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Friday, July 13, 2007

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Our Days in Salem Episode 11 – Thursday, July 12, 2007

“Rolf, how is he?” Lexie persists.

“Your father needs his rest,” he insists. She’s curious whether she should trust Rolf, given their history. She asks if she may see him. He allows it.

She apologizes for her insolence, but needs him to understand that she’s so sick and tired of being walked all over by everyone. He asks if this means that she’s ready to move on from Abe, at last?

Jett stops by the Carver place unaware that Abe is in the hospital. As the doorbell rings, the scene switches to indoors…

In the Carver residence, Celeste is sitting Theo down for lunch. Hearing the doorbell, she tells him that she’ll be right back. At the door, she sees a young man she does not recognize. “May I help you?”

“Yes- does an Abe Carver live here?” Celeste tells him yes, but wonders who is asking. Jett introduces himself, leaving Celeste wide-eyed with shock.

Stephanie looks up, surprised to see her parents here. She glares daggers towards Caroline. Kayla greets her mother, who asks about their guest. Steve tells Stephanie that they have someone they want her to meet.

After she asks who he is, Kayla introduces Benjy and explains his condition. Stephanie remembers, but asks how she’s supposed to talk to him. She doesn’t know sign language; she doesn’t have the patience. Steve tells her to slow down, telling her that Benjy has mastered the art of lip-reading.

Knowing he can’t speak, Stephanie remains unsure. Stepping forward to introduce herself, she looks him square in the eye and says, “Hi, Benjy. It’s nice to meet you. I’m…Stephanie Johnson.”

Lexie cannot believe that Stefano isn’t past that. If she remains married to the police commander that is her prerogative. Stefano points out that Abe limits this freedom she so desires, pointing out that she always strays.

“How dare you,” she stews, telling him that he might as well call her a slut. Stefano tells his daughter that she simply has never found the right man for her, and for her to keep going back to Abe hurts everyone around her. “It hurts Theodore, it hurts me, it hurts your mother… even you, Alexandra. Why won’t you even consider it?”

The good doctor tells her father that this conversation is over. She needs to go see her husband in the hospital. He tells her to say hello for him, with a laugh. She grumbles about being ridiculed, showing herself out.

As if knowing she doesn’t know how to sign, he nods and pats her shoulder with a smile, almost lipping a “you too” as Caroline leads him to a seat. Bizarre though the circumstances, Stephanie smiles to herself, as they all sit down.

“There’s that smile. It’s been a while since I saw that, you know,” Steve says, and Stephanie immediately sours. “Oh come on, Stephanie. No one likes a sour puss.”

Stephanie gets up in frustration and excuses herself. She goes over to the bar, upset so she starts to hum to herself. Shawn asks how some of that lemonade sounds now, and Stephanie tells her grandfather that she could use the distraction, and thanks him.

“I’m sorry to have startled you,” Jett tells Celeste, but she apologizes. She says he’s free to come on in. He asks when his uncle can be expected back. She reveals she’s not sure, as he’s in the hospital.

Jett is taken aback by this tidbit of information, and asks what’s wrong. Celeste assures him that he was only in for a procedure. Jett digs deeper, and learns about Abe’s bout with blindness.

He had no idea, asking what the doctors have said. “You know what, let’s go to the hospital, and you can see for yourself.”

Anna arrives at the mansion to see Stefano. He asks about Tony. She says that everything that money can guarantee is being done to ensure he’s out of there soon. Stefano damns Roman Brady, saying he should be rotting in hell.

Anna, who obviously still cares for Roman, asks Stefano why he never disposed of her ex-husband. "It's all part of the game. No adversary has been quite as fun as Roman."

She asks him what his next move is. He tells her it’s about time to consult the chessboard.


Next on…


-Benjy becomes suspicious of Steve and Kayla
-Lucas and Sami commiserate over EJ’s place in their lives
-Kate railroads John over his latest decisions regarding Mythic and Basic Black
-Nick tells Maggie he’s moving out
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Great work.

I am really liking this set up with Stephanie and Benjy. Maybe he is the one to turn her into a mature adult. Stefano consulting the chess board......excellent. That is the Stefano I love, also referring to his "game" with Roman.

Keep this up, my friend. You are really doing some great work here.

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