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December 4, 2006



IPB Image

-It's a new day in Salem. The episode opens at Salem University Hospital where Kate is walking into Chelsea's ICU room to see how she is doing. Billie is there and she says there is no change. Billie leans in close and begs her daughter to fight for her life. They already missed enough time already and she still feels like she hasn't had a chance to be a mother to her. Kate comforts her.

-Jack is in Abby's ICU room when Laura arrives and asks how she is doing. Jack says there is no change. Laura blames herself. Jack turns and lashes out at Laura, saying he should've known better then to listen to her. He had a feeling she was using Abby to come between Billie and him and he should've listened to Billie. He just never wanted to believe his daughter could act out like that and Laura used that and Abby just because of her hatred for Kate and not wanting Billie with him. He tells her to get out.

Laura runs off in tears and right into Bill's arms. Doug and Julie are also there. Julie reminds Laura that she warned her that her plots would backfire. Laura wonders if Jack and Abby will ever accept her in their lives again and prays to God that Abby survives or she would've played a role in her own granddaughter's death. She says Jennifer must be turning over in her grave seeing all that is happening.

-Lucas comes over to Caroline, Frankie, Max, Austin, Sami, Cal, Greta, and Nicole to inform them of Abby and Chelsea's condition and there being no change. Caroline says she just got a call from Roman in Sydney and that they will all be back in Salem tomarrow. She adds that Kayla and Bo are fine after what happened. Everyone is releived and Caroline wishes pain and suffering on Stefano and the Dimera's for all they have done.

-Cal goes off to get coffee for everyone and bumps into Katherine. He explains why he is at the hospital and what is going on. Katherine says she is concerned about his lack of progress since his first session and thinks that something has to be done. Cal asks what she thinks. Katherine says they need to leave Salem so they can isolate him from the people he grew to love and care about as Roman. It's in his best interest for his treatment. Cal refuses and says he is not leaving the people he cares about like this, even if they aren't really his family.

-Sami is walking through the hospital with some food when she bumps into Alan. Alan explains he heard about her brother and her cousin, Chelsea, and came by for support. Sami slaps him and warms him to just stay away from her and her family. She doesn't buy his little ""I'm changed" act and isn't buying his attempts at redemption either. Alan insists he is sincere and just wants to make amends and that is why he came to the hospital. Sami warns him to just stay away from her or, better yet, leave Salem and drop whatever he is really up to or else. She will not be a victim this time and he can either do as she says or she will take action. Sami walks away.

-Austin is walking with Lucas and sees Sami leaving Alan. Both men walk over to Alan and ask what he is doing there. He reiterates what he said to Sami but Austin and Lucas don't buy his nice guy routine. They both warn him once again to stay away from Sami and her family or he will have to deal with them. They leave as a frustrated Alan looks on.

-Nicole is awaiting word on Eric and looks at her watch. It has been hours in surgery but they were warned it may take hours. Dr. Rowen comes out and Nicole asks him if Eric made it through. Later, Sami is with Caroline, Greta, and Austin. Cal and Katherine arrive as well and Cal introduces her to everyone. Nicole comes down in the elevator and says she has news about Eric. Sami asks what it is. Nicole says Eric made it and the tumor is gone but there is still a chance of complications like anerysms, blood clots, infection, etc. Caroline says they will just pray that none of that happens. She runs off to tell Frankie, Max, and the others. Sami, Nicole, Austin, and Greta go upstairs to see Eric in recovery.

-Katherine explains to Cal that it should be easier for him to leave Salem with her now with Eric doing well. Cal asks if it is really necessary. Katherine feels that being around people he thought were family and friends as Roman and being in Salem may be hindering his efforts to remember his past before being faux Roman. Cal agrees to go if she is sure it is necessary. He needs to recover his past no matter what.

-Cal bumps into Cassie and says goodbye, as he will always think of her as a daughter from his time as Roman and when she was thought a Brady. Cal also runs upstairs to say goodbye to Eric and bumps into Sami, who is on her way up to see Eric with the others. Sami wishes him luck and she agrees they will always feel a connection between them. Cal says that Eric said the same to him and that he feels the same way himself. Nicole, Sami, and Greta are excited that Eric is awake. Cal then says goodbye to Caroline, Frankie, and Max and leaves.

-Nicole runs to Eric and embraces him, happy to see him awake. Greta, Sami, and Austin look on as Nicole pledges her love to Eric and he quietly does the same and they hold each other closely.

-Max enters Abby's room while Jack is there. Jack is begging Abby to fight to survive. Jack sees Max and thanks him for watching over Abby and not giving up during the rescue. Jennifer would thank him and he says he owes him a thank you as well for saving Abby. Max asks if he can stay with her for a bit. Jack leaves.

Jack sees Billie in the hall and they ask each other how each of their daughters are doing. Jack explains how he lashed out at Laura earlier and apologizes to Billie for not believing her and letting Laura manipulate him. Billie says it's fine and it's in the past. They can deal with it later. She just wants their daughters to make it. Jack agrees and they embrace and comfort each other, hoping they get through this terrible ordeal.

While with Abby, Max begs her to fight and come back to her family and friends. They need her. He needs her. He apologizes for how he treated her and begs her not to leave him as he begins to weep. Max is unaware that Cassie is listening and watching outside, with a cold look on her face. She then vows that if Abby makes it, she will make sure she does not get in the way of her getting Max. She is a Dimera and she will be damned if that goody two shoes is going to win Max from her. She will win at all costs.

The screen then fades out on a sinister Cassie watching Max with Abby in her ICU room.

On the next Salem Lives...

Jack to Laura: Your daughter would be appalled at your actions. You disgust me!!

Billie to Laura: You tear my mother apart for years and then you find yourself acting exactly like her. Your nothing but a hypocrite...

Kate: You said it!!!

Eric to Nicole: It's going to be smooth sailing from here on in. We are finally going to be together...forever.

Will to Alan: What are you doing here?

Lucas (with Austin) to Sami: You better watch your back...

Sami: Don't worry about me. If Alan tries anything, it will be the last thing he does.

Abe to Shane: There is no telling what Dimera is planning while he is lying low. We need to find him and fast!

Stefano to Lexie: We will have my revenge, my darling. Sooner then everyone thinks...


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