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Catfights&Cliffhangers, Episode 51



Before you dive into this dramatic episode I have a few things to say.

During my absence I was unaware of the naked controversy concerning Marcus T. Patrick who plays or I should say did play Jett on NBC's Days of our Lives. As many of you know Marcus also plays Karim Williams on S.T.E.A.M. and I want to reassure everyone that I, stand behind Mr. Patrick, and his role is vital to this series so he(Marcus/Karim) will not be going anywhere.

This episode picks right up where 50 left off. My style of writing includes mini recaps, therefore, I will not be doing a whole big "Previously on such and such"

And with out further do, the first of many "WTF" episodes


TC Hotel

Ty walks out of his office and into the hallways behind his office, and enters the room where Santino and Jenn is. Santino stands up upon seeing his boss walk into the room.


"Is everything ok?"


"Yea boss. Jenn woke up a bit ago, she some questions but-"

Ty, cutting his henchman off

"What did you tell her?"


"Nothing boss, I just told her she was going to be ok and to get some rest."


"Good. Is the candy ready?"


"Yea, I just finishing cutting up the last bit of it."


"And no word on where Daniel is?"


"No, I have not heard nothing."


"Ok, go ahead and sell everything you cut up tonight. Don't worry about the police. Abe and his force are no longer a concern of ours. We are free to make money as we please."


"That's what I like to hear."


"Be on the look out for Daniel and let me know all of Mona's whereabouts. I still don't trust her."


"Me neither." They both her Jenn call out. Santino knowing this is his cue to get on his mission leaves the room. Ty takes a deep breath as a quick image of shooting Jenn runs through his mind. He walks in the bed room and he smiles at her.


"You shot me?"


"It was an accident. Somebody was creeping up on me. No one is supposed to be in these halls back here. These are private rooms behind my office. So I went into self defense mode and shot the first thing I shot. Jenn I did not do it on purpose. I love you. I fought so hard to be with you."


"I don't know what to say. Why am I here and not in a hospital. Am I going to be ok?"


"I had Diego come over and take the bullet out your shoulder. He said your are going to be ok. Nothing major. Just some swelling and pain."


"Well he's right about that. Why didn't you take me to the hospital?"


"Damn Jenn what is it with the 20 questions. You're ok. You're going to be ok. I'm sorry now get over it." Ty gets up and storms out the room. Jenn is stunned at how cold Ty was to her. "I left Mike for this?"


Episode: 51, Catfights and CliffHangers

Written by: ML Cooks with Monique Bitches


At Huntington Memorial Hospital

Chris walks into Lauren's room. Lauren, who has just finished gathering up her belongings smiles and hugs Chris.


"I was so worried about you. Tell me you didn't find Daniel?"


"No I didn't."


"Thank God. You had me so worried. You left here like a mad man."


"I know and I apologize. But I did hear a gunshot at TC Hotel."


"A gunshot!"


"Yes, I called the police, so we should be hearing soon about what happened."


"That damn Ty."


"Back to the subject Lauren. Daniel. I am still enraged at what he did to you."


"He's need's help."


" But that still does not excuse Daniel for putting his hands on you."


"I didn't say it did. I just don't want you to do anything stupid. Your in school, you work two jobs I don't want you to mess that up."


"Lauren I know you're right. But It makes me see red, that he hit you."


"Let the police handle Daniel. I need you here with me." She says pleading with, then softly kissing him on the lips. She looks into his eyes. "I love you."

Chris, smiles as he hears that heart warming three words.

"I love you too." They kiss passionately. Diego walks into the room and they stop kissing and look at him.


"So you got my release papers?"


"I sure do. Keep some ice on the bump on your head and get plenty of rest."


"I will doctor. Thank you."

Diego smiles at the couple and leaves the room.


"Well you heard the man. I'm free to go. I want to watch a movie and lay in your arms."


"I like the sound of that." Chris grabs Lauren's bag and they leave the hospital.

Mark walks into Natalia's room and sees a gleeful Natalia and Ria sitting next to her.


"Hi, baby. I'm so glad you're here."


"I'm going to give you two time to talk. Congratulations Mark." Mark shakes his head, mad that Natalia has obviously ran her big mouth too seemingly everyone. Ria laughs and leaves the room.


"You might as well make a commercial and air it on WMLC. Enough people know about us. "


"What do you want me to do? Hide the fact that I am carrying your child?"


"I don't care what you do." He turns away from her, unable bear the sight of her.


"You don't care what I do? We are having a baby Mark."


"How could I be so dumb. I feel like Pasadena's number one jack ass."


"I'm sorry you feel that way. You shouldn't feel like that. You should be happy. Your going to be a father. I'm giving you more than what Dahlia can give you."

Mark turning around to look at her.

"You are one cold Bitch. Your heartless. Don't ever, speak ill of Dahlia again. It's because of you why she can't ever have children. You and those phony theft charges."


"It is what it is. If you're going to be mad at somebody be mad at Dahlia, she's the one who walked out my store with unpaid articles of clothing. What choice did I have? I'm a law abiding citizen and I wanted to do the right thing."


" That's some bullsh!t and you know it. She walked your damns after she walked out the dressing room and saw you kissing me."


"Don't act like you didn't like it."


"I didn't have a choice but to like it. Ever since we've met, you keep trying to control me and my life. Black mailing me into having sex with you, so you can drop those charges against Dahlia. Then what did you do? Reneged on that. And now,. Here you are pregnant."


"Yes I am..... So I hear Dahlia has awoke from her coma,... should we go tell her the news? I want her to be clear, that you have a new family now and it doesn't include her."


"Yea right. Look at how you got me into bed. There's no telling who else you slept with. There's probably whole list of suspects of potential fathers for this baby. You're a liar Natalia. Your word means nothing to me. So stop telling Diego, Ria and God knows who else that I'm this father's child."


"So you're trying to say that I just give up the pu$$y to anybody.?"


"You gave it to me easily. Who else got it easy?"

Natalia has a remembrance of sexxing Bryan at his club on the pool table.

"Sorry to disappoint you. Believe it or not I'm not that kind of girl. I saw something I wanted and I went after it. You are the only man I want. You are the one I love. I want you making hot passionate love to me every night. I am in love with you, there is nobody else. You are this baby's father and we will be a family. If you want a paternity test, we can do that to."

Mark is in disbelief, what if she is really telling the truth.

"My life is spinning out of control."

Diego walks into the room. Just then Mark's cell phone rings. He answers it and he again hears heavy breathing. Mark hangs up the phone. Without a shadow of a doubt, Mark now knows, it's not Natalia or Diego calling him and harassing him, but somebody else. Mark has a look of paranoia on his face.

Natalia looks at him

"Baby you are you ok?"

Mark, snapping out of his dazed state of mind

"No Natalia."


"I just came to give you your release forms Natalia."


"Great. I'm ready to celebrate my new family. How about you Mark?"

Mark, not wanting any part of his new family

"In your dreams." He says and he then walks out her room and leaves the hospital.

Back in Natalia's room


"Something is going on with Mark."


"I got that same feeling. He keeps getting these phone calls."


"I know, he came to the club asking me about these harassment calls. I thought it was you."


"No. I don't play childish games like that."


"I wonder who it is and what is going on?"


"I'll leave that one to you. I'm going home for the night, enjoy your family with Mark and make sure you keep him away from Dahlia."


"No need to worry about that. You just make sure you keep Dahlia busy now that she is a woken from her coma."


"I plan too." Diego leaves. Natalia begins to take her hospital gown and change back into her clothes. She walks out her room and decides for the hell of it, to pay her nemesis a visit. Natalia walks into Dahlia's room.


Following Ty's order, Santino pulls down the street from Mona's mountain resort in Sierra Madre. Santino lights his cigarette, and rolls down the window of his car, and inhales the mild air of this quiet Pasadena night. Tino ashes his cigarette out the window and sees Daniel leaving Mona's resort. Justin.jpg

"Ty is right. Mona said she hasn't seen Daniel in weeks, but he's leaving her house." Tino pulls out his cell phone and begins to dials Ty's number, that is, until Mona shows up out of no where. Tino, shocked, and now a bit nervous drops his phone.


"What do you think you're doing?"


"I could ask you the same thing. You told Ty you haven't seen Daniel in weeks but here he is leaving your house. What's really going? What are you hiding?"


"I shot Daniel and set it up like a suicide. Then I got him hooked on meth and tonight, will be the last time Pasadena will ever see him. I got a few surprises in store for the citizens of Pasadena. I've been playing your boss since day one. Like every other man out here, he was a dumb a$$ that was easy to fool."


"Most villains only confess there sins when they are about to take drastic measures." Santino says trying to reach in the pocket of his hoody to retrieve his gun. Mona beats him to the punch, pulls out her gun out her pocket and shoots Santino in the neck. Santino begins to choke and gag and begins to spit up blood. Mona puts his car in drive and turns the steering wheel towards the mountain side and Santino's car drives through the guard rail and over onto the mountain side. His car explodes upon crashing into the ground

"You're right. Something drastic is about to happen. Tino, you have met ya maker. Now it's time to finish off Daniel and kidnap Sharan. Let the games begin" Mona gets in her black car and gets on the highway leading to Pasadena.bod.jpgpasadenahills.jpg

Back at Huntington Memorial

Natalia enters Dahlia's room. She smiles and walks over by her bed.

"Poor Dahlia. What a loser. You got stabbed, now you can't have children. What a shame if I say so myself. But don't worry, I'll take care of Mark for you. I'm going to give him the family he wants. A family you can't give him." She says as she rubs her belly.

"I told you I'll take your man from you and I did just that. Thanks Dahlia, you're the best. I hope we can be friends. I'll send you pictures of my sonogram. How's that sound?" Natalia walks over to the window to look at the nice view of the city.

"You know, you can help me come up with baby names, we can my baby shower, you know what you can even help me plan my wedding to your ex. That would be wonderful!"

"In your dreams Bitch!" Natalia is stunned and turns around to see Dahlia sitting up on the side of her bed.dahlia13.jpg


"Dahlia, welcome back to the world. I have some wonderful news for you."

Dahlia, taking her iv's out of her arm

"What's that? Your having Mark's baby? Or you paid Suga to stab me in jail?"


"Suga? Who is Suga? That coma has really messed with your brain cells."

Dahlia, getting out of the bed

"Don't do that you rotten Bitch. Don't patronize me. Suga told me everything."


"You have no proof. It doesn't even matter now. I'm pregnant with Mark's baby. Were going to be a family." Dahlia, in a rage picks up her lunch tray and slaps Natalia across the face with it. Natalia loses her balance but catches taking two steps away from her,


"You're crazy! I'm with child. " Dahlia charges after Natalia, grabbing a handful of hair with her left hand and pounding Natalia with her right. Natalia pushes Dahlia into the wall using and then punches Dahlia in the stomach, right where she got stabbed. Dahlia's screams out in pain. This time Natalia charges Dahlia grabbing the hair on the top of her head and begins to pound Dahlia's head into the wall. In between the blunt force blows to the cranium, Dahlia gives Natalia a right hook followed by a quick left Blood begins to drip from Natalia's lips. Dahlia grabs her RSNA20IV20Pole.jpg, and when Natalia sees her grab it, she begins to run. Dahlia begins to chase Natalia around the room.


"I'm going to kill you Bitch!" Dahlia finally has caught up with Natalia and takes a good swing at her foe. The I.V. pole lands on Natalia's back. Natalia falls to the ground. Dahlia in a rage continues to hit Natalia with her I.V. pole over and over again. Natalia kicks Dahlia's leg but Dahlia doesn't budge. She still continues to beat the hell out of Natalia. Then Natalia in a desperate attempt to break free from Dahlia's lashing's bites Dahlia's leg, so hard, that she draws blood. Dahlia screams out. Natalia gets a reprieve and stands back up. She tries to wrestle the I.V. pole from Dahlia's grip. The two ladies tussle for the I.V. pole and in the heat of tussling, Natalia yanks on the pole so hard, she falls back, losing her balance and crashes out the 4th story window, with Dahlia, who still had a firm grip on the I.V. pole flies out the window with her, a window that sits right above a very busy street.Macy1.jpg


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Wow after what Dahlia did to Natalia, preggers or not, I think she had it coming. Dahlia seemed to go nowhere and the one time she actually stands up for herself, she could possibly be dead. Hopefully it's permanently or she could go back into a long coma.

Very nice ending and the action definitely picked up in the end. Can't wait to see how Mark's going to handle everything after I'm sure Natalia will tell him that Dahlia went loco and attacked her.

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Glad to see S.T.E.A.M is back. Really good episode, I really was not expecting that ending. Also, good casting choice for Mona.

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