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DOOL #6 - The BITCH Is Back!

Posted by Y&Rbiggestfan in Days of Our Lives 2.5, 20 April 2015 - - - - - - · 43 views

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Created By: Ted & Betty Corday

Written By: Casey Hutchison


Melanie and Brady are kissing in the living room. Maggie enters.
Posted ImageMAGGIE: I guess I should have knocked. So sorry.
Melanie and Brady stand.
Posted ImageMELANIE: I guess we should be kissing somewhere else.
Posted ImageBRADY: (Laughs) Good afternoon Maggie.
MAGGIE: I guess it is.
Jennifer and Daniel are sitting on the couch.
Posted ImageDANIEL: Jen, can you at least tell me who this involves, besides JJ and Eve?
Posted ImageJENNIFER: This also involves Paige.
Eve and Theresa sit down with coffee.

Posted Image


EVE: I am so happy that you decided to come over.
THERESA: I am too. We need to talk.
EVE: About what?
THERESA: This baby crap.

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Serena sits on the bed.
SERENA: I did not tell you, because I knew how you would react.
ERIC: How I'd react?
ERIC: Yes, I am mad.
SERENA: I knew it.
Eric sits next to Serena.
ERIC: I am angry because the woman I love is walking away.
Posted ImageSERENA: The woman, you what?
Eve crosses her legs.
EVE: Theresa, what in the hell are you talking about? Are you pregnant?
EVE: Then, what are you talking about?
THERESA: Eve, you're like the only person I can trust in this god awful town. So, therefore you are the only one I can talk to about this. (Sighs) Every time, I look at something anything baby, I get this wave of emotion.
EVE: Theresa.
Theresa stands.
THERESA: I am telling you the truth dammit! 
EVE: I believe you. But, we need to figure out why, and that's where I am going to help you.
THERESA: Really? You believe me?
EVE: Yes. Of course I do honey.
Melanie and Brady sit back down. Maggie is no longer in the room.
MELANIE: We've got to find another room in this place. I think that's the third time Maggie has seen us in this romantic position.
BRADY: Yeah, that sounds about right.
MELANIE: (Sighs) Can we go to one of my favorite rooms in this house?
BRADY: Which one would that be?
They stand and kiss.

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MELANIE: Your bedroom silly.
BRADY: See, I thought it would be the library.
MELANIE: Second favorite room.
BRADY: (Laughs)
The run off.
Paul shuts the door behind Sonny, as he enters.
PAUL: What do we need to talk about?
SONNY: I will make this short for you.
PAUL: Okay. What is it?
SONNY: This.
Sonny and Paul KISS.
Then, Paul wakes up in bed. 
PAUL: I wish that was real.
Serena and Eric kiss.
ERIC: So, do you understand why you can't leave me?
SERENA: I understand why you don't want me to leave.
Eric and Serena stand.
ERIC: What do you mean?
SERENA: (Sighs) Eric it means more than you will ever know that you really do love me. But, I still have to leave Salem. And, you can't hold me back from that.
Daniel and Jennifer are hugging. Jennifer has a tear that strolls down her face.
DANIEL: (Sighs) I had no idea it was that bad.
JENNIFER: You know now. 
​DANIEL: (Sighs) Jen I shouldn't have pried that much.
JENNIFER: You shouldn't have. And, since you did; I have to ask you something.
JENNIFER: You can't tell that I told you this to anyone.
DANIEL: Jen...
JENNIFER: Daniel, I am begging you!
DANIEL: Jennifer I can't do that! And, I think you know why.
Sonny enters. 
SONNY: I'm home.
Will comes out from Ari's bedroom.
WILL: ​Sonny.
SONNY: Hello Will.
KRISTEN: Hush little baby don't say a word mommy's gonna bye you a mockingbird, and if that mocking bird don't sing, mommy's gonna buy you a diamond ring. Well, baby, how about I just give you your daddy.

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Epi. 9: A confession and a death

Posted by JM Fanfiction in One Life To Live 2.5, 19 April 2015 - - - - - - · 36 views

Everyone is looking around to see who has been shot, when screams are heard from Blair as Todd is lying on the floor covered in blood. 
Blair- Todd! Please hold on, please stay with me.
Todd- I love you Blair I always have and I always will.
Blair- I love you too Todd and we have all the time in the world to spend together.
Todd- no we don't Blair. Tell my kids that I love them.
Todd dies in Blair's arms as she starts to cry
Shows PJ sitting in a chair as Starr walks over towards him and presses a towel on PJ's arm where he'd been shot
Starr- that looks pretty bad we should get you to the hospital.
PJ- Starr I'm fine. Go check on your dad!
Starr- are you sure?
PJ- yes I'm going to be okay.
Starr gets up and leaves as PJ pulls out his phone and texts someone

Blair, Viki, and Starr are in the waiting area waiting on news about Todd. Dr. Daniel Wolek walks out of one of the exam rooms
Blair- Daniel! Please tell me he's okay... Please!
Daniel- I'm sorry Blair, he was already gone when he arrived here. There was nothing we could do.
Daniel walks off as Blair falls to the ground and starts crying, Starr walks over and hugs her as Viki falls down in the chair in shock
Most of the people at the ballroom have cleared out except for a few
Bo- I knew this was going to happen tonight damn it I just knew it.
Nora- yeah well I bet you didn't expect this to happen.
Nora turns her phone around to show Bo a picture of Matthew and Noah
Bo- what the hell is this?
Karen-well today has been very eventful as you would say. So are you ready to turn in for the night?
Steve- sure why not?
Shows Matthew and Noah talking when Bo and Nora walk up to them
Karen- what's going on here?
Nora- I'd like to know what this picture is about?
Nora shows everyone the picture of Matthew and Noah kissing
Matthew- oh god
Nora- Matthew are you gay?
Noah- I kissed him because I'm in love with him...
Nora- why the hell would you do that? You know what that could do to his name in... Why would you do that?
Matthew- Because I'm gay and we are seeing each other!


"The Fortune Teller" S1E1 - Pilot

Posted by Y&Rbiggestfan in The Fortune Teller, 19 April 2015 - - - - - - · 45 views

The Fortune Teller

Season 1 Episode 1

Created By: Casey Hutchison

Written By: Casey Hutchison

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Posted Image

We see of shot of the woods. It is raining outside. A woman is running through the woods.
LISA: Help me! Help me! Some one!
Then, a truck comes by.
MAN: Lady, are you okay?
LISA: i need you to take me to the hospital.
We see blood dripping from Lisa's hand.

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Lisa wakes up, on the couch. She is sweating. Ace enters. Lisa stands.
ACE: Lisa... is everything okay?
LISA: I am fine honey.
ACE: It doesn't look like it. What is it? Did you have another dream?
LISA: Another dream. Are you talking about what my mother did to me in the woods? Last time I checked that wasn't a dream. It was a nightmare.
ACE: Lisa...
LISA: I'm going to get a shower. I have work to do.
Lisa walks off.
ACE: I will protect you Lisa. At any cost.

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Fay and Lydia are drinking coffee.
FAY: How is the pregnancy going?
LYDIA: It is all going good.
FAY: Is it?
LYDIA: What do you mean?
FAY: (Sighs) Lydia, your husband died two days before you got pregnant. I cannot imagine that this is going nice and smooth for you. I imagine that it has been a bumpy ride. With tons and tons of obstacles in your ways.
LYDIA: Fay, there is no doubt that there has been obstacles. But, everything seems to be going just fine.
FAY: (Sighs) Lydia, we have been friends for over twenty years. I know when something is up.
LYDIA: Fine. Do you want to know what is wrong?
FAY: Yes. I want to know what is up.
LYDIA: I have thought about abortion.

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Harley and Derek are eating breakfast.
DEREK: Have you gotten the call back from your doctor?
HARLEY: Not yet.
DEREK: You are going to be just fine.
HARLEY: And if I am not? What if I do have breast cancer?
DEREK: Then we fight. I will always be behind you.
HARLEY: That's what you say now.
DEREK: What do you mean?

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Lisa is looking over papers. She then hears her phone rings. She answers in a hurry.
LISA: Cameron Enterprises. This is Lisa Cameron.
PRISON: Mrs. Cameron you have a call from Rose Cameron. Do you accept.
LISA: Yes.
There is a beep.
LISA: What do you want?
ROSE: I just wanted you to know that my bail has been set.
LISA: How did you get bail?
ROSE: The judge reconsidered. 
LISA: You are never getting away with this bitch!
ROSE: I will be landing in Spellburn in two days. See you then.
LISA: Don't you hang up!
Rose hangs up. Lisa slams the phone down.
LISA: If she comes back..., I will kill her.

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Fay sits back down, with a refill. Lydia is gone.
FAY: I can't believe that Lydia wants an abortion. My best friend just wants to throw her life away. Well, her babies life away. Gosh, I need to stop her. I need to let her that this isn't okay. I have to stop her.
Fay gets up, and throws money on the table. She runs out.

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Harley is in the kitchen. She is putting dishes away. Derek enters, and begins to help her.
HARLEY: Thank you.
DEREK: No problem.
HARLEY: It's 11:00 now. The doctor should be calling any minute.
Then, the phone rings.
HARLEY: There it is.
Harley walks slowly to the phone. She answers.
HARLEY: Doctor Michelson. It is lovely to hear from you. What are the results? Okay. Okay. Thank you very much for calling.
Harley hangs up.
DEREK: What is it?
HARLEY: (Shakes Her Head No.)
DEREK: That's great news!
HARLEY: It's something else.
DEREK: What?
HARLEY: I have leukemia. 

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Just Paradise #2: TRAGEDY

Posted by Days22 in Just Paradise, 17 April 2015 - - - - - - · 56 views

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At the Paradise Casino
Brittany Hodges Posted Imageand Billy AbbottPosted Image
are thrilled to see one another at the Casino bar. Brittany Is one of the bartenders.
BILLY: How long has it been Brit?
BRITTANY: I don’t know, but certainly too long.
BILLY: I guess coming here my first day in town was fate.
BRITTANY: I think it was!
Brittany hands a beer to a customer.
BILLY: Nothing like over priced bar alcohol.
BRITTANY: Isn’t that true. Hey, I get off in just a few minutes. We should talk and catch up.
BILLY: Yes, of course. I’d love to.
Cut to the Campus of PARADISE COLLEGE
Jennifer Horton Posted Image and her son JJ HortonPosted Image are there.
JJ: I am so glad to be transferring here.
JENNIFER: I am happy for you. This place looks great.
JJ: It is going to be great. It is much bigger than SalemU’s campus though.
The two continue to look around.
Eliza Ryan Posted Image approaches them.
ELIZA: You two look…so lost.
JENNIFER: I think we might be.
JJ: Yeah just a little. A bigger college than I am use to.
ELIZA: I would be happy to show you two around (smiles at JJ)
JJ: Yes, please. That would be sweet.
StevePosted Image and TerrancePosted Image are in a car now.
TERRANCE: I am sorry that is has come to this to find your bro, Bo.
STEVE: I am too, but I just want to help and speed up the ISA on this.
TERRANCE: Sounds like a true friend. So where are we headed?
STEVE: We are going to try and trace some of Bo’s last steps.
TERRANCE: Where does that lead?
STEVE: To the hotel he was apparently staying at a few weeks ago.
They pull up to a local hotel.
Steve: I just hope the owner has some good information for us.
Meanwhile, Jesse Posted Image and Natalia Posted Imagearrive at a site where a lot more cop cars are.
NATALIA: Are we entering the middle of a gang war?
JESSE: We are. I just hope it has calmed down before we got here.
They get out of the car. Another cop approaches them.
COP: Two gangs were having a wild shoot out. It has gone a little quiet but there is now a stand off.
Another cop is talking over a loud speaker: PUT YOUR GUNS DOWN. DROP YOUR WEAPONS AND GET ON THE GROUND.
Some of the gang members seem to listen to this.
But a couple start to shoot towards the cops!
Jesse, Natalia and the other cops immediately get down and behind some cop cars.
JESSE: We have to take them down.
COP #2: Theyre shooting wildly. Be careful.
Jesse and another cop get up and shoot at the gang members before ducking down again.
Natalia and another cop follow and do the same.
NATALIA: We have to hit them. Choose your shots wisely.
COP: Theres no time.
JESSE: Be careful!
The back and forth shoot out continues!
One of the gang members gets hit and goes down.
However Natalia is shot as well!
JESSE: Oh god baby!

At the Paradise Casino:
Brittany is now off of work. She and Billy are sitting at a nearby bar table talking.
BILLY: So how is life? How is the little one?
BRITTANY: Well, he is not really little anymore.  Joshua is doing great in school. Though he doesn’t like to go by Joshua anymore. He just goes by Marcino in a tribute to his late father, Bobby.
BILLY: That is really cool of him.
BRITTANY: Yeah he’s been a good kid, but he is getting spunky now.
BILLY: Uhoh.
BRITTANY: Yeah uhoh is right. His is in his teenage years and that just brings some drama I think.
BILLY: Yeah it does. Don’t you remember us? You, Me, Raul, Mac, JT, Colleen.  We were nuts.
BRITTANY: We were. How fast time goes by. And poor Colleen. What a tragedy.
BILLY: Those seem to strike Genoa City.
BRITTANY: So how has your life been?
BILLY: I don’t know if you really want to know…
Eliza is touring JJ and Jennifer Horton around Paradise college.
JJ: You know this place like the back of your hand.
ELIZA: Yeah I get around. It happens when you take a lot of classes.
JJ: We should stay in touch. I think youll be a good asset to me doing well here.
ELIZA: Thank you for thinking that.
JENNIFER: Now if we could just find JJs new apartment
JJ: I think google, will help us with that mom.
JENNIFER: Yeah maybe.
ELIZA: Where is it? I may be able to be your faster google.
JENNIFER: It is on high street.
ELIZA: High street. That’s really close by. Just Follow me.
JENNIFER: Really? Thanks for all the help.
JJ: Yeah thanks a lot!
ELIZA: It is no problem.
Steve and Terrance are with the owner of the Hotel Bo was last staying at.
STEVE: So he just stopped paying and showing up?
OWNER: Yeah he had been here for over a week, but then he just disappeared. Left a lot of his stuff behind and everything.
TERRANCE: Was his car left behind too?
OWNER: No he did not leave that.
STEVE: Do you still happen to have what he left behind?
OWNER: Sorry. But We already threw that all away a few weeks ago
OWNER: Is Mr Brady okay?
TERRANCE: That is what we want to find out!
STEVE: Do you remember what he left behind?
OWNER: He left behind one of his bags and a few books.
STEVE: Well thank you for your time.
Steve and Terrance exit
STEVE: That was worthless
TERRANCE: Yeah no good info there
STEVE: Dammit why didn't the ISA work faster on this!
Natalia has been rushed to the hospital
Jesse has ridden along with the ambulance.
AngiePosted Image is on duty along with the newly employed
Kayla Brady Posted Image.
Angie freaks when she sees that the patient coming in is Natalia!
ANGIE: Oh my god what happened Jesse?
JESSE: We found ourselves in the middle of a shoot out…and…she just got hit Angie. She got hit.
PARAMEDIC: We have chest wound
KAYLA: We’re going to rush her right into surgery stat!
JESSE: I can’t believe this happened.
Jesse looks on in shock.
Angie hugs him and tries to comfort him.
ANGIE: I need to get in that room.
JESSE: Go, Angie…please save her…
Eliza has shown JJ and Jennifer to JJ’s new apartment.
JENNIFER: This place looks good…and expensive.
JJ: It was a really good deal since Im a student.
ELIZA: Great choice. Wish I had one of these of my own. Still stuck at home.
JENNFER: That’s not always too bad.
JJ: But sometimes it is.
JJ: I cant thank you enough for showing us all around today
ELIZA: It has really been no problem at all.
JJ: We need to exchange numbers and I didn't even get your name.
ELIZA: I’m Eliza. And you are?
JJ: Jack…well no. Just JJ.
The two exchange phone numbers and Eliza heads out.
Jennifer is smiling wide at JJ.
JJ: What mom?
JENNIFER: I like her!
JJ: Me too…
At the Casino bar:
BILLY: I have had a truly rough couple of years. It started when my…my daughter died. In yet another Genoa City tragedy.
BRITTANY: Oh my god Billy! I didn’t know. I’m so sorry.
She grabs his hand and holds it.
He starts to get choked up.
BILLY: I've had some addictions…to well gambling and alcohol.
BRITTANY: What?! Then why are you here?
BILLY: I left Genoa City to get away from all that.
BRITTANY: But here you are. In a casino of all places.
BILLY: I know but I've been good and under control lately.
BRITTANY: I’m not so sure I buy that..
Steve and Terrance are back  at the warehouse.
TERRANCE: So Agent Brady was after crime lord Stefano Dimera?
STEVE: Yes and he had been tracking Stefano in Europe for awhile.
TERRANCE: I’ve read files on how far Stefano has gone in the past. He has to be behind this disappearance, no?
STEVE: He is and always is suspect number one, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have help.
TERRANCE: Who could that be?
STEVE: Could be a number of people. We just need to some how find out more info on why Bo came back to the states and why here.
TERRANCE: How we going about that sir?
STEVE: I've gauged his relatives by not telling them just what is up but trying to find out if he told them something. His soon to be ex wife Hope didn’t know much and neither did his dad Victor.
TERRANCE: Who does that leave?
STEVE: Well Bo knew a few people in Europe and he had to of visited them. One of those people are right back here in the states now so I am sending you to Arizona.
TERRANCE: Oh no. Not hot ass Arizona.
STEVE: She is an ex of Bo’s. I need you to track her down while I stay here and try and find out why Bo came here.
TERRANCE: Who is she and were they still friends?
STEVE: Her name is Carly Manning and I don’t know how close they are now but just try and see if he happened to tell her anything while in Europe.
Jesse sits nervously in the waiting room at the hospital. He relieved to find out that most of the gang members were either killed or arrested.
Angie, Kayla and other doctors walk out of the operation room.
ANGIE: Thanks for the great work in there Kayla
KAYLA: I did what I could.
Jesse and Angie approach each other
JESSE: Hows my baby?
ANGIE: Natalia is stable, but she is in bad shape, Jesse.
JESSE: This is my fault. I shouldn't have let her get shot.
ANGIE: It is not your fault.
JESSE: It is Angie! I should have protected her!
Angie fights back tears as the two embrace…
*I do not own any non original characters nor any pictures. 


WK.9 PROMO - The Women Of Pine Valley

Posted by Y&Rbiggestfan in All My Children, 16 April 2015 - - - - - - · 47 views



She has a HAPPY life

Posted Image



She has a BROKEN life

Posted Image



She needs to MAKE a choice

Posted Image



She has a PLAN for a new life

Posted Image


ONLY "All My Children!"
Posted Image



B&B #68 - Steffy & Jason's Wedding Day PT.4

Posted by Y&Rbiggestfan in The Bold & The Beautiful, 16 April 2015 - - - - - - · 39 views

Posted Image

The Bold & The Beautiful - EPISODE #68

CREATED BY: William J. & Lee Phillip Bell

WRITTEN BY: Casey Hutchison




Jennifer and Eric are driving to the church. In the car, Jennifer reveals that she is having a tough time digesting all of the drama. Then, she reveals that Massimo is involved. Eric says that they will deal with him later. Steffy and Liam talk about the past. Liam also says that if anything doesn't feel right about Jason to contact him. Melinda and Jason have a heated discussion about their families secret. Melinda says to be careful, because they can come out at any time.Diana and Oliver have a fight about who Diana loves. Diana says she loves Oliver, but could that change? AND... Maya goes over to Rick and Caroline's, so they can begin their night of passion. Caroline is away at a spa weekend. Steffy walks down the isle, and the wedding begins!





Union Creek #2: Reva vs. Blair. Todd vs. ?

Posted by Days22 in Union Creek, 16 April 2015 - - - - - - · 51 views

Posted Image
Reva Shayne Posted Image and Blair ManningPosted Image  
are having a stare down in front the the Mannings new house…
JoshPosted Image looks on at the tension filled stare down slightly embarrassed.
REVA: You’re really saying we cannot park here for 20 minutes?
BLAIR: I believe that is what I said without stuttering, yes.
REVA: Can you believe this chick Joshua?
JOSH: Reva, we can just park next to the Snyders. It’s not a big deal.
REVA: I just don’t like a b*tch being a b*tch for no reason!
BLAIR: Get lost troll!
JOSH: Hey! Hey! That’s enough.
REVA: Troll? You did not--
BLAIR: --Get off my property before I call the police for harassment!
JOSH: Were going. Trust me, we’re going.
Josh grabs Reva by the arm and yanks her to the car.
Reva is visibly upset.
They get inside the car.
REVA: no respect.
JOSH: That was not the turn I saw this day going.
REVA: That’s one thing I miss about Springfield. Nobody in this town knows who I am. I’m Reva Shayne Lewis!
JOSH: At this rate they’re gonna learn real quick Reva. (sighs)
REVA: Damn Straight.
Sam Posted Image meanwhile comes outside and approaches his mom.
SAM: Is everything okay?
BLAIR: Yes. Thankfully the nutcase just left.
Josh parks the car in front of the Davis household.
Cut to inside the Davis house.
Malik Davis Posted Image is having it out with his younger teenage sister TrinityPosted Image .
She is dressed in tight and revealing clothing.
MALIK: You are not going to wear that out to the store.
TRINITY: And why not?
MALIK: You can’t be showin’ ass at the grocery store.
TRINITY: I am not showing ass.
MALIK: Basically. If your little sis saw you in that. No. She’d get too many ideas for the future.
TRINITY: I don’t know why you’re complaining. You drool over girls with tight clothes on. I seen it.
MALIK: And that’s exactly why I don’t want you wearing it. You’re 16! Nobody needs to be drooling.
TRINITY: Practically 17, but Ill change. Not because of your preachin’ but were starting to sound like the new neighbors across the street who woke up the whole neighborhood earlier.
MALIK: Fine by me.
At the Union Creek Chronicle:
Todd Posted Image shakes the hands of
Posted Image Luke Snyder and Gary LuCroy Posted Image.
LUKE: So you are our new boss?
TODD: Todd Manning, at your service.
GARY: Hi Todd. I’m Gary.
TODD: Gary huh? I think I’ve read your articles. Maybe.
GARY: So the deal is already final?
TODD: Well I don’t think it’s quite final but it should be today. My attorney will be here any moment now.
LUKE: I look forward to seeing what you bring to the table.
TODD: I think I should be the one telling you that.
In walks Tea Delgado Posted Image
TODD: There she is. She’s good boys.
TEA: Not good enough. We have a problem.
The smile fades from Todds face.
Cut to the mystery man Posted Image
Face still not shown.
He has broken out of the room he was tied up in.
He looks around to see that he is in what looks like a normal home.
The camera acts as the man’s eyes as he sees A normal house set up.
Bookshelf,couch, table, tv.
Posted Image
He limps his way out of the front door…

Reva, Josh, Marah Posted Image, HoldenPosted Image and Lily Posted Image have finished their meeting.
LILY: This is going so smooth
HOLDEN: Almost too smoothly
LILY: Well don’t say that and jinx something.
HOLDEN: I’m not.
MARAH: We already have a building bought. All that is left to do is move in.
LILY: Chic Spirit designs will be off and running before you know it!
JOSH: I am thrilled for you guys!
REVA: Me too.
MARAH: Thank you guys.
Marah hugs her parents.
MARAH: We should get going.
REVA: Before I go can I just mention your neighbor.
LILY: The one across the street? She just moved in today.
REVA: Well for lack of better words…she’s kind of a b*tch.
MARAH: Mom stop!
JOSH: She never does.
HOLDEN: That whole family seemed off though.
LILY: They did. They were loud and dramatic. They remind of the Ryan Family I knew back in Oakdale.
REVA: Well I wish they wouldn’t have moved here.
LILY: I’m starting to already wish they didn’t move next to us.
TODD: Problem? What Problem Tea?
TEA: Probably shouldn’t talk about this in public.
TODD: We’ll go chat in one of these offices.
LUKE: You probably shouldn’t go in there if the contract didn’t go through and you’re not the owner.
TODD: Oh, can it! Don’t you have a fluff piece to write or something?
Todd and Tea enter the office and close the door.
LUKE: Well that was rude.
GARY: You probably should go work on your story for tomorrow.
LUKE: Fine
Luke goes and sits down, but he watches as Gary puts his ear next to the door Todd and Tea are in.
Inside the office:
TODD: What the hell is going on?
TEA: I found a mess up and it’s on your part. Did you read the contract?
TODD: No. That’s why I sent it to you.
TEA: Yes, sent it to me the day before it’s about to go through. My life does not and will not revolve around you Todd.
TODD: It’s your job.
TEA: While doing my job I saw that you did not read the fine print.
TODD: What fine print?
He yanks the contracts out of her hand.
Just then Gary walks in.
TODD: Get out. This is a private discussion Perry.
GARY: Um, it’s Gary and I came in because I know exactly what the problem is…
Cut to the mystery man…
The house he was in is all by itself and right down a hill.
He looks up at the hill.
MYSTERY MAN: How am I going to do this?
The man tries his best to start limping up the hill…
Trinity arrives back to the Davis household from the grocery store.
She starts to get bags out of the back seat.
Sam sees her from across the street and decides to approach her.
SAM: Hi there. Need some help?
TRINITY: Hello. No thank you. I can get it
TRINITY: One of the new neighbors?
SAM: Yeah, I hope my mom and Todd didn’t make too much of a scene.
TRINITY: Well um…ummm…
SAM: It’s okay I know they did.  They’re loud.
TRINITY: It’s okay my parents can be too.
Silence ensues after that…
Awkward silence.
TRINITY: Well I better bring these in. My arms are getting tired. See you around.
SAM: Yeah, See you around.
The Mystery man has managed to make it all the way over the hill.
He is right into entering the city now.
However his weakened state is getting worse and so is his walking.
MYSTERY MAN: Come on legs. I know you haven’t been getting a lot of exercise lately but come on!
He keeps limping along best he can.
He collapses…
Inside the office at the Chronicle
TODD: What do you know?
GARY: Well it’s like this. I was the right hand man to the old owner. I know he had a clause in that contract.
TEA: You know about the wishes for some kind of investigation?
GARY: Yes. In order to fully and completely own the paper you must complete one last investigation for this paper that the old boss wants done.
TODD: And what would that be?
GARY: You must find a document that a Mr or Mrs X has. It is highly important, that document.
TODD: Mr or Mrs X? and what kind of document?
GARY: That is as much as I know right now.
TODD: What are you even talking about? What is he talking about Tea?
TEA: I am not clear on this either.
TODD: You’re being as vague as your personality, Perry.
GARY: That is all the info I have at this moment.
TODD: So I must look for some random document that could be anywhere in the entire world? That’s not a needle in a haystack at all.
GARY: I am sure I will find more information in time.
TODD: This is just stupid. Maybe I won’t buy the paper after all.
GARY: It’s too late. You already signed the contract and it has been filed. You are now at least signed on for 90 days. If you wish to complete the buying process you will just do this for the old boss.
TODD: This is asinine. Is this true Tea?
TEA: It sure is.
Todd is quite pissy by all of this…
Credits roll
*I do not own the non original characters nor any of the picture



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All My Children has sinking viewers, but has already been ordered for a full season 1, of 20 episodes. Will it survive after that???
Another rumor is that, Port Charles: The Complete Series will no longer be posting episodes due to no one really watching.
Could this happen?

Posted ImagePosted Image


PC EP.9-11 (6/11-6/13/1997)

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ANOTHER WORLD 192 Family bonds and family problems

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Family problems

Written by:  C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants:  aMLCproduction, beebs, and DRW50



Allen Love pays a visit.  After Marley lets him in and shuts the door, he escorts her to the couch in the living room.  They both sit down…

Allen:  You need to close that window.

Marley:  It’s a nice night.  I wanted to feel the breeze.

Allen:  I guess so, being that you can’t really get out.

Marley:  It is so good to see you.  It’s been a while.

Allen:  Donna told me that you were on bed rest so I didn’t want to interrupt that.

Marley:  Oh you know that you’re always welcome here.

Allen:  I don’t know if my brother sees it that way.

Marley:  You know I’d really would like if you two would mend fences, preferably before my son enters the world.

Allen:  From the looks of things that’s gonna happen very soon.

Marley:  Yeah Roman is coming.  The newest addition to our crazy family.

Allen:  That little one in your stomach isn’t the only one.  

Marley:  Vicky called and told me.  Michele’s back.

Allen:  That’s amazing.  I’m sure Vicky and Jake are happy.



Jake, Stacey and Gregory await Lindsay’s prognosis from John.

John:  We got the results of the tests.  It’s not good.

Lindsay:  My God.  Is it...cancer?

Jake:  Cancer?  

Stacey:  She’s too young for that.  

John:  We can’t tell right now, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to jump to that conclusion.

Gregory:  What did you find dad?

John:  Lindsay you have unusually large polyps on your uterus.  I’ve scheduled you for an emergency biopsy.  I’m gonna need to get you prepped.  

Stacey:  We’ll be right here honey.  We’re not going anywhere.

John:  You all can wait in the waiting area for her.

Gregory:  I’m gonna be here when you get out of the O.R. okay.

Lindsay:  Of course.  



Stacey, Jake, and Gregory walk up to Donna and Michael.

Donna:  Jake, Vicky went to see about Michele.

Michael:  How’s Lindsay?

Stacey:  She’s...being prepped for a biopsy.  My miracle baby can’t have cancer.

Jake:  We don’t know that yet Stacey.  Let’s wait until after the procedure.

Donna:  I...hope Lindsay’s gonna be okay.

Stacey:  I’m going to the waiting room.

Gregory:  I’m going with you.

As Stacey and Gregory walk away, Vicky walks up with Michele and her bandaged left arm, with Bridget right behind them.

Jake:  Michele, what happened to your arm?

Vicky:  Good I’m glad you’re here.  

Bridget:  I didn’t do anything.  Michele did this to herself.

Vicky:  Stop lying!

Jake:  Bridget what are you doing here.  I thought you were at home.

Michael:  Michele just tell us what happened.

Michele:  I was…gonna come out of the room when Bridget came in.  She grabbed the scissors and charged at me.  I put my arm to block…

Bridget:  Oh my God!

Michele:  And she cut my arm.  

Michele beings to make like she’s going to cry.

Michele:  All I want to do is be sisters.  Why do you hate me so much?

Bridget shakes her head in disbelief.

Michael:  Bridget honey.  Did you do that?  Did you attack your sister?

Bridget:  Don’t tell me you guys believe her?  I would never do that.

Michele:  Mom can you take me home please?

Vicky:  Of course honey.

Jake:  Not so fast.




Marley:  I need to call Vicky and get Michele’s cell phone number.  I wanna talk to her.  So tell me, what’s going on with you?  I heard we got another addition to the family.

Allen:  K.C.?

Marley:  Yes.  

Allen:  Toni and Etta Mae lied to me and her.

Marley:  I’m surprised to hear that Toni would keep you from your own daughter.  Not so much from Etta Mae.

Allen:  I heard about what happened back then.

Marley:  She tried to keep me and Tyrone apart.  

Allen:  But she didn’t.  He loves you Marley.

Marley:  I know that now, more than ever.  We almost didn’t make it.

Allen:  Listen cuz, stop thinkin’ like that.  We got one crazy ass family, but we’re gonna be there for each other.

Marley:  You know what...positive thoughts only.

Allen:  That’s it cuz.  We gon’ think the best, especially for Roman.

Marley (looking away):  Right.

Allen:  So why aren’t you convincing me?

Marley:  I can’t help but to think what our grandfather has up his sleeve.

Allen:  He’s in Tanquir.  He can’t do anything to us.  We won’t let him.

Suddenly they hear a noise...

Marley:  What was that?

Allen:  That’s why I told you to close that window.

Allen opens the door and looks outside.

Allen:  Who’s there?

To Allen’s right, Joy hides, unseen, behind the bushes.



Gregory is with Stacey…

Stacey:  This isn’t fair.

Gregory:  She had been having pains in her stomach.  She told me it was just gas.  

Stacey:  Lindsay’s always trying to be strong.

Gregory:  That’s what I love about your daughter.  

Stacey:  Lindsay is my miracle baby.  After I lost my first baby I thought I couldn’t have children.  I can’t lose her to cancer.

Gregory:  We’re not gonna lose her Stacey.  Whatever my dad says it is, we’re gonna get through it.  We’re gonna be there for Lindsay.

Stacey:  Damned right!  Thank you.

Gregory:  For what?

Stacey:  Loving my daughter.  I’m glad she has you in her life.  Means a lot to me.

Stacey’s eyes begin to well up, and Gregory holds her.  

Gregory:  We’re gonna be okay.  Everything’s gonna work out the way it’s supposed to.

Meanwhile, John walks up in his scrubs and mask, unseen by Stacey and Gregory, and sees them embrace.

John:  Hi.

Stacey:  Oh...uh...John.  How’s Lindsay?

John:  She’s in the recovery room.  We got a couple of samples from the polyps.  They’re running tests now.  She’ll be sleeping through the night, so why don’t you guys go home, get some sleep and...come back in the morning.  We’ll know more by then.

Gregory:  You mean...if she has cancer.

Stacey:  We’re not gonna think that way.  We’re gonna wait till morning.  Did you tell Jake?

John:  I didn’t see him.

Stacey:  He might be checking up on Michele.


Jake:  I wanna know exactly what went on in that room.

Vicky:  Michele just told you.  Bridget attacked her.

Bridget:  I didn’t do anything!  She did this to herself!

Jake:  She cut herself?  

Bridget:  Come on dad.  You’ve gotta believe me.  Michele has been acting weird since she got back.  

Donna:  This is all so strange.

Jake (looking at Michele):  Very.

Michele:  Dad, you know Bridget was jealous of me before the accident, and it seems like she still is.  

John interrupts them all and approaches Jake.

John:  I’m sorry.  Jake I have news about Lindsay.

Jake:  Okay.

John:  Let’s go to my office.

Michael:  I think we all should go home.  It’s been quite a night.

Vicky:  I agree.  Let’s go Michele.

Bridget:  I’ll be along later.

Vicky:  No you won’t.

Bridget:  What?

Vicky:  I don’t want you anywhere near Michele.  

Donna:  Victoria what are you saying?

Vicky:  Bridget can go home with you.  I want her out of my house.




DAYS #60: The Board Meeting (Part 1) - Guess Who?

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Posted Image


Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Posted ImagePosted Image
At Titan HQ, Victor and Tyler approach the closed doors of the Titan board room. Victor motions to Tyler to stop before entering.
Posted Image
VICTOR: Now. Remember what we planned. This has to go down properly.
TYLER: Victor, as long as you have Kate and her kids on board, it tips the balance.
VICTOR: That's true. And having my vote plus Brady's proxy vote will make all the difference. If we lose the TV station, we are never going to get the public support for the fracking operation. We need that station, dammit. Nothing, and I mean nothing can go wrong today.
Posted ImagePosted Image
Hope knocks on the door of the MadWorld lab, seeing Nick closing up his briefcase. Nick, hearing the knock, looks up and smiles, seeing his cousin.
NICK: Hope! What a great surprise. How are you?
Nick walks over and gives Hope a big hug.
HOPE: Good to see you. Got time for lunch?
NICK: You know, I was just about to head out for lunch. I just gotta stop off at my place quickly for a sec, do you mind tagging along?
HOPE: No, no. No problem at all.
NICK: Great. Uh...give me one sec. I just gotta run to the bathroom and we can go, okay?
HOPE: Sure! I'll just wait here.
NICK: Awesome.
Nick steps out of the lab, leading Hope to immediately begin casually snooping around. A bottle on one of the shelves catches Hope's eye, and she reaches up to grab it.
Posted ImagePosted Image
Will steps into his living room, where Sonny is prepping lunch. Will smiles as he walks over to his fiancee and kisses him quickly on the lips.
SONNY: Hey. How's Ari?
WILL: Oh, I just laid her down to sleep, so she'll be out for awhile.Gabi's gone to run some errands. Which is perfect because I need to share some news with you.
WILL: Yeah...well...you know how your uncle Vic is involved in this whole...EnerNext business?
Sonny looks at Will with an almost suspect look in his eyes, trying to figure out where he's going with this.
SONNY: Yes. And you also know how I feel about that project.
WILL: Well, that's it. I know you're dead set against it because of the environmental damage and the pollution it could cause--
SONNY: ...Will cause, Will. Not to mention, don't you think it's really convenient that they're planning to do all this fracking right near the poorest section of Salem?
WILL: I know, but...you know, this could be good for people in those areas too, no? I mean...the jobs that that could create--
SONNY: ...Will. They will be spending all that money in health care. The pollution...Salem would be completely inhospitable if they go ahead with this fracking operation.
WILL: Oh come on. Lots of places do this, and they're just fine.
Sonny pauses and looks at Will with confusion.
SONNY: Will, why are you so defensive of Uncle Vic's fracking project. What's going on?

Hope grabs a pill bottle from the shelf and opens it.
HOPE: Empty.
Hope puts it back on the shelf, not sure if she should be thrilled or disappointed. She keeps looking before hearing the door swing open, and Hope jumps back into an awkward waiting pose as Nick walks in.
NICK: Ready?
HOPE: Yeah! Let's go!
Hope looks back into the lab, trying to think of any other place Nick could have hid any pills before they walk out, and Nick closes the door.
Will stumbles over his words, trying to formulate the best way to tell Sonny the truth. Sonny pours himself a glass of juice and takes a drink as Will explains himself.
WILL: Well...see, I ran into Aunt Maggie yesterday, right?
SONNY: (through his drink) Mmhmm.
WILL: And, well, I had written an article that I'd had published on a blog. I showed you that article, yeah?
Sonny nods as he sits down on the sofa next to Will.
SONNY: Yeah, I know which one. That was a really good article.
Will smiles, still flattered by his husband's praise, even if it's almost expected of Sonny.
WILL: Thank you. Well, Aunt Maggie liked it too, and the next thing I know, I get this call from this man, Tyler Houston.
Sonny's expression changes immediately when Sonny hears the name. Will pulls out the contract Tyler handed him from his bag and shows it to Sonny.
SONNY: Oh no, not...
WILL: And...Sonny, he liked my work so much that...offered me a job. A good job, I'd be the one writing all public relations releases for EnerNext.
SONNY: Oh no, NO way.
Will is taken aback by Sonny's visceral refusal.
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Victor opens the doors to the board room to find a room filled with executives from various divisions of the corporation, including Kate, Billie, Lucas, and Justin. Tyler walks in alongside Victor, and the two prepare to sit down at the head of the table.
VICTOR: Good afternoon, everyone. I trust we will be able to settle this with some expediency, as my grandson's so-called memorial service will be held later this afternoon. 
Kate looks over to Lucas, hiding her mouth with her one hand as she whipsers to him.
KATE: Poor old fool still thinks there's a chance that boy's alive.
LUCAS: Well, he's right. There's no body.
KATE: That means nothing, it's all just an attempt to keep the votes in his favour and you know it.
Victor continues to speak, grabbing an envelope from Tyler as he continues his announcement to the room.
VICTOR: Now on that note, as we have no actual confirmation of Brady's untimely demise, I move to have his place on the board retained until such time as there is an official death certificate issued by the coroner's office.
BILLIE: Well, Victor, that could take months!
VICTOR: I'm well aware of that. I'm not jumping the gun on this. Brady is family, and I'm not giving up on him, unlike some of his so-called friends in this damn town. So on that note, and in the absence of his father, I will act as Brady's proxy on today's vote.
Kate rolls her eyes and looks to Lucas again.
KATE: Told you.
LUCAS: But will that give him enough votes to win?
KATE: Not sure, there's a couple wild cards. But I will say this, if Victor does get his way, start looking for a new job. Fast.
Victor opens his briefcase, pulling out paper packages which he begins handing out to the members of the board gathered around the table. Once the paperwork is handed out, Victor continues.
VICTOR: Now, the matter at hand today is a motion put forth by one of our board members, one that I am fundamentally opposed to, I might add. It is, as a costcutting matter, whether or not to shed our television operations. I need not explain to you the service our TV station will provide us in the fight against the loopy treehuggers who want to shut EnerNext down. If we shut down the TV station and sell it off, sure it will save us some money. However, if we don't get this fracking operation on the right side of public opinion, this company will be in very real danger of brankruptcy, and we can't let that happen.
Tyler steps in at this point, continuing Victor's statement.
TYLER: Now, I would like to have the board member who put forth the motion to have their say. Justin?
Justin Kiriakis stands, buttoning his suit jacket button as he begins. He begins with a bit of trepidation, but picks up steam quickly, as his lawyer instincts kick in.
JUSTIN: Ahh yes. Thank you, Tyler. Now, as I am legal counsel for Titan, and, by extension, EnerNext, I have brought forth this motion to prevent any possible...concerns we may have down the road, particularly with regards to any potential anti-trust lawsuits, as well as a particularly glaring conflict of interest between Titan TV and its reporting on the EnerNext deal. 
Kate leans over once again, to Billie this time, and whispers her rolling commentary yet again.
KATE: Uh oh. Dear old Uncle Vic's gonna have some choice words for little Justin.
Billie looks at her mom with a smile, trying not to laugh.
BILLIE: (whispering) Mom, stop!
KATE: (whispering) Well, it's true! If I'd done something like this, Victor would've had me hung.
Justin tries to ignore Kate and Billie, barely giving the faintest of eye rolls as he continues to make his case to the board.
JUSTIN: While I am fully in support of the EnerNext proposal, I...do think we would be better off long term avoiding possible FCC fines, that could be in the region of tens of millions of dollars, if not more. The revenue from the EnerNext deal may not be enough to offset the potential disastrous effects of the FCC fines, and we may end up in an even worse situation than we're in already. Thank you.
The board members flip contientiously through the handouts provided, and there is a bit of a pause between the end of Justin's speech and when Victor rises back up from his seat at the head of the board room table to finish up.
VICTOR: Thank you, Justin. Now, with that, I would like to quickly ask if there are any concerns or questions from the board before we vote.
Victor takes a quick pause, looking around the room, as do all the other board members, eager to see what the others in the room have to say. When no one speaks up, Victor continues.
VICTOR: Very well. In that case. We will commence voting. If in favour of retaining Titan TV, vote Aye. If you're in favour of divestment, vote nay. Tyler Houston.
VICTOR: Nelson Hamilton.
VICTOR: Justin Kiriakis.
Victor looks at his nephew with a look of disappointment, as the vote continues to the next board member.
VICTOR: Michael Browning.
VICTOR: Billie Reed.
Billie breathes in deeply before responding.
Victor's expression changes immediately, as he looks Billie's way, shooting daggers from his eyes. He continues the voting, with a much more bitter tone in his voice.
VICTOR: Lucas Horton.
Lucas responds, never taking his eyes off his mother.
Victor looks at Lucas and Kate, noticing the communication happening between them just with their eyes. Lucas almost mouths to his mother.
LUCAS: I hope you know what you're doing.
Kate nods her response to Lucas, before the inevitable. Victor almost spits out Kate's name.
VICTOR: Kate Roberts.
Kate turns her glare the way of Victor, and, staring him down as if facing the devil himself, responds cooly.
KATE: Nay.
Victor holds his stareat Kate for a moment before looking back out to the board room before him.
VICTOR: Victor Kiriakis. Yay. And naturally, as John nor Brady is present, I will be voting for Brady by proxy, and I--
The moment these words escape Victor's lips, the board's attention is pulled away suddenly by the board room doors opening. Victor and Tyler quickly turn around, shocked by the abrupt noise behind them.
Posted Image
Before them, John stands in the now-open doorway, nodding his greeting to the room, with a cool confidence.
JOHN: Sorry, I'm late, everyone.
Victor looks at John with a stoic look, but dread lingers behind his eyes.


Sheila has what Cane needs? #160

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Posted ImageOn a back country road, county township road 31
James sitting in his daughter’s Mary’s Honda Civic fires his gun in Mary’s direction. It misses Mary and instead the target of the bullet is the driver side window and it shatters.
Mary screams.
Posted ImageMary: You really are cray cray!  In fact you maybe be crazier than Sheila herself. She would never try to hurt her kids.
Posted ImageJames: What the hell is a cray?
Mary: Crazy!!
James: No it’s your very much alive mother that is cray cray cray. And you are helping this madness by going in circles out here on these roads.
Mary: Well now we‘ll have to be breezy in here because you shot out the window.
James: I told you I was not playing. Take me to Sheila now or the next bullet is for you.
Mary: Pfft. I doubt it.
James backhands Mary n her mouth.
James: Don’t talk to me like that young lady. I am your father and you will do as I ask. You had no problem having tawdry sex with your sister’s baby’s father in the alley did you? If you can do that surely you can drive us to your mother.
Mary with tears in her eyes puts the car in drive and begins to drive slowly as to not kick up to much cold air in the car.
Mary: I can’t believe you hit me. I’m too old for that.
James: Never too old to be a hero. And today that’s what you will be, a hero to Genoa City. We are going to stop Sheila dead in her tracks.
Mary continues to drive as her mouth stings from the slap by her dad. James continues to point the gun at her.
Posted Image
Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell
Episode 160: Sheila has what Cane Needs?!
Written by ML Cooks
Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington
At Cane’s
Cane is sitting on the floor with his legs crossed into Indian style. He takes a needle and injects it into his vein. He gets an instant high from his cocaine. He then looks up and looks at his hostage Philip Chancellor whom is going in and out of consciousness. Cane smiles
Posted ImageCane: Wake up girlfriend. I got something for you.
He stands up slowly and walks over to Philip who is still tied up to a chair.
Cane: Girlfriend wake up.
Cane tugs at Philip. Philip slowly comes too, disorientated at first. He tries to move but realizes he is restrained by ropes to the chair he’s sitting in. He then feels sharp pain in his right hands and remembers Cane shot him. He looks up at Cane who is towering over him.
Posted ImagePhilip: You’re high. I can see it in your eyes.
Cane: Who gives a damn? Only you my friend. You were such a good friend to me. Did you secretly think you would get me? Make a move on me?
Philip: You’re sick Cane. You need help and I can get you the help you need.
Cane: Pass. We are at a point of no return. I have no one. Lily left me. My kids are gone. Look around this place I have nothing. Avery barely speaks to me these days and she won’t help me.
Philip: Why would Avery be helping you?
Cane: Because I make good love to her. We get high and then I poke her. She likes that.
Philip: Avery Clark? The attorney? Phyllis’ sister?
Cane: That would be correct.
Cane begins to unbutton his pants.
Philip: What the hell are you doing?
Cane: What’s the matter? Don’t you want to see why Avery couldn't get enough? You got one chocie. but two D's Drugs or Di-
Philip: Cutting him off) Hell NO!!!
Cane: Then let’s get high.

Cane grabs the needle and injects cocaine into Philips vein. Philip tries to fight by freeing himself from the chair that he’s tied too but unable to.
Cane: There we go. Now we can say we both are on drugs. Drugs for breakfast, drugs for lunch, drugs for dinner and oh yea drugs for a snack and right before bed.
Posted ImageMidtown Genoa City, next to GC Nights is Devon’s Recording Studio which he calls “The Beat”
Devon has head phones on listening to a slower R&B piece he just put together.  With the way he’s feeling these days, losing his biological father, and his grandmother, Tucker and Kay respectively, and then he finds out his cousin Nate is messing around with his girlfriend Roxanne.  He jumps up when he feels a touch from behind on his shoulder. He turns around and smiles when he sees Abby. The hug.
Posted ImageDevon: I’m glad to see you.
Posted ImageAbby: Are you?
Devon: I am. That beatiuful face and smile. I needed that.
Abby: I didn’t mean to scare you just now. I thought I’d come by and check to see how you were. Things were very tense with you and Nate at the hospital last night. Oh and by the way as I walked in, I found this…
She holds up a gold envelope. Devon frowns as he grabs it to open it up.
Devon: What’s this?
Abby: I want to know too. It’s so fancy.
Verdon Lou.
Posted ImageSheila walks up from the basement unable to get the heater working from the gas leak. She gets nervous and starts to pace. Dru sees this.
Posted ImageDru: I see you. You up to no damn good.
Sheila looks at Dru and rolls her eyes.
Dru: You better be trying to get some damn heat in here.  I’m starting to shiver.
Sharon starts to wake and instantly she feels chilly.
What is going on? Why is it so cold in here?”
Dru: Well welcome back to reality. You left me hanging Sharon Newman. I’d like to sleep to.
Posted ImageSharon: Dru I’m so sorry I’m so worn out fighting with Sheila.
Dru: And I’m not Bitch?
Sharon: Don’t talk to me like that Drucilla it’s not very nice. Where is the heat?
Dru: Well I’m not feeling nice. Anyway, Sheila busted the damn gas pipe down stairs so now we have no heat.
Sharon: Sheila please its getting cold in here.
Sheila meanwhile is in the back half of the room Sheila pulls out a thermometer from the mystery patient’s mouth. 98.4. She realizes the patients’ temperature is dropping and she must do something. She pulls her laptop out to see if she has any responses from her ad she placed on GC Help List
The Beat
Abby looks at Devon with great interest as he reads his letter from the golden envelope.
Abby: Don’t keep me waiting what is it?
Devon: It a celebration being held at the new Colonnade Room.
Abby: What? No way let me see that.
Abby grabs the letter and reads the info for herself.
Abby: It doesn't have a sender. It’s a surprise celebration at the new Colonnade Room. Who would do something like this?
Devon: I don’t know.
Abby: Are you going to go?
Devon: Only if you go with me. I feel like I need someone cool by my side for this big celebration.
Abby: Devon, of course I’ll go with you.
In her excitement she hugs him just as Roxanne walks in. She slams the door behind her so her presence is known. Abby and Devon both look up and are not too pleased to see Roxanne who has bruises on her face. Devon frowns in bewilderment as Abby shakes her head back and forth in disappointment that Roxanne has showed up and ruined her moment with Devon.
Back at Cane’sPosted Image
Philip has passed out from a dose of cocaine although his pain in his hand has dissipated. Cane sits on the ground staring off into space high as a kite.
Cane: Well buddy I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. Sergio was right. This is some potent stuff. The bad thing is it goes so fast. We need to re-up Philip buddy. I used all your money so this time around I got to work a little harder. Let’s see what dummies I can find on the GC Help list.
Cane pulls out his phone and browses the web to get to the GC Help Page. He tries hard to focus on the small print on the cell phone screen but has a hard time. He slaps himself.
Cane: Come on matie.
He opens and closes his eyes numerous time dramatically. He tries once again to read.
Cane: Much better.
He reads.
Cane: Got it! Right here. A poor lady in the suburbs needs help with a broken pipe and is unable to leave her home. There is not a job in the world a little grey masking tape can’t help. I’ll just tape up the gas pipe and all should be good. Then we can re up Philly.
Cane laughs.
Cane: I like that…Philly. I’ll start to call you Philly from now on.
Cane pulls out his phone and dials the contact number.
Posted ImageVerdon Lou, Sheila’s Cabin.
Sheila’s cell phone rings. Sheila grabs it to answer it.  It’s Cane calling about the ad. Sheila explains to Cane the problem.
Sheila: I’m caring for an elderly patient who I can’t leave alone and so it’s late in the evening and not a lot of money so I was hoping you could help us out by taking a look at my gas pipe. Mother sure is getting cold. Not too many people are willing to drive out here in all the snow. I mean I have some money I’m just not rich. I’ll even make you a cup of hot cocoa.
Cane: Make it a hot toddy and I can be there in 45 minutes.
Sheila: You got yourself a deal.
Sheila walks out to the front room to talk to Dru and Sharon.']
Dru: Well psycho did you get us some heat?
Just before Sheila can answer her question they all hear a knock on the door. They all look at each other.
Sheila thinks to herself that couldn’t be the repair man already. Sheila pulls out her gun.
Sheila: You shut your mouths or you will die. I have control here I have all the power.
Sheila creeps over to the door. She opens it with her gun behind her back. She nearly faints when she sees James Warwick with their daughter Mary.
James: Well Well Well.
James pushes right passed Sheila and into the room where Dru and Sharon are being held hostage. Mary looks at Sheila in disbelief.
Sheila: Mary what is going on?
James: No No dear. I’ll be asking the questions here.
Dru: We are saved. Jesus YES!!
Sheila gathers her composure. She walks over towards James gun pointed at him.
Sheila: Dru don’t get to happy, this will be very quick.
James: Oh I agree.
Mary: Mom.
Sheila slaps Mary across the face.
Sheila: You shut your mouth. You betrayed me by bringing your father here. This is not part of the plan.
Mary: Why is everyone hitting me!!??
Sheila looks at James with anger in her eyes and she shoves the gun into his chest.
James is still smiling
Sheila: What is so funny?
James flips open his jacket to reveal and showcase he is laced with bombs. Sheila backs away a few feet.
James: Shoot me and we all die. This vest will explode and rest assured Sheila Cater. Your reign of terror is over. For good! No more back from the dead’s, no more plastic surgeries no more hostages and no more evil plots. You should have retired decades ago It all ends now.
Dru: I knows that’s right James Warrick. Preach on playa. You give it to Crazy ass Carter. Have your way with her.
Sheila: Well we’ll shall about that won’t we?
James: Indeed we will.
Dru: Ah hell naw… we gone die! Lord Jesus we gone die. Don’t let it end like this Dru aint going out like that..........


STRANGE NIGHTS EP.11-15 (WK. OF 4/13/2015)

Posted by Y&Rbiggestfan in STRANGE NIGHTS (Original Soap), 12 April 2015 - - - - - - · 64 views

Posted Image


Created By: Casey Hutchison

Written By: Casey Hutchison & Rebecca Rouse

Executive Producer: Coral Terry


EPISODE #11: 4/13/15 (Monday)
Lily looks over Katie's medical records. She sets them aside and thinks about what she is doing. All she can think about is what will happen when the truth comes out. She also thinks about telling Nina about the night she slept with Michael. Michael checks into a room that is next to Nina and the guy she is with. Michael listens to them through the wall. Sophia plans a lunch for Dexter and herself. She decides that she will tell Dexter that she knows about the A.L.S. Kelly says to Hunter that she is not going to worry about Sophia and him. Kelly just wants to move on with life. Katie meets the man who got her pregnant at a train station. Katie is happy that Lewis Talbert (Lamon Archey) is here.

Posted Image


EPISODE #12: 4/14/15 (Tuesday)
Lily asks Katie to meet her at a diner outside of town to discuss the baby. Katie says she will come and bring Lewis. Michael follows Nina and the guy downstairs to the pool, and is almost caught. Sophia gets ready for the lunch. Dexter re-introduces Hunter to Mitchell Incorporated. Hunter is proud to be doing this with Dexter. Kelly calls her son and wonders where he is. Michael says he is just taking a quick trip to visit a friend. Kelly wonders if this has anything to do with Nina, once she remembers their relationship. Dexter wants an old friend to come to Colorado to take care of him. Her name is Dr. Marty Ryan (Tamra Tunie). She agrees.

Posted Image


EPISODE #13: 4/15/15 (Wednesday)
Katie and Lewis meet Lily at the diner. Lily reveals that she knows about the abortion. She is prepared to tell everyone. Katie and Lewis tell her to keep this secret, and that they'll do anything to keep it a secret. Sophia and Dexter have their lunch. Sophia tells Dexter that she knows all about the A.L.S. Dexter admits to it. Sophia says that she is prepared to be there for him at any cost. Marty shows up on their doorstep. Hunter goes into Dexter's office because he forgot his phone. On Dexter's desk is his revised will. Hunter sees that in the event of Dexter's death he gets the company. Outside, of the diner, Lewis is holding a wedding ring in his hand. He says that he will return home to his wife soon. But, he keeps that he has a wife from Katie.

Posted Image


EPISODE #14: 4/16/15 (Thursday)
Nina is ready to leave the hotel, and fly back home. Marty sets her medical equipment up in the Mitchell Mansion. She is ready to take Dexter on as a patient. Michael, Nina, and the guy get on the plane. Sophia calls Hunter. She wonders what he is doing at the moment. He says that he is at Mitchell Incorporated. Sophia tells him not to exit the building. Lily wonders what she will get in exchange for keeping the abortion a secret. Nina and Michael's stalker picks up replicas of their faces. The stalker takes them into the lair and squirts fake blood on them.

Posted Image


EPISODE #15: 4/17/15 (Friday)
Nina and Michael step off the plane. Nina sees Michael and confronts him. Michael says that he knows what Nina has been up to. Katie is cleaning up her room and picks up Lewis' pants. Underneath the pants she sees a wedding ring. Sophia meets Hunter in Dexter's office. They talk about the past, and then kiss passionately, once they get caught up in the moment. Lily decides that she is going to tell Nina about the night that her and Michael had sex. Kelly bumps into Lewis and wonders what he is doing in town. The stalker stabs photos of Nina and Michael. The stalker is revealed to be a woman.

Posted Image


The Stalker is REVEALED


Sophia and Hunter take things FURTHER

Kelly gets involved in her children's LIVES 

Posted Image


#01 Monday, March 2

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Eve and JJ are in her bedroom where JJ wonders why Eve brought him back there. Eve shrugs. She's not even sure. Eve wanted to talk to JJ in private. JJ figures a bedroom couldn't be more private. Eve shakes her head. JJ knows exactly why Eve brought him back there. JJ isn't sure they should do this again. Eve says she has a bottle of wine out front. JJ asks what happens after that drink. Eve looks down at the bed.

At the hospital, Jennifer tries calling Roxanne back. When she gets Roxanne's voicemail, Jennifer leaves a message, insisting Roxanne return her call. Lucas drops into Jennifer's office. He was going to see Sonny, but Adrienne's in with him. Jennifer wonders why that would stop Lucas from going in to see his son-in-law. Lucas recalls kissing Adrienne. He shakes the thought away, claiming he doesn't want to intrude. Lucas can remember how he felt when people would interrupt his time with Will when he was in the hospital. Lucas notices the keys on Jennifer's desk. "E.L." Jennifer confirms they are Eve's. Lucas asks why she has them, and Jennifer explains Eve left them. Jennifer admits she thought about using them to find out what Eve's hiding. Lucas smirks. A scheming side. Finally, a family trait they share. Jennifer laughs. She informs Lucas of her younger scheming days. Lucas had nothing on her! However, Jennifer realizes she needs to return the keys to Eve and just give it up.

Adrienne comes out of Sonny's room and calls out to Kayla, wondering if she has a minute. Kayla looks at her watch. She has a meeting shortly, but can talk to Adrienne. Adrienne wonders if Kayla ever found out what caused Sonny to get worked up the other day. Kayla shakes her head. He never made mention. Will didn't either. Kayla thinks it could've been nothing, just a normal reaction that was heightened due to the wound. Adrienne hopes so. She doesn't want to see her son dealing with anything besides recovery right now. Kayla thinks that's a great idea. The last thing Sonny needs is to deal with outside stress. Adrienne flashes back to kissing Lucas outside the town square. Adrienne nods, agreeing with Kayla.

Theresa is shocked to find Anne still at the hospital. Anne says she received notice of an impromptu meeting with Dr. Johnson. Theresa wonders what her aunt would need to talk to Anne about. Anne isn't sure. She questions if Theresa said anything to Kayla about the other day. Theresa swears she said nothing. To anybody. Anne hopes so. Anne has saved Theresa's ass too many times to be thrown under the bus because of some brainless billionaire. Anne wonders what Theresa is doing at the hospital. Theresa admits she wanted to use the hospital resources, but the Internet server is down and she's unable to. She'll have to rely on her own resources, Theresa guesses. Anne receives a call, notifying her Kayla is ready.

Jennifer knocks on Eve's apartment door. No answer. Jennifer pulls out the keys Eve left behind at the hospital and uses them to open the door. Jennifer calls out to Eve. Surprised Eve emerges from the back, demanding to know what Jennifer is doing in her home. Jennifer shows the keys and says she wanted to return them. When Eve didn't answer, Jennifer let herself in. Eve tells Jennifer she needs to go. Now! Just before Jennifer makes it to the door, JJ comes out. His eyes widen when he sees his mom. Jennifer wants to know what's going on. Eve manages to cover by picking up a box of things Paige gathered that belonged to JJ. She claims JJ came over to pick them up, so Paige didn't have to see him. JJ goes along with Eve's story. Jennifer looks doubtful, but keeps it to herself. She wonders if JJ is ready to head home now that he has his things. JJ nods and leaves with the box. Jennifer turns to Eve one last time before walking out the door. Alone, Eve covers her mouth at what just happened.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Adrienne is on the phone, giving Jo an update on Sonny. Doctors are still unsure how much longer he'll remain in the hospital. Adrienne promises to have Sonny call his grandmother tomorrow. Adrienne is startled when she turns around and finds Lucas. He tells her they need to talk about what happened the other night...

Eve pours a glass of wine. As she runs her hand through her hair, Eve wonders what the hell is wrong with her. JJ is practically a child. Eve takes a sip of her wine. "How screwed up am I?"

JJ walks into the Horton house with the box from Paige's in hand. Jennifer follows. She looks at the box JJ sits down and then at her son. Jennifer asks if JJ wants to talk about it. JJ shakes his head no. He should start on homework due tomorrow. JJ heads upstairs and Jennifer calls out to him. She reminds JJ that she's there if he needs to talk. JJ nods and continues up the steps. Jennifer sighs. Her phone rings, and it's Kayla with good news. Anne Milbauer will no longer be a problem for them. She was fired for trying to drug Brady Black. Hospital security cameras captured the deed. Jennifer calls it a new low. Kayla notices Jennifer's reaction. It's much more low-key than she expected. Jennifer admits she has something else on her mind. The ladies make plans to grab breakfast before work tomorrow. Jennifer hangs up and looks up the stairs.

At the pub, Theresa contemplates searching Dr. Mandrake's name in a search engine database on her cell phone. Just as she types the doctor's name and presses "SEARCH," the phone is yanked out of Theresa's hand by Anne! She's furious and demands to know what Theresa told her Aunt Kayla. Theresa asks what Anne is talking about. Anne explains that Kayla just fired her. Anne refuses to go down alone and all she has on Theresa will cost her job too!


Starting Cast-

Posted by JM Fanfiction in Parting Ways, 26 January 2015 - - - - - - · 193 views

Lauralee Bell as Yvonne Mitchell
Molly Burnett as Leslie Carter
Brett Butler as Cathy
David Canary as Phillip "Phil" Carter
Maree Cheatham as Hazel Foster
Zack Conroy as Ethan Carter
Jason Cook as Heath Roscoe
Jimmy Deshler as Ben Carter
Melissa Clare Egan as Colleen Carter
Haley Erin as Ali Carter
Susan Flannery as Stella Foster Carter
Samantha Logan as Katie
Eric Martsolf as Aaron Carter
Cady McClain as Lorraine Saunders
Cady McClain as Sharon Saunders Carter
Kurt McKinney as Greg Carter
Lenny Platt as Dean Carter


Episode 1 "The Pilot"

Posted by JM Fanfiction in Tomorrow Is A New Day, 15 December 2014 - - - - - - · 226 views

At the Callison Manor the Patriarch of the family Tom is sitting on the couch when his wife Maggie walks into the room with a big ole smile on her face.
Tom-Well what's got you in this great of a mood
Maggie- Our baby boy is coming home today. As a matter of fact I just seen his car pull up the drive way.
Tom- Well then I guess we need to make him feel welcomed back home
Tom and Maggie walks towards the front door as it opens and Ethan walks into the Manor carrying a duffle bag. He drops the bag and hugs both of his parents.
Ethan- Oh it feels great to be home again.
Maggie- and we are very happy to have you home again and hopefully this time for good.
Ethan- well as of right now I plan on making it my permanent home.
Tom- Good and if you need I can get you a job at the hospital.
Ethan- no need to do that dad Aaron has already gotten me a job at The Wild Spot.
Tom- that freak bar where all them freaks go.
Ethan- dad just because they're gay doesn't make them freaks and I think me working there will be a good thing.
At Destiny Cafe Sage and her fiance Brady are sitting at a table drinking coffee when Sage's best friend Hope Cooper walks into the cafe and sits down at their table.
Hope- You will never believe who I just seen back in town
Brady- Your Brain?
Hope- Haha very funny
Sage- Who did you see back in town?
Hope- Brian Jenkins!
Brady- Who's that?
Sage- he's an ex of mine that went away not long after we broke up
Hope- yeah I'm sure he's finally over you.
Sage- let's just hope he is
At the Police Department Edwin Callison is sitting behind his desk when his boss Commissioner Charity Summers walks out of her office and over to his desk.
Charity- we have one hell of a huge problem
Edwin- what do you mean?
Charity- Brian Jenkins! The man that torched your sister a couple years back who had been reportedly released from prison. Well I just got a call from the Mayor asking me why I haven't caught the escaped prisoner yet.
Edwin- So he wasn't set free?
Charity- No he wasn't suppose to get out the court screwed up their paper work and released him instead of the guy that was suppose to be released. So I need you to get out their on the street and start looking for him.
Across town in an abandon warehouse in a sound proof room Brian Jenkins is walking around the room looking at an 18 year old named Stephen Donovan who is tied down to the bed.
Brian- Oh do you not like the place that I've chosen for you. Well I thought it was really nice but yet you've never seen the inside of a prison have you? No! But I know your father has and he still is. The bad thing about you never being in prison is you really don't know how it works in there. You see if you want something from someone you have to give something for them to help you. Or in my case you just take it. See your father Mike is in prison for killing your mother which I'm pretty sure you already knew that. See I needed his help and he gay me an offer and I declined it which made him very mad. So for pay back he made me his bitch, which is exactly what I'm going to do to you.
At Memorial Hospital Tom Callison is the Chief of Staff. Tom is making his way around the hospital when he notices something very unusual by the ER doors. Tom walks over and sees that there is a baby in the basket. He picks up the baby.
Tom- Well aren't you just a precious little girl
Tom carry's the baby back into the hospital


GENERAL HOSPITAL FANFIC EPISODE 14...Monica tells Tracy what she did.

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Monica tells Tracy what she did
Created by: Frank and Doris Hursley
Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson
Consultant: Beebs and YRbiggestfan
Sebastian WestAttached Image walks into the park with his book bag and sits on the bench.  He looks to the left, then to the right and is certain that nobody is there.  He takes out a small bag of marijuana, then looks for something else while focused on the bag.
Sebastian:  Dammit.
SydneyAttached Image offers him a lighter.  This breaks his focus on the bag and he looks up at her.
Sydney:  Looks like you need one of these.
Sebastian:  Thank you.
He reaches out for the lighter, but Sydney pulls it back.
Sydney:  So are you gonna smoke that all by yourself?
MICHAEL’S APARTMENT - KikiAttached Image walks in with a gift bag, smiles, and takes a red teddy out of it.  She turns to the table, which is pristinely set with two candles, handkerchiefs, silverware, two champagne glasses, and a silver, ice filled bucket with a bottle of champagne in it.  She then gets a call on her cell phone.
Kiki:  Hmm if it isn’t my sexy fiance.  Wait till you get home.
MichaelAttached Image is at ELQ sitting at his desk staring at his computer.
Michael:  Hey babe.  I’m...gonna be home a little late tonight.
Kiki:  Let me guess...ELQ stuff.
Michael:  Yeah we just got word that they’re gonna announce the winning bid for the Waterfront Project.  I’m sorry.  I promise I’ll make it up to you.
Kiki (sighing):  Okay.  I can’t lie and say I’m not disappointed.
Michael:  I know I know.  I’ll see you later.  Love you.
Kiki:  Love you, too.
MonicaAttached Image steps away from the living room door as she talks to Tracy.
Monica:  I’m gonna do whatever it takes to keep Carly away from Jason.
Tracy:  And how do you plan on doing that?  It hasn’t worked all these years.  What makes you think it’s gonna be effective now?
Monica:  I brought down Sonny Corinthos didn’t I?
Monica flashes back to giving a recording of Sonny admitting that he shot A.J. to Anna Devane…
Anna:  What is this?
Monica:  Listen to it.  It’ll get you the fish you’ve been trying to catch for years.
Monica flashes back to the present.
Tracy:  I don’t know how you managed to pull that off, but Carly isn’t gonna be that simple.
Monica:  Trust me none of this is easy, but I’ll be damned if I let Carly destroy my other son.
Monica and Tracy turn around and there are CarlyAttached Image and JasonAttached Image

Sebastian and Sydney are sitting next to each other on the park bench, and they have just finished smoking a joint.
Sebastian:  You better not tell anyone about this.
Sydney:  Oh please.  It’s not the end of the world if someone finds you smoke weed.  Besides, can you tell me where I can get some more of this good stuff from?
Sebastian:  How do I know you’re not a narc?
Sydney immediately stands up.
Sydney:  Don’t be ridiculous.  Narcs normally don’t smoke joints!
Sebastian:  Find your own weed guy.
Sydney:  You’re a total ass!
Sebastian:  Thank you.
Sydney:  I’m hungry.  
Sebastian:  Go get something to eat then.
Sydney:  Ugh!
MorganAttached Image is outside of Kelly’s sitting on a bench, and Kiki walks up.  Morgan notices her.
Morgan:  Hey Kiki.
Kiki:  Morgan what’s up?
Morgan:  Just went for a run.  What’s up with you?
Kiki:  Nothing, just getting something to eat.
Morgan:  Are you sure that’s it?
Kiki sighs.
Kiki:  No it’s not.
Carly:  I would never hurt Jason.
Monica:  You...are poison.  I lost one son because of you and Sonny and I won’t stand by and watch that happen again!
Carly:  I’m sorry, Monica, for your loss.  I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost Michael or Morgan, but A.J. made his own choices.
Monica:  You’re a human tornado.  You leave destruction in your wake.
Jason:  Mom that’s enough.
Monica:  It’s true.  You need to stay away from Carly before she destroys you.
Tracy:  Jason we’ve gotta get to ELQ.  The winning bids are gonna be announced soon.
Tracy walks out the door, and as she closes the front door, she walks and looks in her purse for something.  Suddenly, Sydney bumps into her, and Tracy notices a lighter that falls out of Sydney’s purse.
Sydney:  My God!  Not only are you a bitch, you’re a clumsy bitch.
Tracy picks up the lighter.
Tracy:  Hmm what would this be for?
Sydney:  What is it to you?
Sydney tries to walk past Tracy but Tracy stops her.
Tracy:  You wreak!
Sydney:  Wreaks of what?
Tracy:  Are you really gonna try to play coy with me Syd?
Sydney:  I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Tracy:  Pot!
Sydney:  I can’t wait till Luke gets back.  It’s been a long time for you hasn’t it?  You really need to find a hobby.
Tracy:  Does Maya know that you light up joints?
Sydney:  She knows all about that.
Tracy:  Maybe where you lived before, but not here in Port Charles.
Sydney:  Is there a point you’re trying to make?
Tracy:  I bet Maya would ship you to an iron clad, maximum security, prison-like rehab facility.  In fact, why don’t we call her right now and let her know...
Sydney (grabbing Tracy’s phone):  Please...don’t tell my sister.
Jason:  Mom can you watch Danny while I go to the office?  Sam should be coming soon to get him.
Monica:  Of course I’d watch my grandson.
Carly:  I have to go to the MetroCourt.
Monica:  On your way out of Port Charles I hope.
Monica walks into the living room and sits on the couch as she watches Danny continue to play with his toys.
Monica:  Hey there my little grandson.  Oh I just so wish Alan were here to see you.   I’m gonna be in your life as much as possible.
RobinAttached Image walks in with a suitcase, and Monica does not hear or see her immediately.
Monica:  I never even got to know your brother Jake, but your big brother, Michael is thriving, and running ELQ.
Robin:  Big brother Michael?  Monica what are you talking about?  The only brother Danny had was Jake.
Monica turns around and is shocked.


Welcome Back To Sprinfield

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Soon you guys will be back in the lives of everyone of your favorites from Springfield along with some new faces. I hope you will enjoy this classic soap opera as I did and still do.


DOOL Epi. 1

Posted by JM Fanfiction in Days Of Our Lives My Version, 28 June 2014 - - - - - - · 325 views

(Horton Town Square; by gated bench)
"Shows Paige walking past then bench talking on the phone, when is stopped by Bev"
Paige- hey mom I'll call you back I have something I need to take care of
"Paige hangs up"
Bev- it's so nice running into you here Paige, alone, away from everyone and no one can what I'm going to do to you
Paige- what are you talking about Bev?
"Bev pulls a gun from her purse"
Paige- um... Bev there's no need for you to have that gun
Bev- oh yeah there is, you see I'm going to use this gun to get you to do as I say so I can get what I want
Paige- Bev if you want to see JJ all I have to do is call him and tell him to meet me here and you can see him
Bev- oh I don't only want to see him I want to have him and I also want to have his baby. And the only way that will happen is if you are out of the picture for a while.
Paige- What do you mean by that?
Bev- It means you have disappear for a while, and I have to perfect place so get to moving
"Paige walks off followed by Bev pointing the gun at her"
(Daniel's Apartment)
"Shows Daniel walking around his apartment in just a towel; talking on the phone"
Daniel- yeah I can't wait Melanie, Yeah Parker and I plan on coming out there very soon to visit you
"doorbell rings and Daniel answers it"
Daniel- hey let me call you back I got something I need to take care of
JJ- hey you got a minute to talk
Daniel- um... yeah sure come on in. Just give me a few minutes to get dressed then I'm all yours
"Daniel walks off towards the hallway"
(DiMera Mansion; Living Room)
"Shows Sami sitting on the couch and movers walk into the living room"
Sami- it's about damn time you guys showed up. Listen all the stuff that is being moved is upstairs the first and second room on your left.
Moving Man- okay is there anything else from this place that needs to be moved
Sami- no oh wait while you are moving that could you please drop this off at the dumpster
"Shows the portrait of EJ and Sami sitting beside the couch; EJ walks in"
EJ- Samantha what the hell is all of this
Sami- well considering everything that has happened between us that you have caused you can put the pieces together. I'm moving out and so are the kids.
EJ- Samantha please stay and we can talk about this
Sami- talk about what? You cheated on me EJ with that slut Abigail. There is nothing to talk about.
EJ- Samantha please just hear me out. Please!
Sami- you have until the moving truck is loaded up so start talking.
(Brady Pub)
"Shows Theresa and Anne sitting at the far booth in the corner"
Anne- so tell me how are things going with your niece Paige
Theresa- not very good at all thanks to my ignorant half-sister Eve
"Shows Theresa looking over at Eve sitting a the bar; Anne gets up"
Theresa- Anne where are you going?
Anne- to work some magic
"Anne sits down next to Eve"
Anne- oh I'm sorry was this seat taken
Eve- no not at all
Anne- the names Anne... Anne Milbauer
Eve- Eve Larson, nice to meet you
Anne- you too, so I have heard through the grapevine that you and Jennifer Horton go way back as being enemies
Eve- grapevine as in you mean my sister Theresa. I know what your doing and I'm not liking it at all. So you can go back over to that little corner booth and chit-chat with my sister
"Eve gets up and walks out of the pub, Anne walks back over to the booth"
Theresa- very smooth handling Anne, very well done
Anne- oh shut it
(Daniel's Apartment)
"Shows Daniel walking back into the living room"
Daniel- okay kid what did you want to talk about
JJ- well um... Paige and I are having our first official date tonight and well lately when we have been hanging out we have been getting pretty close to some things.
Daniel- you mean sexual things right
JJ- yeah and well I was wondering if you could give me some pointers on that you know how a father would to his son. What I mean is I know the whole sex part but I want to make it as romantic as I can.
Daniel- this is your first time isn't it?
JJ- what no I've had sex before
Daniel- right and if you have then why are you asking me stuff on how to make it romantic.
JJ- alright look this will be my first time with a girl and I want to make sure it is special for both Paige and I and I just really don't want to screw this up
(DiMera Mansion; Living Room)
Sami- you going to start talking or am I just going to leave
EJ- look I know what I did was just wrong, pathetic
Sami- how about degrading, or hurtful or oh my favorite it's cheating.
EJ- and I am truly sorry that I ever did that to you so please give me another chance please.
Sami- I've already given you to many damn chances. We are done EJ so you can go find your little slut and be with her now
EJ- so it's like that well I guess I'll hear about it tomorrow as to who you are shacking up with next.
"Sami slaps EJ"


Golden Days Epi. 6

Posted by JM Fanfiction in The Golden Days, 28 June 2014 - - - - - - · 256 views

(Grave Yard)
"Shows Jaxon looking at a woman"
Jaxon- Jaxon Donovan
Bridget is that really you?
Bridget- Bridget Donovan
The one and only, so get over here and give your sister a hug
"Jaxon hugs Bridget"
Jaxon- what are you doing back here in town?
Bridget- I came back for a visit but as soon as I get back in town I hear that you are getting married, Drake is in the hospital from an overdose and Donovan Enterprises has gone nuts. What the hell happened when I left?
Jaxon- I don't know I guess we are all going crazy
Bridget- I'd say, so have you been to the hospital to see Drake
Jaxon- I was there when they first brought him in but then I left to come here.
Bridget- come on lets go see our baby brother together
"Jaxon and Bridget walk off together and a shadow is seen standing behind a wall"
(Linwood Memorial; Patient's Room)
"Shows Carla walking into the room and shows Drake lying on a hospital bed hooked up on IV and other machines; Carla walks over and sits down next to his bed"
Carla- Carla Sanders Donovan
oh sweetheart why did you have to go and do something so stupid. Why didn't you just call me, we could have talked or you could have called Jaxon or anyone. You didn't have to try and kill yourself. But not to worry because as soon as you wake up we are going to get you all the help that you need. Lila's here and so is Grandpa Sullivan, a lot of the family is here and Jaxon is on his way here. Oh please sweetie just wake up for me please.
(Linwood Memorial; Waiting Area)
"Shows Lila and Sullivan sitting in chair's; Claire walks up"
Claire- Claire Donovan
hey granddad where's Aunt Carla?
Sullivan- Sullivan Donovan
in there with Drake, why is something wrong
Claire- I need to talk to her
Sullivan- okay well I'll go get her
"Sullivan walks off"
Jaxon- Jaxon Donovan
Claire what's going on if it wasn't anything serious you would just wait until later to tell us, so what's going on?
"Claire sighs"
Bridget- Bridget Donovan
Has my brother gotten worse?
Claire- yes he has
Carla- Carla Sanders Donovan
what do you mean worse, how much worse?
Claire- We did a cat scan of Drake's brain and it shows a tumor on his left frontal lobe, but it get's worse
Jaxon- worse what could possibly be any worse that a tumor
Claire- Drake slipped into a coma
(Kinsey's Art Studio)
"Kinsey drops the pencil"
Kinsey- Kinsey Reeves
I think I've finally got it. This is going to be perfect.
Deacon- Deacon Walsh
let me see
Kinsey- what do you think, now be honest
Deacon-well.... it's perfect
Kinsey- really?
Deacon- yeah I think Jaxon and Maggie are going to love it
Kinsey- okay well since I am done with work are you ready to get out of here?
Deacon- oh you bet I am as long as you come with me
Kinsey- well of course I am silly
(Linwood Memorial Hospital; Waiting Area)
Jaxon- Jaxon Donovan
Claire come on is this some kid of joke
Claire- Claire Donovan
I wish it was just a joke but no it's not
Carla- Carla Sanders Donovan
Wait a minute your standing there telling me that my baby boy is in a coma and not only that but has a tumor as well
Claire- yes Aunt Carla I am
Bridget- Bridget Donovan
Is there any possibility that the tumor caused Drake to go into a coma?
Claire- that is a possibility but we won't know for sure until we run more test

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