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Some Casting News




In the past couple of weeks some semi-significant casting changes have hit LIS, with a few exits and some stayings.


Bree Williamson(Alexis Kefer): Expect the minor character to turn up on LIS again soon!


Julianne Morris(Greta Von Amberg): The actress and character exited on the Christmas Eve episode of LIS, but she could return in coming months, because there is still a story there with her being Steve's daughter!

Charles Shaugnessy(Shane Donovan): The actor last aired on the New Years Eve episode of LIS, when he had one last chat with Steve before he and Kim headed off to London.

Patsy Pease(Kimberly Brady): The recurring actress last aired on the New Years Eve episode of LIS, after Kim said goodbye to sister Kayla and then Shane and Kim headed off for London. However, both could make guest appearences in the future!


Stephen Nichols(Steve Johnson): At the last minute he and Kayla(Mary Beth Evans) were decided to be kept on LIS, to continue to tell the story of the aftermath of EJ's death!

Mary Beth Evans(Kayla Brady): Like Steve, her character will be staying in Salem.


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