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April 10, 2007

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-In the woods, Katherine is still stunned by what she sees in front of her. We then see a that a small clearing in the woods has been decorated with twinkling lights. A table is set up for dinner with champaigne and romantic music is playing. Katherine asks Cal if this is what he was up to. Cal says he was and that he got one of the locals to help him. Cal tells Katherine it's time to show her how much he loves her.

-Lucas and Sami are laying in bed, discussing Marie's funeral and how beautiful the service was. Lucas thanks Sami again for being by his side. Sami says she would be nowhere else. She loves him and Will needed her too. Besides, the Horton's have always been good to her and her family.

They then begin discussing all the pain and suffering that has been inflicted on Salem in the past year. Sami wonders how much more they can all take. Her mother is in a psych ward, Carrie is falling apart, and Will is having problems that he won't tell them about. Lucas agrees with Sami and says he is glad she brought up Will because it reminds him of something he wants to talk to her about. He feels it's time to take action to find out what is going on with Will. It's just been too long to continue to leave him be. Sami agrees and says she thinks she may have an idea on how to get answers.

-On the pier, Will is walking around and seems to be looking for someone. He mentions how hard it was to sneak out with his parents home and so mnay neighbors watching but, luckily, Mr. Jabs fell asleep early. Bo appears and Will says he is happy to see him. Bo apologizes for not being around much. He just wants to keep a low profile and apologizes to Will for not taking his calls. It's just been rough. Will understands and is just happy he is here now. He needs to talk to someone and admits he can't seem to move on or get those images out of his head. He has gone to web sites and asked advice and nothing. Will asks Bo how they are both ever going to move on from what happened to them. Bo says he isn't sure they ever will.

-At the Spectator, Frankie and Greta are calling around looking Jack and Billie. Greta says she called Abby and she said that they both stopped by hours ago but that she hasn't heard from them since. Frankie asks Billie if she told Abby they are missing. Greta says she didn't want to worry her so she simply said that Jack and Billie must be running late or something. Greta is getting frustrated and thinks they should do something. Afterall, they could be dying somewhere for all they know. Frankie agrees but says they can't leave the surveillance tapes unguarded. Greta calls for the building security guard to watch the tapes and the offices. Frankie and Greta then take off to find Jack and Billie.

Meanwhile, Jack and Billie continue to struggle to escape their ropes in the dark warehouse they are in. Billie asks Jack if he thinks whoever did this is going to kill them. Jack admits that if the MCF is behind this, like they think he or she is, they are likely goners if they don't get out of there.

Outside, James reveals to Alan that they will cover the warehouse in kerosene. He tells Alan the warehouse is filled with flammable materials so it will go up fast. The police will just think it was some kid playing around with a match or something, just like the stories you hear all the time. Alan doesn't like this idea but James says:

James: The way to get rid of pests is by extermination. Burning to ashes...now that sounds like a full proof way, doesn't it?

Alan is silent as a frustrated James says he will just do it without him. Just as James is about to go in the warehouse, the MCF appears and knocks the kerosene can out of his hands.

MCF (via voice changer): Your not doing anything, Jimmy boy.

-Lucas asks Sami what her idea is. Sami says she can make an appointment with Will's principal and also asks his teachers if they have noticed anything wrong or strange concerning him. The teachers can even ask Will's friends and classmates. Lucas thinks it's worth a shot but is worried about Will. He could get made fun of since it is high school and kids can be rough. Sami says she will just have to keep it quiet. She is sure it will be fine. They have to do something. Lucas asks sami if she wants him to go too but Sami thinks it's best only one of them go since them both going makes it more likely for Will to find out. Besides, he always handles Will's school stuff so she is less likely to be recognized.

Lucas agrees and says that not only is she beautiful but she is also smart. He is glad she is using her conniving and clever ways for good and not evil. They both laugh and sami says that her evil days are gone. She has it too good now. They both smile and begin to make love.

-On the pier, Will is horrified by Bo's words and he disagrees with them. He thinks there is still hope. Bo doesn't think there is any for him. His brother and sister kept the truth for so long and he only just remembered now. It's going to take a long time to deal with it all. Bo tells Will that maybe he can still find a way to move on but he would have to tell his parents everything and turn Alan in. Will reminds Bo of what Alan said would happen if he did that. Bo says he can get protection. Will doesn't think it would help. Alan would find a way. Besides, Alan has been MIA alot anyway.

Bo wishes he could get his hands on the man that hurt him but he can't. He tells Will he still can but that he also understands. Will would have to publicly admit what happened and that is hard to deal with. Bo admits he may never be able to do that. Will asks Bo if that is why he hasn't went to the police and told them about what Alan did to him. Bo says he promised Will he wouldn't and that he understands how humiating it would be to Will. Bo thinks it's ok as long as Alan lies low but, if Alan pulls something else, Will may not have a choice.

Will agrees and then asks Bo if he is ever going to come out of hiding. Bo isn't sure. He misses his family and hates that he missed Marie's funeral. Hope and the family needed him but he just doesn't feel he is capable of living up to his responsibilities anymore. He feels like he has lost a part of what makes him a man. He just doesn't feel like he can do them all any good anymore. Will tells Bo he is doing him good and he is thankful to have him to talk to. Bo smiles and says he is glad to have him too. They both hope that things get better for one another and Bo tells Will that he is there for him. All he has to do is call. Will thanks him and they shake hands and then share an embrace.

-The MCF chastises both Alan and James for their actions.

MCF(via voice changer): What the hell were you two thinking? I told you never to do anything without my permission.

James: I thought you wanted them eliminated. I was just...

MCF: No, I don't. You would know that if you came to me first before going off on your own. I need them around for a purpose. Don't you think if I wanted them dead they would be by now if there wasn't some reason to have them around? They have been on our tail the past few months but I still need them around. This is the final warning. Don't ever do this again. I know you want to avenge your family's death, James. It will be. In due time. Patience...the day of reckoning is at hand.

James: I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. I just want them to pay...all of them.

Alan: Me too.

MCF: Fine. Drop it. I need you two with me so act accordingly. I appreciate your dilligence and willingness to do what it takes but this wasn't necessary. Ok?

Alan: Yes.

James: I apologize. I was simply trying to further our plans quicker since they have been moving at a snail's pace.

MCF: I am aware but, trust me, we are moving forward quite rapidly now. The balls are beginning to roll. Our day is coming...very soon. Now, we must let them go.

Alan: How? They will see us.

MCF: Oh, come on Alan. Think! James...cut the power to the building. Its dimly lit now but with no lights we can act in darkness.

Alan: But how are you going to see?

The MCF then takes out some nightvision goggles and slips them underneath his or her cloak.

Alan: Ok...question answered.

Jack and Billie are struggling insider to get out of the ropes when what little lights the warehouse has go off. They are now in complete darkness. Just then, they both feel someone touching them and fooling with the ropes. They notice they are untied and try to grab at those that are touching them but they are pushed to the ground. They then get up and find their way through the darkness to the door. They then exit through the door.

Outside, they both wonder who untied them and why. They also wonder why it was so easy to escape. Billie wonders if this was just a warning. Jack says it seems almost like whoever did this changed their mind. Nearby, the MCF tells Alan good work and then tells Alan and James to come with him or her. They have matters to discuss. They both follow the MCF into a dark alley.

-Back at The Spectator, Frankie and Greta return after searching half of Salem. They both relieve the security guard from guarding the tapes. Greta thinks they should call the police. Frankie agrees. Just then, Jack and Billie enter. Greta and Frankie embrace them both and ask what happened. Jack and Billie fill them in. Greta agrees that is weird and she wonders why whoever kidnapped them would just release them. Jack says he doesn't know but he is ready to just get back to business. Billie tells Jack that is kind of hard. Jack sees the tapes and asks if those are it. Greta nods.

Jack goes over to them and tells Frankie, Greta, and Billie that those tapes may have the break they need. No matter what happened to him and Billie tonight, these tapes can make it seem like nothing if they lead to breaking this case open. Frankie wonders what they are all waiting for...it's time to search those tapes. Jack, Billie, Frankie, and Greta take the tapes to the media room and begin to separate them.

-Back in the woods, Cal takes Katherine over near the table and says there is something he needs to say:

Cal: When I met you, I was lost. I had just learned everything I knew...and remembered in my life was a lie. I was no longer Roman Brady and all the people I loved and cared about were nothing to me. I meet you and you help me realize that bloodlines don't matter. Those people I grew to love and care for as Roman will always be in my life and will always be special to me. You also taught me recently not to fear the unknown. You took a chance on me and I have met you with great resistance, especially recently. I know I have been a pain but I see what you were saying now. I want to look into my past. I want to remember. I want to get my life back and also make the present work too. I realize now that I can't fear the past and that I can't just forget it and move on. I need it...I need it to feel complete. You showed me that with that tough love of yours. So, to prove my love to you and to prove that I am serious about making us work and making my life work, I am willing to go back into therapy. I want to keep trying and, this time, be successful. It's the only way for me to have a full life. It's the only way for us to truly work. I realize that now.

Katherine: I am so happy to hear you say that, Cal. We will start with the therapy again right away.

Cal: Great...but I'm not finished yet. You see, I know you wonder if what I feel for you is real. Genuine. I know you have doubts...that I am using you to put the past behind me and as some sort of escape or distraction. Now, none of that is the case and I hope that me making a committment to therapy will help convince you of that. I also hope that what I am about to ask convinces you too.

Katherine: Ask?

Cal then gets down on one knee and opens a ring box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring. Katherine begins to cry tears of joy as Cal's eyes well up with tears.

Cal: Not only do I want to find my past with you but...I want to find my present and future too. I want to journey through it all with you. Life is too short and we have both wasted so much time. I just want to be happy and live. I know this is fast but...I love you, Katherine. With everything that is me, I love you. I have loved you since the first moment I laid eyes on you at University Hospital. I want to spend my life making you as happy as you make me everytime I am with you. What do you say?

Katherine: I...I...I have never felt love before. You know that. I never thought those sort of feelings existed. I have had patients in love and express those feelings to me but I never bought into them personally. I guess it's because I never felt them. I dated and I just never felt that...what one of my patients called it...that unbeleivable rush you feel everytime you look in someone's eyes. The connection you feel to them, like you have known them your whole life...like you have waited your whole life to find them. You never want to let them go or to be without them. I feel that now. I guess I have felt that since we met but it was so foreign at first. It wasn't until...this moment. This moment is where I began to understand what I feel for you. It's love. It does exist. You opened my eyes to that, Cal. I feel it now. I know I do now. I love you...so much.

Cal: I love you too...and that is why I want to do this. It sudden and fast and...I just don't want to wait. It's right. I know it is. That is why I am asking you...Dr. Katherine Harcourt...if you would be my wife? Will you spend the rest of your life with me? Will you marry me?

Katherine is silent as Cal waits anxiously.

Katherine (crying): Your right. It feels right. It feels perfect. (looking into Cal's tearful eyes) Yes...Cal. Yes, I will marry you.

An elated Cal then takes Katherine in his arms and puts the ring on her finger. They then look into each other's eyes.

Katherine: For the first time in my life, I feel love. Real love

Cal: How you like it?

Katherine: The best feeling in the world.

They then kiss and we see a long montage of them eating dinner and enjoying each other's company, followed by them dancing and kissing. At the end of the montage, he picks her up and carries her back to their cabin. He takes her upstais to her bedroom, lays her down, and they begin to make love as the screen fades out.


Cal to Katherine: What do you think of getting married...tomarrow?

Eric to Lucas (with Sami): If my wife is up to something, I will find out. I promise you.

Austin to Carrie: There is something very important I have to ask you.

Kate: Oh my God...I don't beleive this.

Nicole: I am not going to lose Evan...I am not going to lose anything. I will do whatever it takes.

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