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Episode 5



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Mainstreet: It is the afternoon Dinah and Mallet are sitting at table with a books and magazines, "Okay, I've narrowed down my dress choices to my top 10."

Mallet starts flipping through magazines, "Top 10? Baby it's just a dress that you are only going to wear once,"

"I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that."

"Babe, we haven't even set a date yet."

Dinah picks up a list of names, "Well, I need to find out when Mom, Bill and everyone can make it."

"Can't we just go spur of the moment like last time."

"Honey, if we are going to get remarried then lets atleast make it big!"

Mallet picks up another magazine, "Well if you get to pick out the decorations, clothes, and music then let me pick out the cake."

Dinah looks nervous, "Uh, sure. Here." Dinah hands Mallet a folder.

"What's this?"

"Oh, those are the top 20 choices for cake."

"How is this fair? What if I don't like any of these?"

"You know if you keep talking like this then you may not get invited."

"Then who are you going to kiss?" Mallet leans in and kisses Dinah.

Harley's House: Harley is going through her wedding album, "If somone had told me it would end like this....."

There is a knock at the door. Harley answers the door, it's Dylan, "Oh, hey what's up?"

Dylan has a box, "I was just going through some old things and found some stuff that I wanted to share with you."

"Oh, come on in."

Harley turns around and sees her photo album still out, she runs over and covers it with a pillow.

Dylan walks over with the box, "I found some old pictures, here's one of us when we first started dating."

"Oh wow! Look at my hair. God the 80's huh?"

"Yeah, those were good times."

"So why did you save all of this stuff?"

"I don't know, maybe I just wanted to remember the good days."

"Well what about the time you were with Bridget?"

Dylan tries to change the subject and picks up another picture, "Hey, here's us at that old bar we used to hang out at."

"Whoa, lets not show these pictures to Daisy. It's weird how different she is then us now, I mean I was so afraid she was going to follow our path and get in trouble."

"Hey we still had fun and look where we are now."

"Yeah, we each are divorced and lonely."

Dylan scoots closer, "It won't always be that way."

The Police Station: Mel and Olivia are sitting at the table, "Mel, thank you for taking my case. I just didn't want to be around Jeffrey right now."

"It's fine, I just want you guys to find Emma."

"So Frank said I needed a lawyer but he didn't say why."

"Olivia, you left your daughter by herself and now she is missing."

Olivia begins to cry, "I swear that I left her with Jenny, now that little brat is saying she was never there!"

"Okay lets come down."

Frank walks in, "Okay Olivia, we got a tip on some people that have walked into the Beacon last night that looked suspicous. We have are men on it."

"Oh Frank thank you."

Frank begins to walk out then Olivia stops him, "Frank what are the odds of her being okay."

"Olivia lets just worry about finding her."

Frank walks out and Olivia turns and looks at a picture of Emma that she brought.


Mainstreet: Dinah and Mallet are picking up their things, "So Mallet baby, we need to start planning who will be in the wedding party."


"Well, I need to get Mom and Maureen, Bill, Harley, Olivia, and a few other people. What about you?"

"Uh, well Frank, and since Harley is coming then Gus, Marina... and I think that should about do it."

"So, what about your family?"

"My family?"

"Yeah you never really talk about them."

"Well you know me, I'm kind of a loner."

"Well there must be someone from your past that you want to invite."

"Yeah, let me think about it."

The two begin to leave when Lizzie walks over, "Hey guys, can I sit here for just a second?"

Dinah looks puzzled, "Sure Lizzie. Are you okay?"

Lizzie plops down, "Yeah I'm just really tired, I think I have the flu or something. I've been so tired latley. Just last week I was going to pick up Roxy and I fell and scraped my knee. Which reminds me, I need to change this band aid."

Mallet looks at her leg, "Well then why are you out here?"

"I have errands to run."

"Well I know your Mom,. and I think you should call her and tell her to stop letting you work this hard and get some rest okay, you look tired and pale." Dinah and Mallet stand up to go.

Lizzie puts her purse on the table, "Alright, thanks I'll see you guys later."

"Bye" Mallet and Dinah leave.

The Police Station: Olivia is talking to Mel about that night, "I know that Jenny was there when I left, I would never have left my daughter there without a baby sitter."

"I know Olivia okay. Now lets try and relax, they're going to find Emma and then I'm going to work this out."

"Thank you Mel. Can I ask you something?"


"Why are you doing this? I mean you never liked me."

"Olivia, I want to bring your little girl to a good home, and I know how hard it is being a single mother."

"Yeah well maybe if I was as good as you, then I would be accused of all this. I mean you have no idea what great things come from having this honorable reputation."

"Yeah, well... Excuse me."

Mel walks out to the hallway where Frank is, "Hey, you got any tips?"

"Well I might, their checking it now. God this is so stressful."

"Maybe you need something to take your mind off of it."

Frank pulls Mel close to him, "Oh yeah?"


Frank picks up Mel, puts her on the desk and the two begin to start kissing.

Mainstreet: Lizzie gets up, she goes for her phone to call her mother. There is a lot of noise so she walks behind the buildings where she can be alone. Lizzie starts to lose her breath and tries to find a place to sit, but she collapses to the ground.

Harley's House: Dylan and Harley are getting closer, Dylan grabs Harley's hand, "Do you ever wonder what things would be like if we had stayed together?"

"Well yeah but I mean Daisy wouldn't have had her life with the Lemays, I wouldn't have Zach and Jude, and I wouldn't have had.... the time that I had with Gus, and you wouldn't have had Peter and Bridget."

"Well yeah..."


"I don't know it could have been fun. I mean just you, me and...."

There is loud sound outside the door, "What was that?" Harley grabs her gun.

She walks out with Dylan and aims the gun at the person.

Harley smiles when she sees who it is, "Oh my God! Daisy?"

Her daughter is sitting on the floor, having fallen over a bucket.


Marah tries to give Reva a push in the romance department.

Harley and Dylan welcome their daughter.

Cyrus and Marina are being spyed on.

Lizzie gets horrible news.


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I loved the interaction between Mallet and Dinah and the trip down memory lane for Dylan and Harley.

I am intrigued by Lizzie's illness. Is it her leukemia coming back?

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