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August 1, 2007




-At Sami's apartment, Will is making a sandwich and asks if Lucas wants one. Lucas is still by the fireplace and is now looking at an album full of pictures of Sami. Will worries when Lucas doesn't respond to his voice after he has called to him several times. He goes over to his father, who doesn't even glance up at him. He asks Lucas if he is ok. Lucas still doesn't answer as he stares at the photo album and turns the page.

A worried Will walks off and then realizes his father needs help. He doesn't want him to snap or retreat from reality. He realizes he needs his grandmother, Marlena, and hopes she is strong enough to help. He knows she is upset and that it's a bad time but he has no choice as he has no other ideas as to how to help his father. Will realizes he is better off going to see his grandma Marlena as Lucas may stop him if he calls. He quietly sneaks off and leaves the apartment while Lucas isn't even phased.

-At the Horton house, Alice and Maggie sit with Julie over some coffee and dough nuts. Julie comments on how Alice's dough nuts always seem to make things better but they aren't working today. She has lost Doug forever because of her actions. Maggie is sure Doug just needs some time. Alice agrees and adds that she has already spoken with Doug. She knows he still loves Julie. He just needs time to heal and then they can work things out. Julie isn't so sure and adds that she has never seen Doug so angry. She just has a feeling it's over this time.

Meanwhile, at University Hospital, Marlena is trying to get a hold of Roman on her room phone but fails. Doug enters, asking Marlena if she is up for visitors. Marlena is happy to see him and tells him to please come in. Doug apologizes for her losses. Marlena thanks him and they embrace. Marlena asks how he is holding up. Doug says it's hard coming to terms with what Maggie and Julie did. He apologizes to Marlena for the fire being pinned on her. Marlena says it's nothing. Everything was crazy at that time. She assures Doug there are bigger problems. She also adds that Julie loves him and people make mistakes. She is sure both Maggie and Julie are sorry.

Doug admits he knows that they feel remorse but Julie deliberately disobeyed him and she helped Victor with covering up the details of the fire. Marlena asks Doug if Julie's involvement with Victor is the real issue for him based on Julie's history with Victor. Doug tells Marlena that Julie called him on that and he told her that had no influence on his thinking. Marlena looks at him and asks if he lied to Julie. Doug reluctantly admits it bothered him a bit but he just thinks Victor is dangerous, now more then ever with his war with Stefano. He doesn't want Maggie or Julie around him.

-At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor comes downstairs as Greta is waiting for him on the couch. Henderson has just brought her some tea. Greta thanks him, as does Victor. Victor thanks Greta for coming and waiting. It's been such a busy day and he was needed at the courthouse. Greta understands. She was busy at The Spectator too. She feels horrible for Chelsea but is happy for Maggie and Julie. Victor agrees. He then says it's time to get down to business. He asks Greta if she is ready to tell him everything. Greta nods and first shows Victor the lab tests she had done last summer proving her to be his daughter.

Greta explains that Stefano told her on the island last summer and she had it checked out when she returned home to Salem. Victor believes it's legit and asks for the whole story. Greta tells Victor she found an excerpt from her mother's diary in Stefano's lair on the island. He had a file on her and her mother. She shows Victor the copy of the excerpt. Greta assumes Stefano kept it to use it for some purpose. Victor thinks she is right as he could hold it over his head.

Greta: Anyway, the story goes that my mother went to the Grand Duchess Broudeux's ball. Stefano and you were there. My mother had been having an affair with John, who was then Stefano's mercenary. Stefano had not known but he was starting to get suspicious. John wanted to end the affair as he was worried about my mother getting hurt by Stefano. My mother would not have it. She loved John and knew he loved her. John would not back down either so my mother decided she had to figure out a way to hold on to John at all costs. She came up with the idea to get pregnant. See...she had been using protection to preserve her reputation as the princess. She went off the protection a few days before the ball as her plan was to meet John before the ball. However, John did not come and meet her. He had taken on a mission for Stefano and did not know when he would return. He wrote her a letter saying he may never return anyway. He explained that he might just work for Stefano from afar.

Victor: So, she could not meet with John. How did she end up with me?

Greta: Her presence was needed at the ball and my mother was determined not to lose John. Stefano's suspicions had also become worse. He confronted her that day after learning of John staying in her room one night and was quite upset. My mother was worried for what he may do so she came up with this idea. At the ball, she would find a man to spend the night with in hopes of conceiving a child. It would be a man she took advantage of and there would be no strings attached. First, though, she had to sleep with Stefano since she had already been sleeping with John.

Victor: Why?

Greta: Because her plan was to get pregnant that day while off her protection ASAP. She was hoping to conceive a child at the ball. Her plan was to act as if the baby could be both Stefano's or John. She would tell Stefano it was his and write to John, saying it is his but that she is lying about it being Stefano's to force him off their backs. She would be protected and would have a hold over John. Hours before the ball, she flirted with Stefano and knew exactly what he liked. She knew she could work her magic on him after he had a few glasses of Brandi. It always relaxed him, she said. She seduced Stefano, who always had a thing for my mother. He was fascinated by her beauty and elegance. Later that night, she went to the ball. She had nearly completed her task and was searching for the perfect man. Many men were intimidated by her because of her being seen with Stefano, who was feared by many. She found one guy and opted to select him.

Victor: What happened?

Greta: She slipped him a mickey but you drank the glass by mistake. You had been sitting at the table near this man. He put his drink down on your table. I guess he wasn't thinking or something. My mother saw what was happening but couldn't stop it. She tried to get over to you but the crowd got in her way and, by time she did, you had drank the whole glass. She realized it would have to be you. She described you as being completely out of it and she didn't walk over to meet you until, as she says, your eyes were half shut. She took you to a hotel suite nearby and that is how I was conceived. She left after the deed was done and paid someone to take your passed out body back to the ball. You were left on a lounge chair outside the hotel where the ball was being held.

Victor is looking at the excerpt from Gina's diary and realizes it falls in line with what Greta told him. Victor is stunned and says he doesn't remember any of that. Greta asks if he is saying he doesn't believe her.

Meanwhile, Philip is upstairs in his room. He thinks about his helping Orpheus kidnap Victor and how his father and so many others nearly died on the ship. He also recalls his father being suspicious of him afterwards. Philip worries about his father or anyone else finding out and begins to contemplate leaving Salem.

-Back at the Horton house, Alice tells Julie to just have faith and to pray. It will all work out if she just believes it will and if she believes in the love between Doug and herself. Maggie agrees. Julie begins to cry as she says she wishes she could do that but she can't. She just has this feeling it's over this time...for good. Maggie embraces her as a sympathetic Alice looks on.

-Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Philip realizes it will be too obvious if he leaves Salem. He has to think of something else. He brainstorms for awhile and comes up with an idea. He decides to kiss up to Victor and make himself into the perfect son. He needs to get back into his father's good graces, forcing him to not even think about his involvement with Orpheus. He admits Victor may think his change of heart means he is guilty of something but thinks this is the best way to go. He decides to go downstairs and get to work right away on convincing his father that he is ready to be a true and worthy son to him again.

Meanwhile, Victor tells Greta he believes her. It's just all overwhelming. Greta is glad. She stands up and asks if she should call him father now. Victor asks what she wants. Greta admits she isn't sure she is ready to let this out publicly, especially with her being a princess and his business dealings. Victor understands. Greta adds that she doesn't want any part of Victor mafia life. Victor understands again and says he is happy to oblige. He feels like he is getting a second chance at raising a daughter. He never really got the chance with Isabella and, even when he did, he ended up making promises he couldn't keep. He doesn't want to fail this time.

Greta smiles and says they will both make it work. She is sure they will get along fine as long as they both understand each other. Greta tells Victor she needs to get going. He thanks her for coming over and explaining everything and asks if she would be available for lunch tomorrow. He would like to start bonding with her. Greta says she will have to see and tells Victor she will call him. Victor nods and then holds out his arms, asking her for a hug. Greta smiles and hesitantly embraces him. They then say their goodbyes as she leaves. Outside, Greta smiles and admits that went well and start to believe things could work out with her and Victor.

Back inside the mansion, Victor asks Henderson where Philip is. Henderson says he is up in his room. Victor thanks him as Philip comes downstairs, saying he heard Victor asking about him. Victor says he just wanted to know where he was. Philip nods and then says he does have something he has to say. Philip apologizes to Victor for all the mistakes he made after returning from San Francisco. He was just bitter and angry. He also apologizes for the harsh things he said to him. He promises not to embarrass him or the family name again and insists he will follow his every instruction. He will prove to him that he is worthy of being his son and the future leader of the Kiriakis empire.

Victor is impressed and suspicious and asks why Philip is having this change of heart. Philip admits that the near-death experience on the ship changed him for the better. He just wants to make amends and get his life on track. He tells Victor he is being legit and he will prove himself. He tells Victor he will see. Philip gives his dad a hug and says he will see him later as he has an appointment to go to for his leg. Victor nods and says they will talk later. Philip leaves as a suspicious Victor wonders what Philip is up to.

-Back at University Hospital, Marlena understands what Doug is saying but urges him to give it some time and to not make any rash decisions. Doug insists he won't and tells Marlena he has intruded on her enough. He thanks her for talking to him and trying to help him with all she is going through. Marlena says they go back a long time and it's no problem. Doug tells Marlena he is happy to have her back. They embrace as he tells her to be strong and to call him if she needs anything. Marlena tells him to do the same. Doug smiles as he says goodbye and leaves.

Meanwhile, Abe is leading a team of men down by the pier and tells them to spread out and canvas the area. Abe radios to Shane, who is searching the park and says he has nothing. Abe then radios to Bo and Hope, who are searching Salem Place and the surrounding area. Bo says they have nothing and tell Abe that Steve is searching on the west side of Salem and has nothing. Abe tells Bo they are running out of places to look and he is beginning to get very worried about Roman, especially with the state he is in. Bo agrees and just prays that Roman is ok as there is no telling what he is capable of when he like this.

-Back at the hospital, Marlena tries calling Roman again but fails. She then thinks about calling Bo and checking on the search but decides she is sick of sitting around and waiting. It's time she does something as it isn't like she is recovering from something physically. She remembers she has a session with Barbara soon but insists that will have to wait. She needs to find her husband. The family needs him. She needs him. Marlena gets out of bed and begins getting dressed, telling Roman she is coming and that she will find him. Then, they can help each other mourn their lost children.

The scene then fades out on Marlena's determined face and then fades to black.




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