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Episode#216: Nicole's Plans




Episode#216: Nicole’s Plans

-After Lucas leaves Maggie’s house, Maggie keeps worrying for him. She thinks to herself that Jan had better not hurt him, or Jan will have her to deal with this time. She hears a knock on the door, and sees Abe! She then asks:

Maggie: Abe! What brings you here?

Abe: I need advice.

Maggie: On what?

Abe: On whether I should pursue custody of Theo or not.

-Vivian walks up to the grounds of the DiMera Mansion, and looks around. She says to herself it looks empty enough, and slowly begins to walk forward…and then heads around to the back of the mansion! She looks at the back door and tries to open it, but it is locked. She groans and then takes out a nightstick from her purse, and slams it right through the glass door! As the glass shatters, she reaches her hand inside the hole and unlocks the door, and then opens it, an enters the DiMera Mansion with an evil chuckle…

-Bo walks over to Hope and asks her what the hell she thinks she is doing drinking herself to death, and she could have gone right back to the hospital like she did before Christmas! He says that something’s been wrong with her ever since they came back from Italy, and Hope says:

Hope: Bo, listen, I’m fine. Its just Alice’s death is still affecting me and the anniversary of Shawn’s death got to me…I am sorry…but please stop being so worried.

Bo: You’ve never been like this before, Fancy Face. And I understand that, but you haven’t been like this before and at first we were trying to get through their deaths together, but after we came back home you keep running off to drink. I keep feeling like something’s going on that your not telling me.

-Tony is sitting nervously at the hospital while Anna undergoes surgery, and he flashes back to when Kristen shot her earlier at the DiMera Mansion. He wonders what he did to Kristen to make her act so insane, and then thinks to himself he just hopes Anna comes out alright. He then thinks to himself:

Tony: We’ve already been through so much…what more can happen to us?

Vince: Oh, you’d be surprised.

Tony: Wait…what the hell…who are you?!

Vince: I’m your alternate personality, Tony. I am Vince DiMera.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Nicole lurks around University Hospital while Anna is in surgery, mainly around the waiting room but making sure Tony doesn’t spot her. Nicole looks forward at Tony for a moment and then at the ER where Anna is, and whispers to herself:

Nicole: Well…this is the perfect chance. The perfect chance to become Tony’s missing DiMera child.

-Maggie tells Abe with confusion in her voice that she thought Lexie was in jail for Tek’s murder, and Abe says that it was discovered that Tek’s death was an accident by a security tape, and Lexie was released. Maggie then says that should be a good thing, and Abe says:

Abe: Well, I am glad she’s released, but I don’t feel comfortable with her around Theo with how she is known to embrace her “DiMera side”, if that makes sense. She already did it in 2002, and she did it again last year when she gallivanted around with Stefano. She may be better now, but Theo is just not safe around her. But I still don’t know…it would be difficult, and I don’t want to tear Theo away from his mother so suddenly.

Maggie: Well, Abe, this will take some time if you decide to do it, and you have to make sure you take it slow for Theo’s sake. However, if you think he is in danger around Lexie, then I think it might be best for you to try getting custody, maybe at first giving Lexie some visitation rights just to keep her in his life.

Abe: I just…don’t want to lose time with another son like I did Brandon. And I don’t want Theo being the next Stefano or Andre in twenty years.

-Vivian slowly walks through the living room, checking Stefano’s desk for anything suspicious. She says to herself:

Vivian: I will find that will…and I had better be in it…but if not…I’ll fix that.

Vivian continues on, and she walks towards the staircase, only to hear sobbing. She raises an eyebrow as she walks up the stairs slowly, and once she gets to the bedroom door where the sobbing is coming from, she peeks in there to see Kristen!

-Hope snaps that nothing is going on, and tells Bo she’s sick of his worrying, and that she’s just sick of it ALL! Hope tries to stomp off but Bo grabs her arm and tells her they need to talk about this, and Hope shouts:

Hope: NO! I am not going to tell you, my family, friends, or anyone ANYTHING! Megan Hathaway was just here, you should be chasing after her, not badgering me!

Bo: I don’t care about Megan, the cops can find her. I care about you.

Hope: Listen, we should just go…

Hope breaks free of Bo’s grip and angrily walks off…

-Tony hears Vince in his head, and thinks:

Tony: What…so you’re the one who Anna met in Italy?!

Vince: Of course…I’m your protector, your guardian…not to mention Father’s star son and true heir.

Tony: You mean Stefano? What the hell are you talking about?

Vince: Unlike you, I am loyal to my father…I do his bidding no matter what it is. Although, he thinks I am you, but that is only a small complication…

Tony: I want to know what you have done that I don’t know about…you seem too dangerous.

Vince: That I am, but if it weren’t for me you would be much more of a wreck than you are now…you should be thanking me.

-Vivian ignores Kristen, and simply continues on.. She sneaks into Stefano’s office, and begins to search around. She digs through the shelves, in his desk, yet finds nothing. She mutters “Damnit” but then she hears Kristen walk out of her room, and Vivian curses again. She says she’ll have to come back another time, and quickly climbs out the window to escape the DiMera Mansion…

-Nicole peaks into Anna’s room, and overhears the doctors say she is stable for now, and they have the bullet out. As they leave the room and Anna lies unconscious, Nicole sneaks over and pulls Jan’s hair out of the pocket of Anna’s clothes as well as the stick with Jan’s saliva. She then switches it with her own, and says:

Nicole: Well, this will prove that Jan is not the true DiMera child, and that I am…

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So many interesting story plots going on. I love it. The lost DiMera child is intriguing because both of those vixens could be the spawn of a DiMera. However, what I'm really liking is Vivian because it's pure Vivi in her downright evil plotting that made her so popular during the 90's. Good job.

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