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August 14, 2007




-Lucas is walking the quiet streets of Salem and is reminiscing about Sami. He looks up to the heavens and wonders what he is going to do without her. Will comes up from behind, puts his hand on his dad's shoulder, and says he wonders the same. Will tells Lucas they will get through this together. Lucas tells Will he is supposed to be comforting him, not the other way around. Lucas considers himself already a failure. Will tells his father that's not true but Lucas won't hear otherwise.

Lucas orders Will to go home. A worried Will asks where he is going. Lucas tells Will again, only this time in an angry tone, to go home and not to follow him. Lucas walks off as Will gives chase but soon sees that his father has disappeared down an alley. Will worries about what his father might do in the state he is in.

-Back at the Pub, Doug and Julie are still locked in the supply closet, screaming for help. Julie tells Doug it's no use. No one is going to hear them so they may as well save their breath for the moment. Doug tells Julie no one will ever hear them if they do that. Someone could miss them. Julie tells Doug to show some patience. Doug says he has to do something. Julie asks him what he is so afraid of. Doug denies being afraid of anything. Julie accuses Doug of lying and says she thinks he is afraid of showing he still loves her and being with her long enough will cause him to open his heart to her again. Doug is silent and then turns away to continue to pound and scream for help. Julie watches and smiles, realizing there may be hope afterall for her marriage.

The scene then shifts to the Pub itself where everyone is focused on the apparently drunk Nicole. Victor begs Nicole to come with him outside. Nicole throws his arm off her and says she will not do that. She has been tossed around enough.

Nicole (with tears in her eyes): I couldn't even go to my own husband's funeral. You had security keep me out. That is appalling and I will never forget that. Eric is probably turning over in his grave!

Carrie (holding Evan): I doubt it. After all you did...your responsible for his death and Austin's. My God, you assisted Orpheus for months and kept my baby for me. Eric could care less about you.

Nicole: Like your innocent, Carrie! You and Kate were in this too, not to mention the countless other Salemites that were blackmailed and forced into helping Orpheus so get off your high horse! You Brady's always think your perfect even though you screw up just as much as people like me. Bunch of damn hypocrites! Look at you all!! Alice Horton...Caroline Brady...supposed to be the two most loving women in Salem and you stand by and say nothing about me being kept from my husband's funeral. That's rich!

Roman: Cool it, Nicole!!

Alice: I didn't exactly like the idea, Nicole.

Caroline: Alice is right. We just didn't want any tension or trouble and, given your involvement with Orpheus and...

Nicole: Excuses....excuses. You all are going to pay! Eric and Austin both told me when they died they had hope for me. They wanted me to choose the right path but that's bull. Being good gets you nowhere.

Hope: Neither does being bad. Look what happened when you worked with Orpheus/

Nicole: Mistakes happen. Whatever the case, I will make all of you pay, especially the Brady's. You never accepted me. Never. Even last Fall when I was trying to be a good person, you still looked at me like someone you despise. I am through trying to change for you all...trying to impress you all. Now, I just want to make you experience hell on earth. I was hurt enough before today but this...my suffering will be nothing compared to what I will bring upon you.

Victor tells Nicole that's enough. Nico and Bo then take her out by arm and tell her she has said enough. They throw her out of the Pub and warn her that she will be arrested if she enters again. Nicole smiles and says she did what she had to do. She tells Bo and Nico to tell everyone insider they have been warned. Hope overhears this as a pleased Nicole leaves. Hope asks Bo if they should all be afraid. Bo says she is nothing and that they have bigger issues. Victor warns them not to underestimate Nicole.

Inside, everyone tries to forget about Nicole and to get the party back on track. Carrie and Mike meet at the bar. She tells him they finally have a chance to catch up and asks how he has been. Mike says he has been busy. Jeremy is in med school and nearly finished and Robin is starting a clinic for needy families with which he helps her with, along with working at a local hospital. Mike says they need help promoting the clinic to outer areas and getting funding or it but they still hope to get it off the ground once they find someone to do PR for them and help them find business to fund the clinic.

Carrie smiles and says somethings never change. Carrie tells Mike that with Austin gone she feels like her life has no meaning other then Evan. Mike reminds her about her family. Carrie says she knows that but she needs something to dive into with Austin gone. It's going to take her a long time to move on to a point where she even enjoys life again. Mike tells Carrie it will all work itself out, eventually. He looks at his watch and tells Carrie he lost track of time and must get going. He has a plane to catch. Carrie tells him to come back for a longer visit next time so they can catch up some more. Mike says he would like that. Carrie smiles and says she is glad they can still be friends. Mike agrees and embraces her. They then bid each other goodbye.

Meanwhile, Victor looks around and notices Stefano left. Nico says he left shortly after the Nicole debacle. Victor notices Philip has left as well and then turns to Bo and tells him he will do whatever he can to help Chelsea. Steve agrees to do the same, along with Kayla. Abby, Forrest, Max, Frankie, Greta, Roman, Marlena, Caroline, Shane, and Kim also pledge their help. Bo thanks them and says he is going to have the court appointed psychiatric hospital looked into.

Abe tells Bo he will head back to the station to work on that. Bo thanks him. Abe tells Celeste he will take her home as they say their goodbyes and leave while Cal witnesses the closeness of everyone and how he is once again not a part of any Brady family happenings. He tells himself he has had enough and leaves. Katherine sees him and quietly follows him out of the Pub, not wanting them to be noticed.

Victor tells Bo and Hope he is very suspicious of Stefano and wonders if he had something to do with what happened to Chelsea. Bo says it's right up Stefano's alley. Hope worries about the hospital Chelsea is being sent to if Stefano is involved. Victor tells Nico to use their underground connections to see what he can find out. Nico nods and says he will call him with updates. Nico leaves.

Forrest tells Abby that he will do what he can to help Chelsea by way of his contacts. Abby thanks him but says he doesn't have to do anything. Forrest insists and then gets a phone call. Max is with Stephanie nearby and is watching Forrest and Abby. Stephanie asks Max what he meant before by Abby being in danger and "Fred" being trouble. Max says it's not the time and place to talk about this. He says he has to talk to Abby alone but wonders how he can do it. He then comes up with an idea and tells Stephanie they will catch up later.

Forrest returns to Abby and tells her he just got off the phone with a specialist from Paris. He knows of a surgery that can help her walk again. He is making arrangements now to fly into Salem. Abby is shocked and overjoyed. She embraces Forrest and thanks him for everything. He is her guardian angel. Forrest wishes he could find her father too and help Chelsea, promising that he will try. Abby says he has done enough. She also asks that he not tell anyone about the specialist out of fear of raising everyone's hopes. He agrees. Meanwhile, Max sneaks behind Forrest and Abby while they are facing the other way and slips a note into the back of Abby's wheelchair.

Bill and Don tell Alice and Maggie that it's time for them to leave to catch their flight. Bill feels bad he won't see Lucas and Will before leaving but says he already said goodbye really and he will stay in touch. Bo, Hope, Marlena, Abby, Max, Frankie, Roman, Caroline, Kim, and Shane also embrace them both. Maggie embraces Don, telling him not to be a stranger. Mike also comes over to embrace everyone, along with Andrew and Jeannie, who are leaving as well. Kim and Shane say goodbye to them. Kayla tells Stephanie that she is happy she is staying for a bit. Stephanie says she is too.

Rex comes over and embraces Marlena, saying Cassie left with Tony already. Marlena tells him to come back for a visit. Belle comes over and agrees but says Jonathan and Chloe need to leave as well. Roman tearfully embraces Jonathan, telling him to stay in touch. Jonathan promises to as Marlena embraces him and Chloe. Belle then says goodbye to Jonathan and Chloe while Alice says goodbye to Bill. Frank and Martha embrace Marlena, Belle and Carrie. They tell them all to be strong. Marlena thanks them for coming and says she will do her best...she has to for her family.

The scene then shifts back to Abby, who is asked by Forrest if she is ready to go now that so many are leaving. Abby says he read her mind as she just told her grandmother she was heading home. Forrest says he will bring the car around. He leaves. Abby reaches in the back of her wheelchair for something and finds the note Max left. She opens it and reads it. It asks her to meet him at the gazebo at the park in two hours and says that it's important they talk. Abby has a moment of contemplation and says that maybe it's time her and Max did talk.

Meanwhile, Kim wheels over to Shane and notices him on the phone. Shane hangs up and Kim asks what is wrong, other then that fact that Andrew and Jeannie just left to go back to London. Shane says that was the ISA and he will be heading back there too...TOMORROW!!! He was allowed to stay for the funerals but must leave for London tomorrow. He has no choice. Kim is shocked and heartbroken that it's all happening so fast.

-Back at the supply closet, Doug screams out for help and tells Doug to face the fact that he still loves her and that they can still work things out. They are far from over. Doug tells her to back off. He can barely stand to look at her. She hit him badly. Julie says she knows and that she is sorry. Doug says sorry isn't good enough. The door then opens and it's a Brady Pub waitress. She asks how long they have been locked in there. Doug looks at Julie coldly and says it's been long enough. He walks out and away from her. Julie gives chase, begging him to wait. Maggie and Alice hear them coming and watch Doug walk right past them and out the door. Hope tries to stop him but he tells her he is fine. He just needs to be alone.

Hope watches Doug leave and turns to Julie. She orders Julie to just leave it alone and to give her father time and space. Julie wipes away tears and apologizes. She just loves him so much. Hope says she knows but she hurt him and it's going to take time for him and other, including herself, to forgive her. Julie understands. Hope goes back to Bo. Maggie says the whole supply closet thing was her idea and apologizes. Julie tells her not to apologize. She now knows there is hope. She saw it in Doug's eyes. He still loves her and he just needs time to heal. He'll come back to her. She just knows it. Maggie smiles and tells her that's the spirit. They embrace as Alice watches, smiling.

The scene then shifts to the Cheatin Heart, where Lucas has just sat down at the bar. The bartender asks what he would like. Lucas thinks about what Sami would want him to do but he is in so much pain. The bartender asks again as Lucas is silent and tells the bartender to come back to him.

Meanwhile, Will goes home and waits at the apartment. He looks at a picture of himself and his parents and tells himself it will never be the same. Life as they all know it...is over. The scene then freezes on the picture of Sami, Lucas, and Will and then fades to black.




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