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February 27, 2007




-At Marlena and Roman's penthouse, Belle is trying to get a crying Claire to calm down. There is a knock on the door. It's Philip and Belle tries to close it but he forces his way in. Philip wants to see his daughter and asks to hold her. Belle refuses and a fight ensues as Philip tells Belle he knows she is scared of him. She proved that when she ran away the last time they were together at the mansion.

Belle puts Claire in her playpen and says to Philip:

Belle: I'm not scared of you. You may think that now that you have all your father's power and money you can push your weight around but you don't worry me or anyone else. You may think you are threatening but your not. I will never let you have Claire. I don't want her following the wrong path like you did. You used to be such a great guy. What happened, Philip?

Philip: You know what happened? First, I lost Chloe to your brother, which led me to join the Marines. Then, I fall in love with you and we have Claire but I find out you still love Shawn and that you went behind my back with him...I don't want to rehash this. You betrayed me, Belle, You hurt me!! All I wanted was to be a family with you and Claire. What is so wrong with that? I have been through hell and you can't even grant me...

Belle: Grant you what? I am not a genie, Philip. Even after everything, I still care about you. I want you to be a part of Claire's life but the way you are doing this...it's not right. Now with all this power...you have become a monster. Someone I definitely don't want near my daughter.

Philip: She's our daughter, Belle. Remember that. Also, remember our deal.

Philip coldly stares at Belle and grins. He then slowly grips her arm and then begins to tighten his grip.

Philip: You know...the deal we made in San Francisco while I was recovering from my coma and injuries. The one you agreed to.

Belle: Yeah because you forced me, you bastard, Argh...you're hurting me.

Philip: Oh, that pain is nothing Belle. That is nothing compared to the pain and suffering I will inflect upon you if you don't agree to my demands. You know the deal, Belle!!! The terms were made very clear in San Francisco.

Belle (tears welling in her eyes): You forced me to agree. You know that. I had no choice.

Philip: Whatever the case, the deal was made. You need to keep your end of it, Izzy. Or else. Come on...you know what will happen. Say it!! Say it!!

Belle (crying and shaking): Stop...please!!! You will scare Claire.

Philip: Ok. Fine. I will say it for you. The deal, my beloved, was for you to live with me. You, Claire, and I spend our lives together as a family. We put up the appearance that we are the happiest family in the world for the good of the Kiriakis empire and name. No one knows the wiser. In return, I don't use the Kiriakis power and name to take Claire away from you and destroy your life. Now that my father is dead, I now have unlimited resources so I am an even bigger threat. You know that, Izzy. Does all this ring a bell? Huh?!

Belle: It's all a joke. All of it. The whole deal. People already suspect we are hiding something from our time in San Francisco.

Philip: Well, that is because you did a horrible acting job, my dear. Maybe you need to be more convincing (he grips her arm tighter).

Belle: PHILIP!!! Please stop!!

Philip: I will when you obide by the terms of the deal. Leave the penthouse right now and move into the mansion with me. I will give you and Claire everything you need. I don't get it, Belle. You will get the world being the wife of the head of the Kiriakis empire. This is an easy choice. Why do you make it so difficult?

Belle: I'm not going anywhere. I came here with Claire because I wanted to be away from you. I still want to be away from you and I don't want you near Claire...

Philip then throws Belle to the ground and takes Claire out of her playpen.

Philip: You decide what you want. Either way, Claire is coming with me.

-At the Green Mountain Lodge, Nicole returns to her and Eric's room and is shocked to see him packing. She asks what he is doing. Eric says he checked them out of the lodge. They have been there long enough. He needs to get back to work and they need to return to their lives in Salem. Nicole, clearly still upset that he is working and not her, reminds him that he promised they would stay until the baby issue was resolved.

Eric promises her that they can handle it from Salem. There is no need to stay there. The baby is already in the care of CPS. They can't do anything until they are called to meet with them. Nicole tells Eric she isn't leaving without the baby. Eric reminds her that they don't even know if they will get the baby. There will be many that want the child. Nicole says she knows that the baby they found is a miracle baby for them. He is meant to be with them and she isn't leaving until she knows one way or the other. Eric shakes his head in frustration.

-At The Spectator, Greta is in the editor's room working on some things when Frankie rushes in. He asks if she heard the news. Greta says no. Frankie turns the TV on and the murders at the McClure home are being featured. There is then a camera shot of Jack and Billie at the scene being tended to by EMT's. Frankie tells Greta that Jack and Billie were found unconscious in the house. Greta tells Frankie they have to get to them and find out what happened. She grabs her coat and races out with him.

-At the McClure home, Abe and Roman are conversing with officers. Shane reminds one of the officers to keep an eye on Stefano and Victor. He also tells the officer to keep everyone behind the yellow tape, except for SPD and other officials.

Stefano tells Victor that Roman needs to make a decision soon before this MCF strikes again. They must put a stop to the threat now. Victor agrees.

Jack and Billie are being examined and tended to by the EMT's. Billie feels guilty over what happened. Jack comforts her saying that Mrs. McCluer and those kids may have been doomed no matter what.

Lexie then arrives at the McClure home to be with her father after parking her car. She is behind the yellow crime scene tape. Abe is on the other side and turns and catches a glimpse of her. Abe is stunned. He walks over to the yellow tape and crosses it to meet with Lexie. Lexie simply says, "Hello, Abe."

Meanwhile, Celeste is at home reading to Theo as she watches the news, stunned at the McClure home murders. She had a feeling there would be great danger and terror in Salem and she was proven right. She then sees Lexie in the background of a camera shot of the scene. Celeste is stunned and immediately gets up to call a sitter for Theo.

-Back at the Green Mountain Lodge, Eric tries to get Nicole to listen to reason but she won't. She orders him to go downstairs and tell them they are staying. Eric refuses and tells Nicole that if he doesn't get back to Salem, he will lose his job. Eric notes that he knows Nicole hates he is working and she isn't, especially since she gave her Highstyle for him, but losing his job will pretty much end any chance they have of ending up with the child. They both can't be out of work. Nicole realizes he is right but asks if he can possibly get a few moredays off. Eric shakes his head and says he just started working at Roberts and Co. and taking so much time off early would not be good, even if he has close relations to Kate, Lucas, and Austin.

Nicole finally agrees to go home but tells Eric he better mean what he says about doing everything he can to obtain custody of the baby. Eric says he knows he promised her and he will do his best to follow through. He kisses her and thanks her for listening to reason. He promises it will all be ok. Eric leaves to start putting their bags in the car. While alone, Nicole tells herself that Eric's promises aren't good enough and that "doing everything he can" isn't good enough. She will have to seek out someone else's help. Someone with influence. She then gets an idea but isn't sure if it will work but thinks it is worth a try. She vows to do whatever it takes to obtain custody of the child.

- Back at the Penthouse, Belle has the TV on with the volume low while her and Philip continue to fight. Their fight is interrupted by news of what is happening at the McCluer home. Belle is horrified at the news of the murders. They both then see Victor at

the scene alive and well. Belle laughs and tells Philip it looks like he isn't the head of the empire and not so powerful anymore. Philip puts Claire down in her playpen, gives Belle a defiant stare, and races out of the Penthouse. Belle watches him leave with a sarcastic smile on her face before turning her attention to Claire in the playpen, vowing to her that she will never leave her or let her daddy take her away. She will do everything she can to give her daughter the best life possible.

-Back outside the McCluer home, Abe asks Lexie how she has been. Lexie says she has recovered finally from the gunshot wound she sustained in Sydney but it was painful. Abe is pleased and says he and so many others were so worried. Lexie tells Abe to cut the bull. She knows he and the rest of Salem don't give a damn about her. She reminds him that she saw where his and everyone else's loyalties lied at Theo's custody hearing when all of her beloved friends and loved ones turned on her and supported Abe. All she had was her father.

Celeste then arrives and goes to embrace her daugher but she pushes her away, saying that she is no mother to her. She didn't support her at Theo's custody hearing. She betrayed her, just like everyone else but her father. She admits she was wrong to turn her back on the Dimera's years ago. They will stick by her through everything, unlike her husband and mother and the rest of her so called good friends in Salem.

Abe asks Lexie why she is lashing out and being so cold. He saw the Lexie he knows and loves coming out in Sydney. He saw her conflicted and feeling guilt over what was happening to him and her friends. He knows the Lexie he knows and loves is still there. Celeste agrees and tells Lexie that Abe is willing to give her another chance now. Lexie looks at Abe and says she isn't interested. That part of her life is done. Her only family is the Dimera's. Everyone else turned their backs on her and now she is doing the same. Abe and Celeste try to get through to her and beg her to just come home with them and try to work through everything. Lexie won't listen and says that all she wants is revenge on all those who turned their backs on her and stabbed her in the back and says they are all her enemies now. She wants revenge on all of them and won't stop until she gets it.

Lexie then walks away as a devestated Celeste and stunned Abe look on, wondering what they can do next. Stefano, who just witnessed the entire scene, walks over to Lexie and tells her he is proud of her. He vows to support her and help her in any way he can so she can have her revenge and get her son back. Lexie thanks him and embraces him as a horrified Abe and Celeste, who saw and heard the exchange, look on.

-Frankie and Greta arrive at the scene. Jack and Billie see them and cross over the crime scene tape to fill them in on what happened. Greta and Frankie agree with Jack and tell Billie there was nothing she could do. Billie says that they should've let the cops in on it. She made a dire mistake and now has to live with it for the rest of her life. She wonders if she should close down her PI business.

Jack, Greta, and Frankie try to convince her otherwise but Billie's feels heavily responsibly. Greta asks Jack why he never told her about his working with Billie and the investigation. Jack says it was too dangerous and the less that knew, the better. Greta says that she wants in now. Jack asks what she means. Greta knows that Jack is no way going to give up on this case now, especially with the murders. This is a big story and she knows Billie and him will want to make it up to JJ and Angel and their family by catching the MCF and ending this nightmare so she wants in too. She became editor of the paper to help influence society and this gives her a chance to solve this mystery and get this person off the streets.

Jack laughs, saying Greta knows him all too well. He just warns Greta that no police can be involved. If they are going to catch this person, it needs to be on their own. The police will only drive the person away. Billie overhears and reminds Jack how not telling the police is what caused the murders. Jack says that it probably would've happened anyway. Billie is stilll confused as to why her and Jack weren't killed and Jack says that is what he wants to find out. Jack tells Billie that maybe if she helps break this case wide open, it will make her feel better. She would avenge the deaths of JJ and Angel and their brother and mother.

Billie agrees and says she needs to do something and now, more then ever, she wants to bring this MCF to justice before the person hurts anyone else. They need to pay. Frankie overhears and says he wants in as well. He has some CIA and FBI contacts that may be able to help without tipping off the police or anyone they don't want on their tail. Jack likes that idea and says it looks like it will be the four of them together now. Hopefully, they can bust the case wide open and put this MCF behind bars before it's too late.

-Philip then arrives outside the crime scene and Victor turns to see him. He is happy to see his son and goes to embrace him.

Philip backs away and says "Your alive." Victor nods. Philip asks him, "What the hell, dad?" Victor is stunned by this reaction.

-Stefano motions for Roman to come over to him behind the yellow tape. Roman asks what he wants. Stefano says the clock is ticking and that Victor and him need an answer concerning the deal now. Roman looks at the crime scene, contemplating what to do.

-A few miles down the road, James is crying out in grief and pain over the loss of his family. Marlena and the MCF continue to watch him. Marlena then begins to clutch her head and walks away. The MCF looks at her as she leaves. However, as she leaves, she steps on the tree branch, creating a large noise. James hears it and asks who's there? The MCF and Marlena race to hide but James reaches them before they are out of sight.

James: Hey!!! What are both of you...oh wait. I know. You are watching me grieve. You are happy about this, aren't you? DO YOU GET CHEERS OUT OF SAVAGELY KILLING 4 PEOPLE?!! Three people in the prime of their life!!! My children!! My wife!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH BOTH OF YOU?!! SO, WHICH ONE OF YOU DID IT? HUH?! WHICH ONE OF YOU!!

The MCF and Marlena looks into an enraged and grief-stricken James's eyes as the screen fades to black.

On the Next Salem Lives...

Alan to Carrie: I'm sorry. I just don't think I can get your baby back.

Abe to Jack: You four stay out of it before more innocent people die, understand?

Roman to Victor and Stefano: I have made my decision.

Philip to Victor: Why did you have to come back? Why did you have to ruin everything?

James to Marlena (with MCF): You did it didn't you? You followed orders and killed my family.


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