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Just Paradise #13: Bad news spreads through Independence day

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Posted Image
At the strip club:
Oddball JeremyPosted Image walks in…
He goes to the bar
The bartender, BobPosted Image places a napkin where he is sitting.
BOB: What can I get for you?
JEREMY: Your best beer on tap.
BOB: Coming right up.
A stripper is on stage.
Bob hands Jeremy his beer.
Jeremy takes a sip and then stares a hole through the stripper that is on stage…
Meanwhile, DerrickPosted Image walks to the back room at the club.
He seems agitated.
He makes a phone call.
DERRICK: Hey…what the hell is the problem? Well we need to fix this fast….we cannot be having an issue with the product! Stop with the excuses!
LucasPosted Image is at the grocery store.
JenniferPosted Image and DanielPosted Image are also there.
JENNIFER: Hey Lucas. Doing some 4th of July shopping?
LUCAS: A little something.
Lucas and Daniel look at each other.
DANIEL: Hey there, Lucas.
LUCAS: Doctor Dan…
Lucas sees Daniel looking at some of the pork ribs Lucas is also looking at.
He sees Daniel about to grab for one, but Lucas grabs the pack first.
LUCAS: Not gonna steal something from me again Daniel..
DANIEL: oh…kay..
JENNIFER: I am so happy to run into to you.
LUCAS: Me too, Jenn
Daniel gives them both a dirty look.
MarcinoPosted Image and GregPosted Image are with the burnt up car they found with the “BO4HOPE” license.
MARCINO: We need to report this to the police.
GREG: Do we really have to call them?
MARCINO: I think we should. Something terrible happened here.
GREG: Fine, but you are going to be the one that calls.
MARCINO: That is fine.
Marcino takes out his phone and dials 911.
StevePosted Image and CarlyPosted Image are inside of the Johnson house:
STEVE: You came all the way here to ask me about Bo? Do you have something against phones…texts…facebook messages?
CARLY: This is too important for all of that.
STEVE: What do you think is wrong with Bo?
CARLY: I am here to ask you that? Some coworker of yours, Terrance came to see me…he was hiding something.
STEVE: Hiding what?
CARLY: I am asking the questions here.
STEVE: Well excuse me!
CARLY: He was asking the questions to me at the time about the last time I talked to Bo. He proclaimed everything was okay but ever since that visit I have felt like something was wrong with Bo…so tell me the truth. What is up?
STEVE: Still care about him?
CARLY: I will always care about him.
STEVE: I’d like to think that he is okay and just out on a job.
CARLY: I sense a but coming…
STEVE: But I cannot say that for sure..
CARLY: You do not know where Bo is do you?
KaylaPosted Image has arrived home.
KAYLA: Carly…hey…is something wrong with Bo?
Kayla looks at Steve who looks back at her with sadness in his eyes.
Cut to a close up of TerrancePosted Image who is on the phone:
He is talking to his father ElijahPosted Image
TERRANCE: I do miss Union Creek a little bit, but I am adjusting to life here.
ELIJAH: Happy to hear that son, but I still worry about you there.
TERRANCE: You do not have to. I am alright.
ELIJAH: I know you cannot disclose much info but how is your assignment going?
TERRANCE: Could be a lot better honestly.
ELIJAH: Are you sure everything is okay?
TERRANCE: I promise, father.
ELIJAH: I can’t help but feel responsible for you.
TERRANCE: You don’t have to anymore.
ELIJAH: I am not talking about just your safety on this assignment.
TERRANCE: I know. All is well. I deal with what I have always had to deal with. Dealing with it right now actually.
Terrance hears some music in the background.
TERRANCE: Go have fun at that barbecue!
ELIJAH: Hope you have a fun 4th as well.
TERRANCE: I’ll try. Catch you later dad.
ELIJAH: Love you.
They hang up.
Zoom out from where Terrance is sitting to reveal that he is sitting on a hospital bed in a hospital room.
An IV is in him…a blood bag is connected to the IV…

Back at the strip club:
Derrick is still on the phone with someone.
DERRICK: I do not understand how this even happened! You know today is a holiday. So today of all days it would have been nice for everything to arrive on time!
Derrick’s annoyance grows stronger.
DERRICK: Figure it out and don’t let it happen again!
Derrick hangs up and comes out of the back room angry.
Bob spots him walking to the bar.
BOB: Everything okay Boss?
DERRICK: Yes no worries. Just a liquor problem is all.
BOB: Okay. Hope it gets fixed.
DERRICK: Me too.
Derrick takes a seat.
Bob looks at Jeremy at the bar. He has not drank much of his beer. He is staring at a now different stripper who is on stage. Leering rather creepily…
At the grocery store:
JENNIFER: Lucas since we are all here, you should join us and JJ for a little 4th of July dinner.
LUCAS: I do not want to interrupt your plans.
DANIEL: That’s too bad. Sorry you cant make it.
LUCAS: Trying to rush me to say no, Dan? In that case I would love to come!
JENNIFER: Meet us at our new house in a few then.
LUCAS: Sounds good.
DANIEL: Fantastic...
AngiePosted Image walks into the hospital room that Terrance is in.
All the blood from the blood bag is now gone.
TERRANCE: All over doc?
ANGIE: Yes. The blood transfusion was a success.
TERRANC: My favorite six words.
Angie removes the IV.
ANGIE: How are you feeling?
TERRANCE: Much better, thank you.
ANGIE: You are free to go then.
TERRANCE: Thank you very much.
Terrance exits.
NataliaPosted Image is in the hall walking with her cane.
She seems to be struggling.
TERRANCE: Are you okay mam?
NATALIA: Yeah. I think maybe I didn’t have enough water today.
TERRANCE: I could go get you a water bottle real quick..
NATALIA: I do not want to bother you.
TERRANCE: You are doing no such thing!
JessePosted Image, Officer RamosPosted Image and other cops are at the scene by the pond with the burnt car.
Marcino and Greg are watching from a distance.
JESSE: We need to run this license plate.
OFFICER RAMOS: I will get on that.
Jesse looks around the car.
He then looks inside.
JESSE: This is horrible. I already know the forensics are going to say that this was lit on fire by someone. Arson.
At the Johnson house:
KAYLA: Steve… tell me what is wrong with Bo?
STEVE: Sweetness, listen, I was hoping to have to never deliver this news.
KAYLA: What news?
Steve holds Kaylas hand.
CARLY: One of Steves coworkers, Terrance was in Arizona awhile back asking me about Bo.
KAYLA: Terrance?
CARLY: I could tell by his questions that—
STEVE: --Carly! Let me tell you both exactly what has been going on. It is probably time that you both should know. Bo has…well, Bo is missing.
Kayla is in shock. She pulls her hand away from Steve…
At the strip club:
Bob pulls Derrick aside. He points to Jeremy at the bar.
BOB: That guy seems creepy, Derrick. He has just been staring at the strippers all night with no distractions whatsoever.
DERRICK: My girls are hot here.
BOB: Yeah but he gives me an uneasy feeling.
DERRICK: Just another pervert here at triple X!
Derrick gets distracted as a guy and a girl walk in.
DERRICK: You two made it!
GIRL: Sorry we are late.
GUY: That was my fault. I was…reluctant to come.
DERRICK: Well change your mood!
He grabs them each by a hand and walks them to the back room.
DERRICK: I hope you are both ready for an intense night.
He takes off his pants and closes the door.
Terrance and Natalia are sitting down in a hallway at the hospital.
TERRANCE: You were shot?! What happened?
NATALIA: It was in the line of duty. I am a cop.
TERRANCE: Wow. That is admirable.
NATALIA: Why are you being so nice?
TERRANCE: I think any decent human being would respect you getting shot in the line of duty and besides, maybe I want to cheer you up.
He kisses her hand.
NATALIA: We have a charmer here.
TERRANCE: Hopefully I can charm you into a quick recovery.
NATALIA: Wouldn’t that be crazy awesome. I do hope I recover quickly so I can get right back out there.
TERRANCE: I respect your attitude towards this so much. I hope you are back to doing what you want to do in no time.
NATALIA: (smiles) Thank you.
At Jennifers house:
Lucas is sitting next to JJPosted Image.
Jennifer and Daniel pour themselves some wine.
DANIEL: Want some Lucas?
LUCAS: No. You know this.
JJ: The food is great, Daniel.
DANIEL: Thank you.
LUCAS: So JJ how is college here?
JJ: Going well. Kinda.
JENNIFER: Just kinda?
JJ: School is good. My social life not so much.
LUCAS: Girl problems huh?
JJ: Yeah, a little.
LUCAS: Daniel could help you with that I am sure. He’s an expert after all.
JENNIFER: Okay Lucas, that is enough.
LUCAS: Sorry I will not bite the hand that feeds me.
JJ: It is all in fun.
DANIEL: If you’ll excuse me I have to use the restroom.
Daniel exits the room and groans.
Marcino and Greg are now at a fireworks display.
They are watching the fireworks together.
Posted Image
GREG: I hope whatever happened with that burnt car wasn’t something awful.
MARCINO: Me too. Let’s try not to worry about it and get lost in these beautiful fireworks.
GREG: They are pretty great fireworks this year.
MARCINO: The city is stepping it up. Must have found money from somewhere.
As the two watch the fireworks sitting on the ledge of some bleachers, Greg starts to inch his hand closer to Marcinos...
Greg is about to touch Marcinos hand, but Marcino moves it away and runs his hand through his hair.
Greg decides to move his hand away too…
Officer Ramos makes his way to Jesses office.
JESSE: Did you trace the license plate?
OFFICER RAMOS: Indeed. It belonged to a Bo Brady.
JESSE: Brady…that name sounds familiar.
A light bulb goes off in his head.
Kayla is shocked and upset
KAYLA: Steve how could you keep this from me? Bo is my brother!
STEVE: We didn’t want to worry anyone. The ISA has been looking for him. I have been looking for him. I thought we could find him.
CARLY: You have not gotten close?
KAYLA: I cannot believe this! Don’t tell me Roman and Shane know about this too.
STEVE: We have been trying—
KAYLA: --Don’t give me that sh*t Steve! We are all family. I knew something was off with you and Roman, but I didn’t know it was this bad.
The phone rings.
Carly and Kayla hug as Steve answers the phone.
STEVE: Hello Jesse…what? No…
Carly and Kayla can tell he has gotten bad news.
He hangs up and looks at them both with pain in his eyes.
STEVE: the…the cops found Bo’s car. It was burned up.
CARLY: This is not good.
Kayla sits down and shakes her head in disbelief.
Steve sits next to her and puts his hand around her.
Credits roll
*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics


DAYS #70: Eric's crisis of faith

Posted by beebs in DAYS OF OUR LIVES, 03 July 2015 - - - - - - · 101 views
Days of our Lives, MySONtv and 6 more...

Posted Image
Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Posted ImagePosted Image
Eric sits alone by the river, skipping stones into the river as he stares ahead intently. Deep in intense thought, he doesn't hear as Nicole approaches him carefully. As not to scare him, she simply takes her heels off and sits down with him. Eric finally stops to look and see Nicole sitting next to him before going back to looking out at the water.
Nicole hesitates before finally speaking up, speaking gently to not antagonize Eric any further.
NICOLE: You're not an easy man to find, you know.
ERIC: I hate to say it, Nicole but...that was kinda the goal.
NICOLE: I went to St. Luke's first thing and...they suggested coming out here, since you used to head out to the riverside whenever you were feeling lost.
ERIC: I'm amazed you didn't know that.
Nicole laughs half-heartedly.
NICOLE: I guess I was too focused on not...falling back in love with you to notice? Sounds corny, doesn't it?
Eric softens a bit at Nicole's words. He looks her way again, giving half a smile before he speaks, then returning to looking away at the water.
ERIC: Nah...I understand.
NICOLE: Well...I don't. What happened at the square that's got you so upset? You were fine before--
Eric tenses again, interrupting Nicole immediately.
ERIC: ...It's nothing. Just...(sigh) Marlena gave me some news and...
NICOLE: And? Come on, Eric, what is it? Is everything okay?
ERIC: Will and Sonny are getting married.
Nicole looks at Eric, confused by what he's saying until she suddenly clues in and reacts.
NICOLE: I don't...wait, Eric. What are you saying? Do you have a problem with Will and Sonny getting married?
Eric looks at Nicole, an upset and frustrated look on his face, matching Nicole's confused and disappointed look.
Posted ImagePosted Image
Will storms into his shared apartment, with Sonny following not far behind. Will appears to ignore him, as he walks into the bedroom, leaving Sonny in the living room. Will walks back out with blankets and a pillow, hastily piled together and throws them down on the sofa, his eyes laser-focused on Sonny. Sonny looks at Will with concern and points to the sofa.
SONNY: What, you're not gonna sleep out here tonight, are you?
Will folds his arms and keeps his eyes focused on Sonny, a cold anger in his eyes.
WILL: No. You are.
Will turns and walks back into the bedroom, and shouts out to Sonny before the door slams.
WILL: Goodnight!
Sonny closes his eyes, wincing at the sound of the door slamming.
Posted ImagePosted Image
Gabi stands in the park with Hope. She stammers, trying to cover herself about her plan for Nick.
GABI: I...I meant I...I was so sure because he was...he was...he's been acting...
Hope motions to Gabi to spit it out, finally finishing Gabi's sentence for her.
HOPE: ...unusual? Like he had been before?
Gabi nods, looking up hesitantly at Hope.
GABI: Yeah.
HOPE: Well, the thing is, Gabi. I don't buy it. Any of it.
Gabi looks up, shocked by Hope's rebuttal.
GABI: What?!
HOPE: Gabi, I spent all afternoon with Nick. He seemed absolutely fine.
GABI: No, no no no no, you don't understand. I saw him taking something this morning, I was out with him last night, he was off, he was...
HOPE: Drunk, Gabi? Maybe he had a hangover and took an Aspirin. You know, people DO that sometimes.
GABI: No, Hope, you don't understand. You need to go back and check his bag again. I'm telling you he's got to be on something.
Hope shakes her head, silencing Gabi.
HOPE: I can't. I looked, there was nothing. Look, Gabi, I'm worried about Nick too. I'm worried he isn't making the progress I thought he was after this whole ordeal with you and Sonny and Will, but...I can't just go searching through people's stuff on a whim. If I do find something? Gabi, it wouldn't hold up in court. It sure as hell wouldn't help Nick.
Gabi looks pleadingly at Hope, petrified that her plan will fall through.
GABI: Hope, please!
HOPE: No. Gabi, I'm sorry. But until you can find me proof that something is up with Nick, I can't...and I won't go snooping again. I'll see you later.
Hope walks off back toward the town square, leaving Gabi behind, shaking with anger and disappointment.
GABI: Damn you, Nick. Damn you.

Posted ImagePosted Image
Billie steps into Club TBD, and, upon seeing Justin waving from one of the corner booths, smiles and heads over to him.
BILLIE: Justin.
JUSTIN: Billie! Long time, no see.
Billie puts her bag down and sits down across from Justin at the table.
BILLIE: Ha ha. Glad to see you're still keeping your sense of humour.
JUSTIN: Well, we do what we can, even when we're the pariah of the family.
BILLIE: I'm sure. Victor must be really livid with you about the divestment deal with Titan TV.
Justin shrugs, clearly resigned to his fate.
JUSTIN: It is what it is. Victor couldn't hold onto both the station and the oil sands project. I just...forced his hand a little.
BILLIE: Well...I'm glad you did.
Justin looks to Billie, intrigued by her interest.
JUSTIN: Why's that? I mean...I know you voted in favour of divesting, but...I mean, you work with MadWorld, why do you care what happens to EnerNext?
Billie looks to Justin, knowing what direction he's taking this conversation, she stops herself and gives Justin a 'gotcha' smile.
BILLIE: I don't think you wanna get into that.
JUSTIN: Oh, but I'm SO fascinated. Do tell!
BILLIE: Let's just say that I want what's best for everyone at Titan. Now, let's get to why I asked you to meet me here.
Billie reaches down into her bag and pulls out an envelope, containing the restraining order Kim presented her with earlier.
JUSTIN: Is this business or...?
BILLIE: Personal. But...I'm pretty sure I know which lawyer my, uh...the other party in this whole...situation consulted, so...
JUSTIN: Say no more. So what's this about?
Billie hands Justin her copy of the restairaing order.
BILLIE: Well...obviously, since Brady and Theresa's accident...I've been visiting Theresa at the hospital for the last few days.
JUSTIN: Right. And that...from what I can see here...really displeased Kim.
BILLIE: That's...(sigh) putting it mildly. Justin, she hates that I have a relationship with her daughter. She gave some judge a...sob story about me harrassing her and her daughter and he bought it.
Justin looks up from the order and shakes his head slowly.
JUSTIN: I hate to tell you this, but a restraining order is very easy to put into effect.
Billie looks a bit disappointed at Justin. Sighing as she speaks, she responds.
BILLIE: And...not so easy to get lifted.
JUSTIN: Unfortunately. So...whatever issues you're having with Kim, you may just have to find a way to work around them, I'm sorry to say.
Billie nods, pondering over what Justin's said, gears turning in her mind.
Gabi unlocks the door to the apartment and sees Sonny watching TV on the couch alone, blankets covering him. She looks on, confused, as she speaks softly, trying not to wake Ari.
GABI: I...what are you doing out here?
Sonny looks up from the TV, a resigned, shamed look on his face.
SONNY: I'm uh...I'm kind of in the dog house right now.
Gabi looks confused as she turns on the light in the living room. Sonny squints with the sudden change in light.
GABI: What did YOU do to get thrown out of the bedroom.
SONNY:Ohhh nothing huge, just...lied to Will about where I was going and then tried to convince my Uncle Vic that he should rescind Will's job offer.
Gabi looks surprised and upset by Sonny's confession, nearly blurting out her surprise aloud before catching herself and returning to a soft voice, this time, agitated.
GABI: I...you...are you serious, Sonny?? What kind of stupid move is that?
SONNY: I know! I know...I should've just...kept my mouth shut.
GABI: You don't say. You know I was waiting for you guys to come around at the memorial service and you never showed. I was getting worried something was wrong. Obviously, I had good reason to worry.
SONNY: Yeah....and now Will is...so mad he's threatening to call off the engagement and...I...I just feel like a...an ass. So...yeah, sorry we couldn't meet you at the memorial.
Gabi gets up off the couch and walks over to the kitchen to grab a drink of water, as Sonny looks at the time and realizes how late it is.
SONNY: Oh yeah, speaking of which, that...that was...hours ago...where have you been, anyway?
Gabi nearly spits out the water as she drinks it, trying to come up with an answer for Sonny.
GABI: I, uh...I was catching up with Will's family. They...wanted to see Ari.
Sonny nods, a bit unconvinced, but willing to accept Gabi's answer.
SONNY: Makes sense.
Gabi walks back around to sit beside Sonny, concerned more for him than her own trouble, she puts a comforting hand on his knee.
GABI: So? What are you gonna do about you and Will? You think you'll work through this?
Sonny sighs looking down at the floor in contemplation, almost as though Gabi weren't even in the room.
SONNY: I'm not sure...I'm just not sure.
Will stands in the bedroom, staring intently out his window at the moon shining outside. He looks at the alarm clock beside his bed and sighs, knowing he won't be able to sleep, between the pressure of the new day and new job, and his pressures at home with Sonny, Gabi, and Nick, Will has a lot on his mind, as, saying nothing, he closes his eyes, as if to make a wish.
Eric stares up at the same night sky, by the river, Nicole by his side, upset by his reaction to the news of Sonny and Will's engagement.
NICOLE: I mean, you can't be against them getting married. I never took you for a bigot, Eric--
Eric interrupts Nicole, clearly irritated by her implicit accusation.
ERIC: ...I don't have a problem with them getting married. I mean...(sigh) It's complicated.
Nicole looks on, confused by Eric's statement, she responds more emphatically this time.
NICOLE: What's complicated about it, Eric? They love each other. They...they take care of that baby better than I've ever seen anyone care for a baby. There's...so much love in that home...that's the stuff marriages are made of...not that I'd know from experience or anything, but...
ERIC: But there's more to it than that. Nicole, I've spent years dedicated to a church that tells me that marriage is a sacred vow under God between a man and a woman. It's about creating children together, and having their love recognized by God under his laws...
Eric trails off at this point, clearly troubled by what he's saying.
ERIC: ...but I can't look at Sonny and Will and think that their love's any different. And how can I reconcile that with what my beliefs have taught me?
Nicole tries, unsuccessfully, to bring some levity to Eric's clearly troubled mind.
NICOLE: Well...it's not like you've tried stoning me to death for not being a virgin on my wedding day.
Eric looks up at Nicole, a wry smile on his face as Nicole chuckles and leans into Eric, playfully.
NICOLE: Come on, Eric. My point is, maybe it's time you stopped following the....silly little intricate rules of the Bible and just...followed the basic outline. I mean...come on, one day...down the road, I'd love to get married to you, and I know you won't let some...archaic rule about not divorcing stop you from marrying me, right?
Eric hesitates to answer, making Nicole nervous almost instantly. She looks back at Eric, very frantic, very fast.
NICOLE: Right??
Eric looks up at Nicole.
ERIC: That's the thing, Nicole. I don't think I can.
NIcole's face turns white as a sheet at Eric's revelation.


Union Creek #13: 4th of July Drama

Posted by Days22 in Union Creek, 03 July 2015 - - - - - - · 78 views

Posted Image
Cut to a 4th of July BBQ set up outside of the Davis house.
LilyPosted Image, HoldenPosted Image and LukePosted Image are also over from next door.
They sit at a table with TrinityPosted Image and her little sister.
LILY: I wish your parents would let us help with something.
HOLDEN: Yeah I would certainly help. I feel like bringing over chips isn’t enough.
TRINITY: They are overachievers.
MorrisPosted Image meanwhile is at the grill grilling some burgers and some chicken.
EarthaPosted Image brings him over some lemonade.
EARTHA: Here you go babe.
MORRIS: I’d prefer a soda.
EARTHA: Okay…we are going to get along today right?
MORRIS: There is a lot of people around…why wouldn’t we?
MORRIS: Who else is coming?
EARTHA: Just a few more coworkers and friends.
MalikPosted Image looks towards his parents and shakes his head.
Luke is up getting something to drink.
LUKE: Everything okay Malik?
MALIK: Could be better.
LUKE: Sorry to hear that.
MALIK: Oh well. The food will help.
LUKE: And the drinks...don't forget the drinks.
RevaPosted Image and JoshPosted Image arrive at their ranch with
JackPosted Image.
JOSH: Aren’t you happy to be out of the hospital?
REVA: I hope you like your room here.
JACK: I am. Hard to not beat the last one. One never gets use to the smell of mop water and medicine in those rooms.
They enter and MarahPosted Image is there.
MARAH: Hey guys!
JOSH: Hello Marah, glad you could make it!
She hugs her parents.
REVA: And this is Jack. He will be living with us for awhile.
JOSH: Jack this is our daughter Marah. She is joining us for a little Independence Day dinner.
JACK: Nice to meet you
MARAH: Nice to meet you too. Glad you are back on your feet.
They shake hands.
JACK: Me too. Your parents tell you all about me? Don’t feel sorry for me I refuse to be a martyr.
MARAH: They did and it’s awful. Also read about it online in the local news.
JACK: Glad that article was a hit. I just hope the wrong people didn’t read it…
Cut to ZackPosted Image and SamPosted Image
They are outside in a yard. Music is blaring from inside the house.
SAM: I don’t think I want to be here.
ZACK: I know you are the partying type. Do not even try and play me.
SAM: I can be…but not with a bunch of strangers.
ZACK: It is just a bunch of people from school.
SAM: Fine but I am not staying too long!
The two boys head inside.
AnnePosted Image is there and Sam and Zack both spot her.
SAM: Sure... People from school alright. I see why you wanted to come here!
ZACK: Okay Anne being here is a little bit of a perk.
Cory SutterPosted Image is also there however. He and his friends are with Anne and Mandy.
ZACK: But where there is Anne there is Cory.
SAM: Are they an item?
ZACK: I hope not. Either way I have to do something about it..
BlairPosted Image is blindfolded in a car. ToddPosted Image is driving and parks it somewhere.
BLAIR: We are finally stopping?
BLAIR: That was a long ride. Where are we?
TODD: You are going to love it.
Todd takes off her blindfold.
She looks around at the beautiful country side surrounded by mountains.
The sun is setting over some of the mountains.
TODD: Fantastic isn’t it?
BLAIR: It's breath taking.
TODD: And that isn’t it.
He gets out of the car and takes out a basket and a blanket out of the back seat.
BLAIR: A picnic! You have outdone yourself, Todd.
TODD: You can’t believe it can you?
BLAIR: I can’t. You’ve been so busy with work and all.
TODD: I still got it Blair.
 He sets up the blanket. He takes out some candles.
TODD: I have covered everything.
BLAIR: I’m amazed. I love it!
Blair hugs him.

ElijahPosted Image has arrived at the BBQ.
Morris who is still grilling is starting to take the burgers off of the grill.
He spots Elijah arriving and he seems pissed!
MORRIS: Oh hell no!
Eartha greets Elijah.
EARTHA: You actually made it! I didn’t think you would.
ELIJAH: I was able to get away for a few.
EARTHA: That makes me so happy.
Eartha and Elijah hug. Morris who is behind them at a distance is staring a hole through them.
Cut to Luke, Lily and Holden.
LUKE: Your big day is tomorrow mom.
LILY: Can’t wait to get to work!
LUKE: I am ecstatic for you!
HOLDEN: She is gonna love it.
LILY: Holden may have some work of his own.
LUKE: Coming back to the working world?
HOLDEN: I am, but its top secret work.
LUKE: What are you talking about?
LILY: He’s right so top secret he doesn't even know what the job is! (laughs)
MORRIS: You all can help yourself to burgers.
HOLDEN: Thank you!
Everyone gets up and starts to get food.
Elijah and Morris get closer to one another.
ELIJAH: Hi Morris. How are you?
MORRIS: Elijah… (walks off)
Morris pulls Eartha aside
MORRIS: What is he doing here?
EARTHA: I invited him.
MORRIS: Well no sh*t, but I asked why...
EARTHA: Not now Morris.
Cut to Malik and Trinity
MALIK: So lil sis got a summer job?
TRINITY: I did. I even get to write some articles! I am in heaven about that.
MALIK: So proud of you, sis.
They spot their mom and dad having an increasingly heated talk in the distance.
MALIK: Oh no they are at it now?
TRINITY: The wannabe real house wife and husband of Union Creek. I hope this doesn’t spill out in public…
At the Lewis Ranch:
Marah, Josh, Reva and Jack are eating dinner.
REVA: How’s the food Jack?
JOSH: Some southern style home cookin’ from Reva.
JACK: It is great. (gives his best southern accent) Compared to the food I’ve had at the hospital and while held captive, it is the bees knees.
MARAH: I think it was awesome of you mom to bring Jack here.
REVA: I have my good moments.
JOSH: I honestly wasn’t so sure about this at first but I think I can warm up to you, Jack
JACK: (Southern accent again) You reckon?
JOSH: I reckon.
REVA: I just hope that you will feel comfortable here.
JACK: I think I will. I do appreciate all this. Really.
The sun has gone down as Todd and Blair now have their picnic in the moon light.
The candles giving off light.
BLAIR: You have not only surprised me, but I think you have surprised yourself with all of this.
TODD: You know Blair, sometimes ideas just hit me. Genius ones at that.
Todd pours her another glass of wine.
BLAIR: How did you get yourself to not stress over work tonight? Aren’t you supposed to be investigating something with your co-worker, Gary.
TODD: Please do not bring up work and especially don’t bring up that pain in my a** Gary. I want this to be a good night.
BLAIR: Sorry forget I mentioned it. Let’s talks about us. Actually, let’s not talk at all.
She kisses him
At the party:
The music is blaring as the beers are flowing into teens mouths.
Zack is dancing with MandyPosted Image.
MANDY: I am shocked that you have some moves…well one move. Swaying. (Laughs)
ZACK: Oh you are just hilarious. Because you are just a regular back up dancer for Beyoncé.
MANDY: Whatever Zachery.
The song stops playing and the two stop dancing.
MANDY: Thank you for the dance anyway.
ZACK: Any time Motor Mouth.
She grabs a beer and walks off.
Zack goes and finds Sam who is sitting down looking bored out of his mind.
SAM: ...Can I go home yet? The neighbors across the street are having a barbecue and sure, I wasn’t invited because my family has made themselves the outcasts on the block, but I still would love to go sneak in.
ZACK: Not yet, please. I need you to go and distract Cory so I can dance with Anne.
SAM: Oh you just want me to go distract the big burly football star?
ZACK: Yes.
SAM: Fine…but then I’m out!
“Power trip” by J Cole starts to play:

[:00] The BBQ continues. Holden and Lily are eating. Holden grabs Lilys hand and squeezes it before lifting it up and kissing her hand.
Luke gets a text on his phone. It is from Ben wishing him a happy 4th of July! Luke smiles wide.
[:16] Trinity takes a sip of her lemonade. She gazes across the street towards Sams/the Manning house.
Elijah is sitting next to Malik and a few nurses from the hospital.
ELIJAH: Excuse me I have to make a phone call.
Elijah calls his son, Terrance...
[:31] Morris walks inside the house. He takes a bottle of whiskey out of a cupboard. He takes a drink straight from the bottle. He pours a large amount into his glass of soda and takes a nice, long drink of it.
He looks back outside on Eartha eating alone. Trinity goes and sits by her. Morris makes his way back outside and sits by Eartha and Trinity who both do not look pleased that he is sitting there.
[:57] At the party, Sam is talking to Cory and his friends. His friends are passing a joint of marijuana around.
CORY: You seem so bored here. You need a hit.
SAM: You really going to give me one, I thought you didn’t like me?
CORY: I don’t even know you.
FRIEND #1: Here you go. It is legal in Colorado you know.
SAM: Yeah, not for high schoolers, but I would love some!
Sam gets the joint and takes a nice big hit off of it coughing a bit afterwards.
[1:22] Zack is with Anne
ZACK: Want to dance Anne?
ANNE: Yeah, why not..
The two start to dance together. As they are dancing Zack is trying to get closer and closer to her.
[1:34] Cut back to Sam taking another hit of weed!
CORY: Don’t be stingy now! Like it?
SAM: I think I needed this. It has been too long since I’ve had some.
He turns around and sees Zack and Anne dancing and busts out laughing.
SAM: Right on.
[1:48] Mandy is getting another drink. She sees Anne and Zack dancing too and isn’t all that thrilled about it.
As Zack and Anne are dancing he finally gets close enough to where she is grinding on him. Zack is nothing but thrilled. She turns around and their necks and faces are close together. Both seemingly much into the dancing.
[2:14] Out in the moonlight, Todd moves the wine and the candles. He and Blair are making out. He pushes her down onto the blanket.
BLAIR: Are we really going to do this, Todd. Do you not think we are too old?
TODD: Never, Blair.
Todd takes off her shirt and then her bra.
He starts kissing up on her neck as Blair then takes off his shirt.
Todd sticks his hand down her pants before unbuttoning them.
They both continue to undress as Fireworks start to go off in the distance over the mountains.
Todd and Blair are making love under the moonlight and the light from the fire works…
[2:45] Fireworks continue to go off beautifully lighting up the sky!
Posted Image
Marah hugs her parents again.
REVA: See you later. Good luck tomorrow.
MARAH: Thank you so much.
Marah is making her way to her car as she sees the fireworks going off in the distance.
The light from the fireworks reveals someone in the nearby bushes.
That someone watches Marah get in her car and drive away.
The person then gets up and looks into the window at Jack, Josh and Reva…
Credits roll
I do not own any non original characters nor any pics *


Epi. 13 "Fireworks Light the Sky Part 1"

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Created By: Agnes Nixon
Written By: Josh Manning
Tea and Victor are sitting on the couch in their lviing room when they hear a knock on the door. Victor answers the door to see Blair standing there worried.
Victor- hey is something wrong?
Blair- Did Jack stay here all night?
Victor- No why?
Blair- he didn't come home last night and I'm afraid of who ever killed Todd might have gotten to him.
Tea- Alright come over and have a set and I'll call Bo and have him come over. There's nothing to worry about.
Matthew is still in a lot of pain as he walks into his living room and hears a knock on the door.
Matthew- Who is it?
Woman- It's be Aubrey!
Matthew walks over and opens the door and lets Aubrey in.
Aubrey- Man who beat the [!@#$%^&*] out of you?
Matthew- No one I ran into a door.
Aubrey- yeah okay and anyways is Noah here?
Matthew- No he left yesterday after we had a fight.
Aubrey- What was the fight about? If you don't mind me asking.
Matthew- I accused him of sending my mother the picture of us kissing and he denied it which just made me even more mad at him.
Aubrey- Matthew you know Noah would never do anything like to you.
Matthew- I know that now but I was just so pissed yesterday and I said something I shouldn't have. Hey listen is there anyway you can get him to come over here so I can say I'm sorry.
Aubrey- yeah sure I can see what I can do.
Aubrey grabs her bag and heads out the front door.

Connie- So how long are you going to be pretending that your not only in town for Clint's Money.
Karen-Well lets see... as long as it takes. But I know I'm getting very close. 
Connie- But aren't you afraid that with Joey and Kevin both being back in town that you will have more of compition on your hands. 
Karen- Not as long as Noah keeps up his end of the bargin.
Connie- Ah so not to change the subject or anything but have you said anything to Aubrey about what we talked about a while back.
Karen- No I haven't had a chance to yet, about either one.
There is a knock at the door.
Karen walks over to the door and answers the door to see her old friend Katrina Karr standing there.
Karen- Oh my god!
Dani is walking through the square when she bumps into PJ
Dani- Oh my god I'm so sorry!
PJ- Nah don't be It was my fault. Your Dani Starr's sister correct?
Dani- yeah and your PJ! Listen sorry about the comment I made the other day about your scar.
PJ- Don't worry about it. It's really nothing.
Dani- Are you and Starr going to be at the Country Club tonight for the firework display?
PJ- Ummm... yeah as far as I know we are.
Dani- Okay well it was nice seeing you again.
PJ- you too.
Dani walks off as PJ stars at her
Woman- you really are a player aren't you?
PJ turns around to see a woman standing behind him.
Blair and Tea are sitting on the couch when Bo and Olivia walk through the front door.
Bo- So what's this that I understand that Jack is missing?
Blair- Well he never came home last and I'm afraid that who ever killed Todd is after Jack now.
Olivia- When was the last time you seen him?
Blair- yesterday morning and who's she?
Bo- Oh this is FBI Agent Olivia Carson and she is investigating Todd's murder.
Tea- Oh! Well good luck. If the murderer wanted to be thanked for the crime he would have stayed and showed his face.
Olivia- So what you are saying is that you are glad he is dead.
Tea- Well after all he has done to me and my family, yes! I am.
Olivia- So did you kill him?
Tea- No! But I wish I had.
Kameron- Noah you just have to give your dad time and he will eventually come around and except that you are gay.
Noah- well it's been three years and still nothing so I might as well just give up hope that one day he will see me for who I am.
Aubrey walks through the front door and over to where Kameron and Noah are sitting.
Aubrey- hey guys, listen Noah! Um... Matthew would like for you to come by so he can apologize to you in person.
Noah- I really don't think I'll go over there.
Aubrey- listen I talked to him and he really is sorry.
Noah- oh alright I guess I'll go.
Noah gets up and walks out of the diner
Shows a man walking down a dark hallway as he opens a door to a room and sees Jack tied to a chair.
Jack- please let me go! Please just let me go home. I promise I won't say a thing to anyone.
Man- do you not recognize me? I was the one that gave you a wild time the other night in the park.
Jack looks up at the person in the face as it shows it's Zack Rosen.


B&B #72 - Diana's Test Results Are IN!

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The Bold and the Beautiful - Episode #72
Created By: William J. and Lee Phillip Bell
Written By: Casey Hutchison
Executive Producer: ML Cooks



Posted Image


Jennifer is still standing in the doorway.
Pam: I’ll ask you again. What are you doing here?
Jennifer: I’m here to see Eric.
Pam: Of course.
Eric goes to the door.
Eric: Pam, can you give us a second?
Pam: Sure, fine, of course. I’ll go. (TO JENNIFER) Don’t try anything.
Pam walks away. Jennifer stares on to Eric.


Posted Image

Diana is looking at a piece of paper, as she sits on the couch.
Diana: I knew it. I knew.
Oliver enters.
Oliver: What’d you know?
She stands.
Oliver: What’s that?
Diana: My-my-my test results came in. I now know who my father is. I guess I can now put an end to all of this madness.
Oliver: You sure the madness isn’t just beginning?


Posted Image

Claudia and Thorne sit down.
Thorne: I still can’t believe you are back.
Claudia: I’m happy to be back.
Thorne: I guess we should start talking about why you are back.
Claudia: You cut right to the chase these days, Forrester.
Thorne: I try.
Claudia: (Laughs)
Thorne: So…
Claudia: (Sighs) I came back right when I heard about Taylor. I know that you would need a familiar face to come and comfort you. I know the way you are Thorne.
Thorne: That’s the truth.
Claudia: I owe you a friendship. I mean, the way you guys hid me out, when I was illegal. The Forrester family went above and beyond for me and my life, in general.
Thorne: I just have one more question.
Claudia: What is that?
Thorne: You said you were back, because I needed some comfort.See, I don't think that is totally it. Claudia, are you wanting to rekindle our relationship that we shared?


Posted Image

Brooke goes to Hope, who is putting her earrings on in the living room mirror.
Brooke: You look absolutely gorgeous.
Hope turns to her mother.
Hope: I try.
Brooke: (Laughs) Yes, you do.
Hope: (Sighs) Are we almost ready to leave?
Brooke: I guess we are.
Hope: Awesome! I can’t wait to get back to work. Eric said that Dayzee and I will be working side-by-side a lot. That makes me so excited! I’ve seen some of her designs. Dayzee has some real designing chops.
Brooke: That’s wonderful. Hey, I have to go upstairs and grab my purse. Then, we will go ahead and go. Okay?
Hope: Sure.
As Brooke walks off, Hope’s phone beeps.
Hope: Wonder who this could be.
She takes out her phone. The text is from Rick. It reads:
See you tonight, hot stuff. Can’t wait to make love to you. I love you Maya.
Hope: What the hell is this?
Brooke comes back down stairs.
Brooke: Honey? You ready?
Hope: Yeah.
Brooke: Alrighty then, let’s go.
Hope decides to ignore the text. She shuts her phone off, and her and Brooke head off.

Claudia stands. Thorne remains seated. Claudia goes over to a table, where Thorne can’t see her facial expressions.
Claudia: Is that what you really think I am here for?
Thorne: I don't know. You tell me.
Claudia turns back to Thorne.
Claudia: Thorne..., I am here for you. I an on my first day back in the United States. I am here as a legal citizen now. All I want is friendships. And, I think that you need friendships too.
Thorne: I do.
Claudia: See, I do know you, Forrester. 
Thorne: Yes you do.
Claudia: Hey, I'm staying at the Carlton Hotel. 
Thorne: Okay.
Claudia: Maybe, you should come by. We can have dinner. Do all of that fun stuff.
Thorne: Yeah. Sounds like fun.
Claudia: Okay. How about you come by..., seven? That sound good?
Thorne: Sounds good.
Claudia: Okay. Seya then.
Thorne: Yup.
Claudia: Bye Thorne.
Thorne: Bye.
Claudia exits.
Throne: (Sighs)

Posted Image

Brooke is driving. Hope is in the passenger seat. She can't help but think about the text.
Brooke: Honey..., is everything okay? You've been super quiet since we got in the car.
Hope: I just really need to talk to Rick.
Brooke: About what? Is everything okay?
Hope: It will be.
Brooke: Now, what is that supposed to mean?
Hope: Don't worry about it mom. 
Brooke: Okay. I won't. Just promise me, it isn't anything serious.
Hope: No..., no..., no it isn't.
Brooke: Okay then. I love you, sweetheart. 
Hope: I love you too, mom.
Jennifer and Eric are now in the living room. Pam pretends to be upstairs. But, she is really eavesdropping.
Jennifer: (Sighs)
Eric: Would you like something to drink? The maid just put out fresh coffee.
Jennifer: No thank you. I am just here to talk to you.
Eric: I think I know what this is about.
Jennifer: You should.
Eric: Jennifer, are we really going to talk about this here?
Jennifer: Yeah. It is the only time I can seem to catch you.
Eric: I'm not avoiding you.
Jennifer: I wasn't implying that Eric. I was implying that you are busy.
Eric: Oh.
Jennifer: Listen, about the kiss...
Eric: We are not talking about that.
Jennifer: We have too!
Eric: No we don't.
Jennifer: I just want to know, are you going to tell Pam?
Eric: I don't plan to.
Jennifer: Why not?
Eric: I want it in the past.
Jennifer: What about our life?
Eric: No.
Jennifer: That's it?
Eric: Basically.
Jennifer: You just say "no". You expect me to just walk away?
Eric: I do.
Jennifer: Fine! Bye Eric.
Eric: Bye.
Jennifer walks out frustrated. Pam smiles from the steps.
Oliver sits next to Diana on the couch.
Diana: The madness might just begin.
Oliver: You know what?
Diana: What?
Oliver: How about we throw a party?
Diana: For what?
Oliver: To reveal who your father is. That way the pressure will be taken off of you to tell everyone.
Diana: Okay.
Oliver: Now, you still haven't told me who it is.
Diana: Well..., I'm still kind of shocked. Can you just look at it yourself?
Oliver: Of course.
Diana hands the paper to Oliver. He reads.
Oliver: Wow.
Diana: I know. I didn't expect my father to be Grant Chambers. 
Oliver: I'm sorry that Massimo isn't your father.
Diana: I kind of am too.
Oliver: What do you mean?
Diana: (Sighs) He already missed out on so much of my life, because of my mom. It's just that..., this isn't fair to him. It really isn't. He just got arrested, and he is losing a daughter.
Oliver: A lot to take on.
Diana: Yeah, it is. (Sighs)
Oliver: What?
Diana: I know what I have to do.
Oliver: What?
Diana: I have to go visit Massimo in jail.
Oliver: Are you sure you are ready for that?
Diana: Ready as I'll ever be.
Diana grabs her purse, as she stands. Oliver stands.
Diana: Wish me luck.
Diana walks out.
Oliver: I'm so worried for you Diana. Please, be careful.



ANOTHER WORLD 203 Devin Lucas Hutchins debuts

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Devin Lucas HutchinsAttached Image debuts...and

Matt and Amanda get the grim news

Alicia Coppola appears as Lorna DevonAttached Image


Cass is holding Frankie as they both stare at the fireplace.

Cass:  It’s crazy how that turned out.

Frankie:  Then Kathleen came back from the dead.

Cass:  Go ahead and say it.

Frankie:  Say what?

Cass:  I waffled.

Frankie:  See I wasn’t even thinking that.

Cass:  Surrrre you weren’t.

Frankie:  You chose us, and I’m grateful.

Cass:  Aww how sappy of you.  You must want something.

Frankie turns around to face Cass, and smiles.

Frankie:  Hmm and what do you think that might be?

Cass:  You’ve seen it before.  

Frankie:  It?  Sounds like a repeat of a TV show.  

Cass:  It’s way more entertaining than that.  In fact, it’s a must see.

Frankie:  Is that right?

Cass:  It’s a modern 2015 show, so it’s very interactive.  

Frankie:  Hmmm.

Cass:  Requires your full participation.

They kiss while each of their cell phones vibrate.



Matt is in the living room talking on his cell phone.

Matt:  What is it now?  I’m gonna talk to Lila first before I buy that for you.  Jasmine we’ve been over this.

Carl walks in and smiles, unseen by Matt as Matt continues...

You forgot that your mother told me that you wrecked her car, and don’t try to call mom or Mitch.  I’ve already told them that you’d try to ask them to buy you a car.  Jasmine?

Matt looks at the phone and realizes that Jasmine hung up on him.

Carl:  Ahh the joys of being a parent.

Matt:  Especially when they’re eighteen.  

Carl:  Just like your brother and sister.

Matt:  How’s it going?

Carl:  I’m at peace.  I’m home with my family.

Matt:  Well I’m gonna head to the office.

Carl:  Wait, Matthew, before you go.  May I talk to you?

Matt:  I haven’t got a lot of time Carl.  I really gotta get back.

Carl:  I want to apologize.

Matt:  For what?

Carl:  The things I did to your father...and your mother.



Rachel sits at a table seemingly staring into space and she flashes back.


Rachel:  Carl please...please tell me what’s going on?  Tell me that I’m wrong about what I’m thinking.  

Carl:  About the tumor returning?  No darling, unfortunately you’re correct.  It’s back.

Rachel flashes back to the present, looks up and sees Amanda.

Amanda:  Mom are you okay?

Rachel:  I’m glad you’re here.  Please sit.

Amanda puts her purse on the chair, and sits looking straight at Rachel.

Amanda:  Mom what’s going on?

Rachel:  There’s something I...need to tell you.


Matt:  Carl you don’t have to apologize for that anymore.  It happened over twenty five years ago.

Carl:  I’m grateful to have been part of your lives.  I never tried to take Mackenzie’s place in your life, but I’m glad I was able to be here when I was.

Matt (chuckling nervously):  Carl you’re talking in past tense what’s going on?

Carl:  I wanted to tell...all of the children before the party.

Matt:  Tell us what?

Carl:  I’m dying.

Matt:  You’re what?

Carl:  The tumor’s returned.


Amanda:  Oh my God mom.   I don’t know what to say.  I’m so sorry.

Rachel:  Thank you honey.  We wanted to tell all the children before the party.

Amanda:  A party.

Rachel:  Carl is throwing a party at the house to announce it to everyone.

Amanda:  Mom is there anything I can do for you?

Rachel:  Just look out for your little brother and sister.

Amanda:  Oh...Cory and Elizabeth.  Did you…?

Rachel:  We told them.

Amanda:  They must be so devastated.


Matt:  I’ll do everything I can to help Cory and Elizabeth.  I know what it’s like to lose a father.

Carl:  I know.  You’re very strong young man.  I want you to instill some of that in Cory.  I can at least take comfort in the fact that Cory and Elizabeth will have their family, especially their brother and sisters.  I hate having to leave my children.  You, Matthew, are so great with Jasmine.  Tell her how much you love her, as often as you can.  You really don’t know how long you have left on this earth.


Amanda:  Mom you’re going through this again.

Rachel:  You know at least this time I...can prepare for it.  With your father it was unexpected.

Amanda:  The plane crash.

Rachel:  This time it’s a bit different, but no less painful.  Guess you can never really be prepared for something like this.  Carl’s going to die, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Amanda looks at Rachel not knowing what to say, and suddenly Iris approaches them.

Iris:  Did I hear you right?  Carl’s dying?

Rachel and Amanda both roll their eyes as if they didn’t want Iris to know this soon.




Cass and Frankie lie in bed.

Cass:  Hmm how did you like that program?

Frankie:  It’s one of those shows that I enjoy seeing over and over again, and interacting with.

Cass:  Sounds like you’re ready for another showing.

Frankie:  So it’s a two parter?

Cass:  You’re such a smart...viewer.

Frankie:  I’m gonna be doing more than watching.

Their cell phones continue to vibrate and they stop.

Cass:  Ugh let’s check our phones.  

Frankie:  You’re right.  It’s getting on my nerves.

They check their text messages and Frankie becomes concerned while Cass smiles.

Cass:  Mine is from Maggie.

Frankie:  Oh...um how is she?

Cass:  She’s coming to Bay City.  She got a job at the hospital.

Frankie:  That’s...that’s wonderful.

Cass:  Frankie what’s wrong?

Frankie:  Carl wants to see me as soon as possible.  Cass I got a bad feeling about this.


Matt:  I know we’ve had our differences, but I can’t deny the fact that you made my mother very happy, and you allowed her to love again after dad died.

Carl:  I love your mother with all of my being.

Matt:  It took me a while to see that.

Carl:  I understand.

Matt:  My mom’s gonna be a mess, or at least inside she is.

Carl:  You know your mother well don’t you?

Matt:  She’s gonna act like she’s dealing.  She’s gonna try to be the strong one for Cory and Elizabeth.

Carl:  I can see her now trying to comfort everyone else.

Matt:  When she’s the one who’s gonna need the most comforting.  

Carl:  You’ve always been a dutiful son to her.

Matt:  And that’s not gonna change now.  She’s had so much loss.  Dad, grandma and now you.  How is she ever gonna deal with this?


Amanda:  I’m gonna go call Alli.  I’ll be right back mom.

Rachel:  Yes Iris.  Carl is dying.

Iris:  Rachel I’m so sorry.

Rachel:  I’m sure that you are.

Iris:  I’m being serious.  You’ve had a lot of loss in your life.

Rachel:  Thanks for reminding me.

Iris:  Listen I know that we’ve been on opposite sides of the spectrum, and I have never been Carl’s biggest fan, but I never would wish that on you, or Cory.  Poor Cory, he’s gonna be so hurt, and what about Elizabeth?

Rachel:  Don’t worry about my children.  I will take care of them.

Iris:  I know given our history you have a hard time believing me, but you forgot that I lost Dennis’s father.

Rachel:  Alex Wheeler.

Iris:  He’s really the only man I’ve ever loved; so much that I gave him a child.  That was such a painful time for me, and then daddy.  Especially after what I was trying to do.

Rachel:  Yes I remember.

Iris’s eyes start to well up.

Iris:  You made me tell daddy the truth, and when I did, he was so angry with me.

Rachel:  Understandably.

Iris:  I betrayed him.  I hurt him badly.  I was The Chief.  I was the one trying to take over Cory Publishing.

Rachel begins to soften up.

Rachel:  But you...and Mac patched things up.

Iris:  Yes we did, and it was the last conversation I had with him before he died.  So you see Rachel, if it weren’t for you; if you hadn’t made me tell daddy that I was The Chief, we never would have worked things out.  Losing Alex and daddy were the most painful experiences in my life, and I don’t wish that pain; that hurt; that loss...on anybody.  Not you...not anyone. Iris wipes tears from her face and gets up.

Rachel:  Iris…thank you.  I’d appreciate it if you don’t tell anyone about Carl yet.

As Iris is walking away, she answers a call on her cell phone.

Iris:  Hi.  I’m fine.  Sounds like you’re on a plane, are you on your way to Bay City?  I’ll see you when you get here.  There’s something I need to tell you.



A guy hangs up the phone and looks out the window.  Meanwhile, Lorna Devon comes out from behind the curtain and sits across from him.

Lorna:  What are you thinking about?

Guy:  I haven’t seen dad in years.

Lorna:  Well, Devin Lucas, you’ll also get to meet my mother.

Devin Lucas:  Hope she’s not like my grandfather.

Lorna:  You’re gonna love Felicia, just like she’s gonna love you.

Devin Lucas:  Well in that case, it seems like there’s a lot for me to look forward to in Bay City.




AMC #17 - J.R. Goes To See His Son!

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Posted Image

All My Children - Episode #17

Created By: Agnes Nixon

Written By: Casey Hutchison


Jake and Amanda are having breakfast.
Jake: So, did you get that fight that Trevor had with that kid at school, under control? 
Amanda: Yeah, it was no problem. The principal completely understood that things like this happen. Trevor and the other child just got a detention. 
Jake: Have you taken away his video games yet?
Amanda: First time I heard about the fight.
Jake: Good. So, how is everything with you?
Amanda: Well...
Jake: What?
Amanda: I have some news to share with you.
Stuart is tying his tie. Adam enters, and shuts the door. Stuart turns to Adam.
Adam: Looking nice for Marian?
Stuart: I'm going to pick her up. We already agreed on that.
Adam: Yes, yes we have.
Stuart: Anyways, thanks for coming up here to see me, but I have to finish getting ready.
Adam: Stuart, can I ask you a question?
Stuart: Sure.
Adam: What happen to you?
Stuart: What do you mean?
Adam: Why the dark turn brother? Why the change?
Downstairs, J.R. rings the doorbell. Scott goes to answer it.
Scott: What the hell are you doing here, J.R.
J.R.: I think you know.
Scott: No, no I do not.
J.R.: I'm here to see my son.

Tad and Dixie are pacing around the hospital waiting room. Angie enters.
Tad: Angie, there you are. What is it? How's my mother?
Angie: Tad, this is very hard to tell you.
Tad: Angie...
Angie: Tad...
Tad: What is it?
Angie: It is bad news.
Jesse and Brot enter Jesse's office. They are laughing and having a good time.
Jesse: What's the news, Brot?
Brot: Oh, it is time to tell you?
Jesse: We had breakfast. We did some outside patrolling. What is it?
Brot: (Laughs)
Jesse: Since, 6 AM you have said that you have great news. What is it?
Brot: You are going to be a grandpa, Jesse.
Jake takes a drink of his orange juice.
Jake: What is it?
Amanda: I am actually very happy to share this with you.
Jake: What? 
Amanda: Jake, this news is good for both of us.
Jake: What is it? You are keeping me in suspense. 
Amanda: I-I-I
Jake: (Laughs) WHAT?!
Amanda: I'm pregnant. We are going to have another baby.
Jake and Amanda stand up. They are laughing, hugging, and kissing.
Jake: I'm gonna have another baby! (Laughs)
Jesse sits down.
Jesse: I'm going to be a grandpa?
Brot: Yeah, Natalia is pregnant.
Jesse: How long?
Brot: Ten weeks.
Jesse: That long?
Jesse stands.
Brot: Yeah.
Jesse: How come you waited this long?
Brot: We just wanted to make sure that nothing bad happened to the baby.
Jesse: Good idea. Come here.
Jesse shakes Brot's hand. It turns to a hug.
Jesse: You, Brot Monroe, have given me one of the best gifts, I have ever received.
Brot: I'm glad I could do that for you.
Jesse: (Laughs) Same here.
The camera zooms in on Jesse's face.
J.R. enters. Scott shuts the door.
J.R.: So, where is he?
Scott: Seriously?
J.R.: What?
Scott: J.R., it is ten thirty in the morning. He is obviously at elementary school.
J.R.: Oh, yeah. Sorry.
Scott: He gets off at three.
J.R.: I forgot.
Scott: Of course you did.
J.R.: What is that supposed to mean?
Scott: It means, that you haven't been in Little A's life. He probably has forgotten all about you. J.R., he is eight years old now. He is different. He probably doesn't even remember you.
J.R.: Watch your step.
Scott: (Laughs) Are you threatening me?
J.R.: Take it how you want it.
Scott: I guess I will.
J.R.: Listen, I will be back here by three.
Scott: J.R., I'm not letting you see him.
J.R.: Why the hell not?!
Scott: Because, he doesn't need you. Madison and I are raising A.J. just fine.
J.R.: You and Madison?
Scott: Damn right.
J.R.: Are you telling me, that, that crazy bitch is taking care of my son.
Scott: Watch your step J.R.
J.R.: You gonna hit me?
Scott: Don't tempt me.
J.R.: (Laughs)
Scott: I think you should just stop laughing, and leave. I will call the police.
J.R.: You may have kept me away from my son this time, but don't count on a next time.
Scott: There won't be a next time.
J.R.: Oh, there will be. Have a nice day.
Scott: Not sure I'm going to say the same to you.
J.R.: Didn't plan on it.
J.R. exits.
Scott: Don't worry A.J. He won't come anywhere near you.
Stuart checks his watch.
Stuart: I don't have time to tell you the changing of my life.
Adam: You will.
Stuart: Do you really want to come after me?
Adam: I am Adam Chandler. Just because I did something wrong, doesn't mean that I won't come after you. No matter what you have on me, things don't change.
Stuart: They have Adam. Things have changed.
Adam: Anyways, answer my question.
Stuart: Fine, I will. Adam I am tired.
Adam: What do you mean?
Stuart: I am tired of you stomping on me. It is time for things to change. Not only in this mansion, but in Pine Valley. I am going to step up. I am going to claim my place in this town.
Adam: Well brother, good luck to you.
Stuart: Thank you. Now, I really do have to go pick up Marian.
Adam: Go right ahead.
Stuart exits. As this happens, Adam gets out his phone. He dials, and puts it to his ear.
Adam: Hi, we have a problem. A big one. Meet me in the park. ASAP.
Dixie face tells us that she is deeply worried.
Dixie: Angie, what is it? What's wrong with Opal?
Angie: (Sighs) It is very serious.
Tad: Is it the tumor.
Angie: Yes.
Dixie: What's wrong with the tumor now?
Angie: It has enlarged. Greatly.
Dixie: What does that mean?
Angie: It means, that it might be too late to save Opal's life.
Dixie: Oh my god. Tad, are you alright?
Tad: No, of course not.
Dixie puts her arms around Tad. The camera zooms in on Tad's face. A tear falls.
Posted Image
Liza: I need to leave.
Greenlee: Jesse, we need your help.
Dixie: She will make it through.
Tad: How can you be so sure?
Stuart: I'm here.
Asher: Dad...
Frankie: What is it?



GH #6 - Is Tony Jones, Alive?

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General Hospital Sunday 6/28/2015

Time Of Day: Morning


Posted ImageBobbie is on the couch. She is having her morning coffee. She flashes back to the night before.
Bobbie: Last time I checked..., I was the nurse. Now, in less you want to whip out a degree from a prestigious medical school, then leave. Get the hell out of this house. Go on. Get gone.
She goes back to the present time.
Bobbie: (Sighs)
Posted ImageCarly comes down stairs.
Bobbie: Hey honey.
Carly: Hey mom.
Bobbie: Is everything alright?
Carly: Actually no.
Bobbie stands.
Bobbie: What do you mean?
Carly: (Sighs) What was Scott talking about?

Posted ImageSonny is looking over a menu. Shawn enters, as the elevator doors open. He goes to Sonny.
Shawn: Hey Sonny.
Sonny: Shawn.
Sonny and Shawn hug. They both sit down.
Sonny: What brings you here, this morning? Are you having breakfast?
Posted ImageShawn: Maybe, later. I am actually  here about you.
Sonny: What do you mean?
Shawn: We need to talk.
Sonny thinks for a moment.
Sonny: Yes, we do.

Posted ImageMax and Milo are securing the premises. They run into one another as Max comes down the stairs.
Max: Hey.
Milo: Hey.
Max & Milo: You seem happy.
Posted ImageMilo: (Laughs)

Max: That's because I am.
Milo: Me too.
Max: So, what's up?
Max & Milo: I have news!

Posted ImageNina's alarm clock is beeping. She hits it off the table. It stops beeping. She sits up in bed. She flips her back. And gets out of bed. She puts her white, fluffy, Metro Court robe on. She looks over at Franco.
Nina: Oh my gosh. Nina, look what you have done.
The camera zooms in on Franco's face. He is naked and under the sheets, from the sex, last night.Posted Image
Posted Image

Maxie is on the phone. George is playing on the couch.
Maxie: Is it true? You and Ellie have landed in Portland safely?
Spenelli: (OVER THE PHONE) Yes we have.
Maxie: That is wonderful! I am so happy that your flight went well. Hey, I do have to go. George needs to get a bath. She is kind of stinking up the place. (Laughs) Say hi to Ellie for me. Bye!
Maxie hangs up the phone.
Maxie: You have gotten everything you wanted. So have I.
The doorbell rings.
Maxie: Just a second, little one.
Maxie goes to answer the door.
Maxie: Valerie. What are you doing here?
Posted ImageValerie: I need your help.

Nina is contemplating how to wake Franco up.
Nina: Should I hit him? Should I get a bucket of water, and throw it on him? Should I scream? Maybe, I could plug then alarm clock back in, and set it right on the next minute. That will wake him up.
Franco wakes up slowly.
Franco: Nina.
Nina: (Whispers) Dammit. 
Franco: I just want you to know that you were incredible last night.
Nina: Thanks.
Franco sits up in bed.
Nina: You were too.
Franco: That means more to me, than you will know.
Nina: Glad I could please you. Now...
Nina throws Franco's pants at him.
Nina: Get out.
Franco: I can't do that.
Nina: Why not?
Franco: We need to talk about E.L.Q.
Max and Milo sit down.
Max: So, do you want to go first?
Milo: Actually, lets save the best for last.
Max: (Laughs) Alright then.
Milo: Trust me, mine is better.
Max: Okay. I believe you.
Milo: So...
Max: Diane and I are starting over.
Milo: Congratulations! That's incredible!
Milo hugs his brother.
Max: Thanks. So, what is your news?
Milo: Max, I'm getting married!
Max: What the hell is wrong with you?
Milo: Excuse me?

Carly pours herself some coffee.
Carly: (Sighs) Mom, you can tell me anything.
Bobbie: I know.
Carly: Then, what is going on?
Bobbie: (Sighs) I am taking an anti-depressant medication.
Carly: Why?
Bobbie: I am under a lot of stress lately.
Carly: Why's that? What is going on?
Bobbie takes out her phone. She hands it to Carly.
Carly: What am I supposed to be looking at here?
Bobbie: Look at the text I received three weeks ago. It is from an unknown number.
I'm still alive, Bobbie. It is me. Tony. PLEASE HELP ME! S.O.S!
Carly: What the hell is this?
Bobbie: I know.
Carly: I'm calling Dante. We will get to the bottom of this. Whoever sent this to you. Will pay!

Sonny drinks some water.
Sonny: So, your leaving town?
Shawn: I think that it is best.
Sonny: Why's that?
Shawn: Jordan. Sonny, I barely escaped her. It is time that I get the hell out of dodge. I can't risk anymore slip ups. I can't do that. One more slip up could even get you in some hot water.
Sonny: Shawn..., I appreciate you trying to protect me. You are very loyal.
Shawn: I try Sonny.
Sonny: Now, I can help you with anything. I can get you a jet. I can wire you money. Hell, you can even hop on a plane, and get to one of my islands, before it is too late.
Shawn: Thanks Sonny. But, I actually have a place.
Sonny: Really?
Shawn: Yeah. I bought a safe house.
Sonny: That's good.
Shawn looks at his watch.
Shawn: Listen, my car should be here by now. I have to go.
Shawn and Sonny stand.
Sonny: I'm going to miss you Shawn Butler.
Shawn: I'm going to miss you too, Sonny Corinthos.
Sonny: One last hand shake.
Shawn: I'd be happy too.
The camera zooms in on Shawn and Sonny shaking hands.
ANNOUNCER: ON THE NEXT "General Hospital"
Julian: I'm calling the cops.
Ava: NO!
Ned: It is coming to an end.
Milo: What do you mean?
Nina: What about him?
Anna: Goodbye, Duke.
Posted Image
This has been the Emmy award winning, "General Hospital"!


VERDON LOU/Malcolm : It's OVER!! Climax! #167

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Posted ImageMalcolm shoots his own brother point blank in the chest! Everyone is horrified as Lily, Leslie, Lauren, and Olivia all cry out in agony. Hillary is also crying but it’s more like tears of silence trying not to draw attention to herself, keeping her head on the ground.
Posted ImageAs Neil stumbles, he continues to keep his gaze right into Malcolm’s eyes. Malcolm grabs Moses and runs out the ball room with him. Neil feels an incredible impact has been bestowed upon him. He is reeling as his legs begins to give out from beneath him and everything seems to move in slow motion.
No one seems to realize that Malcolm has taken Moses.
Neil grabs his chest and then collapses onto the ground. Lily, and Olivia run over to him. Olivia tears a piece of her sleeve off from her dress to apply pressure to bullet the wound and stop the bleeding.

Lily: Dad. Please dad!
Neil’s eyes are open but with a blank stare on his face. Neil begins to make a gurgling sound.
Lily grabs Neil’s hand as Olivia pulls out her phone and calls for an ambulance.

Posted ImageLily: Stay with us DAD PLEASE!
Devon looks at Nate.
Posted ImageDevon: You set all this in motion.
Meanwhile Malcolm puts Moses’ seatbelt on and then gets in on the driver side. He tries to start the car up but it won’t turn over. Moses is still crying. It adds to Malcolm’s frustration and he hollers at his son.
“Shut it up boy! It’s time for you to be a man! Neil got you acting like a punk! We have to man up.”
Posted ImageMoses: You shot my dad.
Malcolm: Naw young one. Neil the bad man. I’m yo dad.
Moses: You’re a bad man too.

Malcolm is caught off guard by the comment and becomes a bit defensive.
Malcolm: Watch yo mouth boy! I’ma have to teach you some manners. I’m yo dad now! Neil lied to you! He kept you from me and I’m going to make things right! We are a family! You’re all I got and I’m all you have. We gone change that whack ass name too. While I drive you think of something you want to be called.
Moses: I like my name.
Malcolm: Shut yo punk ass up and do what I tells’ you to do before I knock you out!
Moses: Yes sir.
Malcolm: Yea. Yes sir.

Malcolm tries to start his EL Camino but it still won’t turn over.Posted Image
Back inside.
Posted ImageNate: This is not a good time to rub it in my face Devon! 
Devon: Look around you Nate! Malcolm just shot my dad. Why? Because you switched his son’s paternity test. He’s an angry man and I think I would be too. Do something about it Nate! Make this right!

Nate pushes Devon out of his way and looks around for Malcolm after not seeing Moses. Nate runs out side and sees Malcolm revving up his car, which is now started.
Nate: Malcolm! Let Moses go. You are in no condition to drive. You are putting his life in danger.
Nate says approaching the car but slowly since he is not sure of what Malcolm will do next.
Malcolm: Yea boy. It’s just me and you now. I told you your time would come.
Nate: Malcolm, your making this very hard on yourself. Things are bad for you bruh. Stop now while you are kinda ahead.
Malcolm: I told you to shut that sh!t up! You shouldn’t  have kept my son from me! I helped raised you Nathan! I was a good man to your mother in her darkest hour.
Nate: I remember all of that and I am grateful but you have changed over the years.
Malcolm: Naw man! I aint changed! You all just did me dirty. Now Nate I will run yo punk ass over.

Nate puts his hands on the hood of the car to act as a deterrent from Malcolm speeding off with Moses.
Moses: Please don’t hurt him!
Malcolm: Lay yo head down son and take a nap. We’ll be on our way soon.
Nate: Malcolm you are not leaving with Moses. Just let him go!

Malcolm puts the pedal to the medal and runs over Nate. Moses screams out as the car thumps and bumps running over Nate’s body. As Malcolm speeds off Nate’s body rolls on the ground a few times from the intensity of Malcolm’s power stroke from Malcolm’s EL Camino.
Posted ImageCreated by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell
Episode 167: Verdon Lou and Malcolm’s Madness Climaxes!
Written by ML Cooks with Wade Meredith
Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson with Alex Washington

Verdon Lou.Posted Image
Sheila is in the patient room with the mystery patient. She takes a blood pressure reading and the patient’s temperature.
Posted ImageSheila: You are my insurance policy. In case anything goes bad I still have you. I nursed you back to health myself after your plane crash. You and your family will owe me. Once again I’m in control I have all the power.
Sheila stands back and smiles at her mystery patient.
Sheila: The Newman’s will be forever indebted to me, isn’t that right Mr. Adam Newman?
Sheila’s mystery patient is none other than Adam Newman who hasn’t been heard from since Sharon’s coming home from jail party. Adam lays in the bed in a coma.Posted Image
In the front room, where the hostages are.
Posted ImageMary: How did you two end up being my mother’s hostages?
Posted ImageSharon: Well I just know one night Dru showed up on my doorstep very distraught about Sophia’s death and-
Posted ImageDru: Bitch shut up! This my story. I will tell it.
Sharon: Gosh I was only trying to help.
Dru: Help me whoop Sheila’s ass can you do that? If not then be quiet.

Dru has flashbacks of arriving in Genoa City wanting revenge on Phyllis who pushed her off the cliff at a photo shot. Dru became the mystery woman stalking Phyllis and black mailing the people of GC in order to carry out her revenge on Phyllis. The black mail lead to Sophia’s death caused by Dru pushing a crippled and blinded Phyllis, crippled via Dru, down a hill and Sophia swerved to avoid hitting Phyllis and hit a street pole instead and then killing her.
Dru: I came back to town to get revenge on Phyllis. So I was sneaking around town trying to hurt her. I bashed her knee caps,  in then which she couldn’t walk. That was fun, then I tried kill her by setting her apartment on fire, that didn’t work but the bitch did become blinded. So I messed with her head and slapped her a few times and harassed her until I pushed that broad down that hill in her wheelchair. Poor Sophia may she rest in peace.
Mary: I’m still confused how did it involve my mother?
Sharon: Well at one point in time we all thought Sheila had Phyllis’ face. Well Sheila says it wasn’t her it was her sister.
Mary: My aunt Sarah.
Sharon: So after Sophia’s death Dru showed up and that’s when Sheila showed up right after.
Dru: I was stalking Phyllis but what I didn’t know was Sheila was stalking me at the same time. Crazy bitch was mad because she thinks I lead everyone to believe it was Sheila stalking Phyllis.

Sheila enters the room
Sheila: And it wasn’t! My plans are always full proof. You killed Sophia! You are responsible for that Dru. You have blood on your hands so you are no better than me at this point. You see Mary, Dru had to pay for allowing folks to think it was me who was stalking Phyllis. I can’t have that in my name.
Dru: So that’s how we ended up here Mary, Your mother had a hissy fit and took Sharon and I at gun point. Then she shot me in the back which paralyzed me. But I got my strength back because what Sheila doesn’t know is I been doing exercise at night with my legs. And I’m bout to whoop yo momma’s ass Mary. I’m so sorry you have to see this but it is what it is.
Mary: Wow.
Sheila: Ok Drucilla sour mouthed Winters. Are you ready for our battle?
Dru: More than you will ever know. Untie me Bitch so I can have my way with you!
Mary: Mom please don’t do this.
Sharon: Dru, oh Dru please be careful.
Dru: Shut up scary bitch.
Sheila: Don’t let Dru’s big mouth scare you. She’s nothing but mouth.

Sheila walks over to Dru and looks at her. She smiles.
Dru: I told you you was crazy.
Sheila begins to untie Dru’s hands!
Mary and Sharon both get nervous.
Mary: Mom wait, what about Cane… won’t he hear the wrestling match down stairs?
Posted ImageCane is sitting on the floor next to an unconscious James.
Cane: It really is boring around here mate.

Cane gives James a good look. He notices James’s bulky jacket. He reaches over and flips it open. Cane is shocked to see James’s bomb laced vest.Posted Image
Cane: Damn crack is better than cocaine. I must be high out my mind.
Cane looks over at the pipes he taped up with grey duct tape.
Cane: I think I hear something.
Cane is so high he sees this   Posted Image
Cane: I think the gas leak is back.That gas is getting me higher. I'm seeing sh!t  I’ll go over and use more tape on it and then you are going to wake up, hit this rock with me and then we are going to talk about what you are doing down here mister.
Cane gets up, grabbing the grey duct tape and sits down next to the gas leak that is hissing once again.
Malcolm is speeding out of Genoa City heading north. Moses is still crying.
Shooting Neil and running over Nate continues to replay in Malcolm’s mind. He drives faster not realizing he is doing about 25 over the speed limit. He grabs his bottle of Hennessy and takes swig.
Moses: I’m scared. I wanna go home.
Malcolm: We are going home son. We are going to our new home.
Malcolm speeds up leaving GC city limits.Posted Image
Posted ImageAvery finally pulls into the driveway of Sheila’s Cabin in Verdon Lou. She sees Cane’s car.
Avery: What in the hell is Cane doing in a place like this?
Avery gets out of her car and is alarmed by the condition of the cabin. It looks like it’s one termite bite away from caving in.
Avery: I bet Cane is in there getting high with some hillbillies. Well I drove all this way he could at least share with me. I need a hit again.
Avery is nervous to approach the door.
Avery: Hello!
Inside the cabin. Sheila unties Dru. Dru sit up and stretches her body.
Dru: Damn that feels good.
Dru slowly stands up as Sheila back up.
Dru: Yea bitch you better back the hell up!
Sheila: I’m just giving you room to catch your breath. You haven’t stood up in months and I want  this to be a good fight.
Sharon: Oh Dru please be careful.

Dru continues to stretch and do a few exercises.
Dru then suddenly charges at Sheila grabbing her hair and then getting her in a head lock. Dru begins to pound on Sheila’s cranium with her fist.

Dru speaks to Sheila between each blow to the head.
“Now see bitch! (pound) I done told you! (pound, pound) I’m the hbic! (pound)
I told you! (pound) I (pound) would beat the hell outta you! (pound pound pound).
Sheila screams out and uses her body weight to slam Dru into a wall leaving a big hole after Dru crashes into it.

Avery hears this  commotion from the inside on the outside.
Avery: What was that? It sounds like the house is about to collapse.
Avery pulls out her cell phone to try and dial Cane again verses going inside the creepy looking cabin.
Back inside.
Sharon: Come on Drucilla you can do it!
Mary: Go mom!

Dru has the wind knocked out of her and is panting as she climbs out the hole in the wall.
Sheila: That was fun.
Dru: Wait bitch! That was a lot for me.
Sheila punches Dru in the jaw. Dru nearly loses her balance. Sheila dives down like a football player ready to tackle another player on the field but she tackles Dru instead. They crash into  a wooden beam this time.

Malcolm notices his car his riding funny. He slows down and comes to a stop, in front of a cabin that’s in Verdon Lou. He put his El Camino in park and gets out to see he has a flat tire.
Malcolm: DAMN!
“Malcolm is that you?”
He hears from behind. He is stunned to see Avery.
Avery sees Moses crying in the car.

Malcolm: Avery. What the hell are you doing out here?
Avery: I’m looking for Cane. And you? Why is Moses crying is he ok?
Malcolm: Yes he is just a lil fukked up by the flat tire and how the car was riding.
Avery: Malcolm have you been drinking? I can smell it on your breath... Something is not right here.

Then Moses gets out the car and screams out
“Malcolm shot my dad!”

Avery looks at Malcolm.
Malcolm pulls his gun out on Avery.

Avery: Malcolm what the hell are you doing?
Malcolm: My son and I will be needing your car.

Back inside Sheila and Dru are choking each other. Sheila’s face is turning red. Dru  musters up enough spit in her mouth and then spits in Sheila’s face to interrupt her concentration. Sheila then kicks Dru in her legs and tries to push her back onto the ground. Dru gives it her all trying to stand up to Sheila’s incredible force.
Sharon: Come on Dru, you can take her out!
Mary: Mom please stop this, you’re bout to kill each other!

Back in the basement. Cane is done retapping the gas pipe leak. He can hear the commotion of the brawl coming from upstairs.
Cane: Sounds like the floor is going to fall down in on me. I better find out what the hell is going on. But before I do just one last hit of my last bit of stash.
Cane pulls out his glass pipe and puts a rock in it.  He sits back and flicks his lighter to take another hit. As the lighter is lit the house explodes. Then the cabin explodes again from James’s bombs sending burning debris into the air.
The cabin just burns as Dru, Mary, Cane, Sheila, James, Sharon and Adam Newman are all inside.
Outside only Avery is  lying on the ground  being hit by burning debris.
Malcolm now in Avery’s car drives off from the scene as the cabin burns in his rear view mirror. Moses still continues to cry being emotionally scarred from the horrific chain of events.Posted Image
For other great reads check out my friend's blogs, Another World, Just Paradise, Union Creek or Days of our Lives. Written by real writers. Drama lives here


#01 Monday, March 2

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Eve and JJ are in her bedroom where JJ wonders why Eve brought him back there. Eve shrugs. She's not even sure. Eve wanted to talk to JJ in private. JJ figures a bedroom couldn't be more private. Eve shakes her head. JJ knows exactly why Eve brought him back there. JJ isn't sure they should do this again. Eve says she has a bottle of wine out front. JJ asks what happens after that drink. Eve looks down at the bed.

At the hospital, Jennifer tries calling Roxanne back. When she gets Roxanne's voicemail, Jennifer leaves a message, insisting Roxanne return her call. Lucas drops into Jennifer's office. He was going to see Sonny, but Adrienne's in with him. Jennifer wonders why that would stop Lucas from going in to see his son-in-law. Lucas recalls kissing Adrienne. He shakes the thought away, claiming he doesn't want to intrude. Lucas can remember how he felt when people would interrupt his time with Will when he was in the hospital. Lucas notices the keys on Jennifer's desk. "E.L." Jennifer confirms they are Eve's. Lucas asks why she has them, and Jennifer explains Eve left them. Jennifer admits she thought about using them to find out what Eve's hiding. Lucas smirks. A scheming side. Finally, a family trait they share. Jennifer laughs. She informs Lucas of her younger scheming days. Lucas had nothing on her! However, Jennifer realizes she needs to return the keys to Eve and just give it up.

Adrienne comes out of Sonny's room and calls out to Kayla, wondering if she has a minute. Kayla looks at her watch. She has a meeting shortly, but can talk to Adrienne. Adrienne wonders if Kayla ever found out what caused Sonny to get worked up the other day. Kayla shakes her head. He never made mention. Will didn't either. Kayla thinks it could've been nothing, just a normal reaction that was heightened due to the wound. Adrienne hopes so. She doesn't want to see her son dealing with anything besides recovery right now. Kayla thinks that's a great idea. The last thing Sonny needs is to deal with outside stress. Adrienne flashes back to kissing Lucas outside the town square. Adrienne nods, agreeing with Kayla.

Theresa is shocked to find Anne still at the hospital. Anne says she received notice of an impromptu meeting with Dr. Johnson. Theresa wonders what her aunt would need to talk to Anne about. Anne isn't sure. She questions if Theresa said anything to Kayla about the other day. Theresa swears she said nothing. To anybody. Anne hopes so. Anne has saved Theresa's ass too many times to be thrown under the bus because of some brainless billionaire. Anne wonders what Theresa is doing at the hospital. Theresa admits she wanted to use the hospital resources, but the Internet server is down and she's unable to. She'll have to rely on her own resources, Theresa guesses. Anne receives a call, notifying her Kayla is ready.

Jennifer knocks on Eve's apartment door. No answer. Jennifer pulls out the keys Eve left behind at the hospital and uses them to open the door. Jennifer calls out to Eve. Surprised Eve emerges from the back, demanding to know what Jennifer is doing in her home. Jennifer shows the keys and says she wanted to return them. When Eve didn't answer, Jennifer let herself in. Eve tells Jennifer she needs to go. Now! Just before Jennifer makes it to the door, JJ comes out. His eyes widen when he sees his mom. Jennifer wants to know what's going on. Eve manages to cover by picking up a box of things Paige gathered that belonged to JJ. She claims JJ came over to pick them up, so Paige didn't have to see him. JJ goes along with Eve's story. Jennifer looks doubtful, but keeps it to herself. She wonders if JJ is ready to head home now that he has his things. JJ nods and leaves with the box. Jennifer turns to Eve one last time before walking out the door. Alone, Eve covers her mouth at what just happened.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Adrienne is on the phone, giving Jo an update on Sonny. Doctors are still unsure how much longer he'll remain in the hospital. Adrienne promises to have Sonny call his grandmother tomorrow. Adrienne is startled when she turns around and finds Lucas. He tells her they need to talk about what happened the other night...

Eve pours a glass of wine. As she runs her hand through her hair, Eve wonders what the hell is wrong with her. JJ is practically a child. Eve takes a sip of her wine. "How screwed up am I?"

JJ walks into the Horton house with the box from Paige's in hand. Jennifer follows. She looks at the box JJ sits down and then at her son. Jennifer asks if JJ wants to talk about it. JJ shakes his head no. He should start on homework due tomorrow. JJ heads upstairs and Jennifer calls out to him. She reminds JJ that she's there if he needs to talk. JJ nods and continues up the steps. Jennifer sighs. Her phone rings, and it's Kayla with good news. Anne Milbauer will no longer be a problem for them. She was fired for trying to drug Brady Black. Hospital security cameras captured the deed. Jennifer calls it a new low. Kayla notices Jennifer's reaction. It's much more low-key than she expected. Jennifer admits she has something else on her mind. The ladies make plans to grab breakfast before work tomorrow. Jennifer hangs up and looks up the stairs.

At the pub, Theresa contemplates searching Dr. Mandrake's name in a search engine database on her cell phone. Just as she types the doctor's name and presses "SEARCH," the phone is yanked out of Theresa's hand by Anne! She's furious and demands to know what Theresa told her Aunt Kayla. Theresa asks what Anne is talking about. Anne explains that Kayla just fired her. Anne refuses to go down alone and all she has on Theresa will cost her job too!


Starting Cast-

Posted by JM Fanfiction in Parting Ways, 26 January 2015 - - - - - - · 276 views

Lauralee Bell as Yvonne Mitchell
Molly Burnett as Leslie Carter
Brett Butler as Cathy
David Canary as Phillip "Phil" Carter
Maree Cheatham as Hazel Foster
Zack Conroy as Ethan Carter
Jason Cook as Heath Roscoe
Jimmy Deshler as Ben Carter
Melissa Clare Egan as Colleen Carter
Haley Erin as Ali Carter
Susan Flannery as Stella Foster Carter
Samantha Logan as Katie
Eric Martsolf as Aaron Carter
Cady McClain as Lorraine Saunders
Cady McClain as Sharon Saunders Carter
Kurt McKinney as Greg Carter
Lenny Platt as Dean Carter


Episode 1 "The Pilot"

Posted by JM Fanfiction in Tomorrow Is A New Day, 15 December 2014 - - - - - - · 304 views

At the Callison Manor the Patriarch of the family Tom is sitting on the couch when his wife Maggie walks into the room with a big ole smile on her face.
Tom-Well what's got you in this great of a mood
Maggie- Our baby boy is coming home today. As a matter of fact I just seen his car pull up the drive way.
Tom- Well then I guess we need to make him feel welcomed back home
Tom and Maggie walks towards the front door as it opens and Ethan walks into the Manor carrying a duffle bag. He drops the bag and hugs both of his parents.
Ethan- Oh it feels great to be home again.
Maggie- and we are very happy to have you home again and hopefully this time for good.
Ethan- well as of right now I plan on making it my permanent home.
Tom- Good and if you need I can get you a job at the hospital.
Ethan- no need to do that dad Aaron has already gotten me a job at The Wild Spot.
Tom- that freak bar where all them freaks go.
Ethan- dad just because they're gay doesn't make them freaks and I think me working there will be a good thing.
At Destiny Cafe Sage and her fiance Brady are sitting at a table drinking coffee when Sage's best friend Hope Cooper walks into the cafe and sits down at their table.
Hope- You will never believe who I just seen back in town
Brady- Your Brain?
Hope- Haha very funny
Sage- Who did you see back in town?
Hope- Brian Jenkins!
Brady- Who's that?
Sage- he's an ex of mine that went away not long after we broke up
Hope- yeah I'm sure he's finally over you.
Sage- let's just hope he is
At the Police Department Edwin Callison is sitting behind his desk when his boss Commissioner Charity Summers walks out of her office and over to his desk.
Charity- we have one hell of a huge problem
Edwin- what do you mean?
Charity- Brian Jenkins! The man that torched your sister a couple years back who had been reportedly released from prison. Well I just got a call from the Mayor asking me why I haven't caught the escaped prisoner yet.
Edwin- So he wasn't set free?
Charity- No he wasn't suppose to get out the court screwed up their paper work and released him instead of the guy that was suppose to be released. So I need you to get out their on the street and start looking for him.
Across town in an abandon warehouse in a sound proof room Brian Jenkins is walking around the room looking at an 18 year old named Stephen Donovan who is tied down to the bed.
Brian- Oh do you not like the place that I've chosen for you. Well I thought it was really nice but yet you've never seen the inside of a prison have you? No! But I know your father has and he still is. The bad thing about you never being in prison is you really don't know how it works in there. You see if you want something from someone you have to give something for them to help you. Or in my case you just take it. See your father Mike is in prison for killing your mother which I'm pretty sure you already knew that. See I needed his help and he gay me an offer and I declined it which made him very mad. So for pay back he made me his bitch, which is exactly what I'm going to do to you.
At Memorial Hospital Tom Callison is the Chief of Staff. Tom is making his way around the hospital when he notices something very unusual by the ER doors. Tom walks over and sees that there is a baby in the basket. He picks up the baby.
Tom- Well aren't you just a precious little girl
Tom carry's the baby back into the hospital


GENERAL HOSPITAL FANFIC EPISODE 14...Monica tells Tracy what she did.

Posted by cnathanielrichardson in GENERAL HOSPITAL, 23 August 2014 - - - - - - · 617 views

Monica tells Tracy what she did
Created by: Frank and Doris Hursley
Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson
Consultant: Beebs and YRbiggestfan
Sebastian WestAttached Image walks into the park with his book bag and sits on the bench.  He looks to the left, then to the right and is certain that nobody is there.  He takes out a small bag of marijuana, then looks for something else while focused on the bag.
Sebastian:  Dammit.
SydneyAttached Image offers him a lighter.  This breaks his focus on the bag and he looks up at her.
Sydney:  Looks like you need one of these.
Sebastian:  Thank you.
He reaches out for the lighter, but Sydney pulls it back.
Sydney:  So are you gonna smoke that all by yourself?
MICHAEL’S APARTMENT - KikiAttached Image walks in with a gift bag, smiles, and takes a red teddy out of it.  She turns to the table, which is pristinely set with two candles, handkerchiefs, silverware, two champagne glasses, and a silver, ice filled bucket with a bottle of champagne in it.  She then gets a call on her cell phone.
Kiki:  Hmm if it isn’t my sexy fiance.  Wait till you get home.
MichaelAttached Image is at ELQ sitting at his desk staring at his computer.
Michael:  Hey babe.  I’m...gonna be home a little late tonight.
Kiki:  Let me guess...ELQ stuff.
Michael:  Yeah we just got word that they’re gonna announce the winning bid for the Waterfront Project.  I’m sorry.  I promise I’ll make it up to you.
Kiki (sighing):  Okay.  I can’t lie and say I’m not disappointed.
Michael:  I know I know.  I’ll see you later.  Love you.
Kiki:  Love you, too.
MonicaAttached Image steps away from the living room door as she talks to Tracy.
Monica:  I’m gonna do whatever it takes to keep Carly away from Jason.
Tracy:  And how do you plan on doing that?  It hasn’t worked all these years.  What makes you think it’s gonna be effective now?
Monica:  I brought down Sonny Corinthos didn’t I?
Monica flashes back to giving a recording of Sonny admitting that he shot A.J. to Anna Devane…
Anna:  What is this?
Monica:  Listen to it.  It’ll get you the fish you’ve been trying to catch for years.
Monica flashes back to the present.
Tracy:  I don’t know how you managed to pull that off, but Carly isn’t gonna be that simple.
Monica:  Trust me none of this is easy, but I’ll be damned if I let Carly destroy my other son.
Monica and Tracy turn around and there are CarlyAttached Image and JasonAttached Image

Sebastian and Sydney are sitting next to each other on the park bench, and they have just finished smoking a joint.
Sebastian:  You better not tell anyone about this.
Sydney:  Oh please.  It’s not the end of the world if someone finds you smoke weed.  Besides, can you tell me where I can get some more of this good stuff from?
Sebastian:  How do I know you’re not a narc?
Sydney immediately stands up.
Sydney:  Don’t be ridiculous.  Narcs normally don’t smoke joints!
Sebastian:  Find your own weed guy.
Sydney:  You’re a total ass!
Sebastian:  Thank you.
Sydney:  I’m hungry.  
Sebastian:  Go get something to eat then.
Sydney:  Ugh!
MorganAttached Image is outside of Kelly’s sitting on a bench, and Kiki walks up.  Morgan notices her.
Morgan:  Hey Kiki.
Kiki:  Morgan what’s up?
Morgan:  Just went for a run.  What’s up with you?
Kiki:  Nothing, just getting something to eat.
Morgan:  Are you sure that’s it?
Kiki sighs.
Kiki:  No it’s not.
Carly:  I would never hurt Jason.
Monica:  You...are poison.  I lost one son because of you and Sonny and I won’t stand by and watch that happen again!
Carly:  I’m sorry, Monica, for your loss.  I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost Michael or Morgan, but A.J. made his own choices.
Monica:  You’re a human tornado.  You leave destruction in your wake.
Jason:  Mom that’s enough.
Monica:  It’s true.  You need to stay away from Carly before she destroys you.
Tracy:  Jason we’ve gotta get to ELQ.  The winning bids are gonna be announced soon.
Tracy walks out the door, and as she closes the front door, she walks and looks in her purse for something.  Suddenly, Sydney bumps into her, and Tracy notices a lighter that falls out of Sydney’s purse.
Sydney:  My God!  Not only are you a bitch, you’re a clumsy bitch.
Tracy picks up the lighter.
Tracy:  Hmm what would this be for?
Sydney:  What is it to you?
Sydney tries to walk past Tracy but Tracy stops her.
Tracy:  You wreak!
Sydney:  Wreaks of what?
Tracy:  Are you really gonna try to play coy with me Syd?
Sydney:  I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Tracy:  Pot!
Sydney:  I can’t wait till Luke gets back.  It’s been a long time for you hasn’t it?  You really need to find a hobby.
Tracy:  Does Maya know that you light up joints?
Sydney:  She knows all about that.
Tracy:  Maybe where you lived before, but not here in Port Charles.
Sydney:  Is there a point you’re trying to make?
Tracy:  I bet Maya would ship you to an iron clad, maximum security, prison-like rehab facility.  In fact, why don’t we call her right now and let her know...
Sydney (grabbing Tracy’s phone):  Please...don’t tell my sister.
Jason:  Mom can you watch Danny while I go to the office?  Sam should be coming soon to get him.
Monica:  Of course I’d watch my grandson.
Carly:  I have to go to the MetroCourt.
Monica:  On your way out of Port Charles I hope.
Monica walks into the living room and sits on the couch as she watches Danny continue to play with his toys.
Monica:  Hey there my little grandson.  Oh I just so wish Alan were here to see you.   I’m gonna be in your life as much as possible.
RobinAttached Image walks in with a suitcase, and Monica does not hear or see her immediately.
Monica:  I never even got to know your brother Jake, but your big brother, Michael is thriving, and running ELQ.
Robin:  Big brother Michael?  Monica what are you talking about?  The only brother Danny had was Jake.
Monica turns around and is shocked.


Welcome Back To Sprinfield

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Soon you guys will be back in the lives of everyone of your favorites from Springfield along with some new faces. I hope you will enjoy this classic soap opera as I did and still do.


DOOL Epi. 1

Posted by JM Fanfiction in Days Of Our Lives My Version, 28 June 2014 - - - - - - · 408 views

(Horton Town Square; by gated bench)
"Shows Paige walking past then bench talking on the phone, when is stopped by Bev"
Paige- hey mom I'll call you back I have something I need to take care of
"Paige hangs up"
Bev- it's so nice running into you here Paige, alone, away from everyone and no one can what I'm going to do to you
Paige- what are you talking about Bev?
"Bev pulls a gun from her purse"
Paige- um... Bev there's no need for you to have that gun
Bev- oh yeah there is, you see I'm going to use this gun to get you to do as I say so I can get what I want
Paige- Bev if you want to see JJ all I have to do is call him and tell him to meet me here and you can see him
Bev- oh I don't only want to see him I want to have him and I also want to have his baby. And the only way that will happen is if you are out of the picture for a while.
Paige- What do you mean by that?
Bev- It means you have disappear for a while, and I have to perfect place so get to moving
"Paige walks off followed by Bev pointing the gun at her"
(Daniel's Apartment)
"Shows Daniel walking around his apartment in just a towel; talking on the phone"
Daniel- yeah I can't wait Melanie, Yeah Parker and I plan on coming out there very soon to visit you
"doorbell rings and Daniel answers it"
Daniel- hey let me call you back I got something I need to take care of
JJ- hey you got a minute to talk
Daniel- um... yeah sure come on in. Just give me a few minutes to get dressed then I'm all yours
"Daniel walks off towards the hallway"
(DiMera Mansion; Living Room)
"Shows Sami sitting on the couch and movers walk into the living room"
Sami- it's about damn time you guys showed up. Listen all the stuff that is being moved is upstairs the first and second room on your left.
Moving Man- okay is there anything else from this place that needs to be moved
Sami- no oh wait while you are moving that could you please drop this off at the dumpster
"Shows the portrait of EJ and Sami sitting beside the couch; EJ walks in"
EJ- Samantha what the hell is all of this
Sami- well considering everything that has happened between us that you have caused you can put the pieces together. I'm moving out and so are the kids.
EJ- Samantha please stay and we can talk about this
Sami- talk about what? You cheated on me EJ with that slut Abigail. There is nothing to talk about.
EJ- Samantha please just hear me out. Please!
Sami- you have until the moving truck is loaded up so start talking.
(Brady Pub)
"Shows Theresa and Anne sitting at the far booth in the corner"
Anne- so tell me how are things going with your niece Paige
Theresa- not very good at all thanks to my ignorant half-sister Eve
"Shows Theresa looking over at Eve sitting a the bar; Anne gets up"
Theresa- Anne where are you going?
Anne- to work some magic
"Anne sits down next to Eve"
Anne- oh I'm sorry was this seat taken
Eve- no not at all
Anne- the names Anne... Anne Milbauer
Eve- Eve Larson, nice to meet you
Anne- you too, so I have heard through the grapevine that you and Jennifer Horton go way back as being enemies
Eve- grapevine as in you mean my sister Theresa. I know what your doing and I'm not liking it at all. So you can go back over to that little corner booth and chit-chat with my sister
"Eve gets up and walks out of the pub, Anne walks back over to the booth"
Theresa- very smooth handling Anne, very well done
Anne- oh shut it
(Daniel's Apartment)
"Shows Daniel walking back into the living room"
Daniel- okay kid what did you want to talk about
JJ- well um... Paige and I are having our first official date tonight and well lately when we have been hanging out we have been getting pretty close to some things.
Daniel- you mean sexual things right
JJ- yeah and well I was wondering if you could give me some pointers on that you know how a father would to his son. What I mean is I know the whole sex part but I want to make it as romantic as I can.
Daniel- this is your first time isn't it?
JJ- what no I've had sex before
Daniel- right and if you have then why are you asking me stuff on how to make it romantic.
JJ- alright look this will be my first time with a girl and I want to make sure it is special for both Paige and I and I just really don't want to screw this up
(DiMera Mansion; Living Room)
Sami- you going to start talking or am I just going to leave
EJ- look I know what I did was just wrong, pathetic
Sami- how about degrading, or hurtful or oh my favorite it's cheating.
EJ- and I am truly sorry that I ever did that to you so please give me another chance please.
Sami- I've already given you to many damn chances. We are done EJ so you can go find your little slut and be with her now
EJ- so it's like that well I guess I'll hear about it tomorrow as to who you are shacking up with next.
"Sami slaps EJ"


Golden Days Epi. 6

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(Grave Yard)
"Shows Jaxon looking at a woman"
Jaxon- Jaxon Donovan
Bridget is that really you?
Bridget- Bridget Donovan
The one and only, so get over here and give your sister a hug
"Jaxon hugs Bridget"
Jaxon- what are you doing back here in town?
Bridget- I came back for a visit but as soon as I get back in town I hear that you are getting married, Drake is in the hospital from an overdose and Donovan Enterprises has gone nuts. What the hell happened when I left?
Jaxon- I don't know I guess we are all going crazy
Bridget- I'd say, so have you been to the hospital to see Drake
Jaxon- I was there when they first brought him in but then I left to come here.
Bridget- come on lets go see our baby brother together
"Jaxon and Bridget walk off together and a shadow is seen standing behind a wall"
(Linwood Memorial; Patient's Room)
"Shows Carla walking into the room and shows Drake lying on a hospital bed hooked up on IV and other machines; Carla walks over and sits down next to his bed"
Carla- Carla Sanders Donovan
oh sweetheart why did you have to go and do something so stupid. Why didn't you just call me, we could have talked or you could have called Jaxon or anyone. You didn't have to try and kill yourself. But not to worry because as soon as you wake up we are going to get you all the help that you need. Lila's here and so is Grandpa Sullivan, a lot of the family is here and Jaxon is on his way here. Oh please sweetie just wake up for me please.
(Linwood Memorial; Waiting Area)
"Shows Lila and Sullivan sitting in chair's; Claire walks up"
Claire- Claire Donovan
hey granddad where's Aunt Carla?
Sullivan- Sullivan Donovan
in there with Drake, why is something wrong
Claire- I need to talk to her
Sullivan- okay well I'll go get her
"Sullivan walks off"
Jaxon- Jaxon Donovan
Claire what's going on if it wasn't anything serious you would just wait until later to tell us, so what's going on?
"Claire sighs"
Bridget- Bridget Donovan
Has my brother gotten worse?
Claire- yes he has
Carla- Carla Sanders Donovan
what do you mean worse, how much worse?
Claire- We did a cat scan of Drake's brain and it shows a tumor on his left frontal lobe, but it get's worse
Jaxon- worse what could possibly be any worse that a tumor
Claire- Drake slipped into a coma
(Kinsey's Art Studio)
"Kinsey drops the pencil"
Kinsey- Kinsey Reeves
I think I've finally got it. This is going to be perfect.
Deacon- Deacon Walsh
let me see
Kinsey- what do you think, now be honest
Deacon-well.... it's perfect
Kinsey- really?
Deacon- yeah I think Jaxon and Maggie are going to love it
Kinsey- okay well since I am done with work are you ready to get out of here?
Deacon- oh you bet I am as long as you come with me
Kinsey- well of course I am silly
(Linwood Memorial Hospital; Waiting Area)
Jaxon- Jaxon Donovan
Claire come on is this some kid of joke
Claire- Claire Donovan
I wish it was just a joke but no it's not
Carla- Carla Sanders Donovan
Wait a minute your standing there telling me that my baby boy is in a coma and not only that but has a tumor as well
Claire- yes Aunt Carla I am
Bridget- Bridget Donovan
Is there any possibility that the tumor caused Drake to go into a coma?
Claire- that is a possibility but we won't know for sure until we run more test


Stuff To Know About This GH Version

Posted by JM Fanfiction in General Hospital My 2.0 Verson, 24 June 2014 - - - - - - · 297 views

The Manning's Are BACK in Port Charles for good!
*Character's- Kiki Jerome, Nina Clay and Silas Clay never existed
* Using Character's from OLTL John McBain, Starr Manning, Todd Manning, Blair Cramer, Tea Delgado, Dani Manning, Jack Manning and Sam Manning
* Franco stayed dead from when Jason shot and killed him


Epi. 1 "The Pilot"

Posted by JM Fanfiction in Privileged, 23 June 2014 - - - - - - · 258 views

"Shows Josie walking in the park and up to a hotdog cart"
Frankie- Clay
Well hello there beautiful.
Josie- Josie Preston
Hello Frankie, Can I get one hotdog please
Frankie- anything for you. So tell me hows working at Barrington Global going for you.
Josie- Well I'll tell you after today's over with and thanks for the hotdog
Frankie- no problem
"Josie takes a bite of the hotdog and starts walking down the sidewalk in the park"
(Barrington Global)
"Shows Josie getting off the elevator and she sees Tyler Barrington yelling at a worker"
Tyler- Tyler Barrington
either you start doing your damn job right or you'll be out on your ass jobless
Woman- yes boss
"The Woman walks off and Tyler sees Josie"
Tyler- Josie what brings you by today on your day off
Josie- Josie Preston
I just came to clean out my office, you know after you told me to start being an ass like yourself or get lost. Well I chose to get lost. So if you'll excuse me I have an office I need to pack.
Tyler- wait just a minute. Josie do you at least have another job or something to do until you find another job because if not you can keep your job here.
Josie- Tyler you can pretend to be nice all you want but come on it's me I've worked here for 15 years and believe me I've hated it everyday and besides I've decided to open my own night club.
"Josie walks off to her office, Tyler follows"
Tyler- a night club, are you serious about this Josie?
Josie- yes I am because I know I don't have to come to work everyday and deal with an ass of a boss like you. So if you would please leave so I can get what I need to get done
Tyler- you're making a big mistake
"Tyler walks off"
Josie- we'll see about that
(Carla's Diner)
"Shows Ryder and Doug sitting at a booth when a waitress walks over"
Doug- Doug Sanders
Well hey there Carla
Carla- Beth
hello boys, let me guess you guys both want the usual that you all get
Doug- yes ma'am
Carla- okay coming right up
Ryder- Ryder Preston
My sister needs to hurry up and get here
"Diner door opens and a man walks in"
Doug- hey Sterling what brings you by
Sterling- Sterling Wells
Josie told me to stop by and that she had some big news to tell me and I take it as that's why you guys are here
"Diner door opens again; Josie walks in"
Doug- it's about time
"Josie walks over and sits down and Carla brings them their food"
Carla- so what's the big news Josie
Josie- Josie Preston
Well since you all must know... I quit my job today
Ryder- what are you serious?
Doug- that's the big news
Josie- no there's better news. ............. I have decided to open up my very own night club and I want all of you to work in it
"Josie grabs a French fry and eats it"
(Apartment Building)
"Shows a woman walking down the steps to outside"
Mona- Mona Sawyer
It's about time you got here. I thought I was going to fully melt before you ever got out here
Layla- Layla Blackwell
I'm here now aren't I.
"The both chuckle"
Mona- come on were late for the meeting
"Mona wraps her arm around Layla and the both walk off down the sidewalk"



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(EXT: London, England- Edmund's Creepy Castle)
--Ashton sits in the living room, on the phone, and learns of Eden, Kirk, and Pearl's impending arrivals.  He smiles and says that it's time that everything be put in place so he, Kelly, and everyone else can live "happily" ever after.  Kelly enters the room, able to catch the last part of his sentence, and he hurries off the phone.
"Happily ever after huh?  I thought that was already decided on our wedding day, Mr. Lavery."
"Oh, it was, it was, Mrs. Lavery.   I just got some news that should delight you and perhaps give you some pleasure during your downtime on our extended stay here in London.  I'm sure you're about tired of my father, Christine, and all the construction on the East Wing by now."
"Actually, I find your father quite fascinating.  A bit mysterious, but he never ceases to hold my interest.  So......what is this happy news that is supposed to bring me such delight?"
"Your sister is actually on your father's jet, on her way to London right now.  I've invited her....and her friends to stay here with us.  At the castle."
"Oh?  And what friends are you talking about?  Julia?  Mary?"
"Actually, they're both men.  Pearl Bradford, that old friend of yours and my #1 fan, and Kirk Cranston."
"KIRK CRANSTON?  Eden is coming HERE.....with Kirk Cranston?  What the hell would possess her to bring that man here....let alone on daddy's jet?"
"I sense there's some sort of history there."
"Oh, not much.  Just that they were married years ago.  And he attempted to kill her.  Multiple times.  And gaslight her.   And kidnapped her...and Cruz....again, multiple times."
"Doesn't sound like the ideal travel companion."
"My point exactly.  It's all so strange.  Why would Eden leave her children, Cruz's parents, and daddy, to come to London with Kirk Cranston, of all people?"
"Sounds like you'll have plenty to discuss over dinner tonight.  They should be arriving before then and I've asked Christine to prepare a special meal for all of us....and our guests."
"Guests?" Edmund says, entering the room.
"Yes, father, guests.  Kelly's sister, Eden, and a couple of her friends will be arriving later.  I hope you don't mind that I've taken the liberty of inviting them to stay here.  I figure there's plenty of room for everyone.  It is a CASTLE, after all."
"Kelly, would you be so kind as to give my son and I a moment alone?"
"Of course.  Obviously my husband here should have discussed this with you first.  You've been very gracious to let us stay here as long as you have.  I hope you don't feel too put out that Ashton here has invited my sister and her.....friends to stay.  He's just trying to make me happy is all, as he always does.  I'll go and get a cup of tea from Christine in the kitchen.  Would either of you like anything?"
"Nothing at all my dear, the privacy will be quite enough."
Kelly exits the room, muttering to herself about Eden, Kirk, and :Pearl being the oddest of combinations.  Back in the living room, Edmund glares at his son.
"Just what are you up to?  It's been hard enough keeping Kelly away from her mother....now you've got her sister coming as well?   Just what in the devil are you up to?"
"I suggest you listen and listen good.  If you want this charade of a life that you've created for yourself and your pod in the East Wing to continue, you'll do everything that I ask of you tonight.  Otherwise, I'll expose you to the Capwell girls, who will surely go running to daddy...."
"You wouldn't dare.   You wouldn't risk your marriage to Kelly Capwell, that I know."
"You're right, I wouldn't.  And you'll understand things as they unfold today.  You just do exactly as I say or this whole thing will blow up in your face tonight father.  Do I make myself clear?"
"Why you little.....just who do you think you are speaking to me this way?   How dare you assume that I would go along with this, risk everything FOR...my God, if your mother were alive...."
"I thought she was.  Upstairs.  In her private bedroom.  Isn't that the double entendre you're leading right now?  You're just going to have to trust me for now father.  As for now, I must be going.  I have some business to attend to.  Please, keep Kelly entertained while I'm gone.   She seems to find you.....fascinating.  If only she knew just how interesting the life you're really leading right now really is...."
Ashton exits and as he leaves, Edmund takes out his phone and dials Pamela.
"We've got trouble.  Big trouble."
(EXT: Lionel and Augusta's London Flat)
--Augusta sits in her satin robe, staring at her husband across the breakfast table.  Clearly uncomfortable, she attempts to break the ice.
"Well that went rather smoothly yesterday."
"Those aren't the words I'd use if I were you, Augusta.  How dare you keep this from me for as long as you have.  How dare you!"
"How dare I?  After what that woman and your tawdry affairs with her have done to me over the years, you should consider yourself lucky I clued you in at all."
"Yes, lucky.  I couldn't care less about Sophia and the last thing I want is for you to go waltzing down memory lane with her.  But, I did the noble, unselfish thing and told you the truth.  I thought you'd be rather proud of me."
"Yes, proud.  What is with these one word inquisitions you're spitting at me?   If I had my way, that woman would have stayed dead and buried where she belonged.  Ironic, though, isn't it.  Here we are, 34 years later, and it's 1979 all over again.  Sophia is operating under a false name, with no previous recollection of her old life, Marcello is her only confidante....it's de ja vous.  Only this time...well, I'm not quite sure I understand the logistics of it.  She didn't fall off a yacht for pete's sake, she was pronounced dead.  By Saint Mary Duvall of all people and there's no way Sister Mary would lie about this sort of thing.  You have to give credit where credit is due....Edmund has pulled off quite the caper here.  I think you'd rather enjoy his torturing of CC, if it didn't involve you're quintessential love, Sophia, that is.   And here I am, allowing you to play hero to the tawdry slut you cheated on me with and created that.....circus performing son of your's with.  And  the only reason he's even alive is because your mother switched the babies all those years ago.  Otherwise, Sophia would have shot your only child with her."
"Thank you, Augusta, for the refresher course and the lovely walk down memory lane.  Well one thing is clear- I couldn't get through to her.  And if  I can't get through to her...there's only one other man who can....CC!"
"Lionel, have you gone mad?  Did you not listen to the history course that Marcello gave you?  CC has a past with Loretta as well as Sophia.  His involvement could make this situation more chaotic than it already is and worsen Sophia's condition, which God knows is the lassst thing you'd want to do."
"He has a right to know that his wife is alive, Augusta.  Whether I like him, hate him, respect him, or not, he loves her and is grieving for her.  It isn't right that we keep this from him."
Augusta walks across the table and hits Lionel on the back of the head.
"Would you get your brain wired back in, Lionel?  We need to put Sophia first here and involving CC is only going to cause a bigger mess than this already is.  I suggest that we at least wait until we here from Marcello before we do anything rash.  Where is that "dame" of a mother of yours when I need her to talk some sense into you?  We at least need to wait until we hear from Marcello first.  At the very least, he did put that tracking device in the suitcase, so we'll know- Sophi--Loretta's--oh whatever the hell that tramp is calling herself's whereabouts are at any given time.  Patience, dear.  I doubt this is the last we've heard from Marcello."
(EXT: Lady DuMonde's Mansion)
--Ashton is greeted at the door by the butler and requests to see Marcello at once.  Marcello swiftly enters the room and wonders aloud what Ashton could want with him.  Ashton suggests that they talk somewhere in private.  He explains that he accidentally stumbled into Sophia's room and realizes what his father has done and wants to right the wrong.  Marcello admits to a knowing Ashton that he already knows about Sophia and is trying to jog her memory.  Ashton quizzically asks if anyone else knows and Marcello tells him only Lionel and Augusta.
"Doesn't Sophia have a history with the Lockridges?"
"A long one- she had a forbidden love affair with Lionel for a good portion of her life."
"Well couldn't you use that and your hypnosis techniques to kick start her memory?"
"I've already thought of that and I tried it yesterday, but Sophia and Augusta exchanged words and Loretta....Sophia got cold feet.  She's truly convinced that she's your mother."
"My mother-in-law is brainwashed into believing she's my mother.  Sounds like something out of a soap opera."
"You'd think so, but this has happened before, and the last time it did, it caused insurmountable, permanent damage to the Capwells, especially to Channing, Eden, and CC"
"Of course.  Well, if I could get you in to see her again tonight, do you think you could get Lionel to come alone?"
"I'm not sure.  Augusta can be a handful and she'll want to come but.... I can try."
"Try you will, if you want to bring Sophia back.  And you will succeed.  You seem a smart man, Marcello.  I'm sure you can come up with a good reason to bring Lionel to the castle on his own.  Here"
Ashton writes down his phone number.
"This is my cell number.  You call me when you're on the way.  Try to make it around 7:30, as we will all be at dinner at that time and it will be much easier to sneak you into the mansion."
"All of you?"
"Yes, my father, my wife, her sister..."
"Eden's going to be there?"
"Yes but she'll be at dinner.  I haven't told Kelly or any of the Capwells about Sophia because.....well, because my wife has told me the sordid family history and I'd hate to put any of them through that again before Sophia realizes that she's....Sophia.  I'm disgusted by what my father has done- it could damn well ruin my marriage and there's no way in hell I'm going to let that happen.  You just follow my instructions and I'll make sure you're able to see Sophia.  Now, I must be going, as my father will soon be wondering where I am.  I was very careful not to be followed.  I don't want him to have any idea that I know about this, nor that I'm helping you."
"I appreciate it Ashton  You're doing a good thing."
"Yes well, I hope so and I do hope that everything goes as planned.  Now as I said, I must be going."
Ashton sees himself out and immediately dials his phone.
"Ok, it's all set.  I hope you're ready for everything that's about to happen."
The camera pans to a man in a suit, sitting in an office, without his face being shown.  
A familiar, English accented voice is heard on the other line.
"Oh, I'm ready.  I'm more than ready."
They hang up and the camera pans up to the mystery man.....

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(THE END......For TODAY)



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Carter grabs a faint Lisa before she falls do the ground. Scott rushes over to a table nearby and pulls out a chair while Carter drags Lisa to the chair, seating her. 
Lisa: (faint) Scott? Is it really you? 
Scott: Yes, Mom. 
Carter comes back to them with a glass of water. He hands it to Scott, who is now kneeled next to his mother. He holds the glass while Lisa takes a sip. 
Scott: You all right?
Lisa: I will be . . . (strokes his face gently) So glad to see you . . . 
Lisa then strikes her son across the face. Scott holds his face, which stings. Carter is stunned. Lisa jumps up and hovers over her son. 
Lisa: How dare you! How dare you do this to me!
On Scott totally shocked, 
Henry, with a chef hat and apron that reads "I rub my meat for two mins," dances around the kitchen while the pots of the stove create a slight fog from the steam. 
Henry: (singing) Pour it up! Pour it up! That's how we ball out! . . . Strips clubs and dollar bills--
He is abruptly interrupted by a knock at the door. Aggravated, Henry opens the door to reveal his younger sister, CLARK COLEMAN
Henry is speechless. 
Clark: (distraught) I need your help. 
On Henry worried
Mo and Casey sit on the sofa making out. Tom then barges in slamming the door. The two break apart like two teens that have been caught in the act. As the rearrange their clothes: 
Tom: Where is your mother?!
Casey: She's at the station. What's wrong?
Tom: Emily!
Casey: What now?
Tom tosses the paper at Casey before he storms up stairs. Casey unballs the paper to see the headline (from last episode) featuring Tom, Carter, and Scott. 
On Casey cringing, 

Casey kisses Mo (before she leaves) and closes the door behind her. Tom comes down the stairs, undoing his tie and tossing it to the side. 
Casey: You sure you're fine? 
Tom: Do I look fine? (off Casey holding his hands up for mercy) Sorry. 
Casey: No problem but does this story even has any truth to it? I mean we haven't seen or heard from Uncle Scott since I was child. You sure Emily isn't fabricating this to p*ss you off? 
Tom: No she isn't. For once she isn't lying in that rag she calls a paper. 
Casey: (confused) So then I don't get while you're mad at Emily . . .
Tom: Because she's ruining my campaign! Don't you see it!
Casey: Dad, I doubt anyone is taking Emily or her paper seriously. Her past isn't squeaky clean either . . .
Tom: But when you're running up against someone with a stellar track record such as Carter Wallace--
Casey: Dad, you need to chill. 
Casey goes and sits on the sofa. He pats on it to indicate he wants Tom to join him, to relax. After fighting it, Tom gives in. 
Casey: Dad, you have a stellar track record too. 
Tom: I do but--
Casey: Not "buts." Who cares that you left mid office almost fifteen years ago? That was then. This is now. 
Margo rushes in breathing heavily. 
Margo: Oh honey! There you are. (rushes over and kisses Tom) I went by the campaign office and Bonnie told me everything. (calming down) You OK?
Tom: Not really. 
Margo: Don't worry, honey. We'll figure this out--me, you, Bonnie, Lisa--
Tom jumps up from the sofa
Tom: Mom! I gotta go see her. 
Margo: We're coming with you. 
On a shot of the Hughes rushing out, 

Henry and Clark are now seated at a table. We enter mid-convo. Henry is trying to pry some info out of her. 
Clark: Henry, can you stop!
Henry: No! You just come beating down my door and you want me to stop?
Clark: Yes.
Henry: We haven't heard from you in years! Maddie, me, Bernadette--
Clark: I'm fine. (swiping hair out of face) Can't you tell?
Henry: Not really but I'll drop it for now . . .
Clark: I just need a place to stay for a few nights--
Henry: What? Hold on--you just come in here and expect to provide you a haven when you can't tell me where the heck you've been for the past five years?! Really, Clark?
On Clark moaning, 
Picking up where we left off of Lisa slapping Scott, and both he and Carter stunned: 
Scott: What was that for!
Lisa: For not picking up the phone and calling me! For not visiting me! Your brother--
Scott: Oh I've seen ole' Tom already. 
Lisa: What? So you've been in town for awhile now! (to Carter) And you knew?!
Carter searches for the right words, but before he can get them out, Lisa pops him in the face. Carter now holds his face, shocked.
Lisa: Now I see why you were using me--getting close to me. You wanted to stick it to me and Tom. (pointing to Scott) And he's the best way to do so? 
Scott: He didn't even know I was related you to until the night I arrived in Oakdale. 
Lisa: Oh really? So how do you two know each other?
Scott: We met awhile back in Somerset. I had a small practice there, he was there visiting--
Lisa: So you two became buddies and decided to come here and run for district attorney? 
Carter: No! I didn't even ask him to join me until weeks after I decided to come to Oakdale. 
Scott: Exactly. 
Lisa: (stewing) Oh OK . . . So Tom knew you were here?
Scott: Yes. I've been here since Christmas. 
Lisa: What!
Tom, Margo, & Casey come rushing in and up to Lisa, Carter, & Scott. 
Tom: Mom--
Lisa pops him across the face. 
Lisa: How could you! (to both of her boys) How could both of you! . . . (enraged, flailing around) How could all of you!
Casey and Margo step back, not wanting to feel the wrath of Lisa. 
On Tom holding his face, now stunned too. 


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