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PC: Episode 302



PC – Episode 302
Saturday, December 15, 2007
Written by: Jennifer Snyder & Ryan Chandler

PC begins with a scene of Carly floating in the water. Flashes of red and blue light take over with muffled sounds coming through. A bright light appears as a small dot, growing bigger and bigger as the voices becoming clearer. The scene fades to Nikolas standing over Carly in the ambulance holding her hand and talking to her. Carly is hooked up to a bunch of machines. The EMT's ask Nikolas to sit back as they try to work on Carly. The look of fear shows strongly on Nikolas face. The clock turns back as the scene takes us to Mac Scorpio's house.
Everyone toasts to Robin & Patrick. A loud plane flies overhead. Something in the sky catches Anna's attention. "What in the hell?"

Someone in a parachute drops in from the sky dressed in all black. The person slowly begins taking off the chute and the helmet.

The scene alternates between the expressions of Mac, Anna & Robin.

"Oh…." Mac begins.

"My…." Anna continues…

The person finally takes off the helmet. "Dad?!!!" Robin asks confused as hell.

"There can't be a party without me." Robert says cheerfully with his thick Australian accent. "Come give daddy a hug!"

"What are you doing here?" Robin asks with a surprised tone.

"I wasn't going to miss out on the chance of pampering my little girl when she's expecting!" Robert says walking over giving Robin a big hug. Patrick goes over to shake Robert's hand but Robert pulls his hand away. "You……," Robert points at Patrick, "I'll deal with you later."

Robert walks over to the table where the food is and mumbles under his breath about Patrick. Patrick asks Robin if he should worry about Robert's reaction. Robin tells him no. He'd have to worry if Robert was being extremely nice.

Meanwhile, David, Kelly, Steven, and Liz get a page from GH while enjoying the festivities at Robin and Patrick’s party. Their pagers go off simultaneously and their heads turn towards each other and wonder what could be happening.

“I wonder what happened now, especially for all of us to get the call.” David remarked as they all grabbed their coats and headed to the hospital. David kisses Lucy on the cheek and thanks her for inviting him to the party.

Kelly asks Liz for a ride to the hospital, since she doesn't have a way there. Liz tosses her the keys while she says a quick goodbye to everyone. When asked why they're all getting pages, Liz remarks that it's probably because some doctors are on vacation. She promises to update Robin & Patrick on what happened at the hospital the first chance she gets.

Anna gets a call informing her that the sting she's been setting up is going down as they speak, and she should come down to the docks to get an update. Anna excuses herself and says her goodbyes, saying duty calls. She grabs her jacket and keys and heads out.
The scene shifts to present time with Nikolas riding in the ambulance with Carly and the EMT's. Dispatch says Carly's doctor has been paged and should be at the hospital shortly. Nikolas re-assures Carly that everything will be ok as soon as they get to the hospital. Nikolas tears up when he flashes back to seeing Carly being rescued…..

Nikolas comes upon the accident scene as a lifeless Carly is extricated from the water and wheeled has towards the ambulance that is waiting for her. The paramedics give her CPR to clear the fluid from her lungs. Nikolas screams to them that she's pregnant. The paramedics secure her onto their cart and wheel her to the ambulance, Nikolas rushes to her side overwhelmed with concern and worry for her and their twins.

Nikolas latched onto her hand and tried to re-assure her it was going to be all right, as he stepped into the ambulance with her. "Carly? Can you hear me? I'm right here with you, sweetheart. We’re on the way to the hospital; everything is going to be okay." The words escaped his lips as he sobbed. As the paramedics worked on Carly and got her prepped for the hospital ER staff.
Present time…..

Only a short distance to the hospital, the doctors arrived soon after the ambulance did. The paramedics rushed Carly into the ER with Nikolas following along side, still holding on to Carly’s hand. As the gurney approached the double doors, Nikolas was forced to stay behind. He was told only hospital personnel were allowed past the doors.

Nikolas's fear is replaced with anger as he verbally rips into the nurse. "I am not waiting out here for Carly, I’m going with her! She is carrying my children!" Nikolas protested but to his dismay, the hospital staff had to enforce hospital policy.

"Damn it!" He screams before punching he wall. "If you…if you don't let me in there, I will have you fired. Do you know who I am?! DO YOU? I am Nikolas Cassadine. My family and I practically own this institution you call a hospital! Either I get there to be with my fiancée or I'm going make sure you never do more than sweep floors in this hospital!"

Elizabeth enters just in time to see Nikolas going off on a group of hospital workers. "Nikolas? What is wrong with you? Why are you yelling at these people?"

"These people won't let me in there," Nikolas says with much disdain. "I have a right to be int here Elizabeth."

"Wait a minute, that call was about someone you know?" Elizabeth asks, completely oblivious to the situation unfolding. "If it Lulu? Lucky? Did something happen to him?"

Nikolas tells her no. He gives her the abridged version of what happened with Carly, and explains that's why he's so upset. Elizabeth politely asks the staff to let him through, and if there's any repercussions, she'll take the blame. Liz swipes her badge and takes Nikolas through the staff area before getting to the nurses station.

"Wait here and I'll find out what's going." Elizabeth said touching his arm compassionately.

“Thank you Elizabeth. I need to know what's going on with Carly. She’s alone in there and I wanted to go in with her …but, they told me I had to wait!”

“Okay, you stay here and try to calm down. It’s going to be all right. Carly is in the best of hands.” Elizabeth said trying to re-assure a panicked and overwhelmed Nikolas.

As Nikolas watches, other doctors rush past him and through the double doors, his mind starts reeling about what could be happening in there with Carly and the twins. He stands by the double doors and waits to hear something from Elizabeth, just as Jason steps off the elevator.

Jason just received a call from Monica asking him to come to the hospital because of Alan. He checks in at the nurses' station and sees an upset Nikolas pacing back and forth.

As he approaches Nikolas, Nikolas quickly turns around to see Jason walking towards him.
"You! You get the hell out of here, Jason! You are not wanted here or needed! This is all your fault! If anything happens to Carly or our children, I am holding you solely responsible!" Nikolas shouted as he pointed his finger in Jason’s face.

Jason stares blankly at Nikolas. The levity of Nikolas' anger taking a while to sink in. "What's your problem? And what about Carly? What's wrong?” Jason asked, ignoring Nikolas’ threats.

"Is that all you can say? You are not at all concerned with who did this? I can tell you who did this, your mob pals did this, that’s who! They forced her car off the road and it went off the bridge, Jason!"

"Carly was in an accident? Why was she driving? She doesn't like to drive. It scares the hell out of her."

Nikolas says he convinced Carly to come to Wyndemere because he had a surprise for her.

"Are you crazy? You forced her to do something that she's terrified to do. I think the one who you should blame here is YOU! If you loved her like you claim you do, you wouldn't have asked her to get behind the wheel of a car."

Jason stares a hole through Nikolas, ready to beat the hell out of him. The two exchanged threats for a while before Elizabeth emerged from the secure area and put herself in between them.

“Are you two finished?! Please this is a hospital!” Elizabeth snapped at Nikolas and Jason. "Calm down." The two stepped back from each other as Elizabeth regained her composure.

Nikolas cooling down spoke up. "How is she, the twins?? Tell me they are all going to be okay?!”

"Unfortunately I don't know all the details. Dr. Lee is with Carly now. All I know is Carly is surrounded by a team of wonderful doctors who'll make sure she and your children pull through." Elizabeth hugs Nikolas and rushes back over to assist with anything she can.

Jason turns away and takes out his phone, placing a phone call to Sonny. Nikolas paces back and forth a nervous wreck.

The doctors come out with Carly on the gurney and take her to the elevator. Nikolas tries to talk to Kelly Lee, but her attention is solely on Carly. She calls Elizabeth into the elevator with her. Nikolas overhears her saying if they don't get Carly stabilized soon, the twins will be at risk.

The doors to the elevator shut as the episode comes to an end.
Next…on Port Charles
- News of Carly's accident spreads through town
- Alan gets examined by Dr. Hayward
- Sonny feels his worst fear has some true
- Lorenzo prepares for a showdown with Sonny
- Anna and the PCPD raid the docks


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*applause* Beep beep!

Thanks to you Jen, we managed to get this out. Tishy and I ran into writers block on how to continue the damn episodes. Once she heard we were in trouble, it was Jen to the rescue! If it wasn't for you and I brainstorming last night, I doubt this would have gotten posted.

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Let's not forget me being on your cute little tushy to get this posted tonight - if not it wouldn't of gotten posted till tomorrow after you woke up!


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loved it and felt bad for nicholas. plz tell me that lorenzo will atleast have a scene with carly from this. i want their friendship to continue

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