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Wednesday, July 4, 2007 (Part 2)

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Disclaimer: The July 4th episode continues... I do apologize for the length, but from family moments to plotted drama, it all makes for a great event. I hope you enjoy!

Our Days in Salem Episode #8 – Wednesday, July 4, 2007 Part 2...

Inside, Nick arrives with Billie. Chelsea isn’t sure how to take this. He takes her aside, telling her that he knows that for her, he and Billie’s one night is still a big deal and that, he thinks until the two begin to mend their relationship, it will continue to be an obstacle. He goes on to tell her that bringing Billie wasn’t his idea. Hope tells Chelsea that he’s right, because it was hers. Chelsea doesn’t understand. Hope tells her stepdaughter that, while she’s loved being able to provide a motherly role for her while she licks her wounds, she won’t be a replacement for Billie. Chelsea excuses herself and runs off. Nick wants to go after her, but Billie stops him, saying that the time isn’t right.

“Hey Nick, why don’t you use the phone, and give your parents a call?” Nick asks if she’s sure that would be okay, with the long distance. “You’re family. That’s what this day is all about, for everyone – near and far.” In a series of flashbacks, many from the 80’s and early 90’s, those who are not able to attend are remembered...including:

Jack (Matt Ashford), Jennifer (Missy Reeves), Abby (Ashley Benson), Marie (Lana Saunders), Bill (Edward Mallory), Laura (Rosemary Forsyth), Melissa (Lisa Trusel), Sarah (Aimee Brooks), Carrie (Christie Clark), Austin (Patrick Muldoon), Jessica (Jean Bruce Scott), Josh (Scott Palmer), and of course, Tom (Macdonald Carey), fading into a somberly smiling Alice. Nick says he’ll go make that call.

Just then, Maggie comes in, saying she has a surprise. Hope was wondering why Nick was here and she wasn’t yet. They all wonder what the surprise is. She’s brought Mickey (once again played by John Clarke). He tells Alice how good she looks and embraces her warmly, tears in both their eyes.

Kayla pulls Billie aside and asks if she thinks it’s wise that she be here. Billie says that she questioned it, at first, but she had to come. In fact, she wants to talk to her and Steve. Kayla wonders why, seeming wary. Billie tells her to help her find Steve, and she’ll tell them both. Steve walks in, wondering if his ears should be burning. Billie explains to them about the safe house, and finding Benjy. “That explains Roman’s disappearance,” Kayla says, and Steve agrees. “Guess we’ll have to give the little Dude a visit soon. Think the DiMeras will bust him out before we get the chance, Sweetness?” Kayla hopes not, and excuses herself to make a call.


Caroline announces that dinner is served and the gatherers all flock outside to the long picnic table that’s been set up. Shawn makes an announcement before the feast may begin, saying how this celebration had been put on hold in years’ past, because of the terror of the DiMera family, and suggests that they toast to the strength of the two families gathered. They do and the feast begins.

There is some good fun and discussion over dinner, with memories of past picnics. There is plenty of laughter and smiles amongst the guests.


Afterwards, people begin to gather for the fireworks display. Roman arrives just in time to help the set-up. Marlena corners him and interrogates him about Anna. He tells her that she cancelled on him at the last minute. Marlena shares her concerns, and Roman wouldn’t put it past Anna to do something rash.

Kayla asks her brother what the deal with Benjy was. He tells her not to talk too loudly, as it’s police business. She reminds him that Benjy was always like a son to her, and after what he’s did…she just wants to understand what’s happened. He promises that she and Steve will get their chance. Steve hopes the DiMeras don’t swoop in and get Benjy out of there before they can.


Couples gather together to watch the display of fireworks…Bo and Hope with Ciara, John and Marlena, Mickey and Maggie, Steve and Kayla, Shawn and Belle with Claire, Shawn and Caroline, Doug and Julie, Stephanie and Jeremy, Nick and Chelsea (who seem tentative)… others, without a loved one to share it with share pensive moments…Adrienne thinks of Justin and the boys… Max thinks of Abby and runs off. Billie wonders if she’ll always be alone… Roman thinks of Anna and shakes his head. Alice takes a moment to remember those who have left them forever…Tom, Addie, Zach…and Colleen.


Kayla, back from her phone call, sees Max, who seems to be in a rush and not paying attention to where he’s going. She asks what’s wrong. “I just got a call from Frankie,” she smiles and asks how he’s doing. A bit preoccupied, Max says he’s fine, but that he’s got a bit of a situation. She asks what wrong and he tells her that Frankie informed him of something that’s not going to make very many people happy. Max’s upset seems to gather attention, and especially from Jeremy. The two men lock eyes and Max crosses the lawn to grab Jeremy by the collar, asking him what he thinks he was playing at. Kayla tries to calm her brother, but he reveals that Jeremy is in cahoots with the DiMeras – as everyone looks shocked and appalled from across the table. Just as this happens, Anna walks in on Tony’s arm. Marlena holds John back, as the family looks on in terror and shock of this turn of events.

Alice clears her throat, beckoning Tony to her. Everyone watches, chilled to the bone, afraid of what he might do. Sami and Will holds Lucas back. Tony explains to Alice and everyone that he is here as Anna’s guest, and nothing more. Shawn comes forward and tells him that no DiMera, guest or not, is welcome. Maybe at one time they could have been – the sun set on that time long ago. Tony simply laughs at the implied threat…

Next on…


-Steve and Kayla pay a visit to Benjy

-Roman and Anna clash over Tony

-Hope asks John a favor

-Lucas or EJ? The results are in!

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Good job!!

Don't apologize for the length. Sometimes episodes have to be long to get your vision out there and to do what you want to do right.

It's not about the length. It's about the quality and this was definitely quality. Good work, again.

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