you."
Beth worries.

Cross Creek:
Vanessa cries, "I can't believe this. My Baby's baby is dead?"
Mallet sighs, "I found the information in Jeffrey's own desk. I haven't asked him about it because I feel like I need to talk to someone else. I wanted you to know before I broke the news to Dinah."
Vanessa sighs, "Oh my God! Mallet do you know what this will do to her. Mallet this will ruin her. Everything she has been working on. She will be a complete wreck when she finds this out."
He stands up, "Vanessa what am I supposed to do? I have to tell Dinah! This is her child!"
Vanessa turns to him, "Do you know what will happen? She will never forgive herself. I know how hard it is to give up a child. The fact that she did that shows so much stregnth. But if she finds out her child died in a fire.... it will tear her a part."
Mallet sighs, "What are you saying I keep this from her?"
Vanessa shakes her head, "No! But... you don't have to tell her right now. She's so happy with Baby Anthony. I don't want this to ruin that... I just... I wanted her to have the life that she always wanted."
Mallet hugs Vanessa, "That's all I want to."
The two worry about Dinah.

Bauer Home:
Roxie shoves Rusty, "You need to leave me the hell alone!"
He sighs, "Where are you going next? The Spaulding Mansion? Going to leave a rose for Cassie too?"
Roxie turns, "Just leave me alone Rusty!"
He grabs her arm, "What is wrong with you? You have been stalking Mindy and Cassie? Why?"
Roxie shakes her head, "You wouldn't understand okay. You could never understand. Those bitches deserve everything."
He stares, "Oh my God! I just remembered. My first night back in Springfield. I saved Mindy from being hit by a car. It was you! You tried to kill Mindy that night."
She backs up, "You have no idea what your getting yourself into brother. You need to pretend like you don't know anything."
Rusty stares, "Oh my... You have lost it. I mean I thought you were a little bit emotional but wow! This is just... what would Mama have to say about all of this?"
She scoffs, "How the hell dare you bring up Mama!"
He sighs, "You know she'd tell you to stop!"
Roxie goes to walk away.
Rusty gets in front of her.
She grabs his throat, "Now listen! I love you my brother! But if you keep getting in my way... you will be very sorry."
Rusty is shocked to see this side of Roxie.


Aubrey is pacing the room.
Liz and Sarah walk in.
Liz smiles, "We're back."
Sarah is smiling at first but soon frowns.
Aubrey runs over, "Oh I'm sorry sweetheart. I know you must have been upset."
Liz scoffs, "What are you talking about?"
Aubrey looks at Sarah, "She is freezing! Oh my God! You forgot her scarf."
Liz sighs, "It's not that cold. And her coat covered her neck."
Aubrey stares, "Wow. I just... I don't understand how you could ever be a good mother."
Aubrey walks to get a blanket for Sarah."
Jonathan follows her.
Liz sits with Sarah, "Hey. You had fun today didn't you?"
Sarah smiles, "I like playing with you."
Liz grins, "Well why did you act sad when you came in?"
Sarah looks down, "Mommy says so..."
Liz is confused, "Mommy says what?"
Sarah keeps looking down, "Mommy says your a bad guy and I can't play with you."
Liz is in shock.

Cassandra walks across the room, "I'm getting security."
Jeffrey stares, "Oh my God. Cassie whatever you think is going on is all in your head. Tammy isn't talking to you."
She turns to him, "How the hell would you know? Tammy was my daughter. She would want me to do this?"
He shakes his head, "No. Tammy? Tammy wasn't about vengance. She was about forgiveness. You used to be too."
She sighs, "And look where it got my daughter. She's dead. The Spauldings took her away from me. Now I've taken everything away from them. Their house, the company, the name. All of it belongs to me!"
He sighs, "What about the Lewises? What did they do to you?"
She shouts, "They forgot! They all want to forget about Tammy! Put her in the past! But I can't! I won't!"
Jeffrey shakes his head, "I think this is all about Josh. Because he left you for her."
She nods, "Her. You mean my sister Reva. Reva the amazing woman who everyone just loves. Or do you mean Reva the slutty sick twisted bitch! The one who manipulates to get what she wants? She had you and Josh and she tossed both of you aside!"
Jeffrey sighs, "Cassie you need to sit down."
She starts to walk away, "No! No..."
She collapses.
Jeffrey catches her.

Old Cabin:

Inside this mysterious cabin Edmund Winslow is locked in a room.
Edmund is covered in bruises.
He's been there for weeks.
Someone is keeping him there.

Jeffrey gets upsetting news!
Liz goes to Marah for help
Roxie has a proposition for her brother
Marina and Shayne chat
Kevin runs into Rocky
Beth gets a surprise from Phillip


Recommended Comments

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HA HA suck on that aubrey. Why don't they just tell Sarah hwo her real mommy is . Why don't Liz just take legal action

What is beth getting treated for?

Loved the fight between Rocky and Shayne and I feel where Rocky is coming from. Shayne should support him. Im going through something like this in my life right now lol

Wow Roxie. She aint plAAyin gno games. Her own brother. She's sick.

TELL IT LITTLE SARAH. Help expose your faux mother. Aubrey is a true bitch and i dont like her

Hope Sandra is ok. Dont know much about edmunds story yet but nice ending.

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  • Members

Thanks for reading ML!

Liz hasn't seen Sarah in a long time. Sarah doesn't really know her. And Sarah does love Aubrey. Liz isn't sure if she even deserves to be Sarah's mother. But if things keep going this way Liz might take legal action.

We'll have to wait and see what's going on with Beth. But there is a big story ahead.

I think we've all experienced what Rocky is going through. He keeps trying to find out what the change he needs is. At first he thought it was Kevin but now he believes it is becoming a cop. Shayne and Rocky are growing a part but are in denial. They need to realize their situation so they can slow down.

Roxie isn't perfect in the head. And she is going to cause a lot of problems for Rick/Mindy/Rusty. She's going to make things very interestiing. We'll see more of this story soon.

The funny thing is Aubrey first came off as the innocent young woman but now her dark side is showing.

The next episode will explain Cassandra.

Edmund's situation is going to be revealed soon.

I will hint it is a part of one of the other stories featured in this episode.

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  • Members

OH - Okay... I actually feel sorry for Cassie; I lovce that girl, and I hope she is alright.... MMM- Could Alex, be keeping Edmund in that cabin... TOO funny.

Now Rocky... I don't think becoming a cop is the best thing for him, it feels like that's all the coopers know. Man, the coopers are strong, well educate and smart, I hope to see one behind a desk... BUZZ did everything right to make this family build a great foundation for the future... hey it doesn't work he can joins the girls in M&M Lewis Fashion.

Now the tension between Shayne and Rocky is expected... They just have to work through and get pass this.. you know..

ROXIE - Girlfriend, is well... crazy in the making.... "MMM - What would Mama sy, who Pops) - love like man... Good!

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  • Members

The next episode explains Cassie. And yes we'll gain sympathy for her. Especially next week - The anniversary of Tammy's death.

Alex? Could be. We'll have to wait and see. I'm sure it will take people by surprise. But it's going to be good!

I do agree about the Coopers. Rocky's story isn't set in stone. We'll have to see how it goes. If it doesn't work out then Rocky won't continue with it but we'll have to see. And I do want to assure you that we'll see a couple of Coopers behind desks this year.

I've also been thinking of trying to get the Coopers in some business of sorts but I'm not sure.

LOL! I too have considered having Rocky join Lewis Fashion!!!!!!!!!

Shayne and Rocky have a lot coming up. Shayne is moving way to fast and Rocky is pulling away. We'll see what they each decide when it comes to their futures. But right now they both seem to be pointed in different directions.

Roxie is going to shake Springfield this year in a lot of ways!

Thanks for reading! I always enjoy your comments!

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