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Devon's Bloodline #135

Posted by aMLCproduction in The Young and the Restless, 16 April 2014 - - - - - - · 73 views

Planning Kay’s funeral does not go well as Devon is left out of the Chancellor happenings as Keemo rips into Jack about his sell out betrayal. Vandalynn finally tracks down Scotty.
Neil joins Devon at a table.
Sorry for keeping you waiting. I had to check on the twins.
Posted ImageDevon:
I haven’t seen much of them lately. How are they?
Well I don’t know. Cane had them at the sitters.
The sitters? Why does Cane need a baby sitter when we are the twins family?
That’s a good question and I intend to find out. Any way son, how are you, what’s on your mind?
Tucker and Katherine. I don’t understand how they both died in the same night. And Tucker fell from the 24 floor, just absolutely unbelievable.
Yea. We still don’t have any answers.
I’m not sure I want to know.
Why do you say that?
In my gut I know something about all of this is not right. I’m not going to like the outcome.
You know you are a Chancellor Heir right?
I know. I don’t know how to feel about that. I truly regret all the time I wasted being mad at Katherine when she knew Tucker was my father and didn’t’ tell me. She was trying to protect me. I understand that now.
We all live and learn son. It’s a part of life. What’s important is what you do today.
What do you suggest I do?
: Go be with your family.
I am. I consider you my dad Neil you know that. I just got the Chancellor blood. I’m not close to any Chancellor.
You need to change that. Brock and his daughter Mac is in town. Reach out son. It’s a part of you your legacy. Go out and grab it. Listen son I got to handle some things Chancellor. Now if you need me you call me alright.
I will thank you for the talk. It helped out a lot. I think its time to go see my blood line.

Posted ImageEpisode 135: Devon’s Bloodline
Written by ML Cooks
Creative Consults: C Nate Richardson, Martin Saenz and Philip Connelly
Upstairs in the Suites, Vandalynn gets a call on her cell phone. She answers
Posted Image“Hello. Scotty, its about damn time where the hell have you been and why haven’t I seen you yet? I have been trying to reach you. I told you I was coming into to town. Ii feels as though you are avoiding me. Is that the case Scotty? Do you not want to see me? I don’t understand any of this.
Posted ImageScotty
: Are you done?
What does that mean? I just don’t understand why it took over 24 hours to see my man when I arrive in town to see him.
Van just stop. Can I get a word in or what? It seems like you saying the same thing over and over again but in different ways.
Is that how you are going to talk to me? To the woman you profess you love.
I was with the family. Katherine Chancellor recently passed. So yes I have been a little preoccupied. I’m sorry. Why are you here? I had no idea you were coming in from Paris.
I miss you silly. I couldn’t take the distance any longer. I need to be with you. What’s up with all these questions? You don’t sound like you are happy I am here.
Just surprised.
You shouldn’t be. I’ll do anything for the man I love. Now when am I going to see you?
Scotty is slow to answer.
Jabot Cosmetics.
Jack is in the middle of a meeting in his office when Keemo storms in.
Posted ImageKeemo:
You son of a bitch! How dare you sell me out to Paul?
Jack’s face turns red and he has a look of confusion come across it. He looks to his associates
“If you can give me a few minutes so I can take care of this with my son?”
The associates look at each other in shock after learning Keemo is Jack’s son who just cussed him out.
Oh now I’m your son? What kind of father sells out his own son to the police?” The associates look at Jack then at each other before leaving the office closing the door behind them.
Posted ImageJack:
Don’t you ever barge in here like that again! That was a very important meeting. You embarrassed the hell out of me.
: Why? Why did you do it?
What tell Paul the truth, you were hired by Tucker and-
And what I might have something to do with his alleged plan against Kay.
Well you did take a job for him and look how it all turned out. I told you you would regret working for him. Now you got yourself in one hell of a mess.
Can’t win against Victor but you go after me. Your funny Jack. And I’m going to show you, you made a bad move. I had nothing to do with any type of plot Tucker may or may not of had. As my dad your supposed to have my back. Where is your family values? My mother would be ashamed of this moment right now God rest her soul.”
Jack’s face is still red as he tries to fight tears from forming in his eyes reeling from his son’s stinging verbal attack.
Chancellor Estate
Jill, Nina and Esther sit in the living room discussing funereal arrangements for Kay. They cant agree on a color scheme until Murphy walks in and interrupts them
“Ladies, this isn’t a show. We are mourning Katherine. A celebration of her life. Let’s remember that.”
While I agree Jill insists on having things her way.
Posted ImageNina:
She won’t listen to any of our ideas.
Murphy: This is no competition. You need to think of Katherine first. And put all this petty and I might add catty non sense behind you. Focus on making the best celebration possible no matter what color it is. Katherine was every color of life. So go with that.”
Esther sheds a tear. Nina puts her arm around her.
I’m really going to miss her.
Brock and Mack walk in.
Good now we can settle this once and for all. Brock we cant decide what colors to do at Kay’s service. What do you suggest?
Posted ImageMac:
Gold. White with gold trimmings. My grandma was the grandest lady I know. So it has to be gold.
Sounds good to me.
Posted ImageEsther:
Me too. Gold for a grand lady.
Then white and gold it is then.
Your grandma be happy with the choices honey.
Then Devon walks in.
“I think some one forgot to include me in on the planning details of my grandmother’s funeral. “ Everyone turns around and looks at Devon and there is an extremely awkward silence thereafter.
Devon I’m so sorry. I didn’t even think to call you. I’m not used to you being a Chancellor. I’m so very sorry.
It seems no one else in this room is not used to me being a Chancellor.” He says with a tear streaming down his face. He just turns around and walks back out the door.
Posted ImageBrock:
Devon wait!
Devon ignores him and hops in his car and drives off.
Mac runs up to her dad.
: How could we exclude Devon?
Jill is right. I didn’t even think to call him. I’m not used to the fact my mother has another son and another grandchild out there.
My cousin. I hope we didn’t hurt him to bad.
Everyone is just grieving. It’s a tough time for all of us.
Hungry Hearts.
Rafe and Leslie meet up for a drink. They sit at a booth.
Posted ImageLeslie:
This is a nice place.
Posted ImageRafe
: I met Scotty here.
Oh yea?
: It just seems I’m only good enough for sex when it comes to him. Everything is so great in the heat of passion but outside the bedroom its something totally different. We cant agree on anything.
Like you said before he’s younger. You got ten years over him. Your established, got a good career, a home. He’s still living with momma isn’t he?
That’s the thing. I barely even know that.
Something is not sounding right about this Scotty.
You’re right. I think he only want’s sex. He’s not ready for a relationship like I am. I’m ready to settle down.
Then Rafe sees Philip Chancellor walk into the bar.
The man himself.
Who?” She turns around to see who Rafe is looking at. She too sees Philip Chancellor.
I heard rumors but I wasn’t sure if he was-
: Gay? I guess we know now.
I guess so. He’s so handsome.
He is.
Go say something to him.
Nah I’m ok. I’m trying to deal with this situation called Scotty. Not trying to get into any more dilemmas right now.
You gone let Scotty keep you away from a good man like Philip. He’s a Chancellor for goodness sake.
That doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s about the person. The inside. Not a name.
You better deal with that Scotty real soon. Don’t let him string you along like this. Especially when a good man like Philip Chancellor the III is a few feet away from you.
Rafe gets a text on his phone. He reads it.
I hate to cut this short but my dad just got back into town and I need to meet with him.
Thank you for the drink. And take care of the Scotty mess.
I will.” They both begin to walk out the club. Philip and Rafe get a good look at each other before he leaves. Philip smiles at him.Posted ImageRafe hesitantly smiles back then walks out.
Back at Jabot.
You got a bad habit using words as daggers.
You got a bad habit of not supporting me in the choices I make in my life and not being a good and supportive father.
I don’t think Luan would approve of this tawdry May December romance with Gloria. That woman has caused this family so much grief. She’s just about responsible for my dad’s stroke. Did you forget her role in the Glo by Jabot Scandal? People were seriously hurt behind that. She is poison. An opportunist.
: I told you once before watch your moth about the woman I love. Gloria didn’t even know my last name before I told the world we were engaged the night at her reopening gala at Glo Worm. So you can’t use the opportunist argument. Love is blind. So what she was with my granddad. He’s not here any longer. Life goes and people grow. And I might add it was you who slept with granddad’s wife Jill. I can’t help who my heart falls for. I’m not going to let you ruin this relationship for me. You and your sabotage. What did you hope to gain by selling me out to Paul? That I would go to jail and I would not be able to see Gloria any longer?
To open your eyes. Your anger for me is leading you to make bad choices. I know a guy like that. His name is Adam Newman and let me tell you it didn’t end very well. Takes some notes.
I’m not going to let this go. It’s time I teach you to let me be my own man. You need to know I will make my own decisions without any feed back from you.
Is that a veiled threat? I am your father you know.
: You are the one who seemed to have forgotten what a father is or what a father is supposed to be. Is it a threat, I don’t know. Take it as you want but you are going to pay for selling me out to the police. I just feel bad for Kyle having a father like you. I wish we had choices. Have a good day.” Keemo then leaves.
Jack is heart broken again over words from his son.
“Wow” is all he can say.


The Bold and the Beautiful - EPISODE #2

Posted by Y&Rbiggestfan in The Bold and the Beautiful, 15 April 2014 - - - - - - · 47 views

B&B Tuesday 4/15/14


Created By: William J. and Lee Phillip Bell
Written By: Casey Hutchison
(Scene 1. Forrester Creations - Afternoon)
We are in Eric's office and Eric is shocked to see Deacon.
ERIC: Deacon Sharpe..., what the hell are you doing here?
DEACON: In your office? Or here in LA?
ERIC: Both, I want to know now? Are you here to see Hope, mess with Brooke, or even ruin the lives of every one here? Which is it Deacon? Or is it all of them?
(Scene 2. Spencer Publications - Afternoon)
Katie is drinking coffee and Liam enters.
KATIE: Good morning, Liam. I am glad that you got here as soon as I called you.
LIAM: What's up Katie? You said it was urgent.
KATIE: It is extremely urgent. I think Bill might have done something he shouldn't have and it could affect everyone that we love.
LIAM: What did my father do this time?
(Scene 3. Bill's Home - Afternoon)
Brooke comes up to the door and knocks. Bill answers the door. Brooke enters and Bill shuts the door.
BILL: Sure Brooke, you can come on in.
BROOKE: Bill we need to talk.
BILL: What is it?
BROOKE: Did you let Deacon Sharpe back out of GC prison and back into our lives? Tell me the truth... right now!
OPENING CREDITS: http://www.televison...ful_-_2008.html
(Scene 4. Taylor's Home - Afternoon)
Taylor comes down the stairs with her IPAD.
TAYLOR: I thought that you would be out the door by now. You know looking for someone else to help you with Brooke's problems.
RIDGE: Doc... please.
TAYLOR: Ridge please do not start this... okay. Brooke, you, and me have had this love triangle that has lasted for decades... I just got done with it. Listen, I feel sorry for Brooke. I feel sorry that she has to see the scum that Deacon Sharpe is but she did this to herself. She had to have known that when a man like Deacon loves he does not let go. Just like you can never let go of Brooke... ever. Ridge, find some one else. Now I have work to do so please leave.
RIDGE: You are not getting rid of me that easily.
TAYLOR: Why are you really here Ridge?
RIDGE: I will admit that I had to see you.
(Scene 5. Forrester Creations - Afternoon)
Deacon sits on a couch in Eric's office.
DEACON: You waste no time do you?
ERIC: With you I cannot. I mean for God's sakes Deacon, do you blame me?
DEACON: (laughs) That is a good point. Listen, I am here for one thing and that is to come to work.
ERIC: What do you mean?
DEACON: There was a woman by the name of Jennie Lomax who has had a small part in this fashion house just a block from here. She gave me a 50 percent stake in her company.
ERIC: How in the hell did you get money to buy out stock?
DEACON: The man who bailed me out gave me six million dollars and said invest it in something smart. So, I approached this Jennie chick and we are in business.
(Scene 6. Spencer Publications - Afternoon)
Katie hands Liam a glass of water.
KATIE: Your father might have gotten Deacon Sharpe back out of Genoa City prison.
LIAM: Wow, sounds like something he would do.
KATIE: Liam, Brooke texted me about this yesterday and I am glad you just said what you said, because I think he did it to. Now Brooke is over there today.
LIAM: What if he denies it?
KATIE: Then Brooke is going to get Deacon to talk.
LIAM: How?
KATIE: She will get him to talk by flying Nikki Newman out her to LA... if Nikki agrees.
(phone rings)
KATIE: Give me one second.
LIAM: Of course.
Katie answers her phone.
KATIE: Hey, really? Of course he did. I expected nothing less than that. Yeah, he is here with me now... okay I will tell him.
Katie hangs up.
LIAM: What's up?
KATIE: Bill denied it.
(Scene 7. Taylor's Home - Afternoon)
Ridge is standing on the front porch and he gets a text.
RIDGE: I am headed back to LA. Oh my god.


DAYS #19: Just Press Record

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Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Theresa is shocked and in disbelief by what she sees in her hallway. Her mother being handed keys by her landlord.

THERESA: Do I need to ask again or is someone going to talk?

Kim turns to face Theresa, a tentative smile on her face.

KIM: Well...honey. I was trying to call you to tell you this. I had a viewing with your landlord and...well...I put a deposit down on the apartment just across the hall from you! Isn't that fantastic??
THERESA: Oh my God. Like...I think I might actually be dying, right now.

Kim walks to Theresa and takes her hand.

KIM: I know! Isn't it great??

Theresa's eyes bug out, and she pulls away from her mother. She is not impressed.

THERESA: No, this is the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen. Are you absolutely nuts??


Roman is in his office, just finishing up a call. He sets down the reciever on his office's land line and types a quick note on his computer. His face wide with satisfaction.

ROMAN: Gotcha!

Roman immediately picks the phone back up, and dials Kate.


KATE: Kate Roberts.


ROMAN: Kate! It's Roman Brady. I need you and Lucas to come down to the station. It's urgent.


KATE: I'll be right over.

Kate hangs up the phone, a wide, sinister smile crosses her face.

KATE: Jordan Ridgeway, whatever your crazy little plan is, it ends right now.



Victor steps into the hallway after the Titan board meeting lets out, his grumpy demeanour plain as the nose on his face. Brady struts out immediately afterwards, smug and confident that he put on a good presentation. He slaps Victor on the back in self-congratulation. Victor doesn't respond, but tenses in reaction.

BRADY: SO! Grandfather! How was that?
VICTOR: If you want my honest opinion, that was the most embarrassed I've ever been in my adult life. And that's no small feat, considering the number of times I married Vivian Alamain.

Brady's expression changes immediately, from cool confidence to confused and upset.

BRADY: Seriously? I mean, you're actually gonna go there right now with me?
VICTOR: Gladly. You're a CEO of a multi-national corporation, not a high school dropout contemplating which McDonalds to apply to work at. You've got responsibilities, Brady. And it's high time you actually took those responsibilities seriously.
BRADY: Or what, Grandad? You're gonna take over as CEO? I dare you to try. The board has to vote me out to reinstate you. You're over 80. They want young blood with the energy to hold up under all the pressure of this job.
VICTOR: I'm well-aware. And after today's performance, I definitely look like a strong candidate in comparison.
BRADY: Hah. You know, you're funny, Grandad. Really. You could've had a second career as a comedian. You know that?
VICTOR: Save it, Brady. I'm being serious. I know you hear this every day at least twice, but I'm really worried about you. I'm worried you're on a slide into something that could destroy your entire life. And I might not be able to help lift you out of it. And frankly, I just can't deal with that at this age. Excuse me.

Victor saunters away, calmly, but inside he is evidently troubled by Brady's behaviour. Brady shakes his head, watching Victor walk away.


Jordan walks into the Horton town square, looking for Sheryl. Upon finding her, she sits down at a table at the cafe area. Jordan's concerned after Sheryl's revelation at the hospital.

JORDAN: Alright, I'm here. I have to meet Rafe in a half hour so you gotta make this fast.
SHERYL: God, I wish you hadn't taken up with Rafe. Seriously, I know why you did it but it makes everything we've planned so much more difficult.
JORDAN: Okay, if you dragged me out her to give me another lecture on how dangerous it is for me to be dating the guy that gives us access to a good chunk of the info we need to pull this off, I'm going back to my apartment to get ready for my date.

Jordan gets up to leave, Sheryl stops her.

SHERYL: Woah woah woah! Jordan! Wait. I meant it when I said I had to talk to you about Lucas.

Jordan sighs and sits back down.

JORDAN: Fine. What is it? Why do you think Lucas is onto you, Sheryl?

Sheryl leans in, as if to share some great secret.

SHERYL: I ran into him at Club TBD earlier. He was...off. Like, really cold. I'd never seen him look at me like that before. There was an ice in his eyes, and he was definitely holding back something.
JORDAN: That's it? Seriously? Sheryl, you know that Kate's after me, not you. And there's no way she's going to figure out who I am. She wants you with Lucas. I don't know what you're so freaked out about.
SHERYL: What if you're wrong, Jordan? How can you be so damned sure Kate doesn't have it in for me too and has just been playing nice this whole time? We need to get our ducks in a row, and fast, or there'll be no chance of stopping the oil sands project, especially if we have to fight both EnerNext and Kate Roberts.


Roman greets Kate and Lucas at the door of his office as they arrive.

ROMAN: Kate, Lucas, have a seat.
KATE: Thank you, Roman. I'm glad you called when you did. I think I know exactly what's going on with Jordan and Sheryl now.
ROMAN: Well, so do we. And we have a plan. All you two have to do is follow it down to the letter, and Jordan and Sheryl will be neutralized.

Kate smiles a wry smile at Roman's news. Lucas carries a bit of uneasiness as he looks to his mother.


Will is on his phone at the apartment, a concerned look on his face. Gabi walks in at that moment and flashes a quick smile to Will, who waves back. Sonny enters the room, holding Arianna. Will sighs in exasperation suddenly.

WILL: (into phone) Hey, mom. Uh...so I need to know when you're able to come by so we can make you dinner. I really do have some big news for you, so whenever you can come by would be great. Uh...EJ is totally welcome to join us if you two are on good terms, because I never know where that stands lately...umm...give me a call back. Bye.

Will drops the phone on the table in front of him.

WILL: Voice mail, again!
GABI: What's wrong? Is Sami okay?
SONNY: We have no idea, we've been calling for about an hour. No answer, just goes straight to voice mail each time. We had some big news to share with her...and you too, but...you know...
WILL: We kinda wanted to make a big announcement to everyone at once.
GABI: Well...why don't you give EJ a call. Maybe she's with him?


Abigail is heading for the door of her office, files in hand, not really focussing on where she's walking. She opens the door to her office to head out and standing before her is EJ.

EJ: I need to talk to you, RIGHT now!

Abigail raises an eyebrow and gives EJ a knowing smile.

ABBY: So! Back for seconds so soon, hm? I didn't think I was that good.

EJ walks right past her and into her office.

EJ: That's not what I meant, Abigail.

Abigail stops the sexy intonations and tightens right up, suddenly feeling a rush of insecurity. Unbeknownst to either of them, Anne Milbauer has just approached her office door, which is still partially ajar, to ask her a question, and overhears EJ's next comment.

ABBY: Well then, what is it?
EJ: We have got to stop this affair, and right now.

Anne's curiosity spikes, she hides around the corner, just enough to be within earshot, and, with some quick thinking, immediately pulls out her cell phone, hitting record.



ANOTHER WORLD 154 John turns to familar source for comfort

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ANOTHER WORLD 154 - John turns to a familiar source

Created by: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written and Directed By: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, DRW50, and Beebs


SharleneAttached Image is with FrankieAttached Image in the visitor’s area.
Sharlene:  You must be getting tired of visiting people at mental facilities.
Frankie:  Ha ha ha very funny.  You’re my aunt.  This is a little different than Christy.
Sharlene:  I know she’s your friend, but it’s probably for the best that she get the help that she needs.
Frankie:  I think that’s true, but I didn’t come to talk about Christy, I came to see you.
Sharlene:  I have my therapy session later.
Frankie:  With Steven?
Sharlene:  Yes.
Frankie:  I...I think it’s a good thing.
Sharlene:  It should help.
Frankie:  I want you to get well Aunt Sharlene.  I’ve been a little worried about you.
Sharlene (sighing):  You’re so sweet, just like Emma.  I’m gonna get the help I need here, although it may be a little difficult for me to focus and concentrate.
Frankie:  Is it because of everything that Janice did?
Sharlene:  No.  That actually pales in comparison to what’s on my mind?
Frankie:  So what’s bothering you?
Sharlene:  Gregory.
JohnAttached Image knocks on the door and FeliciaAttached Image opens it.
Felicia:  John.  Hi.
John:  Is Mitch here?
Felicia:  No he went out.  You don’t look too good.  Come on in.
After John enters and Felicia attempts to close it, GregoryAttached Image emerges, and notices Felicia didn’t close the door completely.
IRIS’S OFFICE - IrisAttached Image is on her office phone..
Iris:  Yes dahhhling it’s your bestie.  How have you been?  Good.  I need a favor from you.
After a pause...
You...want me to come to Springfield?  I’m in the middle of a family crisis I can’t.  Okay okay I’ll be there as soon as I can.
Iris hangs up and makes another phone call..
Iris:  Hey.  Get ready.  We’re going to Springfield.

CAVANAUGH CLINIC IN MONTICELLO - RachelAttached Image is on her cell phone.
Rachel:  I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch with you.  Your father is making great progress.  Honey I can’t tell you that.  Just know that we’ll be coming home soon.
IN A LIMOUSINE - CoryAttached Image hangs up his cell phone and turns to Iris.
Iris:  Why didn’t you tell Rachel we were on our way?
Cory:  I wanna surprise her.
Rachel hangs up her cell phone, and turns to a comatose CarlAttached Image .
Rachel (sighing):  He’s probably gonna be angry with me, but I can’t tell him where you are.  I hope he’ll understand why.  Cory reminds me of you.
Suddenly, Rachel hears a voice and turns around, and sees MarissaAttached Image , who gives a puzzled look to Rachel.
Marissa:  Cory?  Who's Cory?
Rachel:  Hi.  May I help you?
Sharlene:  This whole thing has taken a toll on him.
Frankie:  He’s a strong young man.  He will get through this, as will you, and John.
Sharlene:  Gregory wasn’t happy about the fact that John had me committed.
Frankie:  I’m sure he’ll understand after he sees how well you’re going to become.  I’m hoping that you’ll be released to come to Charlie’s wedding.
Sharlene:  That’s right.  I’d love to help with the preparations.
Frankie:  I sure could use it.  I’m gonna have my hands full getting her ready to be married.
Sharlene:  I DO have some experience.
Frankie:  Josie.
Sharlene:  That’s right.
Frankie:  You know what, I want you to focus on getting well.  I’ll keep an eye on Gregory for you.
MitchAttached Image appears…
Mitch:  We both will.
AT FELICIA’S, Gregory is listening in on John and Felicia…
Felicia:  Can I get you something?
John:  No I...I just need to talk.
Felicia:  Okay.
John:  I’m confused.  I hope I didn’t make a mistake.
Felicia:  You’re talking about Sharlene?
John:  I had her committed to an institution so she wouldn’t be charged with murder.
Felicia:  Seems like you regret it.  You’re trying to save her.  
John:  I was so afraid of this happening.  Sharlene and I came so far.
Felicia:  You did everything you could.
John:  I told Dr. Taylor to not let her remember anything about the day Grant was shot in the Center.  That was my first flub.
Felicia touches John’s shoulder, and Gregory is able to see through the crack of the door.
Felicia:  You have done nothing but try to protect her.  You are a good husband John.  You’re a good MAN.
Felicia and John hug, and Gregory becomes angry as he watches them.


The Carrington's Season 1 Episode Episode 8

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The Carrington's Season 1 Episode 8


Episode Title: This Is Just The Beginning
Created By: Casey Hutchison
Story Outliner: ML Cooks
Written By: Casey Hutchison
(Scene 1. Carrington Mansion)
Victor is drinking a glass of scotch and pondering Phyllis's new demands.
Victor: Why did I except? I am such a damn fool.
Victor heads upstairs and sees the maid preparing the guest bedroom. Victor stops.
Victor: Hey Rosa... why are you preparing a room?
Rosa: Oh, Miss Pamela Carrington is back in town and Mrs. Carrington invited her sister back into the mansion.
Victor: (surprised) Oh.
(Scene 2. Carrington Enterprises)
Lucinda and Pamela walk into Lucinda's office.
Pamela: This is a nice office sis.
Lucinda: Thank you.
Pamela: So what can I do?
Lucinda: Wow.
Pamela: What?
Lucinda: You just want to jump right in. Alright, I need the income and outcome files separated by date for the bank to file.
Pamela: Okay.
(Scene 3. Brooke's Penthouse)
Natalie knocks on Brooke's door. Brooke answers.
Brooke: (surprised) Natalie! What are you doing here?
Natalie: I found out that you and Darrell are together. Why are you with him Brooke?
Brooke: Listen Nat, I really do not want to get into that right now.
A loud crashing noise is heard.
Natalie: What was that?
Brooke: (whispers) Damn.
(Scene 4. Carrington Enterprises)
Victor walks into Lucinda's office mad as hell.
Lucinda: Honey, is everything okay?
Victor: Why didn't you tell me that Pamela is back and staying at the main home?!
Pamela: Why are you being so rude?
Lucinda: Can everyone just calm down? Victor, Pamela is back in town because she is in need. She is my sister and I love her deeply.
Victor: Is she still on drugs?
Pamela: No I am not Victor? Please address me about my life.
Victor: Lucinda I am not happy about this! Every time she comes to Coleridge trouble is not far behind. I thought you knew that.
Victor storms out.
Lucinda: (sighs)
(Scene 5. Brooke's Penthouse)
Brooke is nervous.
Brooke: I-I-I left the television on in the back. My soap opera was on. You know that "The Young and the Restless" is my favorite show. I think you... you should go now. I have a lot of things to do.
Natalie: Brooke...
Brooke: Dammit Natalie! Get out and stay out of my life!
Brooke slams the door and Natalie is stunned. Brooke walks back to the back room and Darrell is tied up still in a chair.
Brooke: What were you trying to do?
Darrell: I was trying to let my sister know I was back here.
Brooke: Don't do anything stupid!
Darrell: This little plot you have going on will fail.
The doorbell rings and Brooke is nervous again.
(Scene 6. Coleridge Café)
Victor is eating a salad and drinking ice tea. He calls Darrell.
Darrell: (voicemail) This is Darrell Carrington. Sorry I could not get to the phone. If you leave me your name and number I will get back to you soon.
Victor: Darrell this is your father. Where the hell have you been? Call me now!
Victor hangs up and then his phone rings.
Victor: Judge Robert Raines... how are you? Natalie did what? Really? You do not let Natalie when this battle with Darrell. You know what? Don't even worry about her.
Victor hangs up. There is a text message and it is from Phyllis.
Victor: (replying to text) Phyllis slow down. A new development with my wife happened. It is going to take longer than anticipated. What are you gonna do with all that money?
Phyllis replies with "Do not worry about it Vic. I except a payment by the end of the day.
Victor stops texting.
Victor: Phyllis needs to be dealt with.
(Scene 7. Carrington Enterprises)
Lucinda takes a drink of water.
Pamela: Lucy I am sorry about causing any trouble for you and Victor.
Lucinda: Don't worry about it Pamela. Victor has not been the same since Darrell was convicted. I have to admit that we have been straying from one another. (sobs) He may have even cheated on me. I am not sure where I am headed with Victor. (cries) Pamela I am scared.
Pamela: Do not worry Lucinda. If Victor cheated or still is cheating on you... we will find out.
Pamela hugs Lucinda.
Lucinda: I am glad that you came back.
(Scene 8. Brooke's Penthouse)
Darrell sees the panic on Brooke's face.
Darrell: I love seeing you sweat these huge bullets. Soon my family will come looking for me and the walls will close in on you.
The doorbell rings again and Brooke cover Darrell's mouth with duct tape. She goes to answer the door and Frank is at the door.
Frank: Hello Brooke.
Brooke: Oh Frank thank God you showed up. You are the answers to my prayers.



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(EXT: London, England- Edmund's Creepy Castle)
--Ashton sits in the living room, on the phone, and learns of Eden, Kirk, and Pearl's impending arrivals.  He smiles and says that it's time that everything be put in place so he, Kelly, and everyone else can live "happily" ever after.  Kelly enters the room, able to catch the last part of his sentence, and he hurries off the phone.
"Happily ever after huh?  I thought that was already decided on our wedding day, Mr. Lavery."
"Oh, it was, it was, Mrs. Lavery.   I just got some news that should delight you and perhaps give you some pleasure during your downtime on our extended stay here in London.  I'm sure you're about tired of my father, Christine, and all the construction on the East Wing by now."
"Actually, I find your father quite fascinating.  A bit mysterious, but he never ceases to hold my interest.  So......what is this happy news that is supposed to bring me such delight?"
"Your sister is actually on your father's jet, on her way to London right now.  I've invited her....and her friends to stay here with us.  At the castle."
"Oh?  And what friends are you talking about?  Julia?  Mary?"
"Actually, they're both men.  Pearl Bradford, that old friend of yours and my #1 fan, and Kirk Cranston."
"KIRK CRANSTON?  Eden is coming HERE.....with Kirk Cranston?  What the hell would possess her to bring that man here....let alone on daddy's jet?"
"I sense there's some sort of history there."
"Oh, not much.  Just that they were married years ago.  And he attempted to kill her.  Multiple times.  And gaslight her.   And kidnapped her...and Cruz....again, multiple times."
"Doesn't sound like the ideal travel companion."
"My point exactly.  It's all so strange.  Why would Eden leave her children, Cruz's parents, and daddy, to come to London with Kirk Cranston, of all people?"
"Sounds like you'll have plenty to discuss over dinner tonight.  They should be arriving before then and I've asked Christine to prepare a special meal for all of us....and our guests."
"Guests?" Edmund says, entering the room.
"Yes, father, guests.  Kelly's sister, Eden, and a couple of her friends will be arriving later.  I hope you don't mind that I've taken the liberty of inviting them to stay here.  I figure there's plenty of room for everyone.  It is a CASTLE, after all."
"Kelly, would you be so kind as to give my son and I a moment alone?"
"Of course.  Obviously my husband here should have discussed this with you first.  You've been very gracious to let us stay here as long as you have.  I hope you don't feel too put out that Ashton here has invited my sister and her.....friends to stay.  He's just trying to make me happy is all, as he always does.  I'll go and get a cup of tea from Christine in the kitchen.  Would either of you like anything?"
"Nothing at all my dear, the privacy will be quite enough."
Kelly exits the room, muttering to herself about Eden, Kirk, and :Pearl being the oddest of combinations.  Back in the living room, Edmund glares at his son.
"Just what are you up to?  It's been hard enough keeping Kelly away from her mother....now you've got her sister coming as well?   Just what in the devil are you up to?"
"I suggest you listen and listen good.  If you want this charade of a life that you've created for yourself and your pod in the East Wing to continue, you'll do everything that I ask of you tonight.  Otherwise, I'll expose you to the Capwell girls, who will surely go running to daddy...."
"You wouldn't dare.   You wouldn't risk your marriage to Kelly Capwell, that I know."
"You're right, I wouldn't.  And you'll understand things as they unfold today.  You just do exactly as I say or this whole thing will blow up in your face tonight father.  Do I make myself clear?"
"Why you little.....just who do you think you are speaking to me this way?   How dare you assume that I would go along with this, risk everything FOR...my God, if your mother were alive...."
"I thought she was.  Upstairs.  In her private bedroom.  Isn't that the double entendre you're leading right now?  You're just going to have to trust me for now father.  As for now, I must be going.  I have some business to attend to.  Please, keep Kelly entertained while I'm gone.   She seems to find you.....fascinating.  If only she knew just how interesting the life you're really leading right now really is...."
Ashton exits and as he leaves, Edmund takes out his phone and dials Pamela.
"We've got trouble.  Big trouble."
(EXT: Lionel and Augusta's London Flat)
--Augusta sits in her satin robe, staring at her husband across the breakfast table.  Clearly uncomfortable, she attempts to break the ice.
"Well that went rather smoothly yesterday."
"Those aren't the words I'd use if I were you, Augusta.  How dare you keep this from me for as long as you have.  How dare you!"
"How dare I?  After what that woman and your tawdry affairs with her have done to me over the years, you should consider yourself lucky I clued you in at all."
"Yes, lucky.  I couldn't care less about Sophia and the last thing I want is for you to go waltzing down memory lane with her.  But, I did the noble, unselfish thing and told you the truth.  I thought you'd be rather proud of me."
"Yes, proud.  What is with these one word inquisitions you're spitting at me?   If I had my way, that woman would have stayed dead and buried where she belonged.  Ironic, though, isn't it.  Here we are, 34 years later, and it's 1979 all over again.  Sophia is operating under a false name, with no previous recollection of her old life, Marcello is her only confidante....it's de ja vous.  Only this time...well, I'm not quite sure I understand the logistics of it.  She didn't fall off a yacht for pete's sake, she was pronounced dead.  By Saint Mary Duvall of all people and there's no way Sister Mary would lie about this sort of thing.  You have to give credit where credit is due....Edmund has pulled off quite the caper here.  I think you'd rather enjoy his torturing of CC, if it didn't involve you're quintessential love, Sophia, that is.   And here I am, allowing you to play hero to the tawdry slut you cheated on me with and created that.....circus performing son of your's with.  And  the only reason he's even alive is because your mother switched the babies all those years ago.  Otherwise, Sophia would have shot your only child with her."
"Thank you, Augusta, for the refresher course and the lovely walk down memory lane.  Well one thing is clear- I couldn't get through to her.  And if  I can't get through to her...there's only one other man who can....CC!"
"Lionel, have you gone mad?  Did you not listen to the history course that Marcello gave you?  CC has a past with Loretta as well as Sophia.  His involvement could make this situation more chaotic than it already is and worsen Sophia's condition, which God knows is the lassst thing you'd want to do."
"He has a right to know that his wife is alive, Augusta.  Whether I like him, hate him, respect him, or not, he loves her and is grieving for her.  It isn't right that we keep this from him."
Augusta walks across the table and hits Lionel on the back of the head.
"Would you get your brain wired back in, Lionel?  We need to put Sophia first here and involving CC is only going to cause a bigger mess than this already is.  I suggest that we at least wait until we here from Marcello before we do anything rash.  Where is that "dame" of a mother of yours when I need her to talk some sense into you?  We at least need to wait until we hear from Marcello first.  At the very least, he did put that tracking device in the suitcase, so we'll know- Sophi--Loretta's--oh whatever the hell that tramp is calling herself's whereabouts are at any given time.  Patience, dear.  I doubt this is the last we've heard from Marcello."
(EXT: Lady DuMonde's Mansion)
--Ashton is greeted at the door by the butler and requests to see Marcello at once.  Marcello swiftly enters the room and wonders aloud what Ashton could want with him.  Ashton suggests that they talk somewhere in private.  He explains that he accidentally stumbled into Sophia's room and realizes what his father has done and wants to right the wrong.  Marcello admits to a knowing Ashton that he already knows about Sophia and is trying to jog her memory.  Ashton quizzically asks if anyone else knows and Marcello tells him only Lionel and Augusta.
"Doesn't Sophia have a history with the Lockridges?"
"A long one- she had a forbidden love affair with Lionel for a good portion of her life."
"Well couldn't you use that and your hypnosis techniques to kick start her memory?"
"I've already thought of that and I tried it yesterday, but Sophia and Augusta exchanged words and Loretta....Sophia got cold feet.  She's truly convinced that she's your mother."
"My mother-in-law is brainwashed into believing she's my mother.  Sounds like something out of a soap opera."
"You'd think so, but this has happened before, and the last time it did, it caused insurmountable, permanent damage to the Capwells, especially to Channing, Eden, and CC"
"Of course.  Well, if I could get you in to see her again tonight, do you think you could get Lionel to come alone?"
"I'm not sure.  Augusta can be a handful and she'll want to come but.... I can try."
"Try you will, if you want to bring Sophia back.  And you will succeed.  You seem a smart man, Marcello.  I'm sure you can come up with a good reason to bring Lionel to the castle on his own.  Here"
Ashton writes down his phone number.
"This is my cell number.  You call me when you're on the way.  Try to make it around 7:30, as we will all be at dinner at that time and it will be much easier to sneak you into the mansion."
"All of you?"
"Yes, my father, my wife, her sister..."
"Eden's going to be there?"
"Yes but she'll be at dinner.  I haven't told Kelly or any of the Capwells about Sophia because.....well, because my wife has told me the sordid family history and I'd hate to put any of them through that again before Sophia realizes that she's....Sophia.  I'm disgusted by what my father has done- it could damn well ruin my marriage and there's no way in hell I'm going to let that happen.  You just follow my instructions and I'll make sure you're able to see Sophia.  Now, I must be going, as my father will soon be wondering where I am.  I was very careful not to be followed.  I don't want him to have any idea that I know about this, nor that I'm helping you."
"I appreciate it Ashton  You're doing a good thing."
"Yes well, I hope so and I do hope that everything goes as planned.  Now as I said, I must be going."
Ashton sees himself out and immediately dials his phone.
"Ok, it's all set.  I hope you're ready for everything that's about to happen."
The camera pans to a man in a suit, sitting in an office, without his face being shown.  
A familiar, English accented voice is heard on the other line.
"Oh, I'm ready.  I'm more than ready."
They hang up and the camera pans up to the mystery man.....

Posted Image
(THE END......For TODAY)



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Carter grabs a faint Lisa before she falls do the ground. Scott rushes over to a table nearby and pulls out a chair while Carter drags Lisa to the chair, seating her. 
Lisa: (faint) Scott? Is it really you? 
Scott: Yes, Mom. 
Carter comes back to them with a glass of water. He hands it to Scott, who is now kneeled next to his mother. He holds the glass while Lisa takes a sip. 
Scott: You all right?
Lisa: I will be . . . (strokes his face gently) So glad to see you . . . 
Lisa then strikes her son across the face. Scott holds his face, which stings. Carter is stunned. Lisa jumps up and hovers over her son. 
Lisa: How dare you! How dare you do this to me!
On Scott totally shocked, 
Henry, with a chef hat and apron that reads "I rub my meat for two mins," dances around the kitchen while the pots of the stove create a slight fog from the steam. 
Henry: (singing) Pour it up! Pour it up! That's how we ball out! . . . Strips clubs and dollar bills--
He is abruptly interrupted by a knock at the door. Aggravated, Henry opens the door to reveal his younger sister, CLARK COLEMAN
Henry is speechless. 
Clark: (distraught) I need your help. 
On Henry worried
Mo and Casey sit on the sofa making out. Tom then barges in slamming the door. The two break apart like two teens that have been caught in the act. As the rearrange their clothes: 
Tom: Where is your mother?!
Casey: She's at the station. What's wrong?
Tom: Emily!
Casey: What now?
Tom tosses the paper at Casey before he storms up stairs. Casey unballs the paper to see the headline (from last episode) featuring Tom, Carter, and Scott. 
On Casey cringing, 

Casey kisses Mo (before she leaves) and closes the door behind her. Tom comes down the stairs, undoing his tie and tossing it to the side. 
Casey: You sure you're fine? 
Tom: Do I look fine? (off Casey holding his hands up for mercy) Sorry. 
Casey: No problem but does this story even has any truth to it? I mean we haven't seen or heard from Uncle Scott since I was child. You sure Emily isn't fabricating this to p*ss you off? 
Tom: No she isn't. For once she isn't lying in that rag she calls a paper. 
Casey: (confused) So then I don't get while you're mad at Emily . . .
Tom: Because she's ruining my campaign! Don't you see it!
Casey: Dad, I doubt anyone is taking Emily or her paper seriously. Her past isn't squeaky clean either . . .
Tom: But when you're running up against someone with a stellar track record such as Carter Wallace--
Casey: Dad, you need to chill. 
Casey goes and sits on the sofa. He pats on it to indicate he wants Tom to join him, to relax. After fighting it, Tom gives in. 
Casey: Dad, you have a stellar track record too. 
Tom: I do but--
Casey: Not "buts." Who cares that you left mid office almost fifteen years ago? That was then. This is now. 
Margo rushes in breathing heavily. 
Margo: Oh honey! There you are. (rushes over and kisses Tom) I went by the campaign office and Bonnie told me everything. (calming down) You OK?
Tom: Not really. 
Margo: Don't worry, honey. We'll figure this out--me, you, Bonnie, Lisa--
Tom jumps up from the sofa
Tom: Mom! I gotta go see her. 
Margo: We're coming with you. 
On a shot of the Hughes rushing out, 

Henry and Clark are now seated at a table. We enter mid-convo. Henry is trying to pry some info out of her. 
Clark: Henry, can you stop!
Henry: No! You just come beating down my door and you want me to stop?
Clark: Yes.
Henry: We haven't heard from you in years! Maddie, me, Bernadette--
Clark: I'm fine. (swiping hair out of face) Can't you tell?
Henry: Not really but I'll drop it for now . . .
Clark: I just need a place to stay for a few nights--
Henry: What? Hold on--you just come in here and expect to provide you a haven when you can't tell me where the heck you've been for the past five years?! Really, Clark?
On Clark moaning, 
Picking up where we left off of Lisa slapping Scott, and both he and Carter stunned: 
Scott: What was that for!
Lisa: For not picking up the phone and calling me! For not visiting me! Your brother--
Scott: Oh I've seen ole' Tom already. 
Lisa: What? So you've been in town for awhile now! (to Carter) And you knew?!
Carter searches for the right words, but before he can get them out, Lisa pops him in the face. Carter now holds his face, shocked.
Lisa: Now I see why you were using me--getting close to me. You wanted to stick it to me and Tom. (pointing to Scott) And he's the best way to do so? 
Scott: He didn't even know I was related you to until the night I arrived in Oakdale. 
Lisa: Oh really? So how do you two know each other?
Scott: We met awhile back in Somerset. I had a small practice there, he was there visiting--
Lisa: So you two became buddies and decided to come here and run for district attorney? 
Carter: No! I didn't even ask him to join me until weeks after I decided to come to Oakdale. 
Scott: Exactly. 
Lisa: (stewing) Oh OK . . . So Tom knew you were here?
Scott: Yes. I've been here since Christmas. 
Lisa: What!
Tom, Margo, & Casey come rushing in and up to Lisa, Carter, & Scott. 
Tom: Mom--
Lisa pops him across the face. 
Lisa: How could you! (to both of her boys) How could both of you! . . . (enraged, flailing around) How could all of you!
Casey and Margo step back, not wanting to feel the wrath of Lisa. 
On Tom holding his face, now stunned too. 



John Hu On Harley's Mind, John Hu Has Arrived

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Guiding Light, soap, Guiding and 2 more...

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A thick fog nearly consumes the setting when a boat pulls in. A pair of feet steps off the boat and it is revealed to be John Hu. He looks around and likes what he sees. Suddenly, a Don Chi, Hu’s henchman, steps off the boat from behind him. He has a briefcase in hand.
Don: Pretty foggy here tonight, huh?
Posted ImageJohn: Just how I like it.
Don: So you never told me why we’re here in Springfield.
John: Patience, patience. All good things to those who wait.
John digs into his pocket and reveals a small photo of Harley. He brightens up at the sight of her.
John: (putting it back in his pocket) We have to get things prepared for the shipment. Is all the money there.
Don: (tapping the briefcase) Yep. Counted it twice. Five million dollars.
John: Good. Let’s get back on the boat and circle around the bay until they arrive with our stash.
Don: Yes, sir.
Don heads back onto the boat. John starts to head back onto the boat, and takes one look back . . .
John: Springfield . . . my home away from home.
He gets back on the boat and it takes off.
The room is pure darkness with the exception of the TV, which illuminates Harley. We slowly pan towards Harley, who is nestled up on the sofa, asleep. She’s so peaceful, and we
Harley is dressed to the “nines.” She is donning a beautiful haute couture gown while she sets on the deck of the yacht, which glides across the Danube River. The scenery—its so captivating and refreshing, mesmerizes her. A male hand then reaches into the frame and grabs her hand, placing a flute with champagne in it. She looks up (and we follow) to see the man is non other than John Hu.
Posted ImageHarley: John . . .
John: Ssh. Don’t say a word, my sweet.
Harley: But—
John leans in and kisses Harley passionately, silencing her. Then a shot of the boat drifting off into the night, and
Harley jumps out the sound of someone beating at the door.
Phillip (O.C.): Harley! Harley, are you there.
Harley: Ugh.
Harley gets up, with her hair tossed everywhere, and heads to the door. She snatches the door open to Phillip, who jumps back at the sight of her. He can see the fury in her eyes.
Harley: What!
Phillip: We need to talk.
Phillip barges in without being invited. Harley astonished by this.
Harley: Umm . . . Phillip, I didn’t—
Phillip: What is about you not wanting Zach attend Lincoln Prep? It’s a good school!
Harley: With a lot of spoiled brats!
Phillip: Just say it, Harley! You don’t want Zach to attend Lincoln Prep or have anything to do with my family or me because you’re afraid he’ll end up just me like.
On Harley over it,
The door to the room flings open and Alan Michael rushes into the room, frantic. He starts to scope out the room and Holly trails behind him.
AM: Mom! Mom!
Holly: Alan Michael, be quiet! Do you wanna be heard?
Alan Michael nods understandingly. He peeks in the closet and sees that it has been cleared. He looks to Holly, anxious.
AM: Where is she?
Holly: She couldn’t’ve gone too far.
AM: I wouldn’t put it past her.
The door closes and Alan Michael and Holly turn to see India leaning on the door.
India: Looking for Caroline or should I say Hope?
Alan Michael’s jaw drops. He charges towards India with rage in his eyes, but Holly grabs him, stopping him.
AM: You! I should’ve known it! You—
India: You better settle down. Not if you want me to remain silent.
AM: Remain silent? (trying to break free) That can be arranged!
Holly: (restraining him) Calm down! (to India) Where is Hope?
India: Oh Holly . . . (shaking head) you knew about Hope too? This gets better and better.
Holly: India . . .
India: I wonder how Ed is going to take the news—his main squeeze keeping such big secrets from him. (gloating) Bet he won’t like it.
On Holly’s reaction
Ed sits on the porch rocking, and its foggy also. He looks in the night sky.
Mom, Leslie, and Maureen, if you can hear me . . . (tearing up) please help Meta, Bruce, Mike, and Hope find peace.
Ed looks down to see someone standing within the fog.
Ed: Hello?
Hope emerges from the fog looking destroyed, mascara dripping down her eyes as if she’s been crying nonstop.
Ed: Caroline, you all right?
Ed steps off the porch and walks over towards her.
Ed: Do I need to call Alan?
Hope: No!
Ed: Did something happen? Did Alan harm you?
Hope: No.
Ed: Come with me.
Ed takes her by the arm and tries to take her by the arm, but she jerks away.
Hope: Don’t you even recognize me!
Ed: Caroline, are you sure you’re fine?
Hope: It’s me, Uncle Ed! It is me, Hope!
On Ed uncertain and shaken,
We open up on Harley and Phillip in a stand off.
Harley: Phillip, are we seriously going to do this tonight?
Phillip: Yes!
Phillip storms over to the sofa and sits.
Phillip: (patting the sofa) Come sit.
Harley: No.
Phillip: I’m not leaving till we talk.
Harley: You sure about that?
Phillip: Harley . . . please.
Harley sighs heavily and complies with his wishes by sitting across from him.
Harley: What Phillip?
Phillip: This has to stop—this tension between you and me.
Harley: There is no tension.
Phillip: There is.
Harley: Phillip! (gets up and points to the door) Goodbye!
Phillip: No.
Harley: Leave!
Phillip: I said no.
Harley walks over and grabs the phone off the end table and starts to dial.
Phillip: (sighs) Who are you calling?
Harley: Frank. So he can come and whoop your ass and take you to jail.
Phillip crosses over and struggles the phone away from Harley. Then he tosses it across the room and shatters into pieces.
Harley: Phillip!
Phillip: Now lets sit and talk like adults.
Harley: Talk like adults? Screw you!
Phillip: Why do you hate me, Harley? Why! Is this because of how I took Zach from you? I thought you’ve forgiven me!
Harley: Well you thought wrong.
Harley grabs her keys. She goes to exit but Phillip grabs her by the arm, restraining her.
Harley: Let me go!
Phillip: No! Not until you listen to me!
Harley tries to pry free of Phillip’s grip.
Harley: My opinion isn’t changing, Phillip! Zach is not going to Lincoln Prep. End of story—
Harley breaks free but falls onto the floor. She holds her arm in pain while Phillip rushes to her side.
Phillip: (worried) Harley, you OK!
Harley: No!
Harley kicks Phillip away from her.
Harley: See! See! You see why I don’t want Zach anywhere near you! Your family! You’re a bully, Phillip! You’re sick!
Phillip: Harley, it was an acci—
Posted Image
Harley looks past Phillip to see Zach standing at the bottom of the stairs. Noticing Harley’s reaction, Phillip turns and sees Zach too. Guilt comes over Phillip.
Zach: What’s going on? Mom, are you OK?
Harley: (covering) Nothing. (getting back up) Nothing at all.
Zach: But I heard you two screaming.
Phillip: It was nothing, Zach. Just a simple disagreement. (devastated) I-I’m sorry, Harley. Forgive me. (fighting back tears) Forgive me.
Phillip rushes out of the house. Harley looks on concerned and,
Hope sits on the sofa in utter silence. She’s a total mess. Ed (standing up) watches on from a far, bothered.
Ed rushes over and opens the door to reveal Holly & Alan Michael.
Posted ImageHolly: Is she here?
Ed points to Hope. Alan Michael rushes in and kneels down next to her. Holly enters and Ed closes the door. They both watch what’s about to happen.
Alan Michael: Caroline! I’m so sorry.
She doesn’t respond.
Alan Michael: I just wanna let you know that you’re not fired. Your job is still intact and I want you to come home with me. OK?
She still doesn’t respond.
Alan Michael: Caroline . . . (tearing up) please forgive me.
She slowly turns to see her son crying. She wipes the tears from his eyes.
Hope: Don’t cry, my sweet baby. I forgive you.
Posted Image
Alan Michael kisses her hand and bury his face in it. Ed is now convinced.
Ed: So I guess it’s true.
Holly and Alan Michael react.
Ed: So I guess she is Hope.
Holly and Alan Michael exchange looks, and on Ed unhappy,
John lies on the bed in a daze while he glances at the ceiling. He then gets up and head down the hall to another door. He cracks the door open, and we get a slight shot of Carmen lying in the bed with a medical ventilator strapped to her.
John: You’re home, Bonita. You’re home.
On a shot of Carmen soundless sleeping,
Phillip’s illness continues to go unchecked
Jason & Leah plan an attack on Phillip
Remy & Tierra grow closer
Mel struggles with keeping her pregnancy secret
Olivia's continues her quest to destroy Marah
A friend of Shayne's comes to town 
Dinah & Mallet are drawn together
Blake & Rick find love (not with each other)
Alan uses the Reardon boys as pawns to gain back Spaulding
Hope’s secret’s comes out
Laurel & Reva makes life-changing decisions
Cassie starts her search for her biological father & Frank helps
John Hu wreaks havoc
Michelle continues to fall victim to the Bauer curse
Pilar and Bill reestablish their friendship
James grows tired for Daisy . . . and wants Trista instead


Promo: Week 3 + Whos Joining The Cast?

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This week on Days of our Lives
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Marlena comes face to face with Don Craig for the first time in over 25 years!
Posted Image
Marlena: "I Never thought I would see you again"
Maggie questions her choices since Mickeys death...
Posted Image
Maggie: "Maybe i was fooling myself... about this life.. with Victor"
Will finds out hes more his mother than he would like to admit..
Posted Image
Will: "Oh god... what have I done?"
and Sami Brady stands trial for the Murder of EJ Dimera!!
Posted Image
Plus, Emmy Award winner Michael Park joins the cast as Judge Matthews
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Ocean's Crest Segment 6

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Kiara’s heels clicked against the tile granite floor tiles of the kitchen as she walked to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of mineral water. Her long brown hair was in a neat bun at the top of her head and her olive skin was complimented with a cute white lace dress. Her makeup was fresh and her skin looked dewy.

“Oh, you’re back,” Ashley says in a sarcastic tone while walking into the living room dressed in a cami and daisy dukes her long hair loose down to her shoulders.

“Yes, London was quite enjoyable thank you for asking. I always get joy in further refining my craft,” Kiara tells her sister.

She walks out to the patio admiring the view of the city midday. Ashley follows behind plopping down on a black lounge.

“You know just because you’re a grad student at Yale and you had a small role on Broadway doesn’t mean you’re above the rest of us,” Ashley quips.

“Did you listen to the words that came out your mouth? I excelled all my life; while you choice local parochial school as an option I was thrilled to attend one of the top boarding schools in the country. I graduated top of my class and became the only member of this family to attend an Ivy League school. You may not have higher inhibitions but my goal is to be an actress and I never set a goal I can’t achieve,” Kiara says proudly.

“Did you practice that speech? Yes you were a good student but dad’s money and your last name got you into Yale’s School of Drama. And I thought you wanted to do movies and TV? Why are you doing wasting your youth in grad school?” Ashley inquires.

“I’m refining my craft,” Kiara retorts. She sits down on the couch and picks up her Ipad.

“You’re dating the son of a television producer; you’ve had your SAG card since you were 10. You know you could be the lead of a TV show right now. Are you afraid to move out of your comfort zone?” Ashley asks.

Kiara smiles a sly smile. “Let’s talk about you for a moment. What’s this I hear about sneaking into the club?”

“I just wanted to have a night out with the girls so we got dressed up and I went downstairs and partied. We were dancing and having a good time. Dad’s busy freaking out over what this supposedly means for his reputation,” Ashley explains. “I don’t know why he’s so worried about a little small town gossip.”

“Well considering his history as well as that of his father, it’s easy to see why they would be worried about another scandal. Grandma is justified for being distraught over the affairs,” Kiara expressed. She sets her Ipad down on the table.

“Please she got millions in that divorce settlement and then she got money from the tabloids for airing out our family business. She was being spiteful about something she knew about for over a decade,” Ashley said.

“I’m not sure what lies dad covered the story up with but she didn’t know her husband was sleeping with younger women who worked for his company. She would’ve left much sooner had she know. Grandma had class and dignity just like my mother,” Kiara said.

Ashley rolled her eyes. “Oh here it comes! More my mom versus your mom crap. I know dad left your mother for mine and you’re jealous.”

Kiara leaps from her seat. “That couldn’t be further from the truth,” she bellows. “Our father cheated on my mother with a younger version of her and he’s rumored to have slept with quite a few women in this town. I’m happy she was able to flee in time.”

“And just like grandma she took a nice chunk of change with her,” Ashley pointed out. “I don’t believe those rumors about dad having affairs despite how my parents got together.”

“You are more naive than I thought. Let’s hope you never discover any of our father’s hidden secrets. I knew I should’ve spent the rest of my break in New York with my mother,” Kiara turned and headed back inside.

"It's not too late for that," Ashley snaps.

Mr. Harrington walks in the living room.”Kiara, when did you get home?” he asks.

“Very early this morning, daddy. I was tired and wasn’t in the mood to talk,” she replies.

He can feel the tension in the room. “What’s going on here?” he inquires.

“Ashley tried to insinuate that my mother and your mother are nothing but gold digging whores,” Kiara says. “The daughter of one however has no place judge.”

“Because you’re just Little Miss Perfect,” Ashley derides.

“Kiara! You don’t talk about your family that way,” Mr. Harrington raises his voice in a stern tone.

“I’m sure others do. You and your wife can try and keep up the façade but I see right through it. I see something much more deep past the shallow surface,” Kiara says stomping off.

“What was that all about?” Mr. Harrington asked.

Ashley shrugs. “How should I know? She woke up in a bad mood, I guess. It was the usual back and forth until she brought up our family and reputations.”

“What did she say?” he asks.

“Something about not brushing off every rumor about you; that we’ll find some out to be true,” Ashley recalls.

“You weren’t buying into that were you?” he asks cautiously.

“Please, ain’t nobody got time for that,” Ashley laughs before adding. “Let her throw her little hissy fit. She lives here with us so she can’t be mad for long.”

“I hope you’re right. One thing I’ve learned from my own mother is to never mess with a Harrington woman when she’s angry,” Mr. Harrington noted.


S01 - Episode Sixteen: "Strike Three, You're Out"

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Heaven's Meadow

Season 1 - Episode Sixteen

"Strike Three, You're Out"

This episode features:

Susan Lucci as Erica Kane

Kassie DePaiva as Blair Cramer

Andrew Trischitta as Jack Manning

Christian Alexander as Billy Jackson

Peter Porte as James

Catherine Hickland as Lindsay Rappaport

Michael E. Knight as Tad Martin

Vail Bloom as Brianna Emerson


Jerry ver Dorn as Clint Buchanan

Kelly Ripa as Hayley Vaughan


Robin Chistopher as Skye Chandler


  • Hayley realizes she had an alcohol-infused one night stand and finds herself on the ledge.
  • Jack told Blair he had a boyfriend.
  • Lucas has a prisoner.
  • Skye has a secret.
  • The mystery woman changes her plan.


Hayley: Posted Image James: Posted Image

(Hayley is standing on the ledge. Tears are streaming down her face. Her entire body shakes as she looks down at the road 23 stories below her. She inhales sharply and reaches one hand behind her, grabbing the railing. With her other hand, she raises the bottle of vodka to her lips and takes a sip. Her hands shaking uncontrollably, a large splash of vodka splashes onto her chin and robe. Sobbing, she throws the bottle behind her and hears as it smashes on the balcony. She wipes the makeup soaked tears from her eyes one last time, and lets go of the railing. Just as she begins to lose her balance, a hand reaches out and grabs her arm, steadying her.)

James: You can't do this, Hayley.

(She turns to look at him through her blurry, tear soaked eyes.)

Hayley: Oh, don't pretend to care.You don't even know me.

James: Maybe not, butI know damn well that I'm not about to let you jump off of this ledge.

(He reaches out and wraps his arms around her waist, lifting her over the railing and back onto the balcony.)

Hayley: Leave it to me to have a one night stand with someone that actually gives a damn.

James: You honestly expected me to let you jump?

Hayley: I didn't expect you to be awake.

James: Well, thank God I was.

Hayley: Just because you pulled me off of one ledge doesn't mean I won't find another.

James: Look, I don't know what's going on in your life, but I know that this isn't the answer.

Hayley: You're damn right. You don't know anything about my life. You have no idea what I go through every single day. And you have no business interfering in my personal life.

James: You can say whatever you want, but I don't have to know you. I don't have to know you, to know this isn't the answer. My mother killed herself when I was 5 years old, and it has haunted me for my entire life. And I know who you are, Hayley. I know you have children at home. And I'm not letting you do to them what my mother did to me. I'm not letting you take the coward's way out.

(Hayley slaps him across the face.)

Hayley: Don't you ever call me a coward. How dare you.

(At this point, tears are once again streaming down her face. She stumbles away from him, and inadvertently walks barefoot directly through the shattered glass on the ground. She winces in pain as blood begins trailing from her foot.)

(James moves towards her.)

James: Let me help you.

(Hayley looks up at him, a mixture of pain and hatred in her eyes.)

Hayley: You stay away from me.

(She limps backwards throw the doorway and into the hotel room. She grabs her purse from the chair, as well as her clothes from the ground, and stumbles from the room wearing nothing but a silk robe and her underwear.)





Blair: Posted Image Jack: Posted Image

Billy: Posted Image

(Inside Skye's club. Blair is standing with Jack and Billy.)

Blair: Excuse me?

Jack: This is Billy. He's my boyfriend.

Billy: It's nice to meet yo--

(Blair cuts him off.)

Blair: Jack, I don't have time for your games. I have a lot going on right now.

Jack: Mom, this isn't a game.

Blair: You were livid at me for sending you to boarding school, and even more angry that you had to stay for the summer program. And what do you do? You skip school and pull a stunt like this.

Jack: This isn't a joke, Mom.

Blair: You expect me to believe that you're gay? You expect me to believe that you skipped school and hitch-hiked to New Hampshire to tell me that you're gay?

Jack: Yes.

Blair: Well, I don't believe you.

(Her voice cracks. She turns and walks away from them, to the other side of the room. She picks up a stack of papers, and begins fumbling through them. Jack moves towards her.)

Jack: Mom, please. I need you to--

(Blair swivels around and cuts him off.)

Blair: Why now? If this is true - Why now? In the middle of your summer term, you show up and tell me you have a boyfriend? You could have waited a few weeks until I visited. But you expect me to believe your story, when you show up here and drop a bombshell like this? I know you, Jack. You're up to something.

(Jack is chocked up. He swallows the lump in his throat and chokes back tears.)

Jack: Mom, I couldn't take it anymore.

Blair: Take what?

Jack: The bullying.

(Blair is visibly taken aback by this. Blair and Jack lock eyes for a moment. Tears well up once more in Jack's eyes, and he turns away from his mother. He walks several feet to the other side of the room and sits at an empty table. Billy, still standing by the door, glances towards Jack, and then Blair. He moves across the room towards Blair.)

Billy: Jack and I met in chemistry class this past year. We became friends instantly, and eventually it progressed to more. I've been openly gay for about a year now, and once Jack and I became close, he felt comfortable enough with me to admit that he had been doubting his sexual orientation.

Blair: And you just swooped right in and took advantage of that?

(Jack stands, visibly angered by this remark.)

Jack: NO!

Billy: I never came onto Jack. But once he accepted it, we began to explore our feelings for one another.

Blair: Jack, when did you start having these...feelings?

Jack: Last year...For Shane. I know I treated him horribly, and that's why. When my friends started bullying him, I hated it. Because from the minute that I met him, I felt...something. Of course I was in denial about it, and so I started bullying him harder than anyone else so that no one would know. But I hated it, because I had...feelings for him. Everything that I did was to cover that up.

(Blair sighs and rests her head in her hand for a long moment.)

Blair: Well, what is this that you said about bullying?

Jack: It was late at night, and Billy and I were down by the water. We shared a kiss, but we didn't know anyone was around. Apparently one of the guys from the football team saw, and he told everyone. The next day I came back to my room after class and someone had broken in. My room had been completely trashed, and they spray painted...

(He stops.)

Blair: What, Jack? They spray painted what?

Jack: They spray painted the word fag on my wall.

(Blair is visibly horrified. A look of sheer heartbreak spreads across her face. In that moment, all denial that she had was wiped completely out of her.)

Blair: You're serious.

Billy: He is.

Blair: Why didn't you tell me this sooner?!

Jack: I didn't tell anyone, Mom. It would have only made things worse. But I couldn't handle it any more. The harassment was too much. Everywhere I went, they would call me names and mock me. I know I deserve it, after what I did to Shane...But I couldn't handle it, Mom.

(Blair stands. There are tears in her eyes now. She moves towards Jack, who also stands. She embraces him tightly for a long moment.)

Blair: I'm so, so sorry baby. Everything's going to be okay.


Tad: Posted Image Lindsay: Posted Image

(Inside Lindsay's apartment. She is standing near the door, with Tad. There is a suitcase next to her.)

Tad: I can't believe I just got back, and now you have to leave.

Lindsay: I know, but there's just something that I need to take care of. And now that you're officially living here, we'll see each other so much more. No more back and forth to Pine Valley.

(Tad smiles.)

Tad: Thank God.

(The two kiss.)

Tad: Where are you going again?

Lindsay: To Seattle, to see my sister. She's had some crisis or another, and asked me to come see her. Always the drama queen, that Melanie.I'll be back in two days, okay? There's food in the refrigerator for you, and plenty of towels in the linen closet. Oh, and--

Tad: Lindsay, I'll be fine! Go! Before you miss your flight.

(The two kiss again. Lindsay grabs her suitcase from the ground. She opens the door, and steps into the hall, closing the door behind her. Tad moves across the room and has a seat on the couch. He reaches for the remote, but before he can turn the TV on, his phone rings. He picks his phone up off of the end table and looks at the caller ID: "Call from: Dixie Martin"

Lindsay stands in the hallway. She opens her purse and takes out her plane ticket. It reads: DESTINATION: Pine Valley, Pennsylvania. She speaks quietly to herself.)

Lindsay: I hate lying to you, Tad. But it's time I pay an old friend a visit.


Hayley: Posted Image Brianna: Posted Image

Lucas: Posted Image Skye: Posted Image

Clint: Posted Image Erica: Posted Image

(Inside the WAVE Studios. Hayley sneaks in through a side entrance, still wearing nothing but underwear and the long silk robe - which is now tied. She creeps down the hallway and towards her dressing room. When she gets to her dressing room, she is surprised to see the door already open. She peers in and spots Brianna packing things into a large cardboard box. She enters the room.)

Hayley: What the hell are you doing?

(Brianna looks up, visibly stunned to see Hayley there.)

Brianna: Hayley...We didn't expect you to show up today. It's so late already.

Hayley: Don't deflect the subject Brianna. What the hell are you doing in my dressing room?

Brianna: I shouldn't be the one to tell you this...

(Before Brianna can finish, Hayley storms out of the room and down the hall into the large open room containing the set on which the show is filmed, as well as the camera crew, snack table and makeup touch up table. She spots Lucas on the other side of the room and marches towards him.)

Hayley: Lucas, what the hell is going on here? Why is Brianna packing things in my office?

Lucas: Hayley, I...I'm so sorry.

Hayley: Sorry for what? Lucas! What the hell are you talking about?

Lucas: You missed another day of taping, Hayley. I tried to defend you, I did. But...they've decided to let you go.

(A look of utter confusion spreads across Hayley's face for a long moment. Slowly, it morphs into realization, and then anger. Before she can continue speaking, Skye enters the room through a set of double doors across from where Hayley is standing.)

Hayley: You! You did this, didn't you?! You bitch. I asked you not to say anything.

(Skye looks genuinely sympathetic.)

Skye: I didn't do anything Hayley. This is out of my control.

Hayley: No, I don't believe you. No, you did this! You hypocritical bitch. I asked you. I begged you not to do this to me. I should have known you couldn't change.

(Before Skye can speak, Clint enters the room and begins speaking.)

Clint: Skye had nothing to do with it, Hayley. This was my decision.

(Hayley turns around slowly to face him.)

Hayley: Excuse me?

Clint: Your erratic behavior won't be tolerated anymore Hayley. It isn't benefiting the show or anyone involved, especially you. I'm very sorry, but you are being let go.

(Hayley slaps him across the face with all the force she has, leaving nail marks across his cheeks.)

Hayley: You bastard! You came to me. You came to me and told me you respected me, that you respected that this is MY show. But that was just a lie. It was nothing but a lie....You are just like the rest of them.

Clint: I know you're upset, Hayley. But this is your own doing.

(Tears well up in Hayley's eyes and cascade down her cheeks. She turns to storm out of the room but spots Erica Kane standing across the room. An evil glint fills her eyes as marches towards her. She shrieks.)

Hayley: YOU! This was your plan all along, wasn't it? Swoop in here and steal my show because you're such a complete failure yourself. I should have known better than to trust you. You truly are the shallow bitch everyone makes you out to be, Erica.

Erica: You should know I would never do that to you, Hayley.

Hayley: But you did. You did do it, Erica. You slutted your way through Pine Valley for 40 years, and once that well was dried up you decided to swoop in here and cash in on your own daughters death, at my expense.

(Tears well in Erica's eyes. Hayley opens her mouth to speak again, but Skye steps forward and in-between Erica and Hayley. She speaks.)

Skye: Don't do this, Hayley. Don't take this out on Erica, or anyone else. You've made some mistakes, but it's not to late to fix them.

(Hayley pushes Skye away from her and steps back.)

Hayley: ​Oh, shut UP Skye. I am so sick of your incessant preaching. You are an alcoholic, slut mob princess. And everyone in this family hates you. You may be a biological Chandler this week, but it doesn't mean anyone wants you. We have been pretending you didn't exist for decades, and you begging to be my safe place isn't going to get you back in the will, honey.

Skye: I've been where you are, Hayley. I know saying those things makes you feel better, but it isn't helping. You need to snap out of this denial --

(Hayley cuts her off.)

Hayley: Oh, honey. I'm not in denial!

(She opens her purse and pulls out a flask.)

Hayley: Ladies and gentleman, Hayley Vaughan is off the wagon! And I am loving every damn minute of it!

(She uncaps the flask and takes a swig before recapping it and putting it into her purse. She turns to walk away. She moves towards the stairs, but before she can walk down them, Skye chases after her. Skye grabs her arm.)

Hayley: Let go of me, Skye!

(Hayley jerks forward, attempting to break Skye's grasp. Skye loses her balance and stumbles forward, down the steps. After the fall, she lies unconscious at the bottom of the steps, a small pool of blood on the floor near her head. Hayley looks down at her for a moment, before beginning down the steps. She walks down the steps, her high heels clicking with each step. When she reaches the bottom, she steps directly over Skye's unconscious body and walks out the exit of the building.)


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Episode 3: Cocktails for Two...Hundred

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So it may not be my strongest episode, but I hope this helps set up some more of the drama ahead. Apologies if the tone seems a little disjointed at this point, I'm still trying to figure out the right mix of comedy and drama here, but I think it still turned out okay.

Thanks for reading!


It's buzzing at The Royal. The grand opening is upon us, and champagne is in every glass. Kian, Jason and Peter socialize with the local foodies and press, basking in the glory of their creation. Ryan passes by them, hors d'oevres artfully displayed on the tray in his hands. Jason pulls Ryan over momentarily.

JASON: Can you do me a favour and ask the kitchen to wait ten minutes before serving the mains? I'm gonna have Peter and Kian give speeches, then at my cue, get the staff ready and we'll parade everything out all at once, alright?
RYAN: Got it, boss.

Ryan is about to hastily scurry away, Jason stops him before he does so, and looks at him with a wry smile.

JASON: And don't call me boss. Got it?
RYAN: Yes, b..Jason.

Jason lets Ryan go, and wrinkles his nose, shaking his head.

Jason then goes back to mingling with the crowd, drinking far faster than anyone else in the room. He still manages to come off charming, if a little sloppy.

Kian and Peter shmooze with the press, Kian held close to Peter's side, but Kian's eyes are clearly following Jason instead. Peter's so caught up in having a sexy young guy on his side, he barely notices as he chats endlessly with the socialites around him.

Kian tunes it out and daydreams of he and Jason in bed together. Jason's kiss on his neck and heading south before Peter calling his name snaps him out of it.

PETER: Kian!
KIAN: Oh...hey.
PETER: You look like you're a thousand miles away, babe.
KIAN; Sorry, I just...I couldn't believe that all of this was for me. I had to soak it all in for a sec.
PETER: Well, get used to it, babe, cos this is just the start of it for you.

Kian smiles a wide smile and gives Peter a quick peck on the lips, more in appreciation than out of love. Regardless, the group talking with them still beam at them, mistaking their display as a sign of great romance.

As this happens, Jason gets up on the small stage in one corner of the room, clinking his glass with his fork to draw attention to himself.

JASON: Excuse me, everybody. Can I have everyone's attention for just a second, please.

The room grows mostly silent and turns to face Jason, a few members in the crowd still chatter.


Jason points to the source the noise, a twinkle in his eye as he does so. The crowd laughs.

JASON: I wanted to thank you all for coming here, and I have something extremely important that I want to say about someone who is very important to everyone here, but especially to me.

Kian looks to Jason with eyes darting. Kian shakes his head at Jason hoping to avert a disaster, while Jason looks relaxed and ignores Kian's worries.

Down on Queen West, Darren chats with his friend, artist Calvin J at his art show. Out of the corner of his eye, Darren spots Alexis come into the gallery. Alexis' face drops and she turns sharply to the bar, avoiding contact with Darren as much as possible. Undeterred, Darren excuses himself and heads over to Alexis.

As Alexis picks up a glass of wine at the bar, Darren startles her with his greeting.

DARREN: HEY baby, what's up?
ALEXIS: You want me to spill this all over the place?
DARREN: Sorry, baby, if you spilled, i'ma buy you another.
ALEXIS (unimpressed): How gracious of you.
DARREN: Come to think of it, I might just buy you one anyway.
ALEXIS: *sigh* This may come as a huge shock to you, but you're actually nowhere near as suave as you think you are.

Darren grabs at his chest.


Alexis rolls her eyes, takes a sip of wine as she walks away.

DARREN: Wait wait wait, wait a minute, girl. Come here, I got someone I want you to meet.
ALEXIS: If it's your mother, I don't think we're at that stage of the relationship yet.
DARREN: Yet. Cha-ching! Progress.

Alexis follows him reluctantly, shaking her head at his theatrics as he takes her over to meet Calvin.

Back at the restaurant, a beautiful black woman in her early 40s enters the room in a dazzling red gown. Her hair done up in a tight bun, she looks every bit as beautiful as a woman in her 20s, but twice as graceful. She stands at the back of the room as Jason makes his speech.

JASON: I'm glad you're all here tonight for our grand opening. It really means a lot to me and Kian, and Peter of course, that you're here to help us celebrate the launch of this amazing new restaurant.

Kian winces at Jason's remark. He knows the comment was unintentional, and realizes he's overthinking things, but worries that there's a possibility some buried resentment at Jason's status as Kian's hidden lover will make its way into Jason's speech.

JASON: The Royal will be one of a kind in this community, a restaurant of fine food for everybody. And we have two very important people to thank for this...Kian and Peter.

The crowd applauds as Jason motions them to step up. Kian is unsure of what's going on, still deep in thought, while Peter, eager to grab the spotlight, races up to capture the glory of the moment.

PETER: Thank you, everybody. Thanks for coming out, and even greater thanks to my talented, and loving partner, in life and in business...Mr. Kian McClary.

The applause continues as Kian finally steps up on the stage.

PETER: Kian is probably the finest discovery I've ever made. Not only is he one of the best chefs in the country, but he also has quite possibly the best taste in the world. Not only for his food, but for choosing an old lug like me.

Peter jabs Kian in the side, as the audience laughs. Kian laughs along with them but a slight discomfort is still visible in his face.

As Peter continues to go on about how great he is, Ryan stands in the doorway of the kitchen, ready to lead the night's parade of great food with the wait staff. He notices the beautiful black woman in the doorway and can't take his eyes off her. She gives a seductive smile and turns back to Peter. Ryan smiles back clumsily, then looks back at the stage as well, waiting for Jason's cue.

PETER: ...and that is going to be the key to our success.
JASON: Now without further ado, let's all raise our glasses to The Royal.

As the call goes out to raise their glasses, Ryan's handed a glass of champagne by another member of the wait staff, Jason motions to Ryan to hand it over to the woman he was looking at before. Ryan quickly scurries over to her and hands her a glass.

RYAN: Here you are, Madam.
MARY: Call me Mary. And thank you, handsome.
RYAN: You're welcome.

Ryan shuffles back to his corner, as the room prepares to toast.

JASON: To The Royal
ALL: To The Royal!

Alexis toasts with Darren. She's had a few drinks by now, but still seems put off.

DARREN: You look like you could kill someone, and I don't think I've crossed that line yet.
ALEXIS: You're teetering on the edge, but no, you haven't.
DARREN: Then I guess I better watch my step.
ALEXIS: Trust me, you're nowhere near as bad as some people tonight.
ALEXIS: I wasn't supposed to be here alone tonight but--
DARREN: But you got stood up and now you wanna get your mind off it. I get it. I know the feeling.
ALEXIS: Why does that not surprise me?
DARREN: Now YOU'RE teetering on the edge.

Alexis laughs and orders another drink. Darren finishes his and sits a little closer.

DARREN: You really better slow down, you know.
ALEXIS: I'm a big girl, and I don't need some he-man looking out for me.
DARREN: Nah, it's not that. I just know a lot of girls who think they can handle their booze, then they end up trippin' over their heels and throwing up on some dude's Cadillac.
ALEXIS: I feel like there's a story there.
DARREN: You have no idea.
ALEXIS (laughing): Well come on, tell me!
DARREN: Only if you promise to let me walk you home.
ALEXIS: Hmmmm.....I think considering we're both going to the same place.
DARREN: Mmmhmm???
ALEXIS: I think I could handle that.
DARREN: Excellent.
ALEXIS: Now don't get too excited. I don't want you getting the wrong idea.
DARREN: Promise. I'm a gentleman. I treat you like a lady.
ALEXIS: Good. You know you're a lot less annoying after a few drinks.
DARREN: Well thanks a lot, lady. What you tryin' to say?

Darren gets in closer and tickles Alexis a bit. Alexis, whose defenses are now fully and clearly down, is actually enjoying the attention, which passive, distracted boyfriend Ryan never gives her.

ALEXIS: AH! Stop it. (laughs). Come on. TELL ME! Tell me the story.

Alexis looks up at Darren, who leans in to kiss her. Alexis at first recoils, but it's only momentary. She leans back in to reciprocate.


FTL: Tumbling Down Continues!

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We left on a huge hiatus but now it's time to come back to the light. Finding the Light only has one season left, and the first chapter is almost over. I will soon be posting the second half of Tumbling Down which consists of 8 more episodes and ends on the date of February 29th 2012 at the Masquerade Ball where everything will come Tumbling Down!

Previously on Finding the Light: Tumbling Down

  • Annie has been manipulating everyone around her. Reva is being pulled away from her relationship with Noah. Josh is struggling to battle his cancer. Marah is being forced into a marriage with Edmund that is pulling her from her family. Ava and Shayne are expecting a baby. Now Dinah and Mallet's happiness is going to be compromised. A jail cell won't keep Annie out of Springfield.
  • Dylan and Bridget have adopted Clarissa's son. But now they are struggling with the money issues.
  • Susan and Stephanie went from being enemies to besties. Stephanie is pregnant with Guillespie's baby but the two are still keeping their secret about murdering him. Susan has put Stephanie with her charming step-brother Peter who wants to help raise her baby.
  • Spencer has fallen into the addiction/depression that comes along with self injury. But has her cry for help done enough to save her from herself.
  • Amanda tried to overcome her manipulative ways but now she is determined to steal David away from her niece Vicky.
  • Gus and Harley have been reunited but worry Springfield will keep them from being happy.
  • Aubrey cross is back in Liz's life. She is the woman who drove Jonathan and Sarah out of Springfield after she shot Liz. Now she must decide Aubrey's fate after she saved Liz and her son Clay from a fire. Rafe is now caught between a rock and a hard place, since Aubrey can easily spill that he was her evil side kick back in the day.
  • Marti was the victim of sexual assualt while she was in New York but is keeping it a secret which has ended her relationship with Zach.
  • Michelle is starting a new romance with her old fling (and cousin via adoption) Dr. J Chamberlain. But her non-Danny Santos relationships have been less successful in the past. She worries if this one will be different.
  • Ashlee is struggling with her eating disorder which was triggered again by her controlling boyfriend Dalton. She has been leaning on her ex Coop but that is messing up his marriage with Eden whose evil side is being brought back out by the triangle. Coop has also discovered that one of the roommates at the Museum Apartment is HIV positive.
  • Kevin has been flying off the handle and no one seems to know why. Blake, Ross, Rocky, and everyone else are worried about him. But they have not seen anything yet and have no idea he has been stumbling around Springfield and living homeless. We are about to get an answer as to what is going on with Kevin.
  • Jason is dating Vi but head over heels for Maureen. Will he dump he be loyal to his slighlty mean girlfriend or leave her for the girl next door Maureen?
  • Belinda has just found out that Cyrus Foley is her biological father. Which also means that her uncle is Guillespie, the man who murdered her boyfriend's sister Tammy Winslow. She has already dealt with her mother killing RJ's father. Her fears of ending up a psycho like her mother are overwhelming now.
  • Just when you think all of this drama has built up enough... EVERYTHING COMES TUMBLING DOWN!


Monday, March 19th

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Monday, March 19th

Anna is having coffee with John at the estate.

Posted Image
Anna: I know this was quite short notice, but I needed your expertise immediately.

Posted Image
John: It's fine, my day was slow today and I always like to help out a friend.
Anna: You've probably already heard the news about McGregor.
John: That shocked the heck out of me. What's going on?
Anna: Apparently, it was some software error.
John: But you suspect otherwise.
Anna: Cassandra was the first to make the news public, she had the scoop. It just seems as if she had
some inside information.
John: Wouldn't be the first time.
Anna: She's committed corporate espionage before?
John: It's how she started in the corporate world.
Anna: Well, if she has a spy in McGregor, I need to find out who it is.
John: Spies are usually long gone after they deliver their information.
Anna: Makes sense, but I haven't a clue about who inside the company it could have been.
John: Low level staffers can do a lot more than you'd ever imagine, even temp workers.
Anna: And we have a lot of those.
John: My advice would be to have Yvette and Joseph keep everything very airtight right now, keep as much between them and board as possible.
Anna: Investors will want to know.
John: Secure communications over a secured network.
Anna: We already have that.
John: Not the kind I'm talking about. My firm has some special software that is made especially for this sort of situation.
Anna: All right, I'll tell Yvette to contact your firm.
John: We will get you squared away.
Anna: Thank you, we've never had to deal wit a spy before.
John: In this economy, it's more common. Everyone wants to make a quick buck.
Anna: When we find out who it is, they will be dealt with accordingly.


Yvette and Joseph are discussing the selling of assets at McGregor, when Leonard walks in.

Posted Image
Joseph: Afternoon, Leonard.

Posted Image
Yvette: Yes, we were expecting you.

Posted Image
Leonard: First things first, since some of our board members can't be present constantly throughout this crisis, they suggested that I
speak collectively for them.
Yvette: That's fine, just as long as we have clear communication.
Joseph: Here is the latest, we have liqudated seven stores already, plus several unused properties.
Yvette: And unfortunately, we are expanding into furloughs. We have to let a ton of people go just to free up the cash.
Leonard: Is that enough to fill the shortfall?
Joseph: Not just yet.
Leonard: I'll report that to the board.
Yvette: I'm sure you will.
Leonard: Just a word of caution, I've talked to some investors, they are growing more restless.
Joseph: That's not a big surprise. We are working on unloading the men's line next.
Leonard: Now that ought to fetch a pretty penny, that's a gold mine.
Yvette: That's why it's up for sale.
Joseph: We did get some good news today, the bankers granted us an extention.
Leonard: Yes, that's fantastic news.
Joseph: It still is uphill from here, though.
Leonard: I've got to go, but please keep the board apprised.
Yvette: Of course.

Leonard leaves.

Yvette: I think it was him that called Mom and let her know about this mess.
Joseph: Why would he do that?
Yvette: I have no idea, but he's been the most vocal since this happened.
Joseph: His family does own stock, he's probably just protecting their investment.
Yvette: Could be, but I still think he's a little sneaky.
Joseph: His uncle was a loyal board member and although he was abrasive at times, he was reliable.
Yvette: I don't know. At this point, I need to focus strictly on the shortfall.
Joseph: We are closing the gap, if we get lucky with the men's line sale, we are in the clear.
Yvette: The offers I am getting aren't quite enough.
Joseph: I do have one potential offer, but I don't know if you'll like that buyer.
Yvette: Who is it?
Joseph: George.
Yvette: Absolutely not, after all the trouble he caused us, I wouldn't trust him.
Joseph: He sounds like he's changed and besides, if he's willing to buy the line, it's a clean sale and we owe him nothing.
Yvette: You've got a point, I'm just very leery about everything now.
Joseph: Hey, I have my reservations too, but if it comes down to his offer being the one saves this company from falling apart, then we have to take it.
Yvette: I still cannot believe that this happened. Everything had been going so well.
Joseph: Let's keep it together and stay focused, we can't afford to miss a step here.
Yvette: It's just overwhelming, especially now that Mom knows.
Joseph: We had breakfast this morning, she wasn't pleased that we didn't inform her immediately.
Yvette: I got the same talking too.
Joseph: Motivation, that's all I see it as.


Cassandra and George are at WNOV's studios.

Posted Image
Cassandra: So, what do you think of my new station?

Posted Image
George: You've done well fixing it up, but
Cassandra: There's a but.
George: I think you goals are all wrong.
Cassandra: Listen, I know that the McGregor story was to your liking, but is is news.
George: Which you have used to continue your games.
Cassandra: This goodie good act doesn't fit you
George: I grew up bitter and full of anger, hatred. It didn't feel good and I had to let go.
Cassandra: I'm not bitter and angry at all, I'm running a business and finally doing for myself.
George: I am glad you doing that, but I can tell you still are consumed with anger. I don't like to see that.
Cassandra: Call it what you like, it's your opinion.
George: When are you going to see what this is doing to you?
Cassandra: It's filling up my bank account, that's what it is doing.
George: You already ended up in trouble with the SEC over your antics, you may not be able to beat them again.
Cassandra: That is for me to worry about and trust me, I'm keeping my powder dry.
George: I guess that's the best I'll get from you.
Cassandra: Worrying about me is not something you need to be doing. Focus on what is going on with you.
George: I'm just afraid I'll end up implicated in something you've done.
Cassandra: You should have no fear of that.
George: Please, keep it like that.
Cassandra: Everything I'm doing now, I will own and very happily.

Sterling walks in.

Posted Image
Sterling: Cassandra, some of our advertisers want more time, what should I tell them?
Cassandra: Give it to them, with the money they pay, it's a no brainer.
Sterling: Cool, I'll get back to them.

Sterling exits.

George: Your old partner in crime is helping out, now I know you're headed for trouble.
Cassandra: Like I said, you need not worry about me.


Carol arrives at Yvette's office. Yvette's assistant shows her in.

Yvette: Good day, Carol.

Posted Image
Carol: Likewise.
Yvette: I was a bit shocked at you wanting to make an offer on any of our assets, especially since
it would help save McGregor.
Carol: I see a lucrative buy and I go for it. I know how strong your men's line is and I'm confident I can make it stronger
under the Donahue banner.
Yvette: We are looking for the best offer, because it is such a gold mine.
Carol: I'm willing to offer you over market value, in fact, double.
Yvette: Seems you really want this.
Carol: Oh, yes.
Yvette: Double market value is good, but I do have to run this by the board.
Carol: Expected procedure. My bank is ready to cut a check within minutes of this deal being accepted.
Yvette: You definitely are well prepared to close a deal.
Carol: This is a rare opportunty, acting fast was something I didn't have to think about.
Yvette: It has it's risks for us, handing our best asset to our main competition could be suicide. But, our options are limited.
Carol: You know my offer, so I'm going to make my exit and let you sort things out.
Yvette: We'll get back to you soon.
Carol: Oh, I know.

Carol passes Joseph as she leaves.

Joseph: What's she doing here?
Yvette: She put an in offer for the mens line, double market value.
Joseph: Not hard to tell why she wants it so bad.
Yvette: Yep. So, what did the rest of the bankers say?
Joseph: Bad news.
Yvette: How bad?
Joseph: They've seized our main stores.
Yvette: No.
Joseph: And each day that they don't get a payment, there is a penalty.
Yvette: We can't cover that.
Joseph: I know, at this point, we'd have to have someone else buy into the company just to cover cash flow. We just
don't have enough to sell.
Yvette: Who?
Joseph: George offered to help.
Yvette: If he gets into this company, it's trouble.
Joseph: I'm afraid that he's the only one we can go to, no one else would be willing to buy into the company, he'd do so
just to protect the family company. I think he may be sincere
Yvette: Not long ago, he wanted to bring us down, now he wants to help? I'm not holding my breath.
Joseph: It's worth a shot. We can't lose what Mom and Dad worked so hard to build.

Yvette sighs and looks conflicted about what to do. Fade out.


Episode 137: Good Byes Are a Bitch (Series Finale - Part II)

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- - -Posted Image
Tanisha’s finger gripped closer to the trigger. Until she hears someone coming towards her.

Put the gun down T.

You actually showed? Nice tux.

Could we have a gunless conversation?

I need to do this.

Then what? You get caught? You go to jail? That’s not a life I want to see you lead.

What the hell do you care about me Bernard?

I’ve always cared about you T. Just lower your riffle. We’ll walk away and you and I will be together. How does that sound?

Tanisha lowers her riffle. He puts out his hand for her to take.

You can trust me T.

I just want you to take care of me Bernard.

Tanisha decides to give into him. She places her riffle over her shoulder and they walk off. Not seen by anyone.

- - -Posted Image
Another couple sat at a table that was covered in white. Ava drank water as did Nate.

You stormed out the other day I didn’t get to hear what you thought of my speech.

I thought your speech was beautiful. You almost had me in tears.

You couldn’t have told me that afterwards?

Ava you already had a support group. One in particular.

Referring to James?

One and only.

Ava gets a call on her cell phone. She looks at the caller ID.

I bet that’s him right now. Go ahead. Take the call.

Ava stands up to take his call. She shields the receiver to tell Nate how she feels about him.

You’re acting ridiculous!
(to James)
Hey what’s up?

Hey I know this sounds weird but I’m in the area. You’re at this big wedding that’s going on right?

Yeah I am.

Ava begins walking.

Where exactly are you?

Do you know the boat house? I’m parked near there.

Oh I see you.

Ava waves to James. He sits on the hood of his car.

What are you doing here?

I came to say good bye.

What? Why are you leaving? I thought everything was going good here.

It really was. I reconnected with you and I found Bobbie. But I just think that it’s time to move on.

This seems like déjà vu.

Nate overhears the two talking and decides to interrupt them.

That sounds like a great idea James. Pack your things and leave.

(to Nate)
Don’t do this.

I also wanted to tell you that I think you two make an amazing couple. You both have become two good friends of mine.

So you’re not trying to steal Ava away from me?

Of course not. I’d be lying if I said that there weren’t reacquainted feelings towards her when I came back but seeing you two together just made me realize that I’d only be a burden if I stayed.

I’m sorry for acting like a jerk.

You were being chivalrous. That’s a good trait to have.

I’ll miss the psycho babble.

At least this time we’re saying bye on good terms. If you two ever want to hang or if you want to talk about Bobbie or visit her grave together. You have my number.

Definitely. Bye.

Ava hugs James good bye. Nate shakes his hand. James gets into his car and drives off. Ava looks at Nate.

So are you done being jealous?

Yep. I’m actually quite secure with myself. I got my job back with the school board and I have probably the prettiest girl in this whole entire town standing right in front of me.

Why don’t you move in with me?

(taken off guard)

You’ve lived in that damn hotel for so long now. It’s about time you feel right at home!

Ava places her arms around his neck and kisses him.

- - -Posted Image
Blake’s parents Edmund and Katrina Hammerton find Lana sitting alone by herself.

Lana you look darling.

Katrina. Edmund. Great to see you.

Can’t believe our boys had a double wedding.

They grew up so fast. I can only remember when they were playing in our backyards.

I know. Time is definitely slipping.

Are you here with anyone?

Unfortunately no.

Lana spots Dylan, Vi, Ryley and Jason talking with Sean.

Definitely not.

- - -Posted Image
London spends time with her family at their table. She sits down exhausted.

Looking good sis.

Better then the first time?

Much better. You have such a glow to you. Divorce doesn’t do that. I should know.

Yeah because you pay your divorce lawyer a crap load of money that you can’t afford botox.

Real funny Brad. And where’s L.J.?

She’s with her pap pap.

Gavin holds baby L.J. and coos at the two-year-old in her party dress.

My baby girl’s been passed along so much tonight.

That’s because she’s such a beauty. Ever thought of having another one?

London looks over at John and Alley.

I feel like I already have. Excuse me.

London walks over to speak with the both of them but is pulled away by Blake.

- - -Posted Image
Sean enjoys the moment he’s sharing with his children and his family.

Tell us more about Cancun Uncle Sean.

It’s a very beautiful and exotic location. I lived there for three years.

Maybe we could take a family trip there.

Yeah I’m sure that wouldn’t have disaster written all over it.
(to Dylan)
Dylan you’re such a lucky guy. You have us all here in the same place and nothing’s gone wrong.


Don’t jinx it you guys. Mom’s still here…alone.

Hey could I have a minute with our father?

Jason, Vi, and Ryley leave the father and son alone.

Ryley’s right. This is a nice family moment.

Thank you for inviting me. I didn’t know where we stood.

You’re my dad and I want to make the effort to get to know you. Carrie convinced me.

She is a fantastic girl.

Where’s you date? I thought for sure you’d be bringing Kellan.

Kellan and I are no more.


Yeah. He turned out to be a different person from who I met. It just didn’t work out and I’m fine with that.

Carrie finds Dylan talking to Sean.

There you are. There are so many guests here I can’t keep count. Sean you look handsome.

And you look heavenly. Like a picture out of a magazine. Why don’t you two have fun. Enjoy this special night.

Sean walks over to Lana.

What do you want?

I’m single.

Great. I’d propose we get drunk and hook up but I have a feeling you would disappoint me in the sack like you did in life.

Lana being bitter gives you wrinkles.

Sean extends out his hand. Carrie and Dylan watch from a distance.

Look at that.

Too funny.

Lana looks at him and laughs.

Let’s dance you old queen!

- - -Posted Image
Back at Rena’s dorm, she steps outside to talk with Lenvy and Will.

We saw Yvonne leave in a huff.

Is everything okay?

Yeah. Better then ever. The good news is that Alicia forgave me. Will you did it. You brought us together. If I could hug you I would.

I actually know that the heavens await for him. His good deed has earned him a passage way to the pearly gates.

That’s awesome! Thank god.

So I guess this is it? You two can go off into the light together.

Unless Will decides that he wants to stay here as a spirit. That was also a possibility. We could float on over to my sister’s wedding.

It’s my time to go. Rena I should be thanking you for everything.

Me too. You guided Will to be a better ghost.

If he was a better spirit it’s because of you. You really are an angel Lenvy. Go on. Heaven’s waiting.

A bright white light begins to shine in the night sky. Will and Lenvy smile at Rena. Rena blows them a kiss and waves good bye.

You ready my angel?

After you.

Yee haw!

Will takes Lenvy’s hand and they both vanish into the light. Rena felt relieved. She goes back into her dorm to watch a movie with Alicia.

- - -Posted Image
Carlos and Jenny make their way up to the brides' and grooms' dinner table. Carlos shakes Blake’s hand as Jenny kisses London’s cheek.

Where are you two off to?

I have a surprise for Jenny. Sorry but we have to jet.

Thank you so much for coming.

You’re welcome. What an exciting day we had. A victorious one if you ask me. Bye guys.

Carlos takes Jenny away. Blake looks at London.

May I have this dance Misses Hammerton?

Certainly. I was kind of hoping we’d be able to talk with our ex’s.

Now seems like a good time.

Blake leads London to the dance floor. They dance close to John and Alley.

So this is going well.

For sure. The only disaster was hurricane Nan but that just blew away.


Yeah Blake?

Would you like to dance with the bride?

Sure Blake. Just as long as I’m not dancing with you.

Blake fakes like he’s going to punch him. Blake dances with Alley.

We’re having a kid together.

I know. What happened to the times when we were fighting about petty stuff? Now we’ll have something bigger to argue about.
Four parents to raise L.J. and baby…?

I know the sex of our child.

London and John overhear them.

She does? I mean you do?

I know too.

I take it you’d all like to know what I’ll be having? You don’t want to be surprised?

Blake and London shake their heads.

Let’s throw out some baby names.

Presley if it’s a boy. Vivi if it’s a girl.

Those names suck!

What about Matthew if it’s a boy? And Jessie if it’s a girl?

I like London’s idea. Baby Matthew will be proud to be a gift from god.

A baby boy?

Blake hugs Alley and John.

Dude don’t make me slap you. I need to dance with my woman.

John bows to London and goes back to dancing with Alley.

Are you happy with the way things turned out?

I am. I’m even happy for Dylan and Carrie. It seems everyone who deserves to be together, is together.

What do you think of all this wedding stuff?

Not really my thing. You know me John. I’m a simple girl. For me, getting hitched in Vegas would be fun. Because it would be unexpected.

So if I were to maybe slip a ring on your finger. You’d say yes to eloping?

Always and forever Mister Snaldry.

John takes out a wedding ring from his jacket and slips it on her finger.

Eloping will save us so much money Misses Snaldry!

Alley laughs at his joke. The two gaze deep into each other’s eyes and share a kiss as a secretive married couple.

- - -Posted Image
Carrie was being doated on by Michael and Mary Ann. Mary Ann had tears of joy in her eyes.

Mary Ann:
Oh you look so pretty.

The decorators really knew what they were doing.

Thanks you guys. I feel like the second time around, I was supposed to have my dream wedding go this way. I sort of wish that Lenvy was here to enjoy it.

Mary Ann:
We didn’t really know her but I’m sure she’s looking over you right now.

You’re right. I bet she is.

A woman and a male’s voice are heard arguing.

What’s going on?

Carrie goes to investigate. She steps off of the dance floor to find Juliana and Victor.

Victor you’re here?

He was just leaving.

Juliana it’s not what you think. I came to congratulate you. I want to be sincere. I promise.

Carrie if you don’t want him here, say the word. I’ll have one of my men escort him out.

I’m family Juliana! I know how important that is to you.

It’s okay mom. We can talk.

I’ll be watching.

Juliana leaves them alone. She hopes it wasn’t a mistake.

Always the protector.

Thanks for coming?

You look pretty. And alive. That's always a good combination.

Look we both know our situation is tainted. So…I don’t know what else to say...let’s maybe try to move on from what happened.

Yeah I agree. Which is why I wanted to get out of here quickly. I just wanted to say. I’m sorry. I should’ve acted differently whenever I found out the truth about us. Instead I went into a downward spiral. I’m a different person. I’ve changed Carrie.

I believe you. I kind of hope that you do stay. Don’t worry about Dylan. If he sees you, I’ll handle him.

Yeah…no…maybe it’s best if I go.

Carrie hugs Victor and smiles. Victor turns to leave but accidentally bumps into Alexia.

So sorry.

Hey no problem.

Are you free to dance?

I planned this whole wedding. But yeah. I’m free to take a break. I sure as hell need one.

Victor and Alexia dance together.

- - -Posted Image
Carlos leads Jenny to the chapel set on "Blue Crystal." Her eyes were closed and her hands were trying to feel anything or get a clue of what was going on.

Keep your eyes closed. We’re almost there.

What are you doing?

Okay. Open them.

She opens her eyes and sees a chapel. Sitting in the alter is Agatha and Ian Hadley. A minister stands in the middle. Henry and Carinia stand to the side ready to film.

What is all of this?

Jenny Fremann. Will you marry me? Here today?

Carlos gets down on one knee to propose with a diamond ring.

Of course I will. But…why are we filming it?

We’re writing your character back into the show.

Your first scene is your marriage to Miguel. We’ll edit the dialogue when the time comes.

And I’m a real minister. But I’m also an actor. This marriage will be binding.

I'm just happy to be here and begged Cairinia to put me in the scene.

I get to play your mother. Eek. I’m super excited. My grand kids are going to be so happy to see me on TV! And no one knows it better then me how much you two have gone through to get to this day. You two deserve this.

Jenny I love you so much and I don’t know I just thought spur of the moment we could do it here. The fans will love it but we’ll have this memory for life.

Jenny is silent. She walks away from him.

What’s wrong?

It’s a little overwhelming. And maybe a little sudden?

We could just film the scene and get married another time if you want?

No. I’m just worried about something. I’m worried about Nan.

You need to forget about her.

She keeps warning that she’s going to do something. And I need to know what that something is!

So what if she does? She’s out of everyone’s lives, especially ours.

Henry hands Carlos and Jenny a script to look over.

I wrote the script myself. Feel free to add anything. Some of it is in Spanish. Hopefully you’re okay with that.
I couldn’t think of anyone else who better suits me then you.
(in Spanish)
Usted es mi vida.

There is something that I would love to add.

What’s that?

(in Spanish)
Te amo chico! Tú eres mi perfección.

Carlos smiled at how good her Spanish was. The two hugged and kissed before walking on the set of their soon to be wedding.

- - -Posted Image
At the bride and groom’s wedding table, Blake and Dylan stand with champagne flutes in their hand. They clink the glasses at the same time with a silver fork. Leon comes around to snap a photo of the couples.

Picture perfect!

We would like to make a toast. All four of us.

The reason we made the wedding ceremony so short was so that we could say our vows to each other now.

And also because Blake was hungry.

The band drums the joke.

John wrote that. Good one.

I didn’t get to do this at my first wedding and I’m glad I get to do it now. I get to tell you Dylan how much I truly love you. You stood by my side in my most darkest times. Now I get to spend my most happiest times with you. My knight. My hero. My love.

Dylan takes Carrie’s hand into his.

Carrie and I met on this campus. She was troubled and I was lonely. I remember when I first looked at her and thought. Dang. That girl is beautiful. I was really nervous to ask her out. It took me about three tries to do it. The way she answered me was pinning me down to the ground with a kiss. That kiss was one of many.

London turns to Blake and smiles.

For me I came back to life. Literally. When I did there were pieces in my life that were missing. Things changed. The one thing that didn’t change was the love that I have for you Blake. Which is why I get to share my love with everyone here. I get to express how much I care. With me coming back, it’s like I got a second chance at love.

I first want to thank Alexia for doing an amazing job. And to everyone who came.

The guests clap.

A wise girl once told me what she thought of Point Palace. She said "this place is like a game." Recently I got my dream job back, got a new family, and got to marry the love of my life with my best friend and the love of his life. So if Point Palace is a game? Then I won. Cheers.


They all clink their champagne flutes and glasses. Dylan and Carrie kiss ever so sweetly. Blake places his hands on London’s cheek as they share yet another infinite tenderly soft kiss for an undying love.

- - -Posted Image
Nan sits first class on a red eye plane going to Japan with sun glasses on to partly disguise herself. She listens to her iPod. The plane is on the tarmac about to take off. She has a flashback of her visit with Anna Lee.

Nan walks into a padded cell. Anna Lee is dressed in white pajamas.

Anna Lee:
How do I look?

You look just like me.

Anna Lee:
That’s what we were going for.

You remember our plan right?

Anna Lee:
I sure do. When Jenny comes to visit I make sure to let her know that I’m not you, I’m me. Anna Lee. But all of the doctors need to think that I am you.

It’s that simple. Make Jenny go crazy in thinking that I’m still out there. Everyone thinks Anna Lee Sheridan is dead and that Nan Sheridan is in here. But we know the truth.

Anna Lee:
I got you.
Will you ever come back?

It’s a possibility. I think I need a vacation. More like a hide out. A spot where I can do damage and no one can find me.

Anna Lee:
I hope I’m going to like it here.

You sure will. You’re going to get the help you need.

Anna Lee:
Thanks Nan. You really are a great sister to me.

Anna Lee hugs Nan. The flashback ends.

Welcome to Air Tokyo. Please buckle up for take off.

Nan takes off her sun glasses and looks out the window. She sees Point Palace University. Life goes on as the plane begins to take off. Nan smiles victoriously.

I win!



Previews and official statement from new Showrunner ML Cooks

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Words from new Show runner ML Cooks
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I usually don't do these kind of things and rarely give previews. I try to remain "press free" and "interview free"

There has been a lot of chaos and confusion behind the scenes lately on LIS. First it was announced that LIS was back with new episodes after being on a yearlong hiatus. After episode began to air, the show fell into another unexpected hiatus. During that time, show creator Tara Smith was unable to contribute creatively to the show she created. ML Cooks, having already been co head writer for a few years, has laid out a very detailed and dramatic long-term story projection for LIS and the show must go on and it will. Through ML Cooks.

Now with that being said. The episodes that are currently airing right now were written and produced in February of this year. They were supposed to air in March.

Having said that, you may notice some things about to happen that may seem a bit similar to the real “Days of our Lives” and the “Young and the Restless”. What do I mean?
LIS itself has been in the midst of it’s own reboot even before the yearlong hiatus. The reboot never made it to air. In that reboot, I have written in a whodunit. I again want to stress that this was created about a year ago, that I wanted to kill a certain some one off in a whodunit.

So there you have it. LIS will be telling it’s own whodunit. I will not reveal just whom it is here in this press release, you’ll have to read the series to see who it is. The whodunit will serve as a reboot as new storylines begin. LIS will not be dominated with the murder mystery as in Y&R. I am rotating other stories in and out of it.

To get the big storyline started, I am airing a series of three episodes to set up the whodunit starting with episode 460. It will be told in three different parts and will involve legacy characters such as Bill Horton and Julie Williams. Bill Horton is being played by Jerry vor DornPosted ImagePosted Image

Big changes are coming for LIS with a big murder mystery to kick things off.

Stay tuned for some status updates in the casting department.

Drama lives here.


Exposed! ep 141

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Westwood Park, Ria’s House
Natalia knocks on Ria’s door. Ria opens it up.
RiaPosted Image
“Hey girl. It’s good to see you.” Ria hears the Bryan’s crying in their stroller behind Natalia.
“Girl, I’m not feeling no chill’rens right now. My stories are on girl. I’m trying to find out who killed Diane Jenkins and just who exactly is the real Todd Manning.”
NataliaPosted Image
“You and your soap operas I swear.” She says entering her bestfrieds house with her the double stoller.
“Girl you know I hate to be interrupted during my story time. So what is going on?”
“Well I came to see how you were. I have not seen you in a wile. I’ve been so caught up with Bryan, Sabryn and her trial.”
“I’ve been ok. Just taking it day by day. Watching my soaps keeps my mind of my own problems.”
“Well watching your soaps is not helping the cause. So what’s next? Are you going to get treatment for this breast cancer?”
“I have not gotten that far. I’ve been so scared. I don’t know what to do I just can’t’ believe this is happening to me.” Natalia walks over and gives Ria a hug as Bryan Jr the 1st begins to cry.
“Damn girl. Can’t you shut that damn baby up!?”
“It’s Sabryn’s big headed son who keeps being a cry baby. I don’t know what to do. He won’t shut up. I can’t live my life because all he wants to do is be a cry baby like his mother.”
“Well you ever think he needs his real mother Nat? With as much as Bryan charges for his whack as drinks at his club, he need to be hiring you a baby sitter or nanny or something.”
“It’s all about my son. And keeping my family together. I am doing this for my son. You’re right though. Bryan is making a killing of his notorious expensive drinks at his club. I should be able to live out my life to. I should hire a nanny or something to help out with Sabryn’s bad ass son.”
“Do you really have to since Sabryn is going to jail right?”
“To be honest, I really don’t know. It’s looking like Sabryn's lawyer may beat Sabryn’s murder wrap.”
“Wow, Sabryn shot Ashley eight times in front of police. How does she get away with that?”
“I want to know the same thing. But it looks she’s about to. And the first thing she is going to do is come after me and my family. I have to be ready?”
“Well I will say Lisa is a bad ass lawyer so I am not surprised she’ll get those charges against Sabryn dropped. I will say Nat, Sabryn is a strong person. Are you going to be able to go head to head with her?”
“Ria, I’ve won so far. I got her baby’s father, I got her son, and I now got the company she once dreamed of having. Her fashion house is non existent now. I have the life she wants. She can’t touch me.”
“How can you be so sure?”
“I asked Bryan to marry me?”
“Shut up hoe! No you didn’t. How did that come about?”
“Oooo, Ria you would be so proud. I gave Bryan some good p u s s y and I think he is falling in love with me. He is showing me he cares about me. All it took is some good sex.”
“I know that’s right girl. You doin the damn thang. So what did Bryan say? Is he going to marry you?”

Posted Image
Episode 141: EXPOSED!
Written by ML Cooks
Story Editor: Monique Cooks
Creative Consult: Ian Hefts

Lavender Hill, Karim’s Mansion
Alexis unlocks the door and walks in. She is stunned to see Karim lying naked on a red satin sheet with rose pedals all around him and the floor. Candles are light and the lights are low. Soft music is playing in the background “So Sexual” by Sisqo. Alexis is quite impressed with the scene of romance.
“What is all of this?”
KarimPosted Image
“I’m glad you came. I didn’t think you would come home.”
AlexisPosted Image
“And why wouldn’t I?”
“A lot has been going on between us lately. Ladonna, my father and mother, my brother’s suicide, your sister, her child. “
“It has been a lot. “
“I just wanted you to know that I love you and I believe in you. We haven’t had any “us” time. And I felt the tonight it could just be us. So why don’t you get more comfortable and lay here with me.”
Alexis is seduced. Remebering how she fell in love with Karim in the first place. His looks, his body, his sensual eyes. She takes her clothes off and lies next to Karim. He holds her.
“This feels so good Karim. I’ve missed this.”
“I’ve missed you. And I love you Alexis. I apologize about my recent behavior, my drinking and the incident with your sister.”
“So does this mean you are done drinking?”
Karim Looking into her eyes,
“Alexis, I love you, No issues. Not tonight. I just want to love you.” He kisses her passionately. He then pulls back and looks at her once more.
“Alexis I love you and I can’t wait to be a family. You have made me the happiest man in the world. Having my child, it’s something no one else can give me.”
“Karim I love you to.” She kisses him back and they lean back and make love to the music. Alexis makes sure she enjoys this love session with Karim as she knows it could be her last.

Downtown Pasadena, City Jail
Bryan walks up to Sabryn’s cell.
SabrynPosted Image
“Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be at home with that tramp Natalia? playing house with my son?”
BryanPosted Image
“That was quite a show you put on with Mike today at court.”
“Was it? The only show I was interested in was the one about me about to beat this murder rap. And you know what is going to happen next when I get out of here?”
“Yea yea same old story Sabryn. Revenge.”
“I can’t believe you are so calm. So you enjoy hurting me Bryan? The only thing I did was love you. How did we get here? Why did you do this to me? Being with Natalia and letting that low class slut raise our son? Why? What did I do to you for you to do me like this?”’
“I was scared! I thought you weren’t going to beat this murder rap Sabryn Jesus Christ you shot Ashley in front of police eight times! How do you except to get away with that? I had to do what was best for my family and Natalia was on the same page.”
“Of course that leech would be. She would do anything to get at me. She’s holding this stupid grudge against me. Well Bryan it looks like I am going to beat these charges. And you should already know when I get out of here I am coming for you and that nasty skank of yours. And of course I will obtain my son. You went too far by being with nasty Natti. That’s unforgivable to me. You have forever ruined us. My son will never know you as his father. So enjoy this time you have with him now.”
“You won’t be able to take my son away from me. I won’t let you.”
“How do you expect to stop me?”
“Well first off, you’re not the same Sabryn. This murder has really brown nosed you. You have lost everything. Your money, your power, and your respect. You don’t have that much to get my son from me.”
“And why is that? Because you had an affair with Ashley. This all stems from that. You did all of this. And I will do some error correction.”
“Natalia asked me to marry her.”’
“You Bastard! A dirty Bastard! I can’t believe I have a child with you. And what did you say? Are you going to marry that whore?”
MikePosted Image
“You’re going to marry Natalia?” He says walking in on the scene.
“This is none of your business super man.”
“I care for Sabryn. I don’t understand why you here Bryan. I have seen nothing but you hurting Sabryn. She doesn’t need you here rubbing in the fact that you are marrying her enemy.”
“I didn’t say we were getting married. I just said she asked me to marry her. This is none of your business Mike. I have a child with Sabryn and you can’t touch that. Never!”
“Not trying to my friend. It seems you are jealous.”
“Of what?”
“That Sabryn and I are moving closer and you wish it was you. You see you’re the runner up. You got Natalia. I got the grand prize, Sabryn. You have hurt Sabryn deeply and that’s just something she will never forgive. I would advise you not to waste your time coming around her.”
“Who the hell do you think you are man?” Bryan tries to punch Mike but Mike blocks his punch.
Mike, chuckling
“ There there now. Calm down. You don’t want to hit the chief of police now do you?”
“Take that title and shove it your mother’s ass Mike.”
“You know Bryan. I’ve dealt with this kind of situation before. I had to deal with Ty taking Jenn away from me. I’ve learned a thing or two from that. And let me tell you I won’t lose Sabryn to you. I mean I know it won’t even be an issue considering what you are doing to her. And look at where Ty is now, in jail. “
Bryan is furious knowing he is defeated just walks off.
“Wow Mike. You were amazing. That was amazing.”
“I’m not going to let Bryan hurt you no more.” He grabs her hands through the bars. She leans in and kisses him.
“Mike, I think I’m falling in love with you.”

Divine Design
Natalia pushes the Bryan’s baby stroller into her new office. She sits at her desk and thinks about what Ria said.
“Bryan should hire you a nanny.” Sabryn’s son begins to cry and Natalia scream out in frustration.
“Shut up damn it!”
“I’m not going to deal with this. I need time to make sure Rufus doesn’t undercut me here at DD. And I have to be ready in case Sabryn is set free. I can’t do all this and raise her damn brat. And now I got Diego back in town playing games with me. I know he’s up to something.” Natalia logs onto her computer and decides to place an add on Craig’s list for a nanny.

Court is now back in session in Downtown Pasadena.
Rufus, Sabryn, Mike, Bryan, Karim, Ladonna, and Alexis are all in attendance.
“State, call your next witness.”
Jack, standing up
“Your honor, my next witness is a doctor and has an emergency at the hospital. I ask for a delay until tomorrow.”
“I see. Does the defense wish to call anybody in the mean time? We can at least get that out the way. This trial is taking to long and taking up to much tax dollars.”
“My pleasure your honor. I call Rufus Taylor to the stand.” Sabryn smile sand looks at Alexis. Alexis rolls her eyes at Sabrina and looks away. She lays her head on Karim’s shoulder and holds his hand. Ladonna notices this sweet scene of romance and is not impressed.
“Do all that while you can Alexis. Rufus is about to expose you.”
Rufus, struts himself up to the witness stand. The chatter increases, as people in the courtroom don’t know what to make of this cross dresser. Rufus is sworn in and Lisa approaches him.
“How shall I address thee?”
RuePosted Image
“I would like to be called Miss Rue. I’m a bad ass Bitch around Pasadena now. So I need to be respected in that capacity. So it’s Miss Rue.”
“I’m impressed. You know I remember you from trial’s before. You have come a long way Miss Rue. I must say you look nice.”
“Thank you. It’s been a long time coming. And I must say this is only the beginning.”
Alexis standing up
“Objection, this is supposed to be about Sabryn killing Ashley. I don’t pay my tax dollars to hear about this trannys trials and tribulations. My sister is dead; she was assassinated, being shot 8 times in front of police. I want justice damn it!”
Karim pulls Alexis back down as the judge pounds on her gavel.
“One more outburst from you Miss Jones and you will find your self behind bars.”
“She’s getting nervous.”
“Don’t start Ladonna. I have Karim and you don’t It’s that simple. Now just leave us the hell alone. Stop stalking us.”
“She’s right Donna. Just please leave us alone.”
Ladonna, with a tear forming in her eye,
“You’re going to be so sorry Karim.”
“Your honor, I have a method. This is all leading into my point. I am setting it up. Please indulge me.”
“I’ll allow it.”
“Thank you ya honor.” Lisa now walks over to the jury.
“Miss Rue, could you tell us about your relations with the deceased Ashley Jones?” Everyone in the court room leans closer, on the edge of their seats to hear what Miss Rue is about to say. No one is waiting more intently then Alexis and Ladonna.
Miss Rue
“I sure can. My relations with Ashley were not pleasant. Ashley kidnapped me and held me hostage. She held me hostage in a place where Mona was. Mona, Abe, and Sharon. It was terrible. It as something straight out of a Saw movie. Ashley kept talking about getting revenge on Sabryn and how she stalked her for months disguised as a lady in red. At the same time Mona was the lady in black. Ashley kept talking about winning Bryan. I even knew that Ashley stole Natalia’s baby, making Natalia believe that her child died when she was shot. Ashley is also the one who shot Natalia at the fashion show. You know the one where Jodie told the world she had HIV. Ashley is evil. Pure evil. Straight from hell. She even used a chain saw to sodomize me. The bitch was so insane she thought she was Jason Voorhees.”
“Wow. It seems the state left all this information out. Ashley has a record of unstable behavior. Ashley was a demented criminal herself. A menace to society. Maybe it’s a good thing justice was served with her death.” The courtroom is outrage. Alexis burst into tears and Karim holds her.
“Oh Karim. How can they just demonize my sister this way? She’s dead. She’s not her to defend herself. This is all so terrible.”
“It’s ok Lexie. I’m here for you.”
“Not for long.”
Lisa, walking over to Rue
“Can you tell us if Ashley was working alone? Was there anybody who was helping her?”
The courtroom is dead silent
“Yes.” Chatter erupts once more. Alexis’s mouth drops and she begins to sweat. Karim looks at Alexis and Ladonna can do nothing but smile out of enjoyment... The time has come.
“Is the person who helped Ashley in this courtroom right now?” A pause is had. Alexis has a burning sensation in her stomach. Karim begins to get uncomfortable as he watches Alexis squirm. He begins to wonder if everything Ladonna has been telling him for months is true.
“Yes they are!”
Alexis and the courtroom are stunned. Alexis doesn’t know what to do. She is about to be exposed. She wants to stand up and stop the proceedings but she knows if she does it will be an admission of guilt and she’ll lose Karim for sure.
“This is not supposed to happen. This is not part of the deal I made with Rufus. He’s going to betray me. I am going down!” She thinks to herself.
“Miss Rue can you identify the person who was helping Ashley? Who is the person that helped kidnapped you and also knew about Mona and all the crimes against the Williams family?” Sabryn, Mike, Bryan, Karim and Ladonna turn and look at Alexis.
“Oh My God.!” She stands up and gives Rufus a look.
Rufus smiles at her
“It was her. Alexis Jones. She knew the whole time Ashley was alive and knew the goings on about Mona. It was Alexis Jones!”
“Alexis, has finally been exposed!”

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Episode 2.06 "Winding Way"

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Melrose Place, Fan Fiction, 2.0 and 1 more...

Winding Way

Everything is fast paced in LA
People are on edge

And for some it's life or...

Posted Image


Posted Image
Lauren is talking with the nurses at the front desk.
She is relieved that Michael is going easier on her.
Suddenly the next patient is rushed in.
The hospital staff gasp when they recognize him.

Posted Image
Drew is being rolled in.
Lauren turns, "Drew? Oh my God."
She rushes over to check him out.
The EMT's update her on Drew's status.
They rush him into a room.
Lauren follows.

Posted Image
Apartment 7:

Posted Image
Riley walks inside.
She just got home from work.
She hollers, "Drew? Drew?"
She looks around.
Riley walks into the bedroom.
She then steps into the bathroom.
Riley paces around.
She walks over and looks out the window.
Her cell phone rings.
Riley answers, "Hey Laur..."
Riley's face goes pale.
She has tears in her eyes, "Oh God... I'm on my way!"
An emotional Riley grabs her purse and runs out the door.

Posted Image


Posted ImagePosted Image
Jonah walks up to the courtyard.
Tricia steps outside her apartment.
Riley rushes through.
Jonah looks at her, "Riley are you okay?"
She shakes her head, "Not now Jonah."
Riley hurries past Jonah.
Tricia walks over, "What was that about?"
He shakes his head, "I'm not sure. I used to talk to Riley about everything and now she can barely even look at me. I just hope everything is okay."
Tricia nods, "You're a good ex boyfriend. Most guys would be banging on her door, swearing, and telling everyone her dirty little secrets."
Jonah shakes his head, "Riley doesn't have any. Besides, we're still friends, or at least I hope that we are. She's really caught up with her new fiance."
Tricia sighs, "Well maybe it's time you started focusing on yourself."
He nods, "I guess I've let myself go a bit lately."
He rubs his stomach.
She laughs, "Well I can help you with that."
He shakes his head, "I can't do gyms. I get nervous in front of all those big buff guys."
Tricia nods, "How about you and I go to a park tomorrow? There is a great trail on Winding Way in Santa Monica. It'd be free of charge."
He smiles, "Really?"
She nods, "Sure. You're one of the few down to Earth people here."
He grins, "I appreciate that. Thank you."
Tricia smiles, "No problem."
Tricia walks away.
Jonah has a smile on his face.

Posted Image

Posted Image
Ella returns from a business meeting.
She walks up the steps towards her office.
The second Ella gets up, she sees her office is trashed.
Ella takes off her sunglasses and walks inside.
She hollers for her assistants.
Ella looks around at the mess.
One of her male assistants walks in, "Ms. Simms?"
Ella turns, "What the hell happened in here?"
He shakes his head, "I have no idea."
She scoffs, "No idea? My office is glass and see-through. How the hell could you possibly miss someone coming in and trashing the place?"
He sighs, "I'm sorry, I was working so hard."
She stops him, "Any idea who could have done this?"
He stares, "Maybe one of the employees you let go?"
Ella shakes her head, "I didn't let them go. I fired their asses for failing to keep up on their work with their clients."
He nods, "I'll call the police if you'd like."
Ella notices that nothing is missing.
She takes a deep breath, "I'll handle this. Get back to work."
Her assistant walks out quietly.
Ella sighs, "Amanda you clever bitch."


Posted ImagePosted Image
Violet is walking to the laundry room with a basket.
Chase walks over, "Hey Red."
She smiles, "Hi. You're the actor right?"
He nods, "Indeed I am."
She grins, "That's so cool. Are you dating Ella?"
He laughs, "Uh... not quite."
She nods, "Oh sorry. Probably none of my business. And honestly you could do better, I mean look at you."
Chase laughs, "Okay."
She holds the basket close to her side.
He stares, "Doing a boyfriend's laundry?"
She sighs, "He's not my boyfriend yet."
He nods, "Yet? Sounds like a work in progress."
Violet nods, "Jonah is amazing. Any girl would be lucky to have him. But only some girls out there actually deserve him. And if you ask me, I do."
Chase grins, "You seem to have a high opinion about yourself."
She shakes her head, "I just know Jonah. I've been living with him for a while now and he just gets me. And I get him in a way that other women can't."
Chase nods, "Have you told him this?"
She shakes her head, "I'm sure he already knows."
Chase sighs, "Looks like everyone is coupling out around here."
She smiles, "Before you know it, Jonah will be slapping a ring on my finger. Bigger than Riley's."
He stares, "You don't think you're getting ahead of yourself?"
She smiles, "You'll see."
Violet heads to the laundry room.
Chase watches as his crazy neighbor walks away.

Riley is walking around the waiting room.
She can't sit down for a moment.
Lauren walks over.
Riley sees her and runs over, "Lauren. What's going on? Where is he? When can I see him?"
Lauren shushes her, "Take a deep breath Riley."
Riley shakes her head, "Just tell me he's okay."
Lauren nods, "He's stable now. Riley we knew this could happen."
She shakes her head, "I didn't."
Lauren stares, "Drew said he talked to you about this."
Riley sighs, "I thought he was preparing me for the worst. I never thought that this would happen within the next couple of days. He's seemed fine."
Lauren stares, "He's strong and good at putting up a front. But Drew is getting very weak Riley."
Riley cries.
Lauren takes her hand, "He's sleeping, but you can come see him."
Riley and Lauren hold hands as they walk down the hall.
Lauren leads Riley to his room.
They open the door.
Riley cries as she sees Drew sleeping and hooked up to machines.
Lauren nods, "We can take everything off him tomorrow. We just want to observe him overnight and we'll let you guys know in the morning."
Riley walks over and sits next to him.
She takes his hand and kisses it.
She sighs, "I love you Drew."
Lauren looks at them and wonders how life can be like this for them.

The LA residents settle down as the night begins.

Apartment 9:

Posted Image
David sits in his apartment.
The door opens.
Lauren walks in, "Hey."
He looks at her, "Hi. How's Drew?"
Lauren nods, "He's okay. I finally got Riley to come home. We're going back first thing in the morning. She wanted to stay but I knew Drew would hate having her watch him all night."
David stares, "I'm glad he's going to be okay."
Lauren shakes her head, "For now. David, he's dying. I mean I don't think Riley has accepted that yet. Drew is not going to be there for her in the long run. It's going to destroy her."
Lauren has tears in her eyes.
David puts his arm around her.
She sighs, "I hate being cold. But I want to shake her and tell her that he is going to die and she needs to prepare herself. Is that heartless?"
David kisses her, "No. You're amazing Laur."
Lauren holds him close.
David looks at her, "I'm going to get out of our meeting with McKellan."
Lauren shakes her head, "No. I haven't changed my mind about that."
He sighs, "Lauren."
She nods, "We can't let him run our lives. I know we have a lot going on right now but I really need to get our life back on track. Please David?"
He nods, "Okay."
David and Lauren hold each other close.

The next morning at Melrose Place.

Apartment 6:
Violet wakes up.
She slowly gets out of bed.
She rushes over to the kitchen to make Jonah breakfast.
On her way she stops to watch him sleep.
Violet is surprised to see that Jonah is gone.
She hollers, "Jonah?"
Violet looks around and checks in the bathroom.
Violet is getting concerned.

Posted Image
Santa Monica Park:
Jonah and Tricia are together.
She looks at him, "Okay we're going to try and jog a mile or two to warm up."
He laughs, "Funny."
She nods, "Do I look like I'm kidding?"
He shakes his head, "Tricia... I can't even walk a mile. I get tired walking up tall flights of stairs."
She laughs, "Come on Jonah. Don't wuss out on me."
He laughs, "Ouch."
Tricia smiles, "Jonah, you are only limited as much as you limit yourself."
He stares, "That sounds like an inspirational poster."
Tricia nods, "Come on. You're smart, funny, and you're in okay shape. If you believe in yourself you can accomplish a lot more Jonah."
He nods, "Okay."
She takes off her jacket, "Let's do some stretches."
Jonah notices her fit tight body.
She nods, "Let's stretch your leg muscles. Get on the ground."
Jonah laughs, "You sure like to boss me around."
Jonah sits down.
Tricia starts showing him some good stretches to start with.
Jonah stares at her body, "You got be kidding me."
She looks at him, "What?"
He shakes his head, "Nothing."
Jonah tries to ignore her sexy body as he stretches.
He constantly tries to think of something else to calm himself down.

David stands behind the bar at Coal.
He looks at the clock.

Posted Image
Mr. McKellan arrives on the dot.
He walks inside and heads towards David.
He smiles, "A meeting today huh? I hope you are not about to do something stupid David. Because that would be a real shame for you and your pretty girlfriend."
David stares, "Is that so?"
McKellan nods, "I always have people tracking her David. Trust me."
Lauren walks over, "Is that so?"
McKellan stares, "What the hell is this?"
David stares, "Sorry."
Lauren nods, "I don't like to be left out of the loop. Especially when it concerns me. Do you understand?"
McKellan laughs, "You are in over your head little girl."
Lauren stares, "First off don't condescend me."
David laughs.
McKellan looks at him, "This is funny?"
Lauren shakes her head, "No it's not. But I'm tired of being used. You want to blackmail David? Fine. But I'm in on this too now. I'm joining your little team."
McKellan looks at both of them.
David looks at Lauren.
McKellan smiles, "You have no idea what you're getting into."
Lauren stares back at him.

Riley walks down the hall.
She heads over to Drew's room.
He is sitting up a little.
Riley smiles, "I'm so happy to see your eyes open."
He stares, "Riley I'm so sorry. I hate that I scared you like that."
Riley smiles, "Don't apologize. You're okay now and that is all I care about."
Drew nods, "You're amazing you know that?"
She sits next to him, "I missed you. I hate not having you next to me when I sleep."
He grins, "I missed you too."
Drew takes her hand and kisses it.
He sighs, "I wanted to put a diamond on your finger."
She nods, "You mean like this?"
Riley pulls out the ring that Drew was looking at the day before."
Drew stares, "Oh my God. How?"
She smiles, "I went and asked which ring you were looking at. And the owner actually gave us a great deal on it. I told him our story and he asked if you were okay."
He smiles, "I can't believe it."
She nods, "People believe in us Drew. Do you feel it?"
He grins, "I'm starting to."
Riley hands him the ring.
Drew looks at him, "I'm tired of wasting time. Riley Richmond, when I get out of this hospital, will you make me the happiest man in the world by making me your husband?"
Riley smiles, "Yes. I don't want to wait any longer to be your wife."
Drew puts the ring on Riley's finger.
The two kiss.

Apartment 4:
Ella is getting ready for work.
Chase looks at her, "Did you find out who trashed your office?"
Ella sighs, "Someone working for Amanda. Probably Tricia, or Violet, or... I don't know. At this point all I care about is getting back at Amanda. And whoever is working for her is going to pay."
Chase nods, "Just relax El. Go to work and forget about everything. Amanda is in prison and there is nothing she can do to you from in there."
Ella smiles, "You're probably right. I got to go. I'll text you later."
Ella heads out the door.
Chase is now alone in the apartment.
His phone rings.
Chase answers it, "Good timing I guess... she just left... I did what you asked okay? I trashed her office and scared the crap out of her... I hired Ciara, I did a million other things. What else do you want?... I have been working for you and doing everything you say can you please let me off the hook.... hello? Are you still there? Amanda!"


Friday March 25 2011

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Chloe is standing on the pier. She flashes back to making love to Daniel. Nicole walks onto the pier and walks to Chloe.
Nicole: Chloe?
Chloe looks at her and starts to walk away.
Nicole: Chloe, please. Wait.
Chloe: What do you want, Nicole? Are you here to tell me about how Iím a bad mother?
Nicole: Chloe, I just want to talk to you. Iím worried about you.
Chloe: About what?
Nicole: You! You wanted a baby so bad, and you finally got Parker, and-
Chloe: And what? Iím neglecting him?
Nicole: Chloe, thatís not what I meant!
Chloe: Do you not understand that I lost everything!
Nicole: You wanted a baby so bad Chloe. You didnít loose everything! You have Parker!

Sami is standing at the bar in Chez Rouge, on the phone.
Sami: Carrie, Iím just waiting for the food. Iíll be home soon.
Rafe walks to the bar.
Sami: See you soon.
Rafe: So, thatís your home now?
Vivian watches them from her table.
Sami: Rafe, I really donít want to do this right now.
Rafe: Are we ever going to talk, Sami?
Sami: I need time!
Rafe: How much time? What is going on with you? Your ignoring me, your doing nothing to get your kids back.
Sami looks offended.
Sami: How dare you!
Rafe: Sorry. I didnít mean that the way it came out.
Sami: You have no idea what Iíve been doing, or how crazy itís making me!
Rafe: Sami-
Sami: Get away from me.
Rafe leaves. Vivian gets up, and walks over to Sami.
Vivian: Hello, Samantha.
Sami: Oh God.

Jenifer, Shane, and Kim walk into the Horton house.
Jennifer: So, when are you guys going back to London?
Shane: Iím going to leave tomorrow.
Kim: What about me?
Shane: Just stay here, Kim. Itís safer for you, and I have no idea what weíre dealing with.
Jennifer: Iím coming. I need to help my cousin.
Shane: Jennifer-
Jennifer: Donít give me a lecture. Iím not a little girl.
Kim: Same with me.
Shane looks at them, annoyed.

Billie unlocks the door to her apartment, and her and Bo walk in.
Billie: Do you want to call Hope?
Bo: Iíll call her later. How are you doing? With the accident and everything?
Billie: Iím good. My physical therapist told me Iím doing very well.
Bo: Good.
Billie: You want a drink?
Bo: Sure.
Billie walks into the kitchen, and Bo sits on the couch. Billie walks in with two drinks. She hands one to Bo.
Billie: Bo, look, Iím really sorry. I had no idea that was Hope.
Bo: Itís not your fault, Billie. I guess itís better that I knew. I donít even have a right to be upset.
Billie: Of course you have a right to be upset! Why wouldnít you?
Bo: She signed the divorce papers, Billie. And I jumped into a relationship with Carly when we were still married.
Billie: Maybe Hope has finally moved on from you.
Bo: I guess so.
Billie puts her hand on Boís thigh.

Nicole and Chloe are standing on the pier.
Chloe: Who the hell are you to judge me, Nicole? You think you are set for life, donít you?
Nicole: What are you talking about?
Chloe: You think you have EJ and Samiís kids because EJ thought you were a good mother? Please! Even though heís probably dead, this is still about Sami! He gave you the kids to drive Sami crazy!
Tears start to form in Nicoleís eyes.
Chloe: I hope you know it isnít going to last long. Stefano will get you out of their lives. And even if he doesnít, what do you think? Their going to love you? Their going to find out everything you did, and hate you, Nicole! How do you think Johnny already feels, being taken away from Sami, and being with you? How do you think Sydney feels when she finds out that you used her in your scheme just so you can hold on to a man?
Nicole looks hurt.
Chloe: Their going to resent you, Nicole. And you deserve it.
Nicole: I know your hurt Chloe-
Chloe: Leave me alone, Nicole! Iím no fan of Sami, but you are a monster for what your doing to her!
Nicole starts crying.
Chloe: Save the tears, Nicole!
Nicole: That might be true, Chloe. But what about what your doing? Youíve decided to ignore the child you wanted so badly, because your not in the perfect situation! Your not just hurting yourself here; your hurting Parker.
Nicole walks away.

Vivian and Sami are standing at the bar in the Chez Rouge.
Sami: Can I help you with something?
Vivian: Howís your mother? Howís John?
Sami: Great. What do you really want?
Vivian: I couldnít help noticing your dilemma with Rate.
Sami: Rafe.
Vivian: Whatever. Anyway, I feel for you. I know what itís like. Being used by a man. Being thrown away when something better comes along.
Sami: Vivian, I understand you might be bored with your life, but Iím not interested in being the source of your entertainment.
The waiter comes with Samiís take-out.
Sami: Thank you.
Vivian: I have some information I would like to share with you.
Sami: Once again, not interested.
Sami walks away, as Vivian sighs.

Bo and Billie are sitting on the couch in Billieís apartment.
Billie: Maybe you can still work it out with her.
Bo: I donít know, Billie.
Bo puts his empty glass on the table.
Billie: Do you want me to get you another drink?
Bo: Sure.
Billie gets up, and goes into the kitchen. She smiles, as she pours his drink. She goes back into the living room, and spills the drink on his shirt.
Billie: Oh my God. Bo, Iím so sorry!
Bo laughs, and stands up.
Bo: Itís ok, donít worry about it.
Billie: Let me try and clean it off.
She moves closer to him, and unbuttons his shirt. Bo looks at her, and she continues unbuttoning. She takes his shirt off, and they donít move, and continue looking at each other.

Shane, Kim, and Jennifer are standing in the living room of the Horton house.
Jennifer: So, when do we leave?
Shane: Bo hasnít called. Thereís nothing to worry about right now. Iím going to call Hope, and see if she has any news.
Jennifer: Ok.
Shane leaves the living room.
Jennifer: So, how have you been?
Kim: Iíve been really good. How about you?
Jennifer: Iíve been better.
Kim: Iím sorry about asking about Jack before. I really had no idea.
Jennifer: Donít worry about it.
Jennifer smiles at her.

Chloe walks into Chez Rouge. She bumps into Vivian.
Vivian: Oh, Chloe! Itís so good to see you!
Chloe: Stay the hell away from me.
Vivian: I get the feeling I did something to offend you.
Chloe: Offend me! Itís your fault my life has been completely ruined! All because of your need for revenge against Carly!
Vivian: So, then you should blame Carly! By the way, it looks like her and Daniel arenít wasting any time.
Vivian points to a table. Chloe looks as Vivian laughs.
Vivian: See you later, darling.
Vivian leaves Chez Rouge.

Bo moves closer to Billie, and puts his hands around her waist. Billie puts his shirt on the floor, and he kisses her. He stops.
Bo: Sorry.
Billie: For what?
She kisses him, as he takes her shirt off. She takes his belt off, and pulls his pants down. Billie leads him to the bedroom, where he takes the rest of her clothes off. They go on the bed, and make out. Bo goes on top of Billie.
Billie: Are you sure you want to do this?
Bo: Are you?
Billie: Of course I am.
Bo kisses her.


A peaceful night

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Kim Hughes sighed.

It was 2:30 am and she was wide awake. Carefully she slipped out of bed so as not to wake her husband Bob who had been sleeping soundly beside her. She loved hearing the sounds of his snoring so gently.It gave her a sense that they had did the right thing.She missed Oakdale and the time change still needed little getting used to.

In the kitchen Kim put on a sauce pan to heat some milk. Sounds cliche' but warm milk did help her sleep.It had been almost six months since she and Bob had retired from their jobs,sold their home and relocated to Phoenix,Arizona. Gone were the 18 hour days of owning amd managing a television station for her and being Chief of staff of a regional hospital for him.

No she didn't miss the lomg hours, the urgent emergencies and the lack of sleep and rest. Oh she missed Oakkdale. She missed her friemds and loved ones. She didn't miss their constant troubles though. And Susan Stewart.She chuckled as she sipped the last of her milk. Yes,she had forgiven Susan and put the stuff she had done far in the recesses of her mind. But that woman and her daughters were the curse of the Hughes men!

She rinsed her cup and put it in the drainer and returned to the bedroom. She slipped in beside her peaceful sleeping husband and heard the sound of a train whistle in the distance. All was at peace. No worries,no troubles. No emergencies,no deadlines.Not a care in the world.

Little did she know that peaceful existence was going to come to an end real soon! Real soon!

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