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August 13, 2007-PARTY DRAMA!!



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

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-Sami begins to awake from her slumber and looks up at Orpheus, who is watching over her. She angrily asks if he drugged her again. Orpheus says she left him no choice and he will do it again if she doesn't behave. Sami then lashes out at Orpheus, saying her family needs her right now more then ever. She yells out for someone to please help her.

Orpheus puts his hand over her mouth and tells her to behave or he will have to give her some more "medicine." Sami then bites his hand, causing Orpheus to yell out in pain. Sami warns Orpheus he will pay and that she will either escape or be found. Orpheus smiles and says she can think what she likes but she better behave...or else. Orpheus leaves as Sami looks above, telling Eric and Austin she knows they are watching and that they will help her through this. They have to.

-The scene then shifts back to Salem where the celebration in honor of Eric and Sami's life continues at the Brady Pub. Steve is on the phone with the police department, wanting to check in on Chelsea. Hope and Kayla walk over and overhear Steve asking if it's possible for Chelsea to be moved to a more private holding cell. Both Hope and Kayla are puzzled by Steve displaying his concern for Chelsea once again and wonder why he didn't tell them he was calling to check on her.

Steve then hangs up, frustrated that Chelsea has to go through what she is going through. Hope and Kayla confront him, asking why he is once again showing so much concern for Chelsea. Steve reminds them she is his niece. Kayla understands but says it's like he is worrying about his own daughter. Steve gets nervous, which Hope notices.

Steve tells Kayla he just wants to help in any way he can and to prove himself to them all. He was gone for so long that now that he has his life back he just wants to be a man they all can depend on. Kayla embraces him, saying he already is that and he doesn't need to show it. Hope smiles and agrees as a relieved Steve, who is pleased they bought his excuse, looks on.

-Don, Bill, Mike, Alice, and Maggie sit around a table with Julie, who is watching Doug talk to Lucas from afar. Maggie tells Alice they have to do something. Alice smiles and says getting Doug and Julie alone together to talk would be ideal but they would have to lock them up to do that. Maggie smiles as Alice shakes his head, horrified that she just gave her an idea. Maggie looks at Don and Bill and says she will need their help. They both smile and ask if they have a choice. Maggie grins as she shakes her head "no."

-Cassie embraces Rex, saying she is happy to see him. Rex is sorry he can't stay longer. Cassie tells her brother not to be a stranger. He promises he won't be. Marlena comes over with Tony and they all embrace. Marlena thanks them both for being there. Cassie says Sami and Eric were family so it's only right. Tony smiles.

Roman walks over to Stefano and admits being shocked he came to the funerals. Stefano tells Roman he may hate him but he knows what it's like to lose children to death. It's the worst experience in the world and it's something he would wish on no one, not even him. Roman sarcastically says he is touched. Stefano grins and apologizes for Roman's loss. He then tells him to enjoy today as the peace won't last forever. Stefano walks off as Roman looks on.

Anna then comes over to Roman and embraces him, telling him she is sorry for his loss. He thanks her. Marlena comes over and Anna embraces her too. Marlena thanks her for being there. Anna says she wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Don then comes over to give his condolences to Roman and Marlena. Anna excuses herself and walks away, only to bump into Tony.

Tony smiles and tells Anna he has been looking all over for her. Anna says she isn't in the mood. Tony wants to know what is going on with her. Anna looks at him and says she can't deal with him right now. She has some issues to deal with, one of which is Carrie. Tony asks if he can do something to help smooth things over between her and Carrie. Anna gets frustrated and tells Tony nevermind and to just leave her alone. Anna walks off. Tony watches her leave and then looks at Carrie. who is with Belle and is holding Evan. Tony thinks for a moment and decides that a little help on his part couldn't hurt.

-Celeste walks over to Abe and tells him Lexie is all alone. They have a chance to talk to her alone and should take it. Abe agrees. They both approach Lexie, who asks what they want. Abe says they need to talk and admits being worried about her. Lexie tells him not to be and says she doesn't wish to speak with them right now. He asks what is going on and why she hasn't even been around to see Theo. Lexie tells Abe she will arrange to visit Theo but she doesn't want anything to do with him or her mother. She then excuses herself and leaves as a bewildered Abe and Celeste watch her walk away.

-Cal watches Caroline, Roman, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Shane. Kim, Steve, Kayla, Belle, and Carrie all sit around with Martha, Frank, Frankie, Greta, Stephanie, and Max and seems upset. Katherine brings him a drink and reminds him that he promises to behave. Cal's eyes well with tears as he says he knows.

Meanwhile, Bo gets a phone call and excuses himself. Hope watches Bo walk off and notices his getting upset on the phone and wonders what is going on.

-Forrest brings Abby something to drink and asks if she needs anything else. Abby smiles and says she is just fine, especially with him being with her. Max watches from afar as Stephanie comments on how he seems a million miles away. Max says he isn't but he wishes Abby's new guardian angel was. Stephanie says she heard about "Fred" and asks Max why he doesn't seem to like him. Max looks at Stephanie and says he knows he is trouble and that Abby is most likely in alot of trouble. Stephanie's face turns to one of worry.

-Hope notices Bo has hung up and sees him coming back to the table. She says she knows something is wrong and asks what it is. Bo announces to Caroline, Roman, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Shane. Kim, Steve, Kayla, Martha, Frank, Frankie, Greta, Stephanie, Max, Belle, and Carrie that he has good news and bad news about Chelsea. Forrest wheels Abby over as Alice, Maggie, Doug, and Julie all listen intently along with Victor, Philip, Abe, Lexie, Celeste, Stefano, Tony, Anna, Cassie, Rex, Nico, and others.

Bo says the good news is Chelsea isn't going to jail. The bad news is they want to send her to a court-appointed psychiatric center out of state ASAP. Everyone is stunned. Hope asks why and how they can do that. Bo has no idea. Victor looks at Stefano, who looks back coldly at him. Abby is devastated as Forrest promises her he will help in any way he can and that it will be alright. Steve seems very upset and Kayla asks if he is alright. Steve smiles and says he just feels horrible for Chelsea. Hope asks Bo what they can do. Bo embraces her, saying he doesn't know.

Meanwhile, Don comes over to Julie and asks if she would help him with something for Caroline out back. Julie asks why he needs her. Don says she will realize why when she follows him. Julie agrees and leaves with Don. At the same time, Bill asks Doug if he could help him with something out back for Caroline. Doug wonders why he is needed but Bill asks him to just follow and it will become clear. Doug agrees.

Doug and Bill arrive out in the back hall leading outside. They see Don and Doug asks what they need to do. Don then pushes Doug into a supply closet and closes the door behind him, locking it. Doug screams to be let out and a voice then tells him not to bother. They have been set up. Julie comes up behind Doug, who is shocked to see her.

-At the bar, Lucas is having a drink when Bill passes by, saying he is grateful it's not alcohol. Lucas says Sami would want him to stay sober, for Will's sake. Bill agrees. He tells Lucas he is happy to have come for a visit yet again because it gives him a chance to see him. Lucas smiles and tells his father thank you for coming back to support him. They embrace, as Bill tells him anytime.

Kate then comes over, with Will behind her. Will is begging Kate to just leave his dad alone. Kate says she has a right to comfort her own son and grandson. Bill warns Kate to back off right now but she won't listen. Kate tells Lucas she knows he is upset with her and has been for some time. However, she is still his mother and she knows he needs her. Lucas looks at her and says he doesn't need this. He then gets up, walks away, and leaves the Pub. A angry Will sarcastically thanks Kate for making things worse. Will walks off, leaving a frustrated Kate behind, who asks Bill what she did wrong. Bill simply shakes his head.

Just then, Nicole bursts in, yelling for them all to look at her. Everyone in the Pub focuses their eyes on her. They notice she is drunk. Victor approaches Nicole and tells her not to do this. Nicole tells Victor to get the hell away from her.

Nicole: I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!! Do you all hear me? Listen to me...NOW!!!

Everyone in the room watches Nicole become unhinged before their very eyes as the scene freezes on her face and fades to black.




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