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Another SHOCKING return!



Episode #302 - Tuesday, February 6th, 2007:

  • Sami and Peter continue to bicker as they try to convince the other that he/she is worse than the other. And then they try to convince the other that what they did was out of love!
  • Rae gets the file from her old hospital. She and Kayla scurry to find right dosages of medicine that will equal the cure for the rare poison the Fury has used.
  • Kate, Billie, and Georgia remain by Austin and Carrie’s sides, as well as Eric and Caroline.
  • Hope is excited to return home to Salem as she stays on the fishing boat, trying to get some rest.
  • Meanwhile, the captain has a fantasy about having hot sex with Hope. He says Hope will be his no matter what he has to do to get her.
  • Victor and Vivian sign the papers that officially merge Alamain and Titan!
  • Will awakens! He and Georgia have a touching reunion. He also reunites with Marlena, Kate, Billie, Eric, and Caroline. Will apologizes to his cousin for stealing her pill, but then he demands she tell him what they are for.
  • John tries to get Marlena to listen to him, but she says she cannot believe he kept this from her. She says she doesn’t even recognize the man that stands before her.
  • Victor, Vivian, and Kate have a meeting for Titan-Alamain Enterprises. But Frankie reminds them that according to the deal, the new Board of Trustees must decide on someone to bring into the company as an objective V.P. of Operations. Frankie informs Vivian, Kate, and Victor that even though they are on the board, they do not have a vote because those were the terms of the deal.
  • Peter tells Sami they may have more in common than either realizes.
  • Rae and Kayla administer the cures to Austin and Carrie.
  • Kristen arrives to see Peter. They reunite! Sami is disgusted at the sight of Kristen and lashes out at her for ruining her mother’s life. Kristen tells Sami to go to hell and carries on with Peter.
  • Hope recalls how she could not have taken a normal means of transportation home in case the Dimera’s intervened and kidnapped her again. She says she must be very secretive about getting home.
  • Billie tells Bo it isn’t what it looks like between her and Jack. Jack runs off to confront Peter. Bo forgives Billie and apologizes. Bo and Billie prepare for their Valentine’s Day Wedding.
  • Kristen informs Peter she has some bad news…
  • Austin and Carrie’s vital signs improve!
  • The Fury returns to his/her hideout and trashes the entire place.
  • Victor and Vivian learn the board has decided on someone to be their V.P. of Operations after interviewing many candidates.
  • Jack tears into the prison and angrily lashes out at Peter and Kristen! Jack blames Peter for separating him and Jennifer for YEARS! He says that was precious time they lost, and now that she has passed away, he’ll never get it back! Peter is floored. Peter demands Jack tell him he’s lying! Peter says Jennifer cannot be dead! Kristen comforts Peter and tells him she wanted to be one to tell him. Peter breaks down.
  • Victor and Vivian meet their new V.P. of Operations. Victor screams out: “No!” Kate throws her hands up in frustration. “You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!”…she yells. “Victor. Kate. Charmed, I'm sure.”….she says with a smirk.


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LMAO! Go Nicole! I love it!

I can see Jack going after Peter and Kristen and wanting to tear Peter's head off. I am very excited for the Peter storyline.

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