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Episode#214: Jungle Fever



Victor, after a hard days work downstairs on the Titian floors, walks inside the Pent House Grille. He walks over to the bar and sees Celeste. He grabs a seat next to her and orders a scotch.


"Celeste, It's been a while. How are you?"

Celeste, after sipping on her white wine

"I am wonderful. The devil is dead."

Victor smiles

"I can drink to that."


"I can too Darling" They toast to Stefano's death


"That means one less enemy for you."


"Indeed it does. I wonder who's going to inherit the Dimera Dynasty."


"With any luck and hope, I hope it's me. I have been by that's man side for years and he never gave me nothing."


"I didn't know you wanted his millions. I've never known you to be into greed."


"It's not about greed darling. It's about getting what is owed to me. Stefano owes me his life. Me and Alexandria. I think it's time I collect what was owed to me."


"I would like to help you get what you deserve Celeste."

Celeste, looking at the old tycoon

"You're offering me help? It seems odd, you and I teaming up. Who would have guessed it."


"It's a new year Celeste. It's time for new beginnings. To our quest to get Stefano's millions" He says as he holds up his scotch glass. They toast to millions. As they toast Vivian walks in and is stunned to see her ex husband and Celeste drinking together. "What the hell does that gypsy got that I don't? Jungle Fever?" Vivian says to herself


Executive Producers: Tara Smith with ML C.

Episode 214, Jungle Fever

Written by: ML C.

Story Editor: Tara Smith

As Vivian watches her potential new rival dine with Victor, she notices her nephew Forrest dancing with Billie "For the Love of God, I'm going to be sick. What is this new year and new couples. This is not a good sign for 2008"

Billie and Forrest are dancing to a smooth Jazz tune. They smile at each other as they gaze into each others eyes


"For such a big hunky man, you sure light on your feet."


"Oh am I? Your not so bad yourself."


"I haven't felt this good in a long time. Thank you Forrest."


"No thank you for giving me the opportunity. I enjoy your company."


"I suppose I enjoy yours too." They chuckle at her last comment as he pulls her closer to him and she lays her head against his chest and closes her eyes, and thinking "Could this be the start of something new." Her thoughts are interrupted when Vivian walks over to them


"What in the hell is going on here? My nephew dancing with the enemies daughter."


"Please Viv, don't start you're antics or you will be sorry."


"My own family threatening me. Thanks a lot Billie for turning my family against me."


"You did that all by yourself. I promise you Vivian, by the time I am done with you, you won't have a pot to piss in."


"We'll see. No nephew of mine will disrespect me nor shall he date the hor of Salem. First Bo, then Steve and Nick Fallon. Where do you get the nerve, oh wait, that's right Kate Roberts, the orginal Hor of Salem is your mother, how could I forget." Billie slaps Vivian across the face.


"Good job. You deserve that you miserable hag. Stay the hell away from us."


"You'll be sorry. The both of you." She hollers at them as they leave the upscale restaurant. Vivian talks to herself "I swear I'll prove to this damn town that I am still a force to be reckon with." She leaves.

The Horton House

Julie takes out some fresh doughnuts from the pot of grease as her son David Banning sit's a t the Kitchen table quiet. Julie breaks the silence

"I'm so glad your back home Davy. I've missed you so much."


"I've missed you and Salem too."

Julie, as she sits down next to him

"So tell me what brings you back?"


"Do I need a reason to see my mother and family?"


"Of course not. No reason at all. I know we didn't get a chance to really talk good on Christmas day with Hope's outburst."


"Yes, what is up with her? I've never seenher act like that before."

Julie, thinking of when Hope confessed to her that she killed Gina

"Hope has had one hell of a year. From grand ma Alice, to losing Shawn Douglas to.." She stops David looks at her


"To what? What else is Hope going through?"


"Look, just never mind. Hopefully Hope can find the help she needs before it's too late."


"Sure mom" He says with uncertainty as he think's his mother is hiding something from him about Hope.

Meanwhile, outside of Chez Rouge, after watching Hope drink glass after glass of wine, Megan decides to make a call.

"Hello? Salem Police?. Yes I am a good Samaritan and I wanted to tell officer Bo Brady that his wife is getting totally wasted at Chez Rouge….She's sloppy drunk. Tell Bo to come get his sloppy face before she gets hurt." Megan hangs up snickering. "Oh what the hell" She says as she calls the Salem Police Dept again. This time Police Commissioner Abe Carver answers the phone

Megan, this time disguising her voice to sound like a man

"Hope Williams Brady is sloppy drunk. Tell Bo to get his drunken wife off the streets. The Brady's should be ashamed of themselves."


"Who is this?"


"Hope's wasted. Get this low life off the streets." Megan hangs up, snickering once more. She turns around and is shocked and a bit nervous as she sees Hope standing right in front of her


"Hope, my God, I didn't hear you sneak up on me."

Hope out of no where decks Megan in the jaw and walks away. Megan loses her balance and falls to the ground "You self righteous Bitch. I'm going to press charges on you." She says wiping blood from her mouth regaining her balance.

Downtown Salem, Anna Dimera Designs

Jan is sitting in a barber chair as Anna is applying make up and giving her a make over. Anna slyly clips a few strands of Jan's hair and puts them into a zip lock bag. Anna smiles as she remembers what Marlena told her what was needed for DNA testing." Marlena said hair would do but saliva would be better. So I got to get in Jan's mouth. I don't know how I am going to pull this off." Anna pulls out a q-tip from a drawer


Nicole, wearing huge black sunglasses sits on a bench, with a newspaper in front of her face, slowly eases it to the left she can spy on Anna and Jan's encounter. "I know what your up to Anna. You want to find Tony and Marlena's missing child. A missing Dimera heir. And now with Stefano gone, I can help you Anna, I can help you find out what you really want to know." She smiles as she continues to stalk Anna, watching her every move." Somehow, I have got to get my hair samples and-"She pauses her thought as she sees Anna walking towards Jan's mouth with a q-tip. She continues her thought "And what ever else kind of DNA she's going to get"

Back inside the shop, As Lucas walks in, Jan looks at Anna while she is getting closer to her mouth, "Anna, what are you doing?"


"Don't move, you got something on your lip." Anna inserts the q-tip inside Jan's mouth and rubs it around to get plenty of saliva. Jan pushes Anna away.


"Crazy Bitch. What in the hell do you think your doing?"

Lucas, walking over to them

"What's going on?"

Anna, turning around to put the q-tip in a different zip lock bag

"I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me. Please forgive me. I am not feeling so well."


"Come on Jan, I think it's time for you to leave."


"I'll say. " She spins Anna around. "Stay the hell away from me. I don't need a weirdo's like you stressing me out during my pregnancy." Jan and Lucas walks out the shop. Anna breathes a sigh of relief as she finally has got what she was out to get for. Some of Jan's DNA, hair samples and a swab of the mouth, Anna is sure she is about to find out if Jan really is indeed the possible heir to the Dimera Dynasty, the long lost child Of Marlena and Tony, . Anna closes up her shop and leaves.

Nicole puts her paper down and continues to stalk Anna.

University Hospital

Marlenai walks into John's room. She sits down next to him. Marlena takes his hand and holds it. "My dear sweet John. I got some good news for you baby. Stefano is dead."


"I need you to open your eyes sweetie. Come back to me. We can live happily ever after. The evil is gone from our lives forever. You don't have to battle him no more. We can live in peace and breath a sigh of relief."

Anna hesitates before she opens the door to the Dimera Mansion. She wonders who is she going to get when she walks inside, Tony, or his alt personality Vince.

Nicole, not letting her prey out of sight, is camped out around some bushes where no one can see her. She wonders why Anna is not going in. "Something is very off." Nicole thinks to herself.

Anna opens the door and she is stunned to see Kristen, holding Tony at gun point.

Kristen, crying hysterically

"Stay away from me you sick bastard.!"


"Kristen, please let's talk about this. You act like I did something to you." Tony begins to walk towards her to retrieve the gun


"Tony..Kristen what is going on?!"


"I'm going to shoot!" Tony tries to grab the gun from Kristen and the two tussle. The gun goes off and Anna is shot in the stomach. She collapses to the ground………


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Good episode, but i have one question....

Is Drake's character John Black or Roman Brady, because I have seen him called by both names......sometimes in the same episode, and sometimes in the same scene.

Just wondering. :)

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Good episode, but i have one question....

Is Drake's character John Black or Roman Brady, because I have seen him called by both names......sometimes in the same episode, and sometimes in the same scene.

Just wondering. :)

Ugh, whoops I forgot to edit that. But yes, he is Roman Brady. Sometimes either MC or I forget to call him Roman, or we have a character who hasn't been around much since John found out he was Roman(like Kristen, for example) call him John.

Hope that helps. :)

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