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September 18, 2006



-Roman confronts Shane once again and asks him if there is more he isn't saying about Carrie. Roman says it doesn't make sense she would just leave when she was pregnant. Shane reminds Roman of the island debacle and all the bad things happening in Salem, most recently the warehouse explosion. Shane beleives Carrie is afraid to reaise a child in that sort of environment with the Dimera's hanging around. Austin, Lucas, and Sami agree that could very well be a reason. Lucas wants to still track Carrie done. Shane thinks they should just respect her wishes and hope she changes her mind once things calm done.. Roman agrees that she may return once things get better. Roman takes Shane aside and fills him in on what is going on with Bo and the murders. Shane is shocked. Roman tells Shane the whole family is falling apart and Bo is pulling away from all the people he loves and from the law. Roman adds that Victor is only encouraging Bo and makings things worse. Shane wonders if things could get any worse. Roman says they are bound to as it seems Victor and Stefano are prepared to go to war with each other.

-Sami comforts both Austin and Lucas. They both just want to be alone and leave Sami. Sami wonders if something else may be going on about Carrie as she isn't buying into it like everyone else, despite there being alot of danger around them. She doesn't beleive Carrie would just leave, especially while pregnant.

- Abby can see that Max wants to go back in and be with Chelsea. Abby tells Max that she knows he still cares about Chelsea and that it's ok. She would expect nothing less of a guy like him. Billie and Kate are outside his room. Kate says she is going to go see what is happening with the search for Carrie. She tells Billie to call if she needs her and leaves. Jack offers to get Billie some coffee. Billie decides that they can go for a little walk as well. Max asks Billie if he can see Chelsea. She allows it but tells him to be easy on her. Max walks in and sees Chelsea, who is staring blank face at a wall. He says he hopes she doesn't mind he came in. He sits down and says he still cares about her and asks her why she never told him what happened. He never could understand why she was pushing him away but now he does. He could've helped her deal with being there for Josh's death and the rape. He tells her they can put all that in the past and just move on. He wants to be there for her and he begs her to let him. He tells Chelsea he thinks he has fallen in love with her. Chelsea turns around and coldly tells Max to leave. Max begs Chelsea to reconsider. He knows they broke up but only because he never knew what was going on. Chelsea tells him that he doesn't want her and that nobody does. She is a manipulating whore and she will never change. When she did change, it went nowhere and bad things still happened. She believes it is better to be bad. She tells Max to leave before she had security make him leave.

-Abby is walking around when Frankie approaches her. He can tell something is wrong and asks if he can help. Abby fills him in about Max not being over Chelsea and she understands but she doesn't think Max sees her as someone he can be with. Frankie urges Abby to not give up and fight for Max. He thinks she should tell Max she is interested in being more then friends.

-Jack and Billie talk about all the turmoil in their lives. Jack says she comforted him when he lost Jennifer and now he is going to help her deal with what is happening to her daughter. She thanks Jack. Jack also says he called Harold at The Spectator to make sure that Chelsea is not painted in a bad light. Billie thanks Jack and says she is happy she has had a friend like him over the years. He agrees and says he doesn't know where he would be without her these past few weeks. Billie says she had a promise to keep for Jennifer and a responsibility as a friend to her and him to be the best friend she can be. They embrace.

-Caroline, Doug, and Julie are worried about Maggie being with Victor at the moment. Hope joins them and tells them what happened with Bo. Hope says she is really afraid for him and what he may do. Caroline thinks they need to get the whole family together to come up with a way to help. Hope agrees since she will need all the help she can get to help Bo. Caroline takes Hope aside and asks Hope if she gets through to Bo, does all this mean she wants him back after everything. Hope says that Bo and her have alot to work through but it's worth a shot. Someone does have to reach Bo before it's too late or, otherwise, there will be no chance at a reunion.

-Maggie asks Victor what he isn't saying about the murders. Maggie beleives that Victor knows who did it and is protecting them. Victor tells Maggie to back off and asks what happened to staying away from each other. Maggie has no answer and thinks maybe it was meant for her to drop back into his life. Victor asks how long she has been drinking. Maggie denies drinking but Victor knows she did because she smelled of it when he found her near Chelsea. Maggie says she remembers finding a person lying on the ground and trying to help and then passing out so she must have been seeing Chelsea. Victor agrees. Maggie says that after she pushed Victor away she totally lost it. There was nothing to take her mind off the grief and pain of losing Mickey and blaming herself so she turned to the bottle and that is what happened. She admits that following Victor and being with him tonight has been the first time since they parted ways that she didn't think about Mickey and his death. Victor asks if she is saying she wants him back in her life. She says yes and she hugs him. Maggie says she doesn't want to drink again and that she hates herself for it. Victor says he will help her but that he has to go right now to take care of something. He says they will talk later and leaves.

-Bo is walking the pier and is remembering his life with Hope and many of his capers as a police officer. He remembers Victor's words and everything that happened at the hospital. He wonders if Victor is right and if he is on the right path. Sometimes you have to do whatever is necessary no matter what if you want real justice and security for those you love, even if it means pushing them away. Bo ends up at the Cheatin Heart and begins to drown his sorrows as he continues to remember the past and Hope.

-Frankie assures Abby that she will be ok and that it is best to be aggressive and put her heart on the line for Max. She thanks Frankie and embraces him. He wishes her luck and leaves.

-Max begs Chelsea not to shut him and everyone else out. She tells Max one last time to get out. He leaves but not before saying he cares about her and knows she is in pain. He is not just going to let her go. She tells him he has to and that she has already let everything go as she deserves nothing. Max denies that is true but Chelsea tells him to get out again and he finally leaves. Abby asks how it went. Max says he doesn't want to talk about and that he just wants to be alone. He runs off as Abby wonders what is going on. Meanwhile, Chelsea remembers shooting Jason and Barry and also them raping her. She begins to rock back and forth while crying and saying she knew she did bad things. She then yells out why she is having to suffer so much, especially when she was trying to change. She throws her water pitcher against the wall and says she is through. She cares about nothing and no one anymore. She is for herself only and is done trying to be good. She admits she hopes her rapists are rotting in hell.

-Billie again thanks Jack and says she needs to get back up to Chelsea. He walks her up and asks her to call if she needs anything. She tells him to do the same. He kisses her cheek and she smiles as he walks away, smiling himself.

-Hope, Doug, Julie, and Caroline find Maggie and ask if she is alright. Maggie says she is fine and that she just wants to go home. Hope asks if she would come with them as they are all getting together to try to find a way to help Bo. Maggie doesn't think she is in a condition to be much help but Hope begs her to. Maggie reluctantly agrees. Julie tells Maggie she won't regret this. Maggie privately says she wants no part of being around her family after Mickey's death and her being the person to blame. The pressure and stress once again leads her to being tempted to drink once again.

-Bo continues to down beers at the Cheatin Heart and begins to wonder if maybe he is making a mistake pushing Hope and his loved ones away and turning against everything he ever beleived in. He starts to doubt Victor's words and the effectiveness of taking the law into your own hands. Victor appears and says he knew he would find him there as he always goes there when he is upset. Victor tells Bo to beleive what he wants but asks that Bo mulls over an offer he has before he thinks any further about whose side he believes is right. Bo tells Victor he is listening.

-Kate arrives and Roman and Shane fill her in on Carrie's letter. Kate doesn't beleive Carrie would just leave being pregnant. Roman reminds Kate of all the danger with the Dimera's around. Kate thinks that things still don't fit and that this is not like Carrie. Kate thinks something else is going on. Lucas returns and says he agrees.

-Austin is in the woods and begins to lash out at the skies above. He asks why there is so much unhappiness and begs for answers as to why Carrie really left. He thinks there is more to it and thinks it may have something to do with her not knowing who the father is. He sees a shooting star and wishes that Carrie and the baby return. He thinks Carrie and him have a good chance at happiness after everything they have been through, especially if the baby is his like he thinks. Meanwhile, in the bushes nearby, Sami has overheard everything and is in shock. She can hardly beleive that Carrie and Austin made love behind their backs and that Carrie has no idea who the father is. Sami realizes that Carrie left because she didn'want to destroy Lucas or Austin and their family since she does not know the paternity. Sami looks at Austin and says she has lost him...just like she has lost Lucas too. The screen then fades to black and the credits roll.

On the next "Salem Lives:"

Sami: I can't do this anymore...maybe it's time to start anew.

Carrie to Alan: It's ok...I'm here and I'm not going anywhere.

Roman to Hope: What do you suggest we do, Hope?

Hope to Roman: Whatever we have to do to save Bo from himself.

Shawn to Belle: I am leaving and you are not going to stop me.

Belle to Shawn: I wouldn't bet on that.

Bo to Victor: What are you saying?

Victor to Bo: I want you to join me, Bo. Join my organization...side with me.


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