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EPISODE 27 (08/21)




Original airdate: 08/21/07

Written by: Steve Ungrey


Annabella is taking care of some empty glasses and a few plates at Giovanni’s as the evening rush has concluded. Scott walks in and sits down at the bar.

Annabella notices Scott and runs over behind the bar.

ANNABELLA: Hey, you. (Kisses Scott on the cheek) In for your usual?

SCOTT: I had a meeting with a couple of my fellow lieutenants tonight. Jack is wondering about putting a security detail around the Peoples Building.

ANNABELLA: Why would Jack want…

SCOTT: I don’t know. All I know is he’s willing to pay for it. I think he’s starting to put the pieces together for his X Project, so he’s wanting nothing but the best.

ANNABELLA: Hopefully so. What’ll you have?

SCOTT: A menu, for starters. (Takes menu) I am famished.

ANNABELLA: I can tell you about our specials…

SCOTT: How about a plate of your dad’s famous rigatoni?

ANNABELLA: With a cold one? (Tapping keys at the computer to input order)

SCOTT: You got it. (Sets down menu)

ANNABELLA: (Drawing beer) I’m so glad you stopped by tonight. I’ve been kind of in a funk all day.

SCOTT: Well, allow me to draw you out of it.

ANNABELLA: I wish you could. Can you talk to Mom for me?

Scott takes the beer, with a look on his face like Annabella has just asked him a loaded question.

CUT TO: The hospital nurses lounge, where Alana is resting on the couch with a thermometer in her mouth. Victoria enters.

ALANA: (Takes out thermometer) Hey, Tori.

VICTORIA: (Turns) Oh, hey. (Notices thermometer) Coming down with something?

ALANA: There’s a bug floating around the hospital – some late summer bug, I guess – and I think I’m getting a small fever.

VICTORIA: How small is small?

ALANA: (Looks) 99.3. I guess that’s not bad.

VICTORIA: If you call that a fever, I guess.

Alana laughs as the opening notes of the Somerset theme play.

We see an overhead shot of downtown, with the camera slowly pulling away from the buildings. The Somerset logo pops on the screen and goes into position at the center.

This… is Somerset. This portion brought to you today by the easy, breezy, beautiful cosmetics of Cover Girl… and by Crisco Oil, for fried foods that are practically grease free.


We see the exterior of the Petterino house at night… inside, Rose is looking at TV when Giovanni enters.

GIOVANNI: Buongiorno, bellissimo.

ROSE: (Rises from the chair and walks over to entrance) I thought you’d never get here. (Kisses Giovanni)

GIOVANNI: I take it the girls are gone for the night?

ROSE: Annabella is at the restaurant helping out and it’s Tori’s shift at the hospital. Odds are neither will be home for a while.

GIOVANNI: Did you eat?

ROSE: Yes. I didn’t know what time you’d be home. How was Albany?

GIOVANNI: Come sit, I’ll tell you all about it.

As Giovanni and Rose make their way back toward the living room, Giovanni begins to talk about the trip.

GIOVANNI: We ate on the way back… I got a couple good recipes for the restaurant… and it was a worthwhile seminar. I’d like to think about making improvements to the place down the line.

ROSE: You should see about remodeling parts of the building.

GIOVANNI: I have thought about it. It’s going to take some money, but it shouldn’t be too bad of an expenditure. Anyways… I took an awful lot away from that seminar. We all did.

ROSE: Good to hear, honey. It sounds like the trip was worth the day away from town.

GIOVANNI: It was. I cleared my head… yet all I could think about was getting back home to you… especially if no one was home.

ROSE: Well then, hold on a second. (Disappears into kitchen)

Giovanni shakes his head and checks the mail out, as Rose reappears with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

GIOVANNI: You want to taste test here?

ROSE: Uh-uh. (Motions upstairs)

GIOVANNI: I’m right behind you. (Kisses Rose as she turns and heads up the stairs)

The music plays to change the scenes as the action goes back to Giovanni’s. Scott is drinking beer as Annabella is wiping down part of the bar.

SCOTT: What did Rose do now?

ANNABELLA: You should have seen Mom come down on Victoria earlier today because Tori went out last night for drinks with someone.

SCOTT: Wait a second… Tori actually went on a date last night?

ANNABELLA: I’ll call Mike and have it put in the Register. (Nods in sarcasm) She went out with Zachary Cleypool.

SCOTT: (Face turns serious) Ohhhh. And Rose didn’t approve?

ANNABELLA: It’s almost like she’s hiding something – like maybe she and George had an affair –

SCOTT: You can’t be serious, can you?

ANNABELLA: No, I’m not serious. (Laughs) I’m just trying to figure out why Mom is so dead-set against the Cleypools. Besides the business with Jack Martin, I mean.

SCOTT: I’ve had my share of dealings with Zachary… he’s got a bit of the smugness his dad has in him, but otherwise I’ve never had reason to believe Zachary is anything but a decent person.

ANNABELLA: That’s the whole thing. That’s what I’m trying to tell Mom…

SCOTT: You actually want me to talk to her?

ANNABELLA: No, I was just kidding. (Changes subject) Now, Dad on the other hand…

Scott laughs as the picture fades to black and the music plays into commercial.

We’ll return to Somerset in just a moment.

S.T.E.A.M. launches a big surprise today as the identity of Mona is revealed. Don’t miss this gripping episode, complete with a shocking twist at the end. S.T.E.A.M., weekdays on SONBC.

We see a still shot of the Somerset logo with the accompanying music.

And now the second half of Somerset, brought to you today by Dreft. Dreft is the only detergent that gets clothes of all babies’ ages clean and soft, without bleaching.


Alana is on the couch at the hospital as Tori is taking a break for coffee. Alana sits up and drinks water.

VICTORIA: How do you feel?

ALANA: Better, thanks. I hope I’m not coming down with something bad. I’d hate to be away from this place for a long time.

VICTORIA: Heaven forbid you might have to rest a while?

ALANA: Now, I don’t spend all my life here…

VICTORIA: Then how much? Remember what we were talking about earlier with you and Mike?

ALANA: I remember. I’m definitely keeping an eye out on that.

VICTORIA: Good. Hey, Zachary hasn’t stopped by here, has he?

ALANA: I haven’t seen him. Then again, I’ve been resting a bit in here. I’m sort of on call this evening, so I’m able to catch a little shut-eye or rest in between patients.

VICTORIA: How long have you been here?

ALANA: Since 9 this morning…

VICTORIA: Alana! Get the heck out of here before you find yourself in a hospital bed…

ALANA: I’m heading home in the next couple of hours. I’ve got tomorrow off before I come in here at night, so I’m taking advantage of it.

VICTORIA: Good. I’ll head out and let you know if you’re needed.

ALANA: Good to hear. (Victoria leaves)

Alana is feeling better, but she puts the thermometer back in her mouth for good measure. She notices it says 100.2.

Standing up, we see the camera from her perspective swaying a bit. Alana is feeling a little dizzy and almost loses her balance.

ALANA: (Sits back down and reaches into her purse for cold tablets) Overwork. (Reaches for water) Tori’s right, Alana. Get the hell out of here while you still have a life.

Alana slugs down water and stretches her neck out before turning on her on-call buzzer and catching a bit of shuteye.

CUT TO: Upstairs at the Petterinos. Giovanni and Rose are in bed having just finished a round of lovemaking, and Rose reaches for her wine glass.

ROSE: That was a fine idea I had, wasn’t it? (Kisses Giovanni, sips her wine and rests her head on Giovanni’s shoulder)

GIOVANNI: Best welcome home I had in years. (Smiles at Rose) I should go away more often.

ROSE: Not a chance, Giovanni. I couldn’t let you get away for longer than a day or two without me tagging along.

GIOVANNI: If I could ever get Annabella to commit to running the restaurant maybe we could get away.

ROSE: You know that’s a sore subject with her now.

GIOVANNI: Well, I had a blast from the past last night that took me back years. I told ya Jack stopped by, right?

ROSE: Yes. You said he seemed a little restless.

GIOVANNI: He was. He brought up the Delaney Brands Christmas parties.

ROSE: (Gets a strange look on her face and turns toward Giovanni) Those parties? God, that was a long time ago.

GIOVANNI: And you were just as gorgeous back then. I still recall that velvet dress you wore to that party in 1975.

ROSE: You’ve got that good a memory, huh?

GIOVANNI: No, it was just an eventful night, that’s all. (Pauses) And I think Jack’s been thinking an awful lot about that lately.

ROSE: Is that why he’s ready to finally unveil the X Project?

GIOVANNI: He could be. I can’t wait, that’s for sure.

ROSE: Indeed.

As she sips her wine, Rose thinks back to the party itself and shakes her head at all the memories of long ago. The picture fades to black.

We’ll return to Somerset in just a moment.


Back at the restaurant, Annabella is venting to Scott about her father while Scott is munching on rigatoni.

ANNABELLA: He thinks I’m ready to chuck my modeling career and retire from the profession and I don’t think I’m ready yet.

SCOTT: Annabella, it’s what makes you happy. No one else. If you’re not ready to settle into a business rhythm yet, so be it.

ANNABELLA: (Finishes wiping off the countertop) Thank you for stopping by. It’s not very often I get to vent to my family.

SCOTT: Ah. (Bites rigatoni) So I’m your scratching post, huh?

ANNABELLA: No, you’re a good friend. (Leans in to kiss Scott on the cheek) I think I’ll talk to Dad about whether or not I’m ready to commit.

Scott continues eating, aware he may have opened a can of worms with his rigatoni, as the music plays and the picture fades to black. Following commercials, the Somerset theme and credits roll.

Be sure to stay tuned for Salem Lives, coming up next over most of these SONBC stations.

Join us again each weekday afternoon at this time for the continuing story of Somerset. This program was pre-recorded.


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