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August 15, 2007




-Cal walks into Ernesto’s huge mansion. Staff members of the house greet him at the door, with one of them calling him sir and welcoming him to the Toscano Estate. Cal stands and looks at the smiling yet nervous group and tells them that it’s good to be home. The executive-in-charge of the mansion asks him if there was anything that he wanted or needed. Cal stumbles over his words, saying that he is fine and that everyone can go back to doing what they were doing.

The group splits up and everyone goes back to work as Cal walks into the huge living room. He looks around in awe, telling the executive that he didn’t even know that Ernesto even had a mansion in Salem. The executive tells him that Ernesto bought it and refurbished it a year ago, just so he could be near Cal. Cal is taken aback by this but is also impressed. He walks around looking at furnishings, paintings from the mid-to-late 19th Century, artwork from as far away as Japan and Greece and, sitting in a leather folder on a classic end table, a wine list second to none.

He turns to the executive assistant and asks......

Cal: Where did he get all of this?

E.A.: From all over the world. Truthfully, he was traveling........looking for you. He would pick these items up, having spent a tremendous amount of money for them, as you can see, because the Master always said that you and him had the exact same taste.

Cal: Look........I spent the last ten years drinking a cold beer and walking around my apartment with no shoes on. This is all........new to me.

E.A.: (Laughing) The Master thought it might be. We often had many wonderful talks about how you would react if you had seen all of this, being the man you are now.

Cal: Ernesto talked of me a lot?

E.A.: Yes. Often. He called you.........let me get it right.........”The future of the Toscano Family”.

Cal: Oh. I see. (Looking around) Well, are you going to take me on a guided tour?

E.A.: Oh, yes sir. But.........let me also introduce you to.........someone who knows you quite well.

At that moment, a very beautiful and muscular woman walks into the living room. She is dressed in black leather from head to toe and, when she sees Cal, she slowly takes off the jet black shades she was wearing and looks at him, saying.....

Angelica Steel (Salem Lives Recurring Player Denise Masino): Well, about time I saw you up close and personal.

Cal looks at the E.A. and asks.......

Cal: And she is?

E.A.: Your.............assistant. More or less your bodyguard, sir.

Cal looks back at Angelica and all he can say is......

Cal: Damn. Nice to meet you.

Angelica: Likewise, sir.

Angelica slowly walks up to Cal, gently takes his hand, and stares into his eyes, telling him that it will be a pleasure guarding his body. Cal is stunned, saying that he hopes she has a good time doing it. Angelica tells him she’s sure she will. At that moment, Katherine walks into the room, having been let in by one of the staff. Cal walks over to her, saying that he got the first of Ernesto’s things and wanted to check out the house for himself. Katherine looks around and then fixes her eyes on Angelica, saying that everyone is entitled to have some secrets.

Angelica introduces herself to Katherine, as does the executive assistant, and both of them leave Cal and Katherine alone in the living room. Cal walks around, telling Katherine how nice the place is. But, he asks Katherine, what did she mean by that "secrets" remark? Katherine says that it was nothing at all. She was just marveling at his newest associate. Cal laughs, saying that Angelica is just there to help. Cal also says that it’s more than the help he’s gotten from the Bradys. Katherine tells him that the time of blaming them for what he’s went through must pass but Cal says that's easy for her to say. She hasn’t lost her identity.

Katherine says no matter what he’s lost, he still has her, and always will. He knows that and pulls her close for an embrace. He tells her that she has made his life the best it’s been since all of this Roman stuff and the War has been going on. He tells her that he appreciates that more than anything, no matter how anyone else feels. He kisses her on her cheek and then on her lips. Katherine returns the kiss and then says she has to go back to the suite. Cal says he’ll stick around and find out just how big that house is and will see her later. They kiss each other goodbye and she leaves.

But right after she closes the front door, she says to herself....

Katherine: I wonder how he’ll feel when he finds out my little secret?

She glances back at the door and walks away.

-At the Kiriakis Mansion, Maggie is very busy preparing a special dinner for her and Victor that she volunteered to cook for him. She has been rushing him out of the kitchen for hours and he is starting to get a little cranky, being hungry and not being able to eat anything. Maggie says she hasn’t cooked like this for a man since........and both of them get quiet. Victor tells her it’s ok. He knows that Mickey was the love of her life and knows that he can’t compete with that, nor does he want to. Maggie appreciates that but wants him to know just how much she truly loves and adores him. He feels exactly the same about her. They kiss and she hurries him off again. He tells her he thought the kiss would work but he guesses he’s still out of luck. They both laugh as he leaves Maggie to finish dinner.

Victor walks out into the study and sees Nico standing in there. He walks in and closes the door, locking it behind him. He asks Nico if all their people are still watching both Stefano and Orpheus. Nico says yes and also says that their people are watching them as well. Victor remarks that it sounds like the title of one of his favorite books.........."Whose Watching The Watchers?" Nico asks when will they start putting all of their people in place. Victor tells him that men and women are being positioned as they speak. Victor picks up a pool stick and starts a game of pool. Nico picks up the other stick and joins in. Victor remarks how playing pool has always cleared his mind. Nico smiles. Victor asks Nico if Bo has been in contact with that person they were discussing and Nico tells him yes. Not only is this person keeping an eye on Roman and Marlena, he’s watching Stefano as well. Victor remarks that’s why he’s the best at what he does.

Nico then receives a phone call. Victor looks at him and, after Nico hangs up, he informs Victor that someone blew up Orpheus’s high rise apartment. Victor smiles, wondering who may have done that. Nico looks at him and asks him if he already knows. Victor says that the first thing he ever taught Nico...........was to trust your instincts. He then tells Nico............

Victor: (Playing Pool) This is not the first time I’ve been through something like this. I still remember the battles the Corleones had back in the day.

Nico: So..........you knew of that family?

Victor: Who didn’t? But now, Stefano seems to have forgotten what it is to be loyal. Loyal to the family and your brothers above all else. About time someone taught him a lesson.

Nico: And Orpheus, sir?

Victor: Orpheus. Nico, my friend...............there are plans in motion that will one day make Orpheus a distant memory. He wanted to play with the big boys. Well..........time for him to get squashed.

Victor sinks the 6 ball into the corner pocket as Nico watches on. He then instructs Nico..........

Victor: Make sure that my son is well protected.

Nico: Philip?

Victor: No. Bo.

Nico: What about Philip?

Victor: What about him? He acts like a spoiled brat. I knew he never would have the stomach for this battle and he’s proven me right. Bo? Bo has shown me a lot the last year or so.

Nico: And what is that, sir?

Victor: That family means more to him than anything. He will certainly have to prove that in the coming months.

Nico: You expect this whole war to get worse?

Victor: Nico, let me tell you something..............

You haven’t SEEN bad yet. But it’s coming................

At that moment, Maggie walks up and knocks on the study door. Victor hands his pool stick to Nico as he goes and opens the door. Victor has a huge smile on his face as Maggie announces that dinner is ready. Victor looks back at Nico and then follows Maggie into the dining room, arm in arm. Nico then takes out his phone and makes a phone call, telling the person on the other end...........

Nico: Well, everything’s in motion. Time to go to the next level.

Nico hangs up his cell as a very determined look crosses his face.

-At the Brady home, Marlena comes downstairs to see Roman placing guns into both of his holsters. She walks over to him and asks him........

Marlena: Roman? What is going on?

Roman: Well, let’s see..........I’m loading my holsters?

Marlena: You know what I mean. You quit the force.

Roman: Oh, so I guess that should stop me from protecting my family?

Marlena: What the hell is wrong with you?! Ever since Sami and Eric’s death, you’re acting like nothing matters but finding Orpheus and making him pay.

Roman: And what the hell is wrong with that?! He kills our kids and I’m supposed to be the same noble !@#$%^&*] I’ve always been, huh? "Let the law take care of it.” Marlena, that’s bullshit, and you know it.

Marlena: I’ve never heard you speak this way.

Roman: Well, my dear (Picking up another handgun) Things are about to change around here. I made Orpheus a promise..........

And I keep my damn promises!

Roman storms out the door and Marlena follows after him. She tries to catch him but he jumps into his car, backs out of the driveway very quickly, and slams the accelerator to the floor, flying down the street. Marlena looks on worried and hopes Roman will not do something that will haunt him.

What she doesn’t notice though.........is the black Porsche that drives slowly down the street.

-At Sami's apartment, Will sits on the couch, watching TV. He looks at the watch and wonders where his father is. He looks at a picture of Sami and asks his mother to watch over dad and to help them both through this, Meanwhile, at the Cheatin Heart, Lucas has a drink sitting right in front of him. He stares at it and can't stop thinking about how Sami wouldn't want him to drink but he is hurting so much. He thinks about calling Maggie but opts not to bother her.

The bartender asks if something is wrong as his whiskey has been sitting there at the bar for almost a half hour. Lucas looks at the glass, takes it, and downs the whole drink. He then asks the bartender to him him again and keep it coming. He needs to stop the memories...the hurt...the pain. The bartender brings him another glass and Lucas begins to down that, raising his glass and saying:

Lucas: To Sami...may you rest in peace.

Lucas then finished his second and asks the bartender to bring him another and reminds him to keep them coming.

-In the bedroom of Orpheus’s palatial apartment, Sami gets up out of bed, turns on the television, and walks over to the dresser. She sees pictures of her family sitting there..........Marlena & Roman, Lucas and Will, and Carrie with Evan. She also sees pictures of Jonathan and Chloe and Belle and Claire. Orpheus walks in and asks her...........

Orpheus: Well, looking at the family?

Sami: You know, you are one crazy !@#$%^&*], you know that?

Orpheus: Temper, temper, my sweet flower. I guess you get that from your father.

Sami: I get that from both my parents. And when my dad finds out what you’ve done......

Orpheus: Is he going to make me pay? Hmmmm? Is he going to........get revenge on his enemy? Please. Keep that crap talk to yourself. I’m so tired of hearing it.

Sami: Wonder how tired you were of it when my father blew up your high rise apartment?

Orpheus: You know about that?

Sami: Tell your henchmen to stop talking so damn much around my bedroom.

Orpheus: I definitely will, young lady. I also tell them when it will be a good time to carry out more punishment for that jackass father of yours.........and your whole wretched family.

Sami: Oh. There’s more on the way?

Orpheus: Oh, my dear. I’ve just gotten started. No need to go into details just yet. You’ll be spending a lot of time with me........so that we can get........better acquainted.

Orpheus tries to kiss Sami but gets a very hard slap across his face. Orpheus holds his jaw as Sami tells him.....

Sami: Get one of your henchmen to take care of all that horniness. You’re not getting anything here.......not willingly, anyway.

Orpheus: No need, my dear. I didn’t do that to your mother when I held her captive. No need to do it to you. All you need to remember is that when all is said and done.............Roman Brady will have only one place to rest. In his grave.

Sami: Don’t do that, Orpheus.

Orpheus: What? Kill your father?

Sami: No.................underestimate him. I’ve seen him upset and mad. Hell, I’ve even seen him angry. But, I can bet you he left pissed off about 1,000 miles back and that’s what he is now. And I can also tell you this..........

NO ONE has EVER seen Roman Brady like that. So.........watch your step. It just may be your last.

Orpheus rubs his chin as he walks to the door. He takes one last look at Sami before heading out. Sami smiles, knowing that she just played this first round very well. She learned from her parents. And now, as Orpheus stands outside her bedroom door, he calls one of his men over, instructing him to..........

Orpheus: Make sure all of our buildings are secure. Roman found out where my secret apartment is. He can find anything he wants to.

His henchman obeys and runs off. Orpheus stands there, thinking to himself that he truly hopes he didn’t make the ultimate mistake......

And push Roman Brady too far. The scene freeze frames on his face as it slowly fades to black.




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