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Episode#215: Anna's Shooting




Written by: Tara/Daysfan

Episode#215: Anna’s shooting

-Lucas goes to Maggie’s house, and knocks on the door. Maggie answers with a smile, and asks Lucas what brings him to her house. Lucas says he wanted to come visit since he didn’t get to go to the Horton House on Christmas, and Maggie says they all missed him. Lucas asks how it was and Maggie says it was very hard without Alice, but Mike and David Banning came home so that helped. She asks how his was, and he says he went out on a date. Maggie gasps and with a laugh asks:

Maggie: Lucas, that’s fantastic! With who?!

Lucas: Jan Spears.

Maggie: Lucas…please no…tell me this is a joke…

-Belle is at Salem Place, getting some clothes for Claire. Once she is done she turns with a ton of shopping bags in her hand, and she mutters to herself shopping is always good therapy for all the drama that has been going on lately. She keeps thinking of her father going catatonic, Gina dying, and everything else occurring in Salem, but she thinks on it so much she doesn’t see where she is going and bumps into someone. As she drops her shopping bags she says:

Belle: Oh I’m sorry-wait are you Nicholas Alamain?

Nicholas: Why, yes, I am. Belle Black, I presume?

-Hope tells Megan if she went to the police she’d just be going straight to jail afterwards because of the crimes she’s committed. Megan tells Hope that if she ever goes down, Hope will go right down with her. She smirks as she says once Hope drinks herself to her death, Bo will just come running back to her!

-Kristen’s eyes widen and she whispers “No..no…what have I done now…” and slowly the gun falls from her hands as Tony rushes to Anna’s side, and says:

Tony: Anna…oh my poor Anna…Kristen what have you done?!

Kristen: Its nothing compared to what you did to me…

Kristen rushes up the stairs in tears and shock as Tony dials 911 while cradling Anna in his arms and Nicole watches in shock from the bushes outside…

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Lucas says its not, and he actually likes her a little. Maggie exclaims “Lucas, have you lost your mind?! Jan Spears hurt your cousin so much over the years…first she had him pretend her child with Nicole Walker’s father was really his, and then she came back next year, stalked Shawn, and later held him captive in a cage, and once he escaped and lost his memory she got him into drinking, and caused him to crash Belle and Philip’s wedding, and then when Jan woke up from her coma in 2006, she impregnated herself with Shawn’s baby! Lucas then says:

Lucas: That’s why I’m doing this…for her baby. I’ve realized that we are losing family members by the year, and I want this new one to come into the world safe and sound. I am wary of Jan, Aunt Maggie. But she doesn’t seem as evil as Victor or Stefano. I worry for that baby’s safety if she gives birth alone and takes care of it, so I need to be there since the rest of you guys are busy.

Maggie: Lucas…that is so sweet of you…but I just don’t know, I fear for you…

Lucas: I can take care of myself, trust me.

-Belle says yes, yes it is, and Nicholas apologizes as he helps her get her bags from the ground, and she says she’s had worst things happen. Belle asks what a high society resident like him is doing at Salem Place, and he says he’s not high and mighty like his aunt and uncle, and he doesn’t like to hang out at all of those rich places, and Belle says her family was always the same way. Belle says she should get going, and Nicholas tells her it was nice to finally meet her, because he heard some about her father when they thought he was Forrest Alamain and when they thought he was adopted, even though all of that, even the adoption part, turned out to be fake. Belle thanks her, and says the same to him. After Belle leaves, Nicholas thinks to himself that some women may not be like Vivian always was during his childhood and adulthood…

-Hope tells Megan that will never happen, because Megan has done much worse things than drink. Grabbing some boy and making it out to be that he was Bo’s son, trying to kill her in a hottub, not to mention help Stefano get those prisms…she is just a spoiled low life. Megan sees Bo off in a distance, and simply says:

Megan: We’ll see who comes out on top this time, Hope.

Megan turns and darts off, while Hope turns around to see Bo!

-Tony tells Anna that an ambulance should be here soon, and she tells him to please not let her die as she moans in pain. Tony promises that he won’t, and then the ambulance arrives. The paramedics come in and get Anna onto a gurney, and Tony says that she was shot. The paramedics nod and walk back outside, and Tony gets into the ambulance with them as Nicole follows after it drives off…

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So I had to check out this episode once I saw the title. That and for the moment on I'm on a DAYS blog craze. I love how Kristin is being featured and she's actually the one who shoots Anna. That's so the loon that we've known to come and love throughout the years. Kristen was always guided by revenge. Too bad Anna was caught in the crossfire, literally.

I had to re-read the opening scene between Maggie and Lucas. That's way too funny that he's going after Jan. I'm thinking that there might be some sort of brainwashing involved or some sort of blackmail because Lucas is so much smarter than that.

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