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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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Our Days in Salem Episode #9 – Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stefano is sitting at his chessboard, deep in thought. The doorbell rings, and Bart announces his guests—daughter, Lexie, and former paramour, Celeste.

“Very good,” Stefano tells his brainless servant, “Show them to me at once.”

Upon her entrance, Stefano can see despite her ravishing glow, that Lexie is still rattled by her experience in the tunnels. His heart breaks for her, attempting to go to her and comfort her. Celeste reminds him fiercely that no matter what he’ll have them believe, she holds him responsible for what happened to their darling daughter.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie (role now being played by Shayna Rose) struts in from the kitchen with Caroline in toe; she asks her grandmother if there’s anything else she’s needed for. Caroline asks her not to be hasty.

“Have a seat,” Caroline tells her. Stephanie wants to know what’s going on. Caroline tells her to just sit down for five minutes and talk to her. “It won’t kill you.” Stephanie tosses her long hair over her shoulder, annoyed by her grandmother’s assertion. Caroline asks if she can get Stephanie anything to drink, but Stephanie declines. Caroline says she’ll return in a moment and not to go anywhere.

Adrienne walks into the Hudson Street Diner, glancing about. She sees Hope, who is tending to Ciara.

Hope thanks Adrienne for coming. The redhead wants to know what’s going on. Hope tells her that she needs a favor.

Stefano asks Lexie to look him in the eye. She won’t. As he’s explained to Celeste, he insists he had nothing to do with what happened to her. “It is your demented brother, Tony, who is to be held responsible for what has happened here. And make no mistake. He will be made to repent.”

Lexie, still not looking at him, asks why she ever believed him, and why she should believe him now. Stefano tells her that he is her father. “Father?” Lexie scoffs. “A father is supposed to protect his children. Have you ever done that? Have you?!” She gets in his face, angry and wild. “I know all about your history, Father, and not once did I ever stop to question it. Your influence filled me like a poison, and I am one of the few survivors. It started with Megan, and you couldn’t give her the respect to mourn her, you had to blame someone and shed more blood! You played games with Tony and Renée, and allowed her to be killed in your game against Roman, Benjy hates you and fears you, Peter’s in jail, because of the things you pushed him to do, and Kristen is dead! Tony and I are the only ones left standing, and barely – oh, but Elvis. Dear sweet Elvis- yet one more in a long line of pawn-children. It’s just too bad he never got with Sami, because life with that bitch would be a lot safer than an eternity with you!”

She motions to slap him, but he grabs her wrist.


Outside of the Pub, Steve and Kayla stroll along with Benjy. He’s quiet, not talking. Kayla manages to get out of him that as long as he’s free he’s not safe, and neither is Sonia and his child.

Steve promises Benjy that as long as he’s with them, he’ll be safe. Benjy signs angrily, telling him not to make promises he can’t keep. He goes inside, leaving Steve and Kayla outside alone. Kayla worries that they can’t pull this off, but Steve kisses her for confidence, and they follow the man they nearly adopted.

Adrienne asks what she can do.

Hope mentions the Airline bust. She says that the kids need to learn real responsibility, and she heard that Basic Black is under new management. Adrienne sees where this is going. Hope understands if Adrienne’s hesitant, but she explains that she doesn’t have to worry about it until the police investigation is wrapped. Depending on where that leaves the kids- Hope just wants to know if they’ll be able to have something to keep them busy and out of trouble.

“Hope, you can count on me. I’ve seen how Jeremy and Stephanie operate. I know just how in line they need to be put.”

Stefano stands there, unflinching, gripping her wrist firmly, but not violently. “Are you finished, Alexandra?” She is repulsed how unphased he has by this terror he has brought upon his own family. Once she rips her arm free of his grip, she tells him that he can blame Tony for what happened, but he brought it on all by himself. He grows enraged by her accusations, but before he can do anything, he falls victim to another coughing spell.

Lexie attempts to help him, but he demands that she go get Rolf. “I appreciate your devotion to your profession, my darling, despite the venom you have just spit in my direction, but, forgive me, given circumstances…” She is outraged that he doesn’t trust her not to make a dire mistake. He assures that he only wants to be cautious. She’s suspicious, but can’t bear to see him so helpless, so she does leaves to get Rolf. While Celeste helps him to settle, she warns him that if he is playing them all once more, that he won’t live to regret it. He has a chuckle at Celeste’s threat, and tells her “Don’t get your tail feathers all ruffled, hmm? We are a family.”

Next on…


-Jett admits his part in busting Jeremy
-Bo gets to the bottom of Max’s involvement
-Max considers his future
-Hope turns the tables on Jeremy
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Damn! I loved the Stefano and Lexie scenes. That needs to be done on the show ASAP.

So glad to see Shayna Rose back in her role. Shelley, who?

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