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Episode #309 - Thursday, February 15th, 2007:

  • Austin and Carrie exchange vows in a beautiful ceremony as everyone who gathered for Bo and Billie’s wedding now watches instead as Bo’s niece and Billie’s brother wed.
  • Jeremy and Jan enjoy their post-coital bliss.
  • Bo, Hope, and Julie confront Megan in the bride’s room. Hope tells Megan to admit she is Megan Hathaway! Bo and Julie are confused, but Hope swears MEGAN was the one who kidnapped her in London and turned her over to a Dimera guard.
  • Austin and Carrie flashback on their times together in Salem. They finish their vows, and the whole congregation cheers for them as they run down the aisle together. At the end of the aisle, Caroline hands them baby Roman Roberts Reed, and the three of them make the most beautiful family Salem has seen.
  • Megan manages to escape from the bride’s room when Bo, Hope, and Julie are discussing how to handle the situation. Hope realizes Megan is gone.
  • Peter and Sami continue to bond in prison………and so do their siblings - Kristen and Eric!
  • Sarah Horton’s boss tells her she has a new story - The Fury! The boss at the Spectator tells her she has to work side by side with the Salem P.D. to help them uncover clues about the Fury’s identity.
  • Hope meets up with Megan in front of the entire congregation. Hope grabs Megan, and they struggle. Hope punches Megan in the face and tells everyone how she is the presumed Megan Hathaway! Gasps are abound.
  • Kate is shocked when she flashes back to finding out the identity of one of her twin daughters with Stefano…MEGAN HATHAWAY!
  • While in Philly searching for Claire and Trey who have been kidnapped by Willow, Philip, Shawn, Belle, Abby, Max, and Cassie meet up with old friends - REX AND MIMI!
  • Stefano is horrified when he learns from one of his minions that Megan is being exposed. He receives the news while he is in Steve’s hospital room…caressing his face.
  • Kate asks Bo if this is true. She says this can’t really be THE Megan Hathaway who tried to kill Hope in the 80’s. Bo confirms that it looks like it’s true.
  • Hope vows to make Megan pay for this!
  • Rex and Mimi welcome Abby, Max, Cassie, Shawn, Belle, and Philip into their home in Philadelphia.
  • Belle and Mimi have an intense conversation. They recap their friendship. Mimi says she’ll do anything to help Belle find Claire. Belle says she and Shawn are closer than ever. And Mimi says she and Rex are doing very well.
  • Rex bonds with his sister, Cassie, and he soon realizes she is up to no good…again.
  • Kate realizes if Megan Spears is her daughter…then JAN is her granddaughter!
  • Megan confesses to everything - being Megan Hathaway and kidnapping Hope! She confesses her love to Bo and vows to have him no matter what the cost! Bo whisks her off to prison.
  • At the reception, Carrie and Austin announce they are leaving town together.
  • During the reception, Maggie, Sarah, and Melissa receive news that Alice is out of her coma! The Horton women announce the good news to everyone at the reception.
  • Austin and Carrie share a tearful goodbye with their loved ones.
  • After the reception dies down, Austin and Carrie leave. They arrive at the prison to see Sami. Austin and Carrie tell Sami they are married…and finally happy. They say there is nothing she can do about it now. Sami is devastated - realizing she’s lost Austin, Lucas, Will, and her parents. Carrie wishes Sami the absolute worst in her life. Carrie says she loved Sami always and could have forgiven her for anything - except hurting her son. Austin and Carrie say goodbye to Sami…forever. Sami breaks down. Peter comforts her through the prison bars.
  • Megan is shocked when she is brought to the visitor’s room…where Kate stands.
  • Everyone arrives at the hospital to see Alice who is doing amazingly well. Alice tells everyone Tom pulled her through it.
  • Meanwhile, the Fury plots his/her biggest stunt yet.


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I am glad that Austin and Carrie are finally happy! I wonderif ALice will be able to shed some light on who the Fury is.

Great episode....

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