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SaIIy (<--Roman numeral II cuz I'm clever) reminds me of Gina Tognoni.  Coincidentally, they both can fill out a dress.  The show seemed to highlight this last week when they had SaIIy bent over her desk and Shirley came in and patted her butt.


SaIIy and Coco have not known these men long enough to be revolving around them...

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Sasha should have been Darlita and Aly should have been Coco and then maybe I could be persuaded to watch again.


I still read all the comments here and it all sounds so boring and extremely plot-oriented (moreso than usual for modern soaps). B&B was so soapy good in late 2014/early 2015 but Bell killed all the excitement so quickly when Aly got killed off, Maya's storyline was PC'ed, Caroline got pregnant by Thomas instead of Rick and Brooke and Bill went for round 2.

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