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Wednesday, July 4, 2007 (Part 1)

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Disclaimer: This is my first big event, and thus it is going to be a bit long. There is a lot of resolution and drama and family moments, all of which were too important to me not to include. I hope you enjoy the episode! Part 2 will follow...

Our Days in Salem Episode #8 – Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Bo and Hope’s is already milling with excitement. They each have their share of helpers. Belle and Chelsea are inside, helping Hope in the kitchen.

Jeremy (now played by Michael Graziadei), Max, and Shawn-D are outside helping Bo with the heavy lifting, to get things in place for the day’s festivities while John has to be told to take it easy. “You’re recovering from a coma, John; contrary to popular belief, it’s not like you just took a really, really… really long nap,” Marlena reminds him lovingly. They kiss, as she leaves to go inside.

Meanwhile, Jeremy has nothing to do but complain. Shawn tells him to buck up and get used to it. “The sooner you do, the happier we’ll all be.” Jeremy decides to fall silent and just keep going.

Steve shows up, and he lock an eye with Jeremy’s. Bo tells him that he got here right on time. He asks about Kayla, and Steve explains that his favorite ladies are inside to give “the old lady” some assistance. He and Bo have a playful exchange where the copper warns his patched friend to watch who he calls old.



Hope is happy to see Kayla, telling her she looks wonderful. The time away obviously was good for Kayla, who says that it might just feel good to be back for a change. Hope tells her she’s confident that Steve is back. “And it’s all thanks to you,” adds Adrienne. Kayla tells her that Steve informed her of how she tried to help him with Stephanie, and she’s grateful.

“Talking about me behind my back? Tsk, tsk, Mom,” chides a sarcastic Stephanie. Hope asks Chelsea to keep an eye on the food while “the big girls” go tend to some other problems. Stephanie is as ungrateful as ever, and Chelsea tells her to cool it. The big shot rolls her eyes, saying that this whole thing is just lame.

Belle obviously takes offense to her attitude, and starts to reel it in. “Well, that’s certainly a far cry from the Stephanie I met last year. What happened to you?” Belle pauses and adds that she doesn’t want to know, but if she doesn’t want to be here, she can either fake it really well, or she can just leaves, and she’s sure no one at this celebration would feel differently. Chelsea agrees with Belle, telling Stephanie that “you can’t just get your way by kicking and screaming and gyrating your body, so get over it, or get out.”


In the other room...

Hope offers Kayla some comfort. She’s obviously upset. Kayla says that it never gets easier for your daughter to hate you. Adrienne cuts in, saying she doesn’t hate Kayla. She’s just acting out. “I think we all know what that’s like,” cracks Hope with a raised brow and smirk. The other two laugh, and then there is crying heard.

Hope gets up to tend Ciara, but Kayla insists she hasn’t seen enough of her little niece.



Kayla peeks in on Ciara and Claire. Marlena has calmed Ciara and is holding Claire. Kayla tries to back out of the room, but Marlena sees her. There is a moment of icy awkwardness between the two ladies. Kayla tries to break the ice, telling Marlena that it’s great to have John back. Marlena can’t bring herself to meet Kayla’s eye. She kisses Claire on the forehead and sets her down with her playthings. “Excuse me.” Kayla watches Marlena leave with a sigh. Since Ciara is awake, she decides to take her and bring her downstairs.



Adrienne and Hope are left to talk. There is silence for a moment. Adrienne says that she wants to apologize for being so secretive when Kayla went to Tinda Lau. Hope understands that she was scared for her big brother. Hope’s just glad that she came forward after all. If she hadn’t, who knows what might have happened. Adrienne admits that she feels a bit out of place back in Salem, and especially after the trouble she’s caused. Hope tells her to stop- she’s family. “That doesn’t always mean a whole lot,” Adrienne points out.

Hope smiles, remembering Bo and Justin’s icy relationship, choosing not to allow Adrienne to dwell on darker times. “Where are Justin and the boys?” Hope asks. Adrienne smiles, saying that work keeps Justin traveling, and, as for the kids, they’re all away at different schools, working hard to all do different things. Hope imagines it’s difficult as a mother, but knows she must be proud. Adrienne admits that she is.

The doorbell rings and Hope laughs about it being “grand central station” as she goes to answer it and Adrienne goes into the kitchen. Doug, Julie, and Alice have arrived. Hope shares a wonderful reunion with her great-grandmother, and Alice chides her for not stopping by for doughnuts. Hope smiles and Alice laughs, telling her how much she’s missed this.

Kayla comes down with Ciara, and the women are instantly charmed. Hope takes her fairly immediately and spoils her with attention. Alice gets a familiar look in her eye and Hope smiles. “May I?” the Horton matriarch asks, and Hope is more than happy to oblige. Alice, Hope, Julie, and Ciara share a picture-perfect moment. Hope wishes her mother could have been alive to see this. Alice assures her that Addie is looking down with Tom and little Zach, and all of the other loved ones who are no longer with them.


Outside, Marlena is doing her best to keep John in line. Her phone rings. It’s Anna. “Marlena, thank God,” Anna gasps. “Where are you?” Marlena tells her. “Is Roman there?” Marlena tells her she hasn’t their ex-husband. This doesn’t make Anna very happy. Marlena suggest she come over, sure Roman will be by soon. “That’s just it. He’s supposed to be picking me up!” Marlena promises she’ll do what she can.

Once the two ladies have hung up, Marlena calls Bo over. When asked about Roman, he said there was an emergency at the station. Marlena expresses her concern, regarding Roman’s possibly blowing his second chance with Anna. Bo informs Marlena that if Roman were interested in Anna again (and stresses this is a very big if) and if Anna were interested in him, then she’d know what to expect. After all, they were married. Marlena understands where Bo is coming from, but knowing Anna like she does, she’s sure she’ll take it personal and retaliate somehow.

“Someone talking about me?” Sami has arrived with Lucas and Will. They all laugh and greet her and her crew.

Shawn comes over and asks about Claire, since he knows Marlena went in to see her. The good doc says that both girls are doing just fine. Shawn’s grateful, but wants to see for himself. Bo tells the “Sailor Man” to beat it and go check on his kid. The adults will hold the fort down. Shawn thanks him. As he goes off, Bo notices Jeremy and Max being awfully friendly. “Speaking of which, I’m not sure I’m liking those too being so buddy-buddy. Excuse me.”

Steve comes over just as Bo leaves. Steve, intending on more good times snarking with his Brady bud, turns to leave, but Marlena stops him. Marlena tells him that Hope told her about what happened down at the mansion, what he did for the family. She tells him that it’s good to have him back. He’s not so sure she means that. John tells him not to push his luck. “That’s cool, dude. I get it. It’s not easy to trust me, given circumstances,” Steve says. He accepts Marlena’s generous appreciation all the same. He wonders how John feels. John says that if he hadn’t been put in similar positions over the years, he might be so forgiving. John thinks he’s lucky he got out when he did. Steve decides to go see what’s up with Maxwell and his little friend.

John asks Marlena if she’s okay. She tells him about her run-in with Kayla earlier. He comforts her and says that she knows what he’s going to tell her. “Time heals all wounds,” she smiles, and the embrace. They go inside.

Meanwhile, Jeremy has some questions for Max. Max tells him that he’s enlisted Frankie’s help after all. He knows better than to jump into bed with business partners blindly. As a Brady, he’s got lots of enemies, and both he and Stephanie almost got killed last fall because of it. Jeremy tells him that time is not something they have. If they don’t have something soon, the deal will fall through. Max promises he’s working on it. Bo asks what he’s working on.

They feign innocence, but Bo sees through their lies. “I smell a rat, Beauregard,” Steve adds, sniffing with disapproval towards Jeremy and Bo pulls Max aside, asking that his little bro promise him he’s not involved in anything shady. He tells Bo that’s exactly what he’s trying to find out. Steve asks Bo what they should do. He tells Steve to lay off, but issues them both a warning. “It would break mom’s heart if I have to arrest you, kid,” he tells Max and, “if I catch one whiff of you being up to your neck in trouble, like Julie suspects, you’ll be out of this place faster than you can blink, understand me?” he warns Jeremy.


To be continued...

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