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    EPISODE 74
    Written by A. Washington-Beeby
    Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


    At what is for now Titan TV, Nick smiles smugly while lounging in a chair opposite Nicole's desk. Grabbing his laptop bag as he pulls out his tablet, he taps and slides his finger across the screen before showing Nicole footage of their exchange up to now.


    NICOLE: You....what?
    NICK: I have it all right here. See, I've got eyes, Nicole. Everywhere. You know, once you master the art of hacking, you really can do anything! It's crazy!


    The colour drains from Nicole's face, as Nick puts his tablet back in his bag, and pulls out a flash drive from his bag, placing it on the desk before a stunned and terrified Nicole, who was just caught by Nick's surveillance equipment admitting to hiding the documents proving Eric was drugged. Nicole gulps audibly before responding to him with as strong, but cool a voice as she can muster, which comes off more upset and wavering than she'd like to believe.


    NICOLE: What do you need me to do, Nick?


    Nick nods, still smiling as Nicole squirms, hating cowtowing to her blackmailer's increasing demands.


    NICK: Much better. Everything you'll need is on that flash drive. Just remember to destroy it when you're done. Have a great day, Nicole!


    Nicole holds up the flash drive, looking it over as Nick grabs his bag and leaves Nicole's office. Nicole holds it firmly in her fist, silently cursing Nick. She sits down at her desk and thinks aloud.


    NICOLE: There has GOT to be a way to trap that little rat in his own game. But he's on the side of the good the hell does that work?


    Nicole shakes her head as she puts the flash drive into her computer and waits for it to load.





    Will walks down the hallway towards his new office at EnerNext, holding a coffee mug in his hand, before stopping at the door. He turns the doorknob and steps in, jumping back upon seeing Alex standing inside.


    ALEX: AH! Will! I was looking for you.


    Will stands at his doorway, keeping a goofy smile on his face, stunned by Alex's presence in his office.




    Laura walks off the elevator at University Hospital and stops at the nurses' station. Maxine greets her immediately with a warm smile.


    MAXINE: Well! Good morning, Dr. Horton. How's it going?


    Laura smiles, but with a tension in her face that Maxine can't quite put her finger on.


    LAURA: Oh, just fine, Maxine. haven't seen Dr. Jonas around anywhere, have you?
    MAXINE: No, he's taken a late start today. In fact he's requested to work evenings all week. Should I have him get ahold of you when he comes in?
    LAURA: Yes, if you don't mind. Thanks!
    MAXINE: Anytime, Dr. Horton. Oh! And, uh, by the way, there's a very improtant meeting at 10:45 in the board room.


    Laura looks up from her mail, a bit surprised, but smiles Maxine's way.


    LAURA: Oh. Alright, thanks. Any idea what it's about?


    Maxine shrugs dismissively.


    MAXINE: I dunno, usually it's about not wasting paper in the photocopier and boring budget updates. I wouldn't worry too much.
    LAURA: Heh, alright. Thanks again, Maxine.
    MAXINE: Have a good day, honey.


    Laura steps away from the nurses' station and over to the coffee machine. Pouring herself a cup, she sighs heavily while looking over to see none other than Liam talking with one of the doctors at the opposite end of the room. Laura looks on momentarily, before muttering to herself.


    LAURA: Alright, Laura. Keep calm, and tread lightly. Daniel may be able to help you keep on eye on Liam, but don't overplay your hand. Jenn and JJ's safety depends on it.




    Brady wakes up, pale and sweaty, to find a tray of breakfast food arranged beside his bed, a note laid down beside his plate of eggs, bacon and toast. Brady rubs the sleep from his eyes and reads the note carefully, his vision still not the greatest.


    Figured you'd want a nice breakfast. If you need anything, just holler. Anita


    Brady tries to get up from his bed but quickly realizes he can barely move them, after days of bed rest. As he tries to shuffle over to his breakfast, Anita walks in, hearing the rumbling.


    ANITA: Oh good, you're up. Here, I wasn't sure if you'd be able to reach the food, but I knew that you'd better eat something or you'd shrivel up and die.


    Anita rushes in and grabs the tray from the TV dinner table set up beside the bed. She quickly pops the tray on Brady's lap.


    BRADY: Well, I'm not so sure I'm not gonna shrivel and die yet.
    ANITA: Don't talk like that. You're looking better every day.
    BRADY: You know, I'm...I'm still not hungry. I feel so...
    ANITA: That's probably you coming down from your drugs.


    Brady looks up, shocked that Anita was even aware of his relapse.


    BRADY: What? How...? How did you even know I--
    ANITA: The doctor told me during his house call. You had a rapid heart beat and dialated pupils. He figured you were high when you ended up in the water. Honestly, from what that doctor told me, it's a miracle you're even alive.


    Brady looks up at Anita, alarmed by her sombre statement.






    Anita sits at the edge of Brady's bed, conversing with him about his situation. Brady looks at Anita with a concerned look.


    BRADY: What do you mean, lucky to be alive?
    ANITA: You showed up washed ashore by the lake. Limp as a fish. I thought you'd drowned, but thankfully...I'm a retired nurse so...


    Brady flops down, exhausted, in the bed. Looking at the ceiling before inhaling deeply and shutting his eyes, trying to soak in each breath.


    BRADY: Why don't I feel so lucky?
    ANITA: Probably withdrawals. And your body's probably weak. Lucky for you, I managed to get your body warmed up, or that cold lake water would've killed you before the withdrawal symptoms ever could.
    BRADY: Great. (sigh) I don't think I wanna eat.
    ANITA: I'll leave it here for you anyway. You might get hungry later. But you do need to eat.


    Anita gets up and heads for the door, stopping and turning back, as though remembering something.


    ANITA: I'll make you a pot of tea, that might help.


    Brady continues to stare blankly at the ceiling.


    BRADY: I...sure.


    Anita stands in the doorway and smiles.


    ANITA: I'll be back in a minute.


    As Anita walks out, Brady summons the strength to sit up again in the bed. Looking around the room, he looks out the window overlooking the lake. 


    The images flood back in his mind of the night of his accident. His harsh words for Theresa. The sound of his car speeding into the icy water. He shudders as he relives the moment of panic, recalling the impact. 


    He flops back in bed, squinting his eyes shut, as if shutting his eyes will wipe the memories away.





    Sami stands in the DiMera living room, standing before the desk. She closes up her briefcase after filing away some papers, and putting her tablet inside her purse, as she hears the living room doors swing open. She continues preparing, assuming EJ is at the door to motivate her to get a move on.


    SAMI: I'll be there in a sec, EJ, just gotta...


    Sami turns around and jumps back immediately upon realizing Nick is at the door, not EJ.


    NICK: Oh come on, Sami! I'm way skinnier than EJ. But I appreciate the compliment. He's a looker, that one!


    Sami looks on, eyes squinting with malice.


    SAMI: What do you want, Nick?
    NICK: Just wanted to have a little talk with you.
    SAMI: Well, I don't have time right now. I have to get to the hospital, as a matter of fact.


    Sami tries to walk out, appearing busy as she collects her things. Nick grabs Sami's arm to stop her, causing Sami to stop in her tracks, a bit of a shiver as she looks at Nick with an insane contempt. Nick looks back, an arrogant, dangerous nonchalance in his eyes.


    NICK: Not so fast, Sami. This will only take a minute. And I think it's in your best interests, and Kate's...and Gabi's...if you stuck around for....just a minute. Don't you think?


    Sami continues to stare him down as Nick retains his firm grasp on her arm.




    Nicole sits at her office desk and looks down at the flash drive Nick's given her.


    NICOLE: (sigh) Alright. Let's see what dirty little secrets you have locked inside you.


    Nicole holds the drive in her hand before rolling her eyes.


    NICOLE: Although, knowing Nick, he's probably just loaded a virus onto this thing to wipe my hard drive clean. Oh well, I'll just expense a new one with my new boss, I guess.


    With a bit of a laugh, Nicole plugs the flash drive into her computer. She talks herself through the process as though she's at a slot machine in Vegas.


    NICOLE: Alright, baby, show Mama the money....


    Nicole looks on with laser-focus as the document list appears on her monitor. Clicking on the first document, she waits with baited breath as the document loads on her screen. She inhales deeply as she soaks in the information.


    NICOLE: My God. Victor, you're going DOWN.


    Nicole smiles a satisfied smile as she reads on.




    Will relaxes a moment, miraculously keeping his coffee cup in tact as he steps inside his office toward Alex.


    WILL: I...Alex. I...sure, what do you need?
    ALEX: Come here.


    Alex opens a folder as Will steps close to him. Alex leans in close to him, causing Will to tense up. Alex begins to show him a document for Will to work on.


    ALEX: I'm gonna start you off slowly, just to get your feet wet, a press release we'll be sending out tomorrow regarding the property acquisition problems we're having.


    As Alex speaks,Will feels Alex's body move in close to him, his breath on his neck, and every touch, no matter how inadvertent, excites him. Will breathes in deeply to try to relax himself, all the while, so focused on holding himself back, that he barely listens to Alex.


    ALEX: Okay, so...


    Will sits himself down at his desk to look over the file, as Alex crouches down beside him. Will sets his coffee on the table and leans in close again, as Alex explains the file.


    ALEX: So essentially, you'll be editing this for time, and we need this to read more like progress is being made on this front. We can't let the press see that we're stagnant on this issue.


    Will moves his arm over to point to a piece of this document.


    WILL: Right, so, here...


    Will clips his coffee mug as he points over the folder and knocks it off his desk...and all over Alex's shirt. Alex jumps back and Will jumps up from his seat.


    WILL: Oh God. I'm...


    Alex looks himself over, holding back a curse as he tries to undo his tie and shirt before the heat of the coffee burns him.


    ALEX: Ow Ow ow ow ow!
    WILL: Ahhh I'm sorry, here, here, here, let me get that


    As Will jumps over and helps peel Alex's wet shirt off him, they both stop a moment. Will looks down at Alex's body and swallows hard. He stutters as he tries to speak.


    WILL: I...I'm so sorry. I just...I...


    Alex laughs a bit, looking at an obviously embarrassed Will.


    ALEX: Don't worry. I'm...a klutz half the time myself. Uh...look. Let me...go change. I bring a change of clothes usually just in case...a pen explodes...bit of my lunch falls on me...
    WILL: Some idiot newbie spills coffee on you on the first day.


    Alex smiles, putting a hand on Will's shoulder in reassurance.


    ALEX: Nah, come on. Don't be so hard on yourself. Will. I'm not gonna fire you for this. If I was going to, I'dve fired myself last year. Okay?


    Will nods sheepishly. Alex now puts both hands on Will's shoulders, looking up at Will to try to convince him to look up his way. Will finally does, and their eyes lock. Will's defenses go down and he smiles at Alex, they both laugh gently at their situation, as Will's eyes get distracted by Alex's shirtless body.




    Marlena arrives at University Hospital's board room to find it filled with people from all over the hospital. She quickly walks over to Laura, who looks over and greets Marlena.


    LAURA: Good morning. I take it you got word about the meeting?
    MARLENA: Yes, I did. It's unusual of them to ask so many people to one of these meetings, so I'm rather curious what it could be about.
    LAURA: Sounds serious.
    MARLENA: It very well could be.


    Laura looks over to see Jennifer walk into the room with Liam in tow. Laura stares with a deeply troubled look, which Marlena immediately picks up on.


    MARLENA: Laura...are you alright?


    Laura holds her gaze a moment longer before responding, looking Marlena's way only as she finishes speaking.


    LAURA: I'm fine. I'm...just fine.
    MARLENA: Why don't I believe you?


    Laura smiles and tries to reassure her friend, but is barely able to reassure herself.


    LAURA: Don't worry. I'll be just fine.


    Marlena looks on, deciding to drop it, as the door closes behind a newly arriving Kayla, who calls out to the room for their attention.


    KAYLA: Good morning, everyone! Let's get started!


    Kayla walks over to the head of the board room table. She remains standing as she speaks to the crowd gathered in the room.


    KAYLA:'re probably wondering why I've called this meeting this morning. And I do want to thank you all for coming out on such short notice....but I am...officially announcing my resignation as Chief of Staff at University Hospital.


    The crowd look on, stunned by Kayla's announcement.




    Vicky confronts Jake

    ...and Felicia meets her grandson

    consultants:  aMLCproduction and beebs


    Someone rings the doorbell, and Michele opens the door…

    Michele:  Oh...Elizabeth?  What are you doing here?

    Elizabeth walks in.

    Elizabeth:  I’m glad you’re here.

    Michele:  When did you get back to Bay City?

    Elizabeth:  I can’t tell you why I’m back yet…

    Michele:  So why did you come here?

    Elizabeth:  To talk about your sister and my brother and their joke of a relationship.



    Cory and Bridget are walking slowly hand in hand.

    Bridget:  Hey stop let’s take a selfie.

    Bridget holds her smartphone up, snaps their picture, and they continue walking.

    Bridget:  That movie was scary.

    Cory:  How would you know?  You kept covering your eyes every five seconds so you couldn’t have seen anything.

    Bridget:  I was watching it through the openings between my fingers.

    Cory:  Yeah whatever.  You wanna smoothie?

    Bridget:  Yeah.

    Cory:  Be right back.

    They kiss and as Cory leaves, Bridget pulls up her FacePage account, posts the selfie, and writes a message, and she goes to a part where it says “post to all except Cory Hutchins.”  She clicks his name so he cannot see the post.  She notices Cory coming with their smoothies and quickly puts her phone away.

    Cory:  Strawberry for my girl.

    Bridget:  Thank you.

    Bridget smiles about her FacePage post.

    Cory:  Whatchu smilin about?

    Bridget:  It’s you.  You make me smile.  I just wish my mom and dad could be as happy as I am right now.


    P.I. FIRM

    Jake is about to leave but when he opens the door, it’s Vicky who slams the envelope into his chest.  Jake grabs it to keep it from dropping.

    Vicky:  Is this what you really want Jake?  A divorce?  That’s what punks do.  Run!

    They both enter the office again.

    Jake:  Is that what we’re doing now?  Name calling?

    Vicky:  You’re giving up.  You’re running away.

    Jake:  Do I have to run down the reasons why I sent you these papers Vicky?

    Vicky:  Try it.

    Jake:  Let’s start with the way you treated Bridget after we thought we lost Michele.  You disowned her in front of everyone.  Our own daughter.


    Cory:  I’m sorry that your parents are going through that.

    Bridget:  It hurts you know.  I can’t help but thinking this really might be the end for them.  So much has happened.

    Cory looks away for a second, thinking about Carl, then back at Bridget.

    Cory:  Yeah we grow up thinking that our parents are gonna be together forever.  Then we learn...that’s just not the case.



    Devin Lucas confronts Carl.

    Carl:  Son, some things are better left unsaid.

    Devin Lucas:  No it’s not dad, because you have a brain tumor.  You’re not gonna be here much longer, and before you go, you’re gonna tell me what happened between you and mom.

    Carl:  You wanna know the truth son?  You really wanna know about me and Lorna?  I’ll tell you, but I need to know if you’re prepared to hear it.

    Devin Lucas:  Well there’s no time like the present huh dad?

    Carl:  You might know most of this already.  I wonder what your mother told you.

    Devin Lucas:  This about mom.  This is about you telling me the truth.  

    Carl:  I made her pose nude, then I used the pictures I took to blackmail her when I needed something done.

    Devin Lucas:  How old was she?

    Carl:  That doesn’t matter…

    Devin Lucas:  How old was she?

    Carl:  She wasn’t even twenty yet.

    Devin Lucas is shaking his head in disbelief and trying to hold back disgust.

    Devin Lucas:  How could you do that?

    Carl:  You don’t get to ask me any more questions!  If you want to know the truth, you shut up...and hear it all.

    Devin Lucas:  May I ask you one more question?

    Carl:  What is it son?

    Devin Lucas:  How did I come about?

    Felicia, Mitch and Lorna come in.

    Devin Lucas:  Did you rape her?



    PART 2

    Michele:  Well if their relationship is supposed to be funny, I’m totally not laughing.

    Elizabeth:  You can’t possibly approve of them being together.

    Michele:  Well...things have changed somewhat.

    Elizabeth:  Cory told me what you told him...that you were cool with him dating your sister.

    Michele:  And I meant it.

    Elizabeth:  My God the accident must have messed up your mind.  Bridget is a total bitch and my brother deserves better.

    Michele:  You and I both know that, but he doesn’t see it.  

    Elizabeth:  Well then we’ve gotta do something to break them up.

    Michele:  You know, when I came back I wanted revenge on Bridget for everything she had done to me in the past, but maybe that’s...that’s not the way to go.  

    Elizabeth:  What do you mean?

    Michele:  Everyone is telling me to forgive her.  They don’t want a repeat of what happened between my mom and Aunt Marley years ago.

    Elizabeth:  I heard about that.

    Michele:  Maybe they’re right.  Maybe it’s time I...let it all go and forgive Bridget.



    Cory and Bridget walk in.

    Cory:  It’s been a while since I’ve been here.  I’m sure you weren’t too sad when your mom told you to come live here.

    Bridget:  I gotta be honest, you’re so right.  You can have a whole wing to yourself here.  I barely even see my grandparents.

    Cory:  Doesn’t sound like anyone’s here.

    Bridget:  Hmmm what are you suggesting?

    Cory:  This.

    Cory and Bridget kiss passionately.

    Bridget:  Umm I don’t wanna continue this here.

    Cory:  I agree.

    They proceed upstairs.


    Jake:  Vicky you need to face the truth.  Ever since Michele’s accident we haven’t been the same since.

    Vicky:  We got past that.

    Jake:  Then you knew about Lindsay being my daughter and you didn’t tell me.

    Vicky:  I was trying to protect our family!

    Jake:  But you didn’t did you?  I don’t trust you Vicky.  Ever since you kept the truth about Lindsay from me, I have a hard time trusting you.

    Vicky:  After everything we’ve been through together, you all of a  sudden don’t trust me?  That’s so ridiculous.

    Jake:  Is it?  It’s like you went back to the old Vicky, or maybe you never changed at all.

    Vicky:  I did change!  I have four children.

    Jake:  I don’t know.  I don’t know anything anymore.

    Vicky:  All I see is someone who is looking for an excuse to get out of this marriage.

    Jake:  You think that’s it?  You think this doesn’t hurt?

    Vicky:  I can’t tell Jake.  Maybe you’re just itching to leave me.

    Jake:  You were the one who gave me an ultimatum.  

    Vicky:  Oh Jake so suddenly holier than thou.  Con artist, blackmailer, sleazy newspaper reporter.  Is that the life you want?  Are you bored?  Is that why you want out?

    Jake:  Dammit Vicky!  You just don’t get it!

    Vicky:  Oh I get it.  Oh do I ever...get it.  You’ve given up on our marriage.  How could you?

    Vicky walks out.



    Felicia, Lorna and Mitch have just walked in on a conversation between Carl and Devin Lucas.

    Carl:  What?

    Devin Lucas:  It’s a closed ended question.  Did you rape my mother?

    Lorna walks over to Devin Lucas and gently places her left hand on his left shoulder.

    Lorna:  No baby.  Carl never forced himself on me.

    Devin Lucas:  Did he force you to keep me in boarding schools?  All the bodyguards; people keeping tabs on me.

    Felicia:  Okay I’m completely confused.  What the hell is going on here?

    Mitch:  I think Devin Lucas is the surprise that Lorna was talking about.

    Lorna turns to Felicia.

    Lorna:  Mom, this is my son, your grandson.

    Felicia walks slowly over to Devin Lucas.

    Mitch:  Wow.

    Felicia:  Lorna you never said a word about this all these years.

    Lorna:  Long story mom.

    Devin Lucas:  So you’re Felicia.  Mom raves about you.

    Felicia:  Wow.  I’m an instant grandmother.  Devin Lucas.  Named after...your grandfather Lucas.

    Felicia touches Devin Lucas’s right cheek as her eyes well up.

    Felicia: look so much like him.

    Devin Lucas:  And don’t forget my first name….which is mom’s last name.  I just spell it differently than she does.

    Lorna:  I spelled it differently.

    Carl:  We can do the introductions later, but I think Devin Lucas, Lorna and I should have time alone.

    Felicia:  I just met my grandson.

    Lorna turns to Felicia.

    Lorna:  Mother, please...can you and Mitch leave us alone for a minute.

    She turns back to Devin Lucas and Carl.

    Lorna:  This talk is long overdue.


  3. GC Memorial
    Neil is in emergency surgery. He has nurses and doctors to his right and left trying to save his life. The doctor on his left cuts open Neil’s body. The incision goes from right below his nipple down to just above his waist line. The surgeon has to locate the bullet. The surgeon uses his surgical tool to move raw and bloody body parts around. They can see Neil’s lungs getting bigger and smaller with each breath he takes off his ventilator. The surgeon continues to move body organs around to try and locate the bullet.
    The nurse on Neil’s right is keeping constant vigil on Neil’s vital signs checking them every 30 seconds.
    Nurse: Heart rate slowing as well as breathing.
    Surgeon: I still can’t find this bullet. I don’t know where it is.
    Nurse: But there was no exit wound?
    Surgeon: No I did not see one. So it’s still inside him somewhere.
    The surgeon begins to get in deeper in Neil’s body and moves closer to his spinal chord to see maybe if the bullet is there.

    Episode 170: Drucilla Winters vs Sheila Carter and Dru WINS!!
    Written by ML Cooks
    Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington with Wade Meredith
    In the ER.
    Olivia faints as Leslie drops her bottled water at seeing Dru.
    Abby, Lily and Devon all stand in silenced shock.
    Dru pushes Leslie out of her way and kneels down next to Olivia. She hold her in her arms.
    Dru: It’s me Liv! It’s me… Dru! Wake up!
    Lily and Devon look at each other.
    Devon: This has to be a joke.
    Dru rocks Olivia back and forth in her arms.
    Dru: I know you must all be shocked as hell.
    Lily: That’s an understatement since I saw with my own two eyes you falling over that cliff at the photo shoot with Phyllis.
    Dru: Your eyes didn’t deceive you Lily Bell.
    Lily is taken aback as Dru calls her Lily Bell, the name her mother and father called her growing up. Lily covers her mouth in shock as Devon holds her.
    Lily: Could it be really you?
    Dru: Yes girl, I am your mother. And when I get my hands on Phyllis Newman, I am going to ring her neck for pushing me, no I didn’t fall, that Bitch pushed me over.
    Olivia slowly begins to wake up. She is confused looking at her sister Drucilla.
    Olivia: Am I dreaming?
    Dru: No girl it’s me Drucilla… It’s really me.
    Olivia caresses her face and smiles.
    Dru: I’m back. I didn’t die being pushed over that cliff. Phyllis pushed me! And I survived. I’m a survivor! I even beat Sheila Cray Cray Carter! 
    Dru looks up at her children Devon and Lily
    Dru: I fought like hell to get back to my family and it’s a blessing that I am here.
    Dru stands Olivia up and then walks over to Lily.
    Dru: Your face baby girl, what happened?
    Lily: I had to get plastic surgery.
    Dru has tears in her eyes and embraces her in a tight bear hug.
    Dru: You look absolutely stunning. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be hear for any of that. But mama is here now and I ain’t going nowhere.
    As Dru holds Lily, Lily does not hold her back still a little bit dazed from the drama.
    Leslie: So we are supposed to believe you are the late Drucilla Winters because you say so?
    Dru stops hugging Lily and looks at Leslie.
    Dru looks Leslie up and down.
    Dru: And who are you? I’ve never seen you around here?
      “An ugly stripper”
    Dru frowns and turns around to see who said that.
    It’s none other than Sister Patterson. Sister Patterson engulfs Dru in a hug.
    Sister Patterson: Welcome back home my child. My third eye tells me you are who you say you are.
    Dru shrugs out of the Sister’s hug.
    Dru: Hold on now! Who are you?
    Sister Patterson: I am an agent of God. I do the Lord’s work.
    Dru: Well where were you when I needed help beating Sheila Carter’s ass?
    Sister Patterson: Sheila Carter is the devil incarnate. I’ve heard all about her and I wondered why I sensed a dark force around Genoa City.
    Dru: Well it was Sheila Crazy Ass Carter.
    Sister Patterson: Watch your mouth talking around an angel.
    Dru gives her a weird look.
    “Clear the way we got another Verdon Lou victim!”
    Everyone hears from the ER entrance way.
    Dru: Don’t let it be Sheila. Don’t let it be Sheila!... Sharon. Please be Sharon!
    Dru stands behind Sister Patterson.
    Dru: If its Sheila attack her! Pray it’s Sharon!
    Abby, Devon and Lily look at each other.
    Abby: Sharon?... Sheila Carter?
    Devon: This is getting weird, Sheila Carter and now Sharon Newman?
    Olivia: Sheila Carter is alive?
    Leslie: Who is Sheila Carter?
    They all just look at her.
    Then everyone looks in the entrance way anticipating who the next survivor from Verdon Lou is.
    Rafe’s Apt
    Rafe is finishing up washing his dishes when he hears a knock at the door. He dries his hand and walks over to the door and opens it. He sees Scotty.
    Rafe: That was fast?
    Scotty: I don’t like to mess around when I want something.
    Scotty walks inside Rafe’s apt. and Rafe closes the door behind him.
    Rafe: So about this text of yours.
    Scotty: I wanna get stretched.
    Scotty walks over to Rafe and plants a kiss on him but Rafe pulls back.
    Rafe: Sex! That’s all it is with you! Every time I see you we have sex. We don’t go on dates, we don’t hang out, we don’t do any of that. You also lied to me about your real name…. Ted.
    Scotty: Don’t be on that Rafe. You make it sound like this is a relationship.
    Rafe: Is it not?
    Scotty: No…. just sex. Two sexy guys who come together and get off.
    Rafe: No Scotty I want more than that! I don’t have sex just to “get off”. Or do you prefer Ted?
    He says using air quotations.
    Scotty: I never gave you any indication that this was more then sex. We met on an online hook up site.
    The key word hook up.
    Rafe: My profile said I’m looking for a relationship. I’m ready to settle down. I want love, maybe even a husband. You said your name was Ted when we first met only to find out that was a lie.
    Scotty: I’m not ready for all of that. That’s way too much. And I told you why I lied about my name. I don’t want my mother to know I sleep with men.  I don’t know how she would take it. I just don’t want to go through that.
    Rafe: I hardly know anything about you.
    Scotty: Rafe, this is just sex. There is no need to know much about me.
    Rafe: So I’m only good enough for sex with you?
    Scotty: Well it is good.
    Rafe shakes his head and turns away from Scotty.
    Rafe: You are hiding something Scotty. That’s why we can’t be more serious. You’re hiding something. At the Glo Worm reopening ball you told me your real name then your little brother took a picture of us kissing. There has to be more than that. You only talk to me a few times a week. It’s more than not wanting to let your mother know.  I’m a lawyer you can’t get over on me. So tell me the truth Scotty.
    Scotty is caught off guard as he thinks about his girlfriend Vandalynn aka Mary Carter.
    Back at the Hospital
    As the Paramedics give way to the nurses the identity of the next survivor is revealed to be Avery.
    Avery: I can’t see! Everything is dark! Help ME!!
    Medic to the Nurse: Caught outside of the explosion. Apparent blindness.
    The nurse rush Avery into ER no.3
    Dru walks over to the medic.
    Dru: Excuse me sir. Did you say that woman who was just brought in a Verdon Lou Survivor?
    Medic: Yes we found her unconscious outside.
    Dru looks over in the direction of Avery’s room.
    Dru: What was Phyllis’s sister doing outside of Sheila’s cabin?
    Abby looks at Devon.
    Abby: This is getting weirder by the moment. First Dru and Avery was at this Verdon Lou place and seems to be blind? I’m going to call my brother Nick and tell him what is going on. Dru mentioned Sharon too and she’s been missing for months.
    Devon: Good idea. Nick should be here.
    Abby: Will you be ok for a little bit?
    Devon: Yes thank you.
    They hug and then Abby walks away to call Nick.
    In Surgery
    The surgeon finally finds the bullet, though, lodged in Neil’s spinal column.
    Surgeon: All hands on deck. I located the bullet in the spinal column. Need to be ever so delicate as to not make this man paralyzed.
    Nurse: Blood pressure still dropping. Need to expedite this and close the patient back up.
    Surgeon: I will do everything I can.
    The surgeon uses his surgical tool to ever so delicately remove the bullet from Neil’s spinal cord.
    Surgeon: The bullet did massive damage to some of his other organs. Starting with the lungs.
    Nurse: Well the oxygen levels continue to decrease. Doctor we are losing him.
    Spencer along with Hillary arrive in the ER. They walk over to Leslie.
    Spencer hugs Leslie.
    Leslie: So nice to see a familiar face.
    Spencer: I saw on TV what happened. Is there any news on Neil or Nate?
    Leslie: No not yet. Neil is in surgery and I am not too sure about Nate.
    Leslie looks over Spencer’s shoulder to see who the woman is standing behind Spencer. Spencer notices this and stands out the way of Leslie’s line of vision to reveal Hillary.
    Spencer: Les, this is my daughter, Hillary.
    Leslie is stunned but extends her hand out to shake, Hillary half heartily smiles and extends her hand.
    Spencer: Hillary, this is Roxanne’s mother Leslie.
    Hillary quickly snatches her hand away from Leslie.
    Leslie frowns.
    Leslie: Is something the matter?
    Hillary: It’s your daughter.
    Spencer: Les, Hillary and Roxanne don’t get along.
    Then Roxanne walks into the ER. She spots Spencer and Hillary talking with Leslie and walks over to them.
    Olivia walks over to Dru and looks at her. Olivia has tears in her eyes.
    Olivia: Is it really you?
    Dru also begins to have tears in her eyes.
    Dru: Yes it’s really me. I’m here Liv. I’m Dru. And it was hell getting back here.
    Olivia: You mentioned Sheila Carter. I thought she was dead.
    Dru: Hell naw girl. Crazy Bitch was alive all this time and held me and Sharon captive and a few other people.
    Olivia: Other people? This is outrageous.
    Dru: No, Sheila Carter was outrageous. I hope that Bitch died in the explosion. She shot me in the back Olivia. In the back! A punk move.
    A nurse walks over to Dru.
    Nurse: We should get you checked out Mrs. Winters.
    Dru smiles and then looks at Olivia.
    Dru: Did you hear that? She called me Mrs. Winters. Where is my husband anyway?
    Nurse: Ma’am we should really get you checked out.
    Dru: No No I’m not trying to hear all of that. I’m claustrophobic these days being tied up in a room for so damn long.  And I can’t leave my family. I’ve waited years for this.
    Olivia: Dru let them check you out. You said you were shot and you’re not looking healthy at all.
    Dru: Just tell me where is Neil?
    In surgery, Neil’s blood pressure and oxygen levels in his blood stream drop drastically.
    Nurse: Doctor we are losing him!
    Surgeon: No damn it! I almost got the bullet out. Yes there we go… GOT IT!
    As the surgeon pulls the bullet from Neil’s spinal column, Neil’s heart stops, he flat lines…

  4. All My Children - Episode #21

    Created By: Agnes Nixon

    Written By: Casey Hutchison & Piper Miller

    (Krystal's Diner)

    Cara and Oliver are eating breakfast.

    Lindsay.jpgCara: Finish your breakfast. Your daddy will be here soon.

    JakeWebber.jpgOliver: I can't wait, mommy.

    Cara: I know baby.

    David enters. He looks at Cara and Oliver. He smiles.

    david-hayward.jpgDavid: I'm here, Oliver.


    (Jesse's Office)

    Jesse puts a file in a cabinet. Greenlee and Ryan enter.

    darnell-williams.jpgJesse: (Closing Cabinet) Hello, you two.

    Greenlee: Hi, Jesse.

    Ryan: So, do you have anything yet?

    Jesse: I do.

    Greenlee1.jpgGreenlee: Really?

    Jesse: We have a big lead.

    154_98556.jpgRyan: Well, tell us. What is it? What's the lead?



    (Opal's Hospital Room)

    Opal sits up, as Joe enters.

    168_896314.jpgOpal: Morning, Joe.

    Joe: Morning, Opal.

    Opal: Did you get Tad and Dixie to go home and get some rest?

    Joe_martin_amc.jpgJoe: I managed to.

    Opal: Wonderful. The good Lord knows that they some resting. So, what the news for today?

    Joe: It is actually good news.

    Opal: Really?

    Joe: Yes. You are going to love this. I know you will.


    (Chandler Mansion)

    Brooke comes down the stairs. She is talking on the phone.

    323063041958654852_1372116847.jpgBrooke: Now, if we can get those warehouse employees to take the two percent pay cut, then we will be in business. (Pouring a cup of tea) I know it will be hard. Harold, if anyone can make this deal happen, then it is you. (Knocking On Door) Listen, there is someone at the door, so I've gotta go. Call me when you reach the deal. Bye.

    Brooke hangs up the phone. She goes to answer the door.

    85dd146dc4aaacf880335edc3947dccb.jpgSkye: Hello.

    Brooke: What the hell are you doing here?


    (Krystal's Diner)

    Cara and Oliver stand, as David walks to them.

    David: Hello.

    Oliver: Hi daddy.

    David: (Laughs) Hi.

    Cara hands David a backpack.

    Cara: In there is all of his stuff. He has a pillow and a blanket. He has pajamas, and then a change of clothes for the next day. He also packed some puzzles for you guys to do. He does love to do puzzles before he goes to bed.

    David: Okay. Anything else?

    Cara: Yeah.

    David: What?

    Cara: Don't bring this Orpheus business around him.

    David: I'm not doing that anymore.

    Cara: Everyone knows that you still are.

    Cara bends down to give Oliver a kiss and a hug.

    Cara: Be really good for daddy, okay?

    Oliver: I will.

    Cara: (Standing) I love you, honey.

    Oliver: I love you too.

    Cara: Bye, guys.

    David: Bye.

    David and Oliver walk out.

    Cara: (Sighs) I hope I am doing the right thing.


    (Chandler Mansion)

    Brooke steps outside with Skye.

    Brooke: I would invite you in, but you might steal some of the silver.

    Skye: Of course you would say stuff like that.

    Brooke: Or maybe you will make Adam adopt you again.

    Skye: Look, I'm not here for that.

    Brooke: Then, what are you here for?

    Skye: I came to see Stuart.

    Brooke: Him and Marian are off having breakfast.

    Skye: Then I guess you will have to do.

    Brooke: What do you mean?

    Skye: I apologize.

    Brooke: W-w-what?

    Skye: You seem caught off guard.

    Brooke: Well, apologizing is a Skye Chandler Quartermaine first.

    Skye: Very funny. Listen, I wreaked havoc back when I was first in Pine Valley.

    Brooke: You did.

    Skye: My drinking got the best of me in those days.

    Brooke: You bet it did.

    Skye: But, that was the old me. This is the new me.

    Brooke checks her watch.

    Brooke: Listen, I have to go. I have business to do. (Opening Door) By the way Skye, I'll believe you are a new person when hell freezes over.

    Brooke walks back in the house.

    Skye: (Sighs) Don't say I didn't try.


    (Jesse's Office)

    Jesse, Greenlee, and Ryan sit down.

    Jesse: I've decided to combine cases.

    Greenlee: Combine?

    Ryan: What does that mean?

    Jesse: Two cases have matched up, lately. I think Annie might be doing both of them.

    Greenlee: She can do anything she wants, apparently.

    Jesse: Listen, the other case involves Kendall. She has been receiving some odd calls.

    Ryan: Really?

    Jesse: Yes, now, we are going to find Annie. I promise you that. Emma will be sage. But, you two need to promise me, not to get in the way.

    Greenlee: When it comes to that bitch, I don't know if I can do that. Now, I have a doctor's appointment to go to with Amanda and Natalia. We all want to have like a pregnant girls day. Plus, I think I need it. (Standing) Find Emma, Jesse. Find her.

    Ryan: He will.

    Jesse: I will.

    Greenlee: (Kissing Ryan) Bye.

    Ryan: Bye.

    Greenlee walks out, as Jesse and Ryan sigh.


    (Opal's Hospital Room)

    Joe pulls up a chair to Opal.

    Opal: So, what is the news?

    Joe: Angie and I have been working day and night to find something that will help. We found this new drug on the market called Kinsered. It is supposed to shrink the tumor, to make it easier to move. So, we want to know if you want to do a trial run?

    Opal: Joe! I will do anything! I want to save my life.

    Joe: Then, it is settled then. We will get you started on this drug.

    Opal: Thank you Joe! Thank you for saving my life!

    Opal gives Joe a big hug. But, he is worried if this could save Opal's life.

    ***FADE OUT***

    ***END OF EPISODE 21***

  5. ZS2O2K0.jpg


    Written by: Nick M.


    JesseXJsVyCI.jpg and AngieihfrOJZ.jpg are sitting together at their home.


    Jesse is feeding Angie a grape.


    JESSE: Feeling like a queen yet?

    ANGIE: You are doing a good job of making me feel like one.

    JESSE: I am just glad we actually have a day off together!

    ANGIE: I know. It has not been happening much.


    Jesse kisses her on the cheek.


    She returns the favor with a kiss on the lips.


    JESSE: Juicy.

    ANGIE: That’s the grapes.

    JESSE: Nope. Definitely your lips, Angie.


    They kiss again and fall back onto the couch.




    Chavo1B8lMvq.jpg and GregUVp7qEC.jpg come to see



    Vin seems to be in a great mood.


    CHAVO: This is a change of pace for your mood, Vin?

    VIN: Yeah I am in a better mood because things are looking up, guys!

    GREG: Does this have something to do with Ali?

    VIN: Of course it does.

    CHAVO: Has she finally come to see you again?

    VIN: Not yet, but she has agreed to come and talk to me!

    CHAVO: Really?

    VIN: Yes.


    GREG: How did you get a hold of her?

    CHAVO: Yeah, Where was she?

    VIN: Don’t worry about it guys. The only thing that matters is that she has agreed to see me!


    Vin smiles.




    Bart1nBFOw2.png arrives at the coffee shop.


    He goes inside and looks at the menu.



    HUNTER: Hi sir. What would you like?

    BART: Something strong. I did not sleep well. I have these nervous bouts.

    HUNTER: That sucks. I have some espresso that will get you ready to go.


    Meanwhile, The odd JeremytTriQIc.jpg is inside sitting at a table.


    He looks up and see Bart.


    His eyes get big…


    JEREMY: Could it be?!


    Jeremy continues to stare at Bart.


    Bart turns and sees Jeremy staring at him but turns back around waiting for his coffee.


    JEREMY: Oh my god. I know him…



    Cut to Steve0Bx8EBr.jpg, KaylaOfteM4f.jpg,

    RomanVQRl3F0.jpg, HopeijoYkkO.png and



    ROMAN: We need to consider the big possibility here.

    HOPE: No we don’t.

    CARLY: I’d like to agree with Hope actually.

    HOPE: You don’t have to go there, Carly.


    STEVE: I don’t know how I feel about this.

    KAYLA: Me either.

    ROMAN: It is the facts though. Remains were found in Bo’s charred car. The cold hard truth is that we may have to declare Bo dead.

    HOPE: Dammit, Roman no. I am telling you I would know if he was dead.

    CARLY: Can we really go off of one of your hunches though?

    HOPE: I am his wi…well I was his wife. I should get to make this decision.

    CARLY: I was once Bo’s wife too.


    STEVE: I have to agree with Hope. I am not ready to declare him dead. There is still too much we do not know.

    ROMAN: What else do you want to know?

    STEVE: You need to find out who was in charge at the ISA for Bo’s case.

    KAYLA: The ISA is really dropping the ball here. It has me uncomfortable.

    STEVE: I agree sweetness. Something continues to smell fishy.




    Cut to an alive BoAbgeLGx.jpg.


    He is still tied up in chains against the wall.


    He continues to try and pull at the chains but his wrists have become extremely bruised and cut up.


    BO: This is getting so painful.


    He looks on at his wrists.


    BO: I don’t know how much longer I can keep up this pulling.


    His energy level seems to have dropped a lot.


    BO: I’m losing blood from these cuts. What a nightmare. What am I going to do?!


    He looks on in distress…


    At the womens shelter:


    Charlotte15P3tg4.jpg walks up to Alijj0WB4H.jpg.


    CHARLOTTE: Please tell me you are not seriously considering leaving here to meet your as*hole ex…

    ALI: I need to break up with him once and for all. Besides, I told you this in confidence so please keep it down.

    CHARLOTTE: I don’t believe that you plan on breaking up with him if you go see him.

    ALI: I left so quietly and meekly. I want to do better.

    CHARLOTTE: I just know how this goes. I fell for it a lot too. You cannot let him talk you into these types of things.


    Ali sighs.


    CHARLOTTE: Can I show you something?

    ALI: Of course.


    Charlotte goes and grabs her purse.


    CHARLOTTE: Look at this picture of my ex. I have an X through it with a marker.


    She hands Ali the picture and Ali looks at it.


    CHARLOTTE: It is a reminder to myself to know that I am away from him for a reason. Perhaps you should try something similar to remind yourself.


    Ali continues to look at the picture.




    Back at the Hubbard house:


    Angie is cleaning up a little. She looks over at Jesse who is lost in thought.


    ANGIE: Earth to Jesse! What is on your mind?

    JESSE: Natalia and her wanting to come back to the force.

    ANGIE: You should just take that a little at a time. She is going to have to take small steps herself.

    JESSE: I don’t think she should come back to the force. I do not want this to happen to her again.

    ANGIE: She is already making strides though, Jesse. You cannot just shut out the possibility of her coming back to the force completely.


    JESSE: She is still in the hospital Angie.

    ANGIE Not for long.

    JESSE: …What do you mean? Is my baby getting released soon? (he smiles)

    ANGIE: More than soon. She is getting released today!

    JESSE: Why are you just telling me this now?

    ANGIE: She wanted it to be a surprise. In fact, She may be showing up her soon…




    At the coffee shop:


    Jeremy is still looking at Bart.


    Jeremy gets up, but then he sits back down. He seems very nervous and fidgety.


    JEREMY: Should I approach him?


    He stands up.


    JEREMY: I should probably think twice about bothering him.

    He sits back down.


    Hunter hands Bart his coffee and Bart exits the place.


    JEREMY: Crap, I missed my chance.


    However, a huge grin comes over Jeremys face.


    JEREMY: This is purely amazing.


    He gets up and leaves the coffee shop seeming giddy…




    Cut to chained up Bo.


    As he sits there in his chains he looks straight ahead.


    He has a flashback:


    Bo is in his car.


    He makes a phone call.


    BO: Hello…Agent Donnelly…Yes this is Agent Bo Brady. I have made some progress on this. Yes…but I think I need some back up. This could start to get dangerous if my hunches are right.


    AGENT DONNELLY: Alright Bo. I will be sending two agents for back up. They will arrive by tomorrow.


    BO: Thank you. I just know this will be linked to Stefano. It always is.


    Bo hangs up.


    He then looks towards a house. The house he happens to be chained up in now...


    BO: Could this be Dimera property?


    Bo comes back into the present. He puts his head down as he sits there dejected.




    Steve is sitting with Terrance7F9UDoY.jpg, Roman and Hope.


    STEVE: Roman and Terrance we need to find out which head at the ISA was in charge of Bos investigation.

    TERRANCE: I’ve tried and it has not been easy.

    ROMAN: That is because you are a little guy on the totem pole.

    STEVE: Roman. Please find out the info for us.

    ROMAN: I will try, Steve.


    Roman walks off and takes out his phone. Roman seems frustrated.


    Carly and Kayla look at him.


    CARLY: Is your brother okay?

    KAYLA: I don’t know. I don’t know if any of us are right now.


    HOPE: Steve, I wish you guys could find out some really needed info.

    STEVE: We will Hope.

    TERRANCE: We have been working hard, but it is like someone has been keeping us back.

    STEVE: Yup. Something shady is going on with the ISA.

    HOPE: Whatever it is, if it got Bo in danger, you two need to be careful.




    Nataliaahe0OZE.jpg has arrived at Jesse and Angies house.


    Natalia walks in with her cane.


    JESSE: Baby be careful. Do you need help?

    NATALIA: I am good, dad.

    ANGIE: She has started to get back around great.

    JESSE: This is so good baby. You are a fighter for sure.

    NATALIA: I was taught well. I was worried you were still upset with me dad.

    JESSE: I am not upset with you.

    NATALIA: Good.

    JESSE: I am thrilled for you that you are alive and recovering!


    Jesse embraces his daughter.


    JESSE: Get in here Angie!


    Angie piles in for a group hug.




    At the womens shelter:


    CHARLOTTE: I am not getting through to you am I Ali?

    ALI: I just feel like I should do this.

    CHARLOTTE: Im glad I tried. Maybe you should at least talk to Miss Cho before you leave.

    ALI: You know I plan on coming back after right?

    CHARLOTTE: I hope you get to.

    ALI: Don’t say that!

    CHARLOTTE: Just please talk to Miss Cho before you leave and meet with Vin.


    Charlotte walks off.


    Charlotte starts to put the picture of her ex with the X through it back in her purse.


    Zoom in on the picture….It is a picture of Jeremy!




    Jeremy arrives at his house.


    He rushes to his bedroom.


    He opens his closet door. There are no clothes in his closet. There are pictures and articles taped to his wall in the closet...


    He starts to look over them.


    He has pictures of Charles MansonC5osx96.jpg, James StenbeckmvswRlp.jpg, and Roger ThorpeOv2c2Pa.jpg.


    The articles on his wall are of Jeffrey Dahmer, Sheila Carter, Carl Hutchins, and Reginald Love.


    He then gets to a picture with Stefano, Kate Roberts and Lucas. And then a picture of Stefano and Bart.


    JEREMY: Yes! There it is! That was him!


    He smiles at the picture of Stefano and Bart and then looks at an article next to it on Stefano. He then runs his hand over all of the pictures and articles...


    JEREMY: Such brilliant minds…I need to be like them…




    At The Johnson/Brady house:


    Terrance feels woozy and stumbles a bit.


    STEVE: Woah there, dude!

    KAYLA: Are you okay, Terrance?

    TERRANCE: I am fine..

    KAYLA: Are you sure?

    TERRANCE: Yes I think I just need something to eat, I am starving.

    STEVE: I’ll see what is in the fridge.


    Roman meanwhile is still on his phone looking at something.


    Hope goes and stands by Kayla.


    HOPE: This is hitting your brother hard, though he probably won’t admit it.

    KAYLA: Yeah something is up. Seems like something is eating him up.


    Roman gets up and walks outside.


    He looks back through the window at Steve and Kayla by the refrigerator.


    He takes a deep breath.




    Bo has another flashback:


    Bo is at the house he found suspicious. (The one he is now locked up in)


    Bo looks at his watch.


    BO: I thought they were sending me back up today? Where are they?


    He walks out from behind the house.


    He looks towards his car.


    BO: What the hell?!


    Bo heads back to his car quickly. Someone is inside his car!


    He gets to the car to see that the person inside is unconscious.


    BO: That’s an agent!


    He is about to open the door but someone whacks him in the head from behind!


    That knocks Bo out cold…


    Cut back to the present to a frustrated Bo.


    BO: How did I let this happen!?


    He yanks at his chains




    Meanwhile, Upstairs in the house.


    Bart has arrived back.


    Bart hears a voice… “Hello Bart”


    Bart jumps as he turns and sees Stefano2wViPdP.jpg standing inside!


    Bart drops his keys.


    BART: Stefano!

    STEFANO: I told you I was coming.

    BART: We-welcome sir.

    STEFANO: And as promised I am not alone. One of the people that has helped us immensely has come to meet us here too.


    The person walks into the room…




    Credits roll


    I do not own any non original characters nor any pics.

  6. General Hospital Episode 9

    Written By: PortCharles52

    Created By: Frank & Doris Hursley

    Time Of Day: Night

    (Cassadine Mansion)

    Helena is pacing through the living room with the flash drive.

    Helena-cassadine-constance-towers-150x150.jpgHelena: I can finally sleep easy at night knowing that I have this.

    Frank enters.

    Helena: Oh, good. You are here.

    130px-0,1198,0,1060-FrankSmithJC.pngFrank: Yes, I am.

    Helena: I’m glad you came.

    Frank: What’s first?


    (Scott’s Hotel Room)

    Scott is sitting at his hotel room table. He is eating room service and going over some case files. There is a knock at the door. He looks at his watch.

    tshriner_kin.jpg?297949Scott: Who would be here at this late hour?

    Scott goes to answer the door.

    Kevin: Hi, Scott.

    Scott is shocked to see Kevin.

    Scott: Why are you here?

    Jon-LIndstrom-Tie-2-Small-e1328823015997.jpegKevin: We need to talk about Lucy.


    (Drake Home)

    Patrick is reading a book to Emma in her room.

    t4301x1.jpg?548542Patrick: And, they lived happily ever after.

    Patrick shuts the book. He gives Emma a kiss on her forehead.

    Emma: Thank you for reading me another story, daddy.

    Patrick: Of course. Now, it is time for you to get some sleep.

    Brooklyn.pngEmma: Okay.

    Patrick: I love you.

    Emma: I love you too.

    Emma rolls to another side of her bed. Patrick shuts the door. The doorbell is rung, as Patrick goes back into the living room. Patrick answers the door.

    Patrick: What the hell?

    tkimberly-mccullough.jpg?199643Robin: Hello, Patrick.



    (Laura’s Hotel Room)

    A nervous look comes on Laura’s face.

    temmelulu1.jpg?685689Lulu: Go ahead, tell me mom. I want the truth.

    Laura: I should tell you the truth. I think you are ready.

    Lulu: What’s going on?

    tfrancis_genie.jpg?814255Laura: Your father and I have an old enemy that has risen.

    Lulu: Who? Who is it? Who is the enemy?


    (Q Mansion)

    Tracy puts her book back on the shelf.

    tacdedb3254ab60d4aa8e09ead5867706.jpg?533842Tracy: You did this to me!

    Luke: I know that I hurt you.

    Tracy: You didn’t hurt me, Luke.

    td30810745a328aec88b8c75e074b87bf.jpg?793209Luke: What? Then, what did you mean by that comment? What did I do to you?

    Tracy: You chose Laura. And, you will always choose Laura.


    (Nina’s Hotel Room)

    Nina shuts the door.

    tmichellestaffordgh-e1400566052490.png?289581Nina: (Sighs) The room seems more quiet. Franco is finally gone.

    The mystery person continues to watch Nina. She then hears a tap at the window. She goes to the window.

    Nina: Oh my god.


    (Scott’s Hotel Room)

    Scott waves his hand into the hotel room. Kevin enters, as he shuts the door.

    Scott: This should be interesting. Listen, Lucy is with me. That is all there is to it. I don’t think that you are going to change any of our minds, around here.

    Kevin: Scott, I’m not trying too. I don’t want Lucy back.

    Scott: What are you even talking about, Collins?

    Kevin: I’m here to actually wish you and Lucy the best.

    Scott: What?

    Kevin: I’m wishing that you and Lucy have the best relationship possible.

    Scott: Really?

    Kevin: Yeah. I’m moving on. I’m past Lucy. She’s all yours, Scott.


    (Q Mansion)

    Luke sits down on the couch.

    Luke: Laura and I have a history. I’m not choosing anyone. We have some business to take of, Tracy. Nothing more.

    Tracy: That’s a new one.

    Luke: I know that this might come as a shocker to you, but Laura and I don’t always have to be together.

    Tracy: My god! You don’t realize it! Yes you do. You are Luke and Laura! You might not admit that you are together again, but it will come.

    Luke goes to Tracy.

    Luke: (Sighs) Tracy…

    Tracy: What?

    Luke: I have to thank you.

    Tracy: Excuse me?

    Luke: I have to admit that you were there, when Laura wasn’t. You saw me through that whole mess about my past. Me killing my mother and father. Me being locked up in the mental hospital. All of that, you saw me through it.

    Tracy: Yeah, I did. But, Laura’s back. And, you go to her. You run to her! And, since you are doing that, there is no reason for you to be here. Get out.

    Luke walks to the doors.

    Luke: You are an amazing woman, Tracy Angelica Quartermaine.

    Tracy: Damn right I am. And, I will not let any man, including you get in the way of what I want in my life. Bye Luke.

    Luke: Bye, Tracy.

    As Luke exits, tears start to fill Tracy’s eyes.


    (Laura’s Hotel Room)

    Laura and Lulu sit on the end of the bed.

    Laura: Honey, our enemy that has returned is Frank Smith.

    Lulu: (Confused) Frank Smith? I thought that dad killed him?

    Laura: I thought so too. But, about two months ago, I got a tip. The tip said that Frank is back in Port Charles.

    Lulu: Wow. (Sighs) I can’t believe he is alive. I mean after all he put you two through. He even kidnapped you when you were pregnant with me.

    Laura: Yes, he did.

    Lulu: So, that’s why you and dad have to fight together again?

    Laura: Yes.

    Lulu stands.

    Lulu: This is incredible.

    Laura stands.

    Laura: Listen, can you do something for me?

    Lulu: Anything, mom.

    Laura: (Sighs) Forget about Frank. Let me and your dad handle it. Don’t worry about him. Just worry about Rocco and Dante.

    Lulu: Okay. I will.

    Laura slides her hand down Lulu’s cheek.

    Laura: (Smiling) That’s my girl.


    (Nina’s Hotel Room)

    Nina is out of a late night shower. She is tying her robe.

    Nina: (Sighs)

    She sits on the couch. Nina turns on the TV. She hears a knock at the door. She goes to answer the door.

    Nina: (Gasp)

    tdonna_mills-e1413445007487.png?536464Madeline: Hello, darling.

    Nina: What are you doing here?

    Madeline: I’m here to stay.


    (Drake Home)

    Robin enters. Patrick shuts the door.

    Patrick: What are you doing here, Robin?

    Robin: I’m here to reclaim my life.

    Patrick: Really? Starting with what?

    Robin: I got my job back at General Hospital.


    (Cassadine Mansion)

    Helena and Frank sit on the couch.

    Helena: We can’t discuss the plan, at this moment.

    Frank: What do you mean?

    Helena: We have to get our sleep. It is very late.

    Frank: I guess you are right.

    Helena: Now, I have a room made up for you.

    Frank: You are letting me stay here?

    Helena: Frank, villains stick together.

    Frank: For how long?

    Helena: Forever, and always.

    Frank: (Laughs) Sounds good to me.

    Helena: In the morning, I promise you, that we will figure out a way to leave Port Charles in complete and total chaos.

    They both laugh as the camera zooms out.


    Announcer: On The Next “General Hospital”

    Robin: Emma doesn’t know?


    Carly: We need to talk.


    Nina: You should be surprised I let you stay here.


    Lucy: You talked to Kevin?


    Frank: This town will be left in shambles.


    Julian: Today is the day.





  7. The Bold and the Beautiful - Episode 75

    Created By: William J. & Lee Phillip Bell

    Written By: Casey Hutchison

    Consultant: aMLCproduction

    Time of Day: Night

    (The Bug)

    Brooke and Ridge enter, and are seated at a nice table. They are handed menus.

    Woman: Is there anything else I can get you two?

    RonnMoss1.jpgRidge: A bottle of your finest champagne.

    Woman: Coming right up.

    The woman walks off.

    Katherine-Kelly-Lang3220-e1351531367836.jpgBrooke: I’m so glad that we got a chance to do this.

    Ridge: I am too. It has been awhile.

    Brooke: Yes, it has.

    They both smile into one another's eyes.


    (Spencer Mansion)

    Katie and Bill are ripping their clothes off, as they make their way up the stairs, to the bedroom. They are knocking things over and breaking them. They are kissing and touching passionately. We can tell that they want one another BADLY!


    (Eric’s Office)

    Rick has a look come across his face that is part nervous and part sad.

    1005_67237.jpgCaroline: Who is she, Rick? Who is this tramp?

    Rick: I’m not sure that you want to know.

    Caroline: I do. I want to know all about it. Who is she!?

    Then, someone enters.

    7e19681cb9fd95aba952dd018f2c25ea.jpgRick: Oh my god.

    Caroline turns around to see, Maya.

    Caroline: It’s her?! Maya is the one you’ve been having an affair with?

    Maya is shocked to know that Caroline knows.



    (Hotel Dining Room)

    Thorne enters. He sees Claudia. She is sitting at the table. She stands, once he arrives at the table.

    blog_oc_4360907_6567751_tr_winsor_harmon.jpgThorne: Hi, Claudia.

    Claudia hugs Thorne.

    Claudia: (Laughs) I am so happy that you came. Please sit.

    They sit.

    anaortiz_20110520205735.jpgClaudia: I ordered oysters for the appetizer. I know how much you loved them. Do you still love oysters? If not, I can get something else.

    Thorne: That’s fine.

    Claudia: Wonderful.

    Thorne: So…

    Claudia: Tell me something Thorne.

    Thorne: What?

    Claudia: Did you want this dinner to happen?


    (Liam’s Beach House)

    Liam and Steffy are out on the balcony. Liam hands Steffy a beer. He has one as well.

    10846036_608168052628116_134303677035899114_n.jpg?oh=28da83cd7a1cc05f0e73aba6ca595a57&oe=563211D6&__gda__=1445446793_848ba748dc160abfd0079ae70efeea59Steffy: Thanks.

    Liam: No problem.

    Steffy: Now that we have our ice cold beers, we can talk about what is important. We have to deal with Jason. Now would be the time.

    Scott-Clifton-Younger-Actor.jpgLiam: I guess now is the time.


    (The Bug)

    Brooke and Ridge are laughing, as they are eating and drinking.

    Brooke: Do you remember when we had that wedding, where I rode the horse with that big ball gown on?

    Ridge: How could I forget?

    Brooke: I thought that wedding was perfect.

    Ridge: I did too. It had everything we needed.

    Brooke: Ridge, can I ask you a question?

    Ridge: Of course.

    Brooke: Do you think we would ever get married again?

    Ridge: I think it is a possibility, Logan.

    Brooke: But...

    Ridge: Right now, I just want to take things slow. We’ve been through a lot, this past year. Everything with Morgan and the explosion.

    Brooke: I’m glad that we are back together.

    Ridge: No one is stopping us this time, that’s for sure.

    Brooke: It makes me happy to hear you say that.

    Ridge: (Laughs) How about some more to drink?

    Brooke raises her glass.

    Brooke: I would love some more to drink.


    (Katie’s Bedroom)

    Katie and Bill are breathless, as they roll off of one another.

    tthcapo8o6u.jpg?208276Katie: God! I forgot what an animal you are in bed!

    Bill: I think I satisfied you.

    Katie: Yes, you did, Bill Spencer.

    a6110814f9d9ed3c928136852c4e64c1.png?itok=PdCNpXCuBill: Round two?

    Katie: You bet.

    They kiss one another, as Bill goes on top of Katie.


    (Hotel Hall)

    Claudia and Thorne are walking down the hotel hall. Claudia is helping Thorne a little. It is apparent he had too much to drink.

    Claudia: Come on, buddy. Almost there.

    Claudia stops at her room. She goes into her handbag and fishes out her room card. She unlocks the door, as her and Thorne enter.

    Claudia: Here you go.

    Claudia lays Thorne on the bed.

    Thorne: T-T-Taylor…

    Claudia: (Sighs) I’m here. Don’t worry. Taylor’s here.

    Claudia wipes Thorne’s face with a wash cloth.


    (Eric’s Office)

    Caroline goes to Maya.

    Caroline: You slept with my husband.

    Announcer: The role of Maya Avant Walton is once again being played by Karla Mosley.

    t150319-news-karla-cheatham-mosley.jpg?817120Maya: Caroline, I never meant to hurt you.

    Caroline: (Sobs) But, you did.

    Rick tries to touch Caroline, but she turns around and slaps him.

    Maya: (Gasp)

    Caroline: (Sobs) I have cancer. I trusted both of you to do jobs I couldn’t do. You both hurt me. What the hell is wrong with you two? Oh my god. The night you two came over to my home, before I left for Genoa City, was it going on then?

    Maya: Yes. (Cries) Yes, it was.

    Caroline: (To Rick) You son of a bitch. (To Maya) You slut. This is for you hurting me.

    Caroline back hands Maya.

    Caroline: (Cries) I can never forgive you two! I loved you, Rick! I trusted you Maya! And now! And now! And now…

    Rick: Caroline…

    Maya: Caroline…

    Caroline falls to the floor, unconscious.

    Maya: Oh my god.

    Rick rushes to her side, trying to wake her up.

    Rick: Call an ambulance.

    Maya rushes to her phone.

    Maya: Hi, I need an ambulance at Forrester Creations, now! A woman who has cancer has fainted! She needs medical attention, ASAP! Hurry!

    Rick continues to try and wake her up.

    Rick: Caroline. Caroline. Come on, baby. Come on. Wake up.

    Maya doesn’t know what to do, and neither does Rick. They just hope that an ambulance can arrive shortly.


    (Liam’s Beach House)

    Liam takes a big drink of his beer.

    Liam: That was one hell of a wedding.

    Steffy: Yes, it was. I still can’t believe that it all was actually true.

    Liam: What do you mean?

    Steffy: Jennifer and my grandpa busting in, all to reveal that Carrie is their daughter. And that, Melinda and Jason faked it this whole time.

    Liam: Aren’t weddings fantastic?

    Steffy: They can be. When they work out.

    Liam: But hey, we don’t have to worry about them. They haven’t been seen in weeks. I’m sure that Melinda and Jason are long gone.

    Steffy: Yeah, you are probably right.

    Liam and Steffy raise their bottles.

    Liam: To a new life.

    Steffy: To a new life.

    They clink their bottles.


    (Secret Island)

    A man and a woman are sipping out of coconuts. The camera moves to their faces. They are revealed to be Melinda and Jason.

    Announcer: The role of Melinda Roberts is now being played by Cynthia Watros.

    tjason-cook-e1432832050164.jpg?418335Jason: This is the life.

    Melinda: Yes it is. Cheers.

    Jason: Cheers.

    tcynthiawatrosyr.jpg?537452Melinda: (Laughs)

    They both continue to sip their drinks.



  8. Return To Peyton Place - Episode 1

    Based Upon The Book By: Grace Metalious

    Written By: Casey Hutchison & Rebecca Rouse

    Time Of Day: Morning

    Laurie and Michael step off the elevator at Jackson Memorial. They walk up to the front desk to check in for their appointment.

    RECEPTIONIST: May I help you?

    LAURIE: Hi, we are Laurie and Michael Sutton. We are here to see Doctor Cho. Our appointment is supposed to be at nine, but we were wondering if you guys could take us earlier than that?

    RECEPTIONIST: You are in luck. Doctor Cho just had a cancellation.

    MICHAEL: Wonderful.

    RECEPTIONIST: Please, stay right here. I will page her.

    MICHAEL: Alright.

    Michael and Laurie are excited to know that they can get in earlier. Before the receptionist pages the doctor, the doctor enters.

    DR. CHO: Mr. and Mrs. Sutton. (Checking Watch) I thought you were not supposed to be here, until nine o’clock.

    MICHAEL: We weren’t. But, we had a few errands to run today, and this was on our list. So, we thought why not get the news of our fertility treatments.

    DR. CHO: I’m sure by now, you have heard that I have gotten a cancellation?

    LAURIE: We have.

    MICHAEL: Can you take us, now?

    DR. CHO: Yes, I can. Let’s find out the news of the fertility treatments, shall we?

    Michael and Laurie nod their heads. Dr. Cho, Michael, and Laurie walk with the doctor to her office. They are nervous to know.



    The elevator doors open, and D.B. steps out. She walks to apartment 31B. She is reluctant to knock, but she does anyways. She sighs, as Steven opens the door.

    STEVEN: D.B.? What are you doing here?

    D.B.: Can we talk?

    For a few seconds, Steven does not know to let her in or not. But, he waves his hand into the apartment. D.B. enters with a slight smile. Steven shuts the door.


    At Diane and Matthew’s home, they lay in their bed. It is apparent they have just got done making love, passionately.

    DIANE: That was amazing.

    They are both breathing heavily, as Diane looks over to Matthew.

    MATTHEW: You were amazing.

    DIANE: You were, as well.

    MATTHEW: Do you think we heated things up a little?

    DIANE: A little? You were an animal!


    Back at Steven’s, D.B. sets her purse down. They are both anxious to be talking to one another. They don’t know what to say to one another, until Steven breaks the silence.

    STEVEN: So, why are you here, D.B.?

    D.B: I told you. I needed to speak with you.

    STEVEN: Not one word has come out of your mouth since you entered this apartment. So, go on. The floor is yours.

    D.B.: I came to apologize.

    STEVEN: You what?

    D.B.: Steven, (sighs) we haven’t had a conversation about our past in at least forty years. We have swept it under the rug for that long. We need to have this talk.

    STEVEN: Not really.

    D.B. throws her hands into the air.

    D.B.: Yes, we do.

    STEVEN: D.B.

    D.B.: Enough! We are going to do this. I have waited almost forty years to apologize to you. It is going to happen, now.


    Back at Diane and Matthew’s, they are still in their bedroom, but getting dressed for the day. Diane is trying to zip up a dress, but she can’t do it. Matthew comes up behind her, and helps her with it. She turns around, and kisses him.

    DIANE: Thank you.

    MATTHEW: Of course.

    DIANE: (Sighs)

    MATTHEW: What?

    DIANE: I love you so much.

    MATTHEW: (Smiling) Thank you. I’m flattered. I love you too.

    DIANE: (Laughs) Tell you what.

    MATTHEW: What?

    DIANE: How about I call into work today, and say I am sick.

    MATTHEW: I would love that.

    DIANE: You should do it, too.

    MATTHEW: Oh, I can’t pass up on you.

    Diane laughs, as Matthew picks her up.


    Laurie and Michael are sitting across from Dr. Cho. Dr. Cho is sitting behind her desk. She is going over some papers.

    LAURIE: What’s the verdict?

    DR. CHO: I’m sorry.

    MICHAEL: Not pregnant?

    DR. CHO: No, you are not. I know that this is your third time going through the operations. I’m so sorry that this didn’t work out for you.

    LAURIE: Dr. Cho, we are used to it. We are used to it now working out. They say that third time's the charm. Not for us.

    DR. CHO: There are other things we can do.

    Laurie stands. Michael follows shortly after.

    LAURIE: It is fine.

    Dr. Cho stands. She is concerned.

    DR. CHO: What do you mean?

    LAURIE: Listen, thank you for your help. But, I don’t want to do this, anymore. I just wanted a baby. Apparently, that was too much to ask for.

    Laurie wipes tears and storms out.

    DR. CHO: Is she going to be alright?

    MICHAEL: Yeah.

    Michael goes after her. He is hopeful he can fix the issues for right now. Dr. Cho flops down in her seat. She is sad she couldn’t make that happen.



    Announcer: This episode of “Return To Peyton Place” was pre-recorded.


    Alicia Minshew as Laurie Harrington Sutton

    Dominic Zamprogna as Michael Sutton

    Robin Strasser as D.B. Bentley

    Betty Ann Carr as Monica Bell

    Michael Muhney as Matthew Carson

    Gina Tognoni as Diane Littleton Carson

    Joseph Gallison as Steven Cord

    Leigh Taylor Young as Rita Jacks

    Lynn Loring as Betty Anderson

    Pamela Susan Shoop as Allison MacKenzie

    Sharon Case as Christine MacKenzie Loving

    Chris Engen as Robert Loving

    Robert S. Woods as Tom Dana

    Michelle Lee as Selena Cross


  9. Created By: Agnes Nixon

    Written By: Josh Manning


    Jack is still tied to the chair when the door opens and a young woman walks into the room carrying a tray of food.

    Girl- I brought you some food.

    Jack- and how do you expect me to eat it with my hands tied behind my back?

    Girl- Well I guess I could always feed you. I'm pretty sure my father doesn't want me to untie you.

    Jack- Zack's your father?

    Girl- Yeah he is and my names Dara. So how do you know who my father is.

    Jack- because I'd seen him before this morning. I saw him a couple nights ago at Llanview Park.

    Dara- Oh... really well um... Did he seem normal to you?

    Jack- Well he raped me that night, so is that normal for you? And I also think he killed my dad.



    Olivia- Well why don't you tell us how you really feel?

    Tea- okay I will. Todd has caused nothing but hurt for my family. Hell he shot his own twin brother and lead all of us to believe he was dead for almost two years. He's hurt my daughter on more than one occasion. So am I sorry that he is dead? No I'm not but I wouldn't be the one to take him away from his kids. And if you want to continue to accuss me of murder you can leave my house now.

    Blair- Tea now just calm down she's not accusing you or anyone else right now. All that is important is that we find Jack.



    Ella- wow I can't believe how much you have turned out like dad. Such a player.

    PJ- Will you hush? Listen as far as everyone knows mom left when we were little and dad died when the apartment exploded which is how I got the scar.

    Ella- more lies PJ!

    PJ- well you do what you have too, to stay hidden.

    Ella- Well your not doing a very good job by hitting on two sisters.

    PJ- wait what?

    Ella- Oh please that girl there you guys were totally flirting and her sister Starr is your girlfriend, right?

    PJ- you are crazy. I was not flirting with Dani. What are you doing here anyways? We can't be seen together.

    Ella- please like anyone is going to recognize me. Cause they sure as hell haven't recognized you.

    Shows someone using a camera taking pictures of them.




    Matthew is slowly pacing around his apartment when their is a knock at the door. He walks over and answers it to see Noah standing there.

    Matthew- Hey! Come on in.

    Noah walks in as the door is closed behind him.

    Noah- So Aubrey said you had something to say to me.

    Matthew- yeah listen about yesterday. I am really sorry that I said any of that. I know you would never risk anything to hurt Drew or myself. I should of known that and I do know that but I was so pissed off that I had to take my anger out on someone and it just happened to be you. So do you forgive me?

    Noah- I will on one condition.

    Matthew- what's that?

    Noah- You go out with me tonight on a date to the firework display at the country club? Are you in or out?



    Karen- Katrina what are you doing here?

    Katrina- Well I had some business to take care of in town and I thought I'd stop by.

    Connie- Oh don't tell me that you have brought your nasty work to town.

    Katrina- my nasty work is what keeps your business afloat. So yes my work is here in town. Along with some other business.

    Karen- Well um... how do you plan on getting out of here without Aubrey seeing you?

    Katrina- Kristine has no idea that I am alive and besides remember I had facile reconstruction done. So what's it like living the good life here in Llanview?



    Kelly is sitting on the couch rubbing her pregnant belly as she is reading the paper when Joey walks into the room.

    Joey- hey sweetheart!

    Kelly- hey! your home. So how was London?

    Joey- Nothing's changed.

    Kelly- Well how's Zane doing with us not being there?

    Joey- why don't you ask him yourself?

    Joey turns towards the opened doors and Zane appears in the doorway.

    Zane- hey mom!

    Kelly has a tear go down her face as she walks over and hugs Zane.

    Kelly- Oh it's so good to have you home with me again.



    Victor is sitting after the kitchen table when his phone goes off.

    Zack- Hello Victor! If you want to see Jack alive you better have that money I asked for by midnight tonight or Jack is dead.

    Victor- Don't worry I'll have your money.



    Shows Kameron and Aubrey sitting in a booth as Wanda walks by them and puts up a for sale sign in the window.

    Aubrey- Wanda! Your selling the place?

    Wanda- yeah I have no choice business just isn't like it was back in the day when this place had life. Young teenagers coming in for a float or a burger after school and they'd hang out here for hours.

    Kameron- Well what if we were to help you get this place back up to it's glory days.

    Wanda- I think it's beyond that.

    Aubrey- We can't say that until we have tried. I can get a lot of people to help pitch in. So what do you say?

    Wanda- Oh I guess we could give it a try.



    Zack is sitting behind a chair when his daughter Dara walks into the room.

    Zack- so did you take care of what I asked you too?

    Dara- yeah I did and I have something to ask you? The prisoner said that you attacked him the other night in the park. Is it true?

    Zack- Yes it's true. Believe me I'm waiting to do it again.

    Dara- Well I'm afraid that's not going to be the case father and I have let him go.

    Zack- you what?

    Zack gets up from behind the desk and walks towards Dara with anger in his eyes.

    Zack- Are you really as stupid as your mother?

    Zack puts his hands around Dara's neck as Jack sneaks up behind him and uses a rope to choke Zack out.

    Jack- come on lets go!


  10. OuBH9D6.jpg


    Written by: Nick M.


    DanielleeuWyvmg.jpg and MalikgNEbVrj.jpg walk out of Chic Spirit Designs together.


    DANI: Yet another short day for us models.

    MALIK: I think they are still getting things all figured out at this new company.

    DANI: Yeah I guess so.

    MALIK: It’s been easy for us at least.

    DANI: That’s one way to look at it.

    MALIK: Yeah. I mean we are on salary so we have it made.

    DANI: We lucked out somehow for being two rookies to this game.

    MALIK: Its our fresh attractive faces.


    Danielle giggles.


    MALIK: Hey we should go get some coffee somewhere. Chat more about our new adventure as models.

    DANI: Sounds good. I would love to.


    Malik flashes her a bright smiles.




    Meanwhile at the park:


    BenMuBJ0i2.jpg and LukexjpcrHO.jpg have met up.


    BEN: Thanks for coming to see me.

    LUKE: It’s almost like you love to keep me away from actually working.

    BEN: The middle of the day just seems like the best time to see you, I guess.

    LUKE: I’m not complaining for the record.

    BEN: I hope not. You know as good as I do that the other day was smokin' hot.

    LUKE: Oh yeah. I loved every minute of it.

    BEN: I’m glad you gave in so that we could feel that pleasure. I just hope it is going to happen again soon.

    LUKE: I hope it happens again soon, too. However…

    BEN: However what? Something wrong?

    LUKE: I just have a question…


    Ben looks caught off guard..




    RevauPACKwD.jpg is at the supermarket.


    She heads towards the meat department.


    As she gets closer BlairKwtGDY5.jpg is also there and the two get into each other’s way.


    BLAIR: Please god, no. Not today.


    Both women quickly get tense as they see each other.


    REVA: Just move so this ends fast.

    BLAIR: No. You can be the one that moves.

    REVA: Let’s not be children about this.

    BLAIR: Don’t get all holier than thou after you threw coffee on me.

    REVA: Total accident and you know it.

    BLAIR: Whatever Reva beast.

    REVA: Excuse me what did you say?


    BLAIR: Oh, nothing.

    REVA: You sure did. You are just ridiculous for some reason. Sometimes I think you are being followed around by cameras like you are on some cheap reality show probably called the Blair B*tch project.


    Blair looks around as people in the store are starting to give them both looks.


    BLAIR: Leave it to your hick a** to cause a scene.

    REVA: Who are you calling a hick? Have you heard your own accent, country bumpkin? I don’t want to cause a major scene though so I will be the bigger woman and walk away.

    BLAIR: Bigger woman? Yeah, you have no competition there.


    Reva starts to go around Blair.


    BLAIR: I gotta go find me a butterball…no offense. (smirks)

    REVA: That’s it.


    Reva turns back around and glares at Blair…




    ToddCwXcfC1.jpg is in his office working at his computer.


    TODD: Gary needs to find me more info on this absurd search for a mystery document.


    There is a knock at his office.


    It is Samf0uyMTr.jpg.


    TODD: Hey there Sam.

    SAM: Hi Todd.

    TODD: Something up?

    SAM: I just wanted to know how you liked mine and Trinity’s articles.

    TODD: I really liked your article on the Broncos. It will be in tomorrows edition.

    SAM: What about Trinity’s piece? It blew mine away.

    TODD: Yeah…It was…interesting.


    SAM: Something wrong with it?

    TODD: Well she wrote about a big issue. Race is a gigantic issue right now…

    SAM: Yeah she did it on a touchy issue, but she did a powerful job which will makes a person think.

    TODD: Yeah, but she is just a teenager I don’t know if readers want to hear some girl preaching to them.

    SAM: She wasn’t preaching. I was there, she was speaking from the heart.

    TODD: She did well, but I don’t know if it is for this paper.

    SAM: Are you saying you are not going to publish it?

    TODD: I don’t know if I want the controversy…


    Sam is very disappointed to be hearing this…



    Malik and Danielle are sipping on their coffees together.


    DANI: So tell me about this first photo shoot you get to do.

    MALIK: Sadly I do not know all the details yet.

    DANI: You are so lucky that you get to go first.

    MALIK: It is a lot of pressure. The first campaign for the company.

    DANI: Yeah, that is true.

    MALIK: Are you saying you want all that pressure?


    DANI: No not at all!

    MALIK: Ha! Didn’t think so.

    DANI: I am sure it will be fun though. And I wish you luck!


    They clink their coffee cups together.




    At the Park:


    BEN: What did you want to ask me, Luke?

    LUKE: This may be a stupid question.

    BEN: No such thing.

    LUKE: I just want to know if…if we are together?

    BEN: You mean are we a couple?

    LUKE: Yeah…I mean friends with benefits is cool and all, but I’d like to try and make this serious.

    BEN: Look Luke, of course we are a couple!


    Luke takes a sigh of relief.


    LUKE: Happy to hear it and make this official.

    BEN: Did you not think I wanted a relationship?

    LUKE: You have been very straight forward in wanting sex, but not so much about a relationship.

    BEN: Sorry I am just a bit of a sleaze. (chuckles)


    Cut to GaryF36tZbR.jpg who is also at the park.


    As he is walking through the park he sees Luke and Ben together in the distance. This stops Gary in his tracks…




    At the Union Creek Chronicle:


    SAM: Todd you have to put that article of Trinity’s in the paper!

    TODD: Sorry Sam but I do not have to do anything. This is my paper!

    SAM: Don’t you want a hot article for this paper.

    TODD: We have plenty of hot articles.

    SAM: I’m honestly surprised that Todd Manning of all people is afraid of a little bit of controversy.

    TODD: Are you trying to call me soft?

    SAM: I’m just saying, this isn’t the step dad I know.


    TODD: What are you getting out of this job thingy with Trinity?

    SAM: A cool summer job.

    TODD: I think you like her.

    SAM: She is really cool.

    TODD: If I compare your two personalities from your two articles she would probably eat you alive….Sam if I put her article in tomorrow’s edition will you leave and let me work?

    SAM: Yes. Yes I will!

    TODD: Then I will put it in.

    SAM: Thank you! You won’t regret it!


    Sam exits.


    Todd turns back to his computer.


    There is another knock at the door.


    TODD: I need a god damn personal secretary…. Come in!


    It is 3VtMl4Y.pngJack…


    JACK: Hello again.

    TODD: Jack Doe…hey…

    JACK: I came by to see if you have considered hiring me for a job…




    At the supermarket:


    Reva gets in Blairs face!


    REVA: I really want you to stop with your pathetic little put downs, Blair.

    BLAIR: My, my, I hope you don’t have anything to throw on me.

    REVA: I just want to finish shopping, but you just had to go and piss me off!


    Blair chuckles and gives Reva a little shove.


    REVA: Don’t you touch me

    BLAIR: Then get out of my face with your Kentucky fried chicken breath!

    REVA: You must just be smelling the bullsh*t coming out of your own mouth.


    Reva grabs Blair by the shirt.


    REVA: We need to stop doing this.

    BLAIR: Then stay the hell away from me!


    Blair gives Reva another shove!


    Reva shoves Blair back but hangs onto her necklaces and yanks it breaking it off!


    BLAIR: Do you know how much that costs?!

    REVA: I don’t care. I’m sure you will just try and press charge...and fail, again.


    Reva walks off and Blair is livid!




    At the café:


    DANI: Fate is strange you know.

    MALIK: How so?

    DANI: Well I was just thinking about how the day of the modeling competition it was you and I who ran into each other and had to hype each other up to even do it. Thank you by the way.

    MALIK: We must have been good help for each other.

    DANI: Yup because we were the two winners.

    MALIK: Well I thank fate then.

    DANI: And I never thought I would even like this job, but it is going to be fun.

    MALIK: Oh yeah. We’re going to have fun together!




    At the park:


    BEN: Don’t let me keep you any longer.

    LUKE: I am really not in a hurry to get to work.

    BEN: I really shouldn’t be keeping you from working too long though. You have to keep your job.

    LUKE: I know, I know. I just love hanging out with you.

    BEN: I do too. Before you head back though…


    Ben kisses him.


    Their lip locking goes on for a bit.


    In the background, Gary is watching them.


    He smirks as he watches them kissing..




    Sam meets up with ZackPvnx2Wj.jpg.


    Sam high fives Zack.


    ZACK: What was that for?

    SAM: Just felt like it.


    Sam can’t keep himself from smiling.


    ZACK: What has you so happy go lucky? Did you get some or what?

    SAM: No it is my summer job with Trinity. It has started off awesome! She wrote this deep and powerful article and my dad found it controversial but he is still going to print it.

    ZACK: That is pretty damn cool.

    SAM: Yeah, she’s amazing.

    ZACK: Glad one of us is happy.

    SAM: Why are you so down?

    ZACK: My summer thing is sucking so far.


    SAM: You are the one who chose to go to school all summer and help tutor.

    ZACK: It is not that. It is having to see Anne and Cory sit by each other every time.

    SAM: Ouch.

    ZACK: Frustrating!




    At The Union Creek Chronicle:


    TODD: Do you really want a job here Jack?

    JACK: I need a job and I use to be in the press so yes.

    TODD: Then you are hired!

    JACK: Just like that?

    TODD: Yup.

    JACK: That was easy and here I though you would want to do a background check on me, and well, that would be difficult for me to pass!

    TODD: I normally do background checks but I have a feeling yours would turn up as empty as they come.

    JACK: Thank you so much. I appreciate this. I cannot wait to start!

    TODD: I need to get to work right now though.

    JACK: I’m sure you do. I look forward to working here and will now leave you alone…boss.


    Jack exits and walks off elated to have a job.


    TODD: The one time I am trying to actually work on this investigation for Gary and I can’t get any time to myself.


    He looks at the clock.


    TODD: What the hell I already got the check from him anyway! Lunch time!




    Reva is now home.


    The mysterious car is parked a little away from the ranch again.


    The person inside is watching Reva as she is taking groceries in.


    Reva comes back to her car and closes the car door.


    REVA: Wonder if we got any mail.


    She goes to check her mail box.


    All of a sudden the mysterious person in the car starts it up and goes speeding right towards Reva!!!




    Credits roll


    *I do not own any non original character nor any pics.









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    Eve and JJ are in her bedroom where JJ wonders why Eve brought him back there. Eve shrugs. She's not even sure. Eve wanted to talk to JJ in private. JJ figures a bedroom couldn't be more private. Eve shakes her head. JJ knows exactly why Eve brought him back there. JJ isn't sure they should do this again. Eve says she has a bottle of wine out front. JJ asks what happens after that drink. Eve looks down at the bed.

    At the hospital, Jennifer tries calling Roxanne back. When she gets Roxanne's voicemail, Jennifer leaves a message, insisting Roxanne return her call. Lucas drops into Jennifer's office. He was going to see Sonny, but Adrienne's in with him. Jennifer wonders why that would stop Lucas from going in to see his son-in-law. Lucas recalls kissing Adrienne. He shakes the thought away, claiming he doesn't want to intrude. Lucas can remember how he felt when people would interrupt his time with Will when he was in the hospital. Lucas notices the keys on Jennifer's desk. "E.L." Jennifer confirms they are Eve's. Lucas asks why she has them, and Jennifer explains Eve left them. Jennifer admits she thought about using them to find out what Eve's hiding. Lucas smirks. A scheming side. Finally, a family trait they share. Jennifer laughs. She informs Lucas of her younger scheming days. Lucas had nothing on her! However, Jennifer realizes she needs to return the keys to Eve and just give it up.

    Adrienne comes out of Sonny's room and calls out to Kayla, wondering if she has a minute. Kayla looks at her watch. She has a meeting shortly, but can talk to Adrienne. Adrienne wonders if Kayla ever found out what caused Sonny to get worked up the other day. Kayla shakes her head. He never made mention. Will didn't either. Kayla thinks it could've been nothing, just a normal reaction that was heightened due to the wound. Adrienne hopes so. She doesn't want to see her son dealing with anything besides recovery right now. Kayla thinks that's a great idea. The last thing Sonny needs is to deal with outside stress. Adrienne flashes back to kissing Lucas outside the town square. Adrienne nods, agreeing with Kayla.

    Theresa is shocked to find Anne still at the hospital. Anne says she received notice of an impromptu meeting with Dr. Johnson. Theresa wonders what her aunt would need to talk to Anne about. Anne isn't sure. She questions if Theresa said anything to Kayla about the other day. Theresa swears she said nothing. To anybody. Anne hopes so. Anne has saved Theresa's ass too many times to be thrown under the bus because of some brainless billionaire. Anne wonders what Theresa is doing at the hospital. Theresa admits she wanted to use the hospital resources, but the Internet server is down and she's unable to. She'll have to rely on her own resources, Theresa guesses. Anne receives a call, notifying her Kayla is ready.

    Jennifer knocks on Eve's apartment door. No answer. Jennifer pulls out the keys Eve left behind at the hospital and uses them to open the door. Jennifer calls out to Eve. Surprised Eve emerges from the back, demanding to know what Jennifer is doing in her home. Jennifer shows the keys and says she wanted to return them. When Eve didn't answer, Jennifer let herself in. Eve tells Jennifer she needs to go. Now! Just before Jennifer makes it to the door, JJ comes out. His eyes widen when he sees his mom. Jennifer wants to know what's going on. Eve manages to cover by picking up a box of things Paige gathered that belonged to JJ. She claims JJ came over to pick them up, so Paige didn't have to see him. JJ goes along with Eve's story. Jennifer looks doubtful, but keeps it to herself. She wonders if JJ is ready to head home now that he has his things. JJ nods and leaves with the box. Jennifer turns to Eve one last time before walking out the door. Alone, Eve covers her mouth at what just happened.

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Adrienne is on the phone, giving Jo an update on Sonny. Doctors are still unsure how much longer he'll remain in the hospital. Adrienne promises to have Sonny call his grandmother tomorrow. Adrienne is startled when she turns around and finds Lucas. He tells her they need to talk about what happened the other night...

    Eve pours a glass of wine. As she runs her hand through her hair, Eve wonders what the hell is wrong with her. JJ is practically a child. Eve takes a sip of her wine. "How screwed up am I?"

    JJ walks into the Horton house with the box from Paige's in hand. Jennifer follows. She looks at the box JJ sits down and then at her son. Jennifer asks if JJ wants to talk about it. JJ shakes his head no. He should start on homework due tomorrow. JJ heads upstairs and Jennifer calls out to him. She reminds JJ that she's there if he needs to talk. JJ nods and continues up the steps. Jennifer sighs. Her phone rings, and it's Kayla with good news. Anne Milbauer will no longer be a problem for them. She was fired for trying to drug Brady Black. Hospital security cameras captured the deed. Jennifer calls it a new low. Kayla notices Jennifer's reaction. It's much more low-key than she expected. Jennifer admits she has something else on her mind. The ladies make plans to grab breakfast before work tomorrow. Jennifer hangs up and looks up the stairs.

    At the pub, Theresa contemplates searching Dr. Mandrake's name in a search engine database on her cell phone. Just as she types the doctor's name and presses "SEARCH," the phone is yanked out of Theresa's hand by Anne! She's furious and demands to know what Theresa told her Aunt Kayla. Theresa asks what Anne is talking about. Anne explains that Kayla just fired her. Anne refuses to go down alone and all she has on Theresa will cost her job too!

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    Lauralee Bell as Yvonne Mitchell

    Molly Burnett as Leslie Carter

    Brett Butler as Cathy

    David Canary as Phillip "Phil" Carter

    Maree Cheatham as Hazel Foster

    Zack Conroy as Ethan Carter

    Jason Cook as Heath Roscoe

    Jimmy Deshler as Ben Carter

    Melissa Clare Egan as Colleen Carter

    Haley Erin as Ali Carter

    Susan Flannery as Stella Foster Carter

    Samantha Logan as Katie

    Eric Martsolf as Aaron Carter

    Cady McClain as Lorraine Saunders

    Cady McClain as Sharon Saunders Carter

    Kurt McKinney as Greg Carter

    Lenny Platt as Dean Carter

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    At the Callison Manor the Patriarch of the family Tom is sitting on the couch when his wife Maggie walks into the room with a big ole smile on her face.

    Tom-Well what's got you in this great of a mood

    Maggie- Our baby boy is coming home today. As a matter of fact I just seen his car pull up the drive way.

    Tom- Well then I guess we need to make him feel welcomed back home

    Tom and Maggie walks towards the front door as it opens and Ethan walks into the Manor carrying a duffle bag. He drops the bag and hugs both of his parents.

    Ethan- Oh it feels great to be home again.

    Maggie- and we are very happy to have you home again and hopefully this time for good.

    Ethan- well as of right now I plan on making it my permanent home.

    Tom- Good and if you need I can get you a job at the hospital.

    Ethan- no need to do that dad Aaron has already gotten me a job at The Wild Spot.

    Tom- that freak bar where all them freaks go.

    Ethan- dad just because they're gay doesn't make them freaks and I think me working there will be a good thing.


    At Destiny Cafe Sage and her fiance Brady are sitting at a table drinking coffee when Sage's best friend Hope Cooper walks into the cafe and sits down at their table.

    Hope- You will never believe who I just seen back in town

    Brady- Your Brain?

    Hope- Haha very funny

    Sage- Who did you see back in town?

    Hope- Brian Jenkins!

    Brady- Who's that?

    Sage- he's an ex of mine that went away not long after we broke up

    Hope- yeah I'm sure he's finally over you.

    Sage- let's just hope he is


    At the Police Department Edwin Callison is sitting behind his desk when his boss Commissioner Charity Summers walks out of her office and over to his desk.

    Charity- we have one hell of a huge problem

    Edwin- what do you mean?

    Charity- Brian Jenkins! The man that torched your sister a couple years back who had been reportedly released from prison. Well I just got a call from the Mayor asking me why I haven't caught the escaped prisoner yet.

    Edwin- So he wasn't set free?

    Charity- No he wasn't suppose to get out the court screwed up their paper work and released him instead of the guy that was suppose to be released. So I need you to get out their on the street and start looking for him.


    Across town in an abandon warehouse in a sound proof room Brian Jenkins is walking around the room looking at an 18 year old named Stephen Donovan who is tied down to the bed.

    Brian- Oh do you not like the place that I've chosen for you. Well I thought it was really nice but yet you've never seen the inside of a prison have you? No! But I know your father has and he still is. The bad thing about you never being in prison is you really don't know how it works in there. You see if you want something from someone you have to give something for them to help you. Or in my case you just take it. See your father Mike is in prison for killing your mother which I'm pretty sure you already knew that. See I needed his help and he gay me an offer and I declined it which made him very mad. So for pay back he made me his bitch, which is exactly what I'm going to do to you.


    At Memorial Hospital Tom Callison is the Chief of Staff. Tom is making his way around the hospital when he notices something very unusual by the ER doors. Tom walks over and sees that there is a baby in the basket. He picks up the baby.

    Tom- Well aren't you just a precious little girl

    Tom carry's the baby back into the hospital



    Monica tells Tracy what she did

    Created by: Frank and Doris Hursley

    Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

    Consultant: Beebs and YRbiggestfan


    Sebastian Westblogentry-14971-0-37137700-1408841637_th walks into the park with his book bag and sits on the bench. He looks to the left, then to the right and is certain that nobody is there. He takes out a small bag of marijuana, then looks for something else while focused on the bag.

    Sebastian: Dammit.

    Sydneyblogentry-14971-0-27463500-1408841661_th offers him a lighter. This breaks his focus on the bag and he looks up at her.

    Sydney: Looks like you need one of these.

    Sebastian: Thank you.

    He reaches out for the lighter, but Sydney pulls it back.

    Sydney: So are you gonna smoke that all by yourself?


    MICHAEL’S APARTMENT - Kikiblogentry-14971-0-21739500-1408841682_th walks in with a gift bag, smiles, and takes a red teddy out of it. She turns to the table, which is pristinely set with two candles, handkerchiefs, silverware, two champagne glasses, and a silver, ice filled bucket with a bottle of champagne in it. She then gets a call on her cell phone.

    Kiki: Hmm if it isn’t my sexy fiance. Wait till you get home.

    Michaelblogentry-14971-0-33106300-1408841714_th is at ELQ sitting at his desk staring at his computer.

    Michael: Hey babe. I’m...gonna be home a little late tonight.


    Kiki: Let me guess...ELQ stuff.


    Michael: Yeah we just got word that they’re gonna announce the winning bid for the Waterfront Project. I’m sorry. I promise I’ll make it up to you.


    Kiki (sighing): Okay. I can’t lie and say I’m not disappointed.


    Michael: I know I know. I’ll see you later. Love you.


    Kiki: Love you, too.



    Monicablogentry-14971-0-84590700-1408841790_th steps away from the living room door as she talks to Tracy.

    Monica: I’m gonna do whatever it takes to keep Carly away from Jason.

    Tracy: And how do you plan on doing that? It hasn’t worked all these years. What makes you think it’s gonna be effective now?

    Monica: I brought down Sonny Corinthos didn’t I?

    Monica flashes back to giving a recording of Sonny admitting that he shot A.J. to Anna Devane…

    Anna: What is this?

    Monica: Listen to it. It’ll get you the fish you’ve been trying to catch for years.

    Monica flashes back to the present.

    Tracy: I don’t know how you managed to pull that off, but Carly isn’t gonna be that simple.

    Monica: Trust me none of this is easy, but I’ll be damned if I let Carly destroy my other son.

    Monica and Tracy turn around and there are Carlyblogentry-14971-0-01173100-1408841823_th and Jasonblogentry-14971-0-82433400-1408841871_th



    PART 2

    Sebastian and Sydney are sitting next to each other on the park bench, and they have just finished smoking a joint.

    Sebastian: You better not tell anyone about this.

    Sydney: Oh please. It’s not the end of the world if someone finds you smoke weed. Besides, can you tell me where I can get some more of this good stuff from?

    Sebastian: How do I know you’re not a narc?

    Sydney immediately stands up.

    Sydney: Don’t be ridiculous. Narcs normally don’t smoke joints!

    Sebastian: Find your own weed guy.

    Sydney: You’re a total ass!

    Sebastian: Thank you.

    Sydney: I’m hungry.

    Sebastian: Go get something to eat then.

    Sydney: Ugh!


    Morganblogentry-14971-0-55755800-1408841960_th is outside of Kelly’s sitting on a bench, and Kiki walks up. Morgan notices her.

    Morgan: Hey Kiki.

    Kiki: Morgan what’s up?

    Morgan: Just went for a run. What’s up with you?

    Kiki: Nothing, just getting something to eat.

    Morgan: Are you sure that’s it?

    Kiki sighs.

    Kiki: No it’s not.


    Carly: I would never hurt Jason.

    Monica: You...are poison. I lost one son because of you and Sonny and I won’t stand by and watch that happen again!

    Carly: I’m sorry, Monica, for your loss. I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost Michael or Morgan, but A.J. made his own choices.

    Monica: You’re a human tornado. You leave destruction in your wake.

    Jason: Mom that’s enough.

    Monica: It’s true. You need to stay away from Carly before she destroys you.

    Tracy: Jason we’ve gotta get to ELQ. The winning bids are gonna be announced soon.

    Tracy walks out the door, and as she closes the front door, she walks and looks in her purse for something. Suddenly, Sydney bumps into her, and Tracy notices a lighter that falls out of Sydney’s purse.

    Sydney: My God! Not only are you a bitch, you’re a clumsy bitch.

    Tracy picks up the lighter.

    Tracy: Hmm what would this be for?

    Sydney: What is it to you?

    Sydney tries to walk past Tracy but Tracy stops her.

    Tracy: You wreak!

    Sydney: Wreaks of what?

    Tracy: Are you really gonna try to play coy with me Syd?

    Sydney: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Tracy: Pot!

    Sydney: I can’t wait till Luke gets back. It’s been a long time for you hasn’t it? You really need to find a hobby.

    Tracy: Does Maya know that you light up joints?

    Sydney: She knows all about that.

    Tracy: Maybe where you lived before, but not here in Port Charles.

    Sydney: Is there a point you’re trying to make?

    Tracy: I bet Maya would ship you to an iron clad, maximum security, prison-like rehab facility. In fact, why don’t we call her right now and let her know...

    Sydney (grabbing Tracy’s phone): Please...don’t tell my sister.


    Jason: Mom can you watch Danny while I go to the office? Sam should be coming soon to get him.

    Monica: Of course I’d watch my grandson.

    Carly: I have to go to the MetroCourt.

    Monica: On your way out of Port Charles I hope.

    Monica walks into the living room and sits on the couch as she watches Danny continue to play with his toys.

    Monica: Hey there my little grandson. Oh I just so wish Alan were here to see you. I’m gonna be in your life as much as possible.

    Robinblogentry-14971-0-07323700-1408841998_th walks in with a suitcase, and Monica does not hear or see her immediately.

    Monica: I never even got to know your brother Jake, but your big brother, Michael is thriving, and running ELQ.

    Robin: Big brother Michael? Monica what are you talking about? The only brother Danny had was Jake.

    Monica turns around and is shocked.


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    Soon you guys will be back in the lives of everyone of your favorites from Springfield along with some new faces. I hope you will enjoy this classic soap opera as I did and still do.

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    (Horton Town Square; by gated bench)

    "Shows Paige walking past then bench talking on the phone, when is stopped by Bev"

    Paige- hey mom I'll call you back I have something I need to take care of

    "Paige hangs up"

    Bev- it's so nice running into you here Paige, alone, away from everyone and no one can what I'm going to do to you

    Paige- what are you talking about Bev?

    "Bev pulls a gun from her purse"

    Paige- um... Bev there's no need for you to have that gun

    Bev- oh yeah there is, you see I'm going to use this gun to get you to do as I say so I can get what I want

    Paige- Bev if you want to see JJ all I have to do is call him and tell him to meet me here and you can see him

    Bev- oh I don't only want to see him I want to have him and I also want to have his baby. And the only way that will happen is if you are out of the picture for a while.

    Paige- What do you mean by that?

    Bev- It means you have disappear for a while, and I have to perfect place so get to moving

    "Paige walks off followed by Bev pointing the gun at her"


    (Daniel's Apartment)

    "Shows Daniel walking around his apartment in just a towel; talking on the phone"

    Daniel- yeah I can't wait Melanie, Yeah Parker and I plan on coming out there very soon to visit you

    "doorbell rings and Daniel answers it"

    Daniel- hey let me call you back I got something I need to take care of

    JJ- hey you got a minute to talk

    Daniel- um... yeah sure come on in. Just give me a few minutes to get dressed then I'm all yours

    "Daniel walks off towards the hallway"


    (DiMera Mansion; Living Room)

    "Shows Sami sitting on the couch and movers walk into the living room"

    Sami- it's about damn time you guys showed up. Listen all the stuff that is being moved is upstairs the first and second room on your left.

    Moving Man- okay is there anything else from this place that needs to be moved

    Sami- no oh wait while you are moving that could you please drop this off at the dumpster

    "Shows the portrait of EJ and Sami sitting beside the couch; EJ walks in"

    EJ- Samantha what the hell is all of this

    Sami- well considering everything that has happened between us that you have caused you can put the pieces together. I'm moving out and so are the kids.

    EJ- Samantha please stay and we can talk about this

    Sami- talk about what? You cheated on me EJ with that slut Abigail. There is nothing to talk about.

    EJ- Samantha please just hear me out. Please!

    Sami- you have until the moving truck is loaded up so start talking.


    (Brady Pub)

    "Shows Theresa and Anne sitting at the far booth in the corner"

    Anne- so tell me how are things going with your niece Paige

    Theresa- not very good at all thanks to my ignorant half-sister Eve

    "Shows Theresa looking over at Eve sitting a the bar; Anne gets up"

    Theresa- Anne where are you going?

    Anne- to work some magic

    "Anne sits down next to Eve"

    Anne- oh I'm sorry was this seat taken

    Eve- no not at all

    Anne- the names Anne... Anne Milbauer

    Eve- Eve Larson, nice to meet you

    Anne- you too, so I have heard through the grapevine that you and Jennifer Horton go way back as being enemies

    Eve- grapevine as in you mean my sister Theresa. I know what your doing and I'm not liking it at all. So you can go back over to that little corner booth and chit-chat with my sister

    "Eve gets up and walks out of the pub, Anne walks back over to the booth"

    Theresa- very smooth handling Anne, very well done

    Anne- oh shut it


    (Daniel's Apartment)

    "Shows Daniel walking back into the living room"

    Daniel- okay kid what did you want to talk about

    JJ- well um... Paige and I are having our first official date tonight and well lately when we have been hanging out we have been getting pretty close to some things.

    Daniel- you mean sexual things right

    JJ- yeah and well I was wondering if you could give me some pointers on that you know how a father would to his son. What I mean is I know the whole sex part but I want to make it as romantic as I can.

    Daniel- this is your first time isn't it?

    JJ- what no I've had sex before

    Daniel- right and if you have then why are you asking me stuff on how to make it romantic.

    JJ- alright look this will be my first time with a girl and I want to make sure it is special for both Paige and I and I just really don't want to screw this up


    (DiMera Mansion; Living Room)

    Sami- you going to start talking or am I just going to leave

    EJ- look I know what I did was just wrong, pathetic

    Sami- how about degrading, or hurtful or oh my favorite it's cheating.

    EJ- and I am truly sorry that I ever did that to you so please give me another chance please.

    Sami- I've already given you to many damn chances. We are done EJ so you can go find your little slut and be with her now

    EJ- so it's like that well I guess I'll hear about it tomorrow as to who you are shacking up with next.

    "Sami slaps EJ"


  12. (Grave Yard)

    "Shows Jaxon looking at a woman"


    Bridget is that really you?


    The one and only, so get over here and give your sister a hug

    "Jaxon hugs Bridget"

    Jaxon- what are you doing back here in town?

    Bridget- I came back for a visit but as soon as I get back in town I hear that you are getting married, Drake is in the hospital from an overdose and Donovan Enterprises has gone nuts. What the hell happened when I left?

    Jaxon- I don't know I guess we are all going crazy

    Bridget- I'd say, so have you been to the hospital to see Drake

    Jaxon- I was there when they first brought him in but then I left to come here.

    Bridget- come on lets go see our baby brother together

    "Jaxon and Bridget walk off together and a shadow is seen standing behind a wall"


    (Linwood Memorial; Patient's Room)

    "Shows Carla walking into the room and shows Drake lying on a hospital bed hooked up on IV and other machines; Carla walks over and sits down next to his bed"


    oh sweetheart why did you have to go and do something so stupid. Why didn't you just call me, we could have talked or you could have called Jaxon or anyone. You didn't have to try and kill yourself. But not to worry because as soon as you wake up we are going to get you all the help that you need. Lila's here and so is Grandpa Sullivan, a lot of the family is here and Jaxon is on his way here. Oh please sweetie just wake up for me please.


    (Linwood Memorial; Waiting Area)

    "Shows Lila and Sullivan sitting in chair's; Claire walks up"


    hey granddad where's Aunt Carla?


    in there with Drake, why is something wrong

    Claire- I need to talk to her

    Sullivan- okay well I'll go get her

    "Sullivan walks off"


    Claire what's going on if it wasn't anything serious you would just wait until later to tell us, so what's going on?

    "Claire sighs"


    Has my brother gotten worse?

    Claire- yes he has


    what do you mean worse, how much worse?

    Claire- We did a cat scan of Drake's brain and it shows a tumor on his left frontal lobe, but it get's worse

    Jaxon- worse what could possibly be any worse that a tumor

    Claire- Drake slipped into a coma


    (Kinsey's Art Studio)

    "Kinsey drops the pencil"


    I think I've finally got it. This is going to be perfect.


    let me see

    Kinsey- what do you think, now be honest

    Deacon-well.... it's perfect

    Kinsey- really?

    Deacon- yeah I think Jaxon and Maggie are going to love it

    Kinsey- okay well since I am done with work are you ready to get out of here?

    Deacon- oh you bet I am as long as you come with me

    Kinsey- well of course I am silly


    (Linwood Memorial Hospital; Waiting Area)


    Claire come on is this some kid of joke


    I wish it was just a joke but no it's not


    Wait a minute your standing there telling me that my baby boy is in a coma and not only that but has a tumor as well

    Claire- yes Aunt Carla I am


    Is there any possibility that the tumor caused Drake to go into a coma?

    Claire- that is a possibility but we won't know for sure until we run more test


  13. The Manning's Are BACK in Port Charles for good!

    *Character's- Kiki Jerome, Nina Clay and Silas Clay never existed

    * Using Character's from OLTL John McBain, Starr Manning, Todd Manning, Blair Cramer, Tea Delgado, Dani Manning, Jack Manning and Sam Manning

    * Franco stayed dead from when Jason shot and killed him

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    "Shows Josie walking in the park and up to a hotdog cart"


    Well hello there beautiful.


    Hello Frankie, Can I get one hotdog please

    Frankie- anything for you. So tell me hows working at Barrington Global going for you.

    Josie- Well I'll tell you after today's over with and thanks for the hotdog

    Frankie- no problem

    "Josie takes a bite of the hotdog and starts walking down the sidewalk in the park"


    (Barrington Global)

    "Shows Josie getting off the elevator and she sees Tyler Barrington yelling at a worker"


    either you start doing your damn job right or you'll be out on your ass jobless

    Woman- yes boss

    "The Woman walks off and Tyler sees Josie"

    Tyler- Josie what brings you by today on your day off


    I just came to clean out my office, you know after you told me to start being an ass like yourself or get lost. Well I chose to get lost. So if you'll excuse me I have an office I need to pack.

    Tyler- wait just a minute. Josie do you at least have another job or something to do until you find another job because if not you can keep your job here.

    Josie- Tyler you can pretend to be nice all you want but come on it's me I've worked here for 15 years and believe me I've hated it everyday and besides I've decided to open my own night club.

    "Josie walks off to her office, Tyler follows"

    Tyler- a night club, are you serious about this Josie?

    Josie- yes I am because I know I don't have to come to work everyday and deal with an ass of a boss like you. So if you would please leave so I can get what I need to get done

    Tyler- you're making a big mistake

    "Tyler walks off"

    Josie- we'll see about that


    (Carla's Diner)

    "Shows Ryder and Doug sitting at a booth when a waitress walks over"


    Well hey there Carla


    hello boys, let me guess you guys both want the usual that you all get

    Doug- yes ma'am

    Carla- okay coming right up


    My sister needs to hurry up and get here

    "Diner door opens and a man walks in"

    Doug- hey Sterling what brings you by


    Josie told me to stop by and that she had some big news to tell me and I take it as that's why you guys are here

    "Diner door opens again; Josie walks in"

    Doug- it's about time

    "Josie walks over and sits down and Carla brings them their food"

    Carla- so what's the big news Josie


    Well since you all must know... I quit my job today

    Ryder- what are you serious?

    Doug- that's the big news

    Josie- no there's better news. ............. I have decided to open up my very own night club and I want all of you to work in it

    "Josie grabs a French fry and eats it"


    (Apartment Building)

    "Shows a woman walking down the steps to outside"


    It's about time you got here. I thought I was going to fully melt before you ever got out here


    I'm here now aren't I.

    "The both chuckle"

    Mona- come on were late for the meeting

    "Mona wraps her arm around Layla and the both walk off down the sidewalk"


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  14. Latest Entry

    (EXT: London, England- Edmund's Creepy Castle)
    --Ashton sits in the living room, on the phone, and learns of Eden, Kirk, and Pearl's impending arrivals.  He smiles and says that it's time that everything be put in place so he, Kelly, and everyone else can live "happily" ever after.  Kelly enters the room, able to catch the last part of his sentence, and he hurries off the phone.
    "Happily ever after huh?  I thought that was already decided on our wedding day, Mr. Lavery."
    "Oh, it was, it was, Mrs. Lavery.   I just got some news that should delight you and perhaps give you some pleasure during your downtime on our extended stay here in London.  I'm sure you're about tired of my father, Christine, and all the construction on the East Wing by now."
    "Actually, I find your father quite fascinating.  A bit mysterious, but he never ceases to hold my interest.  So......what is this happy news that is supposed to bring me such delight?"
    "Your sister is actually on your father's jet, on her way to London right now.  I've invited her....and her friends to stay here with us.  At the castle."
    "Oh?  And what friends are you talking about?  Julia?  Mary?"
    "Actually, they're both men.  Pearl Bradford, that old friend of yours and my #1 fan, and Kirk Cranston."
    "KIRK CRANSTON?  Eden is coming HERE.....with Kirk Cranston?  What the hell would possess her to bring that man here....let alone on daddy's jet?"
    "I sense there's some sort of history there."
    "Oh, not much.  Just that they were married years ago.  And he attempted to kill her.  Multiple times.  And gaslight her.   And kidnapped her...and Cruz....again, multiple times."
    "Doesn't sound like the ideal travel companion."
    "My point exactly.  It's all so strange.  Why would Eden leave her children, Cruz's parents, and daddy, to come to London with Kirk Cranston, of all people?"
    "Sounds like you'll have plenty to discuss over dinner tonight.  They should be arriving before then and I've asked Christine to prepare a special meal for all of us....and our guests."
    "Guests?" Edmund says, entering the room.
    "Yes, father, guests.  Kelly's sister, Eden, and a couple of her friends will be arriving later.  I hope you don't mind that I've taken the liberty of inviting them to stay here.  I figure there's plenty of room for everyone.  It is a CASTLE, after all."
    "Kelly, would you be so kind as to give my son and I a moment alone?"
    "Of course.  Obviously my husband here should have discussed this with you first.  You've been very gracious to let us stay here as long as you have.  I hope you don't feel too put out that Ashton here has invited my sister and her.....friends to stay.  He's just trying to make me happy is all, as he always does.  I'll go and get a cup of tea from Christine in the kitchen.  Would either of you like anything?"
    "Nothing at all my dear, the privacy will be quite enough."
    Kelly exits the room, muttering to herself about Eden, Kirk, and :Pearl being the oddest of combinations.  Back in the living room, Edmund glares at his son.
    "Just what are you up to?  It's been hard enough keeping Kelly away from her you've got her sister coming as well?   Just what in the devil are you up to?"
    "I suggest you listen and listen good.  If you want this charade of a life that you've created for yourself and your pod in the East Wing to continue, you'll do everything that I ask of you tonight.  Otherwise, I'll expose you to the Capwell girls, who will surely go running to daddy...."
    "You wouldn't dare.   You wouldn't risk your marriage to Kelly Capwell, that I know."
    "You're right, I wouldn't.  And you'll understand things as they unfold today.  You just do exactly as I say or this whole thing will blow up in your face tonight father.  Do I make myself clear?"
    "Why you little.....just who do you think you are speaking to me this way?   How dare you assume that I would go along with this, risk everything God, if your mother were alive...."
    "I thought she was.  Upstairs.  In her private bedroom.  Isn't that the double entendre you're leading right now?  You're just going to have to trust me for now father.  As for now, I must be going.  I have some business to attend to.  Please, keep Kelly entertained while I'm gone.   She seems to find you.....fascinating.  If only she knew just how interesting the life you're really leading right now really is...."
    Ashton exits and as he leaves, Edmund takes out his phone and dials Pamela.
    "We've got trouble.  Big trouble."
    (EXT: Lionel and Augusta's London Flat)
    --Augusta sits in her satin robe, staring at her husband across the breakfast table.  Clearly uncomfortable, she attempts to break the ice.
    "Well that went rather smoothly yesterday."
    "Those aren't the words I'd use if I were you, Augusta.  How dare you keep this from me for as long as you have.  How dare you!"
    "How dare I?  After what that woman and your tawdry affairs with her have done to me over the years, you should consider yourself lucky I clued you in at all."
    "Yes, lucky.  I couldn't care less about Sophia and the last thing I want is for you to go waltzing down memory lane with her.  But, I did the noble, unselfish thing and told you the truth.  I thought you'd be rather proud of me."
    "Yes, proud.  What is with these one word inquisitions you're spitting at me?   If I had my way, that woman would have stayed dead and buried where she belonged.  Ironic, though, isn't it.  Here we are, 34 years later, and it's 1979 all over again.  Sophia is operating under a false name, with no previous recollection of her old life, Marcello is her only's de ja vous.  Only this time...well, I'm not quite sure I understand the logistics of it.  She didn't fall off a yacht for pete's sake, she was pronounced dead.  By Saint Mary Duvall of all people and there's no way Sister Mary would lie about this sort of thing.  You have to give credit where credit is due....Edmund has pulled off quite the caper here.  I think you'd rather enjoy his torturing of CC, if it didn't involve you're quintessential love, Sophia, that is.   And here I am, allowing you to play hero to the tawdry slut you cheated on me with and created that.....circus performing son of your's with.  And  the only reason he's even alive is because your mother switched the babies all those years ago.  Otherwise, Sophia would have shot your only child with her."
    "Thank you, Augusta, for the refresher course and the lovely walk down memory lane.  Well one thing is clear- I couldn't get through to her.  And if  I can't get through to her...there's only one other man who can....CC!"
    "Lionel, have you gone mad?  Did you not listen to the history course that Marcello gave you?  CC has a past with Loretta as well as Sophia.  His involvement could make this situation more chaotic than it already is and worsen Sophia's condition, which God knows is the lassst thing you'd want to do."
    "He has a right to know that his wife is alive, Augusta.  Whether I like him, hate him, respect him, or not, he loves her and is grieving for her.  It isn't right that we keep this from him."
    Augusta walks across the table and hits Lionel on the back of the head.
    "Would you get your brain wired back in, Lionel?  We need to put Sophia first here and involving CC is only going to cause a bigger mess than this already is.  I suggest that we at least wait until we here from Marcello before we do anything rash.  Where is that "dame" of a mother of yours when I need her to talk some sense into you?  We at least need to wait until we hear from Marcello first.  At the very least, he did put that tracking device in the suitcase, so we'll know- Sophi--Loretta's--oh whatever the hell that tramp is calling herself's whereabouts are at any given time.  Patience, dear.  I doubt this is the last we've heard from Marcello."
    (EXT: Lady DuMonde's Mansion)
    --Ashton is greeted at the door by the butler and requests to see Marcello at once.  Marcello swiftly enters the room and wonders aloud what Ashton could want with him.  Ashton suggests that they talk somewhere in private.  He explains that he accidentally stumbled into Sophia's room and realizes what his father has done and wants to right the wrong.  Marcello admits to a knowing Ashton that he already knows about Sophia and is trying to jog her memory.  Ashton quizzically asks if anyone else knows and Marcello tells him only Lionel and Augusta.
    "Doesn't Sophia have a history with the Lockridges?"
    "A long one- she had a forbidden love affair with Lionel for a good portion of her life."
    "Well couldn't you use that and your hypnosis techniques to kick start her memory?"
    "I've already thought of that and I tried it yesterday, but Sophia and Augusta exchanged words and Loretta....Sophia got cold feet.  She's truly convinced that she's your mother."
    "My mother-in-law is brainwashed into believing she's my mother.  Sounds like something out of a soap opera."
    "You'd think so, but this has happened before, and the last time it did, it caused insurmountable, permanent damage to the Capwells, especially to Channing, Eden, and CC"
    "Of course.  Well, if I could get you in to see her again tonight, do you think you could get Lionel to come alone?"
    "I'm not sure.  Augusta can be a handful and she'll want to come but.... I can try."
    "Try you will, if you want to bring Sophia back.  And you will succeed.  You seem a smart man, Marcello.  I'm sure you can come up with a good reason to bring Lionel to the castle on his own.  Here"
    Ashton writes down his phone number.
    "This is my cell number.  You call me when you're on the way.  Try to make it around 7:30, as we will all be at dinner at that time and it will be much easier to sneak you into the mansion."
    "All of you?"
    "Yes, my father, my wife, her sister..."
    "Eden's going to be there?"
    "Yes but she'll be at dinner.  I haven't told Kelly or any of the Capwells about Sophia because.....well, because my wife has told me the sordid family history and I'd hate to put any of them through that again before Sophia realizes that she's....Sophia.  I'm disgusted by what my father has done- it could damn well ruin my marriage and there's no way in hell I'm going to let that happen.  You just follow my instructions and I'll make sure you're able to see Sophia.  Now, I must be going, as my father will soon be wondering where I am.  I was very careful not to be followed.  I don't want him to have any idea that I know about this, nor that I'm helping you."
    "I appreciate it Ashton  You're doing a good thing."
    "Yes well, I hope so and I do hope that everything goes as planned.  Now as I said, I must be going."
    Ashton sees himself out and immediately dials his phone.
    "Ok, it's all set.  I hope you're ready for everything that's about to happen."
    The camera pans to a man in a suit, sitting in an office, without his face being shown.  
    A familiar, English accented voice is heard on the other line.
    "Oh, I'm ready.  I'm more than ready."
    They hang up and the camera pans up to the mystery man.....

    Posted Image
    (THE END......For TODAY)

  15. as_the_world_turns.jpg


    Carter grabs a faint Lisa before she falls do the ground. Scott rushes over to a table nearby and pulls out a chair while Carter drags Lisa to the chair, seating her.

    Lisa: (faint) Scott? Is it really you?

    Scott: Yes, Mom.

    Carter comes back to them with a glass of water. He hands it to Scott, who is now kneeled next to his mother. He holds the glass while Lisa takes a sip.

    Scott: You all right?

    Lisa: I will be . . . (strokes his face gently) So glad to see you . . .

    Lisa then strikes her son across the face. Scott holds his face, which stings. Carter is stunned. Lisa jumps up and hovers over her son.

    Lisa: How dare you! How dare you do this to me!

    On Scott totally shocked,

    CUT TO


    Henry, with a chef hat and apron that reads "I rub my meat for two mins," dances around the kitchen while the pots of the stove create a slight fog from the steam.

    Henry: (singing) Pour it up! Pour it up! That's how we ball out! . . . Strips clubs and dollar bills--

    He is abruptly interrupted by a knock at the door. Aggravated, Henry opens the door to reveal his younger sister, CLARK COLEMAN.

    Henry is speechless.

    Clark: (distraught) I need your help.

    On Henry worried

    CUT TO


    Mo and Casey sit on the sofa making out. Tom then barges in slamming the door. The two break apart like two teens that have been caught in the act. As the rearrange their clothes:

    Tom: Where is your mother?!

    Casey: She's at the station. What's wrong?

    Tom: Emily!

    Casey: What now?

    Tom tosses the paper at Casey before he storms up stairs. Casey unballs the paper to see the headline (from last episode) featuring Tom, Carter, and Scott.

    On Casey cringing,


    FADE IN:


    Casey kisses Mo (before she leaves) and closes the door behind her. Tom comes down the stairs, undoing his tie and tossing it to the side.

    Casey: You sure you're fine?

    Tom: Do I look fine? (off Casey holding his hands up for mercy) Sorry.

    Casey: No problem but does this story even has any truth to it? I mean we haven't seen or heard from Uncle Scott since I was child. You sure Emily isn't fabricating this to p*ss you off?

    Tom: No she isn't. For once she isn't lying in that rag she calls a paper.

    Casey: (confused) So then I don't get while you're mad at Emily . . .

    Tom: Because she's ruining my campaign! Don't you see it!

    Casey: Dad, I doubt anyone is taking Emily or her paper seriously. Her past isn't squeaky clean either . . .

    Tom: But when you're running up against someone with a stellar track record such as Carter Wallace--

    Casey: Dad, you need to chill.

    Casey goes and sits on the sofa. He pats on it to indicate he wants Tom to join him, to relax. After fighting it, Tom gives in.

    Casey: Dad, you have a stellar track record too.

    Tom: I do but--

    Casey: Not "buts." Who cares that you left mid office almost fifteen years ago? That was then. This is now.

    Margo rushes in breathing heavily.

    Margo: Oh honey! There you are. (rushes over and kisses Tom) I went by the campaign office and Bonnie told me everything. (calming down) You OK?

    Tom: Not really.

    Margo: Don't worry, honey. We'll figure this out--me, you, Bonnie, Lisa--

    Tom jumps up from the sofa

    Tom: Mom! I gotta go see her.

    Margo: We're coming with you.

    On a shot of the Hughes rushing out,

    CUT TO


    Henry and Clark are now seated at a table. We enter mid-convo. Henry is trying to pry some info out of her.

    Clark: Henry, can you stop!

    Henry: No! You just come beating down my door and you want me to stop?

    Clark: Yes.

    Henry: We haven't heard from you in years! Maddie, me, Bernadette--

    Clark: I'm fine. (swiping hair out of face) Can't you tell?

    Henry: Not really but I'll drop it for now . . .

    Clark: I just need a place to stay for a few nights--

    Henry: What? Hold on--you just come in here and expect to provide you a haven when you can't tell me where the heck you've been for the past five years?! Really, Clark?

    On Clark moaning,

    CUT TO


    Picking up where we left off of Lisa slapping Scott, and both he and Carter stunned:

    Scott: What was that for!

    Lisa: For not picking up the phone and calling me! For not visiting me! Your brother--

    Scott: Oh I've seen ole' Tom already.

    Lisa: What? So you've been in town for awhile now! (to Carter) And you knew?!

    Carter searches for the right words, but before he can get them out, Lisa pops him in the face. Carter now holds his face, shocked.

    Lisa: Now I see why you were using me--getting close to me. You wanted to stick it to me and Tom. (pointing to Scott) And he's the best way to do so?

    Scott: He didn't even know I was related you to until the night I arrived in Oakdale.

    Lisa: Oh really? So how do you two know each other?

    Scott: We met awhile back in Somerset. I had a small practice there, he was there visiting--

    Lisa: So you two became buddies and decided to come here and run for district attorney?

    Carter: No! I didn't even ask him to join me until weeks after I decided to come to Oakdale.

    Scott: Exactly.

    Lisa: (stewing) Oh OK . . . So Tom knew you were here?

    Scott: Yes. I've been here since Christmas.

    Lisa: What!

    Tom, Margo, & Casey come rushing in and up to Lisa, Carter, & Scott.

    Tom: Mom--

    Lisa pops him across the face.

    Lisa: How could you! (to both of her boys) How could both of you! . . . (enraged, flailing around) How could all of you!

    Casey and Margo step back, not wanting to feel the wrath of Lisa.

    On Tom holding his face, now stunned too.


  16. polls_Guilding_Light_Logo.jpg_0436_417029.jpeg_answer_8_xlarge.jpeg


    A thick fog nearly consumes the setting when a boat pulls in. A pair of feet steps off the boat and it is revealed to be John Hu. He looks around and likes what he sees. Suddenly, a Don Chi, Hu’s henchman, steps off the boat from behind him. He has a briefcase in hand.

    Don: Pretty foggy here tonight, huh?

    stephennicholsl06.jpgJohn: Just how I like it.

    Don: So you never told me why we’re here in Springfield.

    John: Patience, patience. All good things to those who wait.

    John digs into his pocket and reveals a small photo of Harley. He brightens up at the sight of her.

    John: (putting it back in his pocket) We have to get things prepared for the shipment. Is all the money there.

    Don: (tapping the briefcase) Yep. Counted it twice. Five million dollars.

    John: Good. Let’s get back on the boat and circle around the bay until they arrive with our stash.

    Don: Yes, sir.

    Don heads back onto the boat. John starts to head back onto the boat, and takes one look back . . .

    John: Springfield . . . my home away from home.

    He gets back on the boat and it takes off.

    CUT TO


    The room is pure darkness with the exception of the TV, which illuminates Harley. We slowly pan towards Harley, who is nestled up on the sofa, asleep. She’s so peaceful, and we



    Harley is dressed to the “nines.” She is donning a beautiful haute couture gown while she sets on the deck of the yacht, which glides across the Danube River. The scenery—its so captivating and refreshing, mesmerizes her. A male hand then reaches into the frame and grabs her hand, placing a flute with champagne in it. She looks up (and we follow) to see the man is non other than John Hu.

    MeganWardL2007.jpgHarley: John . . .

    John: Ssh. Don’t say a word, my sweet.

    Harley: But—

    John leans in and kisses Harley passionately, silencing her. Then a shot of the boat drifting off into the night, and




    Harley jumps out the sound of someone beating at the door.

    Phillip (O.C.): Harley! Harley, are you there.

    Harley: Ugh.

    Harley gets up, with her hair tossed everywhere, and heads to the door. She snatches the door open to Phillip, who jumps back at the sight of her. He can see the fury in her eyes.

    Harley: What!

    Phillip: We need to talk.

    Phillip barges in without being invited. Harley astonished by this.

    Harley: Umm . . . Phillip, I didn’t—

    Phillip: What is about you not wanting Zach attend Lincoln Prep? It’s a good school!

    Harley: With a lot of spoiled brats!

    Phillip: Just say it, Harley! You don’t want Zach to attend Lincoln Prep or have anything to do with my family or me because you’re afraid he’ll end up just me like.

    On Harley over it,




    The door to the room flings open and Alan Michael rushes into the room, frantic. He starts to scope out the room and Holly trails behind him.

    AM: Mom! Mom!

    Holly: Alan Michael, be quiet! Do you wanna be heard?

    Alan Michael nods understandingly. He peeks in the closet and sees that it has been cleared. He looks to Holly, anxious.

    AM: Where is she?

    Holly: She couldn’t’ve gone too far.

    AM: I wouldn’t put it past her.

    The door closes and Alan Michael and Holly turn to see India leaning on the door.

    India: Looking for Caroline or should I say Hope?

    Alan Michael’s jaw drops. He charges towards India with rage in his eyes, but Holly grabs him, stopping him.

    AM: You! I should’ve known it! You—

    India: You better settle down. Not if you want me to remain silent.

    AM: Remain silent? (trying to break free) That can be arranged!

    Holly: (restraining him) Calm down! (to India) Where is Hope?

    India: Oh Holly . . . (shaking head) you knew about Hope too? This gets better and better.

    Holly: India . . .

    India: I wonder how Ed is going to take the news—his main squeeze keeping such big secrets from him. (gloating) Bet he won’t like it.

    On Holly’s reaction

    CUT TO


    Ed sits on the porch rocking, and its foggy also. He looks in the night sky.

    Mom, Leslie, and Maureen, if you can hear me . . . (tearing up) please help Meta, Bruce, Mike, and Hope find peace.

    Ed looks down to see someone standing within the fog.

    Ed: Hello?

    Hope emerges from the fog looking destroyed, mascara dripping down her eyes as if she’s been crying nonstop.

    Ed: Caroline, you all right?

    Ed steps off the porch and walks over towards her.

    Ed: Do I need to call Alan?

    Hope: No!

    Ed: Did something happen? Did Alan harm you?

    Hope: No.

    Ed: Come with me.

    Ed takes her by the arm and tries to take her by the arm, but she jerks away.

    Hope: Don’t you even recognize me!

    Ed: Caroline, are you sure you’re fine?

    Hope: It’s me, Uncle Ed! It is me, Hope!

    On Ed uncertain and shaken,

    CUT TO


    We open up on Harley and Phillip in a stand off.

    Harley: Phillip, are we seriously going to do this tonight?

    Phillip: Yes!

    Phillip storms over to the sofa and sits.

    Phillip: (patting the sofa) Come sit.

    Harley: No.

    Phillip: I’m not leaving till we talk.

    Harley: You sure about that?

    Phillip: Harley . . . please.

    Harley sighs heavily and complies with his wishes by sitting across from him.

    Harley: What Phillip?

    Phillip: This has to stop—this tension between you and me.

    Harley: There is no tension.

    Phillip: There is.

    Harley: Phillip! (gets up and points to the door) Goodbye!

    Phillip: No.

    Harley: Leave!

    Phillip: I said no.

    Harley walks over and grabs the phone off the end table and starts to dial.

    Phillip: (sighs) Who are you calling?

    Harley: Frank. So he can come and whoop your ass and take you to jail.

    Phillip crosses over and struggles the phone away from Harley. Then he tosses it across the room and shatters into pieces.

    Harley: Phillip!

    Phillip: Now lets sit and talk like adults.

    Harley: Talk like adults? Screw you!

    Phillip: Why do you hate me, Harley? Why! Is this because of how I took Zach from you? I thought you’ve forgiven me!

    Harley: Well you thought wrong.

    Harley grabs her keys. She goes to exit but Phillip grabs her by the arm, restraining her.

    Harley: Let me go!

    Phillip: No! Not until you listen to me!

    Harley tries to pry free of Phillip’s grip.

    Harley: My opinion isn’t changing, Phillip! Zach is not going to Lincoln Prep. End of story—

    Harley breaks free but falls onto the floor. She holds her arm in pain while Phillip rushes to her side.

    Phillip: (worried) Harley, you OK!

    Harley: No!

    Harley kicks Phillip away from her.

    Harley: See! See! You see why I don’t want Zach anywhere near you! Your family! You’re a bully, Phillip! You’re sick!

    Phillip: Harley, it was an acci—


    Harley looks past Phillip to see Zach standing at the bottom of the stairs. Noticing Harley’s reaction, Phillip turns and sees Zach too. Guilt comes over Phillip.

    Zach: What’s going on? Mom, are you OK?

    Harley: (covering) Nothing. (getting back up) Nothing at all.

    Zach: But I heard you two screaming.

    Phillip: It was nothing, Zach. Just a simple disagreement. (devastated) I-I’m sorry, Harley. Forgive me. (fighting back tears) Forgive me.

    Phillip rushes out of the house. Harley looks on concerned and,

    CUT TO:


    Hope sits on the sofa in utter silence. She’s a total mess. Ed (standing up) watches on from a far, bothered.


    Ed rushes over and opens the door to reveal Holly & Alan Michael.

    MaureenGarrettL.jpgHolly: Is she here?

    Ed points to Hope. Alan Michael rushes in and kneels down next to her. Holly enters and Ed closes the door. They both watch what’s about to happen.

    Alan Michael: Caroline! I’m so sorry.

    She doesn’t respond.

    Alan Michael: I just wanna let you know that you’re not fired. Your job is still intact and I want you to come home with me. OK?

    She still doesn’t respond.

    Alan Michael: Caroline . . . (tearing up) please forgive me.

    She slowly turns to see her son crying. She wipes the tears from his eyes.

    Hope: Don’t cry, my sweet baby. I forgive you.


    Alan Michael kisses her hand and bury his face in it. Ed is now convinced.

    Ed: So I guess it’s true.

    Holly and Alan Michael react.

    Ed: So I guess she is Hope.

    Holly and Alan Michael exchange looks, and on Ed unhappy,

    CUT TO:


    John lies on the bed in a daze while he glances at the ceiling. He then gets up and head down the hall to another door. He cracks the door open, and we get a slight shot of Carmen lying in the bed with a medical ventilator strapped to her.

    John: You’re home, Bonita. You’re home.

    On a shot of Carmen soundless sleeping,



    Phillip’s illness continues to go unchecked

    Jason & Leah plan an attack on Phillip

    Remy & Tierra grow closer

    Mel struggles with keeping her pregnancy secret

    Olivia's continues her quest to destroy Marah

    A friend of Shayne's comes to town

    Dinah & Mallet are drawn together

    Blake & Rick find love (not with each other)

    Alan uses the Reardon boys as pawns to gain back Spaulding

    Hope’s secret’s comes out

    Laurel & Reva makes life-changing decisions

    Cassie starts her search for her biological father & Frank helps

    John Hu wreaks havoc

    Michelle continues to fall victim to the Bauer curse

    Pilar and Bill reestablish their friendship

    James grows tired for Daisy . . . and wants Trista instead

  17. This week on Days of our Lives


    Marlena comes face to face with Don Craig for the first time in over 25 years!


    Marlena: "I Never thought I would see you again"

    Maggie questions her choices since Mickeys death...


    Maggie: "Maybe i was fooling myself... about this life.. with Victor"

    Will finds out hes more his mother than he would like to admit..


    Will: "Oh god... what have I done?"

    and Sami Brady stands trial for the Murder of EJ Dimera!!


    Plus, Emmy Award winner Michael Park joins the cast as Judge Matthews


  18. Kiara’s heels clicked against the tile granite floor tiles of the kitchen as she walked to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of mineral water. Her long brown hair was in a neat bun at the top of her head and her olive skin was complimented with a cute white lace dress. Her makeup was fresh and her skin looked dewy.

    “Oh, you’re back,” Ashley says in a sarcastic tone while walking into the living room dressed in a cami and daisy dukes her long hair loose down to her shoulders.

    “Yes, London was quite enjoyable thank you for asking. I always get joy in further refining my craft,” Kiara tells her sister.

    She walks out to the patio admiring the view of the city midday. Ashley follows behind plopping down on a black lounge.

    “You know just because you’re a grad student at Yale and you had a small role on Broadway doesn’t mean you’re above the rest of us,” Ashley quips.

    “Did you listen to the words that came out your mouth? I excelled all my life; while you choice local parochial school as an option I was thrilled to attend one of the top boarding schools in the country. I graduated top of my class and became the only member of this family to attend an Ivy League school. You may not have higher inhibitions but my goal is to be an actress and I never set a goal I can’t achieve,” Kiara says proudly.

    “Did you practice that speech? Yes you were a good student but dad’s money and your last name got you into Yale’s School of Drama. And I thought you wanted to do movies and TV? Why are you doing wasting your youth in grad school?” Ashley inquires.

    “I’m refining my craft,” Kiara retorts. She sits down on the couch and picks up her Ipad.

    “You’re dating the son of a television producer; you’ve had your SAG card since you were 10. You know you could be the lead of a TV show right now. Are you afraid to move out of your comfort zone?” Ashley asks.

    Kiara smiles a sly smile. “Let’s talk about you for a moment. What’s this I hear about sneaking into the club?”

    “I just wanted to have a night out with the girls so we got dressed up and I went downstairs and partied. We were dancing and having a good time. Dad’s busy freaking out over what this supposedly means for his reputation,” Ashley explains. “I don’t know why he’s so worried about a little small town gossip.”

    “Well considering his history as well as that of his father, it’s easy to see why they would be worried about another scandal. Grandma is justified for being distraught over the affairs,” Kiara expressed. She sets her Ipad down on the table.

    “Please she got millions in that divorce settlement and then she got money from the tabloids for airing out our family business. She was being spiteful about something she knew about for over a decade,” Ashley said.

    “I’m not sure what lies dad covered the story up with but she didn’t know her husband was sleeping with younger women who worked for his company. She would’ve left much sooner had she know. Grandma had class and dignity just like my mother,” Kiara said.

    Ashley rolled her eyes. “Oh here it comes! More my mom versus your mom crap. I know dad left your mother for mine and you’re jealous.”

    Kiara leaps from her seat. “That couldn’t be further from the truth,” she bellows. “Our father cheated on my mother with a younger version of her and he’s rumored to have slept with quite a few women in this town. I’m happy she was able to flee in time.”

    “And just like grandma she took a nice chunk of change with her,” Ashley pointed out. “I don’t believe those rumors about dad having affairs despite how my parents got together.”

    “You are more naive than I thought. Let’s hope you never discover any of our father’s hidden secrets. I knew I should’ve spent the rest of my break in New York with my mother,” Kiara turned and headed back inside.

    "It's not too late for that," Ashley snaps.

    Mr. Harrington walks in the living room.”Kiara, when did you get home?” he asks.

    “Very early this morning, daddy. I was tired and wasn’t in the mood to talk,” she replies.

    He can feel the tension in the room. “What’s going on here?” he inquires.

    “Ashley tried to insinuate that my mother and your mother are nothing but gold digging whores,” Kiara says. “The daughter of one however has no place judge.”

    “Because you’re just Little Miss Perfect,” Ashley derides.

    “Kiara! You don’t talk about your family that way,” Mr. Harrington raises his voice in a stern tone.

    “I’m sure others do. You and your wife can try and keep up the façade but I see right through it. I see something much more deep past the shallow surface,” Kiara says stomping off.

    “What was that all about?” Mr. Harrington asked.

    Ashley shrugs. “How should I know? She woke up in a bad mood, I guess. It was the usual back and forth until she brought up our family and reputations.”

    “What did she say?” he asks.

    “Something about not brushing off every rumor about you; that we’ll find some out to be true,” Ashley recalls.

    “You weren’t buying into that were you?” he asks cautiously.

    “Please, ain’t nobody got time for that,” Ashley laughs before adding. “Let her throw her little hissy fit. She lives here with us so she can’t be mad for long.”

    “I hope you’re right. One thing I’ve learned from my own mother is to never mess with a Harrington woman when she’s angry,” Mr. Harrington noted.