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DAYS #3 - Stefano Calls Kate!

Posted by Y&Rbiggestfan in Days of Our Lives, 27 March 2015 - - - - - - · 32 views

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Created By: Ted and Betty Corday

Written By: Casey Hutchison



Roman walks up to Abe.
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Hello Roman. It is good to see you. What's up?
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Hi Abe, it is good to see you as well. But, we need to talk about something important.
What is that?
E.J. DiMera's death.
What about it?
I got a clue about it. A clue we need to search and lead.
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Julie and Kayla sit down.
Posted Image JULIE:
I am absolutely in love with your new office.
Posted Image KAYLA:
You know..., I am too. So, you said you wanted to talk about the past. Where do you want to start? We can start anywhere. And by anywhere I really do mean anywhere. We can even start at Doug, if you would like.
I was actually hoping we could start at Patch.
Excuse me?

Adrienne bumps into Justin.
Sorry Justin.
That's okay Adrienne. It seemed like you were in a hurry.
Actually, I was in a hurry to see you.
We need to talk about Elsa. 
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Abigail grabs her coffee. As she turns around she bumps into Chad.
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You might want to watch where you are going.
Chad, I could have spilled this on you, and it still wouldn't match up to the fires of hell you feel every day. Anyways, nice talking to you. I guess I will see you around. As usual. Well, I have to go to the hospital. Some of us work for our money.
Abigail wait.
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What do you want?
Julie crosses her legs, and sets her purse on the side of her chair.
You want to talk about Patch?
Why is that?
Well, we were talking about love between Doug and I.
You think I still love him?
Kayla you will always love Steve. No matter if he is in the ISA or not.
I will have good feelings about Patch, but this whole love thing is far out.
Even with all the history?
Even with all that history.
How about we take a walk down memory lane.
If it makes you happy then fine.
(Laughs) Oh good!

Now do you think that you and Patch will always love one another?
You make a good point.
Adrienne sits.
What do you want to talk about concerning Elsa this time?
You act like this is a problem that will just go away.
Oh really?
Yes you are. Every time I want to talk about her, (sighs) you avoid the subject. You avoid it like I should just get over it, as well. I am here to tell you that is not fair to me Justin. It is not even fair to Sonny. Our poor Sonny.
What does he have to do with this?
Because, you avoided him for so long when he was in the hospital.
Why do you have to bring that up?
Adrienne stands.
Why?! Why?!
Adrienne slaps Justin.
Why did you have to sleep with another woman?!
Abigail sits with Chad, at a table.
What do you need to talk about? And make this quick.
Have you heard from Jordan?
Abigail stands. Chad stands in a hurry.
I have.
Has she asked about me?
Then Abigail's pager beeps. She looks at it.
I have to go.
What's the answer?
Abigail walks off.
(Sighs) You don't have it good with the ladies Chad.
Kate is about to walk in, when her phone rings.
(Sighs) Who could this be.
She looks at her phone.
Unknown number.
She answers.
This is Kate Roberts. Who is this?
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It's me Katherine. Your BFF Stefano, as the kids say.
What do you want?
I'm coming back to Salem. I thought you would like to be the first to know.
What about the taxes?
I won't be in Salem long enough for the police to catch me.
Oh really?
That's right. Seya soon sweet cheeks.
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Steffy & Jason's Wedding Day PT.2 (#66)

Posted by Y&Rbiggestfan in The Bold & The Beautiful, 26 March 2015 - - - - - - · 37 views

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Created By: William J. and Lee Phillip Bell

Written By: Casey Hutchison

Executive Producer: ML Cooks



Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


Steffy is in her room, still not ready. She is contemplating.
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I need to read this letter. Or should I? Then again, my mother is not going to be here. And this letter was her words to me. I don't know what she is talking about in this letter. But, I have always been the curious type.
She opens the envelope.
Massimo is working in his office. Jennifer knocks on the door.
Hello Massimo.
What are you doing here?
We need to talk, this instant.
Are you okay?
Posted Image
You think I am okay?
What's wrong?
What's wrong? The only thing wrong in this world is that I do not know who my son is. Listen to me, I am done playing the games. I am done going around and around and AROUND in circles. You are going to tell me who my son is. Right now!

Posted Image
Jason walks into the church. He stands in the middle of the isle. He looks up at the cross. He then flashes back to episode #59:
Posted Image
Were not going to do this again.

Posted Image
We might have to. If we get trapped like before.

Dammit mom! I'm not doing this again, so you can ruin my life! I won't let you be a tramp again!

Melinda slaps Jason.
You watch your mouth when you are talking to me! Do you understand? Now, like I said before. If we get trapped, I will repeat the events, that I did with your first fiancée.

The flashback ends. 
Hiding my past from Steffy sucks.
Thorne enters.
Oh, Mr. Forrester.
You know that you can start calling me Thorne. I am apart of Steffy's family.
I know. So, what brings you by this early?
I wanted to talk to you since Thorne is not here.
About what?
You respecting Steffy.
Steffy sits down.
Here we go.
She flips the letter open.
Dear Steffy, I miss you so much already sweetheart. Life just is not the same without seeing you each and every day. It pains me that I can not be there on your special day. I know that Jason is a good man, and that you will be happy for a long time. I want to tell you that I am so very sorry. I am sorry that I did what I did to you. I went along with the woman who faked your death. That pains me so much now. But, you do not have to worry about her now. She is gone. DEAD! I just want to tell you that I will always be in your life, no matter how many bars get in our way. I will try my hardest to bypass these charges, but it does not seem likely. I do love you honey, I always will. Please remember to look after Thomas for me. He needs you right now. You both need one another. Just because you two are adults doesn't meant the caring stops. I love you honey. Good luck to you and Jason. Piece be with you.
Steffy begins to cry as she curls up in a chair. Nick enters and goes to Steffy.
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Massimo sits back down in his chair.
You want to know who your son is.
I knew you were going to make me jump through hoops, once again.
That is because I LOVE the sport of it.
I know you do. Just tell me. What do I have to do? Do you want me to get on my hands and knees!
I wouldn't mind that.
Massimo unlocks a compartment in his desk.
What are you doing?
He stands with a box.
This box contains everything about your son.
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Dr. Broadkent walks out.
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Thank you Doctor. Hi honey. You look exceptionally beautiful. Would you like me to get you a mirror? I could let you see that beautiful face of your's. Trust me, you really do look exceptionally beautiful.
I would love to look at myself.
Brooke gets Hope a mirror.
Here you are.
Thanks mom.
She looks in the mirror.Posted Image
The role of Hope Logan is now being played by Brooke Newton.
The camera pans over to the windows. We see Deacon.
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Kelly Porter Assler



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Hunter Assler


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Katie Assler


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Michael Assler


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Sophia Leslie Michaels 


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Dexter Michaels


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Lily Michaels


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Nina Michaels



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AMC #6 - Erica & Jackson's TRUE Feelings

Posted by Y&Rbiggestfan in All My Children, 24 March 2015 - - - - - - · 45 views

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Greenlee, Annie has been released from Oak Haven.
I knew I heard a familiar voice.
I am glad you said conquered, because that is exactly what we did.
(Laughs) Okay. Then I will start by calling you a slimy, belligerent, bastard.
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Jackson looks offended by Erica's previous words. But, yet he expects it.
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What you just said was completely expected of you Erica.
What is that supposed to mean Jackson?
It means that even after being shot, you still have not realized that you act the same way. You only care about yourself. This is why I left Erica. This is why I left Pine Valley. This is why I left you. I was done with the selfishness.
Let's face it Jackson. You were ultimately done with me.
Marisa and Bianca come off a hug.
Bianca, you have to realize that what your mom wants, she does get. So, if she wants Jackson then she will get him. We just have to let her go, and realize that she can do what she want. And, if you feel hurt, then you can come to me.
Marisa, you know that every time they have been together, they have failed.
I know that.
Posted ImageBIANCA: 
Then I don't understand why you want them together. So, why do you want them together so badly. Because, I have a feeling that it isn't just because my mom is in her 60's, and she can do what ever she wants. So, why?

CREATED BY: Agnes Nixon
WRITTEN BY: Casey Hutchison
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Dixie comes down stairs.
Hi honey.
She kisses Tad.
Posted Image
Hi sweetheart. How has your day been?
It has been wonderful. You?
Good. is everything alright?
Well, actually we do need to talk.
About what?
Your mother.
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Natalia goes up to Brot.
Posted Image
(Laughs) Natalia, what in the world are you doing here on your day off?
(Laughs) I just wanted to come and visit the best husband in the whole damn world.
I am glad you are here, then.
They kiss.
So, what really brings you by?
I actually wanted to talk to you about the baby thing.
Posted Image
Thank you for coming here, as soon as I called.
No problem, but is everything okay?
I just needed a friend.
Is everything okay?
Everything is fine. I have just missed you.
Then I can deliver.
Marisa sits.
I have no other reasons Bianca. I just think you are getting paranoid.
I am not paranoid by this!
Marisa stands. She goes to Bianca.
You are paranoid, Bianca. I can see it. I know you by now. So..., tell me. You can tell me anything that you want to. So, what is it? What is it that is truly bugging you about this? Erica and Jackson's break ups can not be the only reason.
Wow! I cannot hide anything from you.
No you can't.
(Sighs) I just don't want my mom to get hurt again.
Now, there is a better reason.
(Sighs) Marisa, my mother's number of marriages are LEGENDARY. And, they have all ended in a big way. She not only gets hurt, but so do the men. So, do you understand now, why I don't want my mom to turn eleven marriages into twelve. Until..., she is ready.
Bianca, it would've been easier if you would have said that in the first place.
(Sighs) I know.
I will help you out.
Posted ImageBIANCA:
Thank you.
Tad sits.
This seems serious.
Dixie sits next to him.
It is a toss up. But, it does deal with her future.
What do you mean?
I am just saying that the house she has is too much for her at that age. Maybe, she should just go into a smaller place. I think it would be best for all of us involved. It would be the best decision for Opal. Please tell me that you agree.
Erica sits on the end of the bed bench.
Jackson I am going to lay down the law with you. I want you back. I at least want to start things again. If we start things again I will show you that I have changed one hundred percent. Just give me a shot.
After all the years we have spent in one another's lives, you just can't give up on me. On us.

So Jack, after all we've been through are you really going to tell me that we are TRULY and COMPLETELY over? I need an answer. I need an answer for us. I need an answer so I can move on with my life.
Erica my answer to our future is...
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#01 Monday, March 2

Posted by DrewH in As Days Go By, 03 March 2015 - - - - - - · 92 views

Eve and JJ are in her bedroom where JJ wonders why Eve brought him back there. Eve shrugs. She's not even sure. Eve wanted to talk to JJ in private. JJ figures a bedroom couldn't be more private. Eve shakes her head. JJ knows exactly why Eve brought him back there. JJ isn't sure they should do this again. Eve says she has a bottle of wine out front. JJ asks what happens after that drink. Eve looks down at the bed.

At the hospital, Jennifer tries calling Roxanne back. When she gets Roxanne's voicemail, Jennifer leaves a message, insisting Roxanne return her call. Lucas drops into Jennifer's office. He was going to see Sonny, but Adrienne's in with him. Jennifer wonders why that would stop Lucas from going in to see his son-in-law. Lucas recalls kissing Adrienne. He shakes the thought away, claiming he doesn't want to intrude. Lucas can remember how he felt when people would interrupt his time with Will when he was in the hospital. Lucas notices the keys on Jennifer's desk. "E.L." Jennifer confirms they are Eve's. Lucas asks why she has them, and Jennifer explains Eve left them. Jennifer admits she thought about using them to find out what Eve's hiding. Lucas smirks. A scheming side. Finally, a family trait they share. Jennifer laughs. She informs Lucas of her younger scheming days. Lucas had nothing on her! However, Jennifer realizes she needs to return the keys to Eve and just give it up.

Adrienne comes out of Sonny's room and calls out to Kayla, wondering if she has a minute. Kayla looks at her watch. She has a meeting shortly, but can talk to Adrienne. Adrienne wonders if Kayla ever found out what caused Sonny to get worked up the other day. Kayla shakes her head. He never made mention. Will didn't either. Kayla thinks it could've been nothing, just a normal reaction that was heightened due to the wound. Adrienne hopes so. She doesn't want to see her son dealing with anything besides recovery right now. Kayla thinks that's a great idea. The last thing Sonny needs is to deal with outside stress. Adrienne flashes back to kissing Lucas outside the town square. Adrienne nods, agreeing with Kayla.

Theresa is shocked to find Anne still at the hospital. Anne says she received notice of an impromptu meeting with Dr. Johnson. Theresa wonders what her aunt would need to talk to Anne about. Anne isn't sure. She questions if Theresa said anything to Kayla about the other day. Theresa swears she said nothing. To anybody. Anne hopes so. Anne has saved Theresa's ass too many times to be thrown under the bus because of some brainless billionaire. Anne wonders what Theresa is doing at the hospital. Theresa admits she wanted to use the hospital resources, but the Internet server is down and she's unable to. She'll have to rely on her own resources, Theresa guesses. Anne receives a call, notifying her Kayla is ready.

Jennifer knocks on Eve's apartment door. No answer. Jennifer pulls out the keys Eve left behind at the hospital and uses them to open the door. Jennifer calls out to Eve. Surprised Eve emerges from the back, demanding to know what Jennifer is doing in her home. Jennifer shows the keys and says she wanted to return them. When Eve didn't answer, Jennifer let herself in. Eve tells Jennifer she needs to go. Now! Just before Jennifer makes it to the door, JJ comes out. His eyes widen when he sees his mom. Jennifer wants to know what's going on. Eve manages to cover by picking up a box of things Paige gathered that belonged to JJ. She claims JJ came over to pick them up, so Paige didn't have to see him. JJ goes along with Eve's story. Jennifer looks doubtful, but keeps it to herself. She wonders if JJ is ready to head home now that he has his things. JJ nods and leaves with the box. Jennifer turns to Eve one last time before walking out the door. Alone, Eve covers her mouth at what just happened.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Adrienne is on the phone, giving Jo an update on Sonny. Doctors are still unsure how much longer he'll remain in the hospital. Adrienne promises to have Sonny call his grandmother tomorrow. Adrienne is startled when she turns around and finds Lucas. He tells her they need to talk about what happened the other night...

Eve pours a glass of wine. As she runs her hand through her hair, Eve wonders what the hell is wrong with her. JJ is practically a child. Eve takes a sip of her wine. "How screwed up am I?"

JJ walks into the Horton house with the box from Paige's in hand. Jennifer follows. She looks at the box JJ sits down and then at her son. Jennifer asks if JJ wants to talk about it. JJ shakes his head no. He should start on homework due tomorrow. JJ heads upstairs and Jennifer calls out to him. She reminds JJ that she's there if he needs to talk. JJ nods and continues up the steps. Jennifer sighs. Her phone rings, and it's Kayla with good news. Anne Milbauer will no longer be a problem for them. She was fired for trying to drug Brady Black. Hospital security cameras captured the deed. Jennifer calls it a new low. Kayla notices Jennifer's reaction. It's much more low-key than she expected. Jennifer admits she has something else on her mind. The ladies make plans to grab breakfast before work tomorrow. Jennifer hangs up and looks up the stairs.

At the pub, Theresa contemplates searching Dr. Mandrake's name in a search engine database on her cell phone. Just as she types the doctor's name and presses "SEARCH," the phone is yanked out of Theresa's hand by Anne! She's furious and demands to know what Theresa told her Aunt Kayla. Theresa asks what Anne is talking about. Anne explains that Kayla just fired her. Anne refuses to go down alone and all she has on Theresa will cost her job too!


Epi. 7: Gala Disaster part 1

Posted by JM Fanfiction in One Life To Live 2.5, 24 February 2015 - - - - - - · 94 views

Created By: Agnes Nixon
Written By: Josh Manning
Shows Karen sitting on the couch drinking coffee when she sees her son Noah walking in from the hallway
Karen- well good morning. I take it as your flight got in late last night
Noah- oh yeah it did
Karen- well did you get enough sleep last night?
Noah- yeah I got plenty of sleep.
Karen- well I'm surprised considering I heard you talking on the phone until like two this morning. So tell me who is this person that you have so much time to talk too.
Noah- just a friend
Karen- A friend. Is this friend a guy or a girl
Noah- mom!
Karen- Well I'd like to know. I'd like to think that you are finally looking to move on after what happened in Toronto.
Noah- I have moved on sense then. I was in a happy relationship with a guy while living in London.
Karen- remind me again why that ended?
Noah- he wasn't ready to come out to his parents.
Karen- and what about the person that you were on the phone with last night.
Noah- he's thought about it but he's part of a really big named family and his parents are some what well known people here in Llanview
The doorbell goes off and Karen gets up to answer the door and when she opens the door she has a shocked look on her face as it is her husband Steve Peirmont
Viki is walking through the room looking over the menu for the gala later this evening when her phone goes off
Viki- Joey! Hey sweetheart! I'm good, yeah just getting some last minute things done for the Gala tonight. So your catching your flight in a few correct.
Joey- Turn around
Viki turns around and she sees Joey standing there, She rushes over and hugs him
Joey- Don't squeeze to tight mother or you'll be saying goodbye to me next.
Viki- Oh I'm just so happy that you are here. So where's Kelly?
Shows Dani in her pajama's walking into the living room when he stops dead in her tracks and sees that their are roses sitting on the coffee table and Nate is down on one knee
Dani- Nate! What are you doing?
Nate- Dani I have loved you ever since the first moment that I laid eyes on you. I have always loved you. Yes I may have done some stupid things along the way but we have worked through them and I believe that we are ready to take the next step so... Danielle Manning will you marry me?
Dani- Nate please get up. 
Nate- Is something wrong?
Dani- yeah Nate there is something wrong? All of this is wrong.
Nate- what me buying you nice roses and proposing to you is wrong? I thought that's what all girl's wanted.
Dani- yes we do but I'm too young to get married.
Nate- your not too young. 
Dani- and besides I'm not even sure that I ever want to get married or if I'll be any good at it.
Nate- so what you're saying is that you won't marry me?
Dani- yes!
Nate- okay.
Nate grabs his keys and walks out of the apartment
Dani- Nate! Nate wait!
The door closes
Joey- Uh... Kelly is going to be here later she took a later flight than what I did.
Viki- Oh okay but she will be here for the Gala?
Joey- yes mother and we have a surprise for you, well actually more than one.
Viki- Oh really well what are the surprises
Joey- you'll just have to wait and see. But I've got to run. I need to go and pick up a few things before the Gala tonight
Joey kisses Viki on the cheek and walks out of the room. Viki's phone goes off and she answers it.
Viki- Jessica! Hey where are you I thought you'd be here by now? Oh you can't make it. Well you staying in Hawaii and taking care of Ryder while he is sick is more important than being here for the Gala. Okay I'll talk to you soon.
PJ- I still can't wrap my head around the fact that you live in this big of place
Starr- well it's more of a family home. 
PJ- yeah like i know so much about family.
Starr- listen um... about yesterday when my sister Dani asked about that scar I didn't know she was going to do that.
PJ- nah don't worry about it. It's okay I should of known people are going to ask where it came from.
Starr- Well if you don't mind me asking how did you get that bad of a scar?
PJ- me, my parents, my little brother Ollie and my older sister Ella well... we all lived in this small two bedroom apartment and my dad was a drunk. So one day my mom got tired of his drinking and she left. She didn't try and take us kids or anything, all she cared about was herself.
Starr- I'm sure she had her reasons. But how did your dad take it?
PJ- He got drunk like always and he decided to cook something on the stove. He is so damn drunk to realize that their is a pot of grease sitting on the stove and... it just blows.
PJ has a tear go down his face
Starr- Oh my god... I am so sorry. Did your siblings make it out?
PJ- yeah but now without have that memory of what our poor excuse of a father did to us.
Karen- Steve! Oh I am so happy to see you.
Steve- I have missed you so much. Hey Noah!
Noah nods at Steve
Steve- This is the first time you've seen your father in three years and all I get is a nod
Noah- yeah pretty much, Well I've got some where's I've got to be.
Karen- Oh and where's that?
Noah- any place but here.
Noah grabs his jacket and opens the front door
Karen- But you are still going to the Gala tonight?
Noah- yeah I'll be there
Noah walks out of the apartment and closes the door behind him
Steve- what was all that about?
Karen- Think real hard Steve and I bet you'll figure it out!
Shows Clint sitting on the couch when he hears the front door open and he sees Kevin standing there
Clint- well isn't this a surprise, I wasn't exspecting you back into town until later tonight
Clint and Kevin hug
Kevin- Well Joey and I caught an earlier flight
Clint- Joey's in town as well?
Kevin- yeah he went over to visit mom
Clint- good that will give us some time to talk
Kevin- about what?
Clint- you and Karen running BM!
Bo is talking on the phone when Nora walks into the office
Bo- Yeah i need all the security that I can have on hand for tonight's event. Good get them all there.
Bo hangs up the phone and sits down in his chair
Nora- Is something going on?
Bo- this letter was under my door and it's a letter threatning to attack someone at the Gala tonight
Nora- well do you think someone actually will?
Bo- I don't know that's why I'm having all this extra security for tonight's event
Shows Noah walking down the hallway as he walks up to the door. Noah knocks on the door and Matthew opens the door and kisses Noah as some snaps a picture. Noah walks into the apartment as they continue to kiss.


Starting Cast-

Posted by JM Fanfiction in Parting Ways, 26 January 2015 - - - - - - · 160 views

Lauralee Bell as Yvonne Mitchell
Molly Burnett as Leslie Carter
Brett Butler as Cathy
David Canary as Phillip "Phil" Carter
Maree Cheatham as Hazel Foster
Zack Conroy as Ethan Carter
Jason Cook as Heath Roscoe
Jimmy Deshler as Ben Carter
Melissa Clare Egan as Colleen Carter
Haley Erin as Ali Carter
Susan Flannery as Stella Foster Carter
Samantha Logan as Katie
Eric Martsolf as Aaron Carter
Cady McClain as Lorraine Saunders
Cady McClain as Sharon Saunders Carter
Kurt McKinney as Greg Carter
Lenny Platt as Dean Carter


The Funky Men of Genoa City! #158

Posted by aMLCproduction in The Young and the Restless, 18 January 2015 - - - - - - · 362 views

Genoa City MemorialPosted Image
Daisy walks into Daniels room where she sees Phyllis holding Lucy and Nate is running a set of vitals.
Posted ImagePhyllis: What are you doing here?
Posted ImageDaisy: I came to make sure the father of my child is ok.
Posted ImageDaniel: Mom please relax. Not in front of my daughter.
Daisy: Our daughter.
Posted ImageNate: Daniel how are you feeling?
Daniel: Other than a massive headache I'm ok.
Nate: You got a pretty nasty knot on your head. Do have any idea what happened to you?
Daisy: Yes I want to know that too. How did you end up walking into the club naked Daniel?
Phyllis: He was not! My son doesn't do that!
Nate: Paramedics noted that Daniel had no bottoms on.
Daisy: We saw Daniel walking into GC Nights , stumbling, no pants on. So what happened?
Daniel tries to remember
I remember a hot blonde bombshell
Daisy wonders if its her sister Mary.

Posted Image
Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell
Episode 158: The Funky Men of Genoa City
Written and produced by ML Cooks
Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Casey Hutchinson, Cary Richardson and Alex Beebs

Neil's Penthouse
Leslie is looking at Neil who has just received a mysterious envelope.
Posted ImageLes: What is it Neil is something wrong?
Posted ImageNeil: Its an invite for me and you to a celebration.
Les: Celebration, well what kind?
Neil: It doesn't say just gives a date and time. It says we are all in for a big surprise.
Les: Well who is we? Who else is invited?
Neil: 'Im not sure. But this is weird.
Les: Are you going to attend? I mean the last time this city had some sort of big party, someone exposed my past. I still say its Avery and although I have not gotten my hands on her yet lo and be hold when I do its going to be smoke in this city.
Neil: Calm down.

He gives her a hug.

Neil: We are past that and moving forward.
Les: I'm sorry Neil. Avery is going to pay for what she's done to me. But any way back to this party. Are you going to go?
Neil: You mean are we going to go? I don't know yet.
Leslie: Do you think its a trap being set by Malcolm?
Neil: He does hate my guts these days. Blames me for all of his problems. That's a good question. I think I'm going to find out.
Les: You're going to Malcolm's?
Neil: You damn straight. I'm going to get to the bottom of all of this.

Neil grabs his jacket and car keys and leaves.
Leslie goes into the bedroom to check on Moses.

Posted ImageAs usual the place is trashed, crushed beer cans and empty liquor bottles litter the floor everywhere. Pizza boxes on top of pizza boxes are stacked on the coffee table. Clothes are strewn out the efficiency apartment and to complete this are flies buzzing around. One flies in Malcolm's ear and he bolts up, having been sleep on the stained sofa.
He immediately remembers last night, somewhat. Meeting a pretty woman. She had a cell phone recording. It was of Roxanne and Nate admitting their love for one another. Drawn together by their secrets, Nate's being that he switched Moses paternity from Malcolm to Neil when Moses was born.
He snaps out of his flash back.
He talks aloud to himself.
It cant be. I'm tripping. I was drunk. It was a dream. It has to be. Why would Nate do something like that to me?
He thinks of last night again. He remembers listening to the taped conversation with Roxanne and Nate.
Hillary: How about a new beginning? Its never too late.
Malcolm: Thank you girl for listening to this loser tonight. I know I'm not much company. You're hanging with Genoa City's biggest loser. He takes another shot.
Hillary caves in and decides to save Malcolm. To give him hope. She takes his phone and then hers and touches them together so she can send the recording to Malcolm's phone.
Malcolm: What you doing pretty girl you want my number?
Hillary: I'm giving you hope. The video is done transferring. Hillary hits play on Malcolm's phone and then gets up and leaves.
Malcolm tries to focus in on the recording. He hears Nate admitting that he changed Moses paternity results from him to Neil.
I think I had too much to drink.. He then hits replay. He listens again to Nate admitting Moses is really his son and not Neil's From Episode 139

Malcolm thinks to himselfPosted Image
It was a dream it has to be. I will kill Nate and Neil both if some sh!t like that was true. Ill be damned.
He gets a knock on his door. He walks over to it and opens it up and sure enough its the man himself, Neil Winters.
Malcolm: Good timing.

Back at the Hospital
Phyllis: A blonde bombshell. What were you doing with her?
Daniel: Its all kinda foggy and its making my headache worse. Can we just talk about this later?
Nate: Good idea. We need to give Daniel his rest. Ill give you something for pain.

Nate leaves the room. Daisy follows with lots of thoughts running through her mind. She cant help but wonder if her sister Mary slept with Daniel.

Ill kill her.
Kill who? Daisy hears behind her. She turns around and sees Phyllis.
Daisy: I think Daniel cheated on me tonight.
Phyllis: Cheated? You're nuts! You're not with Daniel. He doesn't like you.
Daisy: We are a family whether you or him like it or not. We are going to be a family for the sake of our daughter. And you better watch how you speak front of my child. Your mouth tends to be outrageous.
Phyllis: You're outrageous Daisy Carter! Your last name says it all. You are a Carter! The daughter of Sheila Carter! Enough said!
Daisy: Why are you being so mean? I thought we were making some headway when I came to you and told about your son. You let me bring you over here.
Phyllis: I was desperate and had no other way to the hospital. Ill find my own way back.
Daisy: Can I give my daughter a hug before I go?
Phyllis: That wont be necessary.

Daisy has a tear form in her eye.

Daisy: One day Phyllis I will get custody of my daughter back. You will see. I am so determined. No one is going to stop me.
Phyllis: Well see about that. Keep dreaming Crazy Carter.
Phyllis flags down and orderly to push her wheel chair into the lobby. As Phyllis leaves Daisy calls her a Bitch. Phyllis turns around and smiles at her.
Daisy: I will get you Phyllis. You will pay for this. Daisy leaves the hospital.

Spencer's Apt.Posted Image
Hillary sits next to Spencer on the love seat as Roxanne sits in a chair across from them, eyes still very tense as she looks upon her new family.
Posted ImageRoxanne: I'm listening Spencer.
Posted ImageSpencer: After I changed my life, I met Hillary's mother, Brenda. I fell in love with her. She turned me into a wholesome man. We got married and had Hillary.
Roxanne: So I'm the older one?
Posted ImageHillary: Don't act like it.
Spencer: Stop that you two! We don't need them smart ass remarks. Now Hillary I raised you better than that. If you don't have nothing nice to say then don't say it at all.
Hillary: Have you heard Roxi's mouth?
Roxanne: See right there bitch. I told you to get my name right.
Hillary: I don't have enough respect for you to use the name given to you.
Spencer: This is going to be tough.
Roxanne: There aint going to be nothing. Don't worry about it. I don't like Hillary. I don't care if she's my half-sister. All she need to do is stay out my way and my life.
Hillary: Aren't you going to add Nathan to that list? That's the real reason you don't like me. You have Devon on one hand and lusting after Nate with the other and you're mad because Nate and I used to be in love back in college and we reconnected when I got back and you became very jealous. Especially after Nate told you that you two needed to end things.
Roxanne: You sure know a lot don't you.
Hillary: More than you know.
Spencer: Roxanne is any of this true or what?
Roxanne: I'm not going to dignify this whores accusations with an answer. And how dare you just believe her words over mine. This is a great start to a father and daughter relationship. I really cant handle this right now. I think I better leave because the only thing I want to do right now is tear off Hillary's face.

Roxanne grabs her purse and leaves slamming the door behind her. A picture falls from the wall.
Spencer shakes his head in disbelief.

Spencer: This cant be happening.

He turns to Hillary.

Hillary: Dad I don't lie you know that much.
Spencer: I know. I just cant believe all what I've seen today. My two daughters at war.

Posted ImagePhilip knocks on a door. When the door opens its a rough looking Cane.
Philip: Nothing has changed.
Posted ImageCane: Yea mate well I'm not in the mood for your sh!t right now!

Philip pushes Cane aside and barges into the apartment.

Philip: Well get ready you cracked out Aussie.

Philip looks around at the nearly empty apartment.

Philip: I know the signs. Ive seen you like this before. Crack?
Cane: Its none of your business.
Philip: Where are the twins?
Cane: Dont worry about them I got this.
Philip: No you dont you went from cocaine to crack! You sold everything in this apartment. You dont have nothing is what you got. Now again where are your twins?
Cane: Im not telling you now get the FUKK outta here Philip!
Philip: No I warned you! The last time I saw you I had to bail you out because you owed Sergio, the crack dealer one thousand dollars. I warned you to stop smoking crack then. Now I come back a few days later to check up on you and what do I find? It looks like you havent washed up in weeks. You sold all the furniture. What the hell Cane!? What is the matter with you? How has the almighty fallen so damn low? What drove you to this?
Cane: I dont want to hear this crap right now Philip! I dont care about you just leave!
Philip: I care! Someone has to care. Where are your children Cane?
Cane walks over to the door and opens it.
Cane: Out! NOW!

Philip pulls out his cell phone and begins to dial some numbers. He puts the phone to his ear as he hears ringing on the other end. Cane slams the door shut and walks over to Philip.

Cane: Who are you calling?
Philip: The police and then after that children services, last but not least Neil. This crack habit of yours stops now.

Cane pulls out a gun and shoots at Philip. The bullet grazes Philip hand and he drops the phone. Philip begins to holler out in pain but Cane comes up behind him and covers his mouth with his hand. Cane kneels them down so Cane can grab the phone.

Cane: No Im sorry. There is no emergency here. My kids got my phone by mistake.
Operator: Well Please make sure it doesnt happen again.

Cane hangs up the phone.

Cane: You like it when a man is behind you like this Philip?

Philip tries to wrestle out of Canes grip.

Cane: If you dont stop I'll shoot you again. I warned you. I told you to leave. Now you arent going anywhere mate. Im a crack head with a valuable hostage.

Daisy is walking the streets of GC. She is texting in her phone to Sheila.
"Where R U? I told U Mary and James are on their 2 U. Mary betrayed us, she sold us out. Are U ok?" She hits send.
Daisy: Mary Carter what have you done?

Meanwhile in Verdon Lou.Posted Image
Sheila's phone goes off. Its on a table but Sheila is in the basement with a huge wrench trying to loosen a screw on some pipes. It cracks and a hissing sound begins to grows louder from the ruptured pipe. In anger Sheila hits the pipe with the wrench and the pipe now breaks in half.
Posted ImageSheila: Damn it! This cant be happening. Gas leak.Posted Image
All this while James and Mary are making their way to Verdon Lou after Mary apparently sold Sheila out.


ANOTHER WORLD 190 Grant and Christy arouse suspicion

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Grant and Christy arouse suspicion

Created by:  William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written By:  C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants:  aMLCproduction, beebs, DRW50

AT THE WINTHROPS - Someone knocks on the door and CassAttached Image opens it.  It’s Charlie.Attached Image
Cass:  Heeeeey!!!  You’re back!
Charlie:  Yep.  
FrankieAttached Image walks in.
Frankie:  Hey honey!
Cass:  How was it?
Charlie:  Oh come on.  You guys know how honeymoons go.
Frankie:  We sure do.  
Charlie:  It was magical.
Frankie:  You didn’t wanna come back did you?
Charlie:  Kirkland and I could have laid there forever.  It was like there was no world outside.  Just us.
Cass:  I know that feeling.
Frankie:  You must have had a long flight.  Are you hungry?
Charlie:  Not really.  Thanks mom.
Cass:  Where’s Kirkland?
Charlie:  He went to see his father.
GRANT’S HOUSE - KirklandAttached Image rings the doorbell and ChristyAttached Image answers.
Christy:  Hi Kirkland.
Kirkland walks past Christy looking around.
Kirkland:  Where’s my dad?
Christy:  He’s getting dressed.  You can wait for him.
Kirkland:  Are you dad’s housekeeper or something Christy?
Christy:  Far from that my dear.
Kirkland:  What are you doing here anyway?  Especially after you crashed me and my wife’s wedding reception.
Christy:  Look I...I owe you an apology.
Kirkland:  You’re damned right.  You and your creepy son.
Christy:  Eric is not creepy, and he had nothing to do with it.  It was all my idea.  I shouldn’t have done it.
A fully dressed GrantAttached Image walks in.
Grant:  Hey son!  When did you get back?  
Kirkland:  Couple hours ago.  Dad can I speak to you for a minute?
Christy:  I’ll...go into the study.
Kirkland and Grant look to make sure she’s out of sight, then Kirkland turns his attention to Grant.
Kirkland:  Dad what is she doing here?
Grant:  Can’t I be charitable?
Kirkland:  Charity?  So you just gave this woman, who tormented Charlie’s parents, a place to live?
Grant:  Are you saying that I am not giving?  I’ll have you know that I give to a lot of organizations.
Kirkland:  Yeah, especially to the ones that you can get a big tax write off for.
Grant:  Did you learn comedy on your honeymoon?
Kirkland:  Dad you never answered my question?  What is Christy Carson doing here?  I noticed you two made eye contact when she showed up uninvited at Tops.
Grant:  Son I can’t get into that right now.
Kirkland:  Come on dad.  Are we gonna go down this road again?  I read that her parole was denied.  After that she gets out, and now she’s living here.  What’s going on?
Grant:  She’s....helping me to get Paulina back.
Kirkland:  Are you on that again?  Why would Christy help you to do that?
Grant:  Because I love Paulina.  I never stopped.
Kirkland:  Nahhh there’s something more to it than that.
Grant:  I’ll have to tell you later son.  Hey why don’t you go see your mother.  I’m sure she’d be happy to see you.
AT THE MCKINNONS - In front of the house, JakeAttached Image , VickyAttached Image , MichaelAttached Image and DonnaAttached Image are all discussing MicheleAttached Image
Jake:  Vicky are you serious?
Vicky:  Are you telling me that Reginald isn’t capable of poisoning her mind?
Michael:  He held me prisoner for over twenty years.  He sure can brainwash my granddaughter.
Donna (turning to Michael):  For some reason, though, I don’t think that’s the case.  Bridget did some questionable things that lead to Michele’s accident.  
Vicky:  Yeah, she did.
Michael:  So that’s why you think Michele might be angry at Bridget.  What do you think she’s gonna do?
Donna:  I have no idea, but I have a very bad feeling.
Vicky:  So you think that...Michele is gonna do something to Bridget, just like Marley did something to me?
Donna:  Yes, and we’ve got to stop it.
Vicky:  Michele is not gonna hurt her sister.
Jake has a flashback..
Jake:  It’s a long story honey, but it turns out that Lindsay Winthrop is my daughter.
Michele:  My goodness.
Bridget:  And she’s a deceitful lying little bitch, and I want nothing to do with her.
Michele looks at Bridget, then looks at Jake.
Michele:  Well...I’d like to meet her.  
Jake flashes back to the present…
Jake:  Wait a minute.  I know exactly where Michele is.
They all follow Jake, and Bridget comes out, and follows everyone else.
HOSPITAL EXAM ROOM - Michele is with GregoryAttached Image and LindsayAttached Image
Gregory:  Thank you.
Michele:  She looked she was in a lot of pain.  I’m just glad I was here for you.
Lindsay:  And it was really sweet of you to stay with me.  Thank you.
Gregory:  Hey I’m Greg.
Lindsay:  And my name’s Lindsay.  It’s nice to meet you...uh…
Lindsay extends her right hand to Michele, and Michele has a flashback (EPISODE 184).
Jake:  Um…
Bridget:  Lindsay came to Bay City and lied to all of us.  She tried to be my friend, knowing all the while that she was my sister.
Michele:  Our sister?
Jake:  It’s a long story honey, but it turns out that Lindsay Winthrop is my daughter.
Michele:  My goodness.
Bridget:  And she’s a deceitful lying little bitch, and I want nothing to do with her.
Michele looks at Bridget, then looks at Jake.
Michele:  Well...I’d like to meet her.  
Michele flashes back to the present.
Michele:  I’m Michele.
Lindsay:  Oh...nice to meet you.
Gregory:  I appreciate you being here for Lindsay.
Michele:  Oh it’s not problem.
Michele tries to walk past them and Lindsay stops her as she approaches the door.
Lindsay:  Wait Michele.  You said that John was your uncle.
Gregory:  My dad?
Lindsay:  Yeah.  Who are you?  Jake had a daughter named Michele..  
Michele:  I really need to go.
Lindsay grabs her arm before she can open the door.
Lindsay:  What kind of game are you playing?

Cass:  He went to see Grant?  What’s the matter with him?  He doesn’t wanna shoot the breeze with his in-laws?
Charlie:  He wants to see parents just as I want to see mine.
Frankie:  I’m sure we’ll all catch up later.  When did you get back?
Charlie:  About a couple of hours ago.  
Cass puts his arm around Frankie’s shoulder.
Charlie:  So have you heard anything from Christy Carson since she showed up at the reception?
Frankie:  I’ve...I’ve seen her.
Cass:  What do you mean Frankie?
Frankie:  She asked to meet with me the other day.  
Charlie:  Why?
Frankie:  She apologized for crashing the reception.
Cass:  I can’t believe you would even meet with her.  Come on you’re not falling for this!
Frankie:  That’s what Felicia said.
Cass:  Christy is pulling you into her web.
Frankie:  I’m giving her a second chance Cass.  Who am I to hold a grudge?
Charlie:  I wasn’t born yet when Christy did all those things to you, but, from what I heard, it was really bad mom.  I think you need to be careful where she’s concerned.
Cass:  That’s what I’ve been trying to tell her, but she won’t listen.
Frankie:  Come on I wasn’t born yesterday.  You think I don’t have questions myself?  Her parole was denied, and then she was miraculously released.  
Cass:  Makes you wonder doesn’t it?
Frankie:  Of course it does, and you guys are just gonna have to trust me.  If Christy is up to something, I’m gonna find out what it is.
Christy creeps up to the living room and listens as Kirkland and Grant continue their conversation.
Kirkland:  I’ll see mom later.  We’re talking about you and Christy.
Grant:  Listen I’ve told you everything that I’m going to tell you.  The less you know, the better.
Kirkland:  You called in a favor didn’t you?  You got the governor to pardon Christy of her crimes so she can help you get Paulina back?  That’s a crock dad.
Christy, while listening, has a flashback.
Christy:  Eric, I’m so glad to see you!  Did you do it?
Eric:  Yep.  I got everything out of there.  It wasn’t easy though.
Christy:  Oh my sweet boy.  You sure know how to make your mama proud.
Then she has another flashback...(EPISODE 155)
Grant:  I’m gonna ask you again, what happened to Scooter?
Christy:  He and I were good friends, and I’m gonna miss him dearly.
Grant:  What the hell are you talking about?  I just talked to him about an hour ago.
Christy:  Well, Scooter had an unfortunate…occurrence.  From what I heard, he just couldn’t take it anymore.  He couldn’t stand the pressure of knowing what he knew, so he killed himself.  Luckily for him, he had a friend like me, so what he knew, I now know.
Grant:  And just what is it that you think you have knowledge of?
Christy:  I know that it’s something you’ve been looking for, but that’s not all.
Grant:  I don’t think you have any idea who you’re trying to play games with.
Christy:  Oh.  I know exactly who you are.  You’re the very powerful, very wealthy, Grant Harrison.  If you want something to happen, it usually does.  
Grant:  I’m leaving.
Grant turns to leave and then...
Christy:  I also know about your connection to Mary-Frances’s twin brother, and I know where the dossier is.
Grant:  It was you.  Who did you order to break into my house?
Christy:  Now I’ve got your attention.  I’m not gonna ask you for much...just one small favor...get me the hell out of here.
Christy interrupts Grant and Kirkland’s conversation.
Christy:  Oh I’m sorry.  I couldn’t help but overhearing.  I am very grateful for your father helping me to get out of that facility.  The least I could do is to help him get back the woman he loves.
Kirkland looks back and forth at Grant and Christy.
Kirkland:  No...something’s not right here.  This isn’t over dad.  
Kirkland leaves.
Grant:  He’s getting suspicious.
Christy:  That much I gathered.
Grant:  You’re gonna need to move out.
Christy:  I’d like a suite downtown.  
Grant:  Whatever.  I’ll make a call.
Christy:  You better throw Kirkland off our trail, because if you don’t, this could blow up in all of our faces.  Where did he go anyway?
Grant:  I presume he went to tell his mother’s side of the family that he’s back in town.
Lindsay:  I asked you a question.
Gregory:  How do you know my dad?
Michele:  I told her he was a friend of the family.
Lindsay:  You said he was your uncle, and you have the same name of my dead sister.  Whatever game you’re playing, it’s very cruel.
Michele:  It’s not a game!
Lindsay:  Then what is this?  Who are you?
Jake, Vicky, Donna, and Michael walk in.
Lindsay:  Jake, what are you doing here?
Jake goes directly to Michele.
Jake:  I knew you’d come here.
Lindsay:  You knew what?  What’s going on?
Donna and Michael also slowly approach Michele.
Donna:  Honey, what did you say to Lindsay?
Michele:  Why is everyone treating me like I’m fragile?
Michael:  Baby we’re just concerned.
Michele:  Nothing is wrong.  I just came to see…
Lindsay:  Will someone tell me what the hell is going on?
Jake:  This is your sister Michele.  Reginald changed her face.  She knew who you were all along.
Vicky:  Why is everyone ganging up on her?  You are acting as though she committed a crime.  All she came to do is see Lindsay.
Lindsay:  No wonder she said John was her uncle.  
Gregory:  My God...you’re...you’re alive.  Wow.
Lindsay suddenly doubles over in pain as she grabs her stomach.  She notices blood on one of her thighs...and so does Gregory.
Gregory:  Lindsay?
Jake:  My God.
Gregory:  We’re going to see a doctor.
Lindsay:  I’m...fine.
Gregory:  This isn’t gas.
Jake:  What’s going on?  
Gregory:  She’s been having stomach pains.  
Gregory, Lindsay, and Jake leave as Donna, Michael and Vicky continue to talk to Michele.
Donna:  Why don’t you come with us?  We’ll take you home.
Vicky:  Why don’t we all go...and see if Jake needs anything.
Michael:  Honey we’ll be waiting by the elevators for you.
Vicky:  I love you.
Donna:  We all do.
Michele:  I’ll be right behind you.
Michael, Vicky and Donna leave the exam room.  Michele takes a deep breath, and walks to the door, but before she approaches it, Bridget walks in and locks it.
Michele:  I was leaving.
Bridget:  No...not yet.
Michele: Everybody’s waiting for me.
Bridget:  You’re gonna tell me what you’re up to.
Michele:  Are you sure you wanna do this now?
Bridget:  Yes Michele...now.


2014 Recap (Part 1): EnerNext

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Days of our Lives, MySONtv and 1 more...

Welcome to the first of a few entries to start off the year for those of you who have been reading along and especially for those of you who haven't (so far). 2014 at my DAYS blog have seen a very exciting year (hopefully more exciting than on TV anyway), filled with intrigue and excitement.
This first entry for 2014 will be going over one of the central stories I've been working on for 2014, and will continue well into the new year. The saga of Titan and it's big oil partner, EnerNext.
EnerNext: The Corprate Saga Continues
Posted Image
Upon Nick Fallon's misadventures in the river in the Winter of 2013 at the hands of Gabi Hernandez, Kate Roberts, and Sami Brady, Nick was presumed dead. However, a nature-loving Brit by the name of Percy rescued Nick from a wet and icy death, taking him to his secluded cottage in the woods north of Salem, where Nick was able to recuperate, as well as plot his revenge against everyone who had wronged him.
Speaking with Percy at length during those long days in the cabin, Nick discovered a plan by a major energy company, EnerNext, to buy up all the land in the rural area north-west of Salem. The area was found to have a potentially lucrative fossil fuel deposit buried beneath it, mostly in hard-to-access tar sands in the soil. EnerNext needed to purchase Percy's many acres of land to commence their fracking operations. However, as Percy is an environmentalist, and avid owl-watcher, he could simply not sell his land, knowing the owls he found so fascinating would be driven away by the clear-cutting, and the extreme amount of pollution created by EnerNext's operation.
Posted Image
Nick grew sympathetic to Percy's problems, and, upon blackmailing Kate Roberts into rehiring him at Titan subsidiary MadWorld, promised to assist him in taking down EnerNext, if in exchange, Percy assisted him in taking down Nick's enemies. Luckily for both of them, they shared a few enemies in common.
After researching the situation, Nick decided to find an ally in the press to help him in his mission. He tracked down Nicole Walker, who worked as an investigative reporter for Titan TV. Nicole, desperate to get a foothold in the news business once again after her disasterous stint working for Eric Brady at St. Luke's, was initially repelled by the story of a local birdwatcher reticent to sell his land to a corporation. She was equally repelled at the thought of dealing with a convicted murderer and all-around sleaze like Nick. But the more she dug into the story, the more the story excited her. Here was a story that could really launch her career back on track. The only missing piece of the puzzle was: Who was pulling the strings to get the funding and the local backing for the project?
Nick did some digging, and uncovered the very convenient truth, that EnerNext was dealing very closely with a local firm, one that Nick could easily use to his and Percy's advantage: Titan. This was less convenient for Nicole, however. Confronting EnerNext's CEO at the company's press conference held at Horton Town Square. Her barrage of tough questions for Tyler Houston, EnerNext's CEO, ranged from the environmental impact of the fracking operations, to the perception of environmental racism by virtue of the much richer oil deposits near the more affluent east end of Salem. After several minutes of questioning, punctuated by a gathered crowd of hundreds of protesters, eagerly rooting for Nicole as she put Tyler on the hot seat, Tyler finally was rescued by a visibly angered Victor, who erupted from behind the temporary stage built for the conference. Tyler announced at that moment that Titan would be acquiring EnerNext's operation.
Nicole was stunned and angered, having put the fate of her career in jeopardy now that she realized that the very people she was fighting in this story were her own employers. Nicole confronted Nick about the revelation, realizing almost instantly that Nick knew that Titan and EnerNext were to merge, and didn't say anything to her about it, as it would inevitably lead to Nicole giving up the story. However, Nicole didn't realize that while she was making a fool of herself at the press conference, Nick was covering his bases, and broke into Nicole's office at Titan TV, attempting to steal back the information Nicole had collected about EnerNext during her investigation. What he came away with wasn't what he was looking for, but was much more beneficial to him.
Upon opening the folder, Nick discovered evidence that Nicole had withheld from Eric regarding the identity of the doctor that created the drug cocktail used by Kristen DiMera to rape then-Father Eric, as well as the makeup of the drug itself. When Nick confronted Nicole with the evidence, Nicole was forced to continue working on the story, consequences be damned. But Nick knew to keep everything under the radar, as he had another ace up his sleeve.
While digging for information, Nick stumbled upon Sheryl Connors, MadWorld's newest graphic designer, in a dark office with her friend Jordan Ridgeway. However, Nick recognized the two immediately as their true identities, Kaylie Matthews and Siobhan McKinnon: Environmental activists accused of blowing up a bank in Canada during the G8 Protests. Nick knew that they were both where they weren't supposed to be, and that they all had the same goal: bring down EnerNext and Titan. By threatening to out Sheryl and Jordan as their true identities, Nick secured their complicity in his plans.
However, none of them were aware that Kate Roberts was already a step or two ahead of them. With Kate insanely jealous of Jordan's budding relationship with Rafe Hernandez, Kate had hired a private investigator to find out any information he could about Jordan Ridgeway's past. But, after sneaking into Jordan's apartment and uncovering her collection of fake IDs, it took very little time to find out who Jordan really was.
Posted Image
Presenting the proof of Jordan's real identity to Roman Brady, Kate hoped to be rid of Jordan once and for all. Not so. Due to a legal loophole, Kaylie (Jordan) and Siobhan (Sheryl) had been acquited for the bank bombing in Canada. Roman knew that the two women were up to something, however, and agreed to help Kate find some answers before it was too late. Roman approached the ISA to bring Kate's daughter, ISA agent Billie Reed back to Salem, under the guise of working alongside her mother at MadWorld Cosmetics, all the while actually protecting her and helping her take down Sheryl and Jordan.
The next step in Nick's plan would be to break apart all the elements that would allow the fracking project to become a reality. Knowing that Titan TV was a crucial element in Titan/EnerNext's plan to make the community see the benefits of the oil sands project, essentially rendering Titan TV to little more than a source of corporate propaganda, Nick set about ensuring the TV station became an entity independant of Titan. Knowing that Victor's brazen dismissal of FCC regulations, and basic journalistic principles would not sit well with the Titan board, and also recognizing not only would it look better on Titan if they shed the money-losing TV operation, he set about influencing (read: blackmailing) the members of the board that he could control. Namely Kate.
Using what he knew of Kate's involvement in his attempted drowning, Kate is tasked with influencing the vote against Victor's plans to retain Titan TV, thus giving an independent voice to the news against the EnerNext oil sands project, allowing Nicole to continue investigating and reporting the potential dangers of allowing the project to come to fruition, and breaking apart the Titan empire piece by piece, all under the guise of saving Titan's shareholders money.
Who stands to gain from Titan's loss of their TV station? And who is giving Nick orders? None other than Stefano DiMera.
Are Nick's intentions simply to right past wrongs and save Percy's land from destruction at the hands of big oil? Or is there something much more sinister at work?
Please feel free to comment and to ask questions. And thanks all of you who read my Days of Our Lives every week! Happy 2015!


Episode 1 "The Pilot"

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At the Callison Manor the Patriarch of the family Tom is sitting on the couch when his wife Maggie walks into the room with a big ole smile on her face.
Tom-Well what's got you in this great of a mood
Maggie- Our baby boy is coming home today. As a matter of fact I just seen his car pull up the drive way.
Tom- Well then I guess we need to make him feel welcomed back home
Tom and Maggie walks towards the front door as it opens and Ethan walks into the Manor carrying a duffle bag. He drops the bag and hugs both of his parents.
Ethan- Oh it feels great to be home again.
Maggie- and we are very happy to have you home again and hopefully this time for good.
Ethan- well as of right now I plan on making it my permanent home.
Tom- Good and if you need I can get you a job at the hospital.
Ethan- no need to do that dad Aaron has already gotten me a job at The Wild Spot.
Tom- that freak bar where all them freaks go.
Ethan- dad just because they're gay doesn't make them freaks and I think me working there will be a good thing.
At Destiny Cafe Sage and her fiance Brady are sitting at a table drinking coffee when Sage's best friend Hope Cooper walks into the cafe and sits down at their table.
Hope- You will never believe who I just seen back in town
Brady- Your Brain?
Hope- Haha very funny
Sage- Who did you see back in town?
Hope- Brian Jenkins!
Brady- Who's that?
Sage- he's an ex of mine that went away not long after we broke up
Hope- yeah I'm sure he's finally over you.
Sage- let's just hope he is
At the Police Department Edwin Callison is sitting behind his desk when his boss Commissioner Charity Summers walks out of her office and over to his desk.
Charity- we have one hell of a huge problem
Edwin- what do you mean?
Charity- Brian Jenkins! The man that torched your sister a couple years back who had been reportedly released from prison. Well I just got a call from the Mayor asking me why I haven't caught the escaped prisoner yet.
Edwin- So he wasn't set free?
Charity- No he wasn't suppose to get out the court screwed up their paper work and released him instead of the guy that was suppose to be released. So I need you to get out their on the street and start looking for him.
Across town in an abandon warehouse in a sound proof room Brian Jenkins is walking around the room looking at an 18 year old named Stephen Donovan who is tied down to the bed.
Brian- Oh do you not like the place that I've chosen for you. Well I thought it was really nice but yet you've never seen the inside of a prison have you? No! But I know your father has and he still is. The bad thing about you never being in prison is you really don't know how it works in there. You see if you want something from someone you have to give something for them to help you. Or in my case you just take it. See your father Mike is in prison for killing your mother which I'm pretty sure you already knew that. See I needed his help and he gay me an offer and I declined it which made him very mad. So for pay back he made me his bitch, which is exactly what I'm going to do to you.
At Memorial Hospital Tom Callison is the Chief of Staff. Tom is making his way around the hospital when he notices something very unusual by the ER doors. Tom walks over and sees that there is a baby in the basket. He picks up the baby.
Tom- Well aren't you just a precious little girl
Tom carry's the baby back into the hospital


GENERAL HOSPITAL FANFIC EPISODE 14...Monica tells Tracy what she did.

Posted by cnathanielrichardson in GENERAL HOSPITAL, 23 August 2014 - - - - - - · 476 views

Monica tells Tracy what she did
Created by: Frank and Doris Hursley
Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson
Consultant: Beebs and YRbiggestfan
Sebastian WestAttached Image walks into the park with his book bag and sits on the bench.  He looks to the left, then to the right and is certain that nobody is there.  He takes out a small bag of marijuana, then looks for something else while focused on the bag.
Sebastian:  Dammit.
SydneyAttached Image offers him a lighter.  This breaks his focus on the bag and he looks up at her.
Sydney:  Looks like you need one of these.
Sebastian:  Thank you.
He reaches out for the lighter, but Sydney pulls it back.
Sydney:  So are you gonna smoke that all by yourself?
MICHAEL’S APARTMENT - KikiAttached Image walks in with a gift bag, smiles, and takes a red teddy out of it.  She turns to the table, which is pristinely set with two candles, handkerchiefs, silverware, two champagne glasses, and a silver, ice filled bucket with a bottle of champagne in it.  She then gets a call on her cell phone.
Kiki:  Hmm if it isn’t my sexy fiance.  Wait till you get home.
MichaelAttached Image is at ELQ sitting at his desk staring at his computer.
Michael:  Hey babe.  I’m...gonna be home a little late tonight.
Kiki:  Let me guess...ELQ stuff.
Michael:  Yeah we just got word that they’re gonna announce the winning bid for the Waterfront Project.  I’m sorry.  I promise I’ll make it up to you.
Kiki (sighing):  Okay.  I can’t lie and say I’m not disappointed.
Michael:  I know I know.  I’ll see you later.  Love you.
Kiki:  Love you, too.
MonicaAttached Image steps away from the living room door as she talks to Tracy.
Monica:  I’m gonna do whatever it takes to keep Carly away from Jason.
Tracy:  And how do you plan on doing that?  It hasn’t worked all these years.  What makes you think it’s gonna be effective now?
Monica:  I brought down Sonny Corinthos didn’t I?
Monica flashes back to giving a recording of Sonny admitting that he shot A.J. to Anna Devane…
Anna:  What is this?
Monica:  Listen to it.  It’ll get you the fish you’ve been trying to catch for years.
Monica flashes back to the present.
Tracy:  I don’t know how you managed to pull that off, but Carly isn’t gonna be that simple.
Monica:  Trust me none of this is easy, but I’ll be damned if I let Carly destroy my other son.
Monica and Tracy turn around and there are CarlyAttached Image and JasonAttached Image

Sebastian and Sydney are sitting next to each other on the park bench, and they have just finished smoking a joint.
Sebastian:  You better not tell anyone about this.
Sydney:  Oh please.  It’s not the end of the world if someone finds you smoke weed.  Besides, can you tell me where I can get some more of this good stuff from?
Sebastian:  How do I know you’re not a narc?
Sydney immediately stands up.
Sydney:  Don’t be ridiculous.  Narcs normally don’t smoke joints!
Sebastian:  Find your own weed guy.
Sydney:  You’re a total ass!
Sebastian:  Thank you.
Sydney:  I’m hungry.  
Sebastian:  Go get something to eat then.
Sydney:  Ugh!
MorganAttached Image is outside of Kelly’s sitting on a bench, and Kiki walks up.  Morgan notices her.
Morgan:  Hey Kiki.
Kiki:  Morgan what’s up?
Morgan:  Just went for a run.  What’s up with you?
Kiki:  Nothing, just getting something to eat.
Morgan:  Are you sure that’s it?
Kiki sighs.
Kiki:  No it’s not.
Carly:  I would never hurt Jason.
Monica:  You...are poison.  I lost one son because of you and Sonny and I won’t stand by and watch that happen again!
Carly:  I’m sorry, Monica, for your loss.  I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost Michael or Morgan, but A.J. made his own choices.
Monica:  You’re a human tornado.  You leave destruction in your wake.
Jason:  Mom that’s enough.
Monica:  It’s true.  You need to stay away from Carly before she destroys you.
Tracy:  Jason we’ve gotta get to ELQ.  The winning bids are gonna be announced soon.
Tracy walks out the door, and as she closes the front door, she walks and looks in her purse for something.  Suddenly, Sydney bumps into her, and Tracy notices a lighter that falls out of Sydney’s purse.
Sydney:  My God!  Not only are you a bitch, you’re a clumsy bitch.
Tracy picks up the lighter.
Tracy:  Hmm what would this be for?
Sydney:  What is it to you?
Sydney tries to walk past Tracy but Tracy stops her.
Tracy:  You wreak!
Sydney:  Wreaks of what?
Tracy:  Are you really gonna try to play coy with me Syd?
Sydney:  I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Tracy:  Pot!
Sydney:  I can’t wait till Luke gets back.  It’s been a long time for you hasn’t it?  You really need to find a hobby.
Tracy:  Does Maya know that you light up joints?
Sydney:  She knows all about that.
Tracy:  Maybe where you lived before, but not here in Port Charles.
Sydney:  Is there a point you’re trying to make?
Tracy:  I bet Maya would ship you to an iron clad, maximum security, prison-like rehab facility.  In fact, why don’t we call her right now and let her know...
Sydney (grabbing Tracy’s phone):  Please...don’t tell my sister.
Jason:  Mom can you watch Danny while I go to the office?  Sam should be coming soon to get him.
Monica:  Of course I’d watch my grandson.
Carly:  I have to go to the MetroCourt.
Monica:  On your way out of Port Charles I hope.
Monica walks into the living room and sits on the couch as she watches Danny continue to play with his toys.
Monica:  Hey there my little grandson.  Oh I just so wish Alan were here to see you.   I’m gonna be in your life as much as possible.
RobinAttached Image walks in with a suitcase, and Monica does not hear or see her immediately.
Monica:  I never even got to know your brother Jake, but your big brother, Michael is thriving, and running ELQ.
Robin:  Big brother Michael?  Monica what are you talking about?  The only brother Danny had was Jake.
Monica turns around and is shocked.


Welcome Back To Sprinfield

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Soon you guys will be back in the lives of everyone of your favorites from Springfield along with some new faces. I hope you will enjoy this classic soap opera as I did and still do.


DOOL Epi. 1

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(Horton Town Square; by gated bench)
"Shows Paige walking past then bench talking on the phone, when is stopped by Bev"
Paige- hey mom I'll call you back I have something I need to take care of
"Paige hangs up"
Bev- it's so nice running into you here Paige, alone, away from everyone and no one can what I'm going to do to you
Paige- what are you talking about Bev?
"Bev pulls a gun from her purse"
Paige- um... Bev there's no need for you to have that gun
Bev- oh yeah there is, you see I'm going to use this gun to get you to do as I say so I can get what I want
Paige- Bev if you want to see JJ all I have to do is call him and tell him to meet me here and you can see him
Bev- oh I don't only want to see him I want to have him and I also want to have his baby. And the only way that will happen is if you are out of the picture for a while.
Paige- What do you mean by that?
Bev- It means you have disappear for a while, and I have to perfect place so get to moving
"Paige walks off followed by Bev pointing the gun at her"
(Daniel's Apartment)
"Shows Daniel walking around his apartment in just a towel; talking on the phone"
Daniel- yeah I can't wait Melanie, Yeah Parker and I plan on coming out there very soon to visit you
"doorbell rings and Daniel answers it"
Daniel- hey let me call you back I got something I need to take care of
JJ- hey you got a minute to talk
Daniel- um... yeah sure come on in. Just give me a few minutes to get dressed then I'm all yours
"Daniel walks off towards the hallway"
(DiMera Mansion; Living Room)
"Shows Sami sitting on the couch and movers walk into the living room"
Sami- it's about damn time you guys showed up. Listen all the stuff that is being moved is upstairs the first and second room on your left.
Moving Man- okay is there anything else from this place that needs to be moved
Sami- no oh wait while you are moving that could you please drop this off at the dumpster
"Shows the portrait of EJ and Sami sitting beside the couch; EJ walks in"
EJ- Samantha what the hell is all of this
Sami- well considering everything that has happened between us that you have caused you can put the pieces together. I'm moving out and so are the kids.
EJ- Samantha please stay and we can talk about this
Sami- talk about what? You cheated on me EJ with that slut Abigail. There is nothing to talk about.
EJ- Samantha please just hear me out. Please!
Sami- you have until the moving truck is loaded up so start talking.
(Brady Pub)
"Shows Theresa and Anne sitting at the far booth in the corner"
Anne- so tell me how are things going with your niece Paige
Theresa- not very good at all thanks to my ignorant half-sister Eve
"Shows Theresa looking over at Eve sitting a the bar; Anne gets up"
Theresa- Anne where are you going?
Anne- to work some magic
"Anne sits down next to Eve"
Anne- oh I'm sorry was this seat taken
Eve- no not at all
Anne- the names Anne... Anne Milbauer
Eve- Eve Larson, nice to meet you
Anne- you too, so I have heard through the grapevine that you and Jennifer Horton go way back as being enemies
Eve- grapevine as in you mean my sister Theresa. I know what your doing and I'm not liking it at all. So you can go back over to that little corner booth and chit-chat with my sister
"Eve gets up and walks out of the pub, Anne walks back over to the booth"
Theresa- very smooth handling Anne, very well done
Anne- oh shut it
(Daniel's Apartment)
"Shows Daniel walking back into the living room"
Daniel- okay kid what did you want to talk about
JJ- well um... Paige and I are having our first official date tonight and well lately when we have been hanging out we have been getting pretty close to some things.
Daniel- you mean sexual things right
JJ- yeah and well I was wondering if you could give me some pointers on that you know how a father would to his son. What I mean is I know the whole sex part but I want to make it as romantic as I can.
Daniel- this is your first time isn't it?
JJ- what no I've had sex before
Daniel- right and if you have then why are you asking me stuff on how to make it romantic.
JJ- alright look this will be my first time with a girl and I want to make sure it is special for both Paige and I and I just really don't want to screw this up
(DiMera Mansion; Living Room)
Sami- you going to start talking or am I just going to leave
EJ- look I know what I did was just wrong, pathetic
Sami- how about degrading, or hurtful or oh my favorite it's cheating.
EJ- and I am truly sorry that I ever did that to you so please give me another chance please.
Sami- I've already given you to many damn chances. We are done EJ so you can go find your little slut and be with her now
EJ- so it's like that well I guess I'll hear about it tomorrow as to who you are shacking up with next.
"Sami slaps EJ"


Golden Days Epi. 6

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(Grave Yard)
"Shows Jaxon looking at a woman"
Jaxon- Jaxon Donovan
Bridget is that really you?
Bridget- Bridget Donovan
The one and only, so get over here and give your sister a hug
"Jaxon hugs Bridget"
Jaxon- what are you doing back here in town?
Bridget- I came back for a visit but as soon as I get back in town I hear that you are getting married, Drake is in the hospital from an overdose and Donovan Enterprises has gone nuts. What the hell happened when I left?
Jaxon- I don't know I guess we are all going crazy
Bridget- I'd say, so have you been to the hospital to see Drake
Jaxon- I was there when they first brought him in but then I left to come here.
Bridget- come on lets go see our baby brother together
"Jaxon and Bridget walk off together and a shadow is seen standing behind a wall"
(Linwood Memorial; Patient's Room)
"Shows Carla walking into the room and shows Drake lying on a hospital bed hooked up on IV and other machines; Carla walks over and sits down next to his bed"
Carla- Carla Sanders Donovan
oh sweetheart why did you have to go and do something so stupid. Why didn't you just call me, we could have talked or you could have called Jaxon or anyone. You didn't have to try and kill yourself. But not to worry because as soon as you wake up we are going to get you all the help that you need. Lila's here and so is Grandpa Sullivan, a lot of the family is here and Jaxon is on his way here. Oh please sweetie just wake up for me please.
(Linwood Memorial; Waiting Area)
"Shows Lila and Sullivan sitting in chair's; Claire walks up"
Claire- Claire Donovan
hey granddad where's Aunt Carla?
Sullivan- Sullivan Donovan
in there with Drake, why is something wrong
Claire- I need to talk to her
Sullivan- okay well I'll go get her
"Sullivan walks off"
Jaxon- Jaxon Donovan
Claire what's going on if it wasn't anything serious you would just wait until later to tell us, so what's going on?
"Claire sighs"
Bridget- Bridget Donovan
Has my brother gotten worse?
Claire- yes he has
Carla- Carla Sanders Donovan
what do you mean worse, how much worse?
Claire- We did a cat scan of Drake's brain and it shows a tumor on his left frontal lobe, but it get's worse
Jaxon- worse what could possibly be any worse that a tumor
Claire- Drake slipped into a coma
(Kinsey's Art Studio)
"Kinsey drops the pencil"
Kinsey- Kinsey Reeves
I think I've finally got it. This is going to be perfect.
Deacon- Deacon Walsh
let me see
Kinsey- what do you think, now be honest
Deacon-well.... it's perfect
Kinsey- really?
Deacon- yeah I think Jaxon and Maggie are going to love it
Kinsey- okay well since I am done with work are you ready to get out of here?
Deacon- oh you bet I am as long as you come with me
Kinsey- well of course I am silly
(Linwood Memorial Hospital; Waiting Area)
Jaxon- Jaxon Donovan
Claire come on is this some kid of joke
Claire- Claire Donovan
I wish it was just a joke but no it's not
Carla- Carla Sanders Donovan
Wait a minute your standing there telling me that my baby boy is in a coma and not only that but has a tumor as well
Claire- yes Aunt Carla I am
Bridget- Bridget Donovan
Is there any possibility that the tumor caused Drake to go into a coma?
Claire- that is a possibility but we won't know for sure until we run more test


Stuff To Know About This GH Version

Posted by JM Fanfiction in General Hospital My 2.0 Verson, 24 June 2014 - - - - - - · 225 views

The Manning's Are BACK in Port Charles for good!
*Character's- Kiki Jerome, Nina Clay and Silas Clay never existed
* Using Character's from OLTL John McBain, Starr Manning, Todd Manning, Blair Cramer, Tea Delgado, Dani Manning, Jack Manning and Sam Manning
* Franco stayed dead from when Jason shot and killed him


Epi. 1 "The Pilot"

Posted by JM Fanfiction in Privileged, 23 June 2014 - - - - - - · 206 views

"Shows Josie walking in the park and up to a hotdog cart"
Frankie- Clay
Well hello there beautiful.
Josie- Josie Preston
Hello Frankie, Can I get one hotdog please
Frankie- anything for you. So tell me hows working at Barrington Global going for you.
Josie- Well I'll tell you after today's over with and thanks for the hotdog
Frankie- no problem
"Josie takes a bite of the hotdog and starts walking down the sidewalk in the park"
(Barrington Global)
"Shows Josie getting off the elevator and she sees Tyler Barrington yelling at a worker"
Tyler- Tyler Barrington
either you start doing your damn job right or you'll be out on your ass jobless
Woman- yes boss
"The Woman walks off and Tyler sees Josie"
Tyler- Josie what brings you by today on your day off
Josie- Josie Preston
I just came to clean out my office, you know after you told me to start being an ass like yourself or get lost. Well I chose to get lost. So if you'll excuse me I have an office I need to pack.
Tyler- wait just a minute. Josie do you at least have another job or something to do until you find another job because if not you can keep your job here.
Josie- Tyler you can pretend to be nice all you want but come on it's me I've worked here for 15 years and believe me I've hated it everyday and besides I've decided to open my own night club.
"Josie walks off to her office, Tyler follows"
Tyler- a night club, are you serious about this Josie?
Josie- yes I am because I know I don't have to come to work everyday and deal with an ass of a boss like you. So if you would please leave so I can get what I need to get done
Tyler- you're making a big mistake
"Tyler walks off"
Josie- we'll see about that
(Carla's Diner)
"Shows Ryder and Doug sitting at a booth when a waitress walks over"
Doug- Doug Sanders
Well hey there Carla
Carla- Beth
hello boys, let me guess you guys both want the usual that you all get
Doug- yes ma'am
Carla- okay coming right up
Ryder- Ryder Preston
My sister needs to hurry up and get here
"Diner door opens and a man walks in"
Doug- hey Sterling what brings you by
Sterling- Sterling Wells
Josie told me to stop by and that she had some big news to tell me and I take it as that's why you guys are here
"Diner door opens again; Josie walks in"
Doug- it's about time
"Josie walks over and sits down and Carla brings them their food"
Carla- so what's the big news Josie
Josie- Josie Preston
Well since you all must know... I quit my job today
Ryder- what are you serious?
Doug- that's the big news
Josie- no there's better news. ............. I have decided to open up my very own night club and I want all of you to work in it
"Josie grabs a French fry and eats it"
(Apartment Building)
"Shows a woman walking down the steps to outside"
Mona- Mona Sawyer
It's about time you got here. I thought I was going to fully melt before you ever got out here
Layla- Layla Blackwell
I'm here now aren't I.
"The both chuckle"
Mona- come on were late for the meeting
"Mona wraps her arm around Layla and the both walk off down the sidewalk"



Posted by juniorz1 in Return to Santa Barbara, 21 April 2013 - - - - - - · 835 views

(EXT: London, England- Edmund's Creepy Castle)
--Ashton sits in the living room, on the phone, and learns of Eden, Kirk, and Pearl's impending arrivals.  He smiles and says that it's time that everything be put in place so he, Kelly, and everyone else can live "happily" ever after.  Kelly enters the room, able to catch the last part of his sentence, and he hurries off the phone.
"Happily ever after huh?  I thought that was already decided on our wedding day, Mr. Lavery."
"Oh, it was, it was, Mrs. Lavery.   I just got some news that should delight you and perhaps give you some pleasure during your downtime on our extended stay here in London.  I'm sure you're about tired of my father, Christine, and all the construction on the East Wing by now."
"Actually, I find your father quite fascinating.  A bit mysterious, but he never ceases to hold my interest.  So......what is this happy news that is supposed to bring me such delight?"
"Your sister is actually on your father's jet, on her way to London right now.  I've invited her....and her friends to stay here with us.  At the castle."
"Oh?  And what friends are you talking about?  Julia?  Mary?"
"Actually, they're both men.  Pearl Bradford, that old friend of yours and my #1 fan, and Kirk Cranston."
"KIRK CRANSTON?  Eden is coming HERE.....with Kirk Cranston?  What the hell would possess her to bring that man here....let alone on daddy's jet?"
"I sense there's some sort of history there."
"Oh, not much.  Just that they were married years ago.  And he attempted to kill her.  Multiple times.  And gaslight her.   And kidnapped her...and Cruz....again, multiple times."
"Doesn't sound like the ideal travel companion."
"My point exactly.  It's all so strange.  Why would Eden leave her children, Cruz's parents, and daddy, to come to London with Kirk Cranston, of all people?"
"Sounds like you'll have plenty to discuss over dinner tonight.  They should be arriving before then and I've asked Christine to prepare a special meal for all of us....and our guests."
"Guests?" Edmund says, entering the room.
"Yes, father, guests.  Kelly's sister, Eden, and a couple of her friends will be arriving later.  I hope you don't mind that I've taken the liberty of inviting them to stay here.  I figure there's plenty of room for everyone.  It is a CASTLE, after all."
"Kelly, would you be so kind as to give my son and I a moment alone?"
"Of course.  Obviously my husband here should have discussed this with you first.  You've been very gracious to let us stay here as long as you have.  I hope you don't feel too put out that Ashton here has invited my sister and her.....friends to stay.  He's just trying to make me happy is all, as he always does.  I'll go and get a cup of tea from Christine in the kitchen.  Would either of you like anything?"
"Nothing at all my dear, the privacy will be quite enough."
Kelly exits the room, muttering to herself about Eden, Kirk, and :Pearl being the oddest of combinations.  Back in the living room, Edmund glares at his son.
"Just what are you up to?  It's been hard enough keeping Kelly away from her mother....now you've got her sister coming as well?   Just what in the devil are you up to?"
"I suggest you listen and listen good.  If you want this charade of a life that you've created for yourself and your pod in the East Wing to continue, you'll do everything that I ask of you tonight.  Otherwise, I'll expose you to the Capwell girls, who will surely go running to daddy...."
"You wouldn't dare.   You wouldn't risk your marriage to Kelly Capwell, that I know."
"You're right, I wouldn't.  And you'll understand things as they unfold today.  You just do exactly as I say or this whole thing will blow up in your face tonight father.  Do I make myself clear?"
"Why you little.....just who do you think you are speaking to me this way?   How dare you assume that I would go along with this, risk everything FOR...my God, if your mother were alive...."
"I thought she was.  Upstairs.  In her private bedroom.  Isn't that the double entendre you're leading right now?  You're just going to have to trust me for now father.  As for now, I must be going.  I have some business to attend to.  Please, keep Kelly entertained while I'm gone.   She seems to find you.....fascinating.  If only she knew just how interesting the life you're really leading right now really is...."
Ashton exits and as he leaves, Edmund takes out his phone and dials Pamela.
"We've got trouble.  Big trouble."
(EXT: Lionel and Augusta's London Flat)
--Augusta sits in her satin robe, staring at her husband across the breakfast table.  Clearly uncomfortable, she attempts to break the ice.
"Well that went rather smoothly yesterday."
"Those aren't the words I'd use if I were you, Augusta.  How dare you keep this from me for as long as you have.  How dare you!"
"How dare I?  After what that woman and your tawdry affairs with her have done to me over the years, you should consider yourself lucky I clued you in at all."
"Yes, lucky.  I couldn't care less about Sophia and the last thing I want is for you to go waltzing down memory lane with her.  But, I did the noble, unselfish thing and told you the truth.  I thought you'd be rather proud of me."
"Yes, proud.  What is with these one word inquisitions you're spitting at me?   If I had my way, that woman would have stayed dead and buried where she belonged.  Ironic, though, isn't it.  Here we are, 34 years later, and it's 1979 all over again.  Sophia is operating under a false name, with no previous recollection of her old life, Marcello is her only confidante....it's de ja vous.  Only this time...well, I'm not quite sure I understand the logistics of it.  She didn't fall off a yacht for pete's sake, she was pronounced dead.  By Saint Mary Duvall of all people and there's no way Sister Mary would lie about this sort of thing.  You have to give credit where credit is due....Edmund has pulled off quite the caper here.  I think you'd rather enjoy his torturing of CC, if it didn't involve you're quintessential love, Sophia, that is.   And here I am, allowing you to play hero to the tawdry slut you cheated on me with and created that.....circus performing son of your's with.  And  the only reason he's even alive is because your mother switched the babies all those years ago.  Otherwise, Sophia would have shot your only child with her."
"Thank you, Augusta, for the refresher course and the lovely walk down memory lane.  Well one thing is clear- I couldn't get through to her.  And if  I can't get through to her...there's only one other man who can....CC!"
"Lionel, have you gone mad?  Did you not listen to the history course that Marcello gave you?  CC has a past with Loretta as well as Sophia.  His involvement could make this situation more chaotic than it already is and worsen Sophia's condition, which God knows is the lassst thing you'd want to do."
"He has a right to know that his wife is alive, Augusta.  Whether I like him, hate him, respect him, or not, he loves her and is grieving for her.  It isn't right that we keep this from him."
Augusta walks across the table and hits Lionel on the back of the head.
"Would you get your brain wired back in, Lionel?  We need to put Sophia first here and involving CC is only going to cause a bigger mess than this already is.  I suggest that we at least wait until we here from Marcello before we do anything rash.  Where is that "dame" of a mother of yours when I need her to talk some sense into you?  We at least need to wait until we hear from Marcello first.  At the very least, he did put that tracking device in the suitcase, so we'll know- Sophi--Loretta's--oh whatever the hell that tramp is calling herself's whereabouts are at any given time.  Patience, dear.  I doubt this is the last we've heard from Marcello."
(EXT: Lady DuMonde's Mansion)
--Ashton is greeted at the door by the butler and requests to see Marcello at once.  Marcello swiftly enters the room and wonders aloud what Ashton could want with him.  Ashton suggests that they talk somewhere in private.  He explains that he accidentally stumbled into Sophia's room and realizes what his father has done and wants to right the wrong.  Marcello admits to a knowing Ashton that he already knows about Sophia and is trying to jog her memory.  Ashton quizzically asks if anyone else knows and Marcello tells him only Lionel and Augusta.
"Doesn't Sophia have a history with the Lockridges?"
"A long one- she had a forbidden love affair with Lionel for a good portion of her life."
"Well couldn't you use that and your hypnosis techniques to kick start her memory?"
"I've already thought of that and I tried it yesterday, but Sophia and Augusta exchanged words and Loretta....Sophia got cold feet.  She's truly convinced that she's your mother."
"My mother-in-law is brainwashed into believing she's my mother.  Sounds like something out of a soap opera."
"You'd think so, but this has happened before, and the last time it did, it caused insurmountable, permanent damage to the Capwells, especially to Channing, Eden, and CC"
"Of course.  Well, if I could get you in to see her again tonight, do you think you could get Lionel to come alone?"
"I'm not sure.  Augusta can be a handful and she'll want to come but.... I can try."
"Try you will, if you want to bring Sophia back.  And you will succeed.  You seem a smart man, Marcello.  I'm sure you can come up with a good reason to bring Lionel to the castle on his own.  Here"
Ashton writes down his phone number.
"This is my cell number.  You call me when you're on the way.  Try to make it around 7:30, as we will all be at dinner at that time and it will be much easier to sneak you into the mansion."
"All of you?"
"Yes, my father, my wife, her sister..."
"Eden's going to be there?"
"Yes but she'll be at dinner.  I haven't told Kelly or any of the Capwells about Sophia because.....well, because my wife has told me the sordid family history and I'd hate to put any of them through that again before Sophia realizes that she's....Sophia.  I'm disgusted by what my father has done- it could damn well ruin my marriage and there's no way in hell I'm going to let that happen.  You just follow my instructions and I'll make sure you're able to see Sophia.  Now, I must be going, as my father will soon be wondering where I am.  I was very careful not to be followed.  I don't want him to have any idea that I know about this, nor that I'm helping you."
"I appreciate it Ashton  You're doing a good thing."
"Yes well, I hope so and I do hope that everything goes as planned.  Now as I said, I must be going."
Ashton sees himself out and immediately dials his phone.
"Ok, it's all set.  I hope you're ready for everything that's about to happen."
The camera pans to a man in a suit, sitting in an office, without his face being shown.  
A familiar, English accented voice is heard on the other line.
"Oh, I'm ready.  I'm more than ready."
They hang up and the camera pans up to the mystery man.....

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(THE END......For TODAY)

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