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Episode #303 - Wednesday, February 7, 2007:

  • Peter is shocked to hear that Jennifer is dead! Kristen tries to comfort him while Jack tries to attack him for ruining years he could have had with Jennifer.
  • Rae and Kayla administer all of the drugs and succeed in creating the cure for Austin and Carrie’s poison.
  • Kate, Georgia, Billie, Caroline, Marlena, and Eric breathe a deep sigh of relief when they hear the news.
  • Will awakens with his new memories!
  • Nicole (Arianne Zuker) walks into the board room and shocks Kate and Victor! They are appalled that the board has chosen her to be the V.P. of Operations of Titan-Alamain. Nicole plays it cool and says it was a shock to her, as well. Vivian lets out a cackle from the side of the room. Victor grabs Vivian… “You b!tch! You’re responsible for this, aren’t you!”
  • Billie comfort Jack over the Peter encounter.
  • Hope sleeps on the fishing boat and dreams of reuniting with Bo, Shawn, Zach, and J.T.
  • Julie and Megan meet with Fr. Jansen and try to convince him not to marry Bo and Billie, but he refuses. Julie wonders why Doug has not found Hope in Europe lately.
  • The captain of the fishing boat continues to have fantasies of sex with Hope.
  • The Fury freaks out when he/she realizes Austin and Carrie are safe.
  • Willow wonders what the best time will be to make a ransom claim for Claire and Trey.
  • Meanwhile, Belle, Phillip, Shawn, Jan, Jeremy, Max, Abby, and Cassie stop in Ohio for a night on their way to Philly. Shawn explains that he is in contact with a cop friend of his father’s in Philly. Shawn and Phillip clash over how things should be handled.
  • Cassie and Max bond, as do Jeremy and Jan.
  • Sami roots Jack on and tells him to make Peter pay for what he’s done. But Jack attacks his friend, Sami, by telling her she is just like Peter! He says he can’t believe her latest stunt about kidnapping Carrie and Austin’s baby! Jack leaves, telling Sami and Peter he hopes they both have a long life in this jail filled with loneliness and agony.
  • Will remembers that he did NOT kill Alan! But he wonders if he did not…and if his mother did not because she is covering for him…then who did!
  • Vivian confirms she threw Nicole’s name into the ring with the board so they would choose her. Vivian says she can be totally honest now that all the papers are signed. Vivian confesses she saw how close Kate and Victor have gotten lately especially with the Shawn, Belle, Phillip, Claire situation. She says she wasn’t going to go into a business setting two against one, and how she needed Nicole to even out the playing field. Nicole bursts Vivian’s bubble by saying she isn’t just a manipulative, lying b!tch like everyone else in this town. Nicole says she is a business woman, and she will do whatever it takes to keep the business on top. She won’t bring her personal vendetta against Kate and Victor into this office!
  • Sami breaks down over her friend, Jack’s, words. In an awkward but cute moment, Peter tries to comfort her. And he succeeds…even from across the room.
  • Vivian is shocked when she realizes Nicole will not be her ally. Nicole apologizes to Vivvy, but she tells her she has zero obligation to her.
  • Sami returns Peter’s favor by using her words to ease the pain of the news of Jennifer’s death.
  • Austin and Carrie have a touching reunion. They kiss. Caroline reunites them with their son, Roman Roberts Reed. They are so happy to be together again. Austin says Bo strongly believes the Fury is behind their attack. Carrie feels vulnerable and insecure. Austin comforts her and says he’ll never let anything happen to her again. Carrie and Austin have a long conversation about their lives together. They remember all of their times together, good and bad. They are glad they came back to town last year because they have gotten closure on Mike and her cheating and Sami and Austin’s always falling for her lies and deceit. And most of all, they now have this beautiful baby boy. Carrie tells Austin that Salem is not meant for them right now. She asks Austin to take her far, far away from Salem.

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