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Superman That Hoe! Episode 48

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nightviewofwestwoodpark.jpgNatalia unlocks her front door and enters her house. She sees Suga watching the end of the boot legged new Halloween movie. Suga turns it off. Ria comes out the bathroom, picking her freshly washed hair into a big afro puff for her club date with Natalia


"I didn't know you have company Natti girl."


"I like your hair. It's different."


"I like it too mami" She says smiling at Ria

Ria, blushing

"Excuse me?"


"Ria, can you give us a minute please. I need to handle this, I will get with you in a few."

Ria, eyeballing Suga up and down, puts her hand out to shake Suga's hand

"I'm Ria. Sorry for my home girl's rudeness. She knows that any friend of hers is a friend of mines."


"It's nice to know that." Ria smiles and goes back to the bathroom, to finish her hair, as Suga admires Ria's sumptuous rump.


"Are you ok?'


"I will be feeling better once you hand me my chips." Natalia reaches into her purse and hands Suga's other half of a million dollars. Suga begins to briefly count it.


"It seems to be all here. I'll be in contact with you."


"For what?"


"I'm not done with you yet. Or your sexxy friend." Suga has a deceitful smile on her face as she walks out the door.


"You better leave Pasadena. That was the deal. You stab Dahlia, and I arrange your jail break and your leaving this city was part of the plan. You got 1 million dollars now be gone. Our partnership is over."


"I'll be the judge of that." Suga leaves. Natalia, over whelmed sits back on h her couch as Suga's last word's "I'll be the judge of that" Keep playing in her head repeatedly. Ria comes out from the bathroom.

"Natti girl, are you ok? What's going on? Who was Suga?"


"Ria, it's no one to wonder about. We won't be seeing her no time soon."


"Did you get your money from Bryan?"


"I sure did. Now I am about to start up my own fashion house. I already got Dahlia out the way, I got her man Mark, now I need the company. It's time to go after Sabryn."


"Girl you know I am right there with you. Sharan is working with Sabryn on some big new line. It will be perfect. Enemies going after each other. Me and you against those dusted and disgusted Bitches. We gone have to super man those hoes." She says with a smile on her face as she thinks about catching Dondre and Sharan kissing one another at Ashley's funeral.

"Yea girl, We gone make those Bitches Sharan and Sabryn pay for messing with us."


"I can drink to that."


"Girl me too. Let's go to the club and have a good time." Ria looks in Natti's living room mirror to make sure her puff hasn't moved and her and Natti leave her house to go clubbin.



Written by: ML C with Monique Bitches


Huntington Memorial Hospital

Mark enters Dahlia's room only to find Diego eating his lunch on Dahlia' bedside table.


"What the hell are you doing in here?"


"What does it look like?"


"What kind of doctor are you? I didn't know you guys were aloud to have lunch breaks in patients room."


"It's better than cheating on her."


"Come again?"


"You heard me. I know about you and Natalia."


"You don't know what the hell you're talking about! I'm going to ask you once, leave now. You've been hanging around Dahlia too much lately. I think it's very unprofessional doctor. How would the board of directors feel about your unethical practices?"


"Are you threatening to go to the board on me? "


"Pretty much."


"You do that and rest assured your girlfriend will find out you slept with Natalia when she wakes up from her coma."


"You don't know what you're talking about."


"Not according to Natalia. Good day Mr. Mortimer." Diego walks out Dahlia's room. Mark shakes his head." Damn Natalia. Now Diego knows. How the hell do I fix all of this?" Mark's thoughts are interrupted when his cell phone rings. He pulls it out and answers.

"Hello,...Hello!, Stop playing games Natalia.!" He throws his cell phone at the wall and it breaks on impact. Then the hospital room phone rings. He picks it up. "Hello!?" No answer and Marks slams the phone down. He kisses Dahlia on her foreheaddahlia13.jpg and leaves her room to go find Natalia to put a stop to this madness.


TC Hotel, secret hallways behind Ty's office.

Ty looks in horror as the bullet he fired from his gun hit's his beloved Jenn in the upper front right shoulder. Jenn collapses to the ground..aliciasilverstone.jpg


Chris, hearing the gunshot, begins to go in creep mode, watching his back around every twist and turn the hallways throw upon him. He tries to find his way to where he heard the gunshot.


In one of the hotel rooms, Daniel looks in shock as he sees, or he thinks he sees, the supposed dead Ashley.ashsmall-2.jpg Having been scared from the mean little leprechaun, now an alive Ashley and now a gunshot, Daniel, in a state of panic, feeling like superman, runs towards the window and dives right into and breaks through and lands on the ground with glass pieces falling all around him. Daniel stands up, gathers his bearings, and thanks God for a quick moment that he jumped out the window that was on the first floor. Daniel runs for his life, as his meth high slowly begins to wear down.

Ty, a man who never loses his cool, a man always in control tries to think quick on what to do. He puts his gun away, and kneels down towards Jenn. He feels for a pulse on the unconscious Jenn. When he can feel she has a pulse, Ty picks up Jenn in his arms, and carries her into the same room that Daniel thought he saw Ashley. As Ty enters the room, there is no Ashley, Just Ty and gun shot wound victim Jenn. He lays her down on the sofa and tries not to panic. He pulls out his phone and calls his 2nd hand man Santino for help. Ty begins to pace the floor, while Jenn's life is hanging in the balance. Ty is thinking on how to save Jenn without him facing charges for shooting her and drawing attention once again to his hotel and drug operation. His thoughts are side tracked when Jenn slowly comes too. She opens her eyes and looks at Ty. He looks at her and walks over to her.

She looks into his eyes, as she loses blood fast.

"Why?" She says as she slips into unconisous again. Ty, now feeling guilty and not wanting to let the woman he fought so hard to get, finally makes a call for help just as Santino arrives.santino2.jpg

Chris still creeping in the back hallways is lead out to the lobby of the hotel. He looks around and doesn't see anyone. He leaves the Hotel to be with Lauren again, at the same time calling Police Chief Abe Williams to let him know about the gun shot he heard.

As the sun sets, And the darkness falls,

Downtown Pasadena, at The Jump Off

Natalia and Ria pay the 22 dollar cover charge and enters the club.


"Bryan know he wrong for charging 22 damn dollars just to dance and have a few drinks."


"Don't be mad. It' s ladies night and the drinks are free."


"I guess I could look at it that way. Besides. I know he needs all the money he needs now that he is behind bars."


"Yea that was shocking. I didn't know Sabryn and Bryan killed Ashley."


"Girl who you telling? Let's go grab some drinks. I'm ready to get tipsy." Natalia and Ria walks over to the bar. Ria orders a double shot of Tequila, and Natalia orders club soda. Ria frowns

"Girl you trippin. We came to have a good time. Why are you not drinking?"


"I'm just not feeling to well. I feel a bit queasy."

Ria, rolling her eyes at her good friend

"Whateva." Natalia turns around in her bar stool to scope out the men in the club. Ria does the same


"So do you see any one you like?"


"Not yet, these men's in here look dusty. "


"You so picky." Just as she says that Diego walks up to her.

"We need to talk."


"And hello to you too doctor. It's a surprise to see you here. I always see you at the hospital. I didn't think you partied nor did I think you were a rude Bastard out side of work as well."


"Ria, hello how are you.? That's great and wonderful to see you. If you will excuse Natalia, her and I have some things to talk about."


"Ria, it's ok. I do need to handle a few things with the Diego. I'll be right back."


"Uhm hmm. You better walk yo ass away talkin' to me like you crazy" She says as she mean mugs Diego.


Pasadena City Jail


Sabryn and Bryan are both being processed into the holding cells, for the murder of Ashley Jones. They both submit several finger print samples, both are humiliated as they are cavity searched, well more so Sabryn than Bryan

In the process room, Bryan is told by the female guard to take off all his clothing including underware and or boxers. Bryan obeys and the guard has to do a double take at Bryan's 10 inch penis. Bryan smiles, knowing once again, he has awed another woman with his well hung and notorious manhood. The guard clears her throat, ending her quick fantasies of what it would be like to have his dick inside of her. She tells Bryan to spread his legs and bend over so she can cavity search his anal area.

Sabryn though is humiliated, and embarrassed and feeling violated as the woman guard cavity searches her, telling her to lift her breast and also making her bend over. She is given an orange jumpsuit and is photographed as well as Bryan. They both sit in separate offices waiting to be placed into a holding cell. Sabryn has tears running down her eyes, and Bryan is just in shock having been arrested for what he knows was an accident . He thinks to himself,

"Even from the grave Ashley is still causing me trouble. Sabryn is pregnant and we should be enjoying and celebrating our start as a new family." Sabryn and Bryan are both finally escorted to the cells respectively and both are told they will get to make a phone call in one hour.

Sabryn, depressed, and being thankful she has the cell to herself right now. She doesn't want to end up like Dahlia who was stabbed in the very same cell she's in now. She sits on her thin cot and brings her knees to her chest and wraps her arms around them as she thinks of the situation she's in, pregnant in jail for something she did not do.


The Jump Off

In a distant corner, Diego and Natalia begin to have a heated conversation.


"So what do I owe this pleasure? And I might add you do clean up nice outside the white coat you always wear at the hospital."


"This is not a friendly chat. I know what you did to Dahlia. You paid some one to stab her while she was in jail. You also slept with Mark."


"Diego, you are mistaken and you don't know what you are talking about" She says as she try's to run away from the truth. He grabs her arm pulling her back.


"Stop playing games. I know the truth."


"So what Diego! What are you going to do? Why haven't you gone to the police yet.?"


"Because I have something else in mind"


"What you're going to do black mail me?"


"So you are admitting your crimes then?"


"I don't have time for this."


"We can help each other get what we want."

Natalia, arching an eyebrow at the good doctor

"Is that so?" Just as Diego is about to answer, he gets a call" "Ok I'll be right there?" He hangs his phone up and looks at Natalia

"I see I got your attention."


"Yes I am intrigued"


"I have an emergency call, I will be in contact so we can talk about this."


"I look forward to it" She says with a devious smile, that she might have a new alliance to help her get her man Mark

Meanwhile at Huntington Memorial hospital

On life support and in a coma, well that is until Dahlia finally opens her eyes……

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OMG this episode was soooo good! The two WTF moments was the $22 cover charge so when Ria commented on that, it made me like her even more. The other was Bryan's pride and joy. Definitely had to to do a double take to re-read that line.

We are so in key with our characters because I love how Diego is a lot like Nick from PP. I was expecting the two of them to be fighting on a balcony at the club and have Natalia fall over or be pushed down a flight of steps. Just a thought I guess.

Daniel is of course crazier than ever and poor Jenn but I really don't feel sorry for her. Suga is of course being the bitchiest mooch ever and that's why she's so much fun to read. Not to mention that she's deadly and dangerous.

Keep up the good work and you know I always look forward to reading your series when it comes out. Send me some more scenes to write to help you out.

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