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Episode 059: The Guiding Light




The Guiding Light: Episode 059
Monday April 9, 2007
Written By: Dan Gobble & Josh Hawkins


The mysterious woman begins to wake up. She attempts to get a bearing as to where she could possibly be. Her memories begin to piece together. She can recall the sea air and the sound of the waves crashing.

The woman begins to look around the room. What a dirty place, she realizes. This man looks as if he was washed up by the tide. The man tried to place a rag over her head. The woman evades his hand, disgusted.

“Oh God, I’ve died and gone to Hell haven’t I?”

“If you don’t mind me asking ma’am, who are you?” the man asks.


“My name is Alexandra Spaulding and where the hell am I?”


The EMTs wheel Harley into the Emergency Room at Cedars Hospital. Her friends and family sit anxiously in the waiting room, hoping that the doctors will come with news of Harley’s condition. Soon, a doctor enters the room and calls for their attention.

“How is my daughter? Can I see her,” Buzz says.

“Harley has slipped into a comatose state. We are unsure of how long she will remain in the coma or if she will wake up at all. The next few weeks will be crucial.”


Shayne meets Derek at his place with a sack full of movies and popcorn for the night. They meet at the door and kiss. They hear a muffled “click” and look around to see where the sound could have come from.

“What was that?” Derek asked.

“Dunno. Don’t hear anything now? But anyway. Hey man. Hope you’re in the mood to laugh. I have some classics here. They’re hysterical.”

They enter, not realizing that Alan-Michael’s private investigator is watching their every move.


Holly looks at the bottle that she received earlier from the doctor at Cedars.

“I doubt this will work, but bottoms up,” she says and downs the pill. She shuffles over to the sofa. She gets underneath the covers and turns out the light. However, she no sooner gets into bed when she hears a knock on the door. Grumpily, she gets out of bed and wanders over to the door.

“Who the hell could that be,” she wonders.

She opens the door and sees Amanda Spaulding-Thorpe.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she asks. “Aren’t there enough babies you can steal candy from in California? And where’s Roger? Isn’t he with you?”

“Holly, now is not the time for insults. Roger, Roger had a heart attack a few nights ago. He died in his sleep.”


And Now "The Guiding Light"


Holly closes the door and walks to Amanda, who is sitting in a chair.

“Amanda, you should know better. If someone had heard you say that Roger was dead, the town would start parading down Fifth Street!”

“Holly! How can you be so cruel?” Amanda asks.

“How dare you! Roger raped me and made my life a veritable Hell for years. I think I have a right to be cruel. Besides, I don’t believe you. Don’t you know that it’s a little later for April Fools jokes,” Holly says.

“I’m not joking Holly.”

“Oh please, this is just like him. I pumped three bullets into his chest and then later, I saw his body smash against a rock in Santo Domingo. I thought he was dead. Yet, lo and behold, he returns fifteen years later. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Roger, it is that Hell won’t have him. Why did you think that I would believe you? Hell, I’m sure Roger’s even convinced you to wear a wire so that he can have a good laugh later at my expense. What I’m wondering is how he roped you into this.”

“It’s not one of Roger’s little games Holly and I can prove it!”


Alex’s host has succeeded in calming her down. He walks to the stove and puts a kettle on the burner for tea.

“Do you remember anything that happened before you got hear ma’am?”

“I think I remember most of it. Not that I’m going to tell you all the sordid details, but I was arguing with someone I knew on the cliff in the rain. I was at a cabin and the fight continued in the car. Then we went over the embankment and that’s all I remember.”

Alex’s mind begins to put the pieces back together. She can now remember most of the details of the accident. She can still hear Lucy’s call echo through her mind.

“Well ma’am, you sure must have had a good fall. You had a pretty good bump on the head when I found ya. You must have fallen out of the car. I was fishing and saw some flames that were caused by the car. Then I found you and brought you here.”

“Why didn’t you notify the police or someone when you found me? I could have been bleeding to death!”

“Sorry ma’am, got no phone or car. All I got around me is this here woods. Pretty peaceful I gotta say.”

“You don’t say,” Alex says condescendingly. “Well I guess this place is better than the deserted island I was stranded on years ago. I better go off to look for a telephone.”

“Ma’am, I don’t think that’s a good idea. You just got up after all.”

“Oh, I’ve survived worse,” she says as she leaves the shack.


Derek and Shayne make out through the movie. Halfway through, Shayne’s cell phone rings. He answers it. Josh is on the other line. He tells Shayne to meet him back at home in a little while. Shayne closes the phone and wonders how he is going to break the news.


“Who was that Shayne?” Derek asked.

“My dad. He wanted me to meet him back at home. So I’m gonna have to get going. I’m sorry Derek.”

“That’s okay. Here, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll let you go, but I want to borrow Spaceballs for the night.”

“Oh ok,” Shayne concedes.

They walk onto the porch and kiss each other goodnight. Shayne glances back as Derek shuts the door. Shayne walks down the street to his car, when he hears the clicking sound again.

“Is anyone there? I’m armed and dangerous, so if you don’t want to end up as sushi, you better leave!”

“That’s okay, I’ve always liked sushi,” a mysterious voice said in the bushes.

“Who are you? Come out!”

The mysterious man springs from the bushes.

“Alan-Michael, what the hell are you doing here?!”


Harley lies on the hospital bed, surrounded by all her friends and family, including Gus, Lucy, Buzz, Frank, and Vera.

“I don’t understand how this could have happened. What would have made Alexandra go off a cliff?” Buzz asks.

“I don’t know, but we’re going to find out, I promise Dad,” Frank answers.

Vera squirms, knowing that sooner or later her cover will be blown. Lucy notices her discomfort and wonders what could be going on.

“We’ll have to wait until Harley gets out of bed to know what really happened since it appears that we can’t ask Alexandra,” Gus says.

Vera slinks out of the room. Lucy sees her leave and follows her out the door. Vera walks to the hospital chapel and approaches the altar. Lucy walks in and confronts her.

“Vera, you wouldn’t know by any chance why Alexandra and Harley got into that accident would you?”


“Of course not darling, I wasn’t even there.”

“But I’m sure you knew what was going on Vera because you were involved with it. Are you sure you are Gus’ mother?”

“I am sure. How many times do I have to tell everyone that? I am Gus’ mother. I gave him to the Augustinos about thirty odd years ago. I was only the Spaulding maid and wasn’t being paid that much. I tried to give him a better life with them and now that he is here, I want a relationship with him.”


“You are such a liar! Don’t you realize that Alexandra has died and Harley could die because of this secret that you were hiding! I want to know right now!”

Gus interupts them and enters the room.

“Yes. I want to know too. And you better not be lying “mom.”



“What is this?” Holly asks.

“It’s his death certificate. Read it.”

“These can be faked you know that right? Come on Amanda! I’m a journalist! Humor me. Show me proof. Show me a body!”

“Fine. I will. One of Roger’s dying wishes was to be buried near his great love. You, Holly,” Amanda says with a hint of jealousy. “Despite everything, he still talked about you all the time. It made me sick. He loved you so much despite me being his wife.

Holly’s ears perk up..

“What do you mean? Roger’s body hasn’t miraculously disappeared into the night?”


“No, of course not. Roger wanted a closed-casket funeral, but he wanted you to see him first. He knew you would be skeptical.”

Holly begins to realize that Amanda may be telling the truth. Immediately, she thinks of Blake. She loved him so much. It will break her heart if this is true.

“Damn you Roger.”

She goes to the phone and dials the carriage house. “Blake, you need to come over here, right now.


“Oh nothing Shayne. I just happened to be in the neighborhood—“


“Save it Alan-Michael. What do you want?”

“Oh nothing. I just wanted to know what you were doing?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“Oh I think it is,” he says as he produces a photo of Shayne and Derek kissing.

“Say cheese!”

“Where did you get that?!” Shayne stammered.


“This? I have my sources. But wouldn’t The Mirror love this headline: Talkshow Host’s Son Gay! And of all people Reva. What delicious irony. I hope you both don’t have the same taste in men.”

Shayne rushes at him ready to strike. However, A-M dodges the attack.

“I don’t think you want to do that Shayne. I have the leverage now. You are going to do what I tell you to or I am going to tell your secret to everyone who will listen.”

“What do you want me to do?” Shayne laments.

“I want to cement the Cedars deal and you are going to help me. One way or another.”

:Fade to Black:

Next on “The Guiding Light!”
- Blake learns about Roger’s death!
- Alexandra tries to make her way back home.
- Vera reveals all!


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