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EPISODE 28 (08/22)




Original airdate: 08/22/07

Written by: Steve Ungrey


An exterior shot of the Martin Enterprises building opens the day’s episode, as we see Mike and Nick getting in an elevator on the ground floor and going up.

Once they’re on the elevator and the doors have closed, we can hear the song “Cherchez La Femme” playing on the speakers. Both Mike and Nick look up with a strange look on their faces.

NICK: God, I haven’t heard this song in a long time.

MIKE: (Shakes his head and laughs) Get the feeling Jack’s stuck in a 1970s time warp?

NICK: Hey, the 70s weren’t that bad!

MIKE: We were both how old then? Of course they weren’t bad. We didn’t have a care in the world. We were either in diapers or just starting kindergarten, for crying out loud.

NICK: Well, I doubt Jack controls the Muzak in this building, so I don’t think we have a conspiracy on our hands. (The doors open) Here we are…

As Nick and Mike exit the elevator, we hear music and the scene changes.

CUT TO: The Petterino house, where Annabella is enjoying a cup of coffee at the kitchen table as Giovanni is coming downstairs.

GIOVANNI: Buongiorno, bella figlia. (Kisses Annabella’s cheek)

ANNABELLA: Morning, Daddy.

GIOVANNI: How did everything go last night?

ANNABELLA: Well, Scott kept me company while he had a dish of your rigatoni…

GIOVANNI: Ah, good! Hopefully they knew how to follow my recipe…

ANNABELLA: They did, Dad. They did. (Laughs)

GIOVANNI: Well, that’s why I’m glad you were there last night. It gave me some time away that I could spend with Rose.

ANNABELLA: (Closes eyes as if to say here goes nothing) That’s what you wanted. (She rises and turns toward Giovanni) Which brings me to what we need to talk about.

We hear the Somerset theme starting as Giovanni looks momentarily puzzled by Annabella’s words.

We see an overhead shot of downtown, with the camera slowly pulling away from the buildings. The Somerset logo pops on the screen and goes into position at the center.

This… is Somerset. Part 1 of Somerset is brought to you today by dry formula Secret. Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman… and by Scope, the mouthwash that leaves your breath minty fresh, not mediciney.


Giovanni is taken aback by what Annabella said as we resume the episode with a direct pickup on the last scene.

GIOVANNI: Why, prezioso… what’s wrong?

ANNABELLA: I think you know, Dad. (Walks across kitchen) I’m starting to get restless again. I always do this when I’ve been back in Somerset a few weeks. I’m going back to Italy in a couple weeks to shoot some more commercials and take care of other assignments…

GIOVANNI: In other words, you’re not ready to retire.

ANNABELLA: Not at all. And while it’s been fun working at the restaurant and helping out, I’m not ready for this yet. In fact… I think I’m about ready to be a bit more independent.

GIOVANNI: As in… how independent?

ANNABELLA: Dad, I don’t want to hurt your feelings… but I’ve been entertaining thoughts of moving out on my own.

Giovanni looks at Annabella as the music plays and the scene switches once again.

CUT TO: Martin Enterprises, where Joanne is at her desk as Nick and Mike come in for their meeting with Jack.

JOANNE: Hey guys! Jack’s been expecting you, I’ll buzz him. (Picks up phone and presses button) Hey Jack… your 10am is here, Mr. Barclay and Mr. Wagner. (Waits) All right, gentlemen, head on in!

MIKE: Thanks, Joanne.

The two head through the door of Jack’s office, where Jack has the bar open and is awaiting their arrival.

JACK: Gentlemen! A very good morning to you both.

NICK: Indeed it is. Bright and sunny, not too humid…

JACK: A nice late-summer morning, indeed. Mike, you are doing well?

MIKE: I am now that I feel like I’ve been admitted to the inner sanctum.

JACK: (Laughs as he hands Mike a whiskey on the rocks) I knew you’d say that.

MIKE: How did you know I liked whiskey?

JACK: (Motions to Nick) Little birdie told me. Your Manhattan, Nicholas.

NICK: (Takes glass) Thanks, Jack.

JACK: Okay, gentlemen. You’re here on a very good morning. I’m about to show you something not even my staff has seen yet. (Pushes button)

A cabinet against the opposite wall moves away from the wall and shifts to the right, exposing a big-screen TV.

JACK: Now to tap a few keys… (Works the keyboard)

An image pops on the screen of downtown Somerset – only it is clear right away this isn’t really Somerset. There are several more skyscrapers in the city and more development along the river.

MIKE: Nice. (Writes notes on his pad) How much in the future is this?

JACK: Not much in the future if I have my way. I give you… the X Project.

Both Nick and Mike look at Jack, who has a gleam in his eye as if he’s just opened up gifts on Christmas Day. The picture fades to black amid mysterious music.

We’ll return to Somerset in just a moment.

You knew her as Holly on Guiding Light. Miss her? Apparently Beautifully Bold did. Maureen Garrett joins the cast of Beautifully Bold, weekdays on SONBC.

We see a still shot of the Somerset logo with the accompanying music.

And now the second half of Somerset, brought to you today by Duracell. Duracell batteries provide long-lasting power to all of your favorite toys and appliances.


We fade in back at Martin Enterprises, where Mike and Nick are looking at the TV screen with Somerset’s picture on it.

MIKE: OK, so you know how to promote Somerset, Jack. Have you ever thought about becoming president of the tourism and visitors bureau?

JACK: If that’s what I get with one drink, Mike, I’d hate to see you at a bar.

NICK: (Talking over both) What my esteemed colleague is trying to say is this is a picture of Somerset with some obvious buildings not already on the skyline.

JACK: Exactly, guys. (Presses button)

The picture of Somerset disappears and is replaced by a master plan.

JACK: Guys, here’s part of the plan. (Points at the street where restaurants like Bernard’s and Giovanni’s are included) In order for this renaissance project to go off…

MIKE: Don’t tell me you endorse Cleypool’s demolition plan.

JACK: (Looks a bit surprised) So he has a demolition plan, huh? I’m impressed.

MIKE: Well, that’s what my sources tell me.

JACK: Hardly, Mike. I want nothing more for this street than historic status.

NICK: You want to preserve this entire block? (Pauses to think) Hmm. I could see why. These are some of Somerset’s oldest buildings.

JACK: Keeping this street historic status ensures that nothing can happen with those buildings. I have talked with Bernard, Giovanni, other building owners… Giovanni’s talked about some renovations to his property and Bernard’s willing to go along. I’d be happy to help sink dollars into this project to help it happen.

MIKE: At what cost on your end?

JACK: No cost other than dollars, Mike. These are old friends of mine. Sort of a you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours mentality.

NICK: Not under the table, of course.

JACK: (Turns to the board) Oh, of course. I don’t think it’s any secret that these guys are among my oldest friends in Somerset. (Fishes through messages) By the way, Nick… Susannah couldn’t make this meeting and she was supposed to sit in on it, so can you catch her up?

NICK: Me? (Thinking) Well, I suppose I could.

JACK: Good. Over dinner will suffice.

Nick, momentarily taken by surprise, turns to Mike, who shrugs his shoulders. Jack presses another button to show off something else on the screen as the music plays and the scene changes.

CUT TO: The Petterino house, where Annabella has set down her coffee and is looking out the window. Giovanni is thinking to himself and he shakes his head.

GIOVANNI: Bella honey… I had no idea you felt this way about living here.

ANNABELLA: (Turning back to Giovanni) Dad! I love you guys! (Runs over and hugs Giovanni) It’s nothing you did… I’m just realizing that as long as I’m under this roof, I’m always going to be wondering “what if” about certain things.

GIOVANNI: So is this where you tell me you want to buy a penthouse downtown?

ANNABELLA: Not a chance, Dad. (Places hand on heart, then on head) The values you instilled in me in both those places tell me not to pursue material stuff. You know better than that.

GIOVANNI: Then what about the sports car?

ANNABELLA: Well… a girl’s gotta have a flashy set of wheels. (Smiles) Dad, that’s the only luxury I’ve allowed myself since I started modeling. If I bought a condo, it’d be less flashy. Do you think I want to promote myself that much?

Giovanni sits down at the table and motions Annabella to sit.

GIOVANNI: Honey, you know that we’ll support you in anything you do. Does Rose know about this?

ANNABELLA: She senses that I’ve not been happy. But Dad… you know me! This happens every time after I return from modeling overseas. I’m not ready to settle down. Heck, maybe if I go back to Italy I’ll see my boyfriend over there.

GIOVANNI: The one you’ve only seen once.

ANNABELLA: We spent a gorgeous weekend together. He has e-mailed me since… he says he misses me.

GIOVANNI: Just so long as you don’t get hurt, honey. That’s all. (Thinking it over) So I guess we can’t retire yet, huh? (Laughs)

ANNABELLA: Dad… I want you to retire when I can support the family. I will want to buy the restaurant and run it on my own. But… I just turned 30. I’m not ready to settle down yet.

GIOVANNI: (Nods) Let me tell you a story. (Rises from the chair and goes to look out the window) I still think of you as my little girl. Both you and Tori. It only seems like yesterday that we had a party at the restaurant for your first communion. (Tears up slightly) And I still recall the sight of you in the communion dress.

ANNABELLA: (Getting misty-eyed) Oh, Dad…

GIOVANNI: Silence, Bella. Never let a dad be interrupted when he’s remembering the good times. (Smiles) Part of me wants you to be five years old again. You even had that face that could sell a million magazine covers back then. And when I took you on the dance floor – yes, only Giovanni Petterino could have a dance floor to celebrate your first communion – you were beaming with that radiant smile.

ANNABELLA: Your memories are so vivid.

GIOVANNI: You’ll be wearing white again someday. And trust me – I’m NOT looking forward to that day.

ANNABELLA: I’ll get to dance with my father again. And I’m looking forward to that day.

She hugs Giovanni, nearly in tears. There is no music to play as the scene ends, only the picture fading out in silence.

We’ll return to Somerset in just a moment.


We go back to Jack’s office, where Jack has just gotten off the phone with Susannah.

JACK: (To Nick) She says it’s a date. She’ll see you here at 7.

NICK: Uh, Jack… if this is your idea of a set-up…

JACK: It’s not a set-up! Relax… Susannah knows it’s a working dinner.

MIKE: Oh, is that what it’s called now?

JACK: (Points, laughing) You keep quiet. The last I knew your love life wasn’t any better.

MIKE: Can I turn around so you can get that knife out of my back?

JACK: (Laughs) Okay, okay. Let’s get serious here. (Points at the screen) Here is the crown jewel of all the development. The piece de resistance.

Mike and Nick see that Jack is pointing at the People’s Building.

NICK: I should have known, especially when I hear through the grapevine that you hired a private security firm to watch the building.

JACK: That’s not for public knowledge, Mike.

MIKE: Doggone it. Well, everything else is on the record, right?

JACK: You bet. Nicholas, I want to buy the People’s Building.

NICK: I think we can arrange something. The city doesn’t own the building, but I can put you in touch with the holding company responsible.

JACK: Good. Because if I can’t buy this building… there’s no X Project.

Mike turns and looks at Nick, who is a bit surprised at Jack putting all his eggs in one basket. He’s thinking why does Jack want this particular building?

The picture fades to black and the Somerset theme plays following commercials.

Be sure to stay tuned for Salem Lives, coming up next over most of these SONBC stations.

Join us again each weekday afternoon at this time for the continuing story of Somerset. This program was pre-recorded.


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