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Episode #310 - Friday, February 16th, 2007:

  • Everyone gathers at the hospital to welcome Alice Horton out of her coma.
  • Marlena refuses to even SEE John for the lies he has kept in order to protect her.
  • The Fury is the most outraged he or she has ever been as the Fury flashes back on all of his/her attacks that have resulted in the victims being saved.
  • Alice tells the Brady’s and the Horton’s how Tom’s love pulled her out of the coma.
  • Dr. Rae runs into Marlena at the hospital and asks her how her retirement is going, but Marlena opens up to her about how it started off awfully because she found John was the father of Greta Von Amburg.
  • Frankie and Melissa still share a connection that unsettles Greta.
  • Caroline demands Victor stay away from her. He tries to explain he never wanted to hurt her in the fire.
  • Kayla checks in on Steve who rests in his hospital bed. Kayla flashes back to his episode where he had a seizure and fell to the floor.
  • Billie and Jack bond. He tells her he idolizes her for having enough guts to admit her mistake in front of everyone. She says she is just happy Austin and Carrie finally have their happy ending.
  • Greta asks Eric if they can ever be friends again, and he says he cannot even look at her anymore…based on mistakes he’s made and based on the mistakes she’s made…like sleeping with Frankie!
  • Vivian now tries to plot a way to reveal Kate’s secret! But first, she has to figure out what it is.
  • Kate comes face to face with her daughter - Megan Hathaway Spears, who sits in prison for kidnapping Hope.
  • Hope and Bo have a tearful reunion! She kisses him passionately, and then asks him what happened to his wedding to Billie. Bo reveals Billie stopped it and said he should be marrying Hope, not her. Hope is disturbed by the fact that Bo would have married her if not for Billie stopping it!
  • Doug returns after his search for Hope in London. He reunites with Julie, and they have a nice visit with Alice at the hospital. Alice is still in awe over her other-worldly visit from Tom during her coma.
  • Rae tells the Horton’s it is a miracle a woman of Alice’s age could have found the strength to come out of the coma, considering the fire she was in on Christmas Eve thanks to the Fury.
  • Meanwhile, day turns to night, and the hospital begins to die down. The Fury wheels a cart into the elevator. He/she hits the button for the top level of the hospital. At every floor, he/she exits the elevator and delivers a package to each floor. He/she leaves the packages in the janitor’s closet on every floor.
  • Peter and Sami bond at the prison. Peter gets news from his lawyer that he is being released from prison!
  • Bo tells Hope even though he does love Billie, he could not get Hope out of his mind. He says he did want to be with her, but because of her letters that told him to be with Billie, he thought he had no future with Hope. Hope realizes Megan must have forged the letters! Hope forgives Bo.
  • Kate confesses to Megan that she is her mother! Megan tells Kate her mother is dead. Kate calls Megan a fool for believing words that come from Stefano’s mouth.
  • Doug and Julie say goodbye to Alice and Hope. They also say goodbye to Sarah, Melissa, and Maggie. Doug and Julie depart town once again. But not before Julie and Billie have one final showdown!
  • Sami asks Peter for a favor…when he gets out of prison…find Alan’s real killer! And Peter agrees!
  • The Fury exits the hospital, leaving the Brady’s and the Horton’s inside. The Fury removes a little black box from his/her pocket. It has a silver trigger on it. He/she flips the trigger and takes out a telephone. Inside the hospital, Bo’s phone rings. He answers it. It is the Fury. He/she tells Bo there is a surprise waiting for him. Bo asks what the sick bastard wants. The Fury says Bo should check the Janitor’s closet…and Bo does. Bo finds a bomb. Hope screams out when she realizes only three minutes remain on the bomb. Bo instructs Hope to find everyone and get out of the hospital. The Fury says he/she put a bomb on every floor, and Bo will never evacuate the hospital in time. Hope runs into Dr. Rae and Marlena and informs them of the situation. “Marlena! Marlena! We have to evacuate the hospital! NOW! Someone called Bo and told him about bombs all throughout the building. The hospital’s wired! It’s going to blow!”…Hope explains. Marlena responds by telling Rae to evacuate everyone on the floor as fast as possible. Marlena runs to the phone and picks it up. She hits the button for hospital intercom. “Code Black! Everyone evacuate! I repeat - Code Black!” Bo tries to disarm the bomb, but he finally gives up telling Hope if there is one on every floor, it’s better to just get everyone as soon as possible because there is no way to diffuse twenty bombs in just a few minutes. Kayla, Hope, Bo, Marlena, Rae, Frankie, Melissa, Sarah, Jack, Billie, Eric, Greta, and John try frantically to get everyone out of the hospital. Kayla tries to wheel Steve out. All of the patients, nurses, and doctors run for the exits. Bo looks at his watch. He realizes there is less than one minute left until the disaster happens. The Fury laughs maniacally outside as everyone scurries outside onto the streets. Kayla exits the hospital as she wheels an unconscious Steve out the door. She sees someone in the distance wearing a porcelain mask and dressed in all black. Just then, the building EXPLODES, sending all the doctors, nurses, and patients flying into the air. Sami and Peter turn towards the window of their cell as the loud explosions are heard. Level after level, all twenty bombs go off in the hospital decimating floor after floor. Boom, boom, boom, boom! Explosion after explosion, the Salem University Hospital is blown to smithereens, lighting up Valentine’s Evening in Salem. All of Salem sits on the streets of the downtown staring at the hospital, crying and screaming….and praying their loved ones got out alive.


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Kate as Megan's mom... not sure how I feel about that, if only because Kate doesn't need another child to screw up (then again, this is Megan... LOL).. it's definitely a wicked twist, though.

Bo and Hope's reunion was CLASSIC. Great stuff.

I can't wait to see who lives and who dies!

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Like Keith said, classic Bo and Hope scenes. Loved them.

I can't believe the Fury blew up the hospital! I can't wait to find out who it is. I can just see Sami and Peter at their windows watching it happen. What a strange alliance those two could be.

So how soon can you write the next episode so we know who lives and who dies *grin*

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Haha. Thanks!! Well, Kate knew one of her twinnies was Megan Hathaway, but she thought Megan was dead! Eeeeee!

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Yayy to Frankie & Melissa's connection. I'm holding out hope.

So you blew up University Hosptial, King? Have you no SHAME? :lol:

I like the twist of Kate being Megan's mother....neat. And LOVED that Kate called her a fool for trusting Stefano DiMera. Solid episode all-around King.

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Very good episdoe Mike. Loved it. Especially that ending.

Nice twist with Kate/Megan. And I absolutely loved the Bo & Hope scenes - they were fucktabulous.

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