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Thursday, July 12, 2007



Our Days in Salem Episode #10 – Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jeremy has been taken in for questioning. In the interrogation room…

“You know,” Hope begins, “I opened my home to you- my home with a little girl in it, because you are family, Jeremy. Mike and Jenn are like siblings to me. Perhaps you just didn’t know any better, but here’s the newsflash – the DiMeras are bad news. They’re not just a bunch of punks out for money. No, they’re not like you. You see; there is a vendetta between our families. They’re not stupid. They know you’re a Horton. They will use you up until they bleed you dry.”

“I can take care of myself, auntie Hope,” Jeremy says bitingly, “I grew up in a war zone, in case you’ve forgotten. I know how to get by just fine. So, if we’re done here…”

“We’re not- not even close.”

At the Brady Pub, Bo sits Max down, and asks his little brother what he thinks he was doing. Max said he needed money. Chelsea and Stephanie got him involved. He trusted it because Stephanie did. Bo asks about Chelsea. He says that she wasn’t exactly leaning towards the idea at first… “In fact, Chelsea wanted me to have Frankie look the contract over.” Bo wonders why he didn’t. Max tells him that the contract seemed legit. If not for Jett, he would have been in for one wild ride of a scam.

“Listen, Bo, Chelsea and Stephanie- they’re not in any trouble, are they?”

Back at the department…

Roman invites Jett into his office.

“I have to hand it to you, Carver. It seems to be in your blood. I just wonder why you never involved the local authorities…”

He tells Roman that, no offense, but his investigation was too important to trust a foreign police department. One of the reasons he became a cop was because of on-going problem of corruption and abuse of power. He had to do this his way. Roman respects this, but points out that he was quick to tell Max exactly what was going on.

Back at the Pub…

Bo insists that the girls are fine. They weren’t up to their necks in the behind the scenes stuff. Max sighs, grateful that they’ll be spared. So is Bo, admittedly. The last thing Chelsea needs is more trouble, and Steve and Kayla need nothing if a break from it, too.

Bo wonders, though: “Max, you’re a good kid. What was wrong with the garage?”

Hope smiles, asking if Jeremy is scared. Jeremy puts up his best front, but she sees right through him.

“You were getting money out of this venture, but the question is, what was the DiMera family getting out of this? Was it just another game with another witless family member? They had an agenda too, Jeremy, and you, my dearest cousin, are going to help me find out what it is. Unless, of course, you’d rather spending some quality time with the big boys —behind bars.”

Max admits that he missed the thrill of racing. Bo asks why he doesn’t go back. He tells him that he doesn’t want to put himself out there like that, not after the accident. Bo reminds him “there are plenty of real good professions out there that can feed your taste for danger. In fact, if you’re so worried about the DiMeras, maybe you should look into the, uh, family ‘business’”

Max laughs. He asks if Bo seriously thinks he could be a cop. Bo says he certainly has the street smarts. He just wants Max to promise that he won’t do something this stupid again. He does, and Bo leaves. Max let’s Bo’s suggestion roll off his back.

In Roman’s office, Jett insists that he wanted the investigation to be as clean cut as it could be. He could tell that Max was the kind of guy who could help him out- someone on the outside, with the right smarts.

Roman admits that Jett is right. Max would probably make a damned good cop. He tells Jett that he’s lucky he has such good instincts. “It’s like you said- it’s in my blood,” smiles Jett.

Hope puts Jeremy on the spot. He says that he’ll do it, but wonders what’s in it for him.

“No jail time,” Hope promises. “Do we have a deal?” Reluctantly, Jeremy and Hope shake on it.

Next on…


-Stefano wonders where Lexie's new outlook leaves Abe
-Jett learns Abe is in the hospital
-Stephanie meets Benjy
-Anna proves she's up to no good


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Wait... What happened to the scene of Caroline and Stephanie at the pub? Why didn't today's show pick up from that? We still don't know why Caroline wanted Stephanie there, do we? :blink:

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